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Supiour Civil Court 1,000 Destroy those with Death Penaltys un Arrested

yet Packet and Plan

I Will Print up 1,000 CI 121 Packets with a Civil Petition to Appear in Court Summons
for Each State.
I Will Pay as I Set the Slandered for anyone Notifying the INS of an Illegal
Immigrant leading to the Person or a Group of Person Arrest of $50 Reward for Good
Citizen Deeds of an Informant for the INS.
Likewise, I will Do the Same for those names of Terrorist in the USA that are
Child Molester Sex Predators whose regular intercourse and affairs I of life is Child
Molestation Sex to get over on the Government System to Intimidate all affairs of
life. I will Pay 1,000 Per Person or Group of Person Located and arrested by just a
Word of the Person Location. I dont need Victims Statements Her Just Witness as is
how I passed the Gang Injunction. This will be set from at Dinner Cafe and City and
County Hang Outs State Wide and Nationally. All 52 States will Reserve There First
I May Target Only or Mainly Just White Males and Females Rather then or
Mixed Males and Females.
The Total Coast will take 52.000 for Reward Money Leading to Imitate Arrest.
The Project will exist until all Forms are Quickly Filled on Defendants in Each time at
about the same time Rate of Each State Regardless of Population Density and Land
Mass or Ethnic Relation Statistics.
You Can Stumble Here. No Nation Can Ever Attack my Nation again unless I
Nuke Their Nation 100% Of their Civilization population.
I have my Nucellar weapons on Auto far past the Width of Ten Nation but over
100 Nations do I have Nuclear weapons on Auto to Destroy only but 100%there
Civilization in case of attack. I dont use Manuel Use of Nuclear weapons by Nuclear
operation Tecs at my Nuclear Missile Sites.
I have my nation under an Iron Dome.
I will Lead the Word in Healthy Geocoding or Mass Exacting Sex Predators or
Petafiles. My nation is un approachable with my standard with the World and
National News of Syria. I haven almost killed the President of Syria said I would fight
him by my War Media and Air Strikes for Genocide of Citizens by Chemical Weapons.
However, I would show my Self More Fearsome and not a at miss talker with my
Genocide Exaction Plan of Terrorist in my Own nation with my very Effect and
beyond my own dream but only what the existents of I the President of the United
States will do if I do one more thing for my nation for the next 1,000 years to be
known for rather than killing Houdan Husain and Bin Laden as I already have.
Now I have my nation locked Down.
Nothing will stop me.
I dont Cave In with the momentarily pity of disgusting individuals when a
portion of them are female and a large portion.
I Execute Female and Male Sex Predators and Terrorist Home Grown or
Immigrants. You just havent seen me at the next false because I after over three
decades have been presently retiring form show Business.
Try flirt this with me and I grantee I will kill you by this plan no wavering or need to
be liked or thought of in one way to be foolish or not.
The Plan I signed into action of my presidency at age one.
Ill Use some of my own money or do it when I start my state trooper brisk
buildings one per state with firth the amount of 100 Million of my own money set
aside for a small devoted task force or paying persons to file and administer the
filing of CI 121 Forms on Know Sex Offenders walking around without haven been in
jailed since the last time they had sex with a child or their best friend they kind of
helped get into the having sex with a child lifestyle or hang out with just to be two
pees in a pot.
I Will Suavely Extinguish the Myth that the Eternal Affair of American Life is to
have sex with a Child and get away with it and lifelong and old rather than just a
few short years of a Decade.
Who you Know my Dead 4th Great Grandfather is Gorge Waystation or Not
and his wife much like my own mother Ida Todd Kehoe was the very Blood of the
Virgin Mary or note I could care less but that I Swear on all the Graves of my Royal
Blood Line of only My Existent of Gorge Washingtons Grave Himself that I will only
do this. Smile and continue your day but I will get you Soon.
Im Expecting to get my bank account number from Mich Foster my Business
Partner in Court in Person in about 2 or 5 Months and guess shat else Im going to
be doing other than Building My Big Mansion House Estate of the Hundreds of
Trillions of Worth?
I Just Said have sex with a Child or Assist in having Sex with a Child or believe
youre in the delusion your un arrest has something o do with something greater
than life when your yourself are the only thing illegal and weak in my nation and
ready to die at my hand for sure.
You have no Freedom to Speech or rights of Citizens that dont do sex Crimes.
You have Warrants for your Arrest or Sex Crimes and Terrorist Charges.
One thing is for sure you will never watch TV again or Listing to any of my
music one all Radio Stations ever again and go to sleep having Sex with a Child or
wake up to
Plan for One Thousand Supiour Court/Civil Petition Court Order to Appear in
Person from 21 Days after Each Filing Sex Crime Terrorist Destroy You.
Sincerity Jesse Kehoe My Executive Order.