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Labor Relations

Right to Self-Organization
Existence of Employer-Employee Relationship Is Necessary
1. La Suerte Cigar & Cigarette Factory v. Director of BLR, GR No. L-
55674., July 25, 1983

Who May Unionize for Purposes of Collective Bargaining Negotiations

2. UST Faculty Union v. Bitonio. GR No. 131235, November 16, 1999

Bargaining Unit Defined

3. Holy Child Catholic School v. Sto. Tomas, G.R. No. 179146, July 23,

Test to Determine the Constituency of a Bargaining Unit

4. Cruzvale, Inc. v. Laguesma, G.R. No. 124193, March 6, 1998

Certification Election
Role of Employer In Certification Election/Bystander rule
5. Holy Child Catholic School v. Sto. Tomas, G.R. No. 179146, July 23,

Effect of Commingling of Supervisory and Rank-and-File Employees/

Remedy of Employer in Case of Inclusion of Disqualified Employees in a
6. Holy Child Catholic School v. Sto. Tomas, G.R. No. 179146, July 23,

Petition to Cancel/Revoke Registration is not a Prejudicial Question to

Petition for Certification Election
7. Pepsi-Cola Products Phils. v. Secretary of Labor, G.R. No. 96663,
August 10, 1999

Votes of Employees Previously Dismissed May be Included Pending

Illegal Dismissal Case
8. Yokohama v. Yokohama Employees Union, G.R. No. 159553,
December 10, 2007

Local Union is the Principal, Federation the Agent
9. Elisco-Elirol Labor Union v. Noriel, G.R. No. L-41955, December 29,

When to Disaffiliate
10.PEMA) and Philippine National Bank (PNB), G.R. No. 174287, August
12, 2013
11.Associated Workers Union-PTGWO v. NLRC, G.R. Nos. 8726669,
July 30, 1990

Disaffiliation; Effect on Existing CBA; The Substitutionary Doctrine

12.Associated Workers Union-PTGWO v. NLRC, G.R. No. 8726669,
July 30, 1990

Disaffiliation: Claims of Local Unions are Preferred

13.Philippine Skylanders, Inc. v. NLRC, G.R. No. 127374, January 31,

14. Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc. v. The Secretary of
the Department of Labor and Employment, G.R. No. 183317,
December 21, 2009

Right to Collective Bargaining

Collective Bargaining
15.Marcopper Mining Corp. v. NLRC. G.R. No. 103525, March 29, 1996
16. Goya, Inc. v. Goya, Inc. Employees Union-FFW, G.R. No. 170054,
January 21, 2013
17. E. Razon, Inc., et al. v. Secretary of Labor, et al. G.R. No. 85867,
May 13, 1993).
18. San Miguel Corporation v. Laguesma, G.R. No. 100485. September
21, 1994).
19. Kiok Loy v. NLRC, G.R. No. L-54334, January 22, 1986
20. Divine Word University of Tacloban v. Secretary of Labor, G.R. No.
91915, September 11, 1992
21. Pier 8 Arrastre & Stevedoring Services, Inc. v. Roldan-Confessor, GR
No. 110854, February 13, 1995

Non-member Employees claim of benefits from a CBA

22. New Pacific Timber & Supply Company, Inc., v. NLRC, G.R. No.
124224, March 17, 2000

Employee-Members of a Cooperative
23. San Jose Electric Service Cooperative, Inc. v. Ministry of Labor, G.R.
No. 77231, May 31, 1989

Members of Religious Sect

24. Victoriano v. Elizalde Rope Workers Union, G.R. No. L-25246,
September 12, 1974
25. Kapatiran sa Meat and Canning Division v. BLR Director, G.R. No. L-
82914, June 20, 1988

Government Employees
26. Arizala et al., v. CA. G.R. Nos. L-4363334, September 14, 1990
Confidential Employees
27. Sugbuanon Rural Bank, Inc. v. Laguesma, G.R. No. 116194,
February 2, 2000

Retired Employees
28. Producers Bank of the Phil. v. NLRC and Producers Bank Employees
Association, G.R. No. 118069, November 16, 1998

29. San Miguel Corp. Employees Union-PTGWO, etc. v. Confesor, San
Miguel Corporation, Magnolia Corp. and San Miguel Foods, Inc., G.R.
No. 111262, September 19, 1996

Union Security
Union Security Clause
30. Manila Mandarin Employees Union v. NLRC, G.R. No. 76989,
September 29, 1987

Requisites for Termination Based on Union Security Clause

31. Alabang Country Club, Inc. v. NLRC, G.R. No. 170287, February 14,

Agency Fee Instead Of Union Membership

32. Holy Cross of Davao College v. Joaquin, et al. G.R. No. 110007.
October 18, 1996

Employers Liability in Check-off Arrangement

33. Holy Cross of Davao College v. Joaquin, et al., G.R. No. 11007,
October 18, 1996