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Debit Card :-
This card can be used as an ATM card for withdrawing cash at the following ATMs:
1. Saraswat Bank ATMs
2. Visa enabled ATMs

Debit Card looks similar to a credit card, bearing a Visa logo, and can be used wherever Visa
logo is displayed.

Debit card can be used at Domestic as well as International ATMs, POS machines bearing the
Visa logo at merchant establishment and for Purchases/Ticket Booking through Internet that use
a secured e-Commerce Payment Gateway.

Toregister for Verified by Visa (VbV) click here

Debit card can be used upto the balance available in the account of cardholder. The daily
transaction limit for Point of Sale + Online + ATM together is maintained at Rs 50,000/- with a
maximum limit of Rs 25,000/- per day for ATM withdrawals. e.g.
1. ATM Cash withdrawal Rs 15,000/- + POS transaction Rs 20,000/- + Online transaction
Rs 15,000/-
2. ATM Cash withdrawal Rs 25,000/- + POS transaction Rs 15,000/- + Online transaction
Rs 10,000/-
3. ATM Cash withdrawal Rs 25,000/- + POS transaction Rs 25,000/- + Online transaction -
4. Funds Transfer in linked accounts on Saraswat Bank's ATMs ONLY.

Benefits to You:
1. Facilitates electronic transactions and saves the customer from carrying cash or
withdrawing cash.
2. Provides access to merchant establishments, eCommerce transactions and ATM access.
3. Offers the customers safety and security.
4. Extensive usage across a number of establishments as VISA is widely recognised in all
leading departmental stores, eCommerce sites and retail outlets all over the world.
5. Helps customer stay in control as it tracks their expenses.
6. In case of international traveler, it can save the customer from having to stock up on
traveller's cheques or cash when he/she travels.
7. Debit cards may be more readily accepted than cheques, especially in other states or
countries as one need not verify the authenticity of the payment and the merchant is
assured of immediate payment.
8. Lost Card Insurance Cover of Rs 50,000/-

For registration you may contact your nearest branch .The form for Registration can be
downloaded from the "forms" section in the website.

Charges :
Click here to view the detail list of Debit Card Charges
Maximum withdrawal from Other Bank ATM is Rs 10000/- per transaction with an overall limit
of Rs 50,000/- per day.

SMS Banking :-
SMS Banking brings the Banking at your fingertips. Bank has introduced the SMS
Banking Facility for its customers.

Under SMS Banking following facilities are offered to the customers.

Welcome message on New Account Opening

Latest Balance in the Account
Details of the last 3 transaction in the account.
Transaction Alert for all transactions through ATM/POS/E-Commerce and
Netbanking and other transactions above Rs 5000/-
Alert for Sweep In Sweep Out facility (Sweep In Sweep Out facility available
for Elite Accounts only)
Alert for dispatch of Chequebook/Visa Debit Card

Kindly note following points before sending an SMS:

All the below-mentioned SMS requests should be sent through

theregistered mobile number only.
The keywords are case-sensitive.
Please do NOT type the pointed or square brackets in your SMS.
There should be a single space between each word in the syntax.
You have to type the product (e.g. SBPUB) and the account number
(e.g.12345) in the keyword.

The keywords and their syntax for SMS Requests are given below:
Mobile Banking Number - 9223810000
Request SMS Message Information

Gives you the balance for

the specified account
SBAL number. The account
Balance Enquiry Example: SBAL SBPUB 10 SBAL number is optional. If no
CAPUB 12 account number is specified,
you will get the balance in
your primary account.

Gives you the last three

transactions in the specified
account. The account
Last 3 number is optional. If no
Example: LST3 SBPUB 10 LST3
transactions account number is specified,
then returns last three
transactions in your primary

BLOCK(space) (last four digits Specific card will be

Blocking of of specific card number) permanently blocked. You
Specific Card to9223810000 will have to apply for a fresh
Example BLOCK 1234 card.

Blocking of
Multiple Cards All the cards will be
Send keyword
(Use this option permanently blocked. You
asBLOCK to9223810000
when you do not will have to apply for a fresh
Example BLOCK
remember your card.
card number.)

Send keyword
asSTOPCHQ(Space) (15 digit
Specific Cheque will be
Stop payment of Account no) (Space) (Cheque
stopped and informed by
cheque No.) to9223810000.
126203100009999 12345

Send keyword
Your email id will be
Register your e- registered as Registered
(domain.com) to9223810000.
mail id Email ID (REID) and
confirmed by SMS.

Unlocking of ATM Send keyword PIN, if locked due to wrong

PIN asUNLOCKCARD to922381000
0. attempts, will be released.

Unlocking of Send keyword User, if locked due to wrong

Netbanking Id asUNLOCKIB to9223810000. attempts, will be released.

Unlocking of Send keyword User, if locked due to wrong

Mobile Banking Id asUNLOCKMB to9223810000. attempts, will be released.

For Financial transactions

Facility SMS Message format Information

IMPSA [beneficiary CBS Account

Inter Bank After sending SMS funds will be
no] [Beneficiary IFSC]
Fund Transfer transferred to beneficiary
[Transaction amount] [Remitter
( Based on account. T-pin is your mobile
MMID] [Transaction PIN]
IFSC code ) banking transaction password.

Inter Bank IMPSP [beneficiary mobile no] After sending SMS funds will be
Fund Transfer [Beneficiary MMID] [Transaction transferred to beneficiary
( Based on amount] [Remitter MMID] account. T-pin is your mobile
Mobile no ) [Transaction PIN] to 9223810000 banking transaction password.

Customer has to submit his request for SMS Banking at home branch in
format specified which is available under forms section.
Insurance :-
It is our earnest endeavour to offer suites of new and competitive financial products and
services.We have for this purpose tied up with various insurance companies. The details
of tie-up and products offered are given below:
We are the Corporate Agents for the distribution of Life Insurance products, of M/S HDFC
Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd. Under this tie up arrangement, we offer following life
insurance products:
Protection Plans
Protection Plans help to shield your family from uncertainties in life due to financial losses
in terms of loss of income that may dawn upon them incase of your untimely demise or
critical illness. Protection Plans go a long way in ensuring your familys financial
independence in the event of your unfortunate demise or critical illness. They are all the
more important if you are the chief wage earner in your family. No matter how much you
have saved or invested over the years, sudden eventualities, such as death or critical
illness, always tend to affect your family financially apart from the huge emotional loss.
Childrens Plan
Childrens Plans help to save,so that you can fulfill your childs dreams and aspirations.
These plans go a long way in securing your childs future by financing the key milestones
in their lives even if you are no longer around to oversee them. Childrens Plans help you
save steadily over the long term so that you can secure your childs future needs, be it
higher education, marriage or anything else. A small sum invested by you regularly can
help you build a decent corpus over a period of time and go a long way in providing your
child a secured financial future alongwith .
Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans provide you with financial security so that when your professional
income starts to ebb, you can still live with pride without compromising on your living
standards. By providing you a tool to accumulate and invest your savings, these plans
give you a lump sum on retirement, which is then used to get regular income through an
annuity plan. Given the high cost of living and rising inflation, employer pensions alone
are not sufficient. Pension planning has therefore become critical in today's world.
Savings and Investment Plans
You have always given your family the very best. And there is no reason why they
shouldnt get the very best in the future too. As a judicious family man, your priority is to
secure the well-being of those who depend on you. Not just for today, but also in the long
term. More importantly, you have to ensure that your familys future expenses are taken
care, even if something unfortunate were to happen to you. Our Savings & Investment
Plans provide you the assurance of lump sum funds for your and your familys future
expenses. While providing an excellent savings tool for your short term and long term
financial goals, these plans also assure your family a certain sum by way of an
insurance .
Health Plans
Health plans give you the financial security to meet health related contingencies. Due to
changing lifestyles, health issues have acquired completely new dimensions becoming
more complex in nature. It becomes imperative then to have a health plan in place, which