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Gredu, Panabo City


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Janlenn Y. Gepaya


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The teacher as a person 3


The teacher in the classroom 14


The teacher in the community 19


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FS 6
Name of FS Student: Janlenn Y. Gepaya

Course: EARNER Year & Section:

Resource Teacher 1______________________Signature________ Date_____________

Cooperating School: NORTH DAVAO COLLEGES


At the end of this episode, you will gain competence in

clarifying your values about teaching, and in articulating
and demonstrating ones personal philosophy of teaching
the end goal is to be a positive a role model for students.

For you to be an effective teacher in the future It is

important to first start with an awareness of your values
about teaching and then write your mission statement or
philosophy that you will uphold with conviction.
To reach my target, I did the following tasks:

Step1. Interview 3-5 teachers about their

beliefs on the why, what and how of
Step2. Analyze the values and
philosophy behind the teachers beliefs.

Step3. Reflect about your own values

and philosophy about teaching.

Step4. Express these values and

philosophy in your mission statement.

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1. Teachers name:
Subject taught: English level:
My goal for my students is/are:
My goals for my students are to learn with excellence.

What I really want for my students is/are:

What I really want to teach to my students is to value their
education by studying well.

I will teach my students by:

I will teach my students by using methods that they could
understand easily.

2. Teachers name:
Subject taught: level:
My goal for my students is/are:
My goals for my students are ability to communicate effectively
and to simulate the development of critical thinking.

What I really want for my students is/are:

I want to teach my students the proper motivation and guidance,
so that my students will engage actively in the class and improve
their innate talents.

I will teach my students by:

I will teach my students by different approaches, teachniques
and methods.

3. Teachers name:
Subject taught: level:
My goal for my students is/are:
To excel in their class with moral values.

What I really want for my students is/are:

To teach that not only to learn but to apply what they learn in
daily living.

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I will teach my students by:
I will teach my students by being a facilitator. As a facilitator, I
will guide my students through the subject matter in order to
assist the students in their own discoveries.


Teachers Analysis values Analysis Reflections,

responses reflected philosophy comments/reaction
reflected s (do you
with views of the
teacher? Is it
from your own
view? Write your
statements here.
Teacher 1

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a. Why teach To guide the Essentialism Yes, I agree about
students in order the views of the
to learn. teacher. First in
assisting her
students to learn.
b. What to Teach the Progressivism It is important for
teach students how to the students to
value their value what they
education. learned from their
teacher because it
could be helpful in
their daily routine,
finding career and
to be useful in
c. How to Shows people Progressivism It is good also to
teach who become site some
successful. examples that
already became
successful for them
to be encouraged
and motivated.

Teacher 2
a. Why teach To concentrate Progressivism I do agree in her
their studies, philosophy,
strive hard to because teaching
succeed. students to strive
hard could be the
best possible way
to teach them
study seriously.
b. What to I want them to Essentialism Sometimes we
teach feel that learning teachers should
is fun and they consider fun
should give learning for the
importance on it. students not get
bored in their

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c. How to I want them to Existentialism I do agree that
teach appreciate how youre meaningless
life with if youre not
education. educated.
Teacher 3
a. Why teach For them to learn Progressivism I do agree that
more students will learn
more inside the
classroom through
assistance and
b. What to Lessons that Existentialism Teaching students
teach could be useful the useful skills
in their daily life. could be helpful in
their daily life.
c. How to I will teach my Progressivism I do believe that
teach students the there is no such best
best that I can. method that a
Discover things teacher could offer
to her/his students
and methods
but the teachers
could be helpful.
best could be

My Analysis What values and

philosophies are reflected
in the teachers
responses? You can jot
down your thoughts here,
and then write your final
answers on the teachers
Teacher 1
Values and Philosophy
Maam ______ is a Progressivist and the onEssentialist
same time the preceding
since she
responds to the students needs which is to value their education by
studying and she wants to guide them to learn.

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Teacher 2

The teacher wants her students to have an ability to communicate

effectively and to stimulate the development of critical thinking and to a
proper motivation and guidance, so that the students will engage
actively in the class and improve their innate talent using different
approaches, techniques and methods.

Teacher 3

Teacher wants her students to learn ho to ead, write, and to become a

better citizen. Teacher wants her students to have good value and
knowledge to become a principled and well-rounded person. Teach those
values and concepts that lives and help them be a productive citizen.

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My Reflections

1. Which views do you agree with? Disagree with? Expound.

I agree with the teacher who wants the students to value their
education because it is a big factor for their success in life.
I have no disagreement with their views because all of it is
applicable in a certain situation.

2. This time, its your turn to answer the three sentence completion
a. My goal/s for my students are:
- I want my students to learn basic education first. To become useful
in our community by teaching them the skills needed for their
specific tracks or career path, a responsible individual, especially in
their studies and in the end of the school year, they will be able to
compete in other students or in other people.
b. What I really want to teach my students are:
- I really want to teach them the values they needed to, the skills,
and the things their interested to for them to have the willingness to
learn and motivate them to continue or persevere their studies. The
impermanence of life that we should make the most out of it as long
as we live.
c. I will teach my students by:
- Thinking best strategies and methods that I could use in my
lessons. Of course I knew that there is no such best method that we
teachers could use in teaching-learning process but I, as a 21 st
century teacher I will do my best to find some strategies and
methods that could fit in the needs of my students and also I will
apply some useful principles in learning.

What philosophy do you adhere to? Why?

Essentialism because this writer strongly believes in a strong

core curriculum and high academic standards.

3. A mission statement is a clear and concise expression of your beliefs,

values and philosophy. Write your own mission statement here. Below
is a sample, but you are free to make your own format. Just K.I.S.S. it.

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Keep it short and simple, so that you can remember it by heart. Most
importantly, that you will live by it.


Who Listens both to words and silences

Who Opens minds to wonder and explore
Who Values thorough preparation
Who Enjoys the daily routines

Who Celebrates individual differences

Who Advocates a child-friendly environment
Who Relishes life-long learning
Who Educates STATEMENT
not just the mind AS A FUTURE TEACHER
But the heart and spirit as well.

As a future teacher, I wish to influence the lives of others through

experience. Maria Rita D. Lucas

My mission is to inspire my students and influence them to be

creative and independent thinkers.

I want to make learning fun and interactive for all of my students

Education is the future of our nation and the world. And I am

pleased to be on my way to becoming a teacher.

10 | P a g e
Additional Enjoyable Reflective Activities

a. If you were a school tool (ruler, pencil, paper, etc.) what would you be?

I am a pencil. I will be a tool

for my students to make
them write something they
wanted to write and help
them write everything they
learned and their life as what
they wanted to become.

11 | P a g e
b. If you were a subject (math, English, science, etc.), what would you
be? Why?

I am ENGLISH. Because I want to

engage my students in writings
like poems, stories etc. To
correct their grammar to be able
to enhance their writing skills. To
engage those in literature
because theres a lot of fun in

c. If you were school furniture (table, chair, blackboard, etc.), what would
you be? Why?

I like to be a bulletin board.

Literally its the thing were
important matters posted. I
would be a kind of thing where
my students are the important
matters. Im a thing where my
missions are to educate and
mold my students into better
individual in the future. I will
share them also the best which
I had learned in my entire
studies and make them a
competitive individual.

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FS 6
Name of FS Student: Janlenn Y. Gepaya

Course: EARNER Year & Section:

Resource Teacher 1______________________Signature________ Date_____________

Cooperating School: NORTH DAVAO COLLEGES


At the end of this episode, you will gain

competence in establishing routines and
procedures, to make the physical environment
conducive learning.

13 | P a g e
Among the various role of a teacher is that of a
classroom manager. For you to be an effective teacher in
the future it is important to have the necessary skills in
having a well-managed learning environment.
To reach my target, I did the following tasks:

Step1. Observe a class. Describe the supportive

measures that the teacher uses to manage the
leading environment.

Step2. Analyze the effectiveness of the supportive

measures in the different classroom management

Step3. Reflect on how you can achieve a well-

managed classroom.
Observation Report
Name of school observed: NORTH DAVAO COLLEGES

School Address: Quirino St. Panabo City

Date of visit:

The surroundings were good for learning

Particularly in the classroom because it is well
Ventilated. It has adequate lighting and clean.

The teacher was very nice and accommodating.

She has the mastery of the subject matter
because the discussion went smoothly.
The class observed manages to tackle

14 | P a g e
The subject matter in a short period of time
Therefore making it possible for the teacher
to go to the next topic.

Classroom Management Matrix

Classroom Management Observation Your Analysis Your Analysis

Area Description of the Comments on the Recommendations
Supportive Effectiveness of the
Measures Supportive Measure
1. Organizational Teacher has Effective because you Organizational plan
plan provided both can see the pupils are should be maintained
individual activityactive. by the teacher and the
and group activity students.
2. Schedule All activities are By giving an allotted Keep on following the
done in the right time for the task to be schedule to perform
time. performed the teacher the task properly.
makes sure that the
students will give their
100% attention.
3. Record keeping The teacher is By recording the Continue to record the
always checking the students performance of the
assignments of the achievement, the students fairly.
students. teacher make sure
that the students get
their due grade.

15 | P a g e
4. Physical A clean classroom Students are very Teachers and students
environment where everything comfortable in their should cooperate in
was arranged classroom because maintaining the
neatly, both its clean. cleanliness of the
attractive and a classroom.
comfortable to stay
5. Discipline The teacher always It s always important To have orderly and
makes sure that his that students are organized class,
students follow disciplined to have an students should be
proper behavior. orderly class. discipline.
6. Routine Routines a normal The students can do it Make sure that the
practice that is too with less provision. routines are followed
followed. properly.


In what area of classroom management was the teacher most

Which of the supportive measures were effective? Why?

All of the supportive measures observed were effective

except for some issues with discipline which in my
opinion are just naturally given that the observed
students were just minors.

In what area of classroom management was the teacher least

Which of the supportive measures were not effective? Why?
It cannot be said that the teacher is less effective when it comes
to discipline, there may be some issues with it but it should be
considered that the students are minors and are prone to
disciplinary issues.

Suggest more effective ways for your answer in number 2.

16 | P a g e
I think it is normal that you cant follow all the guidelines in
classroom management when it comes to the actualization of the
activity. Sometimes teachers have to given a lot of time to
emphasize the topic to the students.

1. Describe at least 3-5 characteristics of a teacher who can establish

a well-managed classroom?
These are the characteristics of a teacher who can establish
a well-managed classroom;
Teacher should have attitudes, opinion and emotions
which help, rather than inhibit, the students learning.
Teacher should determine the appropriateness of
student behavior, and arrange contingencies for
various behaviors.
The teacher should be creative in learning process and
My Reflections
2. What characteristics you have at present that can make you an
effective classroom manager? Elaborate how these characteristics can
help you.

For me, I have passion in creativity in classroom

management. I always say that I love teaching to be able to
become positive in the field. At present I can claim that my
characteristics are being organized and fair.

3. What characteristics do you have at present that can hamper you from
becoming an effective classroom manager? How can you overcome these

Focus is the main characteristic that this writer lacks at the

moment. But, with due time and given more responsibilities I
believe that I will overcome it.

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FS 6
Name of FS Student: Janlenn Y. Gepaya

Course: EARNER Year & Section:

Resource Teacher 1______________________Signature________ Date_____________

Cooperating School: NORTH DAVAO COLLEGES


At the end of this episode, you will gain competence in

identifying possible linkages between the school and the
community. Particularly those that will help attain
curricular goals.


The teacher never lives in isolation. For you to be an

effective teacher in the future it is vital to force genuine
18 | P a g e
win-win relationship between the school and the
To reach my target, I did the following tasks:

Step1. Turn the community around your

cooperating school.
Step2. Gather information about the
issues/concerns/problems of the community that affects
the school where the teacher and students can help. Also,
gather information about the resources of community.
1. Schools locality. Describe the schools location. Describe the
neighboringStep3. Analyze
areas, the possible
and the linkages
community. Whatthat school and
historical the
landmarks do
community can have.
you see? Are there monuments? Read the monument markers. This
may give you an idea about the history of the place. What
Step4. Reflect
government organizations on the
present? vital are
What rolethe
of the teacher
trusts as aNGOs?
of this
member of
2. Issues/concerns/problems. the community.
Identify the issues/concerns/problems of
the community. How is the traffic condition? Pollution? How about the
peace and order situation? Juvenile Delinquency? Security for
children? Political climate? Look into provision of basic needs, like
electricity, water, etc.
3. Resources of the community. Locate the resources of the community,
that the teachers and the students can utilize, like parks, museums,
library, concert halls, movie house, shops, factories, industries sports
and recreational centers, health centers, etc. what instructional
materials can be obtained from the community.
4. Community assistance /service from the school. How does the school
serve the community? Do the schools personnel serve as resource
persons? How does the school participate in town celebrations? How
does the school contribute to the value formation of the community?
What community projects is the school involved in?

19 | P a g e

Name of the school observed: North Davao Colleges

School Address: Quirino St. Gredu, Panabo City

Date of Visit:

The school is located at Brgy. Gredu, Panabo City. The city is known in
banana industries, fisheries and agriculture and export trades where most of
the people worked for. The community has museums, concert halls, big
hospitals, libraries, sport centers, beautiful park, and other reliable
companies that help people to have an opportunities and sources of income.
The condition of the community in terms of traffic is good because the City
had already have a traffic light and traffic enforcers to ensure that the safety
and the for the good way condition of the place. Some issues of the
community are that there are few trees planted, garbages were not totally
segregated, and dont have proper flows of canals. The community should be
clean and well environment for the students to have a good environment to
study and live for.

In terms of community assistance/service given by the school, the school is

involved in every celebration of the city during Barangay and Municipal
activities. Coordinate a harmonious relationship through the organization of
the PTA. The community would in turn show their gratitude and appreciation
by keeping their surroundings clean and comfortable for the children, and by
sharing resources whenever needed.

20 | P a g e
21 | P a g e

Suggest what new ways by which the school can creatively use the resources
of the community.

If the school has a vacant area they can used that area by planting
vegetables or any kind that the community could benefit and also it will
make the place clean.
1. How did you feel while you were going around the community? What
things of
Beautification didthe
learn that you mighttree
through haveplanting
taken foringranted before?
every household
I have learned that the community and the school
and cleanliness through proper waste disposal are voluntarily undertaken are inter-related
both, thus creating wheneverand
a disciplined there is an activity
wholesome in the community the school
always participates in those activities such as clean-up drive,
beautification projects, etc. Same also for the school whenever they
need some helping hand in the form of money or labor the
How can the school address
community theits
tries issues/concerns/
best to help. and problems of the
2. As a future teacher, what do you think will be your role in the community?
The school should coordinate to the local officials and actively involved in
any activities
As a would
futurehelp improve
teacher I will and
be adevelop the community.
good example to everyone. Teach my
students the proper values and how to help the community in their
own little way.

3. How will you encourage more community participation among the

teachers and the students?

By volunteering every time the community is doing a worthwhile

project such as gift giving, clean-up drive, beautification projects,


What possible linkages can the community and the schools have?

The local officials within the community could offer any scholarships to
the deserving students who cannot afford to go to school. A strong spirit
22 | P a g e
of cooperation is exhibited as well as sharing of expertise and material

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