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september 2015 UK 4.20

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september 2015 IS SIGNIFICANTIT
FEATURES 50 Cent, p58
58 50 CENT Rapper, entrepreneur, and
star of the hit TV series Power, Curtis 50
Cent Jackson has an insane schedule
but hes never too busy to train.
Work your entire body to exhaustion
in 25 grueling minutes.
that will keep your summer cookouts
clean and lean.
88 7-DAY SHRED Get in photo-
ready shape.
94 THE NEW BREED Why Robbie Amell
represents the future of action heroes.
102 THE ARMS RACE British and
American mens physique pros Ryan Terry
and Anton Antipov build their guns using
only supersets.
serviceman Mark Smith lost his leg,
he embarked on an amazing body

16 EDGE Interviews with Bill
Goldberg; UFC brawler Conor McGregor;
and the sensational Emily Skye.
28 TRAIN Walk your way to bigger
gains; torch fat one leg (or arm) at
a time; level up your lunges.
46 EAT Watermelons hidden
nutritional benefit; a raw muscle-
building recipe; five creative ways
to prepare courgette.
114 SUPPS A scientific look at the
best products in the world of sports
120 HERS A guide to help female
athletes eat clean, shed fat,
and build muscle.
130 EXPERT British physique champs
Josh Leader and Jayne Lo on how they
get in shape; how British bikini pro
Michelle Brannan transformed a clients
body at the age of 37.

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson
Photograph by Roger Erickson
HAvE A quESTiON for Arnold? Ask
ARNOLDS LETTER it on the Muscle & Fitness Facebook
page for a chance to see it here.

Builder Power
no matter what your goal, dont neglect training for strength.

im not looking
to compete in any
lifting contests.
Should i bother weight training is about progressive day a week to going heavy. Pick a
training heavy overload, and if you dont increase movement like a bench press or
at all? load, your body wont have reason to deadlift and work up to a few heavy
Chip O., via FaCebOOk progress. Plus, a man who doesnt sets of one to six. Then do a back-off
want to be strong is a girly-man. set of 10 reps. Not only will this make
Every great bodybuilder I know you look strong, youll also be able to
started out with basic movements and prove that you actually are when
zel l er / Fi t ne s s Publ i cat i o ns, in c

trained them heavy. Franco Columbu youre put to the test.
Ive always was a world-class powerlifter; Sergio
preached the importance Oliva went to the Pan American Yours in Iron,
of making the mind-muscle Games as an Olympic weightlifter. I
connection in your trainingfocusing competed in both of these sports
on how a weight makes your muscles while bodybuilding. Heavy training
feel rather than how much youre develops muscles to a degree that
actually lifting. But that doesnt mean you cant get from light, pumping Arnold
you shouldnt lift heavy. After all, workouts. I suggest you devote one Schwarzenegger

10 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015





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aDvisoRY BoaRD

Rich FRoning Jim manion DaviD sanDleR

The reigning and four-time Chairman of the IFBB pro league and presi- One of the worlds leading strength
CrossFit Games champ dent of the US National Physique Committee and conditioning coaches
gReg glassman nicK miTchell Tim ZiegenFuss
Co-founder of CrossFit, One of Britains leading personal trainers who Sports nutrition and exercise scientist
the worlds fastest-growing owns the worldwide Ultimate Performance who is chief executive of the
fitness movement gym business upfitness.com Center for Applied Health Sciences

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* Nielsen 11-10-14
on Twitter: @shawnperine.

50 Cent, right, has
words with Joseph
Sikora in Starz Power.

Real Deal
goes a transformation: If I got paid
millions of dollars to work out, I could
get into that kind of shape, too.
This is why Im far more impressed
by the M&F lifers rather than the
50 Cent doesnt train for roles. He trains for life. dilettantes. These are guys who live
and breathe the lifestyle, whether
Ive prevIously mentioned in are card-carrying members of the filming or not. Theyre guys who were
this column how we like to feature Brotherhood of Iron and have more lifting long before they became
celebrities on our covers, but that in a than earned that distinction. household names and who will
specialized world like ours it can be a There are other actors, however, continue to do so till the end. And this
challenge finding guys who are both who are what I refer to as is why Im proud to have 50 Cent on
recognizable and who truly live the dilettantes. They dabble in our world, this months cover. He is a true M&Fer,
M y l e s A r o n o w i t z / 2 0 1 5 s tA r z e n t e r tA i n M e n t, l l C

M&F lifestyle. In recent years weve getting into prime shape for a role, having made the gym life as central to
had Dwayne Johnson, Terry Crews, and when the cameras stop rolling, existence as music and acting. Be
Joe Manganiello, Dolph Lundgren, and, return to their regular lifestyleone sure to catch 50 in Southpaw and in
of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger that includes a minimum, if any, of time his Starz series Power and give his
grace covers; guys for whom day-to- in the gym. The hard-earned muscles workout a try.
day serious training is a way of life. slip away as quickly as they came.
They work hard in the gym and are Without high-paid trainers to keep
proud of the physiques theyve built. their training on point, and nutritionists
Moreover, they consider being on our and personal chefs to make sure More Power to You,
cover an honor, and appreciate the they eat clean, they quickly revert
chance to share their training and back to their pre-role bodies. It lends
nutrition insights with you. These men, credence to a familiar refrain youll Shawn Perine
regardless of their fame and fortune, hear (or utter) when an actor under- Editor in Chief

14 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEPtEMbEr 2015


Size Doesnt
PAul rudd obviously
didnt need to get
jacked to play
Ant-Man. But he
did need to get
lean, athletic,
and stronger than
hed ever been.

Paul shows
up focused,
and ready to
work, personal
trainer Brendan
Johnston says.
He literally
wont stop
until the job
is done. Hes
always looking
to do more.
2015 ToronTo Pro 1sT Place
2013 arnold classIc BrasIl 1sT Place
Team scITec Usa

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called Ant-Man would
almost seem like an act
of hubris. Then again, its
from Marvel Studios,
which cant seem to miss
with any idea these days.
Operating with the same
kind of cant-miss success
rate is the team at
CrossFit BMF, Duffy
Gavers Santa Monica
training facility that helped
transform many of
Marvels superheroes,
including Chris Hemsworth
and Scarlett Johansson.
Brendan Johnston of
CrossFit BMF, with
support from New York
based trainer Richard
Louis, devised a training
plan for the 46-year-old
actor with the seemingly
modest goals of getting
Rudd functionally fit and
symmetrically aesthetic.
Johnston said Rudd
gained noticeable size on
his chest, arms, and
legs while his waist shrank
and body fat dropped. PAUL RUDDs
He was much more
athletic, Johnston says.
Stronger, faster, and The following is a sample of Paul
agile. He didnt want to Rudds Ant-Man workout, provided
just look like a superhero. by CrossFit BMF in Santa Monica, CA.
He had to move, run, jump, The two circuits below constitute a
and fight like one, as well. single chest and back workout. For
The film, which hit workout videos and inspiration, like
cinemas in July, seems to the CrossFit BMF page on Facebook.
have a more comedic
tone than other superhero CIRCUIT I CIRCUIT II
films, but that didnt Directions: Do 6 rounds of the Directions: Do 6 rounds of the
following exercises, resting only following exercises, resting only 1
transfer to the weight 1 minute at the end of the circuit. minute at the end of the circuit. Pick
room, where Rudd was Pick the heaviest weight you can the heaviest weight you can manage
all business. manage on each exercise. on each exercise.
relentless, Johnston
Dumbbell Dumbbell Chest Flye 10
zade rosenthal/ Marvel 2014

says. He sets his mind

Bench Press 10 Weighted Pullup
to something and doesnt
stop till the job is Dumbbell Row 10 each arm OR Lat Pulldown 10
done. From strict diet, V-up 25 Medicine Ball Slam
to supplementation, to Double-under* 30 (20-lb ball) 20
working out at 5 a.m. seconds Oblique Crunch 25 each side
He never complained. *Skip, swinging the rope under your feet twice
He only worked. on each jump.

18 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEPtEMBEr 2015



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product to be used with a strict diet and training programme.



Australian fitness expert and model
the Limit
Emily SkyE isnt afraid to show her
flaws, as long as it inspires her six
million social media followers to
achieve their goals. Still, we cant

SEptEMbEr 2015
find any flaws here. Heres what

you need to know about her.

By PAmelA Nullet

Loves it when a guy can talk
anatomy and physiology. Ill
be mesmerized for hours.

Sweats it out in the gym

trying to grow her butt.

Worked as a magicians
assistant and once got
trapped in the illusion box,
splitting her dress, making for
an exciting and raunchy show.

enjoys chilling out to

deep house music.

Has a rack of ribs and fries

when she wants to indulge.
Wants to play a superhero,
particularly Lara Croft or
Wonder Woman.

Overcame fear of public

speaking by going on
Australias biggest
morning show.

Was teased in school for

running like the Terminator.

Feels sexiest when shes

been swimming in the ocean,
her hair goes curly, and shes
salty, tanned, and fresh.

Receives requests for

photos of her feet.

Grew up climbing trees,

playing with remote control
cars, and chasing other girls
around with creepy-crawlies.

Is turned on by respect.
gentlemen will never go
out of fashion. They get me
every time.

Owns a custom dirt bike,

complete with a personalized
pink sticker kit.

Can make her eyebrows

dance to music.

Feels inspired. When

people tell you that you
cant do something, its
usually because they
Instagram: @emilyskyefit, Facebook:

couldnt do it themselves.

pEr bErnAL
If youve got a dream,
emilyskyemodel, Website: emilyskye.com

you've got to go for it!

FINd emILy ON Twitter: @missemilyskye,
edge sports


Dynamic Stretch 10-15 min.
Muscle-up 10 reps
Handstand Pushup 10 reps
Push Press 10 reps
Boxing 20-30 min.
ufC fighter Conor MCGreGor trains Grappling 20-30 min.
to become the first-ever irish ufC champ. McGreGors stats
By mark Barroso age HeigHT WeigHT

For risinG UFC star by a clock, says McGregor. Yester- 27 175cm 66 kg

Conor McGregor, mixed martial arts day, I did pool work, then went to the residence
training starts and ends with control. gym and did jiu-jitsu rounds, pad Dublin, Ireland
McGregors movements revolve work, jump rope, core work, and
around control of his body, mind, dead hanging from objects. due to a rib injury. His statement
and breath. McGregor does free-weight about Aldo foreshadowed a change
If it doesnt involve balance I dont exercises such as single-leg barbell in opponents. Ill enter the contest
Zuffa LLC/Get t y imaGes/Courtesy of ufC

think its beneficial, says McGregor. deadlifts to build strength and formless and fearless, McGregor
I do yoga every day. Im perfecting balance simultaneously. says. Hes just a blank face and a
my handstand, I like the tree pose His most valuable skill, though, is new body.
with a side leg extension and the intangible. McGregor would go on to make
plank/side plank. My belief is my best asset, and I history, winning the interim UFC
Just dont expect McGregor have a stronger mindset than my featherweight championship at UFC
to get to yoga class on time. The opponent, he says. 189 against Aldos replacement Chad
Irish-born featherweight doesnt keep When M&F spoke with McGregor, it Mendes to make his Irish supporters
a schedule in a traditional sense. He was a few weeks prior to the proud. My coach and team have
simply wakes up and starts moving. announcement that champion Jose been with me since Day 1, and I look
Im self-taught, and nothing is set Aldo would drop out of the title fight forward to raising the gold for them.

22 MUSCLE & FItnESS SEptEMbEr 2015







Tough guy, tiny dumbbell. A look back at one of the
strangest covers in M&F history. BY MATT TUTHILL
Maybe since Hill street feature. In fact, the cover we went
Blues was a gritty cop drama ahead with was the better of the two.)
of its time, we felt we could get a bit Luckily, the inside of this classic
ahead of the curve as well. So for fared much better. Marinaro talks
our July 1985 cover, we took Hill about how fitness helped his
Street star and former NFL running confidence as he transitioned from
back Ed Marinaro, handed him a tiny pro sports to acting, and there are
dumbbell, and stuck him in a well-fleshed-out features on the
feminine pose that was typical of Weider principles, and the subtler
covers back then. Female body- arts of staying motivated and
builder Peggy Bertelsen, meanwhile, visualizing ones goals.
assumed the dominant masculine Marinaro isnt the only TV star in
pose, for a cover that, while we can this issue, either. Soap opera star
appreciate the sentiment, doesnt Steve Bond (real name Shlomo
hold up too well. I mean, were glad Goldberg) appears in a feature
the photo shoot turned out to be about how training makes both
fun, butthats REALLY the cover? men and women sexier. The story
(Apparently, we tried it both ways, explains its not just aesthetics but
since the two swap positions for the also the display of inner strength
that attracts the opposite sex. Hey,
that sounds neat. Now check out all
the babes twisted into suggestive
poses throughout the issue.

Above: Steve Bond gets a smooch from a bentover
Peggy Bertelsen. Bottom left: Marinaro poses like a
girly-man. Top left: Want a VHS of the 84 Mr. Olympia?
Thatll be $59. Adjust for inflation, and its $129.73.

Born to Paddle
Professional kayaker Dane Jackson is taking injury with two rituals.
I try to stretch every day to keep
paddle sports to new heights. By Mark Barroso muscles loose, whether its a quick
stretch or stretching for an hour,
WorlD champion downstream races against other Jackson says. I do 100 pushups a
kayaker Dane Jackson has been paddlers. Endurance is important day to keep my shoulders strong.
participating in the sport since his because if you want to do longer and Jackson says descending a
father, a former Olympic kayaker, more commanding rivers, you have to 130-foot-tall waterfall in Mexico
taught him how at age 2. Now a keep your energy up, Jackson says. was his most extreme kayaking
22-year-old Red Bull and GoPro You cant just be floating downriver. moment. The goal is to land as
sponsored athlete, Jackson Aside from boat work, Jackson vertical as possible, or else.
competes in 1015 kayaking events a prepares to compete by staying If the front of the kayak were to
year. These include freestyle active: surfing, snowboarding, even come up and you were to land flat,
kayaking contests, where you golfing, albeit with a twisthe the full impact would be on your
perform tricks such as flips and sprints between each hole. spine, Jackson says. Thats how

courtesy of dane jackson

spins on turbulent areas of a river, or The kayaking phenom prevents people break their backs on
On top of his game, Jackson
ID BE FREESTYLE KAYAKING EVERY enjoys each ride as it comes.
DAY EVEN IF THERE WERE NEVER ANY I want to keep coming up with
coMPETITIVE EVENTS FoR IT. new tricks, running big rivers and
waterfalls, and pushing the sport.

on the
The 2015
International Canoe
Federation Freestyle
Kayak World
Championships begin
on Aug. 30 on the
Ottawa River in


IFBB British Grand Prix 1st place,
IFBB Nordic Pro 2nd place
Team Scitec Uk

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Strong Intentions
Ned NortoN,
founder of Warriors
on Wheels, is a
modern-day hero
whose lifes work
brings healing and
hope to people all
over the world.
By Delfina ure

Ned NortoN has spent a good

part of the past 26 years training
clients in his Warrior Gym, in Albany,
New York. Yet, while Warrior may
look like a typical gym when empty,
his disabled clientele separate it
from the rest of the pack and
elevate him to hero status.
Training people with disabilities is
the ultimate challenge, says the
57-year-old Norton. It means more
than medals, and trophies,
because it relates to their having
a better life.
Nortons intentions for his clients TRAININg PeOPle wITh dISAbIlITIeS IS
go beyond building the body. He The ulTImATe chAlleNge. IT meANS
aims to rebuild their confidence and mORe ThAN medAlS ANd TROPhIeS.
help them become independent
after life-changing injuries. At one
time I had 11 guys who could awareness of Nortons efforts and to Darfur and South Sudan.
bench-press more than 300 significantly expanded his reach. I In addition to his global ambitions,
pounds. They got so strong they get so many heartfelt e-mails from Norton is working on developing
were able to go back to work, go disabled people all over the world fitness packages for group homes
back to school, and start families. who would love to come to my gym, for the disabled, corresponding with
He customizes every machine in but they live in Seattle, Korea, or hundreds of clients, and providing
his gym to be wheelchair accessible Australia, he explains. fitness training for the fire
and charges his clients a mere $10 Inspired to find a way to offer department in Albany. I want to
for 10 weeks so they can continue specialized training remotely, help as many people as I can.
to train for as long as they need to Norton raised the money to create
while living on disability income. Its customized fitness packages
not about what they cant do, its with resistance bands that he now
about what they can do, he says. ships to people globally, never
how you
Norton sees about 120 clients per charging his clients a penny. can help
week and raises money to cover Following the international buzz, To donate or to
operating costs and ensure that the Norton then founded The Hercules learn more, go to:
doors of his gym stay open. Project, which works with the UN profilesinpurpose
A recent broadcast on CNN about to help rehabilitate people injured .com/warriors_on_
Warriors on Wheels boosted by land mines. Were shipping



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Fit to
BPI Sports
executive and
fitness model
Whitney Reid
has a no-frills
attitude toward
staying ripped.
By Mark Barroso


s i lv i a c o r t e s

New generation Magnicent

BCAAs with
The essential branched chain amino
New generation ultra-micronized
acids (BCAAs) are the basic material BCAAs are characterized
for protein synthesis, with strong by perfect solubility, guarantee
anabolic and anti-catabolic eects. complete absorption and
L-glutamine increases the benets maximum eectiveness.
of BCAAs by promoting more ecient A special production process
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VPLab NutritionVPLab vplabnutrition
Whitney Reid doesnt let a
constant travel schedule stand in the
way of getting ripped. Despite a job as
national sales manager for BPI Sports
that has him hopping around the
country, Reid stays focused and, as a
result, big and lean year-round. He
began his fitness journey as a
260-pound recreational powerlifter in
his 20s. When he started training with
bodybuilders, he got ripped and
started landing magazine shoots.
I still love training heavy, and thats
my top priority, he says. I squat,
bench, and deadlift every week.
Reid trains in the 10- to 12-rep range,
using dropsets, giant sets, and
supersets to get done in 40 minutes.
I want to be absolutely destroyed
when I walk out of the gym, he says.
Two weeks from a shoot, Reid eats
more protein than usual and drops his
carb intake to 150 grams per day.
You can carve out your own
fitness-model six-pack with Reids
intense abs-training circuit.

whITNey ReIds Abs

Do all circuits four times through, 15
reps each. Dont rest between moves.

staying circUit 1
strong E xErcISE

as a powerlifter, Kneeling rope crunch

reid could bench rowing Machine Pike*
209 kg for three
reps. Now he bench- Lying Leg raise
presses 143 for circUit 2
10 to 12 reps.

Oblique Bridge**
Standing rope crunch
Hanging Leg raise
*Place your toes on the seat of rowing
machine while in a pushup position. Do a pike.
**Do a side plank with one elbow on a bench.
HIS TOp THREE TIpS FOR EATING Stretch your hips down. Do 15 reps each side.
AGe heIGhT weIGhT
1 2 3
FINd A dINeR sTACKed sNACKs GO FOR TwO 35 6'2" 225 lbs
Locate the nearest I pack dry oats, protein If youre eating out, ResIdeNCe
diner and make clean- powder, almonds, a always ask for a
eating requests. I ask shaker cup, and a healthy meal to go so Fort lauderdale, Fl
for minimal butter/oil package of peeled you dont get stuck
and steamed veggies. hard-boiled eggs. without food.
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more issues for those with sensitive stomachs.
GREEN SUPREME FUSION is packed with 26 nutrient-dense antioxidant Superfoods, sea
algae blends, as well as high impact harmonizing herbal extracts. Its also got probiotics
and food digesting enzymes that radically enhance absorption. Each simple serving
contains more essential vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids (protein), omega-3s
and anti-oxidants than 5 servings of fruits & vegetables per day. Basically, GREEN
SUPREME FUSION is a healthy green meal in a glass!
In addition to the awesome health benefits, both
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Dont allow the bar
to tip forward or
backward in your

It Off
hands. Squeeze it
to keep it level.

The farmers walk trains

everything from your
traps to your grip, core,
and legs, and also builds
your conditioning while
burning major calories.
Using a trap bar instead
of dumbbells lets you go
as heavy as possible.
By Ben Bruno

the trap bar with COrE and draw
feet hip width. Bend your shoulders back.
your hips and grasp Walk as quickly as
the handles. Deadlift you can. Go for time
the bar off the floor. or distance.

DID YOU KNOW? You can turn the trap bar sideways
so the loading pegs face in front of and behind you,
which is helpful if you dont have a wide lane to walk in.

32 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMBEr 2015 IAN spANIeR


The next evolution of Hydroxycut is here! The
features a combination of Ginger, Scutellaria
and Salvia to drive an incredible training
experience. It also delivers the scientically
researched key ingredient caeine for explosive
energy and intense focus. Youve never tried
anything like this before-guaranteed!








Proper nutrition and regular training are essential to achieving your tness and bodybuilding goals. Facebook logo is owned by Facebook
Inc. All trademarks are owned by their respective trademark owners. Carefully read the entire label before use and follow directions. 2015
trAin crossfit corNer nAte Forster is a CrossFit Games
competitor and the owner of Reebok CrossFit
5th Ave. rhinocofitness.com

Keep your core
engaged. Get your
front foot out to
where the knee
is directly over
your ankle.

Get a Leg up
Make leg day even harderand WODs more
the workout
of the day
Directions: Perform the
following three exercises as a circuit
brutalwith the barbell lunge. By Nate Forster in a 21159 scheme; 21 reps of
everything the first time through
If you do lunges, chances 1) The barbell allows for a heavier (rowing should be measured in
calories burneda standard
are you do them with dumbbells. load than the dumbbell version
Concept2 rower will measure this),
Its hard to blame you. The because grip is not a factor.
then do 15 reps/calories of all
dumbbell variation is a way easier 2) To support the bar as you lunge, exercises, then 9. Record your total
setup than the barbell version. your upper body is forced into a time for future reference.
Dumbbells, of course, dont stronger position and engages more E xErcisE rEps
require an open squat rack. of your core as a result.
But just because an exercise If youve never done lunges this Barbell Lunge (155 lbs) 21, 15, 9
might be inconvenient is no way, leg day will never be the same. ring Dip 21, 15, 9
excuse not to do it, especially Once you get comfortable with the rowing Machine
when the barbell lunge offers two barbell lunge, try the intense, man- (in calories) 21, 15, 9
major advantages: making WOD in the box at right.


to o ign up
Compare befor ur newslet
e 31/

thousandsof 20%O for

supplements ITI ON

Find the best prices from a choice of
top retailers plus, save even more
with exclusive offers and discounts.

Sign wsletter r
r ne 15 fo
to oue 31/08/
For an even greater
core challenge, raise
one foot off the floor,
or elevate both feet
on a platform.

Row Toward
a Six-Pack
Tighten your core by putting your back
into it. By Sean HySon, C.S.C.S.

how To do iT

Set a bar in a power rack at Brace your abs and draw

about hip height. Hang from your shoulder blades
the bar with hands outside together as you pull up to
shoulder width and legs the bar until your back is
extended on the floor. fully contracted.

LiTTLe-known facT: The lats are part of your core, too. They
help stabilize your spine just like the muscles of the lower back.
When you train them to brace your body while pulling (their
main function), you speed up back and core development.

36 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015 ian spanier

a pair of rollers can
be used for an
advanced pushup
variation (shown)
or one roller can
become a makeshift
board press.

Keep It Rolling
The foam roller could be the best piece of
equipment youre not using. by AdAm bornsTein
When foam rollers first Before any workout, spend time
came out, I looked at them like any rolling out the whole body, with
other fad. Nice toy. Ill pass. But particular attention to the IT bands
when I tried rolling, I learned how (on your outer thighs), hamstrings,
useful it can be, and now rollers glutes, and upper back. Use a
are standard equipment in practi- lacrosse ball or other small object
cally every gym. They can actually to work on areas such as the
help you gain muscle, too. In fact, shoulders, pecs, and hips. When
five to 10 minutes of rolling before you come to a sore spot, hold it
workouts can accelerate the gain until it releasesor until you cant
train before you even lift a weight. stand the pain anymore. As you
Rolling creates pressure in the loosen up, itll hurt less.
muscles, forcing them to relax and CALL or CLICK to subscribe
ultimately drawing blood into the Call: 01795 414792 QUOTE CODE F02
area, warming them up. When your ask adam Want Open weekdays 8am-9.30pm,
muscles are warm, they generate your question answered
Saturday 8am-4pm
more force and move more weight. by Adam Bornstein? Tweet
@Bornfitness and Click:
Rolling can reduce the risk of @muscle_fitness with weider.subscribeonline.co.uk/flex/F02
injury, too. Warm, pliable muscles the hashtag #bornfit. *This is a direct debit ofer open to UK residents only. This ofer is
are less likely to be overstretched. not available to Digital Edition subscribers. Payments will increase to
16.99 every 6 issues unless advised to stop

ja m e s fa r r e l l
TRAIN BODY WEIGHT ANdy McdeRMoTT is a fitness coach in
Hollywood. For free training advice, videos, and
motivational craziness, follow him on Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter: @AndyMcDermottFitness.


Starting out, keep
your free foot close
to the ground for
balance. As you get
better, try to raise
Training one leg (and your free leg up.
one arm) at a time
doesnt just make you
more stable. It also
helps you incinerate fat.

A strength-building, fat-burning
circuit from L.A.-based celebrity
trainer Andy McDermott. Youll
alternate between unilateral
movessingle-leg squats and
single-arm pushupsbefore
setting off on a stair run to jack
up your heart rate and get the
sweat pouring in sheets.

When you train unilaterally,
theres no need to do extra core
movements, McDermott says.
Every muscle gets firing very 1
quickly. If you cant do 10 reps
of single-arm pushups, do the
eccentric portion with one arm,
but explode up using both arms.

dIRecTIoNS: Perform the following
exercises as a circuit, going nonstop
for 15 total minutes.

Right-leg Single-leg Squat 10

Left-arm Single-arm Pushup 10
Left-leg Single-leg Squat 10
Right-arm Single-arm Pushup 10
Stair Run
(or treadmill incline) 60 sec. 2 3
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inSide tHe known for training emergency

60 day
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Zack Zeigler and myself, the die was
cast, and a comprehensive training,
nutrition, and motivational pro-
gramme known as 60 Day Revolution
was built. In the end, the only thing
Is there such a thing as a perfect programme? we ruled out was compromise.
M&Fs editors and advisers aim to get as close Were incredibly proud of the
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muscleandfitness.com. Follow
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with James Grage, co-founder of
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beyond loftya programme that
could get you big, strong, lean, and
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the right times. On top of that, he
wanted to make the workouts fun,
engaging competition among
readers, and delivering a wholly
unique experience. It had to be a
programme with a solid enough
foundation to guarantee progress,
yet varied and flexible enough to
keep interest piqued. Best of all:
The 60 day mark wasnt an end
point but a beginning, with readers
learning enough along the way
to be able to build their own
long-term programmes.
Joining Grage were M&F advisers
Nerijus Bagdonas, Kyle Hunt
(pictured at right), and Jim Sayih.
Bagdonas, in addition to being a
year-round ripped fitness model,
runs eclectic group training classes
in Central Park and is one of the
most highly sought-after personal
trainers in New York City. Hunt is a
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Submit your workout for review at

On any one-arm row,
the hip on the side
thats rowing should
be higher than the
other to increase
the stretch on
the lat.

Back at It
Al C. from Palm Beach, Florida, sent us his
back workout to review. Heres how we fixed it.
By SeAn HySon, C.S.C.S.

Als ouR AdvIce Als

Youre mainly doing bilateral training
Old WORKOUT using both arms at once. Thats fine nEW WORKOUT
for letting you train heavy, but you
ExErcisE sEts rEps wont get as full a range of motion ExErcisE sEts rEps

Deadlift 5 3 or stretch on your lats as you would Deadlift 5 3

from training one side of your back at a
Bentover row 4 810 time. Add uNIlATeRAl woRk wITh One-arm Barbell row 3 810
Lat pulldown 3 1215 oNe-ARm bARbell Rows ANd SupERSET wITh

One-arm meAdows Rows. See directions Meadows row 3 68

Dumbbell row 3 20 at muscleandfitness.com
/ratemybackworkout. One-arm pulldown 3 1215


Age: 40
HeigHt: 188 cm

WeigHt: 100 kg
Miami, FL

Dymatize, Nuts N
More, MyOatmeal

Actor and model DaviD

Morin gets bigger and
leaner by constantly
pushing the limits
of his strength.
By MArk BArroso
an international fitness
cover model, David Morin doesnt
work out just for looks, he trains for
strength, too. Each week Morin tests
his one-rep max (1RM) in one of six
compound lifts.
Theres enough time in between for
my body to make gains from a 1RM,
says Morin. Even though youre
getting older, you can still maintain
muscle mass and strength.
Morin does hypertrophy-based
workouts the rest of the week, and
his cardio routine is one week of 34
steady-state sessions with three days
of 10 36-metre sprints the next week.
Reminiscent of the late Greg Plitt,
Morin preaches a deep fitness mantra.
Discipline is the bridge between BIG
imagination and physical attainment. If
you can imagine it, you can be it.
Morin appeared in
the hit film Pain &
Gain as a gym rat
Directions: Do 5 rounds. Use just the
bar in round 1 and go for 3040 reps,
then add weight. rest 30 seconds
between exercises.
E xErcisE rEps His aDVicE TO gET lEan fasT
Bench press 20
1 2 3
Lying Leg raise 20
Bentover row 20 FASTING if youre on a diet, juicing When increasing
eat one meal a day fruits and vegetables protein, increase
Front squat 20 (after 4 p.m.). to get provides extra nutrients. probiotic intake, too.
through the day, mix 4 Adding turmeric can probiotics help ensure
Overhead press 20 litres of water with 30 relieve joint pain, and you absorb protein and
Note: Morin uses slow, three-second negatives grams of BcAAs. aloe vera aids digestion. utilize it properly.
on all exercises.

44 MUscLe & Fitness sePteMber 2015 cory sorenson





Recent research
says turmeric and
other powerful
plants may be the
keys to fighting
sickness and
living longer.
By MaRk BaRRoso

the power
of nature


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product to be used with a strict diet and training programme.

im looking
for a natural
way to fight
what foods
do you
suggest? heart
Cocoa powder can

increase HDL (good)
THERE ARE TWO cholesterol levels
and prevent LDL
types of inflammation. oxidization.
acute inflammation is
short term, usually triggered by
injury, and increases blood flow to
the affected area. in this case, an
anti-inflammatory compound
reduces swelling, fever, and pain.
Chronic inflammation lasts longer
and is associated with obesity,
diabetes, and other conditions.
Dietary changes can prevent
chronic inflammation with some
foods being more potent than apoptosis, when cells self-
others in doing so. terminate, potentially terminating
Many foods have anti- cancer cells in the process.
inflammatory properties such as turmeric is poorly absorbed, so chocolate-
kale, cabbage, broccoli, berries, eating it with spices and fats like cherry Smoothie
cherries, pomegranate, grapes, pepper and walnuts help its C o u r t e sy o f J o e l f u h r M a n , M .D.
tomatoes, onions, garlic, cocoa, absorption in the body.
seRves 4
mushrooms, turmeric, and ginger, supp science has made a more
says Joel fuhrman, M.D., and bioavailable super curcumin by 60 g kale
author of the best seller eat to mixing it with more water-soluble 60 g romaine lettuce
live. these foods substances and making extended- 120 ml unsweetened almond milk
phytochemicals are beneficial in release tablets. to really beat 120 ml pomegranate or cherry juice
many ways, for example, by inflammation, however, whole 1 tbsp non-alkalized cocoa powder
altering the expression of pro- foods are the best. 1 ripe banana
150 g frozen cherries
inflammatory genes, and reducing i recommend a diet centred
150 g frozen blueberries
production of pro-inflammatory around G-boMbs (greens, beans, tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract
compounds. onions, mushrooms, berries, and 2 tbsp ground flax seed
Curcumin, a compound found in seeds), offering a variety of tsp ground turmeric
the turmeric plant, is one of anti-inflammatory and high- blend the kale and lettuce with milk and
natures most promising antioxidant foods, fuhrman juice. add remaining ingredients.
medicines. according to an article says. its not just one food/spice blend 2 minutes until smooth.
in the annual review of nutrition, that provides these powerful
curcumin lowers blood sugar, properties most effectively, its the nutrition per SerVinG
improves cholesterol health, and entire diet.
486 10g 100g 9g
aids in controlling atherosclerosis. try this delicious smoothie to Calories Protein Carbs fat
Curcumin may also induce combat inflammation without meds.


2015 Bad Boy Brands. All Rights Reserved.

sore no
A 2013 study
found watermelon
juice reduced post-
exercise soreness
more than a

MAkeS 15 SeRviNGS

1 watermelon

Big Red
4 cucumbers (skin on)
115 g feta cheese
3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp agave syrup
1520 fresh mint leaves

Its not just the official fruit of summer. Watermelon 1. Slice a watermelon into 1.25 cm-thick
also packs performance-enhancing citrulline. slices. Cut 30 circles out of the slices
using a circular cookie cutter (circumfer-
By Mark Barroso ence of a cucumber). Lay discs on a tray.
Cut cucumbers into 15 1.25 cm slices,
search the labels of most The kidneys and other leave skin on.
pre-workout powders and youll find organs convert citrulline into 2. Spread a layer of feta on each disc.
3. Top each disc with a cucumber slice.
a few recurring ingredients, including arginine, says Franci Cohen, M.S.,
4. Spread a layer of feta on each
citrulline, an amino acid that has C.D.N. Arginine, in turn, is a
cucumber slice.
been shown to increase strength precursor to nitric oxide production. 5. Top with another disc and feta.
and lower blood pressure. The word Cohen says 150-225 g of watermelon 6. Whisk lemon juice and agave. Drizzle
citrulline is actually derived from will deliver its payload of over each bite. Top each with mint leaf.
citrullus, which is Latin for performance perks.
her a food/al aMy

watermelon, where the amino acid is Use watermelon juice for ice nuTriTion pEr sErVinG
found in great abundance. Get it cubes or grill the fruit and add to a
169 4g 38g 2g
from supps or from the source, and chicken kebab. Rinds can be pickled, CALoRieS PRoTeiN CARbS FAT
your body will reap the benefits. diced, and added to salad.

50 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015


MuscleTech has reinvented the pre-workout
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formula; containing Nitrosigine and HydroMax
glycerol. It also features a combination of unique
ingredients like Rhodiola, choline, and theanine.
ANARCHY delivers serious performance and
because its from MuscleTech, a brand backed by
20 years of excellence, you know its an eective
formula that will deliver hard-hitting results.






Proper nutrition and regular training are essential to achieving your tness and bodybuilding goals. Facebook logo is owned by Facebook
Inc. All trademarks are owned by their respective trademark owners. Carefully read the entire label before use and follow directions. 2015
GET MoRE recipes
EAT 15-minute feast and nutrition tips at

Pineapple contains
bromelain, a digestive
enzyme that helps
your body break down
protein better.

CHiCkEn kEbobs
Yields 1 serving

21/4 tsp soy sauce

21/4 tsp coconut sugar (or brown sugar)
3/4 tsp sesame oil

tsp ground ginger
tsp garlic powder
2 skinless, boneless chicken breast
halves, cut into 2-inch pieces
40 g pineapple chunks, drained
24 skewers

to Gains
1. in a bowl, mix soy sauce, sugar, sesame
oil, ginger, and garlic powder together.
2. Add chicken and pineapple to the bowl.
Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour to let
marinade sink in.

3. Preheat the grill. Thread chicken and

You may not get to Hawaii this summer, but pineapple alternately onto skewers. grill
theres no reason you cant bring some 15 minutes, turning occasionally.

tropical island flavour to your protein. Use nuTRiTion pER sERVinG

pineapple and a low-carb sauce to take a 390 56g 19g 10g

CAlories ProTein CArbs fAT
vacation from dry chicken. BY NIcOLE DONNELLY
Chef Robert Irvines new book,
Fit Fuel, is available for preorder
now at fitfuelbook.com.

Going Raw
You dont even have to cook to enjoy
this gourmet muscle builder.
Ahi TunA
Yields 4 servings

450 g sushi-grade ahi tuna

2 tbsp shallots, minced
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp tahini
2 tsp soy sauce
3 tbsp capers, chopped,
with juice
Juice and zest of 1 lemon
Kosher salt
Black pepper, ground
115 g green goddess
40 g watercress
30 g curly endive
2 tbsp truffle oil

1. Chop tuna to desired

cube sizes and place in
a mixing bowl.
2. in a separate mixing
bowl, make marinade by
adding minced shallots,
sesame oil, tahini, soy
sauce, capers, lemon
juice, zest, and mix.
season with kosher salt
and black pepper.
3. Pour the marinade
over tuna. Allow to sit
for 1015 minutes.
4. Pour tuna into the
center of a serving
dish. Pour green
goddess dressing
around the border.
5. in a separate bowl,
combine watercress, curly
endive, and truffle oil,
then arrange over tuna.

Watercress isnt
just a garnish. Rich
nuTriTion pEr sErVing
in vitamin K, it may
246 30g also decrease the
CAlories Protein risk of heart
7g 11g
CArBs fAt


M.D., is the author of The New York Times
best seller The SHRED Diet Cookbook.

Whip up these five unique summer squash recipes and enjoy the tasty
vitamin and mineral boost. By Ian K. SmIth, m.D.

One cup of chopped
courgette contains
21mg of vitamin C,
325mg of
potassium, and
20 calories.

In a bowl, combine STUFF IT WITH
1 large bunch of MEAT
chopped watercress Cut a courgette
and 1 head endive, HAVE IT lengthwise and
sliced horizontally. SAUTED scoop out seeds. In a
add 150 g courgette heat 3 tbsp olive oil bowl, mix 450 g
chunks and 1 peeled, over medium heat MAKE COUR- ground turkey or
pitted, and diced in a large skillet. GETTE beef, 170 g bread-
avocado over Place 3 minced SPAGHETTI crumbs, 385 g diced
greens. In a food garlic cloves in the MIX UP A Run a courgette tomatoes, and 1
processor, pulse 30 oil and saut until SALSA through a spiral slicer minced garlic clove.
g toasted, peeled brown and fragrant. In a bowl, mix 150 g to make it long and Stuff courgette with
hazelnuts until Stir in 1 diced sweet diced courgette, 1 thin like pasta. Saut mixture, place in a
ground, 2 tbsp olive onion and tsp diced onion, 75 g each 1 tsp olive oil and baking pan, cover
oil, 2 tsp lemon salt. add 2 medium of chopped red 1 minced garlic clove with foil, and bake at

juice, and a pinch of courgettes, sliced pepper and celery, 2 in a pan over medium 190 deg C/Gas mark
salt and pepper until 1 cm thick. Stir the chopped spring heat for 25 seconds. 5 for 40 minutes.
thick and smooth. courgette frequently. onions, 75 g chopped Increase heat to high Remove foil, top with
add 150 g water- Cook until both cucumber, 65 ml olive and add courgette 60 g shredded
melon cubes to the sides of the slices oil, juice from lemon, strands. Cook for 1 to mozzarella cheese,
salad, then drizzle have turned and 2 tsp vinegar. Chill 2 minutes. add salt and place under grill
the dressing over it. golden brown. for 3 hours; serve. and pepper to taste. until cheese melts.

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45 50 g
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45 g 1



2.6 g 3g
1.8 g 1.5 g 1.5 g
0.5 1g 1g
0g 0g 0.5 g 0g 0.4 g



Manufactured in an Informed-Sport registered facility.

Ben Mudge
Refex Nutrition athlete

Refex-Nutrition.com @RefexNutrition RefexNutritionLtd RefexNutrition

50 cent
is never
The man you see
here may have turned
40 this summer, but
dont call him over the
hill. With a bunch of
projects coming up
and a serious gym
addiction that keeps
him in phenomenal
shape50 Cent is
proving hes here for
the long haul.

by Shawn Donnelly /// PhotograPhS by roger erickSon

september 2015 mUsCLe & Fitness 59

50 cent

its 12:45 p.m. in an skin glistens with baby oil. movies, a line of underwear, and a
upscale fitness studio near New Hes talltaller than you might new albumisnt lost on 50, who
York's Wall Street. Curtis 50 Cent think, if you assume all celebri- turned 40 on July 6.
Jackson stands in front of a pho- ties are dwarves. Hes 186 cm, 92 In the beginning they love you,
tographer and a swarm of hair and kg. He should be 90 kgthe same says 50. He tells me this a couple of
makeup people, stylists, publicists, amount he weighed on the cover of hours earlier, between sets of 125-
magazine editors, and gym work- his debut studio album in 2003, Get kilo presses on the incline bench.
ers. Hes shirtless. Hes lean. His Rich or Die Tryinbut as 50 will Because when you win, its con-
arms and chest are massive. His point out throughout the day, he firmation that you can come from
only had a week to prepare for this nothing. Then, when you keep on
photo shoot. winning and you keep on winning
On the speakers? In da Club, of and you keep on winningI think
course50s mega-mega-hit from the public loves tragedy.
make it work Get Rich. The irresistible bounce of Build you up and then tear you
Sometimes, cardio activities the track has the crew members and down, I offer.
like heavy bag work or battling
publicists bobbing their heads and Yeah, thats the process.
ropes can play a bigger role
than weights in 50 Cents giggling. It all feels a bit surreal. Or Everybody likes something new
workout. It needs to be very redundant. Or both. on the scene.
adaptable, says 50s trainer, The fact that this is happening 12 Uh-huh. Especially in hip-hop.
Jay Cardiello. In some of years after that song hit the radio Its a youth culture. So its fast. Its
the cities where he tours
the fact that hes had no fewer got a low-attention span. Out with
overseas, there might not be
a gym, or its just a treadmill. than five projects coming out this the old, in with the new. People
Whatever hes got, he finds a summer, including a TV show, two who stick around have significance.
way to make it work.

g ro o min g by va l is s a yo e; s t y l in g by er in m c sher ry

60 mUsCLe & Fitness september 2015 s h o t o n Lo C at i o n at b F x s t U d i o , n e w yo r k , n y

Staying power is significant, you
know? It means you have some sort
of discipline.
Oh, hes got discipline all right. In
the gym and out of it. Lets take the
gym stuff first. Although he started
boxing when he was 12, 50 says
he didnt really develop a love for
weight training until after his well-
publicized attack in 2000, when
he was shot nine times from close
range (including once in the face).
To recover, he traded New York
City for rural Pennsylvania, and
thats where he found a small gym
a country shack gym, in his words.
I went every day because there was
nothing to do, says 50. It became
a big part of my day. I trained, and I
wrote music. That was my focus.
His weight, which was up around
100 or 104 kg at the time of the
shooting, plunged to 76 due to a
six-week liquid diet. But his work in
the gym helped him pack on 13 kg
of muscle. By the time he appeared
on the cover of Get Rich in 2003,
the public saw a shirtless young
man with a shredded physiquea
rapper who looked more like rugby

After two chest supersets to start
his workout, 50 gives his pecs a
break by working other parts of his
body, but by the end of the workout,
hes back at it with four sets of 15
dips. When 50s hotel gym is lack-
ing, trainer Jay Cardiello says 50 will
get creative. Hell do pushups with
g ro o min g by va l is s a yo e; s t y l in g by er in m c sher ry

his hands on pillows.

forwardand promptly bought water that he cashed out for a cool longtime trainer, Jay Cardiello,
872,000 copies in the first four days. $100 million. Then a headphone puts him through high-intensity
Get Rich became the best-selling company and a vodka brand. Not workouts that might include ev-
album of 2003 and one of the best- bad for a former crack dealer from erything from pushups and pullups
selling hip-hop albums of all time. Jamaica, Queens. (Or anybody else, to sledgehammer swings, sprints
You probably know the rest: More for that matter.) up sand dunes, skipping, dips, and
hit albums followed. Then movies. These days, 50 hits the gym five heavy-bag punches. Then 50 will of-
Then an investment in Vitamin- days a week, sometimes six. His ten stay in the gym after the work-
50 cent

leg raise
To work his core from all angles,
50 raises his legs for an equal
number of reps on each side, on
top of doing reps straight down
the middle. When he starts to fail,
he does knee raises rather than
just ending the set.

weight for a role, either. For the

movie All Things Fall Apart, he
lost 25 kg via a liquid diet and lots
of cardio. When he was traveling
during that time, he says he would
jump out of the car that was taking
him from the airport to the hotel
and run alongside it.
The sillest shit is people would
be outside the hotel waiting for us,
and they wouldnt see me run in.
Because theyre waiting for 50 Cent
to come in the car. I run right past
them in my sweat suit.
Its a good thing 50s working out
like a beast in the gym, because he
needs the energy it provides for all
his projects. First theres his long-
awaited new album, Street King
Immortal, which will be released in
September and features guest spots

ive learned enough

about myself to
know ill always be
into something new.
ive been like this my
whole life.

outs and lift weights on his own. (At from 2006 to 2010 as his full-time by Eminem, 2 Chainz, Jeremih, and
one point he could bench more than trainer and nutritionist. His work T.I. (The first single from the album,
188 kg.) Cardiello says hes a dream ethic is unlike anything Ive ever Get Low, dropped in May.)
clientone who doesnt smoke or seen. Ive watched him get out of Then theres all his acting work.
do drugs and rarely drinks. the recording studio at 5:30 a.m., 50 plays himself in the big-budget
Hes one of the most disciplined and at 6 a.m. hes in the gym. Then comedy Spy with Melissa McCarthy
celebrities or laymen I have ever later that day hed want to train and Jude Law. He portrays Jake
worked with, says Cardiello, who again. Id have to stop him. Gyllenhaals manager and friend in
toured around the world with 50 50 isnt afraid to manipulate his Southpaw, a gritty, Rocky-type film

62 mUsCLe & Fitness september 2015

from the director of Training Day hes got a better grasp on story than for Frigo called Frigo Crown, and to
that used actual boxing cameramen some of the TV writers Ive worked promote it he will appear on a bill-
to shoot the in-ring fight scenes. with over the years, because rap- board in New York's Times Square
And hes back as bad-guy Kanan pers tell complete storieswith later this summer or early autumn
on the second season of Power, beginnings, middles, and endsin in nothing but his underpants. To
a crime drama that centres on a four minutes. prepare for the shoot, 50 worked
nightclub owner/drug kingpin. 50 Agboh also notes that the show out twice a day for a month. But just
also provides original music for the leans heavily on 50s athleticism
show and serves as its executive and physical presence as an actor.
producerand dont think for a sec- He kicks somebodys ass in the first
ond hes a producer in name only. episode of Season 2, and its a brutal hip-hopits a youth
Hes all over the show, says fucking fight, she says. If you want culture. its got a
Courtney Kemp Agboh, Powers to see 50 do awful, awful things, low-attention span.
creator and showrunner. He and I please watch Power, Season 2. out with the old, in
will get on the phone and well talk Finally, theres the underwear with the new. people
for an hour or two hours and well line for men. Its called Frigo, who stick around
come up with scenes or character (which comes from the Latin word have significance.
moments or good beats. Honestly, for roast). 50 designed his own line
g ro o min g by va l is s a yo e; s t y l in g by er in m c sher ry
50 cent

On any standing upper-body
exercise, control is especially
key. Bracing your abs before
a move like a lateral raise,
as 50 is doing here, doesnt
just protect your spine, it also
gives your abs some extra
work and will help make your
six-pack pop.
of big billboards in major markets Its nonstop, he admits. You
and some TV ads and youre all set. keep going. Its the whistle-while-
Because of him we made a campaign you-work concept. When you love
that cost a lot less. what youre doing, its not difficult.
like with Power, hes not merely a His worldwide reach doesnt You know, this is a lifestyle for me.
face (or body) for the project. hurt the brand either. I was after He says the key to his successin
Hes got his fingerprints all over 50 long before I got to the U.S., all of these different areasis he
the business. back when we were testing Frigo in doesnt see limitations.
He probably saved us millions Europe, says Ingvarsson. Hes the Ive learned enough about my-
of dollars on stupid decisions we best promoter I think there is. In self to know that Im always going
were going to make, says Mathias Europe everyone knows 50. China to be into something new, he says.
Ingvarsson, the founder and CEO of knows 50. Everyone loves 50. Its never going to end. Ive been like
Frigos parent company, Revolution- Back in the gym, I ask 50 about this all my life. I always put some-
Wear. One thing he said is dont ad- his workload, if it ever becomes too thing in front of me. I come up with
vertise too much because social me- much. All the projects, all the ap- something to be excited about and
dia has the most power. Get a couple pearances, all the demands. work on. And then I go get it.

64 mUsCLe & Fitness september 2015

Fitness Cover Model
WBFF World ChaMpion
teaM sCiteC usa

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50 cent

50 said what?
50 CenT Was CraCkIng JOkes ThrOughOuT Our phOTO shOOT.
50s workout
The following is an example of what a
typical workout looks like for 50 Cent. It
here are JusT a feW Of hIs reJOInders. was designed by 50s long-time trainer
and M&F adviser, Jay Cardiello
(cardiellofitness.com). One of the big-
If you ever gest things for him is he needs to be
Oh, man, this go in the gym able to run around with a microphone
The Rock girl last night and perform for two-plus hours,
was amazing.
and youre the Cardiello says. I dont think most
uses some I think Im best-looking people realize how draining that is. To
big-ass weights. pregnant. person there, build cardiovascular endurance while
I cant do that youre in a continuing to build the shape 50 wants,
and not look like bad gym.
Cardiello uses a lot of supersets; for
the security. example, 10 pushups after every set of
bench press.
90 kg.
Thats really where I just got back ExErcisE sETs rEPs
Im supposed to be at. from XS in Vegas.
It was crazy. There Barbell Bench 4 12, 10,
When I start to get to
were 5,000 people at Press 10, 8
like, 92, 93, I look sUPErsET wiTh.
If a person like the Hulk. My shit a pool party at night.
who has a camera Pushup 4 10
be bubbled up! Theres two-pieces
listens to you,
hes not a real everywhere. In New York Dumbbell 4 10
photographer. City, when you see a incline Press
sUPErsET wiTh.
two-piece, youre
Pushup 4 10
in a hotel room.
Theres skipping 3 2 min.
With the Power
a place for
heavy Bag 4 3 min.
series, we made a huge bad music. Boxing
audience feel like the lead Its called rounds
character could die. Think television.
about the last time you Lateral raise 4 15
watched a film where you
Every time a Leg raise* 3 10
felt like the star was going
to die. It doesnt happen.
You watch the movie
mans problem *Do 10 reps straight on, 10 reps with a twist to
the right, and 10 reps with a twist to the left.
Bruce Willis is gonna walks in, it walks
make it.
in on heels.
one at a time
Chest is definitely 50s
strong suit. He has a
max bench of 188 kg,
Cardiello says. In addition
to traditional chest moves,
Cardiello adds in unilateral
floor presses, which no
doubt helped 50 show off
for this shot.

66 mUsCLe & Fitness september 2015

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68 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015
This full-body, ballbusTer circuiT
programme will geT you in and ouT of The
gym in 25 minuTes every daywiTh a pump
and sweaT so good, youll wonder why
you havenT always Trained liKe This.
By Kevin LiLLy, c.s.c.s. photographs By per BernaL
25-minute worKout

s not efficiency for

efficiencys sake.
Getting in and out of the
gym in 25 minutes
wouldnt be an attractive
proposition if your gains had to
be shortchanged in the process.
After all, we believe most M&F readers
are like us, and we dont mind spending
a long time in the gym. We find refuge
in the iron, and were not looking for
any shortcuts.
With that said, speeding up your
training sessions can work to your
benefit. Keeping your heart rate elevated
helps burn fat and raises your metabolism.
While the goal of this programme is not
to add muscle sizewe want to get you
rippedthere is enough volume to ensure
youll harden the muscle youve got.
The first circuit has three moves to
develop power and one for aesthetics; the
second circuit features one power move,
two strength builders, and an aesthetic
finisher. On each day, do Circuit 1 twice,
then do Circuit 2 twice, resting two
minutes between circuits. Dont rest
between exercises.
Lastly, youll wrap things up with an
all-out cardio burst. To keep things
interesting, this is a different activity
every day. To minimize unwanted rest
periods, lock down the equipment and
real estate you need prior to your first
rep. Once you get started, the next real
break you take will be the one on the car
ride home.

Attach a straight bar to a high
grooming by teri groves

cable pulley station. Extend

your arms and grasp it with a
double-overhand grip. Keep
elbows extended as you flex
your lats and pull the bar
down to your waist.

70 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015 S H O t O n LO C At i O n At U FC G Y M , t O r r A n C E , C A


Probably the best

protein bar
in the world

59.5g Protein
Less than 2.5g Sugar

VPLab NutritionVPLab vplabnutrition
25-minute worKout

circuit 1

eXercise reps

Dumbbell Snatch 8 each arm

Plyo Pushup 15
Jump Split Squat 10 each leg
Barbell Curl 12
add dropseT 12

circuit 2

eXercise reps

Kettlebell Swing 20
Dumbbell Overhead Press 10 CURL
Dumbbell Stiff-leg 10 Grab a fixed or
loaded straight
Hammer Curl 12 bar just outside
add dropseT 12 hip width. Curl
the weight up;
squeeze your
cardio burst: biceps hard in the
ROw SPRint x peak position.
500 meteRS

Lie on the floor and rest
your heels on top of a
Swiss ball. Flex your core
as you lift your hips off
the floor to keep your
body in a straight line. pull
your heels toward your
butt, flexing your ham-
strings as the ball rolls.

72 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

Grab a pair of
dumbbells using a
neutral grip (palms
facing in). Curl
the weights up to
your shoulders,
one arm at a time,
alternating each
rep. Squeeze at
the top.
25-minute worKout


Hold a single
dumbbell in front of
your waist, your palm
facing you. pull the
weight up your body
to your chin, flaring
your elbow out.
circuit 1

eXercise reps

medicine Ball Slam 12

Dumbbell Rear-delt Flye 15
Plyo Drop Squat* 20
Dip 25
*Jump off of a box, land softly in the bottom of
a squat.
circuit 2

eXercise reps

wide-grip Pullup Failure

Dumbbell One-arm 10
Upright Row each arm
Straight-arm Cable
Pulldown 10
triceps Pushdown 10

cardio burst:
200 SKiPS

74 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

25-minute worKout

Get into a pushup position
and press up but stop shy
of a lockout, with your
elbows still bent. Hold the
position for 60 seconds.
this works like a plank but
with a lot more work for
your arms.

circuit 1 circuit 2

eXercise reps eXercise reps

Barbell Jump Squat* 10 Dumbbell Push Press 8

Pec Flye on Swiss Ball 15 Static isolated midrange 1
Pushup Hold minute
Seated Dumbbell
Lateral Raise 12 Swiss Ball Leg Curl 15
Cable Curl 12 Kettlebell Curl 10

cardio burst: tReaDmiLL SPRint x 1/4 miLe

*Use 30% 1RM

76 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

Shredded BEAST
IntroducIng the neW pre-Workout thermo BenchmArk

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25-minute worKout


Lie on a flat bench and hold
up a single dumbbell, your
hands on the underside of
the top plate. Extend your
arms behind you so theyre
parallel to the floor, then lift
the weight back up.

circuit 1

eXercise reps

medicine Ball wall Slam* 10

Seated Cable Row 10
Dumbbell Pullover 10
Lying triceps extension 10
*Each side.

circuit 2

eXercise reps

Cable Chop (low to high) 15*

Shoulder t** 10
Reverse Shoulder t*** 10
Bench Dip 20
*Each side.
**Do a front raise, then spread your arms to
form a T.
***Do a lateral raise, then bring your arms to
the front of your body. Lower and repeat.

cardio burst:
(max HeigHt) x 10

78 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

Hold a medicine
ball and stand
sideways on to a wall.
Swing the ball away
from the wall, then
explosively toward it,
releasing it into the
wall. Do equal reps on
both sides.
82 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015
spEcIal Theres nothing more fun than
cooking over an open flame.
These recipes will let you enjoy
one of mans favourite pastimes
while keeping your muscle-
building goals on track.
By chEf GaVaN murphy
photoGraphs BytraVIs rathBoNE

2) Combine orange zest and juice,

ServeS 4 lemon zest, ginger, and olive oil in a small
mixing bowl. Use a brush to evenly coat
650 g medium wild prawns (peeled one side of each skewer. Its ideal to
and deveined) do this right before you barbecue the
25-cm steel or wooden skewers prawns. If left for too long, the citrus will
Zest and juice of 1 orange begin to cook the prawns.
Zest of 1 lemon 3) Lay the prawns on a hot barbecue grill,
CHEFS 2 tbsp fresh ginger, grated glazed-side down. Cook for 2 minutes,
TIP Drizzle of olive oil glaze the opposite side, flip, then cook for
the citrus glaze in salt 2 more minutes.
this recipe also works Pepper
well for barbecued vegetables
like courgette, squash, 1) Place 6 prawns on each 25-cm skewer. macros pEr sErVING
Japanese aubergines, and If using wooden skewers, soak in cold
asparagus. Coat evenly,
189 36g 4g 1g
water for at least 1 hour before barbecuing CaLorIes ProteIn Carbs fat
and barbecue them for to prevent burning.
just a few minutes
per side.
Cooking steak to
medium rare doesnt
just taste better but
better preserves the
quality of its protein,
aminos, and other

84 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015


ServeS 2
225 g organic skirt steak
balsamic vinegar
80 g organic mixed greens
1 organic yellow pepper, thinly sliced
1 cup cherry tomatoes, washed, halved
avocado, diced small
2 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette

1) Place the steak and balsamic vinegar (enough

to generously coat the steak) in a resealable bag
and marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes before
2) Remove the steak from the fridge and season
with salt and pepper on both sides. Sear the
steak on a hot pan for 4 minutes each side for
medium. Allow the steak to rest for 3-4 minutes to
let the juices redistribute back into the meat
before slicing.
3) Place greens, yellow pepper, and cherry
tomatoes in a large salad bowl and toss.
Top with avocado, slices of steak, and
balsamic vinaigrette, then serve.

macros pEr sErVING

574 39g 41g 29g

Keeping the skin on
the chicken breast
while barbecuing
will protect the flesh
from charring and
ServeS 4 becoming tough.
3 225g organic chicken breasts
with skin, (skin can be removed
after cooking)
Cooking spray made from canola or grad 1) Preheat barbecue to high heat. and onions and cook for about a minute,
oil 2) Season chicken breasts with salt and stirring. Stir in chicken brothstock, garlic, corn,
2 tbsp olive oil pepper on both sides. Spray rack liberally tomatoes, and chili flakes and saut together
1 red bell pepper, diced with oil spray and sear the chicken skin side for 4-5 minutes. Reduce heat to medium, then
1 yellow bell pepper, diced down for 3-4 minutes, or until golden brown. add in the butter beans and saut with the
red onion, diced Flip and sear for an additional minute, then other ingredients for 2 more minutes.
230 ml chicken stock move the chicken to a lower-temperature 5) Taste and season with additional salt and
2 garlic cloves, minced area of your barbecue (or finish it in a foiled pepper. Add chopped coriander to finish as
2 fresh corn on the cob, kernels removed tray in a conventional oven). well as a squeeze of lemon juice.
or 1 bag frozen corn 3) Once cooked, let rest for 2 minutes before
12-15 cherry tomatoes cutting. This will redistribute the juices back
1 tsp chili flakes into the meat. macros pEr sErVING
320 g butterbeans 4) While the chicken is cooking, heat a large
586 60g 37g 22g
1 tbsp fresh coriander, chopped saut pan to medium-high heat for 1 minute. CAlORieS PROTein CARbS FAT
1 lemon Add 2 tbsp of olive oil then add in the peppers


ahI tuNa 1) Chop the tuna into chunks and add to a
food processor. Pulse a few times to break
medium heat for 1 minute. sear for
2 minutes on each side for rare burgers
BurGErs down tuna. or longer for more well done.
ServeS 4 2) In a large mixing bowl add tamari, olive 5) serve with fresh sprouts, avocado, and
oil, lime juice, and zest, coriander, ginger, lettuce on a toasted whole wheat bun.
-kg sushi-grade ahi tuna Dijon mustard, wasabi paste, salt, and
2 tbsp low-sodium tamari pepper. Mix and add to tuna. blend until
(or soy sauce) well combined, about 1 minute until it has a macros pEr sErVING
1 tbsp olive oil consistency similar to minced beef.
Zest and juice of 1 lime 465 39g 25g 24g
3) form evenly into 4 patties. CaLorIes ProteIn Carbs fat
7 g fresh coriander, chopped 4) Preheat large nonstick saut grill pan on
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
tsp wasabi paste
tsp salt
tsp pepper
4 whole-wheat rolls
For Garnish:
bean sprouts

For a healthier
homemade alternative to
store-bought ketchup, go
to gavanmurphy.com
for Gavan Murphys
recipe for ginger-
spiced ketchup.

86 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015


2) Using a small, sharp knife, cut the peel and

the white pith away from the orange. Hold
the oranges over a bowl and cut in between
the membranes to release the orange
segments into the bowl. once all the
ServeS 4 ServeS 4 segments are released, squeeze remaining
kg mini potatoes 1 kg wild Pacific salmon juice from the oranges over the segments.
1 large garlic clove, minced 450 ml freshly squeezed orange juice 3) In separate medium mixing bowl, combine
1 tbsp olive oil 50 ml low-sodium tamari (or soy sauce) the red pepper, onion, coriander, sesame oil,
salt 2 tbsp fresh ginger, chopped and pinch of salt together. add the orange
Pepper 2 blood oranges, cut into segments segments. this should be prepared 1 hour
225 g baby summer squash, 1 navel orange, cut into segments before you cook the salmon.
green and yellow 1 cup red pepper, julienned 4) Preheat oven to 200C/Gas Mark 6. Lay
4 radishes, thinly sliced (matchstick-size strips) the marinated salmon on a foiled oven tray
2 tbsp chives, chopped 1 cup red onion, thinly sliced and roast in oven for about 20 minutes or
1 tbsp Dijon mustard 30 g fresh coriander, chopped until opaque in color and firm to the touch.
1 tbsp chives 1 tsp toasted sesame oil 5) to serve, layer orange-pepper mixture
Juice of lemon over salmon.
120 ml olive oil 1) Mix orange juice, tamari, and ginger in
mixing bowl and marinade salmon for up to 2 macros pEr sErVING
1) Preheat oven to 190C/gas hours in the fridge. remove 30 minutes
581 66g 36g 19g
mark 5 before cooking to allow it to return to room CaLorIes ProteIn Carbs fat
2) Cut the potatoes in half. In a temperature.
large mixing bowl toss potatoes,
and garlic together with 1 tbsp
olive oil and salt and pepper.
3) Lay the potatoes only in a
single layer on foiled oven tray.
bake in oven for 30 minutes, or
until tender.
4) after 15 minutes, add the baby
squash, radishes, and 2 tbsp
chives to potatoes in the oven.
Cook until tender but not mushy.
remove tray from oven and let sit
for a few minutes.
5) Make the dressing by
combining Dijon mustard, 1 tbsp
chives, lemon juice in a food
processor and slowly add the
olive oil. If you dont feel like
breaking out the food processor,
you can put everything in a small
container with a lid and give it a
good shake to emulsify.
6) Put cooled mixture in a bowl
and lightly coat with dressing;
use only about half of the
dressing, saving the rest for
other salads you might have
during the week.

macros pEr sErVING

359 3g
CaLorIes ProteIn

26g 29g
Carbs fat

Chef Gavan Murphy lives in

Los Angeles. Find him on the
Web at gavanmurphy.com and
on Twitter @healthyirishman
and Instagram @gavanmurphy.
Got a trip to
an exotic beach
next week?

No problem!
Get in photo-ready
shape with

88 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

Dont let the

headline fool you.
Were not trying esigned by Brad Pilon, author of the intermittent
fasting guide Eat Stop Eat, the purpose of the 7-Day
to Lose weight Shred is purely improved aesthetics. Its a weeklong
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running around in work. Now its time show it off.

the blazing heat,

wearing a poncho.
Such measures The 7-Day Shred works best for the man who is already around 1015% body fat but

can hinder wants to put the finishing touch on his physique. For the duration of this plan, youll
stick to your regular weight training routine, except for Day 5, when Pilon prefers a
performance and high-volume, total-body workout to stoke metabolism. There is no sodium manipu-
lation since Pilon says you only see a noticeable difference with salt manipulation
hurt your body. when a guy is very lean8% body fat or less. Pilon also advises against eliminating
Unlike extreme water from the diet because water makes muscles stay fuller, while your skin is still
tighter looking. Its a win-win. Take note of the rules below and start watching your
methods, our physique transform before your eyes.

7-Day Shred THE RULES

is a nutrition The following rules apply to the entire seven days of the plan.

and cardio plan

similar to what
a bodybuilder
The only Low-intensity BCAAs and Foods with
competitor would carbs allowed cardio refers to protein. Limit added sugar are
use to achieve are starches walking, biking, protein shakes prohibited.
such as whole or using an ex- to one per day.
peak condition grainsrice, ercise machine If youre over 98

before a contest. whole-wheat

pasta, potatoes,
like an elliptical
or StairMaster
kg/215 pounds,
add a second
It will give your and sweet StepMill. Keep shake. If black
potatoes. Fruit your heart coffee makes
muscles a hard has sugar, so rate between you hold more ALCOHOL:
and dry look leave it out. 120140 beats water, try a Alcohol is
per minute. caffeine pill. prohibited.
without sacrificing
your health in THE MATHS
Each day, youll multiply your body weight in pounds by a given number to
the process. determine the calories you need to consume that day. From there, youll figure out
By MARK BARROSO your macronutrient intake: the measure of protein, carbs, and fat you need.

day day day

1 4 6
Start a 24-hour faSt between noon NUTRITION NUTRITION
and 2 p.m. That means dont eat anything BW x 10 = Total Calories Eat the following once your fast is over:
until the same time the next day. During BW x 3 = Calories from Protein BW x 10 = Total Calories
this fast, you can drink water (flat or BW x 4 = Calories from Carbs BW x 3 = Calories from Protein
sparkling), black coffee, or tea. BW x 3 = Calories from Fat + 810 grams BCAAs
BW x 1 = Calories from Carbs
day HYDRATION BW x 5 = Calories from Fat

2 Add another .5 litre of water so now

youre drinking 3.5 more litres of water than AVOID
you normally do. All dairy products, except butter or cheese
NUTRITION that are at least 45% fat. Cheeses with
Your body weight (BW) x 8 = Total Calories TRAINING more fat will have more protein.
BW x 2 = Calories from Protein Low-intensity cardio
BW x 3 = Calories from Carbs DUration: 45 minutes HYDRATION
BW x 3 = Calories from Fat Drink as much water as you did on Day 5.

Drink an extra 2.5 litres of water than you
5 Low-intensity cardio (perform fasted in
normally do. the morning)

previous spread: edgar artiga; brian klutch; corbis; brian klutch; getty images; corbis.
NUTRITION DUration: 45 minutes
TRAINING BW x 8 = Total Calories
Low-intensity cardio (performed toward BW x 3 = Calories from Protein THROUGHOUT THe pRO-
end of fast) BW x 3 = Calories from Carbs GRAmme AVOID SImple
DUration: 60 minutes BW x 2 = Calories from Fat SUGARS.
t his spr e a d: chr is br i g nel l /a l a m y; br i a n k l u t ch; d us t in snipe s
l fizzy drinks
3 Add another .5 litre of water so now youre
drinking 4 more litres of water than you
l bread
l Fruit juices
normally do. l Yogurt with fruit, sweets, additives, etc.
NUTRITION l Breakfast cereals
BW x 12 = Total Calories TRAINING l Crackers
BW x 3 = Calories from Protein Do a full-body, high-volume weight workout. l Honey, jam, and sweet sauces
BW x 5 = Calories from Carbs Post-workout, eat a meal that includes at
BW x 4 = Calories from Fat least your body weight in pounds of calories
from carbohydrates. For example, if you
HYDRATION weigh 180 pounds, eat 180 calories from
Add another .5 litre carbs, which is 45 grams of carbs.
of water, so now After your post-workout meal begin a
youre drinking 3 more 16-hour fast. Start between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.
litres of water than During this fast continue to drink water, black
you normally do. coffee, or tea, but no carbonated drinks.

90 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

BW x 8 = Total Calories
BW x 2 = Calories from Protein
+ 2 Servings of 810 grams BCAAs
BW x 1 = Calories from Carbs
BW x 5 = Calories from Fat

Start a 12-hour fast between 8 p.m. and

10 p.m. At the beginning of your fast,
youre done with water loading. So once
you start fasting, your water consumption
can go back to your normal intake
before starting this programme.

All dairy products, except butter or
cheese that are at least 45% fat.
Carbonated beverages.



Avoid dairy and
sparkling water.

This is how the numbers would look
for a 190-pound male for DAY 1.

190 x 8 = 1,520 Total calories

190 x 2 = 380 = Calories from Protein
190 x 3 = 570 = Calories from Carbs
190 x 3 = 570 = Calories from Fat
like a
Superhero The Flash star Robbie Amell
found flight and freedom in
free running. You can too.
by Sean hySon ///
PhotograPhS by ian SPanier

94 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

S H O t O n L O C At i O n At t E M p E S t F r E E r U n n i n g A C A d E M y, C H At S w O r t H , C A
SuPerhero training

Were watching Robbie Amell vault over boxes, run

up walls, jump off 15 metre ledges, and swing from
bars as if they were vines in a jungle and he were
Tarzan. Hes sweating and his hands are getting
rubbed raw. Its a display of well-rounded athleticism
rarely seen outside of a movie screen or an episode
of American Ninja Warrior, and, most impressively,
Amells out of practice with it.
I havent done this in a year, he says, in between
heaving breaths. The 27-year-old actor, now starring as Firestorm in the Sky hit
series The Flash, began freerunning three years ago, but the demands of shooting
movies, including last winters The DuFF and this summers Max, in which he plays
an ill-fated Marine, have kept him away from it. He came back to Tempest Acad-
emy, a freerunning gym in Chatsworth, California, yesterday to get his groove back
before our photo shoot, and hes still finding his bearings. But even though Amells
movement may not be up to his standards, its far more fluid than mostespecially
grizzled gym vets with tight hips and bad shoulders.

hiS Generation
Its a harbinger, perhaps, of a new personnel, according to JT Hiltibran,
breed of superhero movie stars to a freerunning coach at Tempest.
come. Not only will they be muscular Parkour is about moving from Point
and six-pack adorned, as Amell is, but A to Point B in the most efficient way
theyll be able to move powerfully as possible, he saysregardless of what
wellakin to the way their characters bushes, holes, or walls may lie between
do in outlandish action sequences, but the two. Freerunning is more about
for real. Freerunning has helped me style and expressing yourself through
get in shape for roles, says Amell, who movement. As a result, freerunners
might have qualified for pro hockey are known for their acrobatic tricks
had he not changed paths to acting. and showmanship, and the training
The Toronto native stands 180 cm and now a sport itself, where competitions
weighs 75 kg, and credits freerunning are judged according to movement
training with allowing him to perform efficiency as well as the difficulty of
complicated stunts himself. On The tricksis growing.
Flash, I had to jump off a roof and kick Amell sums up freerunnings appeal
a guy in the head. I wouldnt have been as not only a way to learn how to pull
able to pull that off before. off stunts like in the movies but also
And hes not the only onenot even to experience camaraderie with other
in his own family. His older cousin fitness seekers (as you see in CrossFit
Stephen Amell also plays a hero on boxes). Thats mainly it, he says. You
Arrow, a companion show with a story get in shape just by being around other
line that exists in the same universe as people and doing it with them. To
The Flash. He, too, is ripped, hand- those who may be turned off by count-
some, and into freerunning, and will ing sets and reps or competing against
star in the upcoming Teenage Mutant others on exercises, freerunning offers
Ninja Turtles sequel. My cousin got calorie-burning and muscle-building
me into this, he says. Its the hardest activity without structure, obligation,
workout weve ever done. or pressure to perform. Its so freeing
to come in here and work out the way
let nothinG Stop You you want to, says Amell. Not just go
Freerunning was born from parkour, a to the gym and lift weights. No two
sport that originated with the obstacle freerunning classes are alike, and
courses used to train Frances military theres no specific curriculum.

SEptEMbEr 2015 MUSCLE & FitnESS 97

SuPerhero training

ClinGinG to life classes at Tempest to get the basics forearms bulge as he attempts it, which
Of course, freerunning does have the down and be comfortable taking leaps is probably the muscular equivalent of
potential to promote a few anxiet- and bounds. Once you get comfortable performing hundreds of pullups. He
ies: fear of falling to ones death, for inside, running through a course with makes a few passes at it, enough for us
instance. But in spite of the risky supervision, Hiltibran says, you can go to get our shots, and then drops softly
manoeuvres Amell performs for us, outdoors for a real challenge. You can from the wall. My dream role is to play
injuries are very rare. Its mental, he use walls, ledges, rails. Your body is the Batman one day, he says, which would
says. Youre going to be afraid to take limit on what you can do. be the fulfilment of a childhood fantasy
a flying jump until you do it, and then The hardest trick of all for Amell that began with a love of comic books.
you see its not that big a deal. So, in remains the cliffhanger, in which Whether or not Amell ultimately gets
that sense, its really good training for the freerunner crawls laterally along the call, one thing is for sure: He wont
life. As for the learning curve, Amell multiple ledges of different heights by have trouble scaling Gotham Cathedral
says it took him a handful of hour-long his fingers. Amells lats, shoulders, and when the time comes.

the freerunninG
praCtiSe theSe moveS
to Get the Speed and
aGilitY of a Superhero.
for robbie amell, the
freerunning techniques that
follow are only a warmup. But for
everybody who doesnt make
a living bounding off walls and
jumping over people, theyre
enough of a workout on their own
to build quickness, balance, and
conditioning. Practise them at
your own risk, or, better yet, find
a freerunning gym like Tempest
(tempestacademy.com) to get
in-depth instruction.

Kong Vault
Run toward a sturdy box or other
obstacle and begin to jump a few SPeed Vault
feet in front of ityou should have
Run toward the obstacle. As you side of the obstacle and continue
to reach to touch the edge of it. Lean
approach it, push off with your running fluidly. Dont turn
your torso forward and dive towards
left leg and kick your right leg your hips over or youll land
the wall almost as if you were diving
up and out to the side. Allow the on both legs facing the obstacle.
into a pool in front of you. Touch the
left leg to follow it. As your body The goal is to keep moving
wall with arms straight and on the
grooming by carissa ferreri

passes over the obstacle, lightly in the same direction without

outside of your legs.
place your left hand on the sur- slowing your pace.
Tuck your knees to your chest and
face for support. Beginners should start with a
let the momentum carry you over
While in the air, bring your left simple safety vault, where you
the obstacle. .If thats too difficult,
leg in front of your body as you briefly tap your right foot on the
jump only high enough to place
draw the right leg back. Land obstacle for stability as youre
your feet somewhere on the
softly on your left leg on the other vaulting over it.
obstacle and stop.. Progress to
putting one foot on top of the
surfacethen both feet.

98 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

SuPerhero training

daSh Vault
Run toward the obstacle and jump with your
right leg, raising it above your hips. Let your left
leg follow suit. As you pass over the box, touch
your hands down on the surface next to your
hips with fingers facing forward. Lean back and
align your legs so your body takes a V-sit shape.
Push your body forward with your arms,
spreading your chest, and kick both legs
to help you off the box. Land on the ground
upright, not leaning backward. .To get the
technique down, start by simply running and
jumping up onto the obstacle and sticking the
landing (imagine doing a running box jump).
From there, try getting off the box by planting
your hands on it and kicking your legs out to
land in front of the box. Practise!

Wall run
Make sure youre wearing shoes that offer good trac-
tion. Take time to measure out how many steps you
need to take to get to the wall and which foot youll
jump off. Run to the wall and place your foot on it
at about hip level (that is, while standing).if you
place it too high, youll kick the wall and bounce off;
too low, and youll slide down it.. Speed up as you
approach the walltrust your foot. Reach with your
arms as you move up the wall to grab the top and help
you pull yourself over it.

100 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

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Proper nutrition and regular training are essential to achieving your tness and bodybuilding goals. Facebook logo is owned by Facebook
Inc. All trademarks are owned by their respective trademark owners. Carefully read the entire label before use and follow directions. 2015
British and American
mens physique pros
Ryan TeRRy and
anTon anTipov team
up to train arms using
p only supersets.

L i
By John pLUmmeR
Photography by
ChRisTopheR BaiLey
Some thingS
in life are
better in pairS:
William and Kate, Posh and Becks and
steak and eggs, to name just a few. So it is
in the gym too. Supersets are a great way
of training two muscles together either as
a break from the norm or as a regular
time saving alternative.
We asked two of the finest physiques
from either side of the Atlantic to com-
bine their favourite biceps and triceps
exercises in one arm-expanding super-
set-only workout.
Ryan Terry and Anton Antipov are
clearly well armed for the task. Both men
used to be male models before transition-
ing to physique contests with consider-
able success.
Ryan is a two-time IFBB pro show
champion who will this month become
the first Brit to compete at the Mens
Physique Olympia in Las Vegas, the most
prestigious contest on earth. Anton, who
was born in Belarus and now lives in
America, will also be in Vegas for his third
They met this year at the Arnold
Classic in America and are now friends as
well as rivals. Anton is somebody Ive
always looked up to for his physique and
Ive recently come to realise hes also a
great guy, says Ryan, 26.
Anton, 32, replies: Ryans a grounded
guy with a fantastic physique. He blew

anTon anTipov
AGE 32
LIVES New York
HEIGHT 5 ft 11 ins / 180 cm
WEIGHT 86 kg / 190 lbs
CAREER HIGHLIGHT Qualifying for the
Mens Physique Olympia in 2013, 2014
and 2015.
AMBITION To strive for progress and
better myself with each show.
TRAINING ADVICE Stay consistent. In the
end it all pays off.
SPONSORS Gym Aesthetics and Nutrex
TO CONTACT antipovanton.com


Ryan TeRRy
AGE: 26
LIVES: Retford, Nottinghamshire
HEIGHT: 5 ft 10 ins / 178 cm
WEIGHT: 90 kg / 198 lbs
CAREER HIGHLIGHT: 2013 Arnold Classic
Europe overall champion; 2013 British
champion; winning two pro shows.
AMBITION: It was always to qualify for
the Olympia. Now Ive achieved that, top 5
would be great.
TRAINING ADVICE: Push your body but
always listen to it.
TO CONTACT: On Instagram @ryanjterry or
visit ryanterry.co.uk

the competition out of the water in

America this year and could easily be a
top six guy at the Olympia.
Both men have reached the top by
adopting totally different approaches to
arm training. Ryan hits his twice a week.
I need slightly bigger arms so I do biceps
and triceps together once a week and I
also train triceps after chest and biceps
after back, he says.
Anton, however, only works arms
once every seven days and sometimes
even skips that because his pipes are
already swole. I replace some arm days
with legs and back because I need to
develop them more, he says.
But they both enjoy blasting biceps
and triceps. You get a quick pump with
arms and theyre relatively easy to train,
says Anton. Plus theyre very showy
Ryan agrees: Theyre the first thing
you train when you start going to the gym
and you usually see improvements quick-
er than you do with other muscle groups.
The two guys met at Total Fitness
Emporium in Birmingham for their
superset-only arms workout. In the spirit
of Anglo-American relations, they agreed
to choose half the exercises each. Anton
selected the first superset; Ryan nominat-
ed the second and they picked an exercise
each for the last two Ryan opted for
cable curls and EZ cable curls for biceps;
Anton went for pushdowns and rope
extensions for triceps.
Heres what they did and in their
own words how they did it.

EXERCISE Preacher biceps curls
using EZ bar and hammer curls
REPS 4 x 12, 10, 8 and 6,
increasing the weight each set

anton SaYS You can do preacher

curls on a machine or with a bar. Go for a
full contraction so you work all the
biceps, including the brachialis, which a
lot of people neglect. Hammer curls add
variety and help to make you look good
from the side. Many guys do lots of curls
with a bar or dumbbells but theyre
essentially doing the same movement so
hammer curls prevent this problem.

rYan SaYS Preacher curls are a very

good isolation exercise. They really work
the peak of the muscle and help to pack
on quality size.



EXERCISE Skull crushers followed
by dumbbells kickbacks
REPS 4 x 12, 10, 8 and 6,
increasing the weight each set

rYan SaYS You can do skull crushers

on a flat bench or incline. I lower the bar
right down to my forehead but then I
push out rather than up, which is
something Dave Titterton (a bodybuilder
Ryan trains with) taught me. I find it
isolates the triceps more. For the
kickbacks, I like to bend right over so I
can isolate the muscle more and I make a
big effort not to swing the weight. Dont
worry about how much you can lift with
this exercise. Its all about feel.

anton SaYS Skull crushers are a

meat and potatoes exercise for building
arms. Its one of those exercises, along
with close grip bench press that every-
body does. You will get a lot of size from
doing it. Change the incline of the bench
to hit the muscle from different angles.

about how
much you
can lift
with this
its all
about feel.
shorten the
bring the
cable across
your body
and squeeze.


EXERCISE Cable curls and
triceps pushdown
REPS 3 x 12

anton SaYS The curls are a

contraction movement. Squeeze and
hold for a second then bring the
weight back down slowly. Dont
bounce out of the contraction. Its a
very slow and concentrated
movement. A lot of guys dont
understand contraction when they
train biceps. They lift the weight up
and let gravity take it down. Go for a
maximum contraction on pushdowns
too and dont do half reps. Bring the
bar as high as you can without letting
your elbows flare out. You can go a
little heavier on this than with a rope
but I like to use both.

rYan SaYS When you do the curls,

try and keep your shoulders in line,
which will maintain good form. Dont
shorten the movement. Bring the cable
across your body and squeeze. For the
pushdowns, keep your elbows close to
your body; try not to use your body
weight by leaning into it.

108 MUSCLE & FitnESS


EXERCISE Rope extensions and
EZ bar cable curls
REPS 4 x 12

anton SaYS Using the rope allows

you to get more movement. You can
manoeuvre it more than you can a bar
so you get different options, whether
you keep your elbows in or out. But you
cant go as heavy with a rope so its all
about proper tension and contraction. I
do it as slowly as possible. Remember
to keep your shoulders back dont
shove your body forward.

rYan SaYS Its really important you

keep your back straight for the curls.
Dont lean into the machine. Keep your
elbows tightly tucked into the sides of
your body and focus on squeezing at
the point of peak contraction.
Being shot and losing a leg would have ruin
many mens lives. But it spurred
British soldier Mark Smith to new heights.
by John Plummer /// PhotograPhy by ChristoPher bailey

n every gym there are people with had ruptured the large femoral artery in his
remarkable stories; men and women thigh, causing a build-up of toxins that were
who have overcome adversity to build causing organ failure.
impressive physiques. But youd have Even for someone as naturally upbeat as
to travel far and wide to find someone Smith, it was shattering news. He shed a few
with a tale to match that of Mark tears but within days he was back to his positive
Smiths, a man whose ordinary name self. I was surrounded by lads who were missing
belies extraordinary achievements. both legs or paralysed, he says. I felt my injury
In 2011, Smith was preparing to return to was just a scratch in comparison and lucky that I
Afghanistan to serve the British army. A soldier was still alive to be a dad and husband.
since the age of 18, he was already a veteran Recovery was slow and required 10 weeks of
of campaigns in Bosnia and Iraq and was now going nil by mouth, unable to eat solid food.
getting ready for a second tour of Afghanistan. His physique, built on daily physical training
During a routine firearms exercise a fusillade in the army and evening gym workouts, was
of bullets rained through a wall he was stood wasting away.
against and struck him several times in the When he could eat again, regular doses of
leg and shoulder. morphine had killed his appetite. Everything
Smith had to be resuscitated six times and tasted metallic, he recalls. I had to wear a nasal
spent several days on life support. When he tube to keep my calories up but the weight fell
finally regained consciousness a surgeon off me. I lost over 20 kg and dropped to about 60
greeted him with the news: We take your leg kg. I looked really ill and as someone who had
today or you dont see tomorrow. The bullets always enjoyed the gym, it got to me.

110 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEPtEMbEr 2015

Guest posing at the
2015 BodyPower Pro
in Birmingham.

totAL REBUILD when his prosthetic limb was fitted, he Birmingham, a show that also included a
Smith started working out again when he wanted the goal of getting on stage in a wheelchair contest. Smith is passionate
was still in a wheelchair. All I wanted to competition. In November last year he about promoting disability bodybuild-
do was train so that I never looked that entered and won his first contest ing and with the help of forces charities,
ill again, he says. The gym became my for amputees. Finally hed found some- social media, event promoters and other
escape and the one place I felt at home. thing to replicate the thrill of being in disabled athletes the number of opportu-
As his physique broadened so did his the forces. nities to get on stage is increasing.
ambitions. I wanted to do something Smith, 30, has now won four out of five New lads are coming forward, un-
that would still challenge me physically, contests, including the Hercules Olympia aware it existed, says Smith. If we carry
he says. I needed an adrenaline rush; in Colchester and the adaptive division at on making rapid progress then I believe
something to motivate me and give my the Phil Heath Classic in America where there will be a pro category, fit to open
life some routine again. I found that with he even got to pose with four-time Mr any show. I have already been fortunate
bodybuilding. Olympia Heath. enough to enjoy some amazing oppor-
Intense training, routine and discipline He was invited to perform a guest tunities, such as, competing in America
came naturally to a military man and spot at this years BodyPower Pro in and theres no reason why anyone in the
category couldnt do the same.

Many people are surprised Smith is able
to train his lower body but he makes a
special effort to develop his left leg. Im
well aware that when I step on stage
peoples eyes will naturally be drawn to
my prosthetic leg so when they see my

NAME: Mark Smith

AGE: 30


LIVES: Milton Keynes

HEIGHT: 183 cm / 6 ft

WEIGHT: 83 kg / 183 lbs

contest weight

Posing with Mr Olympia Phil
Heath on stage at the Phil Heath
Classic in Texas.

AMBITION: To follow in the

footsteps of Simon Robinson,
the only amputee to have guest
posed on the Olympia stage,
and to help create a pro division
for amputee bodybuilders.

SPONSORS: Sci-MX Nutrition.

Twitter @MarkSmithBB
I needed an adrenalIne rush;
somethIng that would challenge
me physIcally and gIve my lIfe
some routIne agaIn.

good leg, I want them to see how hard I also tried one-legged jumping
have worked on it.It does, however, pose on a childrens trampoline but
challenges. His prosthesis has a pressure that was short lived! Now I
limit of 150 kg, including body weight have settled on using a hand
so he usually removes it and does heavy bike and swimming.
single leg movements. Smiths attitude, not to
I hack squat and Smith machine squat mention his physique, has
although my balance isnt good enough impressed and inspired
to squat in a normal rack, he says. I thousands of people around
leg press, plus I make use of the seated the world. Few bodybuilders
kit for leg extensions, leg curls and calf have felt more love from the
raises. Im happy to give anything a go; I crowd. In all my competitions
want to be as able bodied as possible. so far, the compre has talked
He says the gunshot wound to his about my background, he says. After the
shoulder actually affects him more. I am audience has heard about me, it really
missing an anterior deltoid, which causes gets behind me and its such an over-
some pain when overhead shoulder whelming, rewarding feeling. Its that
pressing or incline bench pressing, he response that makes all those months of
says. But I still do them. dieting and training worthwhile.
Cardio is also challenging, and has led His efforts have also struck a chord
to some amusing experiments. Walking closer to home with his two sons.
for prolonged periods is uncomfortable Theyve seen me get on with life
because the exit wound scarring on my despite what happened, he says. They
leg rubs on the socket of my prosthe- see me eat healthily and they see some-
sis, he says. So Ive tried hopping on one who is dedicated and wont give
crutches, which works OK. Ive up. These are the sorts of values I want
my children to grow up with: to be
determined and committed and work
hard, no matter what.


Leg ROuTiNe
Meal 1: Oats and protein shake

Leg extensions 5 15 Meal 2: (after training) Oats and protein shake

Single leg Meal 3: 100g chicken, 100g rice and 1 cup full of salad
hack squats 4 12
Meal 4: 100g chicken, 100g rice and 1 cup full of salad
Leg press 4 12
Single leg Smith Meal 5: 100g chicken, 100g rice and 1 cup full of salad
machine squats 4 12
Meal 6: 100g chicken and 1 cup full of salad
Leg curls 4 12
Seated calf raises 4 12 Meal 7: 100g chicken and 1 cup full of salad

Single leg standing Meal 8: Protein shake

calf raises 4 12

SEPtEMbEr 2015 MUSCLE & FitnESS 113

the latest in supplement and product news

Under the
Taking a purely scientific look at the best products
in the world of sports supplements By Tim N. ZiegeNfuss, PhD, fissN
ALLMAX NUTRITION - ISOFLEX (i.e. usually 90% or greater) in leave out. These native fractions (e.g.,
Consumers have many choices comparison to other forms of protein alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin,
today with respect to protein. that can range from only 10-50%. lactoferrin, various immunoglobulins,
They can eat real meat, combine WPI is high in L-cysteine, all nine glycomacropeptide, etc) have
certain vegetables with compli- essential amino acids (histidine, immune-enhancing properties and
mentary amino acids, or they can isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, help regulate over 200 different
eat dairy sources (milk, eggs, etc). phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan genes within our body.
When it comes to protein pow- and valine), and all three branched WPI is considered a fast protein
ders, there are also many choices. chain amino acids (BCAA = leucine, because it is absorbed and digested
Animal derived proteins (whey, isoleucine and valine). L-cysteine very quickly and causes sharp
casein, egg, goat, beef, fish), helps regulate blood sugar, decreases increases blood levels of amino acids
vegetable derived proteins (rice, blood vessel inflammation and that lasts for about 60-90 minutes.
hemp, soy, pea) and even hydroly- reduces exercise-induced oxidative This is particularly useful for
sates (pre-digested peptides of stress. The BCAAs are useful for breakfast, and during the post-
whey and casein) are available. helping reduce muscle soreness and workout period, where a rapid
While there may not be a best speeding muscle recovery from delivery of amino acids to muscle can
choice for all people under all intense training. Leucine is probably quickly reverse the catabolic effects
conditions, the most popular the most important amino acid of all of resistance exercise (in other
powder protein in the world by far as it can increase muscle protein words, WPI is a very effective
is currently whey protein isolate synthesis all by itself. This leucine stimulator of muscle recovery after
(WPI). And for good reason. trigger has been well documented training). WPI is also quite versatile in
and requires a dose of at least 2.5 that its digestion and absorption can
Whey protein is the water-soluble grams per food or drink serving to be slowed down by co-consuming it
portion of milk. Unlike whole milk, WPI stimulate muscle protein synthesis. In with heart healthy fats and/or foods
has no lactose, cholesterol or fat, and other words, make sure your protein high in fiber, or even simply mixing it
this is the reason it is preferred by powder (WPI or otherwise) has a with cows milk (which contains 80%
many consumers who are lactose minimum of 2.5 grams of leucine in it. casein by weight a slow protein).
intolerant and/or have problems with When WPI is cold micro-filtered, it For example, a muscle-building
digesting protein powders. WPI is retains very important fractions from between-meal snack might consist of
typically very high in protein content milk that other proteins sometimes WPI blended with a tablespoon of

114 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

natural peanut butter and a handful of necessary for the same effects in ARGININE is a conditionally essential
mixed berries. Or a scoop of WPI muscle. This is because as we age, amino acid found in meat, seafood,
mixed into milk. muscles generally lose their nuts and soy. Due to its role in nitric
In addition to being an effective responsiveness to anabolic stimuli. oxide (NO) production and as a
muscle builder, there are other good
reasons to use whey protein. These
include improved satiety (feeling of
GraM Per GraM, WPI IS one of
fullness), regulation of blood the hIGheSt qUalIty MUScle bUIldInG
pressure, increased high-density ProteInS on the Market today.
lipoprotein (HDL-cholesterol), and
lowering of triglycerides. These This is part of the reason it is so potential growth hormone secreta-
effects can be variable however, and important to continue performing gogue, arginine has enjoyed a rich
depend on the individuals some kind of resistance exercise history in sports nutrition. In one
background health status as well as throughout life. study, subjects given 6 g of arginine
their overall dietary and physical Gram per gram, WPI is one of (along with other vitamins and amino
activity habits. the highest quality muscle building acids) improved their time to exhaus-
A few recent studies have proteins on the market today. tion by 20% compared to the placebo
demonstrated that in younger Although there may be times to group. Other studies have reported
subjects, 20-25 grams of WPI is a use other proteins, or even a blend lower levels of ammonia and lactate
high enough dose to maximize muscle of proteins, cold-processed WPI when various forms of arginine are
protein synthesis. In older subjects is currently the king of single consumed prior to exercise. Despite
however, 30-40 grams seems to be source proteins. these acute benefits, the effects of
long term arginine supplementation
on muscle growth and the acquisition
of strength are quite variable.
However, since arginine can be
converted to creatine, citrulline, and
agmatine (a signaling molecule that
enhances blood flow), it is considered
to be a very versatile amino acid.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID is a vitamin-

like fatty acid that is known as the
universal antioxidant. This name
stems from the fact that alpha lipoic
acid is both fat and water soluble,
and can therefore combat oxidative
stressors found inside the watery
interior of the cell as well as outside
the fatty acid (phospholipid bilayer)
cell membrane. Other important
roles played by alpha lipoic acid are
metal chelation (ie. binds to and
helps eliminate copper, lead, zinc,
mercury, iron) glucose control/
insulin signaling, and as an anti-
inflammatory aid. There is also some
evidence that alpha lipoic acid
reduces appetite, improves blood
vessel function, and increases calorie
burning. This universal antioxidant
has a plethora of benefits on overall
health and wellness.

ALLMAX Nutrition

Choosing the right five key stimulants to ramp up
pre-workout product can be fat-burning hormones and make
confusing and expensive. weights feel lighter than ever. It
ALLMAX Nutrition says it has also combines effective dosages
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workout that has been developed production and significantly
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per 30g serving (unflavoured).
Choose from a selection of delicious natural flavours,
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ease of mixing. -----
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muscleform.co.uk This code will also entitle you to an
Extra 10% off everything on the Muscleform site when
ordered in conjunction with the 'Protein Isolate Offer'.
The best products and service. At the time of writing,
Muscleform are ranked No2 our of more than 160
116 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015
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all the latest on
and more

Our MOdel
IFBB fitness pro

Bound Brook, NJ
science teacher

My goal is
to Be
thaN i was

120 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

NothiNg says coNfideNce like a lean, sculpted upper body. From gorgeous
Build sexy delts to shapely biceps and back muscles, your top half is just as important as the bottom
shoulders, arms, is when it comes to achieving a well-rounded physique. The goal of this upper-body
chest, and back circuit is to use enough resistance to stimulate an increase in muscle and strength while
while burning fat keeping the intensity high enough to burn fat, says IFBB figure pro Robynn Europe, a
personal training manager at New York Health & Racquet Club in New York, who
and toning your designed the routine. Doing the moves will challenge both your upper body and core
core with this while keeping your heart rate elevated. Do eight reps of each exercise in the circuit,
30-minute circuit taking minimal rest between moves. Complete the circuit three times. Remember to
By AlyssA shAffer
choose a weight thats heavy enough for you to maintain proper form while reaching
PhotograPhs By JAmes fArrell fatigue by the end of the final rep. Then step forward and flexeven if its just for fun.

Shot on location at Matrix Fitness Club, Astoria, NY


1 Squatted
cable row
(Works: shoulders, Back,
BicePs, core, quads)

Set a rope attachment

on a cable stack machine so
its about chest-high when A
you are in a squat position.

2 barbell puSh preSS

Step approximately 34
feet away from the stack,
(Works: shoulders, chest, tricePs, core, glutes)
holding the rope with
your arms extended in front Set a bar chest height at a squat rack (not
of you at chest height. shown). Using an overhand grip, place hands
Squat down, bending knees shoulder-width apart, gripping bar firmly, and
90 degrees (A). step away from rack.
hair & makeup by christie caiola

Retract your shoulder Bend your knees slightly and explosively drive
blades, then pull your upward through your heels, pushing the barbell
elbows as far back as up and extending your arms overhead (A); TighTen your abs
possible, keeping them keep abs tight and weight centered over heels. as you push upward,
close to your sides (B). Return barbell to front of shoulders, keeping keeping your
Straighten arms and both elbows pointed forward while bending spine in a neuTral
repeat, remaining in knees slightly (B). Repeat for 8 reps. posiTion.
squat throughout exercise.
3 underhand
barbell front raiSe
(Works: shoulders, chest, BicePs)
your elbows
sTraighT down
stand with feet hip-distance apart, holding a
helps TargeT
light barbell in front of thighs in an underhand
The fronT of
grip, shoulder-distance apart, palms facing up.
your shoulders
Lift bar to shoulder height, keeping elbows
slightly bent the entire time with wrists directly
in line with the shoulders; tighten abs as you lift
the bar. Lift for a count of one and slowly lower
for a count of five. Repeat for 8 reps.

4 inverted row
(Works: Back, BicePs, core)

Set a bar on a power rack or Smith machine at about waist Keeping your body completely in a straight line from
height (enough so your arms are fully extended when shoulders to ankles, retract your shoulder blades and pull
underneath it). Lie on the floor so the midline of your chest your chest up toward the bar, flaring your elbows out to the
is directly underneath the bar. Place hands slightly wider sides (B). Slowly lower back to the floor without touching
than shoulder width on the bar, and lift yourself off floor (A). and repeat for 8 reps.

5 v puShup
(Works: shoulders, tricePs, core)

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms

at sides. Bend forward from hips, placing hands on
floor, and walk hands about 2 feet forward. Bring
your index fingers and thumbs together, forming a
diamond. Lift heels off the floor, straightening
your legs so your body forms an inverted V.
Bend elbows so they point down toward legs
(not out) while lowering head as close as you can
toward hands.
Straighten arms, keeping heels lifted and abs
engaged. Do 8 reps.

donT flare your elbows ouT as

you lower down.

124 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

7 plank with arm raiSe
(Works: shoulders, core)

Begin in a plank position, forearms on floor with elbows directly

under shoulders and legs extended, forming a straight line from head
to heels (A).
Inhale deeply. As you exhale, tighten abdominals and extend right
arm straight ahead of you without moving the rest of your body (B).
Inhale as you return to starting position, then exhale and extend left
arm forward. Thats one rep; do 8 reps.

6 weighted dipS
(Works: tricePs, chest)

Place two weight benches about 23 feet

apart, or until legs are fully extended. Sit on
one bench with hands a few inches from either
side of hips, fingers facing forward. Place
dumbbell between knees, resting calves and
feet on second bench.
Lift hips off bench, keeping arms fully
extended and your tailbone close to bench (A).
Bend elbows 90 degrees as you lower hips
toward floor, keeping your body close to bench
and elbows pointed behind you (B). Hold for a
one count, then straighten arms; repeat for 8 reps. keep elbows direcTly under shoulders,
noT ahead, behind, wider, or narrower.

8 barbell rollout
(Works: shoulders, core)
Push the barbell forward while lowering your torso
toward the floor; keep arms straight and abs
Kneel on the floor with hands shoulder-width apart contracted, and squeeze glutes as you lower down as
on a plate-loaded barbell, abs engaged, and elbows far as possible (B). Hold for a one count, then roll
locked (A). back to starting position. Do 8 reps.

eat clean,
get lean
Slim down and rock that new c Chia seed pudding
swimsuit with this satisfying and Chia seeds are hydrophilic,
effective mix-and-match meal plan meaning they help to absorb
water, so you feel more full.
diet by Lauren SLayton, M.S., r.D. | photographs by brian kLutch Having chia in the early part of
your day can help you stay
satisfied longer. To make this
pudding, combine cup chia
If you really want to look (and feel) your seeds with 2 cups almond milk,
best in an itsy-bitsy two-piece, you have to pay attention plus a dash of salt and some stevia
to diet along with your workouts. But that doesnt mean and vanilla extract to taste. Stir,
and let sit 30 minutes or
spending half your day wanting to gnaw off your arm or
munching on carrot sticks alone. You can eat a variety of
breakfast overnight. (This recipe makes
Eat breakfast within two 34 servings).
healthy, whole foods that will help you stay satisfied
hours of waking, and
while reaching your fat-loss goals, says Lauren Slayton d Protein shake/smoothie
ideally include some
M.S., R.D., founder of Foodtrainers (foodtrainers.com) (Recipe: matcha colada)
protein in your meal. For
and the author of The Little Book of Thin. all of these (except the This smoothie utilizes matcha, a
Slaytons plan is strategically designed to help you smoothie) you can also powdered, antioxidant-rich green
tea, along with other power foods
control your cravings while youre blasting fat and add 1 cup of berries,
like pineapple, avocado, and
building muscle. The beauty of this program: Simply pineapple, or papaya. ginger. Blend 46 oz of coconut
pick from one of the suggested entres under each main water (or just water) with tsp
a 46 ounces of lowfat or 2%
meal, then supplement with one or two snacks daily. matcha powder, adding in 1 cup of
Greek yogurt with 1 tbsp hemp
Have about 4 ounces of protein per meal, 1 tablespoon fresh or frozen pineapple or
seeds and a sprinkle of cinnamon
papaya, 1 scoop protein powder,
of oil and about 2 cups of vegetables at both lunch and Choose lowfat dairy rather than no 1 cup greens, avocado thats
dinner, and 1 cup of fruit per day. (The menus here fatyou need some fat to absorb peeled and roughly chopped,
average 1,3501,450 calories per day.) Aim for four fish vitamin D and help keep your 1 slice peeled fresh ginger,
meals a week. For the first two weeks, limit carbs to appetite under control. Research 1 handful of ice cubes, and 6 drops
also shows daily consumption of of NuStevia sweetener. Blend well
four to six servings per week (keep grains to a fist-size
hemp seeds can help lead to a and serve.
portion). During Weeks 3 and 4, cut that number to reduction in abdominal fat.
three per week or every other day. To make sure youre e Lox and cream cheese
getting enough fluids, divide your body weight in half b 2 omega-3enriched eggs
Skip the bagel in this traditional
and drink approximately that amount in ounces (for a (hard-boiled or cooked with
breakfast and youll still get all the
tsp coconut oil) plus
140-pound woman, thats 70 ounces of water, tea, or health and fat-loss benefits of the
avocado and a dash of hot sauce
other low-cal fluids). omega-3 found in salmon. Spread
Omega-3 fatty acids can help 1 oz organic cream cheese on
One month goes fast when you have a smart plan to increase fat loss as you shed 2 oz wild smoked salmon,
follow. After just four weeks, youll have the confidence pounds. The hot peppers in hot roll and secure with toothpick,
to pull off wearing even the teeniest bikini! sauce help boost metabolism. if needed.

126 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

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four hours of breakfast,
Lunch but the afternoon snack is
Try to follow a four-hour key. Keep snacks to about
rule for food timing: If 200 calories max.
youre up at 6 a.m., have
breakfast by 8 and lunch by a Green juice
noon. Complete this Juicing is a great way to get tons
midday meal with 2 cups of of vitamins, but they can easily
greens; steamed, roasted, turn into calorie bombs. Stick to
or raw asparagus, broccoli, juices made with a maximum of
cauliflower, brussels one fruit so its a vegetable juice,
not a fruit juice. Excess fructose
sprouts or fennel; plus
(fruit sugar) is easily stored as fat.
1 tbsp of olive oil or
coconut oil for cooking or b Organic string cheese
dressing, if desired.
Buying organic dairy is keythe
a Foodtrainers green eggs d Miso quinoa salad last things you want at snack time
are added hormones or antibiotics.
Make these simple frittatas in Gluten-free quinoa is high in
advance so you can grab-and-go protein and fiber, so it will keep c Nuts
on busy mornings. Preheat oven you feeling full, plus its also rich
to 350F. Spray four cups in a in potassium and magnesium. c Spiced chicken Nuts are a great snack choice in
standard-size muffin pan with Miso is a fermented soy that can and cauliflower moderation. Some of the best
cooking spray. Divide 1 cup of help curb cravings. To make, options are walnuts, pecans,
Sprinkle chicken cutlets with
sauted kale between the cups. blend together 3 tbsp of sunflower seeds, and pistachios.
turmeric, a squeeze of fresh
Whisk together 4 eggs; a tsp extra-virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp of To keep from eating the whole
lemon, and pepper (which helps
each of salt, smoked paprika, and white miso, 2 tbsp of rice vinegar, bag, portion out your snack
absorb the turmeric), and grill
chili powder; plus a dash of black and set aside. In a large bowl servings into a small container,
until cooked through. Steam or
pepper. Pour eggs evenly over combine 2 cups cooked quinoa, such as a clean Altoids mint tin.
roast the cauliflower with a tbsp of
kale in muffin cups; bake 1520 3 cups steamed broccoli florets,
olive or coconut oil. d Energy bars
minutes or until eggs are just set. 2 cups baby arugula, and cup
Let frittatas cool in pan for raw sunflower seeds; toss in d Fish in parchment paper Whole foods are always best,
5 minutes; gently remove. dressing and tsp salt. but there are times when its
If youre afraid of cooking fish, try
simply easier to grab a bar. Look
b 4 oz poached salmon or tuna e Greek curried using parchment: Place a 4- to
for ones with low amounts of
and avocado chicken salad 6-oz serving of wild salmon or
sugar (less than 5 grams is ideal);
other fish on a square of
Poaching salmon yourself is Make a yummy chicken salad with good choices include Kind
parchment paper (18 by 14 inches)
supereasy (just season and gently Greek yogurt instead of mayo. The Strong Bars, Zing Bars, and Health
and top with fresh veggies
simmer in broth or water that just turmeric in curry has lots of Warrior Chia Bars.
(peppers and bok choy work
covers fish for a few minutes until disease-fighting antioxidants.
nicely) and a -inch piece of fresh e Jerky
opaque throughout), and it tastes peeled ginger cut into
great cold. If youre going with matchsticks; sprinkle 1 tsp of rice Avoid traditional beef jerky
tuna, look for the jar versions, Dinner vinegar over the fillet. Fold ends sticks, which can contain MSG and
which eliminate the BPAs that can The key with dinner is not of parchment in to make a other unwanted additives, and
be found in can linings. package and bake at 450F for stick with some healthier
to eat too much or too late:
about 15 minutes. alternatives, such as turkey or
c Naked pesto turkey
Try to close your kitchen 12
salmon. (We like Real Sticks
burger served with greens or hours after breakfast. Its Turkey Jerky from Vermont Smoke
e Bean pasta with broccoli
leftover veggies OK to have some carbs like and Cure or Epic Bars made from
and tomato sauce
sweet potato or bean pasta bison, turkey, beef, or lamb.)
Skip the bun to cut down on your There are a lot of alternative
at dinnercarbohydrates
carbs, but keep the flavor by pastas out there. Those made
adding 12 tbsp prepared pesto help you relax before bed. f Kefir
from beans are naturally
plus 1 clove minced garlic to 1 lb loaded with protein and fiber Similar to yogurt but higher in
a Loaded sweet potato
ground turkey. and nutritionally superior to probiotics (the good-for-you
Stuff a fist-size baked sweet whole-wheat options. bacteria that aid in digestion and
potato with cooked kale (or any boost immunity), kefir can also
leftover veggies) plus a healthy fat tame your cravings for something
like chunks of avocado, and top
with red pepper flakes.
Snacks sweet. Have one cup of plain kefir,
or add a drop of stevia if desired.
Snacking is important to
b Zoodles and shrimp keep your appetite in g SunButter and celery or apple
check and your blood
Zoodles (aka zucchini noodles) are Like hemp, sunflower seeds
made easily with a julienne peeler
sugar from plummeting, contain a type of fat called
or a vegetable spiralizer such as but its easy to overdo it. A linoleic acid, which can help cut
Veggetti. Simply toss with 1 tbsp midmorning snack is down on body fat. Scoop 2 tbsp
prepared pesto or cup tomato optional, especially if of SunButter onto celery or a
sauce and 46 oz cooked shrimp. youre eating lunch within sliced apple.

128 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

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of-the-art designs that can handle multiple users, Body-Solid home tness
machines are designed to dramatically improve your quality of life and perform
smoothly for years to come.




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Fitness Nutrition now available in our 10 Nationw
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advice on training, nutrition and supplementation from top athletes and fitness professionals

Jayne Lo
the UK at the
Amateur O.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Product to be used with a strict diet and training programme.
EXPERT trAining tALK

Lo and behold
Jayne Lo is preparing to represent the UK in bikini
fitness at the Amateur Olympia
by JOhn PLUmmer

hong Kong-born Jayne lo Whats the secret to Friday

moved to Britain in 2009 to great glutes? 10 x 5 Seated dumbbell press
study at Bristol University. She A mixture of lower body 10 x 5 Pull up
was a swimmer and distance compounds and isolations, from a 4 x 7 Preacher curl
running before switching to the rep range of 5 to 20. Like any 4 x 7 Close grip bench
bikini fitness category at other muscle group, the mind-
bodybuilding contests. After muscle connection is essential. Saturday
winning a perfect three out of It is so easy to activate the wrong 10 x 5 hip thrust
three this year, the personal muscle when training lower 10 x 5 romanian deadlift
trainer is now preparing for this body, especially if you are 4 x 7 Kettlebell swing
autumns British Championships quad-dominant like myself. 4 x 7 Lying hamstring curl
and Amateur Olympia.
describe a training week?
how does your weight today I am currently on a German
compare with your running volume training strength no cardio whatsoever
days? programme, with two main
I weighed 50 kg to 52 kg when I exercises and two assistance steady state cardio or hiit?
competed in half marathons. exercises 6 days a week. hIIT if I had to pick. Despite my
Looking back I cannot believe endurance background, I now
how skinny fat I was. I blame the monday prefer to do metcons or running
Asian media culture, framing the 10 x 5 Chin Up sprints for cardio. however,
mentality of the Chinese in 10 x 5 Overhead press coach Grant gives me little to no
idolising skinny, shapeless, small 4 x 7 One-arm row cardio during off-season and
framed and flat-stomached 4 x 7 Arnold press prep. If your coach knows his
women. I much prefer my fuller science and you stick to your
and stronger physique. macros and train 100 per cent
10 x 5 Sumo deadlift
10 x 5 hip thrust you will never have to do cardio
describe your training style. and still drop fat.
4 x 7 reverse lunges
I love strength training and testing
4 x 7 Incline hyperextensions
my limit, but I also like the feeling What do you eat
of absolute death during a high Wednesday pre-contest?
prep lower body session. Luckily 10 x 5 Bent-over barbell row I still stick to the macronutrients
for me, team Body novo head 10 x 5 Incline dumbbell press Grant gives me but treat myself to
coach Grant Koch is a Westside 4 x 7 Close grip row meals out on special
Barbell-qualified strength and 4 x 7 Flat dumbbell press occasions or when I meet up with
conditioning coach, and knows friends. Grant uses a flexible
how to write programmes that Thursday dieting approach so I could
get me stronger off-season and 10 x 5 Box squat technically have a croissant and
keep me strong until peak week. 10 x 5 Glute-hamstring raise ice cream every day along with
I still managed 90 kg sumo 4 x 7 Forward lunges my prepped meals if I wanted to,
deadlifts for 7 reps one week out. 4 x 7 Lying hamstring curl as long as it fits my macros.

132 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEPtEMbEr 2015

I much prefer my
fuller and
stronger physique.


Jayne lo


hong Kong


162.5 cm

52 kg contest weight

Winning three
out of three bikini
fitness contests and
qualifying for the
amateur olympia.

to become an
ifbb pro

theres no one-size-
fits-all. discipline and
consistency are key.

reflex nutrition,
harlequin bikinis,
magic butterfly

instagram and
twitter @jaynerslo
EXPERT training talk

European leader
Josh Leader is a medical student with a gold-medal
winning physique

Josh Leader was Britains sole gold medallist at angles with different rep ranges and tempos in order to
this years IFBB European Championships. Leader, who keep the body guessing.
finished first in junior mens physique, is a busy guy:
when he isnt training his body, hes training his mind to How do you get so lean?
be a doctor. I am extremely strict with my diet during competition
prep. Everything is weighed to the gram. I attribute my
M&F: How did you get into bodybuilding? leanness to a combination of extremely intense
Josh Leader: I have always had a love for being fit, workouts and a diet that consists of very little sugar.
athletic and aesthetic. Prior to competing, I used to do Whenever I have any cheat meals, I make sure I record
a lot of fitness modelling. I was then recommended to them so I know exactly how many calories I am
try a competition and I used it as a goal to get in even ingesting and the macronutrient breakdown of the meal.
better shape.
How much cardio do you do?
How does being a doctor combine with Twenty minutes post-workout low interval steady state
bodybuilding? on the cross trainer. I use the rotational aspect in order
Science can be utilised to improve a physique as there to work my core.
is always a method to a process. There is no one-size-
fits-all approach, however, and this is when people What do you eat in a typical day?
need to be clever about what information they chose to I keep it simple and clean. My protein sources are
use and implement in order to achieve their own turkey, beef and cod and my carbohydrate sources
personal goals based on their genetics, lifestyle, come from Basmati rice, white potato, sweet potato
background and makeup. and oatmeal.

So does being a medic give you an advantage? Youve made some great gains by the age of 22.
It gives me an advantage in that I follow a strict routine Where do most guys go wrong?
and that fits in nicely with bodybuilding. Nevertheless, I mainly attribute my success to pure consistency and
as the workload has increased, it has been more dedication. It needs to become a part of your life. Most
difficult to balance the two. People often believe being people do not listen to the advice given to them and I
a medical student means I get taught a lot about have been a culprit myself. Ever since I met Pat Warner,
training and nutrition but all the information I have I have put my trust in him and evidently the results
acquired has been from private reading, advice given have paid off.
by others or things I have tried and tested.
So whats your advice?
What does it mean to be European champion? Sometimes you need to take a step out of your comfort
I am still pinching myself at the thought! I cannot quite zone. Nevertheless, I believe a lot of people get so
believe it but it makes all those hours grafting in the many opinions from different people they end up
gym and the long periods of dieting worth it! implementing far too much. I would recommend having
one or two people who you seek for advice.
How meticulous are you about your workouts? This is why Pat gets me to see IFBB pro Karl Tierney
My workouts constantly change based on guidance on a regular basis for a second opinion. I cannot thank
from Pat The Illusionist Warner. We hit a variety of these two men enough.


you need
to take a step
out of your
comfort zone.


Josh Leader




169.5 cm

74 kg

2015 IFBB European

Junior Mens
Physique champion

To become an IFBB
mens physique pro

The only bad workout

is the one that did not
happen! Make every
rep count!

CNP Professional

On Facebook @
EXPERT bikini body

Weight Training
vs. Cardio
British bikini pro Michelle Brannan on
how she used weights to transform
Jessica Turrents body.

The ClienT
Like many women, Jessica Turrent piled on the pounds
after she became a mother. When she got to a size
16, she decided to do something about it and
managed to shed some fat by running and doing
cardio at the gym.
Jessica, 37, then decided to completely
change the way she looked. She set a goal of
competing in bikini fitness and knew cardio alone
would not be enough so she approached me.

The only exercise Jessica had done before motherhood
was ballet as a child. She thought cardio was the way to
regain her figure but although she lost weight she just
became a smaller version of her old self, devoid of muscle
and shape. She believed weight training would make her
Jessica turrent
bulky and masculine but it is extremely difficult for women looks better
to build muscle naturally. With our lack of testosterone, than ever at 37.
we are not genetically predisposed to gain large amounts
of muscle. But weight training can build enough muscle to
sculpt a shapely body, which is why I advise all women to
incorporate it into their programmes.
Weight training is also good because lean tissue (muscle)
actually helps to burn calories. The more muscle you have,
the more calories your body burns at rest, which speeds
up the metabolism and makes it easier to stay lean. Just
doing cardio can have the opposite effect by burning
muscle and slowing the metabolism. Im not saying cardio
is bad but its best combined with weights.
I therefore prescribed Jessica a 5-6 day a week
weight-training programme complemented with cardio. I
split her training into muscle groups to focus on creating a
shape fit for the stage. Building a competitive physique is
different to training just to look good or for weight loss;
particular attention must be paid to balance, proportion
and aesthetics.

136 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015 SiMOn HOWArD

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EXPERT bikini body

Each week we varied the sets, rep

ranges and exercises to prevent
Jessicas body from adapting. My style
of weight training is designed to not
only build muscle but also burn calories
in order to create a lean physique.

CARdio And
In the run up to her contest, Jessica did
cardio six days a week alongside her
weight training. She mainly used the
treadmill and cross trainer at various
intensity levels.
Jessicas pre contest nutrition alter-
nated between high protein, medium
complex carbohydrate and low fats to a
higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet to
keep her body responding.
Her body adapted quickly so instead
of constantly reducing her calories I
changed the macronutrient split of her
diet to prevent her metabolism slowing
down. Her diet typically included lean
meats, oats, rice, sweet potatoes,
green vegetables, Greek yoghurt,
eggs, whey protein and nuts. We
allowed one off-plan meal per week. JeSSiCAS Weekly pRoGRAmme

After working with weights for about six ExErcisE sETs rEPs
months Jessica entered and won her superset Leg curl machine 2 20
first competition, which was the 2014 with leg extensions
UKBFF Welsh Grand Prix. She entered Tri-set Wide-stance 4 15, 12, 10, 10
the bikini fitness masters category for smith machine squats,
Narrow-stance smith
women aged over 35 years. machine squat,
Later in the year she placed 9th of 40 Dumbbell romanian deadlifts
competitors at the Arnold Classic Europe with toes elevated
and 6th at the British Championships. superset Walking barbell lunges, 4 20
Jessica now weight trains 5-6 times a Kettlebell squats 4 10
week all year round and thoroughly
enjoys her new fitness lifestyle.
ExErcisE sETs rEPs
Tri-set seated dumbbell lateral 4 15, 12, 10, 10
raise; *Arnold press and
AbOUt MiCHELLE dumbbell front raise
Michelle Brannan is an IFBB bikini *use hammer grip and lift diagonally
pro. She also runs a couching across the body
team called Showgirl Fitness and
the online training subscription Tri-set single-arm cable 4 15, 12, 10, 10
resource BodySculpt Pro. lateral raise, rear delt cable,
michellebrannan.com. and seated lateral raise

138 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

Having muscle
speeds up
your metabolism
and burns
calories faster.


ExErcisE sETs rEPs
Tri-set close-grip barbell curl, 4 15, 12, 10, 10
single-arm leaning away
lateral raise,
DAY 3: BAck AND chEST standing overhead rope
ExErcisE sETs rEPs Tri-set seated incline dumbbell 4 15, 12, 10, 10
Tri-set Wide-grip lat pulldown, 4 15, 12, 10, 10 curl (one arm at a time),
V-bar pulldown, Triceps cable kickbacks
Bent-over rows (one arm at a time),
incline bench single-arm
Tri-set chest press machine, 4 15, 12, 10, 10 lateral raises
incline dumbbell press,
Flat bench dumbbell pullover


ExErcisE sETs rEPs Donkey kickbacks 4 15, 12, 10, 10
stiff-legged barbell deadlift 4 15, 12, 10, 10 Dumbbell romanian deadlift 4 15, 12, 10, 10
Tri-set Barbell 4 20 cable kickbacks 4 15, 12, 10, 10
romanian deadlifts
Barbell hip thrusts 4 15, 12, 10, 10
(10 wide, 10 narrow),
Hamstring ball curls, 4 15, 12, 10, 10 single-leg press on 4 20
cable pull through 4 15, 12, 10, 10 smith machine
superset Leg curl machine 4 15, 12, 10, 10 reverse hyperextensions 4 20
and barbell good mornings with ankle weights
hot bod

Teenage bodybuilding
champion and
professional musician
Why Do You Bodybuild?
i like having muscle because its
different and you have to be so
disciplined. Thats why its rare.
Reaction To Your Physique:
some friends ask how they can
look like me but i tell them everyone
is different so what works for me
may not work for them. You need
advice from a good trainer.
Favourite Way To Relax:
spending time with my boyfriend
and going to the cinema.
Hidden Talent:
i play the viola professionally
and also teach. last year i was
offered a scholarship at the
Trinity laban Conservatoire of
Music and Dance in Greenwich.
Body Part That
Gets Most Attention:
Definitely my legs! At the
UKBFF london and south east
Championships, where i won
the bodyfitness class, people
in the crowd were shouting
AGE: 19 quads at me!
liFT-iT Worldwide and NutraKey
LIVES: London
HEIGHT: 174 cm Contact:
WEIGHT: 65 kg instagram @Connie slyziut

140 MUsCle & FiTNess sePTeMBeR 2015 PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRisTOPHeR BAileY




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A New Standard
Jim Smith and
Joe DeFrancos
CPPS certification
could change the way
we view a trainers
By Matt tuthill

Youve probablY realizeD

by this point that the letters after a
trainers name cant tell you everything
you need to know. For every C.S.C.S.
*D who trains pro athletes and is on
the cutting edge of science, there
seem to be many more bookworms
with the same credentials who dont
know a thing about writing a program
for a real live personand dont have
any interest in training themselves.
I know this because Ive been
certified as both NASM-CPT and
NSCA-C.S.C.S. These exams took a lot
of time to prepare for, required me to
learn a lot of scientific terminology,
and yet I could have passed both by
studying a textbook and never setting
foot in a gym. Lest you think Im trying
to slam these organizations, both
certifications served me well over the
years and taught me a great deal.
With that said, I didnt know how
much I didnt know until recently,
when I attended a weekend seminar
for a relatively new certification,
CPPS, which stands for Certified
Physical Preparation Specialist. bridgiNg
Founded in 2011 by a pair of industry the gAp
A CPPS seminar
veterans with unimpeachable records, blends equal
Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith, the parts classroom
teaching and
CPPS aims to bridge the gap between hands-on
book smarts and getting real-world instruction.
results for guys like you and me. Candidates must
learn the science
Joe D. and Smitty have a of training and
combined 40 years of training demonstrate
experience and have worked with coaching skills.
countless pro athletes. Their YouTube
channels and DVDs are go-to resourc-
es for personal trainers everywhere.
Theyre both highly successful
businessmen and gym owners, but

142 MUSCLE & FitnESS SEptEMbEr 2015

coaches than anything else Ive seen.
StAr pupil
CrossFit star To get ahead of some of the hate
Christmas Abbott, mail that could roll my way: Im not
flanked by CPPS
saying that I now know more than
Smitty (left) anyone holding any other certificate.
and DeFranco. Letters of any kind dont give you a
right to claim superiority over another
trainer. Our group training director,
Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., has probably
forgotten more about training than I
know. Ditto our editor in chief, Shawn
Perine. His certification lapsed years
ago, but he lives and breathes health
and fitness in a way unrivalled by
anyone Ive ever met. Hell, our
executive editor, Arnold Schwarzeneg-
ger, doesnt have any training certifica-
tions and people still want his advice. I
know. Its crazy, right?
So Im not parading my shiny new
letters around to say Im better. What
Im saying is that spending a weekend
with Joe D. and Smitty was the most
valuable thing Ive done for my own
professional development. Concepts
that I knew became ones that I finally
understood and could apply appropri-
ately. Specifically, overhauling my
bench form is going to help me
continue to make safe, long-term
gains, and my warmups will never be
the creation of a new certification Great White CrossFit in Paramus, the same.
wasnt just a business move. Building New Jersey, was sold out and If you ever wanted to get certified,
a curriculum from scratch was a labor attended mostly by working profes- check out the next CPPS seminar. If
of love, and also a Herculean effort.
Our goal was to add value and give
coaches and lifters the confidence in wheN you thiNk youve got it
our proven system to help their All figured out iS wheN you
athletes and clients reach their
strength goals safely and effectively,
reAlly StArt ScrewiNg up.
Smitty says.
In short, attending a CPPS weekend sionals: personal trainers, high school youre already certified, it still behoves
seminar puts you through somewhat and college strength coaches, as well you to take a look.
of a gruelling two-day crash course in as CrossFit athlete Kenny Santucci Wherever you fall on the spectrum,
anatomy and physiology, breathing and womens CrossFit superstar please respect the fact that theres
and warmup techniques, squat, Christmas Abbott. always more to learn. The only thing I
bench, and deadlift form, sprinting The consensus at the end of Day 2 know to be an absolute certainty is
mechanics, and comprehensive was that everyone had acquired an that once you think youve got it all
programming methods. Attending the incredible amount of information to figured outin the gym or in lifethat
seminar makes you a coaching apply to both their clients program- tends to be the moment you really
candidate, and within 14 days you ming and their own training. In terms start screwing things up.
must complete a written exam and of time required, it cant quite match
submit video evidence of yourself the full year it took me to read the
coaching a client through a wide array massive C.S.C.S. textbook from cover
Matt tUthiLL,
of exercises, individualizing your to cover, yet I can say with confidence CPPS, is the deputy editor of
Muscle & Fitness. Follow
coaching cues to his or her specific that its a more comprehensive vetting him on Twitter: @MCTuthill.
limitations. The seminar I attended at process for trainers and strength
star power CheCk out his new bands debut release, Abominator.
Find him on Twitter @DoyleAbominator.

Scary Strong
At age 50, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein,
to be loaded on to the trailer and
former Misfits axeman and current frontman for the first things to come out. Ill do
the punk-metal band Doyle, is a monster crunches on the busand then I
usually train one body part per day.
onstage and in the gym. BY ZAck Zeigler I dont count reps because it makes
me tired, and I dont go for one-
rep-max bullshit because all it does
is mess up your joints and liga-
ments. I go to failure on every set.

Since becoming a vegan last

year have you had trouble
maintaining strength or size?
No, but I have noticed a difference
in my digestion and metabolism.
Every time I eat I need to find a
bathroom. I was vegetarian [before
becoming a vegan], so I only
needed to lose the whey protein.
Vegan food is just real food, and its
the best fucking food youll ever
eat. Thats what sold me.

The stereotype is that

touring with a band is a
nonstop party. That doesnt
seem like your M.O.
Im not really a partier. I dont get
high, I dont get drunk, and I dont
fuck with groupies. I cant stand
them. I have a girlfriend. I want to
perform at a top level. Touring is a
hard fucking job. People who come
to the show, thats their party. After
playing a show I want to shower
and go to bed.

Your girlfriend, Alissa

White-Gluz, is the lead singer
of another metal band,
Arch Enemy, so she lives the
same on-the-go lifestyle
M&F: Do you assume the role security it makes me 10 times as you. Is her commitment to
of security when a fan gets angrier because then I gotta wreck fitness as strong as yours?
out of line while youre someone, and I hate that. Alissas situps routine is murder,
onstage performing? and it makes me cry. I hate it,
Doyle: Search for that on YouTube. Whats your training regimen and she just laughs at me.
when youre on the road? Shes introduced me to a lot of
Well take that as a yes. PowerBlocks [dumbbells] and an movements. Before meeting
When I have to be the fucking adjustable bench are the last things her Id never done a lunge.

144 mUsCLe & fitness september 2015 jeremy saffer

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