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3 quarter lying position:

Forearm on Adductors
Elbow on Adductors
Fist on Adductors
Fisting medial calf
Elbow on medial calf
Mobilisation of Achilles
Forearm on ITB
Fisting the ITB (two hand technique)
STR to ITB (leg flexion & extension)
Forearm on gluteals (consistent pressure technique)
Elbow on gluteals (consider elbow flexion)
Elbow on TFL

Supine position:

Forearm on hamstrings (may have client do active leg raise)

Fisting hamstrings (may use hand to cup knee to prevent excess hip flexion)
Elbow into hamstrings
Calf squeeze (two hand fingers interlocked go easy)
Forearm on calf (longitudinal & transverse directions)
Forearm on quadriceps
Quad squeeze (two hand fingers interlocked)
Forearm on ITB
Forearm on adductors
Elbow to tibialis anterior (go easy)
Knuckling tibialis anterior

Prone position:

Forearm on calf
Elbow on calf (hand guided) (go easy really deep technique!)
Fisting the calf
Fisting the calf with dorsiflexion
Forearm to calf STR (knee flexed and supported active movement of ankle)
Knee flexed calf squeeze (two hand technique)
Forearm on hamstrings
Elbow on hamstrings
Working into ischium client semi flexed (over end of couch)
Access piriformis w/ elbow & internal, eternal rotation of hip (stretch)
Fisting to tibilais anterior knee flexed
Fisting to plantar foot (one hand supports under foot plantar flexed other applies pressure)


1. When treating abductors in lying position, which other muscles are you able to access?

2. How can you introduce an element of stretch when treating hamstrings in supine using your forearm or elbow?

3. How do you locate the TFL muscle to treat it supine?

4. When squeezing the calf with the client prone, why do you work from the ankle to the knee?

5. If possible, to which bony structure should you end your stroke when treating hamstrings in prone with your