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Advincula vs Macabata

Priscilla then took necessary actions by seeking help from the IBP, which was referred to the
Facts: Commission on Bar Discipline.
Cynthia Advincula seeks the advice of Atty. Macabata in her collectibles from Queensway
Travel and Tours. Despite receiving demand letter from Advincula, Queensway failed to settle The IBP Commission on Bar Discipline then issued an order directing Atty Abalos to filed her
the said collectibles to the former. Atty. Macabata and Advincula started to discuss the answer but she did not answer the complaint.
possibility of filing the case. The meeting happened twice in a meeting outside the office.
During these incidents, Atty. Macabata offered a ride to Advincule to send her home and right A hearing was set but still she failed to appear, therefore Toledo was allowed to present her
before Advincule stepped out of the car, Atty. Macabata kissed her on the cheeks and evidence ex-parte. The case was then submitted for resolution and while she received the
embraced her tightly. On the second incident, Atty Macabata, after kissing her on the lips, order, she did not do anything about it. Again, she ignored the order of the court.
made his advances on touching Advinculas breast. At this time, Advincula tried to resist Atty
Macabatas criminal intent and managed to go out of the car. The Commission passed the resolution recommending the suspension from practice of Atty
Toledo for a period of 6 months for consistently ignoring the orders of the court and violation
Due to said consecutive incident, Advincula decided to refer her case with another lawyer but of her oath of office as a lawyer.
she needs to get back her case folder from Atty. Macabata.
The Commission, however declined to discipline Atty Abalos for her failure to pay his
They exchanged text messages where Advincula informed Atty Macabata of her decision to obligation because it was incurred in her private capacity.
get another lawyer because of the latters advances and in return, the latter apologized.
Advincula filed a Disbarment case against Atty. Macabata. WON Atty Abalos failue to pay his obligation warrants Disbarment?

In Respondents claim, he mentioned that everything happened very spontaneously with no Ruling:
reaction from her. Such that, there was no force, no intimidation, no lewd designs displayed No.
and no breast holding was done.
The complained failure of Atty Abalos to pay his obligation does not pertain to an act
The IBP passed a resolution in favor of the Advincula. Atty Macabata was SUSPENDED from the committed in the exercise of her profession. Therefore it is not within the jurisdiction of IBP to
practive of law for 3 months on the ground that his behavior went beyond the norms of discipline Atty Abalos.
conduct required of a lawyer when dealing with or relating with a client.
The court ruled that the Commissions recommendation to suspend Atty Abalos in 6 months o
Issue: the ground of her failure to appear before the commission is disproportionate. As a lawyer,
WON Atty. Macabata committed acts that are grossly immoral that would warrant Disbarment herself, Atty Abalos is all aware that the Commission has no jusrisdiction over the complaint
or Suspension. for the collection of a sum of money which she borrowed in her private capacity. Therefore ,
her resolute refusal to appear before the Commission.
No. Toledos remedy is to file a collection case before a regular court of justice against Atty Abalos
to recover the amount, the latter, owed her.
The acts of kissing a client on the lips are distasteful however such act cannot be considered
as grossly immoral. The court now impose a suspension from the practice of law for a period of 1 month from the
date of the finality of the Resolution.
In the case at bar, Atty. Macabata admitted kissing the Advincula but elucidated that
everything happened very spontaneously. Immoral conduct was defined as an act, which is
willful, flagrant (scandalous) and shameless. To warrant disbarment or suspension, such act
must be gross that it constitutes a criminal intent, unprincipled and disgraceful to the highest Lao vs Medel
Advincula failed to provide proof of evidence against her charges, which the court considered The case stemmed from Atty Robert Medels refusal to make good in 4 RCBC checks
it as a mere allegations such that Atty Macabata took advantage of his position being a lawyer comprising a total amount of P22K issued to Engr Selwyn Lao. Numerous settlements to pay
to lure her to agree to have sexual relations. the obligations were committed but nothing was performed.
Toledo vs Abalos
Engr Lao filed an administrative case before the IBP Commissions on Bar Discipline against
Facts: Atty Medel. The latter contended that it was Engr Lao rejected all this proposals to settle his
Atty. Erlina Abalos obtained a lone of P20K from Priscilla Toleda in which she failed to pay obligations that made him unable to comply with his promise to pay the complainant.
within the agreed period of six months. Despite repeated demands, still she failed to pay her
He maintained that such act does not constitute a valid ground for disciplinary action because
it is merely a violation of BP22 which is a special law and is not punishable under the RPC. In the next hearing, while waiting for their case to be called, Atty. Medel insisted to leave
because there is family emergency that he needs to attend. He even shouted to the
He further contends that: Commissioner who is hearing all the cases that his family is more important this this
- Under Sec 27 Rule 138 of the Rules of court, a lawyer may be disbarred or suspended outstanding disbarment case. Despite objection of the complainants party and the
from his office as attorney by the Supreme Court for any: commissioner, he arrogantly left and failed to comply with his indebtedness.
o Deceit
o Malpractice IBP recommended Atty Medel for suspension from the practice of law for 2 years on the
o Other Gross Misconduct in such office grounds of violation of Lawyers oath and Code of Professional Responsibility such that
o Grossly Immoral Conduct violation of BP22 is a crime involving moral turpitude.
o By Reason of his conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude - He committed not 1 but 4 counts of violation of BP22.
o For any violation of the oath, which he is required to take before admission to - His refusal to pay his indebtedness, his broken promises, his arrogant attitude towards
practice complainants counsel and with the commissioner warrants the sanctions against him.
o For a willfull disobedience of any lawful order of a superior court
o For corruptly or willfully appearing as an attorney for a party to case without Issue:
the authority to do so. WON Atty Medels violation of BP22 warrants disbarment?
o The practice of soliciting cases at law for the purpose of gain, either
personally or through paid agents or brokers, constitutes malpractice.
- That if he will be punished by the Supreme Court under Sec 27, Rule 138 of the Rules
for the issuance of worthless checks for payment of a pre-existing obligation to the
The general rule is that a lawyer may not be suspended or disbarred, and the court may not
complainant in violation of BP22, it would be cruel and unjust law.
ordinarily assume jurisdiction to discipline him for misconduct in his professional or private
capacity. However, a general rule comes with many exceptions. In the event that a lawyer fell
- That under Sec 27, Rule 138 of the Rules, violation of BP22 is NOT one of the grounds
short of an exacting standards expected of him and he had put his moral character in serious
for disciplinary action against a member of the bar, to warrant his disbarment or
doubt, the court have the right to discipline the erring member of the bar.
suspension for his office as attorney.
The evidence clearly shows that Atty Medels propensity to issue bad checks. Such act put his
- That the issuance of a worthless check by a member of the bar, in violation of BP22,
moral character in serious doubt. However, the Commission does not find him a hopeless case
does NOT constitute DISHONES, IMMORAL or DECEITFUL conduct under Canon 1 Rule
in the light of the fact that he eventually paid his obligations to Engr Lao, although very much
1.01 of the Code of Professional Responsibility. The MERE issuance of a worthless
check, the Supreme Court is inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.
The court found Atty Medel guilty of gross misconduct and thereby Suspending him for 1 year
In his reply, the IBP-CBP scheduled the case for hearing on October 4, 2001cand during the
from practice of law.
proceeding, the parties managed to agree that Atty Medel will pay the principal debt of P22K
until July 4, 2002. The payment for Attorneys fees will be dwelled on the next hearing.