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By means of its companies Platinum Investments Ltda, Platinum

International Spa, Platinum Brokers Ltda, the PLATINUM GROUP, it
invests intensely in the development of a team of experienced
professionals with knowledge in the industrial sector and metal-
mechanic has the objective to take care of current and future
necessities of our customers.

PLATINUM GROUP is distinguished for offers of services based

on a deep knowledge of the sectors and segments industrial and metal-
mechanic, fruit of the experience and the qualification of its
professionals added to the information gotten by means of constant
research of market.

Formed for people with high performance who help to simplify

the complexity presenting clear solutions for the benefit of our
customers. Thus we are;

SPECIALISTS. We apply our deep knowledge and experience,

distinguishing what it is important in the resolution of the
questions most complex.
GLOBAL APPROACH. Connected globally, we saw the great
scene providing a differentiated perspective.
FUTURE VISION. We support the success of the customers
anticipating the unexpected one. We are proactive clarifying
implications and chances.
WE ADD VALUE. We hear and we make the certain questions to
the customers. Our performance optimizes valuable time and
constructs competitive advantages.
ENTHUSIASTIC. Commitment with the excellence of the
conception to the delivery. Our goal is to simplify and to identify
clear and correct answers communicating them of positive form.

PLATINUM GROUP comes in this way auxiliary the companies in

the management risks. Of this form, can assume greater challenges
and improve its strategies with direct effect in its finances and its
results. We offer improvement of performance, strategy and innovation,
through Management Consulting where we possess vast experience in
subjects of performance improvement, strategically use of the
technology and processes of innovation.

We approach our projects with a group of experienced

professionals in industry sectors, with emphasis in Financial Services,
Automotive, Industry, Markets of Consumption, Telecom, Government
& Infrastructure and Energy & Natural resources.

The good practical of governance means to manage risks, to

establish systems of effective internal controls and to communicate the
health of the company to the proprietors, stakeholders and the market
in general. Also it is treated to prevent frauds, to assure the fulfillment
of the rules and the regulations and, in last analysis, to generate value
from the structure of compliance.

We assist the customers to build up the results in different types

of financial transactions. Our performance is based on a combination
of factors, with qualified and sector knowledge and consolidated
We act in Restructuring with investors, shareholders and all the
levels of the administration of a company in crisis, with the objective to
assist in the analysis and the implementation of initiatives for the
reorganization and the recovery of the businesses.

PLATINUM GROUP is pledged in offering to the customers a

combination of deep local knowledge and international experience in
the operations in the Brazilian market, the Latin America or other
transactions of international character.


Mabesa - USA/Mxico
Cremer - Brazil
Britton Taco - UK
Kimberly & Clark International - USA
K & C Kenko - Brazil
OBER S.A. - Brazil
Standridge Color - USA
Petropar - Brazil
Fitesa - Brazil
Cia. Providencia - Brazil
Pompom - Brazil
York - Brazil
Polystar - Brazil
Isofilme - Brazil
Smith Nephew - UK
Casex - Brazil
Sumitomo - Japan
Kiwa Chemical - Japan
Sankyo - Japan
Christian Gray - Brazil
Assolan - Brazil
Advent - USA
Quero-Quero - Brazil
Grupo Joape - Brazil
CMIC Co. - Japan
Grupo Hbner - Brazil
Grupo Leax - Sweden
Tremec - Mxico


Part 1 - The elaboration of the business plan

1. Executive summary
1.1. Summary of the main points of the business plan
1.2. Data of the entrepreneurs, professional experience and
1.3. Data of the enterprise
1.4. Mission of the company
1.5. Sectors of activity
1.6. Legal form
1.7. Framing tributary
1.7.1. Federal scope
1.7.2. State scope
1.7.3. Municipal scope
1.8. Capital stock
1.9. Source of resources
2. Analysis of Market
2.1. Study of the customers
2.2. Study of the competitors
2.3. Study of the suppliers
3. Plan of Marketing
3.1. Description of the main products and services
3.2. Price
3.3. Promotional strategies
3.4. Structure of commercialization
3.5. Localization of the business
4. Operational plan
4.1. Layout
4.2. Productive capacity/ Commercial /services
4.3. Operational processes
4.4. Necessity of staff
5. Financial plan
Total investment
5.1. Estimate of the fixed investments
5.2. Capital of turn
5.3. Daily pay-operational investments
5.4. Total investment (summary)
5.5. Estimate of the monthly invoicing of the company
5.6. Estimate of the unitary cost, raw material, direct labour, and
third party
5.7. Estimate of the commercialization costs
5.8. Verification of the costs of the material and/or merchandises
5.9. Estimate of the costs with man power
5.10. Estimate of the cost with depreciation
5.11. Estimate of the monthly operational fixed costs
5.12. Demonstrative of results
5.13. Pointers of viability
5.13.1. Break-even point
5.13.2. Profitability
5.13.3. Yield
5.13.4. Stated period of return of the investment
6. Construction of Scenes Corrective and preventive actions
7. Strategical evaluation
7.1. Analysis of matrix F.O.F.A.
8. Evaluation of the Plan of Business
9. Script for Collection of Information Consolidated

Part 2 - The Construction of its Plan of Business

1. Executive summary
2. Analysis of Market
3. Plan of Marketing
4. Operational plan
5. Financial plan
6. Construction of Scenes
7. Strategical evaluation
8. Evaluation of the business plan

Anticipatedly we are thankful for its attention and we invite to

visit our installations in Brazil which we place its disposal.

Yours truly


Vicente Moriguchi Mauricio Kosmala Junior