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Hello and welcome to Paradise Seeds!
Congratulations, here you have a collection of the finest cannabis The given THC percentages are estimations. Since the plants are
genetics, available for you to choose from. Ever since we started never grown under exactly the same conditions, the THC
growing cannabis from the early 1980's on, we have selected the percentage can differ. The highest THC percentage can be
best genetics which resulted in a solid strain base. Working with achieved from plants grown in optimum conditions.
the most potent, aromatic and tasty plants has led to the creation
of the powerful and highly valued connoisseur strains we Feminised Seeds
offer today. Some of our varieties are also available as feminised seeds.
Our feminised seeds are produced by treating selected female
How we work plants, in order to have them produce male flowers instead. The
Quality control is very important to us. We only sell fresh, pollen from the treated plants is used to pollinate the sister
mature seeds and we test all batches regularly on viability and plants, which will give feminised seeds for the production of
germination. This way we can guarantee our customers will only female plants only. It is easy and efficient, a good alternative for
get healthy, living seeds that are sure to grow top-quality plants. clones.
Our seeds are organically produced and contain all the elements
for a good start. Paradise Seeds guarantees a 95% germination Medicinal use
rate. See our grow info to read about the best conditions to Cannabis has always been used as a medicine,
germinate seeds. it has been one of the most valuable drugs for humans since
ancient times and nowadays
About our strains it is rediscovered and recognized as such
Our seeds produce the same quality strains you can read about by doctors and proven by scientists Medical patients around
in our descriptions and see on the photos. You can be sure, the world noticed that the Paradise seeds varieties
you will receive the same seeds we use to win cannabis cups! are excellent to help relieve pain and suffering,
More then 10 awards have been won by Paradise Seeds. reduce nausea, induce appetite and treat a
We proudly state that with Paradise Seeds you can obtain range of other ailments for people who

cannabis of the finest taste and quality. require medical marijuana. For many peo-
ple, marijuana is the most effective medi-
All our varieties can be grown indoors and outdoors in milder, cine and essential to make life bearable.

sunnier regions, like France, Italy or Spain. Rox and Sweet- ED
purple were especially developed to grow outdoors in colder Paradise Seeds' varieties are qualified for ICAL
and humid regions. medicinal use by the IACM (International
In the varieties descrip- Association for Cannabis as Medicine).
tions you can read the
approximate harvest
time when grown
under the sun.
3 350
450 THC:
50 n.L. 400 16-18%
Sensi Star 50 s.L. 500 5 70,-

Type: Mostly Indica with a hint Sensi Star is one of the and very compact buds, she retains a complex high
of Sativa strongest Indica's you will crowned with legendary that warps both body and
Flowering time: 56 - 63 days ever encounter. It's a great amounts of resin. soul. This headstrong indica
indoors. Outdoors beginning plant, producing powerful Although mostly indica, produces rock hard colas that
of October (n.L.) have a lemony / metal scent
Effect/Buzz: Strong physical Winner 1st prize Highlife Cannabis Winner 2nd prize Highlife Feria and taste.
and possible cerebral effect Cup 1999 (Bio category) Barcelona 2004
- -
Smell/Taste: Pungent Winner 1st prize High Times Winner 3d prize International
Cannabis Cup 1999 Cannagraphics 2005
(Indica category) -
- Winner 3rd prize Copa La Bella
Winner 2nd prize High Times Flor Spain 2005
Cannabis Cup 2000 -
Winner 3rd prize High Times
(Indica category)
- Cannabis Cup 2005
Plant of the Year 2003, Winner 2nd prize Champions
High Times magazine Cup Spain 2005
Winner 1st prize Highlife
Cannabis Cup 2004
(Bio category)
Swiss Bliss Nebula

3 400
3 500
45 n.L.
600+ 16-18% 50 n.L. 500 16-18%
45 s.L. 50 s.L. 600 5 60,-

Type: Mostly Sativa Sativa characteristics. Type: Indica / Sativa take you into the realms
Flowering time: 63 - 70 The abundant growth and Flowering time: 60 - 65 days of space. The buzz is tran-
days indoors. Outdoors branching pattern makes indoors. Outdoors middle scendental and cerebral,
end October (n.L.) this variety ideal for pruning. of October (n.L.) sometimes even a little
Effect/Buzz: Ecstatic bliss You can put less plants per Effect/Buzz: Cerebral, trippy psychedelic. Nebula may
Smell/Taste: Tutti fruity square meter as you would Smell/Taste: Fruity/sweet earn the nickname "honey
have in a sea pot" for its sweet smell and
This sensational Sativa of green setup, and still Nebula has an open struc- distinctively honeyed fruit
plant was named Swiss be able to harvest a terrific ture that is excellent for flavor. This variety is a fun
Bliss for its extremely tasty yield of very nice long indoor farming where the tasty smoke, even for the
and superb euphoric quali- sticky buds. The mouth is plants perform with opti- veteran stoner.
ties, but also for its extraor- tickled by beautiful flavours mal results in a sea of
dinary life, as it escaped from tropical fruits. It's like green set-up. Nebula
out of the police hands opening a can of tutti stretches slightly, but pro-
back to fruity. When inhaled you duces obese buds when
Paradise. feel in a state of bliss, placed under lots of light.
Swiss Bliss ecstatic and joyful, really Like the name suggests,
is a fabulous high! Take the challenge Nebula twinkles with the
variety, with of this legend and enjoy coating of THC glands,
mostly her splendor! which are bound to Winner 3d prize Highlife Cup
2004 (hydro category)
Winner 1st prize Copa La Bella
Flor Spain 2005
Winner 2nd prize Hightimes
Cannabis Cup 2005
Sheherazade Amsterdam Flame

3 450
3 400
450 THC:
50 n.L.
400 16-18% 50 n.L.
500+ 16-20%
50 s.L. 5 55,- 50 s.L.

Type: Mostly Indica and may register on a Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering time: 56 - 60 cerebral level too. Flowering time: 55 - 60
days indoors. Outdoors, The flavor is as heavy and days indoors. Outdoors 3rd
middle of October (n.L.) sweet as the enticing odor. week of October (n.L.)
Effect/Buzz: Body relaxation Sheherazade stays on the Effect/Buzz:
and medical qualities short side and hardly Body relaxation
Smell/Taste: Musky/sweet branches or stretches at all. Smell/Taste: Fruit (mango/ Indoors, the Flame does
nectarine/strawberry type) well in hydro, coco or soil
Sheherazade reveals her She tends to grow one media.
Afghani-Kush heritage in stem with a large top floral Amsterdam Flame is a With a THC content of 19.2
compact appearance and cluster and is perfect for a small-statured indica with percent, this variety pro-
other growth characteris- sea of green set-up. sparkling looks and colorful duces a pleasantly potent
tics, but the one-quarter buds that are highly crys- high. Amsterdam Flame
Sativa shines through in tallized and dewy with combines bodily relaxation
the quality of the high, resin.The controlled size with a sweet fruity smell to
which is dynamic and long does not take away from create a truly outstanding
lasting. an impressive yield, typi- gourmet bud that satisfies
The overall sensation is cally with one large main all the senses. The taste is
one of bodily relaxation, cola, requiring less plants soft and subtle with a hint
warm caressing and deep, to produce good harvests. of strawberry.
Winner 2nd prize Highlife
Cannabis Cup 2005
3 500
50 n.L. 600 16-18%
Dutch Dragon 50 s.L. 700 5 50,-

Type: Sativa/Indica (75/25)

Flowering time: 63 - 70 days
indoors. Outdoors middle of
October (n.L.)
Effect/Buzz: A nice clear
high with relaxing effects
Smell/Taste: Fruity/sweet

Dutch Dragon is a huge Sativa

variety that produces superb
yields from long sticky colas.
The aroma is very citrusy and
sweet, like tangerines, as is the
taste. The buzz is a lasting, clear
high that increases an appetite
for music and pleasure.

Dutch Dragon, with her South

African heritage, performs best
in warm climates. She grows
into a tall plant with smallish
fan shaped leaves and thick
fox-tail buds. Indoors, height
may need to be considered
in your grow space, and be
controlled by flowering early.
When grown outside mid
October is favorable for har-
vesting this dragon who can
get as tall as 3 meters.

* Winner 1st prize Highlife Cannabis

Cup 2006 (Bio category)
Grow information
Germinating our seeds Hydroponics they can be planted outdoors, has shortened to 15 hours, the
is easy If you prefer to germinate the in rich soil either in the full plants will start to bloom. The
In soil seeds directly in soaked rock ground or in large pots. In plant and yield can become
If you want to let the seeds wool cubes, use water with southern Europe, or other very impressive!
germinate directly in soil place warm and sunny regions,
them in 50% moist soil at a this can be done as early as * Cultivation in the tropics
depth of 1cm. It is best to use March, while in colder coun- Expect from mostly Indica
special soil for seedlings, tries like Holland one should varieties short plants!
which has a pH of around 6. wait until the beginning of They will start to flower
It's best to use a mini green- May. almost immediately and with
house or have your tray cov- plants that hardly stretch
ered with a transparent plastic Outdoors, the development of when the photo period is not
foil until the seeds have your plants is determined by exceeding 12 hours a day,
sprouted in approximately a pH level of 5.5 to soak them the amount of sunshine, it's you will not yield a good
3 to 7 days. to come to a pH of around 6 your task to help nature by harvest. In the tropics with
in the block. Then the seedlings providing sufficient water and the mostly Indica varieties
The temperature should be are able to transport all nutrients. When the light cycle one needs to use lamps to
around 20 degrees Celsius nutrients that are required
(68 F).make sure the soil stays to grow.
evenly moist during the first Be very careful, the plants
two weeks by spraying it can easily burn or dry out.
regularly. You can also That's why you should keep
germinate seeds in between the baby plants moist but
wet tissue or cotton wool, don't give them too much
which you have to keep moist fertilizer.
and in the dark at room
temperature. After a couple
of days they will have Cultivation outdoors
sprouted and are ready to Once the plants are big
be transplanted. enough, 15-20 cm (6-8 inches),
increase the hours of light Nutrients
per day. Only then the plants Cannabis plants can best
can grow big enough to absorb and transport all
become fully developed necessary nutrients at a pH
plants. value of 5.5 - 6,5. This way the
whole plant thrives, which
Cultivation in green houses results in maximum growth
The quality of plants grown
in greenhouses can be better
than plants grown outside.
They can grow as indoor
plants, but have the big
advantage of sunlight.

Here, the plants can be well S And this is a fully developed male flower.
controlled. If you artificially
shorten the light cycle to
12 hours, by covering the and leads to more yield. The gender shows only when the most of the little stigmas
plants or whole greenhouse, plants require different levels pre-flowers appear. (hairs) on the flowers have
you can harvest in the middle of nutrients during different turned from white to brown/
of summer and if organised stages of their lifecycle. orange.
well twice a year. Many nutrient companies have The Harvest
fertilizing schedules for their Harvest when the flowers are Now you can trim of the leaves
Cultivation Indoors products. ripe. The trick is to harvest and let the buds dry in a cool
The quality of indoor plants when the resin glands are and dark place. About 14 days
is often very high. It is a little Sensimilla (without seeds) swollen to their maximum later you can experience your
more complicated because To prevent the plants making size, which you can see own grown quality super buds!
you have to control the whole seeds, you have to remove best with a magnifying glass.
environment. A less accurate way is to
watch if the daily production
Make sure the temperature of flowers have stopped and
does not exceed 30 C (86F)
or get cooler than 20C (68 F).
The room should be well
Enclosed humidity should be
around 80% during the growing
period, but needs to be lower
than 60% at the end of the * This is how a female pistil
flowering period to prevent in pre- flowering stage
fungus. looks like

We advise you to read a book the male plants. The female

on growing. Although growing plants are the ones that
indoors isn't difficult, having should stay to bloom until the
some knowledge of the basic buds are ripe to pick. Cannabis * Here you can see a close-up
techniques is definitely a male and female plants are of a single male calyx in the
big advantage. alike at the vegetative stage, pre-flowering stage.
Sativa Spirit Rox

3 500
3 350
45 n.L.
600+ 14-16% 55 n.L.
300 14-16%
45 s.L. 55 s.L.

Type: Sativa dominant. then staying home. It's a Type: Indica dominant. fruity aroma as fresh and
Flowering time: 63 - 70 happy high that sparks Flowering time: Approx. 56 sweet as strawberry-mint!
days indoors. Outdoors creativity. days indoors. Outdoors The high has a 'feelgood'
middle end of October (n.L.) middle of September (n.L.) effect on the body and
Effect/Buzz: Uplifting, These plants grow tall Effect/Buzz: Energetic, soul. Not a 9 to 5 smoke,
energetic and lanky, have long and direct Rox has an energetic and
Smell/Taste: Fruity big-sized frosty buds, Smell/Taste: Fruity direct effect which makes it
yielding outdoors up an excellent party smoke.
Sativa Spirit is an unusually to 600 grams per plant Rox is named for her hard,
hardy and tractable plant or more. dense buds, green rocks Sister of the Swiss
that is easy to grow indoors of plant matter that are cannabiscup winner 2004,
or out. This delicious herb coated in resin. This plant Erdbeeri.
that tastes like berries and is well adapted to colder
red grapes is uplifting and regions. A strong mold-
with its smooth inhale and resistance means Rox
Sativa high it is a pleasure can grow outside in rainy
to smoke. Her energetic climates like Holland.
buzz comes on fast, makes
you want to be active, These hard nuggets are a
craving for a trip to the pleasure to smoke, with a
beach or nightclub rather gorgeous smell and tangy,
3 3 g/m2
450 THC:
50 n.L. 14-16%
Sugar Babe 50 s.L.

Type: Mostly Indica

Flowering time: 54 - 60 days
indoors. Outdoors early
October (n.L.)
Effect/Buzz: Energetic,
Smell/Taste: Lemon, metal

This variety is a true beauty,

powerful as an Indica plant
can be with compact full buds.
She truly looks as 'sugar
frosted' as the Alpine moun-
taintops where she originated.
Like many Afghan-influenced
strains, Sugar Babe adapts
well to most outdoor areas,
finishing by October in
Northern Europe.

The smoke is very distinctive

and fresh, a bit like lemon
with a clean metal taste to it.
Although Indica dominates
her genes, this variety's stone
is energetic and uplifting.
It encourages activities,
and is especially great
for any recreations in the
great outdoors.
3 400
450 THC:
55 n.L. 14-16%
Durga Mata The Mother Goddess
55 s.L.

Type: Indica The buzz is potent and physi- makes it perfect for a sea of
Flowering time: Approx. cally relaxing. The aroma is green setup.
56 days indoors. Outdoors perfume like with a taste of
beginning of October (n.L.) Turkish fruit. The medical Durga Mata survives rough
Effect/Buzz: Body relaxing qualities of this herb are treatment and still performs
and medical qualities highly appreciated by medical very well, and has a natural
Smell/Taste: Perfume users for the longlasting resistance to pests, making
relaxing effects. The variety is this variety an excellent choice
Durga Mata will bring out reliable, homogeneous, with for starters and experienced
your inner philosopher. clone like results, which growers alike.
Magic Bud Belladonna

3 400
3 450
500 THC:
50 n.L.
500 14-16% 55 n.L.
600 16-18%
50 s.L. 5 30,- 55 s.L.

Type: Indica/ Sativa you (or your friends) do Type: Sativa/Indica The aroma and taste
Flowering time: Approx. 56 not give into the urge to Flowering time: 60 days is fruity and pungent.
days indoors. Outdoors cut of a branch before she indoors. Outdoors: middle Belladonna delivers a
Middle of October (n.L.) is fully ripened. of October (n.L.) trippy high with peaks of
Effects/Buzz: Pleasant Effect/Buzz: Trippy hallucinogenic rushes.
Sativa-Indica high Because of the somewhat Smell/Taste: Fruity/pungent
Smell/Taste: Floral-aromatic bushy growth patterns, a While popular in California
little more space will show Mostly sativa with indica and Spain, she has per-
Magic Bud is a fine blend the full potential of this tendencies, Belladonna is formed well outdoors even
of Indica and Sativa. plant. an ideal cross for quality in the less hospitable
Her appealing velvet looks and yield. Dutch climate.
during flowering are a When dried and cured the Her resistance to mold may
pleasure for the eye, and Magic smokes smooth with This variety combines a be in part responsible for
you have to be careful that a pleasant floral aromatic quick harvest time with a her outdoor stamina.
taste. The body relaxing sativa high. In part named
effect combined with a for her beauty, Belladonna
strong potent high is magi- is a pleasant looking plant
cal, you will feel at ease with moderate foliage,
with everything you do. indica growth patterns and
tight, slightly orange buds.

Winner 3d prize Highlife

Feria Barcelona 2005
Sweet Purple

Paradise Body Care

Paradise Seeds also offers a cosmetic line,
Paradise Body Care. Our all natural care
products contain hemp oil which is one of
the most valuable oils for the skin.
Your body will feel the difference and loves it!

Best hemp product -

Spannabis 2005

7 -
55 n.L.
500 12-14%
55 s.L.

Type: Purple Indica/Sativa additional benefit of resis-

Flowering time: End ting mold. These vigorous
Sep/beg Oct (n.L.) plant stand up to cold, wet
Effect/Buzz: clear, climates and grow to a full
physically relaxing height of about 2.5 meters.
Smell/Taste: Herbal Paradise Hemp
Sweet Purple has a strong Try our stylish Paradise hemp accessories collection,
As the name implies, this herbal, minty bouquet made of environmental friendly, finest quality hemp and
strain most of the time underlined by a sweet cotton. It is a pleasure to wear and to have, its functional,
keeps the coloration of the tone. The high is a pleasant durable and highly fashionable! You will enjoy it!
purple parent, while gaining bodily sensation, but also
sweetness and potency retains a lucid edge that
from the Dutch part of the may increase your sense
family. This mostly Indica of concentration.
mix was especially bred
for outdoor gardens in
temperate climates.
Sweet Purple is a strong
variety that has the
Winner 3rd prize Highlife Cannabis Cup
2004 (Outdoor category)
Suitable for indoor

Order information cultivation.

Suitable for outdoor
cultivation between the
indicated latitudes.

There are several ways to order our fine seeds. We offer a quick, reliable and discreet
Indoor yield in grams per
service. You are sure to always get the freshest seeds and a free catalogue. square meter.
Outdoor yield in grams
* Order online through the order page on our website www.paradise-seeds.com per plant.
and pay by credit card or bank transfer.

* Send your order to us by fax (0031 20-6795422) or email (info@paradise-seeds.com)

and pay by bank transfer to Paradise Seeds B.V., ABN Amro bank Indication of the THC-
Account number: 620461128, Swift/ Bic: ABN ANL 2A, IBAN : NL07ABNA062046112

* Send your order and cash payment (in Euros, no coins) by registered letter to:
Paradise Seeds B.V., Postbox 377, 1000 AJ Amsterdam, Holland
Regular seeds

After payment is received, your order will be sent within 24 hours in a crushproof and
neutral package with registered mail, unless you explicitly ask us to send it regular post.
We charge 7,- for postage. Feminised seeds

Our seeds come in an original Paradise Seeds pack, 10 seeds per pack which are
sealed to keep the seeds in optimum condition. Our feminised seeds are also available
in 5 seeds per package. Cup winner


FAQ We don't send seeds to countries

where seeds are prohibited. We
only mail to countries where it is
Are your seeds fresh? legal to import hemp seeds.
Yes, all our seeds are fresh. We are not selling from the same batch for years. We are In Holland and in many other
producing them on a regular basis. European countries it is legal to
trade hemp seeds, but in your
What is the germination rate of your seeds? country they might be prohibited.
Provided that the circumstances are optimal, we have a germination rate of 95%. Our advice is that you inform
All our seeds are fresh and handselected. We test the germination rate on every batch. yourself about the particular situa-
tion in your country and, if you
How do I know that you will actually send the seeds to me? wish to continue to order seeds,
We send the seeds with registered mail, so you will have proof that we have actually you accept full responsibility for
send of the packet to you. This registration of the parcel is also used in case a package your actions. We can not be held
gets lost, which happens rarely. responsible for different regula-
tions pertaining to individual
If there are other questions regarding our strains or concerning an order you want countries. We do not send seeds
to make, feel free to call us or send an email. to the U.S.
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