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Nia Mikhaela S.

Turingan October 9, 2015

I really love going to museums and galleries. I already visited a lot of museums

located here and beyond Manila. Though I cant say that I have great talent for arts, I do

have a huge interest and appreciation for it. I've been eagerly wanting to visit an art

museum located in Antipolo City after hearing raving reviews about the place from my

friends and all over social media. The museum is named as Pinto Art Museum (PAM).

Pinto Art Museum is an art gallery in Antipolo City that houses present day

artworks by different local artists. The name Pinto, as I understand, is a metaphor for

its openness to all types of contemporary art form, from exquisite sculptures to simple

artworks of our young local artists. It is a door to a home wherein any art can make its

way to, where everyone can appreciate it without any sort of judgment.

This museum houses over 300 art pieces, installations and sculpture, but the one

that really piqued my interest is the artwork named Nia by Micat Po, a young and

upcoming local artist. Despite my obvious favoritism, the artwork is my tukayo after all,

I really do feel we look alike, dont we? Aside from that, the prevailing red color makes

me feel a lot of emotions. Red is the warmest and most dynamic of the colors it

triggers opposing emotions. It is often associated with passion and love as well as

anger and danger. It can increase a persons heart rate and make them excited. In this

artwork, I felt that it helped the painting stand out. Also, it reminded me of the warmth

and love I feel all around while roaming the gallery as I was with my boyfriend during the

Paintings are located into different wings. Each wing is interesting and has an

entertaining room. Every room in Pinto Art Museum never failed to amaze me. There is

a room that holds a colossal 480-inch long x 144-inch wide mural entitled Karnabal, a

collaborative piece by an artist group called Salingpusa. In the picture, you can see how

relatively small I am compared to the painting. There is much to look at this painting, but

sadly I failed to appreciate it all on-site as there is much more rooms and paintings we

havent yet visited. But as I see it now, I am just amazed how big this is and the amount

of effort poured into this painting.

Lastly, the one room which effectively gave me the chills and gave me an

experience which I still cannot forget up to this day. This room is called Forest Room.

As I entered the room, my jaw dropped and felt goosebumps right then and there.

Green lights dimly illuminated the dark labyrinth of bamboos with dried leaves barely

scattered on the floor. Large boulders which seemingly float in the air dripped tiny

droplets to a pebble-filled well. This bamboo forest was the brainchild of Antonio Leao.

I dont know what else to say or how to describe the feeling.

As much as I would like to interpret or explain the unique artworks Ive witnessed

at Pinto Art Museum, I am no art specialist but just a regular person who appreciates

visual portrayals of the mind and soul crafted through different mediums. Theres simply

an unexplainable connection that instantly binds or attaches the viewer to a certain