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Curriculum Vitae


Date of Birth: 1992
Speaking Fluently: Arabic, English, French (not bad)

E-Mail: eng.yaser_samer@yahoo.com
G-Mail: eng.yasersamer@gmail.com

Phone: 009647715203992 Phone: 009647904344423

About me:
Highlyy motivated, disciplined and resourceful. Interact productively with people from diverse
backgrounds. Very good in communication skills and collaborative teamwork. Perform quality work
and complete it on time.

Educational background:
EDUCATION 2010-2014
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
- Jet Engines Design - Strength of Materials
- Thermodynamics + Heat Transfer - Power plants Design
- Fluid Mechanics & Aerodynamics - Mechanical Design
- Mechanical Vibration - Manufacturing Processes
- Aircraft Systems - Aircraft Performance & Stability
- Machine Parts Design - Metallurgy
- HVAC & Refrigeration Systems - Compressors & Turbines
- Automatic Control Systems - Measurement Systems
- Electrical Engineering (AC/DC Generators & Motors, Transformers, etc...)

Membership of Professional Associations:

- Member of the Iraqi Engineering Union.
- Piping construction, Theory, and practical Course at SCTD company.
- Non-destructive testing preparation courses VT, PT, CWI.
- Training Two Months in maintenance factory of Iraqi Airways co.

Skills and Qualification:

- Microsoft office, AutoCAD, Solidworks, ANSYS.
-Basic, Visual Basic, C #, C and Fortran program.
- Machining ((Mill, Lathe, Grinding, Turning, Drilling, Basic Hand Tools)).
- Some of CNC Operations.
- Reading The ((P&ID)) Diagrams and ISO Drawings.
- Welding process and Theory.
- Non-destructive testing VT, PT, CWI.
- Hydrostatic Testing.
- Fabrication.
- Occupational Safety Engineer.
- Cluster Test ((Frequency scan, HSDPA, HSUPA , CS Global )).
- 2G, 3G By Using Tems, Map info
- 3G Call Testing for SSV (HSDPA, HSUPA, R99, CS Handover).
- Well familiar with the preparation of the technical report, estimate quantities, and progress.
- Report testing coordination.

Occupations Jobs:
- Five month's contract in Ministry of Science and Technology / Treatment of hazardous waste
directorate ( chemical, biological, military).

- Inspection and supervisor engineer for technicians in SCTD com. from 2014 to present time.

-Three Month's: Earth Link for Internet Services Ltd.

- Four Month's: Maintenance Engineer at Wadi Al-Rafidain Factory for Pharmaceutical products.

- Three Month's: Sales Engineer at York company on divisions: packages / Chillers.

- Five Month's: Communication Engineer at QTS company ((Zain-IQ)).

-Six Month's: Supervisor Mechanical Engineer((Line inspection and Hydrostatic Test))

a subcontractor with SECL - SAMSUNG ((Badra CPF Phase-2 Project)) At KUT ((Badra))