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1) Look at the pictures and write their names.

Use the words from the box.

Reindeer carols Christmas tree Bell

Stocking Candy cane Sleigh Winter
Lights present star wreath candles

7) Do you like singing

8) Can you name some
of them?
9) What is Santa doing
in the picture?
10) What is he wearing?
11) Do you like
commercials about Christmas?
12) Have you ever seen this Coca Cola commercial?

1) Listen to the song and complete the spaces

with the words from the boxes
__________________ are coming .. Look
Tease the ____________________ Season
______________ out Watch
______________ around Holidays
Something's coming Taught
coming to __________________
(Coming to your town)
1) Do you know her? 3) Wheres she from?
2) Whats her name? 4) What does she look like? Theres a _______________ in the air as the
Trees city _______________ are turned into a
Look ________________ wonderland.
Sleigh All the ___________ are shining
Winter _____________.
Watch You can hear the ___________ bells ringing,
Feeling as the snow begins to fall.

Its a_________________, unbelievable such a

______________ time to spend with
5) Do you celebrate Christmas? you, So incredible of the loving Christmas
6) What do you usually do? we share. Oh beautiful
Its_____________________, emotional Bright
this unmissable feeling that we wonderful
have, so predictable, Watch
_______________________ time is here Feeling
(.its always a real thing)
Holidays are coming ..