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From: Guetzloe@aol.com
Sent: 07/11/2010 1:26 PM
To: cheryl@otownteaparty.com
Subject: Fwd: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Feder...

Just FYI.

I think we've covered everything but just to make certain you understand in
unmistakable English:
1) Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee are not men of integrity or honor if they stoop so low to
lie, misrepresent facts and distort the truth. I've been a target for years but for
them to attack an individual like Peg Dunmire with her having done nothing to
deserve it - is not honorable and not an action of integrity. Mr. Hoyt, according to
associates of his, have misused Orlando Tea Party funds and that's a serious
matter. A full audit of those funds is required and the call for that accounting will
become a major issue for other unaffiliated tea parties in the days ahead.
You can't call for political transparency without providing full transparency with
your own group. Florida TEA party has it - Mr. Hoyt is refusing to release the
information - duplicitous - not 'honorable.'
2) Apparently you do need to hear about accomplishments because you are
apparently unaware of the role I have played in this community and statewide in
promoting freedom and liberty and leading the anti-tax movement statewide for
thirty years... all 'tea party' type activities which you profess to be concerned about.
3) I have never slandered Mr. Hoyt. If you have any actual evidence of this
baseless allegation - produce it or drop it.
4) I don't know who "Deborah W." is so I can't comment on that.
5) You don't own the right to tea party name and you don't determine who is
involved in the tea party or not. The TEA party consists of movement leaders and
our candidates are tea party movement people. The TEA party is the ONLY entity
in Florida legally authorized as the TEA party. No one elected you 'queen' of the
tea party movement and no one elected Jason Hoyt as 'king.' He's one of
thousands and so are you. I was also on the very first conference call back in
February of 09 with Tom Gaitens - so what?
6) Finally, and this probably tells everyone more about you than me, in my last
email I did not say that "I liked Grayson" and you know it. What I said was (from
the last email: "No splitting the vote - just ensuring a conservative
choice in November against Grayson (whom a lot of folks on this
group as well as Dr. Paul have very little dispute with) Dr. Paul
introduced him several times last year at the Liberty Summit to
thunderous applause - chose your audience more carefully next time
you do a personal attack tirade."
Exactly where do you get "I like Grayson" from this statement?

This comment is truthful and accurate one. This is a Ron Paul meetup group and
I'm an assistant administrator of it - know your audience.

I realize that you're obviously a newbie to politics and public policy discussions and
that's fine. In the future, be very careful of what you decide to repeat without doing
some actual research. Many of the people you associate with have their own
agenda's and base their comments on past political battles. Hoyt and Lee are two
of those that prop up the current Orange County Republican RINO chair Lew
Oliver - one that everyone on this list and in our conservative movement have
opposed for years.

If Hoyt and Lee are willing to retract their lies and innuendo about Peg Dunmire,
me, Nick, Fred O'Neal and the Florida TEA party then I'll be more than happy to
drop it and move on - but I will not allow anyone to lie about me or question my
integrity or my history of involvement in conservative causes - you don't have to
like it - just don't lie about it.

Correcting the record and speaking the truth is a 'grown-up' thing to do, not a
childish thing to do. The childish thing to do is to make false statements about
someone and pretend that it's 'free speech.' The First Amendment, which I was
prepared to go to jail to protect, does not support slander or libel - only the truth.


Doug Guetzloe
Ax the Tax
"Over $32.5 Billion in
proposed taxes defeated"
P. O. Box 531101
Orlando, FL 32853
Phone: (407) 312-1781
Fax: (407) 895-8331
In a message dated 7/11/2010 10:31:27 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
beckiweaver@cfl.rr.com writes:
Last Reply to you, Doug Guetzloe:

Why can't you just admit that what you did to Peter Lee was VERY wrong and apologize for it?
It is one of the MAIN reasons I decided to speak up on this blog that comes into my email every
I don't need to hear about all your accomplishments.
Speak to the issue in question, period.
(If I cared I could look them up.)
Once again, here are the reasons I decided to speak up:

1) I will defend the honor of people I know to be TRUE PATRIOTS to the bitter end:

a) Peter Lee is a gentleman and a TRUE PATRIOT, in every sense of the word, and you owe
him an apology.

b) Jason Hoyt is a man of integrity and a TRUE PATRIOT and you slander his name
constantly. (People see thru what you do & why)

c) Other people who've been on the receiving end of your insults, including Deborah W. , now me, &
more. Grow up, Doug. Don't stoop so low.

2) The Florida Tea Party has little to do with the real movement, and everyone knows it but
apparently a few in your "group."

3) It's good to see you admit that you like Grayson. The rest of us want to see him replaced, but
that certainly does explain alot.

I hope you think about what I've said, and then spend time in the presence of some of the people you
love; I hope they love you in return.

Becki Weaver

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To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Federal...

Actually it appears you are fairly well alone with this group.
I've fought hard for Ron Paul supporters to be included in the Republican
party - even spending several thousand dollars of my own money on
precinct election postcards. Many of the people on this group have strongly
supported our Ax the Tax battles over the years. It's through this meetup
that I meet Nick Egoroff and used my radio show to fight and beat back code
enforcement so that Nick and the other Ron Paul supporters could continue
to put Ron Paul signs up all over the central Florida.
Fred's a Patriot; so is Nick; so is Glenn and so many more.

Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee have no honor if they continue to lie about me, Nick,
Fred O'Neal, Peg Dunmire and all the other tea party candidates. Peg
Dunmire is a member of dozen's of tea party groups; has marched on
Washington, is a member of Campaign for Liberty and a precinct captain at
that. Mr. Hoyt and Mr. Lee have attacked this courageous woman viciously
and personally and they and their tactics disgust me and a multitude of
others. It is not "honorable or decent" to viciously attack a woman who has
done no wrong and is simply participating in the political process. Several
people have sent me messages saying that you are supporting Falconer.
How would you like it if fellow conservatives - the very ones he must depend
on to achieve more than 3% of th vote - started attacking him without
foundation? If you are working for his campaign, you have done him a

tremendous disservice by engaging in character assassination with me and

- I have not "slandered" Jason Hoyt at all. Quite the reverse. I have asked
for a full accounting of his use of funds in the Orlando Tea Party accounts.
That's not slander - that's total transparency and auditing. He's collected
thousands and according those WITH HIM, the money has been spent on
personal expenditures. If it's not true, he needs to release a full audit of his
revenues and expenses.
- "Countless news accounts." Worthless and untrue news accounts. That's
why were are suing the Orlando Sentinel and Local 6 and winning those
cases. Libel and slander - printing and broadcasting untrue statements
repeatedly. Tony Pipitone, who admits to a "sick fascination" with me in
depositions; is a very sick puppy. One who has literally stolen personal
papers; medical records and 88 boxes of material. He's about to get slapped
hard with a final judgment in our lawsuit.
- I know of no "former business partners" at odds with me. If you have
names, name them, if not, don't spread unproven allegations.
- No candidate has been offered any money to "run" as a candidate. TEA
party has offered to reimburse candidates their filing fee which is standard
operating procedure. Every TEA candidate paid their own filing fees - every
- There is no "divide the vote." The winner of the GOP primary will be a
RINO and the only issue will be if they withdraw or not to split the Dunmire
vote. Dunmire is running ahead of ALL GOP candidates in half a dozen
polls. No splitting the vote - just ensuring a conservative choice in
November against Grayson (whom a lot of folks on this group as well as Dr.
Paul have very little dispute with) Dr. Paul introduced him several times
last year at the Liberty Summit to thunderous applause - chose your
audience more carefully next time you do a personal attack tirade.
- Finally, I have plenty of "friends" both within the tea party movement and
in the much larger movements of Ax the Tax (over 20,000 opt-in email list
of supporters) Florida Taxpayer Union (over 140,000 opt-in email list of
supporters) Guetzloe Report (over 10,000 opt-in email list of supporters):
Facebook (over 2,600 friends plus 350 ax the tax plus 360 Guetzloe Report
and 1,600+ at the TEA party site; and among the conservatives voting in
Central Florida who have supported my causes and anti-tax leadership over
14 times by a vote of the people.
- The TEA Party is certainly no "farce." With 21 unopposed nominees
statewide; a statewide candidate for Ag Commissioner against the RINO
GOP nominee who supported the Obama-stimulus packages and bailouts;
over 10,000 supporters (opt-in); nearly $250,000 in contributions to date
from over 300 individual contributors; media coverage from every major
network and media source in America - that's not a "farce" - it's a
movement. Sorry you don't agree but that's the beauty of America - we can
disagree on strategy and tactics and sill move forward.
We've had an interesting discussion, but unless you can actually prove any
of your assertions (with facts - not drive-by media lies) you need to
concentrate your apparent boundless energy to attack into more productive
political action.

Doug Guetzloe

In a message dated 7/10/2010 6:48:56 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

beckiweaver@cfl.rr.com writes:
Wow, you found a fan! Fred Badalli loves you. Congratulations.

You really can't remember hurling insults around the room toward Peter Lee and Deborah, and others,
and then spreading lies on this page about Jason Hoyt? I didn't start this, but I will defend the honor of
people like Peter Lee and Jason Hoyt and others that I know when you attack them personally.

Let me refresh your memory, and let others know of the incident:
You offered to shake a double amputee's hand, for God's sake.
(Tell me how you used your christian faith in that incident?)
Then you called 2 patriots "bimbos."
You slander Jason Hoyt to anyone who will listen.
Countless news programs expose your actions over the years.
Former business partners are at odds with you.
You offer to pay candidates to run on your ticket, to divide the vote, period.
You think people are too dumbed down to see it.
Then you expect to win friends and influence people within the real movement?
Well, you've got Fred Badalli's support!
Go Fred!

To all you who think this is "in-fighting," get a clue:

The Florida Tea Party is a farce, period.

Becki Weaver

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From: Fred Badalli
To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 5:28 PM
Subject: RE: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Federal...

Go Doug!

From: guetzloe@aol.com
Subject: Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party'
plaintiffs drop Federal...
To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 17:23:40 -0400


You're the one who launched the vicious personal attacks - not me.
Mr. Lee and Mr. Hoyt have both hurled some of the same untrue accusation
that you have. Mr. Lee and Mr. Hoyt have both engaged in character
assassination and misrepresentations and actual lies. They should not be
commended for misrepresentations and lies. No person of integrity would
denigrate someone else in a vicious personal attack. No person of character
would initiate and spread rumors and statements that they know for a fact
are not true. If these actions are the measure of true gentlemen, then we
just have to agree to disagree on those definitions.

Also, Jason, while admitting to using Orlando Tea Party funds for his own
personal expenses, continues to spread undocumented rumors about
improper funding of the TEA Party. The TEA Party contributions and
expenditures are public record and completely transparency.

Another interesting statement that is continually made is that "no one with
the TEA Party has ever been to a tea party or has been involved in the tea
party movement." I curious just who determined that? Nick Egoroff has
been to every tea party since the first one in March 09 at Lake Eola. I've
been to 7 of them. Nick and I are co-chair of the Central Florida Tea Party
(Facebook) and have been for nearly a year. On my radio show, I promoted
every tea party in Central Florida including the ones that Hoyt has
sponsored. I was the guest speaker at the Tallahassee Tea Party rally on
December 7, 2009. I'm a member of a dozen or more tea party groups,
including Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Nation and another dozen or so
in Florida. If that's not enough to be a 'tea party person,' then no one
qualifies (although this is not an important aspect of my political
involvement - I have been supportive and involved.)

I would strongly disagree that my "words and actions are despicable." I am

an advocate for what I believe in, which has been well established and well
documented in the public policy realm.

When "I walk into a room" I am usually met with universal "hi's," "hello's"
"keep up the fight" and the like. I can not go anywhere in this community or
Tallahassee without being recognized and congratulated for spreading the
conservative word. I have never - that's never - had a bad word spoken to
me when I have been in public.

I "walked into a room" today with 30 tea party patriots that were very happy
to see me. We apparently don't travel in the same circles.

It is a conundrum for you to launch a vicious personal attack and tirade

against me (unprovoked) and then talk about my "Christianity." My
Christian beliefs are well established - both in and out of my church - First
Presbyterian Church of Downtown Orlando - where I have been a member
for nearly twenty years. I've been a Christ School 'mentor' and an active
member of my Sunday School class for twenty years.

The hardest thing I have a problem with being a Christian, is to turn the
other check. I fail at that on many occasions. As I've said, I'm not perfect
and I've many mistakes as well as being too outspoken, but I will continue to
fight for what's right and what's true with honor and integrity.

In a message dated 7/10/2010 4:29:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

beckiweaver@cfl.rr.com writes:

If you truly are a descendent of a founding father, you should act more like one. I'd peg you
closer to a descendent of Atilla the Hun or Napolean.

I'm not going to sit back in silence and watch you slinging mud at my friends, Peter Lee,
Jason Hoyt (& others) any more. Peter and Jason are men of integrity and character. They
bring class and dignity to our movement, and people are happy to see them walk into any
meeting / room.

Now think about that. What happens most of the time when you walk into a room? Your words
and actions are despicable, and leave most people simply disgusted. Try this: See if you can
actually get people to smile and honestly be happy to see you when you attend a meeting.
Now, THAT would be a miracle. I also can't see any evidence of christianity in your
life.....altho you claim to be one, it appears (since we are called to be SALT & LIGHT in the
world, or have you forgotten?)

Becki Weaver

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To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Federal...

My rhetoric and statements do not involve personal attacks; innuendo and lies. You defend
the one who viciously uses lies, character assasination and vicious personal attacks and then
you join her in the mud.
If you have any proof of anything that you or she has said - present it.
If you were attacked my a small minority of small minded individuals who apparently have no
record of actually making a difference in the community with unproven lies about your integrity
and character, I doubt you would take very kindly to it.
While it's irritating to have this handful of malcontents wasting their time, I'm fortunate to have
tens of thousands of anti-tax supporters and citizens thoughout Florida and the nation that
know that these lies are not true, but it's still very hurtful.

I know that the actions I take as a patriot to support liberty and freedom are beneficial and
supported by the overwhelming majority of this group and others (tea party, anti-tax, 912).
that believe in the fight to restore the Republic.
I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, but fighting for the causes of less government, less
taxes and greater personal freedom is not one of them.
I've been a target from other folks envious of the success I've had in spreading the word. Our
victories have not been my personal victories - they are the victories of the people.
As one who is fortunate to have the blood of an original Founding Father coursing through my
veins, these battles were important long before any of these local self-appointed 'tea party'
folks decided to get involved.
But overall, it's good to have new blood in the fight, it's too bad they don't spend their time
fighting the real enemy - socialistic democrat encroachment on the foundations of the
And anyone who believes the liberal/socialist drive by media and uses unverified,
unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo as fact, is deceiving themselves.
Doug Guetzloe

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From: Kevin <kevin.a.conner@gmail.com>
To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Sent: Sat, Jul 10, 2010 10:32 am
Subject: Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs drop Federal...

Doug ,

Unfortunately It's this type of rhetoric that shows you have no heart for the people. I can only
judge you by your words and actions.

Your treatment of this lady in word is reprehensible. Apparently she is angered at a lot of what
she is bringing up. It seems you've angered a lot of people in Florida.

I'm a newcomer to Florida who's hailed from Virginia, where, historically we've run tyrants and
crooks out of this nation. I'd do my ancestors shame if I didn't call do the same in my local

Are you a tyrant? You dont have the power to be one now.A crook? Perhaps, it does seem
that many I talk to keep bringing up examples.

The point I'm making is that your character comes out in these emails where you only attack
the opposition.

I would be a potential voter, as Becky here. Why give such biting rhetoric? Why only speak of
past victory and try and prove out your past winnings at the ballot?

If you are, as one of your sites has claimed, a Christian, why not try the servant-leader
principal. I'm sorry, but what I've seen and heard from you has not been of a servants heart
for his people.

Before you think, as you may already have, I'm someone trying to attack your TEA party llc for
the sake of another political faction; I see the corruption in others that are in the tea party
movement and will speak out with my God-given voice, rights and free will against any bad
weeds I see growing in the new gardens of the reawakening of this Republic.

Ultimately, it's my duty, and every Americans duty.

We the people are watching.

-Kevin Conner

On Jul 10, 2010, at 8:58 AM, becki weaver <beckiweaver@cfl.rr.com> wrote:

You are the last one to explain to anyone what the TEA PARTY is. Everyone
with half a brain knows that the REAL tea party has NOTHING to do with your
SHAM organization. Tell me, Mr. Gets-Low-as-you-can-go: How does it feel,
to gain a fortune, and lose your soul?

The rest of your lame comments show how very little you know about me....or
any of us in the REAL tea party, for that matter.

You're a mean-spirited, negative thug, who would sell your own mother down
the river for 20 pieces of silver. Your business style is exactly like a STREET
THUG, and everyone has seen exposes of the way you "do business,"
CHICAGO-STYLE. (Maybe that's why you have such an affinity
for Grayson/Obama!)

Who hasn't seen the exposes in the media/internet showing how you extorted
$475K from the cities of Winter Park & Winter Garden, $107K from OOCEA,
$200K from the MAGIC (twice)....and how many more that were never

But it is your horrid treatment of true patriots like Peter Lee and others that
disgusts me and others.

It will be a CDIH when I sit down at the same table with you, or join any group
in which you're a member.

Everyone with half a brain knows that the REAL tea party has NOTHING to
do with your sham org, even the doc. filmaker kid from CA. who "interviewed"
Peg D.

By the way, get a dictionary. "On the front" means being active in the real
movement for FREEDOM, forming relationships with other defenders of
freedom, and creating a united front, to peacefully take back our gov't.

It's probably best that you stay in your new bldg, which is FAR FROM being
"on the front," dreaming that you're the emperor.

Have a wonderful day!

Becki Weaver

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To: ronpaul-184@meetup.com
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2010 6:24 AM
Subject: Re: [ronpaul-184] BREAKING NEWS: Two more 'tea party' plaintiffs
drop Federal...

I'm not sure what the color of the sun is in your world but
in the real world, the official TEA party has 21 Patriots
who are running for office this year, all tea party patriots
and mostly former Republicans.

The "plant" was an individual invited to attend - as was I.
We would love to have a debate, discussion, meeting -
whatever to discuss your concerns but none of you have
the guts to confront any of us because you know that your
positions are built of straw.
In the real world, our ax the tax victories are without
precedent and enjoy a tremendous amount of support
from actual voters, not the tin-foil hat types that sit
around a room badmouthing people.
I have no idea who you are, (you're certainly not a
Patriot) but perhaps you should use some of your
boundless negative energy to actually go out and help
elect a candidate of your choice; or try to beat back a tax
increase; or go pluck oil from a seagull - something
positive - rather than create negativity.
The TEA party is here to stay - over 10,000 tea party
patriots have signed up with the party - the candidates
are of the highest caliber and the cause continues.
As your little movement dies; think about doing
something worthwhile.
I have survived the attacks of the liberal media and their
fellow travelers for the past 30 years and quite frankly the
attacks of you and your ilk are pretty lame compared to
the media character assassination that comes prior to any
Ax the Tax battle; and guess what - we always win in spite
of the nonsense.
Hope to see you on the front.

Doug Guetzloe
Ax the Tax
"Over $32.5 Billion in
proposed taxes defeated"
P. O. Box 531101
Orlando, FL 32853
Phone: (407) 312-1781
Fax: (407) 895-8331


Peg Dunmire
THE First TEA Party Candidate in the Nation!
Candidate US Congress, Florida District 8
407 856 8064
Contributions welcome: send to
Dunmire for Congress
PMB 201
3956 Town Center Blvd.
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