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Hi my name is Jesse Kehoe.

I am needing right away a copy of my Report I made

while staying in Seattle at the Salvation Army. The Report Number is 16-117186
and was recorded by Officer Yahda Badge Number 7728. This Report was made by
him Recording Me Talk of my Information; of the haven become aware of Five
Homicides made by a Guy name Scyo a Asian Guy who was and still may be living
under the Bridge down the way in China Town. He Killed that is Murdered five people
in about three days and or a week and barred them all under the bridge in about
three or four graves that I had told Yahda where the exact location was at. Two
people were shot in the head and three were Drug overdosed with their issue of
Heroin. One was a Red head shot in the head just after the first Heroin Over Doce.
The Second was a Mexican looking Asian guy that was his tent door security and
was payed a 20 of Cristal meth every day for setting outside his tent when
customers came. He was shot in the head too just after I had come back to see
what was going on to find out the Red Head Kid with Freckles I shared a Cristal Meth
Moment with had been shot in the head for disrespecting the Asian guy thinking he
was starting some Asian mafia. He shot him in the head because he disrespected
him by acting like a feen or Husserl of him at his tent kick back in front of friends
and a customer. He was buried in a four feet shallow grave dug with a shovel in the
mud like clumpy pasty dirt in back of his tent by at the top the walk way of the high
way over pass bridge where they all lived. He was warped in a tent of plastic
wrapper with string in crammed into the ground and berried. The grave was still
open and un covered with most of the dirt as they he had been placed in the hole
after been stored along the side of the fence wrapped up in the tent. The door
keeper of the ten that looked Mexican but may of been a Asian decent as well told
me so what had happened then posed and spoke to the guy Syco in the tent and
said he made me put him in the ground and Berried him after he shot him because
he said if I don't hurry up since he was in the wrap aside the tent and fence for
about a hole night that he would put him in the ground if he didn't hurry up as he
commanded and said he then joked to me and Syco and said Daringly and that
made me fear for my own life but he said what if I put him in the ground huh what
would he say and like about that. Scyo didn't say anything it was more like a silent
like oh no you didn't just wait and see how I take your insult and if in fear or not or
being a informant in fear of your own life and not wanting to be his crime partner
but saying hey, hey friend Jesse this is what happen tell someone if something
happens to me. Two days later I was told by other survives under the bridge keep
hostage and bribed to under the bridge drug slavery and dependency that the guy
who I came to see before and after that was the door keeper was dead and he was
shot in the head two just like the red head kid with freckles and he screamed din
fear before he dropped dead to the shot to his head. He even tried to run and say
no. The first day I didn't see my friend the Mexican looking taller Asian guy with no
tight Asian styled eye creases at his appearance a homosexual named Billy was
setting down feeling good after he had asked if I would hit him in the arm and I said
no I didnt even know if he was a girl or a guy but I was like oh god no I forgot to
leave as I left I seen him setting down and he was high I came back the next day it
was said the door keeper had been shot and the guy Billy he was dead he OD'ed
after I left. Another homosexual or two had died two that week and OD'ed those last
days but I did see a Mexican or white kid a Bernete with dark slick hair a new
hereon attic he walked with me to the store and bought a pack of cigarettes and
also told me his addiction of living down there for seven or ten months and so forth
and I came back before the red head was shot and he was missing and his friend
had come and was looking for him and was also thinking better of his meth use now.
I nodded to him like don't ask questions and leave it is strange but don't trip I got
you and the whole community Im taking this guy down so I made the police report
when I found out the last I returned one more time and a helicopter had seemed to
land on the bridge or fly just over the high way and everyone was spooked I left
then and new what I had been working up to do. Inform the Police that there was a
Serial Murderer living under the bridge Murdering Drug Feens while high on a Idea
that he was starting a New Asian Mafia and to keep the Community in fear to bid to
his will. I object I hate Cereal Killers and this is my word and Testimony now please if
you haven't arrested him and raided his spot and if you haven't dug up the body's
or questioned him or those there about these people please do so but most of all I
need that police report here is my photo id card and the report number is on this
email at the begging of my recounting of the report that is in a recorded audio
format. I need that report by a audio record sent to me or the words of the audio
recording printed on a complete read out of my every word. It is my record my
report my finding and somewhat my investigation and I also live right by a forensic
lab and would like them to read over it maybe to donate some equipment such as a
wound or something that can detect if bones or human remains are buried just
under ground in three or four graves four feet Down of five people maybe six and
maybe more since though I doubt. thank you sincerely Jesse Kehoe please wright
me back asap with a response to my request.

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