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DATE: 12/4/2011 A.M.

TEXT: II Corinthians 4:1-18 (v.16 together)


The Christian life has often been compared to a foot


Not a sprint, but a marathon

To be more precise, its a race that is run one day at a


Ill. Someone has said Yard by yard, life is hard, Inch by inch,
lifes a cinch

Ill. Ive often asked the question How do you eat an elephant?
The answer is One bite at a time

For the past several weeks we have focused our

attention on the little phrase day by day (as found in
the Bible)

We have seen so-far that -

1. Temptation is faced day by day, thus we must

overcome it on a daily basis

Joseph served as our example for overcoming

temptation day by day in Genesis 39:10

2. Daily we fail the Lord, thus sin must be confronted,

confessed and cleansed day by day
Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
We considered the daily offering of the two lambs
found in Exodus 29:38

3. The blessings of the Lord are received in our life


Therefore, we must learn to praise the Lord on a

daily basis, as we learned from II Chronicles

4. Gods Word is essential in our life on a daily basis

From Nehemiah 8:18 we learned the importance

of reading our Bibles day by day

5. In our last study we considered Luke 11:3

And how we are to pray for bread day by day

We were reminded that God wants to supply our

needs day by day

In our final message in this series, Titled - Day by


I want to look at the truth found in II Corinthians 4:16

Although life may Batter us

It does not have to Beat or Defeat us

Each day we can become stronger in spite of what is

going on around us

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
I love this Promise (and I hope you will too)

Lets pray and then look at this wonderful verse in Gods


And think on this thought Growing Stronger, Day

By Day


Lets begin by thinking about -


In our text, Paul writes of the reality that our outward

man is perishing

A Reality that comes with, all kinds of Burdens

Let me explain, by looking at what Paul was describing

Paul was describing -

A. A Body That Is Deteriorating

1. The outward man is referring to our bodies

Its what he calls an earthen vessel in v.7

Its that part of us that relates to the Physical


The Senses - Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and


Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
Its that part of us that people see and we are
identified by

2. In Psalm 139:14 the Bible speaks of how our

bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made

Fearfully speaks of how man is a unique

creation in regard to God

Wonderfully speaks of how man is

distinguished from the rest of creation

Of all forms of life, the human body is in a class all

by itself

The more man learns about the human body

The more we realized that man is fearfully and

wonderfully made

Let me Illustrate -

In one square inch of skin, there are four yards of nerve

fibers, 1,300 nerve cells, 100 sweat glands, 3 million cells,
and 3 yards of blood vessels

The adult heart beats about 40,000,000 times a year. In one

hour the heart works hard enough to produce enough energy
to raise almost one ton of weight one yard off the ground.

The central nervous system is connected to every part of the

body by 43 pairs of nerves. Twelve pairs go to and from the
brain, with 31 pairs going from the spinal cord. There are
nearly 45 miles of nerves running through our bodies.

The average blood cell in our bodies lives for 120 days. There
are 2.5 trillion (give or take) of them in your body at any
moment. To maintain this number, about two and half million
new blood cells need to be produced every second by your

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
bone marrow. Considering all the tissues and cells in your
body, 25 million new cells are being produced each second.

The human brain generates more electrical impulses in a

single day than all of the worlds telephones put together.

3. What an amazing creation!

However, as fearfully and wonderfully our

bodies are made

Paul still declares that our bodies are perishing!

That word perish simply means that our bodies

are deteriorating, decaying, and wasting away

4. Yet millions and millions of dollars are spent each

year on Nordic-Tracs, Ab machines, thigh busters,
fold-away exercisers, treadmills, memberships at
the Y, aerobic classes

Along with countless hours spent running, jogging,

jazzercising, pumping and stretching, sweating
and swaying with Jane Fonda and Richard

5. There is nothing wrong with exercising

I think we all need to be more concerned about

our health and fitness

Humor: When it comes to exercising, you may be like the

one fellow who said that his idea of exercise was to sit on the
couch and push the remote

6. Yes, we all would do better with a little physical

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
Yet, with all our exercising and health

We still live in a body that is deteriorating

And despite all our efforts, we cannot stop the

decay of the body

We may be able to slow it down a bit,

But none-the-less - our outward man perish

7. With each passing day of our life, our bodies are


Day by day were getting older, and as our bodies


We also become more aware of this deteriorating


Ill. Our eyesight grows dim, hands become unsteady, limbs

become weak, memory becomes faulty, hair turns gray, and
in some cases turns loose, our skin wrinkles and our supply
of energy becomes less and less

Its exactly what Paul meant when he spoke of the

outward man perishing

The reason Our Bodies are Deteriorating

Is because we live in -

B. A Body That Is Dying

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
Quotes: Someone has said that - death borders upon our
birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing
but our death begun.

Robert Bolt (famous playwright) said - Even at our birth, death

does but stand aside a little. And every day he looks towards us
and muses somewhat to himself whether that day or the next
he will draw nigh.

1. I once read that about every 7 years our body

completely renews itself

If thats the case, I am very close to living in my

eighth body

However true that may be

A real fact of life is,

That from the time we were born and experienced

our first breath

We began the process of dying

Our bodies are aging day after day, and with each
passing day they are wearing out

There ultimately will comes a time when our

bodies will be unable to function any longer

Quote: W. Somerset Maugham said - Death is a very dull,

dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing
whatsoever to do with it.

Sounds good, but it is impossible not to have

anything to do with death
Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
We all are living in a body that is dying, and
ultimately this body will expire

2. You often hear people say - I cant do what I used

to do, or I cant go like I used to go

As we get older there grows the awareness that

we live in a body that is Deteriorating and Dying

And because we live in a body that is

Deteriorating and Dying

We are often burdened by sickness, disease, pain,

suffering, and limitations and handicaps

This process of Deteriorating and Dying is a Daily



On the Brighter side,

We find Paul also describing -


Paul declares that while our outward man is perishing

yet the inward man is renewed day by day

When he spoke of the outward man, he was

referring to the physical

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
When he speaks of the inward man, he is referring
to the spiritual

Paul was saying, that physically, he was getting weaker

But spiritually, he was getting stronger

The word renewed simply means restored,


When the Bible speaks of the inward man being


Its stating, that even while the body is growing weaker

The Christian should becoming stronger and stronger

Quote: Someone has said It is not the size of the dog in the
fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog

Paul is describing the size of the fight in the dog

The important thing is not how strong we are physically,

But how strong we are spiritually

Physically someone may be getting weaker

But spiritually we can become stronger day by day

In our Daily Renewal we have the Promise of -

A. Our Spiritual Enlargement

1. That is, the Promise of spiritual growth

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
The Bible says in Ephesians 6:10

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord,

and in the power of His might

This daily renewal speaks of how someone is to be

growing stronger in the Lord

There may be a Physical Decline,

But there ought-a be Spiritual Development

2. Ones physical eyesight may not be what it used to


But spiritually, we should be seeing things

clearer than we ever seen

Ones hearing may not be as good as it used to


But the ability to hear what God is saying

should be at its best

We may not be able to run or walk as fast or as far

But our walk with God should be the best it has

ever been

Our spiritual life should be growing and becoming

stronger with each passing day

3. As Christians we are to be growing spiritually

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
With each passing year, although our bodies are
wearing out

Our spirit should be rising to heights hitherto

never reached

As we get older, we should know the Lord better

than we have ever known Him

We should be closer to the Lord and more like

Jesus than we have ever been

Quote: Someone has said - Most people spend the first

half of their lives making the second half miserable

Unfortunately, the older most of us get the less

serious we get about God

Ill. The 80 yr. old lady, named Irma, passing out tracts in
Time Square. And she has been at it for years.

II Peter 3:18 But grow in grace, and in the

knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Our Spiritual Establishment

Next, when it comes to The Renewal that Builds Us

We see -

B. Our Spiritual Enablement

1. In the context of chapter 4, Paul describes some of

the discouraging things of life

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
In vs. 8, 9 for example

He speaks of being troubled, perplexed,

persecuted and cast down

He says We are troubled on every side, yet

not distressed

Even though he was perplexed, he was not

in despair

He was persecuted, but he was not


He was cast down but not destroyed

2. All the things he had gone through,

No doubt were constantly draining him of physical


Yet, spiritually he was getting stronger with each

passing day

Although the outward man was perishing,

The inward man was being renewed day by


Enabling him to face whatever life threw in his


3. Have you ever said - I cant handle any more

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
You will be amazed at how much you can handle

When each day the inward man is being

strengthened and renewed

As believers, we can draw from our eternal


God will enable us to face the difficult and

distressing situations of life

4. I love what Moses said to the children of Asher in

Deuteronomy 33:25

Thy shoes shall be iron and brass; And as

thy days, so shall thy strength be

Shoes of iron and brass spoke of a difficult journey,

But they received the promise that each day of

that journey they would be given the strength they

5. Oftentimes as the outward man perishes,

The burdens associated with that perishing can be

beyond what we are able to cope with

However, the inward man can experience a


A renewing that enables someone to meet every

demand of life and carry every load

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
In closing, notice with me not only -



But lastly -


An important part of our Daily Renewal, is a Realization

A Realization of Gods Blessings and strengthening Truth

As we look at the context of what Paul said in v. 16,

He reminds us of 2 great truths

First, he speaks of -

A. The Things That Are Working For Us

1. Paul says in v. 17

For our light affliction, which is but for a

moment, worketh for us a far more
exceeding and eternal weight of glory

Hes speaking of the trials of life as a light


They will one day seem so brief

All that happens is working for us and not against


Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
This is often difficult to see in some of the things
that happen in life,

But nonetheless, its true

I Peter 1:6 - Wherein ye greatly rejoice,

though now for a season, if need be, ye are
in heaviness through manifold temptations:

Some things are just going to have to be believed

by faith

2. When we look at what is happening and see no

rhyme or reason

We need to view it through the eternal Promises of


God always has a purpose and is to be measured

by His glory

3. Though our outward man is perishing,

Our inward man is renewed

Renewed with the realization that all things are

working for our benefit

Romans 8:28

The Things That Are Working For Us

And finally, Paul speaks of -

B. The Things That Are Waiting for Us

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
1. He says in v. 18

While we look not at the things which are

seen, but at the things which are not see:
for the things which are seen are temporal;
but the things which are not seen are

In short, Paul is saying

This life is not all there is



I close with this great illustration

I love the story of the missionary, Henry C. Morrison. Morrison

and his wife had served as missionaries in Africa for years, and
they were returning to New York City to retire. They had no
pension; their health was broken; they were defeated,
discouraged, and afraid. They discovered they were booked on
the same ship as President Teddy Roosevelt, who was returning
from one of his big-game hunting expeditions. No one paid
much attention to them. They watched the fanfare that
accompanied the Presidents entourage, with passengers trying
to catch a glimpse of the great man. As the ship moved across
the ocean, the old missionary said to his wife, "Something is
wrong. Why should we have given our lives in faithful service for
God in Africa all these many years and have no one care a thing
about us? Here this man comes back from a hunting trip and
everybody makes much over him, but nobody gives two hoots
about us. Dear, you shouldnt feel that way," his wife said. "I
cant help it; it doesnt seem right." When the ship docked in
New York, a band was waiting to greet the President. The mayor
and other dignitaries were there.

Growing Stronger Day By Day I
Corinthians 4:16
The papers were full of the Presidents arrival, but no one
noticed the missionary couple. They slipped off the ship and
found a cheap flat on the East side, hoping the next day to see
what they could do to make a living in the city. That night, the
mans spirit broke. He said to his wife, "I cant take this; God is
not treating us fairly." His wife replied, "Why dont you go into
the bedroom and tell that to the Lord?" He did, and a short time
later he came out from the bedroom, but now his face was
completely different. His wife asked, "Dear, what happened?"
"The Lord settled it with me," he said. "I told him how bitter I
was that the President should receive this tremendous
homecoming, when no one met us as we returned home. And
when I finished, it seemed as though the Lord put his hand on
my shoulder and simply said, But youre not home yet!"

With each passing day we are strengthened with the

blessed thought, that there is a better day coming

You see, Were Not Home Yet!!

Yes, the outward man is perishing,

But the inward man is being renewed DAY BY DAY!