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Survey Questionnaire


Dear respondents,
We would like to solicit your assistance in providng the needed data and information
for my study stated above. In view of this, may we request to you to please accomplish
the attach questionnaire on the factors affecting career preferences.
I. Personal Information
Direction: Please give the present information about you in the space provided for.

Name: (optional): _________________________________________________

Age: _____________________ Gender: _______________________________
GPA: ________________________
Part II. Factors affecting the career preferences of the students.
Direction: The following are descriptive statements of the factors affecting career
preferences and its relationship to the academic performance of the student . In rating
each, please put a check (/) on the appropriate box corresponding to the honest estimate
of your performance using the given scale below.
Scale Verbal Interpretation
4 Strongly Agree
3 Agree
2 Disagree
1 Strongly Disagree

4 3 2 1
1.) I consider my course choice to be an in-demand course.
2.) My teachers are/have been the greatest influence in my career
3.) My parents had/will have the greatest influence in my career
4.) My friends preference, of course, affects my decision in choosing
a course.
5.) My friends choice of school affects my decision in choosing a
6.) My family business is a factor in my choice of course in college.
7.) I am interested in being able to communicate statistical
information to others.
8.) My career that I would pursue is timely in-demand.
9.) My family will give me support on the chosen career for me.
10.) My parents and/or relatives took the same career.
11.) I was influenced by the media to take on this course.
1.) I have definitely made a career choice.
2.) I have no career plans at present.
3.) I am/was limited to my career choice by my grades.
4.) It is important to me to attend every class I have.
5.) My preference course is connected to my favorite subject.
6.) My preference course is a reflection of my talent.
7.) My preferred course is my childhood dream work.
8.) I am satisfied with the course Applied Statistics.
9.) I am fully aware of the opportunities that surround the career
that I seek.
10.) I am particularly interested in this career.
11.) I like doing things related to the career.
12.) I see myself as competent in this career.

1.) I make my self- prepared for the subject.
2.) I listen attentively to the lecture of my teacher.

3.). I actively participate in the discussion, answering exercises and/or

clarifying things I did not understand.
4.) I want to get good grade on test, quizzes, assignments and projects.

5.) I get frustrated when the discussion is interrupted or the teacher is

6.) I exert more effort when I do difficult assignment.
7.) I spend my vacant time in doing assignments or studying my lesson.

8.) I study harder to improve my performance when I get low grades.

9.) I see to it that extracurricular activities do not hamper my studies.

10.) I study the lesson i missed if I was absent from the class.