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Sarah Paramita Fraction 35 mins

Grade 2 - Math

Lesson: Group of Fraction (Set of Fraction)

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Psalm 8: 3 Final Exam
When I consider your heavens, the work of your
fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have
set in place.
God created the universe with natural laws
which He has set according to its own purpose.
From this lesson, the students will find a
coherence about fractions in real life. The
teachers expectation is that the students will
find the numerous strategies to solve the
fractions problem independently with the visual

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

What does it mean by a fraction The student will . . .
of a set of object and a total fraction? Identify the fractions of a set of objects and the total of
How do the students see a the objects.
relation between simple real life problem Able to solve simple real life problem using the set of
with the group of fractions? fractions.
Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies
Beginning the Lesson
Recite together for todays objectives.
3 mins Review the previous lesson by asking several students to write the answers of
fraction problems on the board.
5 mins Brainstorm the lesson by showing them some of the provided pictures on the
slide show.
Sarah Paramita Fraction 35 mins
Grade 2 - Math

5 mins Developing the Lesson

Fractions story telling from virtual manipulatives website

15 Closing the Lesson

mins Check the students understanding through Worksheet.
This will be done individually for less than 10 minutes. Right after that, the students will
discuss it together with the their group mates that the teacher had made before. The
representative from each group will come up and write down the answers according to what
the teacher assign.
3 mins The teacher and the students will be checking the Worksheet together.
Conclusion will be done by asking the some of the students to stand and recite
together the things that they learn.
We can find fractions anywhere.
Formative Assessment Differentiation
Worksheet Group of Fractions Group discussion
Virtual manipulatives learning
Virtual Manipulatives Website