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Choose the correct answer ( 5 marks)

1- Which one of the following drugs is an

antipseudomonal penicillin?
a. Cephalexin
b. Cloxacillin
c. Piperacillin
d. Dicloxacillin
2- Which of the following beta-lactam antibiotics can be
safely used in a patient with a history of allergy to
a. Aztreonam
b. Cefipime
c. Loracarbef
d. Ceftriaxone
3- All are true about cephalosporins, except :
a. Ceftazidime is a 3rd generation cephalosporin.
b. Cefoperazone has got antipseudomonal effect.
c. Cefoxitin has got no activity against anaerobes.
d. Cephalosporins act by inhibiting cell wall synthesis.
4- All of the following statements about penicillin G are
true EXCEPT:
a. It is actively secreted in tubules
b. It is never administered orally
c. It is effective against gram positive as well as
some gram negative bacteria
d. It acts by inhibiting cell wall synthesis
5- One of the following is not penicillinase susceptible?
a. Amoxicillin
b. Penicillin G
c. Piperacillin
d. Cloxacillin
6- The penicillin G preparation with the longest duration
of action is:
a. Benzathine penicillin
b. Sodium penicillin
c. Potassium penicillin
d. Procaine penicillin
7- Cilastatin is given along with:
a. Imipenem
b. Amoxicillin
c. Erythromycin
d. Ampicillin
8- Amoxycillin is better than ampicillin due to:
a. Better bioavailability if taken with food
b. Lesser bioavailability if taken with food
c. Incidence of diarrhea is higher
d. More active against Shigella and H. influenza
9- Third generation cephalosporin that can be given
orally is:
a. Cefipime
b. Cefpirome
c. Cefixime
d. Cefadroxil
10- All are first generation cephalosporins except:
a. Cefadroxil
b. Cefazolin
c. Cephalexin
d. Cefaclor

Q2: Write short note about (5 marks)

1- Misuses of antibiotics (4 points)

2- Advantages of combination of antibiotics