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A couple of ( ) (Adj.

) - (kuchh)
A couple of months later I was going home one night in a nasty
drunken condition. A couple of people have asked if Philip
Seymour Hoffman is in the play.
A couple of people?' said Harry hoarsely to Hermione.

A good deal ) (Adv.) - (bahut)

A good deal of clothing with the stamp of Marx and Co.
A good deal of experience a more lengthened observation is
wanting on the subject. And he walks a good deal.

A great deal ( ) (Adv.) -

(bahut) And a great deal? whispered
And I have a great deal of space for memory at Lowick,
haven't I? She smiled. At home Yegorushka had heard a great
deal of the Countess Dranitsky, too.

Abandon () (N.) - (laparavahi, laaparavahee,

laparawahi) 'Abandon': Magical Mystery Tour
'The Days of Abandonment': Il
Divorzio 'The Folly of Empire':
Mission Abandoned

Abbreviated () (Adj.) -
(sankshipt) Abbreviated address
Abbreviated form
How Should Microphone be Abbreviated?

Ability () (N.) - (kshamata, kshamataa)

'Born Twice': An Unusual Novel Challenges Common
Responses to Disability 'Caviar': A Bottom Feeder's Rise to
'The Female Thing: Dirt, Sex, Envy, Vulnerability'

Aboriginal () (N.) - (aadivasi, aadivaasee,

aadiwasi) Aboriginal culture

shabdkosh.raftaar.in (1)
Academy ( ) (N.) - (akadami, akaadamee)
'Academy X,' by Andrew Trees: Gossip Girls
and Guys 'The Flamenco Academy,' by Sarah
Bird: Flamenco for 3
Deolali Army camp, Maharashtra police academy were on hit list

Accepted ( ) (Adj.) - (svikriti, sveekriti,

swikriti) Acceptance (accepted bills)
Accepted as
Accepted as

Accessible ( ) (Adj.) -
(upalabdh) Accessible locality
Accessible place
Cottard bowed of being directly accessible to all.

Accessory ( ) (N.) - (sahayogi,

sahayogee) Accessory advertising

Accident () (N.) - (hadasa,

haadasaa) 'Accidents in the Home': Literary
and Extramarital Bliss 'The Accidental
Connoisseur': The Reign of Terroir
'The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977,' by
Gershom Gorenberg: Colonial Drift

Accommodation ( ) (N.) - - (nivas-sthan, nivaas-sthan, niwas-

sthan) Accommodation and conveyance of traffic
as an

Accompaniment () (N.) - (sath,

saath) Accompaniments
I play his accompaniments in the evening.
It points also to an orthodox burial with proper accompaniment of medical certificate
and official sanction.
Accomplished () (Adj.) -
(sanpann) Accomplished fact
And rites were all accomplished,
But I repeat, it's an accomplished fact.

According to ( /) (Adj.) - (ke anusar, ke

anusaar) "The World According to Garp"
'According to the Rolling Stones': Please Allow Us to
Introduce Ourselves 'By the Hand of Mormon': The Gospel
According to Joseph Smith

Accuracy () (N.) - (vishuddhata, vishuddhataa,

Smart Electric Meters Draw Complaints of
Inaccuracy Smart Meters Draw Complaints
of Inaccuracy Accuracy of statement

Accused ( ) (N.) - (doshi, doshee)

'30 Rock' and 5 More Shows Accused of Stealing From
Other Shows 11 Malegaon blast accused to be
charged under MCOCA
1993 blast case accused remanded to judicial custody

Across the board ( ) (Adj.) -

(sabhi, sabhee) Across the board cut
Across the board increase
White always plays first in chess, said Ron, peering across the

Act upon ( ) (V.) - (prabhav dalana, prabhaav daalanaa,

prabhaw dalana) I can't deny that I act upon what I heard from him.

Actress ( ) (N.) - (abhinetri,

abhinetree) 'Actress in the House': A
Phenomenology of Consciousness 'Tennessee,
Never Talk to an Actress'
15 Hottest Actresses Busted With Erect Nipples

Actually () (Adv.) - (darasal,

daraasal) 5 Game Situations That Would
Actually Suck (LIST)
A corpulent, red nosed wizard had actually taken out an
ear trumpet. Actually allowed

Acutely () (Adv.) - (bahut hi,

bahut hee) Acutely perceived doom.
He was acutely uneasy if he were absent from her for a day.
Addiction () (N.) - (lat)
Family Focus: Hidden problem of addiction among
older people 'Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction'
But it seems nothing can sate this vampiric addiction.

Addressed ( ) (Adj.) -
(sambodhit) Addressed the silver Lord
Addressed to Mr.
senator. He
addressed to him,

Adherence () (N.) - (samarthan)

Adherence to
Dimples are caused by the adherence of the skin to the deeper

Adjacent ( ) (Adv.) - (pas,

paas) 'Beverly Hills Adjacent'
Adjacent and
adjoining Adjacent

Administer () (V.) - (karana,

karanaa) Administer an oath
Administer justice according
to law Administer oath

Administrative () (Adj.) - (prashasanik,

prashaasanik) Administrative ability
Administrative account

Admitted ( ) (Adj.) - (svikrit, sveekrit,

swikrit) A moment later the count was admitted.
A small page admitted us, and we began at once to ascend the broad,
well-carpeted stair. Admitted claim

Advantage () (N.) - (suvidha, suvidhaa,

suwidha) 'Greek Gods, Human Lives': The
Advantages of Polytheism 'Home advantage gives
Europe edge'
Younger generation has a competitive advantage

Adviser () (N.) - (salahakar,

salahakaar) Adviser (advisor)
Adviser of factories
Adviser warns over migration cap

Advocacy () (N.) - (samarthan)

Bt brinjal report plagiarised, says Advocacy group
Must Medicine Wait for Science?; When Advocacy Harms

Advocate () (N.) - (adhivakta, adhivaktaa,

adhiwakta) 'Violence, Nudity, Adult Content': Devils'

Affected ( ) (Adj.) -
(grast) 'Pressure has affected
Wenger too'
120 divers from Pune to help in rescue work in flood-affected
districts of Karnataka 20 million affected by floods in Pakistan:

Affiliate () (Adj.) -
(sanbaddh) This course is affiliated
by UGC.
Affiliated college
Affiliated Computer Services

After all ( ) (Adv.) - (aakhirakar,

aakhirakaar) After all - he was the Defense against the
Dark Arts teacher.
After all he sees he has
grown. After all he's

Aftermath () (N.) - (parinam, parinaam)

'Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive'
'New Art City': Abstract Expressionism and
Its Aftermath 'The Great Inflation and Its
Afternoon ( ) (N.) - (dopahar)
Love New York on summer afternoons when every
ones away. Ill send it over tomorrow afternoon.
Im at Hempstead and Im going down to Southampton this

Afterwards () (Adv.) - (bad men, baad men)

A woman dictates before marriage in order that she may have an appetite for
submission afterwards. Afterwards he read the Daily Herald.
Afterwards he went to America, and returned I fear to an idle
dissolute life.

Against as ( ) (Adj.) - (ke viruddh, ke wiruddh)

BJP demands high-level inquiry against
Ashok Chavan One more complaint against
Asaram ashram
Sweden defends withdrawal of warrant against Assange

Agricultural () (Adj.) -
(krishi) Agricultural
adjustment act
Agricultural advances

All along ( ) (Adv.) - (pahale se)

All along the carriage, heads were sticking curiously out of their
compartments. All along the way with obstacles marred.
All along the way,

All in all ( ) (Adv.) - (kul)

Chapter 19: Elf Tails So, all in all, not one of Ron's better
birthdays? Said Fred. HAMLET I shall in all my best obey you,
it happens in life always! And it is completely out of our expects!
All in all,

All india ( ) (Adj.) - (akhil bharatiy, akhil

bhaarateey) All India average working class consumer price
index (general)
All India coal workers
federation All India
cultural institution

All-embracing () (Adj.) - (vyapak,

vyaapak, wyapak) All-embracing explanation
The blessing of all-embracing sky is not shed upon it.
Alleged ( ) (Adj.) - (kathit)
Cover-up alleged over U.K. aid worker's death
29 cricketers suspected in alleged fixing in IPL II: Reports
AIDWA demands probe into alleged sexual abuse of teenage girl

Alluvial () (Adj.) - (bahakar aai hui, bahakar

aaee huee) Alluvial accretion

Almighty () (Adj.) - (bhari,

bhaaree) Alas! to whom the Almighty
Almighty, ever-present Deity!

Along with ( ) (Prep.) - - (ke sath-sath, ke

saath-saath) All manner of small life enters the windows along
with cutting wind.
along with a cute tooth fairy letter
or poem. Along with a few fleecy

Alphabet ( ) (N.) -
(akshar) 'Language Visible': A Is
for Alphabet . . . All through
Alphabet length

Alright () (Adj.) - (thik, theek)

'Dylan's Visions of Sin': It's Alright, Ma (I'm
Only Reading) Alright Already, "Boardwalk
Alright, give me the Meg Ryan

Altered ( ) (Adj.) - (parivartit, pariwartit)

'Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles'
2010 Faltered as a New Year of the Woman
in Politics Altered designation

Alternative () (Adj.) - (vaikalpik, waikalpik)

'Alternative to cuts is economic ruin' Watch
'Fingersmith': An Alternative Dickensian Fiction
'Free Press: Underground & Alternative Publications, 1965-1975,' by Jean-Franois Bizot: I

Read the News Today Although () (Adv.) - (halanki, haalaanki)

Although a far younger man, M.
Although a philosopher, Monsieur Homais
respected the dead. Although a subtler Sphinx

Amateur ( ) (Adj.) - (shaukiya,

shaukiyaa) 'The Amateur Marriage':
Unhappily Ever After
Amateur criminal

Ambulance () (N.) -
(embulens) 'Ambulance Girl': Siren Song
100 babies born in 108
ambulances Air ambulance
door opens at 700ft

Amendment ( ) (N.) - (sanshodhan)

Academics, activists oppose amendment
to RTI Act Amdt (amendment)
Amendment act

America ( ) (N.) - (amarika,

amareekaa) Interactive: Neko Cases North
American Songbook
Slide Show: New Home for American
Treasures "How Race is Lived in

Amongst () (Prep.) - (ke bich men, ke beech

men) Amongst the crowd,
amongst the silent night.
Amongst the sunless shadows of the plain.

Amusement ) (N.) - (manoranjan, manoranzan)

An hour ( ) (N.) - (ghanta,
ghantaa) 'An Hour in Paradise': Was That
An hour of physical activity enough for normal BMI women
How long were we in there?The Great Gatsby Why, about an
Analyze () (V.) - (vishleshan, wishleshan)
'Out of Its Mind': Psychiatrist, Analyze Thyself

Anatomy () (N.) - (sharir,

shareer) Anatomy of a Scene: 'It's
Timeline: Anatomy of the Phone-
Hacking Scandal 'Adam's Navel': The
Anatomy Lesson

Ancestor ( ) (N.) - (rup,

roop) 'The Ancestor's Tale': You
Are Here
'The Journey of Man': Following the Genes of a
Common Ancestor Ancestor cult

Ancient () (Adj.) - (puratan,

puraatan) 'Ancient Encounters' by James C.
'Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome'
'Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece'

And then ( ) (Adv.) - (aur phir, aur fir)

was in the drug business and then I was in the
oil business. Look there! and then sought
admiration from my eyes.
And then, suddenly, the sparks emanating from the cauldron were

Anguish () (N.) - (vedana, vedanaa,

wedana) A Mother's Well-Practiced Anguish
Adarsh episode caused anguish:
General Kapoor Alas! she hath no
other cause of anguish

Animal husbandry ( ) (N.) - (pashupalan,

pashupaalan) Animal husbandry college
Animal husbandry
commissioner Animal
husbandry department

Annexation ( ) (N.) - (sath, saath)

Annexation crisis
Announced () (Adj.) - (ghoshit)
'A Beautiful Mind' & 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
Announced for Blu-ray 'Doormen,' by Peter Bearman: All Visitors
Must Be Announced
All The Details Released About Paula Abdul's New Dance Show!
Experts Announced!

Announcement () (N.) - (prachar,

prachaar) 11 Bit Studios formed, game
announcement in 7 days Announcement likely on
Indias role in Afghanistan Announcement of
interlocutors: J&K leaders not enthused

Anthropology () (N.) - (manavashastr, manavashaastr,

manawashastr) After Kinship and Marriage, Anthropology Discovers Love

Anticipate ( ) (V.) - (karana, karanaa)

Alexey Alexandrovitch's success had been even greater than he
had anticipated. Anticipated
Anticipated abatement policy

Anxiety () (N.) - (chinta, chintaa)

'My Holy War: Dispatches From the Home Front,' by Jonathan Raban: United
States of Anxiety 'Status Anxiety' and 'The Status Syndrome': Keeping Up
With the Joneses
American States of Mind: Anxiety and Resolve; Wars of Words

Apartment ( ) (N.) -
(kamare) 'My Big Apartment':
Transcendental Resignation want to
get one for the apartment.
Myrtlell be hurt if you dont come up to the apartment.

Apparent ( ) (Adj.) - (saph, saaph, saf)

A great day is when you guys kiss repeatedly for no apparent
A piece of blank parchment lay on the table, apparently
waiting for him. After him came some merry and
apparently tipsy soldiers.

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 10 )
Appearance ( ) (N.) - (aakar,
aakaar) 'The Strength of the Sun': Connecting
Two Disappearances
A finer first appearance had never been made
in the lodge. A strong appearance,

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 10 )
Appearing ( ) (N.) -
(upasthiti) 'Disappearing Ink': This Be
the Prose
'The Disappearing Body': That Old Noir Magic
A servant who would guide Harry Potter through the Triwizard Tournament without
appearing to do so.

Appliance () (N.) -
(upakaran) Appliances
Copying and duplicating
appliance Domestic
electrical appliance

Appliances ( ) (N.) -
(upakaran) First aid appliances
Appliances Ltd.
Medical appliances

Applicable () (Adj.) - (lagu,

laagoo) Applicable taxes

Appointed () (Adj.) - (niyukt)

'Seldom Disappointed': Where Leaphorn
Leapt From 2 Editors Appointed At
Pantheon Books
3 Editors Appointed At The Times

Appreciate () (V.) - (sarahana, sarahanaa)

Alexey Alexandrovitch, believe me, she appreciates your
generosity, he said. All opinions greatly appreciated.
And he felt that, the more he appreciated her, the less he loved

Approval () (N.) - (samarthan)

'Iron Crocodile' Gets 'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau's
Approval [Video] Accord approval
Accord approval to

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 11 )
Approved () (Adj.) -
(abhimat) 2 CIPLA drugs back in WHO
approved list for HIV A Choice, Not

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 12 )
Abstractly, theoretically, she did not merely justify, she positively approved of Anna's

Arabian ( ) (N.) - (arab)

Among Arabian sands;
Arabian bird

Arranged ( ) (V.) - (vyavasthit,

wyawasthit) a funeral is arranged within a few
days of death.
A prearranged rendezvous with poisoned
hysteria. Advance of t.a. may please be

Arrive at ( ) (V.) - (aagaman)

For a week I waited for my father to arrive at
Hogwarts. I do not consider that it is hopeless
to arrive at the truth.
I think that I may arrive at my facts most directly by questioning

Arsenic () (N.) - (nepali,

nepaalee) Arsenian silver (arsenical

Artistic () (Adj.) - (kalatmak,

kalaatmak) 'The Creative Habit': Self-Help for the
Artistically Challenged
'The Edge of Pleasure,' by Philippa Stockley: Artistic
Licentiousness Adding Some Artistic Flair to a Tour of
the Universe

As well as ) (Adv.) - (aur bhi, aur bhee)

'John Maynard Keynes': A Man of Action as
Well as Ideas And my pappy can parlay-voo
as well as yours.
And she sang it just as quietly, as coolly, and as well as the
Asphalt () (N.) - (damar,
daamar) Asphalt (asphaltum)
Asphalt base
Asphalt base petroleum

Assignment () (N.) - (kam,

kaam) Absolute assignment

Associated () (Adj.) -
(sanbandhit) Associated advertisng
Associated Alcohols &
Breweries Ltd. Associated
barnological space

Astrologer () (N.) - (jyotishi, jyotishee,

zyotishi) Pirates, Pashas and the Imperial Astrologer

At a time ( A ) (Adv.) - (us samay)

'A Perfect Union,' by Catherine Allgor: One Cup of
Tea at a Time Book review: Afghanistan insights,
one step at a time
Calm down, lets go over this thing one piece at a time.

At least ( ) (Adv.) - (kam se

kam) But it has at least the saving grace of
antiquity to excuse it.
Attacks At... Ah well, at least I'm forewarned, Ron

Athletic () (Adj.) - (majabut, majaboot, mazabut)

Athletic type of physique

Athletics () (N.) - (khelakud,

athletics, track and
field Co-athletics

Attachment ( ) (N.) -
(moh) Attachment and sale of
property Attachment before
Attachment by actual seizure

Attendance (
) (N.) - (sankhya, sankhyaa)
All india services (medical attendance)
rules 1954 Assembly members with low
Attendance area

Attractive ( ) (Adj.) -
(sundar) A Mix Attractive to
Students and Partygoers Adam
Sandler Isnt An Attractive Woman
An attractive step, but an arduous

Attribution () (N.) -
(aarop) A case of wrong attribution

Auction () (N.) - (nilami, neelaamee)

$68.9 Million Modigliani Gets Auction Season Off to a
Healthy Start 'Fair Warning': An Auctioneer Re-
Examines Her Life
E-auctions have ensured transparency'

Augmentation ( ) (N.) - (badhati, badhatee)

Augmentation court

Authentic () (Adj.) - (saty)

'Authentically Black': Don't Call Him a Black
Conservative 'Genuine Authentic': Dressing
the Part of Ralph Lauren 'La Mission,' now on
DVD, has an authentic feel

Authorized () (Adj.) -
(adhikrit) 'Sherlock Holmes: The
Unauthorized Biography' 'Tom Cruise: An
Unauthorized Biography' Authorized

Automatic ( ) (Adj.) - (svatah,

swatah) Explore feasibility of having
automatic doors in all buses Automatic action
Automatic aiming

Automobile () (N.) - (vahan,

wahan) Accessory of an automobile
Automobile Corporation Of
Goa Ltd. Automobile engine
Autonomous () (Adj.) - (svayatt, svaayatt,
swayatt) Autonomous administration

Autonomy () (N.) - (svayattata, svaayattataa,

swayattata) Autonomy drive
Autonomy to Kashmir will ruin India, says
Thackeray Caste autonomy

Auxiliary () (Adj.) -
(atirikt) Auxiliary activity
Auxiliary audis

Aviation ( ) (N.) - (vimanan,

wimanan) Aviation adviser
Aviation fuel

Babysitter ( ) (N.) - (aaya, aayaa)

Neither Brad nor I could go, so his babysitter
took him

Back up ) (N.) - (samarthan)

Action Comics #893 Jimmy Olsen Back
Up Preview And back up again.
At nine o'clock, Hagrid walked them back up to the castle.

Backing ( ) (N.) - (samarthan)

Grateful for Rahuls backing, says Omar
A speckilating fellow! He may come down any day, when the devil
leaves off backing him. Backing a bill

Badness () (N.) - (burai, buraaee)

a life without
badness, All good
and no badness;
Replacing good with unrepentant badness.
Balancing ) (N.) - (santulan)
Alstom opens largest rotor balancing facility in
Tennessee Automatic balancing
Balancing act

Balcony () (N.) - (balakani, baalakanee)

A group of soldiers, a quartermaster, and several subalterns came up to the
balcony withVronsky. After dinner, Darya Alexandrovna, sitting alone with him
on the balcony, began to speak of Kitty. And, quickly opening the door, he
stepped resolutely onto the balcony.

Banknote () (N.) -
(bainkanot) Banknote paper
Counterfeit and non-counterfeit banknotes filled Moscow and
had no value. Iran doubles highest banknote

Based on ( ) (Adj.) - (par aadharit, par aadhaarit)

All the horrors of the Reign of Terror16 were based only on concern for
public tranquillity. And all these plans, based on strategy and tactics,
contradict each other.
Based on a True Story

Batsman (
) (N.) - (ballebaj, ballebaaj, ballebaz)

Because of ( ) (Conj.) - (ke karan, ke

kaaran) All because of his cheap little stray.
All because of their love.
All because of what happened that night.

Becoming () (Adj.) - (achchha, achchhaa)

'Becoming Abigail: A Novella,' by Chris Abani:
Motherless London 'Becoming George': Mrs. Yeats
and the Spirit World
'Becoming Judy Chicago: A Biography of the Artist'

Bedroom ( ) (N.) - (shayanakaksh)

$900,000 for a 3-Bedroom ... In
Haiti? 'Bedroom humour is the
biggest turn-on'
'The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs,' by Irvine Welsh:

Pain Spotting Believe () (V.) - (samajhana,

samajhanaa, samazhana)
'I don't take a break. We don't believe in holidays'
'Imaginary Weapons,' by Sharon Weinberger:
Daydream Believers 'Minders of Make-Believe'

Bengal tiger ( ) (N.) - (bagh,

baagh) 3 Royal Bengal tiger cubs born in
Guwahati zoo

Bengali () (N.) - (bangala,

bangalaa) Bengali films get world connection
The Gardener The GardenerTranslated by the author from the original Bengali 1915 To

Bilateral ( ) (Adj.) - (dvipakshiy, dvipaksheey,

dwipakshiy) Ambilaterality
Bilateral access

Biological () (Adj.) - (jaivik,

zaiwik) Abiological
Army Tests Defenses Against Biological Weapons

Bitumen ( ) (N.) - (damar,

daamar) A bitumen of maddening
Bitumen process

Bizarre () (Adj.) - (ajib, ajeeb,

azib) 'Willful Creatures': Bizarrely Ever
Amy Winehouses Interview With Harpers Bazaar is Nothing Short
of Bizarre Bizarre 'Munsters' reboot eyes Kristen Bell; 'Melissa &
Joey' gets super-sized season

Blaster () (N.) - (visphotak,

wisfotak) ghetto blaster
The blasters of trumpets, gold banners unfurled

Blessing ) (N.) - (prarthana, praarthanaa)

'Blessings': The Hired Man and the
Foundling a blessing it would be,
A blessing or a curse a smile or only tears,
Blocking ( ) (Adj.) - (virodhi, virodhee,
wirodhi) Alpha blocking
Barriers blocking Brits in
Brussels Blocking antibody

Blow up ( ) (N.) - (visphot,

wisfot) 35 killed as Maoists blow up bus
in Chhattisgarh
Did you really blow up your aunt, Harry? said Hermione in a
very serious voice. I won't blow up the house, said Harry, but
they weren't listening.

Bodyguard () (N.) - (bodigard,

bodeegaard) Britney used to abuse her kids: Ex-
I'm Blanket's father: MJ's ex-bodyguard
Jennifer Connelly's Mini Bodyguard: Son Stellan!

Booking ( ) (N.) -
(buking) 'Booking Passage':
Sublime and Treeless Advance
App Smart: Tools to Do Your Travel Homework Before Booking

Booklet () (N.) - (pustika,

pustikaa) I saw something of the sort in
the booklet.
Now if one them dies, this booklet will be
worth more Tour booklet

Boundary () (N.) - (maryada,

maryaadaa) And unite beyond boundary in
Yuletide bliss.

Bounded () (Adj.) - (maryadit,

maryaadit) Abounded
And burst the curb and bounded,
Bagman suddenly spotted Harry, got up quickly, and bounded
Boyfriend ( ) (N.) - (premi,
premee) A boyfriend who's never
Actress Kate Walsh Partners With HSN for Exclusive Launch of Sensual New Beauty Line
Boyfriend cheats,

Brand new ( (Adj.) - (navinatam, naveenatam, nawinatam)

A brand new
A brand new individual.
Im planning on a brand new end,

Breaking ( ) (N.) - (tod)

"BREAKING: News Corp Pulls Plug On Fox 5 And My9 For Cablevision
Customers" and related posts 'Breaking Clean': Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
'Breaking Faith': Church Politics

Bridges () (N.) - (pul)

'London Bridges': Byzantine Business
'The Art of Burning Bridges': Redeeming
John O'Hara A Nobel That Bridges
Economics and Psychology

Briefly () (N.) - (kuchh samay)

And both of them had fallen briefly unconscious and both of them had now returned.

Bring about ( ) (V.) - (karana, karanaa)

But how? No man can bring about the perfect murder; chance,
however, can do it.
He preferred waiting for the incidental disclosure which events must
soon bring about. Seemed to think it might, ah, bring about a relapse ,.

Broadcasting ( ) (N.) - (prasaran,

prasaaran) Aastha Broadcasting Network Ltd.
Audio broadcasting
Autonomous body to look into broadcasting sector: Soni

Brochure () (N.) - (pustika, pustikaa)

Brochure on transaction of
CWG brochures, schedules
wasted Library brochure

Brother () (N.) - (bradar)

'Blood Brothers: Among the Soldiers of Ward 57'
'Brotherhood of the Bomb': The Hunt for
Oppenheimer 'Brothers: The Hidden History
of the Kennedy Years'

Brought () (Adj.) - (laya gaya,

laayaa gayaa) 'Sam Spiegel': Brought to You by
S. P. Eagle
Or did you just come? I was brought.
A Barrister, brought to arrange their disputes

Buffalo () (N.) - (bhains)

Books in Brief: 'The Buffalo
Soldier' Buffalo berry
Buffalo bird

Build up ( ) (V.) - (nirman)

And its taking a long time for it to build up
more strength, Build up time
But, indeed, I have little doubt that we can build up a sufficient
case without it.

Calling () (N.) - (aahvan, aahwan)

Voices: Recalling 1969
'Mr. Muo's Travelling Couch': Calling All Virgins
'The Chelsea Whistle': Recalling a Troubled Youth, in a Girl's Voice

Cancelled ( ) (V.) - (radd)

7.6 earthquake rocks western Indonesia, tsunami
watch cancelled autumm break cancelled
Bail to Raju, 5 others cancelled

Capable ( ) (Adj.) - (saksham)

A joyful, unexpected madness, of which Pierre considered himself
incapable, came over him. A tall, sunburned, capable-looking, clean-
shaved man looked in at us.
Beauty is omnipresent, therefore everything is capable of giving
us joy.

Caprice () (N.) - (mauj, mauz)

'The Caprices': Gothic Tales From the Pacific Theater
Emma yielded to this lazy mode of satisfying all her caprices.
Every sort of caprice, of elaborate monstrosity and mockery at
Nature was here.

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 20 )
Capricorn ( ) (N.) - (makar)

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 20 )
Calm of
Capricorn Systems Global Solutions Ltd.

Centric ( ) (Adj.) - (kendriy, kendreey)

A man who does that is always charged with eccentricity, inconsistency,
and that kind of thing. A Multitude of Sins and Egocentric Traits

Certainly () (Adv.) - (nishchit rup se, nishchit

roop se) What do you say? Certainly.
About the dinner certainly, mother, said Mr. Farebrother.
And for some reason she thought that something very bad would certainly happen that

Certified ( ) (Adj.) - (pramanit)

'Certified Copy' Review: Juliette Binoche is Stunning
(NYFF) Certified bankrupt
Certified bill of loading

Chairman () (N.) - (adhyaksh)

Aditya Birla Nuvo up on report chairman to up stake
BBC's Chairman Quits After Hutton Report, as a
Watchdog... Bernanke wins second term as US
Fed chairman

Chairperson () (N.) - (adhyaksh)

M.C. Sreeja elected Kannur municipal chairperson

Challenge ( ) (N.) - (chunauti, chunautee)

Trevor and Gemma take the How Very Dare You challenge. AAA:
Breakfast challenges 'America and the Challenges of Religious
Diversity': God Is So Not Dead
'Born Twice': An Unusual Novel Challenges Common Responses to

Changed ( ) (Adj.) - (parivartit, pariwartit)

'Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds': We Shall Be
Changed 'Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions That Changed
the World, 1940-1941'
'Lighting The Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America,' by Karenna Gore
Schiff: Women Warriors

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 21 )
Chariot ( ) (N.) - (gadi, gaadee)
But his power counted for nought, and he went away in his

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 22 )

Chartered ( ) (Adj.) - (sthapit,

sthaapit) Asset accounting weakness worries
chartered accountants Chartered account
chartered accountancy

Checkout ( ) (N.) - (janch, jaanch,

zanch) checkout counter
checkout time

Chennai ( ) (N.) - (chennai,

chennaee) Chennai deserves more
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai among fastest growing
cities Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai among world's
fastest-growing cities

Chicago () (N.) - (shikago,

shikaago) 'Becoming Judy Chicago: A
Biography of the Artist' 'Meteor in the
Madhouse': A Moral History of Chicago
'Millennium Park: Creating a Chicago Landmark,' by Timothy J.
Gilfoyle: Acres of Art

Chief minister ( ) (N.) - (mukhy mantri,

mukhy mantree)
19 ULFA commanders have come for talks:
Chief minister A Chief Ministers troubles
Arjun Munda sworn in as Jharkhand chief minister

Chocolate () (N.) - (chokalet)

'French Women Don't Get Fat': Like Champagne
for Chocolate 2008: White-Chocolate-Mint-and-
Caramel Parfait
3 Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

Christian ( ) (N.) - (isai,

eesaaee) 'American Babylon: Notes of
a Christian Exile'
'God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to
Save America' 'Head And Heart: American
Christianity ( ) (N.) - (isai dharm, eesaaee dharm)
Christianity: First Line of Defense for the
West? Defenders of Christianity Rebut 'The
Da Vinci Code'

Chutney () (N.) - (chatani, chatanee)

Circular () (N.) - (paripatr)

A crackling fire warmed the circular common room, which was full of squashy
armchairs and tables. A Globe of circular light,
A group of golden statues, larger than life-size, stood in the middle of a circular pool.

Citizenship () (N.) - (nagarikata,

naagarikataa) Acquisition and termination of indian citizenship
Acquisition of citizenship
Britain: Citizenship Restored to Cleric Wanted on Terrorism

Charges in U.S. City father ( ) (N.) - (nagar


Civil service ( ) (N.) - (lok seva, lok sevaa, lok sewa)

the civil service

Articles of civil service
regulations Central civil

Civilian () (N.) - (asainik)

'The Lessons of Terror': All War Against
Civilians Is Equal 'The Navigation Log': The
Fighter Pilot and the Civilian 10 Afghan
civilians killed in rocket attack, blast

Civilisation ( ) (N.) - (sabhyata,

sabhyataa) Bhopal disaster a civilisational
Civilisation can never sustain itself upon cannibalism of any form.
In fact, all the modern civilisations have their cradles of brick and

Cleaner () (N.) - (klinar,

kleenar) Carpet cleaner
Cleaning () (N.) - (saphai, saphaaee, safai)
Air cleaning
Air cleaning unit
All the cleaning helpers,

Cleansing ( ) (N.) - (saphai,

saphaaee, safai) 'Ethnic Cleansing,' Cypriot
Albania Fears 'Ethnic Cleansing' May Spread to
Kosovo Next AMNESIA; Ethnic Cleansing Didn't
Start in Bosnia

Climate () (N.) - (vatavaran, vaataavaran,

watawaran) 'UK must act' on climate impacts
Climate friendly' crops reflect
sunlight Operationalising
Climate accord difficult

Climatic ( ) (Adj.) (sanbandhi, sanbandhee)

Agro-climatic zone
Associated climatic
variation Bioclimatic

Closely () (Adv.) - (nikat)

And I listened & listened closely For any sign that
she still cared. And if you listen closely enough,
And if you listen very closely,

Closing ( ) (N.) - (samapan,

samaapan) 'Closing Time: A Memoir'
'The Closing of the Western Mind': When the Lights Went
Out in Europe 'Where There's a Will': Closing Arguments

Co-opted () (Adj.) (sanyukt)

- Co-opted
Member, co-opted

Coalition () (Adj.) - (mila jula, milaa julaa,

mila zula) Coalition Governments order of the day
alliances and coalition
Analysis: Budget tests
Coastal () (Adj.) - (tatiy, tateey)
'American Traveler': The First Bicoastal
American Ancient man harmed coastal
ecosystems, says paper
Anna varsity launches Centre for Coastal Zone Management

Coffee house ( ) (N.) - (bhojanalay, bhojanaalay,

bhozanalay) Collaboration ( ) (N.) - (sahayog)

Boeing eyes collaboration
with ISRO Collaboration of ,in

Collapse () (N.) - (giravat, giraavat, girawat)

'The Coming Collapse of China': Reckoning With a
'Paper Dragon' 10 killed, 20 injured in building
collapse in Thane
120-year-old building collapses in Alappuzha

Collective ( ) (N.) -
(sangathan) 'Dancing in the Streets: A
History of Collective Joy' 'The Irish
Story': Collective Blarney
Collective 'add' note

Colored () (N.) - (rangin,

rangeen) 'Matisse the Master': The
Colored Museum
'The Kandy-Colored Tangerine-Flake
Streamline Baby' A young coloredwoman
drifting was drifting from ruin.

Colorful ( ) (Adj.) - (rangin,

rangeen) All psychedelic and colorfully
borloff Love is the colorful rainbow,
Certainly her appearance was less colorful than usual without her customary shade of
bubble-gum-pink hair.

Coloring ( ) (N.) - (rang)

But there is another hindrance, said
Fred, coloring. CURRENTS; A Coloring
Book Fit for an Artist
Dead coloring

Combine () (N.) - (mel)

Trinamool-Congress combine wants tousher in narrow
identity politics Abstract combined image
ach finds happiness in eachAs love combines two lives.

Combined () (Adj.) - (sanyukt)

Abstract combined image

Amazement in his van, with Flight
combined, Assets combined

Come in ( ) (V.) - (aana,

anaa) 'Saudi Arabia set to become
industrial power'
guess your friend Walter Chase wasnt too proud to
come in on it. Come in.

Come out ( ) (V.) - (aana, anaa)

And I dont understand why you wont come out frankly and tell me
what you want. And as his name's come out of the goblet.
And hopes to improve even more To come out of the real mess,

Comeback () (N.) - (vapasi, vaapasee, wapasi)

'Comeback: Conservatism That Can
Win Again' Culture of Poverty Makes
a Comeback
A Literary Comeback for Karel Capek

Comity of nations ( ) (N.) - (rashtrakul,


Commencement () (N.) - (shuruat, shuruaat)

Commencement of award
Commencement and
Commencement clause

Committed () (Adj.) - (samarpit)

A committed
filmmaker A crime
is committed,
A man is suspected of a crime months perhaps after it has been
Commodity () (N.) - (vastu,
wastu) Adani Wilmar to enter branded
commodity market All commodity rate
Bharat Bhushan Share & Commodity Brokers Ltd.
Common man ( ) (N.) - (aam aadami, aam aadamee)

A common man's
despair. Common
Dance for the common man

Common people ( ) (N.) - (janata, janataa,

zanata) 'Common people should see it as our Games'
Spare me your jests, Headman, we are but
common people. You common people of the

Commonly () (Adv.) - (aksar)

A man dying from a sudden blow does not commonly
become delirious. And he speaks uncommonly welldoes
Commonly intelligible character

Commonplace ( ) (Adj.) - (mamuli,

maamoolee) 'Rare and Commonplace Flowers': The
Love of Her Life
Be caught in a
commonplace way.
Commonplace book

Commons () (N.) - (lokasabha,

lokasabhaa) And Fathers mixed with Commons

Communications ( ) (N.) - (sanchar,

sanchaar) ADC India Communications Ltd.
Brand boss: Umesh Rao, Senior Vice President, Reliance
Communications Ltd. Bridging the remote communications
gap Watch

Compact () (N.) - (samajhauta, samajhautaa,

A box where sweets compacted lie,
But red compact and strong, O
raven. Thus Cd-rom (compact
dist-ready only memory)

Companion ( ) (N.) - (vyakti,

wyakti) 'A Complicated Kindness': A Prairie
Home Companion A companion of a good
A good companion makes the journey pleasant
Compare ( ) (N.) - (tulana,
tulanaa) 'Don't compare my film with 3
a Place beyond compare,
And Ill compare love to a rose.

Compartment ( ) (N.) - (khana, khanaa)

All along the carriage, heads were sticking curiously out of their
compartments. And taking care to tread on Harry's fingers, Malfoy
left the compartment.
Anyway He had just raised his 'wand when the compartment door
slid open again.

Compassion () (N.) - (karuna,

karunaa) 'Dominion': The Most
Compassionate Conservative Prehistoric
humans had feelings of compassion
Children with lymphoma need compassion

Compensation ( ) (N.) - (muavaja, muaavajaa,

'Haneef to return to Australia for compensation talks'
'Imperfect Justice': Clashing Agendas for Holocaust
Compensation Acting compensation

Competitive ( ) (Adj.) - (pratiyogi,

pratiyogee) Younger generation has a competitive
Brands sourcing locally to become more
competitive Competitive advantage

Complete majority ( ) (N.) - (purn bahumat, poorn bahumat)

Completely ( ) (Adv.) - (puri tarah se, pooree

tarah se)
A faint rattling noise was coming from them, even though they were
completely stationary. A Light That Failed Completely
A thing is only completely our own when it is a thing of joy to us.

Completing ( ) (Adj.) - (pura, pooraa)

A light bookcase contained duodecimo volumes of polite literature in calf,
completing the furniture. As we earn a higher realm each birth; Completing task
and creating norms,
Completing the sale
Complex ( ) (N.) - (samuh, samooh)
'Frank Lloyd Wright & Lewis Mumford': Edifice Complex
'Politics Lost,' by Joe Klein: Pollster-Consultant
Industrial Complex A being so complex,

Composed () (Adj.) - (milakar bani hui, milakar

banee huee) And also TRY to be composed,
And I lie so
composedly, And I
rest so composedly

Composer () (N.) - (sangitakar, sangeetakaar)

A soulful tribute to Carnatic composers on the occasion of
World Music Day CABARET REVIEW; Classics of the 60's
Revisited With the Composer's Vision Classical composer
Gorecki dies

Composition () (N.) -
(lekhan) Advertisement composition
Antishatter composition
As they were strings in decomposition Children died,

Compound () (N.) - (prangan,

praangan) A chemical compound of molecular
An illness is compounded by No one
coming near. Antipiping compound

Conclusion () (N.) - (nirnay)

'War and the American Presidency': Dire Conclusions
Almost as soon as he had reached this conclusion, Harry became conscious
that he was naked. Always jump to the worst conclusion, don't you? Was it?

Conditions ( ) (N.) - (halat,

haalaat) 9: Storm causes poor driving
conditions Watch
Aggravated disease/ disability due to service
conditions Aggregate of conditions

Conduct () (N.) - (sanchalan,

sanchaalan) Conduct of Ishrat, others not
above board
A shadow of a doubt as to my conduct would bring the matter to
an end.
Abstractly, theoretically, she did not merely justify, she positively approved of Anna's
Confectionery ( ) (N.) - (halavai ki dukan, halavaaee kee dukan,
halawai ki dukan)
baking and confectionery
The Confectionery Stall: The losing XI (and back-up)

Confederacy ( ) (N.) - (sangh)

Oct. 2002: 'A Confederacy of Dunces,' by John Kennedy
Toole Thurmond's Biracial Daughter Seeks to Join
Confederacy Group

Confederation ( ) (N.) - (sangathan)

Articles of Confederation
confederation of indian
International confederation of free trade unions

Confidence ( ) (N.) - (raj,

raaj, raz) 'Growing confidence' over
'The Real McCoy': The
Confidence Man Half-
confidences are worse than

Configuration ( ) (N.) - (vinyas, vinyaas, winyas)

Articulatory configuration

) (N.) - (bhram)
Confusion (
"Photosythesis confusion?????"
'The Confusion': Jack's
Back A confusion of

Congratulations () (N.) - (badhai, badhaaee)

Before she had gone, the servants came in with their
congratulations. Congratulations,
Congratulations, Hagrid! Hermione squealed as they reached the
teachers' table.

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Connect ( ) (V.) - (se milana ya sanyukt ho jana, se milanaa yaa
janaa, se milana ya sanyukt ho
sanyukt ho
zana) 'Fixing Intelligence':
Connecting the Dots
'Subversive Southerner': Connecting the Strands of the Civil
Rights Movement 'The Bulgari Connection': Your Ad Here

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 30 )
Conquest ( ) (N.) - (sanjay,
sanzay) 'Conquest of the Useless'
'The Great Arab Conquests'
It was there at the Norman Conquest in all probability, he

Conservative () (Adj.) - (satark)

'Authentically Black': Don't Call Him a Black
'Conservative' Nicole Scherzinger Struggled With Pussycat Dolls
Outfits 'Conservatives Without Conscience,' by John W. Dean: The
Hard Right

Consider () (V.) - (manana,

mananaa) 'Cicero': Reconsidering a Defender
of the Roman Republic 'Considering Doris Day'
'Listener Supported' and 'NPR': All Things Considered

Consistently () (Adv.) - (lagatar, lagaataar)

Do you have any idea why Dumbledore has consistently refused to appoint
you?' asked Umbridge. Grown Ups: Adam Sander is older, less wise, yet
consistently lucrative | Ben Child

Consolidation ( ) (N.) -
(sangathan) Cancellation and consolidation
of debts
City county consolidation
Composition or consolidation of duties

Constant () (Adj.) - (lagatar,

lagaataar) 'Brands must constantly track
'The Natural Disorder of Things,' by Andrea Canobbio: The
Constant Gardener Aberration constant

Constituent () (N.) -
(ghatak) Ash constituents
Clegg constituents unease at coalition

Constitutional ( ) (Adj.) - (sahaj,

sahaz) 'Bills on higher education

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 31 )
'Desperately Seeking Certainty': Debunking a Constitutional

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 32 )

Consulate () (N.) - (vanijy dutavas, vanijy dootaavaas, wanizy dutawas)

Closure of
consulate Indian
Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles Exudes Power and Energy

Consumption ( ) (N.) - (rog)

'I Want That!' A Cultural History of
Consumption Adult consumption unit
Area of consumption

Continent () (N.) - (yurop,

yoorop) 'A Continent for the Taking':
Forget Conrad 'Forgotten Continent'
'The House of Blue Mangoes': Subcontinental Divide

Continuation () (N.) - (vistar, vistaar,

wistar) A Continuation of the Reminiscences of John
Watson, M.
And would definitely meet again! This poem is the
continuation, Continuation and validation of recovery

Continued () (Adj.) - (satat)

Go into the kitchen, he continued out loud, and you will get
food and drink. Ah! he is a good fellow, continued Emma.
Amulya, he continued, have sent on your trunks and things to
your lodgings.

Continuous () (Adj.) - (lagatar,

lagaataar) And watch it continuously drop.
At the end farthest from the house they thickened into a
continuous hedge. Bi-equicontinuous convergence

Continuously () (Adv.) - (lagatar,

lagaataar) And watch it continuously drop.
but why? Im continuously making up nonsense lies about why I do
the things I do. continuously rings in my ears.

Contract () (V.) - (hona, honaa)

'The Office': B.J. Novak's new contract hints at post-Carell plan
Abbreviations and
contractions Absoltue

Contribute () (V.) - (yogadan)

Contribute the
contribute to
Contribute to maintenance

Contributor () (N.) -
(lekhak) Adjust the rights of the
contributors Contributories

Convener ( ) (N.) - (sanyojak,

sanyozak) Non-member convener

Conversation () (N.) - (sanvad, sanvaad,

sanwad) 'A Conversation With the Mann': A Black
Comedian's Trade-Off 'Conversations With Frank
'The Age of Conversation,' by Benedetta Craveri: Birth of the

Cooperative ( ) (Adj.) - (sahayogi, sahayogee)

Agricultural cooperative society
Balance with cooperative banks in
current accounts Central cooperative

Cornerstone () (N.) - (aadhar, aadhaar)

Correspondent () (N.) - (sanvadadata, sanvaadadaataa,

Accredited (as
correspondent) Accredited

Corrupt () (Adj.) - (bhrasht)

"Government will take action if corruption
is proved" 'A Spectacle of Corruption': Both
the Kings' Men Corruption in media affects
the health of democracy'
Cosmetic ( ) (N.) - (prasadhan, prasaadhan)
'Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession With
Cosmetic Surgery' 'War Paint': Rival Cosmetics Moguls
A Case for No New Tummies: The Tax on Cosmetic Surgery

Costume ( ) (N.) - (poshak,

poshaak) 9 Inappropriate Movie
Academic costume
Adults are going Gaga over their 2010 Halloween costume choices

Cottage () (N.) - (makan)

'Something From the Oven': Lime Jell-O Marshmallow Cottage
Cheese Surprise 'The Cottagers,' by Marshall N. Klimasewiski:
Vanishing Point
A footpath led across to the lonely cottage.

Courage ( ) (N.) -
(himmat) 'Janet & Me': The
Courage of Olive Oyl
'Presidential Courage'
'Scott of the Antarctic: A Life of Courage and Tragedy'

Court of justice ( ) (N.) - (nyayalay,

nyaayaalay) His majesty's high court of justice
International court of justice

Courtesy ( ) (N.) - (kripa, kripaa)

A Cute Way To Layer A Bow Blouse Courtesy of Kate
Bosworth Abstraction in a Celestial Palette, Courtesy of
Robots and Outer Space Bridge: The Fine Art of Card
Reading, Courtesy of a Top Practitioner

Covered ( ) (Adj.) - (band)

'No Crueler Tyrannies': Recovered
Reputations 'Undercovers' Stars
100mn-year-old cat-like croc fossil discovered

Created ( ) (N.) - (srijit,

srizit) 'IPL created harmony among
a day In that parallel universe my other self created
with her choice. a monster created by love's defeat,
Creature ( ) (N.) - (vyakti, wyakti)
'Willful Creatures': Bizarrely Ever After
6-Eyed Creature To Watch Sky On
Famed Peak A burly joy each creature

Crocodile ( ) (N.) - (magar)

'Iron Crocodile' Gets 'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau's
Approval [Video] 'When a Crocodile Eats the Sun: A
Memoir of Africa'
Bridge: Visitor Discovers Crocodile In the Land of the Alligator

Cruelty ( ) (N.) -
(hinsa, hinsaa) husbands
cruelty to his wife.
Acts of violence and
cruelty Alas, thy

Crusade ( ) (N.) - (dharmayuddh)

'Phyllis Schlafly and Grassroots Conservatism: A Woman's Crusade,' by Donald T.
Critchlow: She Changed America

Crushed ( ) (Adj.) -
(dalit) And crushed every
once of it,
As the remains gets crushed and
crushed, But you crushed it in
your hand,

Crystal ( ) (N.) - (kristal)

A glimpse and sparkle from a single crystal,
A Novel and a Memoir About Crystal
Meth Addicts A Perfect Crystal,

Cultivate ( ) (V.) - (karana,

karanaa) Cultivate crops in the polluted
lands, farmers told Cultivated
Cultivated land
Cut off ( ) (V.) - (rokana,
rokanaa) am sorry to cut off your view,
Mr. Melas, said he. Beta cut off
But as for cutting off they cut off and overran nobody.

Damages ( ) (N.) - (nukasan)

Anna Akimovna disliked and feared such words as awarded damages
and won the suit. Asbestos Case Damages
Assessment of damages

Dangerous ( ) (Adj.) - (khataranak, khataranaak)

Dangerous nexus to bully RTI activists
'A Dangerous Place': Ecological Code Red
'Be My Knife': An Epistolary

Dangerous Liaison Date-palm () (N.) -

(sindhi, sindhee)

Daughter-in-law () (N.) - (bahu, bahoo)

After dinner he went to see his daughter-in-law.
She frowned and looked at her daughter-in-law bending toward
the baby.

Day by day ( ) (Adj.) -

(din) And day by day their
Captain grey
As we pursue our passions day by day,
because nowI'm so loved too My feelings for him grow stronger and stronger day by

Day-to-day () (Adj.) - (dainik)

Court orders day-to-day hearing in
Rathore case Day-to-day business
Day-to-day work

Daylight ( ) (N.) - (din)

Although he could tell it was daylight, he kept his
eyes shut tight. And make the daylight still a happy
And to-morrow by daylight you can do as you like.

Daytime ( ) (N.) - (din)

A new day dawns on daytime TV as soaps fade, Oprah
packs her bags All was as we had seen it in the
And shuttlecock, now I don't know a finer game than shuttlecock
for the daytime.
Decennium ( ) (N.) - (dashak)

Decision ( ) (N.) - (sankalp)

'Fateful Choices: Ten Decisions That Changed the
World, 1940-1941' 'Indecision': Getting It Together
'Narrowing the Nation's Power': Deconstructing Recent Supreme
Court Decisions

Declare ( ) (V.) - (batana,

batanaa) 'Something to Declare': Julian
Barnes's Tour de France Affirm or declare
instead of swearing
After 10 Years With Hitler, a Biographer Declares His Liberation

Decoration ( ) (N.) -
(samman) Architectural decoration
Combed decoration
Cottages stood on either side of the narrow road, Christmas decorations twinkling in
their windows.

Decorative ( ) (Adj.) - (sajavati, sajaavatee,

sazawati) Decorative art

Decrease ( ) (N.) - (giravat, giraavat,

girawat) Decreased

Dedicated ( ) (Adj.) - (samarpit)

A Yearbook Dedicated to Inclusion
BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Dedicated Poet, Fond of Escape and...

Deficient () (Adj.) -
(kam) Deficient court fee
Definitely ( ) (Adv.) - (nishchit rup se, nishchit
roop se)
'Drive Angry (Shot in) 3-D' Definitely Looks Like a
Nicolas Cage Movie Alas! we had definitely to alter our
opinion of M.
And last time I looked, he was definitely one boy, not five.

Demonstration ( ) (N.) - (pradarshan)

AIADMK to hold

demonstration at Sattur
Autorickshaw drivers stage
demonstration Congress stages

Department of labour ( ) (N.) - (shram aur niyojan vibhag, shram

aur niyojan vibhaag, shram aur niyozan wibhag)

Desktop ( ) (N.) -
(deskatop) Laptops: Desktop
Q & A; Defragmenter Craves A Desktop
Unto Itself The desktop in your palm:
Nokia N900

Despatch () (N.) - (dak, daak)

Advice of despatch
All convenient

Destroyed () (Adj.) -
(nasht) 44 structures destroyed in
landslide in J&K
Air crash victims' memorial plaques destroyed
Albus could have destroyed Aberforth in duel with both hands tied
behind his back.

Detailed (
) (Adj.) (vistrit, wistrit)
A detailed flame of
purest joy
Art Review: The Rich, Detailed Fullness Found in Empty
At last he flung down the instrument, and plunged into a detailed account of his

Detection ( ) (N.) -
(pahachan) Early detection of cancer
can improve cure rates Cancer
detection camp
Detection coefficient
Detention ( ) (N.) - (kaid)
A NATION CHALLENGED: THE DETAINEES; Dozens of Israeli Jews Are Being Kept
in Federal Detention An' thanks fer not givin Harry detention neither.
And I've got that detention with Snape tonight, I haven't got much
time for dinner.

Deterioration ( ) (N.) - (bigadana,

bigadanaa) Save Old Anglican Cemetery from further
Damage of

Determination ) (N.) - (nirnay)

Arealization (spatial
determination) Axiom of
Bulstrode's native imperiousness and strength of determination
served him well.

Deterrence () (N.) - (nivaran, nivaaran,

niwaran) India's nuclear deterrence strategy

Developed ( ) (Adj.) - (vikasit,

wikasit) Kondaveedu to be developed as
major tourist spot'
An examination showed she had indeed developed mania of a dangerous and
permanent form.
And the Germans who flooded southern Ohio brought and developed swine cooking to
its highest form.

Development ( ) (N.) - (sudhar,

sudhaar) 'The Development: Nine Stories'
Census data, a treasure house for development
work India watching developments in all
neighbouring countries

Development minister ( ) (N.) - (vikas mantri, vikaas mantree,

wikas mantri)

Devoted () (Adj.) - And he was devoted to his wife.

And yet that would involve treachery towards the mistress to whom this
woman seems devoted. But in the world, he's the most amiable man I know,
and a devoted croquet player.

Diamond () (N.) - (int, eent)

'The Diamond,' by Julie Baumgold:
Romancing the Stone 185-carat white
diamond found in Lesotho
A diamante is a diamond shaped poem and it has nothing to do
the content.

Dictator ( ) (N.) - (tanashah,

tanaashah) 'The Dictators': Engineers of
Adrian Paunescu, Poet Who Praised a Dictator,
Dies at 67 And the dictatorship of rules.

Dictatorship ( ) (N.) - (tanashahi, tanaashahee)

And the dictatorship of rules.
BOOKS OF THE TIMES; How a Perfect Dictatorship
Collapsed... Dictatorship of the proletariat

Diction () (N.) - (bhasha, bhaashaa)

Family Focus: Hidden problem of addiction among
older people 'Desire: Where Sex Meets Addiction'
'The New Biographical Dictionary of Film': An Iconoclast Turns Into
an Icon

Difficult () (Adj.) - (mushkil)

'A one-state solution in Israel is difficult but not
impossible' Operationalising Climate accord
A Difficult Final Weekend on the Trail

Difficulty () (N.) - (sankat)

Alexey Alexandrovitch articulated with difficulty, his lips twitching
and his face white. And so he never met with much difficulty in
overstepping any of the ancient usages. Apparently the Prince, like
Hermione, had had no difficulty understanding it.

Digital () (Adj.) - (dijital,

dizital) 'Digital Barbarism: A Writers
'Digital Biology': Is This Chip
Educable? 'Digital People': The
Humanoid Condition

Diplomacy () (N.) - (kutaniti,

kootaneeti) U.K.-Iran triumph of 'soft' power
Adventurous diplomacy
AFTER THE WAR: DIPLOMACY; U.N. Gives Iraqi Governing Council Qualified Welcome

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 40 )
Diplomatic () (N.) - (rajanayik aur kaunsaliy aaphisar,
raajanayik aur kaunsaleey aaphisar, razanayik aur kaunsaliy aafisar)

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 40 )
Accredited diplomatic representative
Always find me in troubles with diplomatic minds,
But he set about acting on his views in a thoroughly diplomatic manner, by stimulating

Director general ( ) (N.) -

(mahanideshak) cii director general chandrajit banerjee
Deputy director general
Director general of civil

Directory ( ) (N.) - (nirdeshika,

nirdeshikaa) Catlogue directory
City directory
Directory in

Disabled ( ) (Adj.) - (vikalang, vikalaang,

wikalang) Games venues not disabled friendly
500,000 yrs on, fossil of world's first disabled
man found Are the Rights of the Disabled in

Disaffection ( ) (N.) -
(asantosh) Disaffectionate
Excite disaffection
Public Displays of Disaffection

Discarded () (Adj.) - (alag)

'Springing': What's Not a Poem Has Been
And her white Sunday purse lay discarded near the
phonograph. I would have discarded it,

Discipline () (N.) - (vyavastha, vyavasthaa,

wyawastha) Adversity is the best school of discipline
Air force discipline
All india services (discipline and appeal) rules, 1969

Disclaimer ( ) (N.) - (enkar,

enkaar) Alabama Retains Disclaimer on
Evolution Disclaimer by beneficiary
Disclaimer of lease holds

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 41 )
Disclose () (V.) - (dikhana, dikhanaa)
Britain discloses secret data on terror prisoner
CAMPUS LIFE: Virginia; Undergraduates Drink Heavily,
Survey Discloses Company is an undisclosed principal

) (V.) - (khulasa,
Disclosure (
khulaasaa) 'DISCLOSURE'; Spotlight On Harassment
Agonizing Over Disclosure of AIDS
Bulstrode had been in dread of scandalous disclosures on the part
of Raffles.

Discount () (N.) - (upahar,

upahaar) Advance discounting for moratlity
Advance discounting for
severance At a discount

Discrete ( ) (Adj.) -
(asatat) Discrete category

Discrimination ( ) (N.) -
(antar) Auditory discrimination
Awaiting with
discrimination, Barefoot:
Colours of discrimination

Disorder () (N.) - (vikar, vikaar,

wikar) Patient Voices: Eating Disorders
'A Disorder Peculiar to the Country,' by Ken Kalfus:
Ground Zero 'Moral Disorder: Stories'

Dispense ( ) (V.) - (karana,

karanaa) Dispense with
Dispense with normal
procedure Dispense with

Dispute () (N.) - (matabhed)

'Disputed isle in Bay of Bengal disappears'
A Barrister, brought to arrange their
disputes A dispute dating back 50
Distinct ( ) (Adj.) - (alag
alag) 'Haussmann, or the Distinction': Who Put
the Gay in Paree? Academic distinctions
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,

Diversion () (N.) - (manoranjan,

Advertising; A New Path For Diversion
Magazine CBI grills Raju on funds
Diversion chamber

Diversity () (N.) - (vividhata, vividhataa,

wiwidhata) 'America and the Challenges of Religious
Diversity': God Is So Not Dead 'The Trouble With
Gulf of Mannar biosphere a neglected biodiversity hotspot

Documentary ( ) (Adj.) -
(likhit) 3D documentary released
A Spaceflight Attempts Almost-Instant Documentary
Actor Kirk Cameron documentary focuses on God's role in U.S.

Doorbell () (N.) - (daravaje ki ghanti, daravaaje kee ghantee,

darawaze ki ghanti)
A tinkling doorbell rang and both mistress and elf jumped.
Around six o'clock in the evening the doorbell rang and Mrs Black started
screaming again. That's why he rang the doorbell.

Dressed (
) (Adj.) - (taiyar, taiyaar)
'The Undressed Art': A Passion for
Meaningful Lines A fault confessed is half
A FULLY DRESSED woman walked out of

the water. Dried-up () (Adj.) - (sukha,


Drinking ( ) (N.) - (pina, peenaa)

'Drinking Coffee Elsewhere': Young, Gifted
and Black 'The Joy of Drinking'
'What Did I Do Last Night? A Drunkard's Tale,' by Tom Sykes:
Drinking on the Job
Drunkard ( ) (N.) - (sharabi, sharaabee)
'What Did I Do Last Night? A Drunkard's Tale,' by Tom Sykes:
Drinking on the Job A drunkard is qualified for all vices
As the seven drunkards shout,

Duration ( ) (N.) -
(kal, kaal) Absolute duration
Chargeable duration
Coextensive with the
duration of

Dynasty () (N.) - (rajavansh, raajavansh,

razawansh) 'American Dynasty': Family Lies
'The Last Mughal. The Fall of a Dynasty: Delhi, 1857'
'The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty': The Empire Strikes Out

Each year ( ) (Adv.) - (har sal,

har saal) A day each year is special to all,
A most joyful time That comes each year When Spring comes
Round once more. Each night, each year, the flowers that bloom
and die,

Earlier () (Adj.) - (pahale)

Anna arrived at Princess Tverskaya's earlier than the
other guests. As I said earlier,
Besides, the ringing over a little earlier warned the lads of
catechism hour.

Earnings () (N.) - (kamai,

kamaaee) A need to share our
Adi Godrej speaks on Godrej Properties'
Q2 earnings Annual earnings

Economic () (Adj.) - (aarthik)

'A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of
the World' 'Alternative to cuts is economic ruin'
'More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics'

Economical () (Adj.) - (aarthik)

By God, I could make myself bring her that economically halved grapefruit, that
sugarless breakfast. Economical statistics
Economical wide-recetion
Economics () (N.) - (arthavyavastha, arthavyavasthaa,
arthawyawastha) 'More Sex Is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of
3 Share Economics Prize for Labor
Market Analysis A Nobel That Bridges
Economics and Psychology

Economy () (N.) - (arthavyavastha, arthavyavasthaa,

arthawyawastha) 'Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the
Durable Future'
'Pop! Why Bubbles Are Great for the Economy'
'Reefer Madness': Notes From the Underground Economy

Editing ( ) (N.) - (sampadan,

sampaadan) Accrediting
Automated data editing
Chapter 5 Editing: Standards in Action

Editorial () (N.) - (sanpadakiy,

sanpaadakeey) 'The Long Recessional': Kipling the
ABC News to layoff 25 per cent editorial staff
Clooney Pens Hard-hitting Editorial For Washington Post

Educated ( ) (Adj.) - (shikshit)

All the most diverse sections of the educated public, hostile before,
are merged in one. And then you can love your highly educated
But it was the writing of a man, and of a well educated one, too.

Educational ) (Adj.) (shaikshanik)

( -
Babu favours film clubs in educational
institutions Central bureau of
Code educational

Efficient ( ) (Adj.) -
(kushal) Activity co-efficient
An efficient stove without
smoke! Arbitrary
Elected ( ) (Adj.) - (nirvachit, nirvaachit,
nirwachit) 'Aldous Huxley: Selected Letters'
'All Things, All at Once: New and Selected Stories'
'Creationists: Selected Essays, 1993-2006'

Electrical () (Adj.) - (vidyut, widyut)

As happens with me at periods of electrical disturbance and crepitating lightnings,
I had hallucinations. Bachelor of electrical engineering
Bachelor of electrical engineering (b.e.e.)

Electrification ( ) (N.) - (vidyutan,

widyutan) CRISIL IPO grade 3/5 to Rural
Electrification Corp
Electrification project

Element () (N.) - (log)

'The Elements of Murder': CSI:
St. Helena 'The Modern Element'
and 'Invasions' 'Wild: An
Elemental Journey'

Elementary ( ) (Adj.) - (mul, mool)

All this is amusing, though rather elementary, but I must go back to
business, Watson. Axiom of elementary sets
Elementary aggression

Elements ( ) (N.) - (tatv,

tatw) 'The Elements of Murder': CSI:
St. Helena
3 Nations to Resume Bargaining On the Naming of
New Elements All the elements are here below.

Eligibility () (N.) - (patrata,

paatrataa) Assessing eligibility
Assessing the
Certificate of

Elsewhere ( ) (Adj.) - (anyatr)

'Drinking Coffee Elsewhere': Young, Gifted
and Black 'William Maxwell': A World
Also in this house-fit there was no anger, no suffocation, no yearning to be elsewhere.
Emerging () (Adj.) - (aane vala, ane vaalaa, aane
'The Emerging Democratic Majority': Wait Till Next Year
: Stock Hunter Hunts For Emerging Stocks!! IWEB,SFEG,LFBG::
Sign Up Today!! Acer bets on emerging markets for expansion

Emotion () (N.) - (bhavana, bhaavanaa,

bhawana) 'Looking for Spinoza': The Source of Emotion
'Love': Extreme Emotions and Unthinkable Deeds
'Money, a Memoir: Women, Emotions, and Cash,' by Liz Perle:
Immaterial Girls

Emotional () (Adj.) - (ganbhir,

ganbheer) A natural catharsis of the
emotional and physical stress, All the pain
and emotional scars,
an emotional attraction between bros... Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had a total
bromance going on.

Emphasis () (N.) - (jor, zor)

'Boyd': A Military Strategist's Emphasis
on Speed Assuredly, said she, with
gathering emphasis.
Committee cannot overemphasise the need

Employee () (N.) - (karmachari,

karmachaaree) 'A Working Stiff's Manifesto':
Another Expendable Employee 'The Tattooed Girl': A
Malevolent Employee
Air India employees to get salary on time

Emptiness () (N.) - (riktata,

riktataa) 'Shipwreck': Heart of Emptiness
A whirlwind of confusion and everlasting emptiness
take control. And all the little emptiness of love!

Enclosure () (N.) - (ahata, ahaataa)

All ran towards the enclosure; everyone
pushed forward. And embedded in it are
these very singular enclosures.
And now he was walking past the trees, through a gap in the
enclosure fence.

Encroachment ( ) (Adj.) -
(atikraman) Ashoorkhana cleared of
By no encroachment wrong'd, nor time
forgot; Children seek removal of
Endeavour ( ) (N.) - (prayas, prayaas)
Atlantis, Endeavour up for
grabs Best endeavour
Best endeavours

Enduring ( ) (Adj.) - (sthayi,

sthaayee) 'An Enduring Love': The Last
A More Enduring Legacy
Cover me in your orbed spirit of enduring love.

Engineer ( ) (N.) - (abhiyanta, abhiyantaa)

'The Case Against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of
Genetic Engineering' 'The Dictators': Engineers of Death
'The Idea of Perfection': Engineering Romance

Engineering ( ) (N.) - (abhiyantriki,

abhiyaantrikee) 'The Case Against Perfection: Ethics in the
Age of Genetic Engineering' 'The Idea of Perfection':
Engineering Romance
2 engineering students end life

Enjoyment () (N.) -
(upabhog) Adverse enjoyment
enjoyment And
enjoyment radiates.

Enlightened () (Adj.) - (buddh)

Committee would like to be enlightened on
this aspect Enlightened citizen
It's true and enlightened

Enlightenment () (N.) - (janakari, janakaaree,

zanakari) "The Enlightenment, Vol. I: An Interpretation the Rise
of Modern Paganism," 'The Commissariat of Enlightenment': The
Power to Reconstitute History
Age of enlightenment

Entertaining ( ) (Adj.) - (manoranjan,

DAMN isn't this so
entertaining? Wow,
Entertaining feature
Entirely () (Adv.) - (puri tarah se, pooree tarah
All he did was to agree entirely with everything suggested to him.
Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is
entirely coincidental. Are entirely different things,

Entitled ( ) (Adj.) - (adhikari,

adhikaaree) Advocate entitled to practise

Entries ( ) (N.) - (pravishtiyan, pravishtiyaan,

prawishtiyan) Arrangement of entries
Dasara panel invites entries for theme
song, slogan Deduct entries

Enumerated ( ) (Adj.) -
(ankit) Enumerated below in rule 47

Episode () (N.) - (kadi,

kadee) Rachel Allen: Bake!
Episode 4
Ready Steady Cook
40 Series 3 Episode 12

Epitome () (N.) - (pratik,

prateek) Epitomes
She is the epitome of every season,
The person becomes, as it were, the epitome of the history of his
own family.

Equally () (Adv.) - (saman rup se, saman roop se)

After the death of Prince Andrei, Natasha and Princess Marya
equally felt that. Amazed and equally perturbed,
And all equally felt this strange and painful for the first minute.

Equipped () (Adj.) - (susajjit,

susazzit) But I'll be equipped with strength
within my,
Eurocom announces HDMI-in
equipped laptop Gorillas equipped
with sign language
Erstwhile ) (Adj.) - (purv, poorv, purw)
Nothing remained of them or their erstwhile homes but fragments of glass upon the

Especial ( ) (Adj.) - (vishesh, wishesh)

All right, I won't especially as everyone knows
those horrors. And almost all of them are harmful,
especially women.
And especially, she added, after a slight pause, when they are

Establish ( ) (V.) - (banana, bananaa)

'The Outlaw Bible of American Literature': The Rebel
Establishment aeronautical development
Air force establishment or station

Estimate ( ) (N.) -
(anuman) Accurate estimate
Admissible estimate
Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth.

Estimation ( ) (N.) - (anuman)

Another incident, however, raised him even higher in
their estimation. Budget estimation
Co-efficient of estimation

Eternal () (Adj.) - (shashvat, shaashvat, shashwat)

'A Beautiful Mind' & 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
Announced for Blu-ray 'Hart Crane':' Doomed but Eternal
'The Body': Eternal Youth

Evaluate () (V.) - (mulyankan,

moolyaankan) devaluate
Lack Direction? Evaluate Your Brain's C.E.O.
Microbicide Gels Evaluated for AIDS Prevention - Science in 2011

Eventually ( ) (Adv.) - (aakhirakar, aakhirakaar)

After several attempts swimming to other islands Eventually two natives in a
canoe were found. Agony I retreated to my mind Eventually the pain subsided I
Bad things are gonna happen but eventually,

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 50 )
Every year ( ) (Adv.) - (har sal, har saal)
After every year I was just cutting
cakes, And every year this is done
all over Russia.
Every year in this five and zero is exceptional in its own way.

Everyday ( ) (Adj.) - (pratidin)

'A Good Night Walk' and 'The Stars Will Still Shine':
Everyday People 'Ice Cream': Scoops of Everyday Life
'In the Next Galaxy': Finding Poetry Beneath the Surface of the

Evidence ( ) (N.) - (sabut, saboot)

'Evidence of Harm': What Caused the Autism
Epidemic? 'Evidence of Things Unseen': The
Night Light in America 'The Evidence Against
Her': Strange Fits of Passion

Evolution () (N.) - (udvikas, udvikaas,

udwikas) Slide Show: A Culinary Revolution in
Slide Show: Evolution of a Champion
!Women Art Revolution

Evolved () (Adj.) - (vikasit,

wikasit) A fully evolved creator of short
As she revolved to face the firelight, the woman said in cracked
and terrified voice. Charity Burbage revolved to face Snape again.

Exactly ( ) (Adv.) - (vastav men, vaastav men,

wastaw men) 'I Cannot Tell a Lie, Exactly': Ladies of a Certain
is exactly what our dear new Head
deserves,' said Fred. A crowd that wasn't
exactly familiar,

Examination () (N.) - (khoj, khoz)

A lawyer is no better than an old woman at a post-mortem examination.
A minute examination of the circumstances served only to make the
case more complex. A viva examination was almost done,

Exchange rate ( ) (N.) - (vinimay dar, winimay

dar) Arbitrated exchange rate

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 51 )
Concern expressed over inappropriate'
exchange rates Dollar-yuan exchange rate
issue evades amicable solution

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 52 )
Excluding () (N.) - (bina, binaa)
Ex-all (excluding all)

Exclusively () (Adv.) - (puri tarah se, pooree

tarah se) Necessarily and exclusively
Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games Coming
Exclusively to PS3 Suu Kyi talks exclusively to the

Exemplar ( ) (N.) - (prakar,

prakaar) Exemplarily

Existence () (N.) - (maujudagi, maujoodagee,

mauzudagi) 'Prescription for a Superior Existence'
'Sloan-Kettering': A Poet's Struggle Against
Nonexistence a desolate existence.

Existing ( ) (Adj.) - (maujuda, maujoodaa,

mauzuda) Actual existing interest
And experience says that power is not a word, but an actually
existing phenomenon. But if thy pre-existing soul

Expanded () (Adj.) - (vistrit, wistrit)

Caller ID Line Expanded

Centre expansion (expanded centre plan display)
Combing operation expanded as hostages remain traceless

Expansion ( ) (N.) - (prachar,

prachaar) Acer bets on emerging markets for
Adani moots rapid expansion to drive Mundra Port &
SEZ growth Areal expansion

Expedition () (V.) -
(abhiyan) 'The Last Expedition': Emin
Pasha, I Presume?
Arctic expedition
designers turn out cold weather gear worthy of a Shackleton
Explosive () (Adj.) - (visphotak,
wisfotak) Saudi Arabia tipped off U.S. over Yemen
explosive materials
16 injured as tractor runs over "pig explosives"
in Udumalpet 200lb of explosives in car bomb

Exposed () (Adj.) - (ujagar, ujaagar,

uzagar) Medha-led campaign exposed scam in
29 per cent Indians exposed to second-hand smoke
outside home 6 Brookhaven Workers Exposed to

Exquisite () (Adj.) - (tivr,

teevr, tiwr) 'A Pirate of Exquisite Mind':
The Highbrow Hijacker An exquisite
candour emanated from his being.
An exquisite pleasure had invaded my senses, but individual, detached, with no
suggestion of its origin.

Extension ( ) (N.) - (prasar,

prasaar) Activities for the extension of
knowledge Agricultural extension
Analogical extension

Exterior () (N.) -
(bahar) but the exterior remains
the same. despite The beautiful
Exterior angle

External () (N.) - (bahar)

Aggression, external
And in maintaining this attitude of external composure she was
completely successful. And they needed an external push which
would overcome that shame.

Extraordinary () (Adj.) - (atirikt)

'Lost Genius: The Curious and Tragic Story of an Extraordinary
Musical Prodigy' Absolutely extraordinary! Gentlemen.
Ambassador (extraordinary)

Fabrication ( ) Fabrication industry Fabrication metallurgy

(N.) -
Fabrication of charges

Farmland () (N.) - (khet)

A harvest of golf courses from Vietnams
farmland MES opposes acquisition of fertile
farmland by KIADB Overnighter: California
Farmland, Known for Its Drinks

Favourite ( ) (Adj.) -
(priy) Ashmit is my favourite:
Brothers would send his favourite
cigarette, CA turns out to be
favourite choice

Feather ( ) (N.) - (pankh)

"A Crown of Feathers and Other
Stories," 'Featherstone': A Far-Off
Grover's Corners 'In the Devils
Feather,' by Minette Walters

Federal ( ) (Adj.) - (phedaral, fedaral)

'James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights,' by Richard Labunski:
The Federalist Jihad Jane due in federal court in Philadelphia
A Claim-Buster by Calling; From U.F.O. Dreams To Federal Schemes, He Debunks Them

Firstly ( ) (Adv.) - (pahale)

But firstly, no, Harry, not seven Hor-cruxes: six.

Flavour ( ) (N.) -
(rang) Bustling with flavours

Full moon ( ) (N.) - (purnima, poornimaa)

But my heart is in broken piece's it's not like
a full moon. Counting the days down until the
next Full Moon.
From the full moon fell Nokomis,

Functioning ( ) (N.) - (kary, kaary)

3 modernised NTC mills start functioning
Briquetting plant begins functioning at
TNAU Coimbatore IT Park to start
functioning by next year
Furthermore ( ) (Adv.) - (esake alava, esake alaavaa, esake
And Furthermore by Judi Dench
book review Furthermore,
Furthermore, Fudge was looking distinctly careworn.

Glasses () (N.) - (chashma, chashmaa)

A few old women were sitting in a corner, drinking tiny glasses of sherry.
A third twitch of the wand, and a dusty bottle and five glasses
appeared in midair. Aaah! He suddenly whipped off his glasses and
polished them hurriedly on his robes.

Government ( ) (Adj.) - (sarakari, sarakaaree)

"Government will take action if corruption is proved"
'Jennifer Government': Guerrilla Marketing
'Mafia: The Governments Secret File on Organized Crime'

Government of india ( ) (N.) - (bharat sarakar, bhaarat sarakaar)

Government of india act
Government of india concern
Government of india extra-ordinary gazette

Governor ( ) (N.) - (malik,

maalik) 'Dancing With Strangers':
Spearing the Governor 'Governor
Reagan': Anticipating Arnold
'Let's Party, Minnesota,' Governor Says

Gradient () (N.) - (anupat,

anupaat) Axial gradient
Back gradient

Gradually () (Adv.) - - (dhire-dhire, dheere-dheere)

A few people laughed and, gradually, a babble of talk
broke out again. Add pride gradually and continue
beating until very stiff.
And by-and-by, I hope, you may be in circumstances gradually to repay me.

Graduate () (Adj.) - (snatakottar,

snaatakottar) 10,400 Students Graduate At Rainy
Columbia Rites
After Suicide, Harvard Alters Policies on Graduate Students
AFTER THE RIOTS; N.A.A.C.P. Chief Assails Bush as Graduates

Greatest ( ) (Adj.) - (sabase bada,

sabase badaa) 'Dugan Under Ground': The Greatest
Generation of Cartoonists 'Spirituality could be
India's greatest export'
'Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africas Greatest Explorer'

Hanging ( ) (N.) - (phansi, phaansee, fansi)

Cambridge Letters: Changing
landscapes 'KBC' is a life-
changing experience: BigB
'The Devil's Playground': Changing Times Square

Happening ( ) (N.) - (ghatana, ghatanaa)

'Happening': The 'Thing'
'The Last of Her Kind,' by Sigrid Nunez: Something
Happening Here Agenda: Business happenings in South

Harbour ( ) (N.) - (rakhana,

rakhanaa) The ship was cheerd, the
harbour cleard,
And down he rode to the harbour
mouth, And steer'd right into the
harbour thus,

Harmony () (N.) - (sanvad, sanvaad,

sanwad) 'IPL created harmony among players'
Inclusive society possible with compassion, love
and harmony A crowded hearth, but harmony.

Headquarters ( ) (N.) - (mukhyalay,

A lopsided sign on the nearest cubicle read: Auror
Headquarters. Administrative headquarters
Area headquarters

Healthy ( ) (Adj.) - (svasth, swasth)

$68.9 Million Modigliani Gets Auction Season Off to a
Healthy Start 'Healthy food' obsession bad for health
a good healthy happy loving life to GOD,
Hearing ( ) (N.) - (sunavai, sunavaaee, sunawai)
'Hearings' on Gays in the Military Are a Sham
Paid news hearing against Chavan
deferred to July 9 Up to Orissa,
Chhattisgarh to hold public hearings'

Heating ( ) (N.) - (tap,

taap) 'Cheating at Canasta'
'The Progress Paradox' and 'The Cheating Culture':
Happiness Math About 200 Fla. College Students
Admit to Cheating

Helicopter ( ) (N.) -
(helikoptar) 10 killed in helicopter crash in
11 killed in Iraq helicopter crash,
bombing Bomb squad examines
helicopter crash site

Heterogeneous ( ) (Adj.) - (vividh,

wiwidh) Heterogeneous data

High court ( ) (N.) - (uchch nyayalay, uchch

nyaayaalay) High Court Bench to be a fitting tribute to Varkala'
26/11: hearing on Kasab's death penalty confirmation
begins in High Court 2G scam: Swamy challenges High
Court order

High court of judicature ( ) (N.) - (uchch nyayalay, uchch

nyaayaalay) High quality ( ) (N.) - (uchch gunavatta, uchch

gunavattaa, uchch gunawatta)

High school ( ) (N.) - (uchch vidyalay, uchch vidyaalay,

uchch widyalay) 'The Physics of the Buffyverse,' by Jennifer Ouellette: High
School Hell
Easy A brings back high school laughs
2 Boys Charged in Sex Abuse In High School Locker Room

Hinduism ( ) (N.) - (hindu dharm, hindoo

dharm) Terrorism not linked to Hinduism: RSS chief
Understanding Hinduism
History () (N.) - (vivaran,
wiwaran) Interactive Reader: An
Incomplete History
Seeing History in Mad Men
"The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, The Novel as

Holding ( ) (N.) - (kshetr)

'Still Holding': You'll Never Be Paged in This
Town Again 'The Holding': Haunted in
A child in rags was holding him by a rope.

Holiness () (sant)
(N.) -
His holiness
His holiness wrapped wholly in
a clod, Holiness is happiness

Home minister ( ) (grih mantri, grih mantree)

(N.) -
Change Home Minister, appeals
Harshads arrest a major achievement: Rajasthan
Home Minister Home Minister bereaved

Homeland () (N.) - (janmabhumi, janmabhoomi,

zanmabhumi) 'A Burning in Homeland': Melodrama Queen
Department of Homeland Security
For Some Bushmen, a Homeland Worth the Fight

Honoured () (Adj.) - (sammanit)

'Pasanga' honoured again
Agreement pledges 'need
honoured' By his dishonoured

Horizon () (N.) - (sima,

seemaa) 'Grandes Horizontales':
Secrets of the Harem 'No Visible
Horizon': Don't Call Them Stunt Fliers
'The Horizontal Everest': Across the Tundra With an Extremophile

Horseshoe () Horseshoeing Horseshoer horseshoes

(N.) -
(ghode ki
nal, ghode
kee naal)

House of the people ( ) (N.) -

(lokasabha, lokasabhaa)
Speaker of the house of the people

Housing ( ) (N.) - (grih)

'Serious impact' of housing cuts Watch
'Waiting For Gautreaux,' by Alexander Polikoff:
Bleak Housing Expedite work on housing

However () (Adv.) - (tab bhi, tab bhee)

You will, however, I am sure, excuse me for taking an
obvious precaution. A month, however, is too long.
Again, however, Dumbledore seemed oblivious to Harry's attempt
to catch his eye.

Humanity () (N.) - (manavata, manavataa,

'Elizabeth Costello': An Allegorist's Lectures
to Humanity And calm'st the weary strife of
frail humanity!
Any scourge is more preferred Than the one which disables

Humidity () (N.) - (aardrata,

aardrataa) Air humidity
Critical percentage
humidity Hypothetical

Humiliation () (N.) - (apaman)

He felt disgraced, humiliated, guilty, and deprived of all possibility of washing
away his humiliation. Holmes was as cool as ever, but I was hot with anger and
I cannot allow that there is any humiliation.

Hunting ( ) (N.) - (shikar, shikaar)

'The Dead Fish Museum,' by Charles D'Ambrosio: The Man's Guide to
Hunting and Fishing 'The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in
the Western World'
'The Shell Collector': Stories About Hunting and Being Hunted

Husbandry ( ) (N.) - (krishi)

And that's how it is the whole level of
husbandry has fallen. Animal husbandry
Animal husbandry college
Ice cream ( ) (N.) - (aaesakrim,
aaesakreem) 'Ice Cream': Scoops of Everyday Life
A few windows were boarded up, including those of Florean Fortescue's
Ice Cream Parlor. Before the ice cream, champagne was served.

Identification ( ) (N.) -
(pahachan) Bank identification number
Biometric identification for
rehabilitation planned Co-identification

Identity ( ) (N.) - (samata, samataa)

'In the Name of Identity': Against the Politics of
Victimization 'Middlesex': My Big Fat Greek
Gender Identity Crisis
'Out of My Head': Identity Theft

Ignorance () (N.) - (agyan)

A modest confession of ignorance is the ripest and last
attainment of philosophy All of them in ignorance that her love
would be mine.
And I have gone about with just the same ignorance in Rome.

Illness () (N.) - (rog)

'Limbo': A Life Transformed
by Illness
'Stillness': Listening to the Dead in Bosnia

Imaginary ( ) (Adj.) - (kalpanik, kaalpanik)

'Imaginary Weapons,' by Sharon Weinberger:
Daydream Believers Between him and the imaginary
personages she made comparisons. Imaginary angle

Imagination ( ) (N.) - (man)

'An Exact Replica of a Figment of My
Imagination' 'Falling Upwards: Essays in
Defense of the Imagination' 'Where the
Stress Falls': The Radical Imagination

Imperial () (Adj.) - (shahi,

shahee) 'Command of Office': The Imperial
Presidency 'Embers': A Novel of Imperial
'Free Culture': The Intellectual

Imperialists Implement () (N.) -

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 60 )
Agricultural implements
Agricultural implements
directorate Agricultural
implements specialist

Implementation ( ) (N.) - (karyanvayan, kaaryanvayan,

karyanwayan) Committed to implementation of welfare schemes: Balineni
DTC Bill on track for
implementation Effective

Importance () (N.) - (mahattv,

mahattw) 'The Importance of Being Famous':
'The Importance of Being Kennedy'
The paper seems to me to be of no practical importance.

Importer ( ) (N.) - (aayatak, aayaatak)

Flink and the Hammerheads and Beluga the tobacco importer and
Belugas girls.

Imports ( ) (N.) - (aayat,

aayaat) Chief controller of imports and
China suspends auto imports from Hyundai, Kia
Domestic textile machinery makers want end to sops on imports

Impossible () (Adj.) - (asanbhav,

asanbhaw) 'A one-state solution in Israel is difficult
but not impossible'
'Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,' by Ayelet Waldman: Atom
Bomb of Desire 'Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africas Greatest

Impression () (N.) - (mat)

'The Impressionist': Son of a Sort of Goddess
By the way, I was under the impression that I left this door
shut just now. A good first impression can work wonders.

Impressive () (Adj.) - (prabhavi, prabhaavee,

prabhawi) Because god showed him a burning bush On the
mountains impressive gloom. Christina Ricci makes an
IMPRESSIVE Broadway debut! She is delicious.
DSP Black Rock Equity: Impressive long-term performer

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 61 )
Improvement ( ) (N.) - (badhati,
badhatee) 'The Testing of Luther Albright':
Home Improvement?

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 62 )
Professional training needs
improvement' Agricultural

In accordance with ( ) (Adj.) - (ke anusar, ke

anusaar) According as (in accordance with)
And he will calmly and punctually act in accordance
with his words. Deal with the same on merits in
accordance with law

In compliance with ( ) (Adj.) - (ke anusar, ke

anusaar) Thus, we do not necessarily keep eBooks in compliance with
any particular paper edition. Thus, we do not necessarilykeep eBooks in
compliance with any particular paper edition. We do NOT keep any
eBooks in compliance with a particular paper edition.

In full ( ) (Adv.) - (pura,

pooraa) a lunatic in full bloom.
A Philosopher in
Full A rose in full

In that ( ) (Adv.) - (es bat men, es baat men)

He sent it to me in that state, with his curse, upon my
wedding morning. This hermit good lives in that wood
A brain that thinks for your own.

In-between () (Adj.) - (ke bich men, ke beech men)

Somewhere in-between,

Inadequate () (Adj.) - (thoda, thodaa)

Access to information on public transit systems inadequate
back when I had come so close to accepting that I
was inadequate. City has inadequate fire safety

Inaugurate () (V.) - (udghatan,

udghaatan) Actor inaugurates home for orphans
Administrative Staff College
inaugurated Apparel training
centre inaugurated

Inauguration ( ) (N.) - (udghatan,

udghaatan) 29 mn Indians watched CWG
A concert of luminaries will mark the 50th anniversary of JFK's
coverage of President Obama's inauguration

Incidence () (N.) - (ghatana,

ghatanaa) '50% rise in extreme rain
incidence in last 50 yrs'
Angle of incidence
But it wasnt a coincidence at all.

Income-tax () (N.) -
(aayakar) Agricultrual income-
tax law Agricultural income-
tax revision board
If its on the market Ill buy it if it means another penny on the

Incredible ( ) (Adj.) - (achchha,

achchhaa) 'Radical Evolution' and 'More Than
Human': The Incredibles 3 Reasons Incredible
Hulk May Be Too Angry for TV
All Harry's -- it was incredible.

Incurred () (Adj.) - (kiya gaya, kiyaa

gayaa) Acquired, accrued or incurred
He would have taken more trouble, incurred more expense for them
than for queens. Properly incurred

Indian army ( ) (N.) - (bharatiy sena,

bhaarateey senaa) Indian army chief's remarks unwise, jingoistic:
Indian army chief's remarks unwise: Pak

Indian penal code ( ) (N.) - (bharatiy dand sanhita, bhaarateey

dand sanhitaa) Indian rupee ( ) (N.) - (bharatiy rupaya, bhaarateey

She showed it to me, Watson, and it was an Indian rupee.

Indication ( ) (N.) - (sanket)

'Vindication': Mary Wollstonecraft's Sense and Sensibility
A few small footholds presented themselves, and there was some
indication of a ledge. All the indications seem to me to point in that
Indicator ( ) (N.) - (suchi,
soochee) Approach indicator
Arc back
indicator Arc

Indictment ( ) (N.) -
(aarop) Abstract of indictment
Bill of indictment
CAG report not an indictment: Moily

Industry () (N.) - (udyog)

"The offshore support industry can be an engine of social
change in India" 'Double digit revenue growth a turning
point for industry'
'Hot Property': Freebooters of Industry

Infection ( ) (N.) -
(sankraman) Infection links to
AIDS breakthrough: Gel helps prevent infection
And Pritchard needn't get up any wine: brandy was the best thing
against infection.

Infinite () (Adj.) - (anant)

'I Will Be Cleopatra': Zoe Caldwell's
Infinite Variety 'Kings of Infinite Space':
Men at Work
Bioshock: Infinite Gameplay Trailer

Inflation ( ) (N.) - (mahangai,

mahangaaee) 'The Great Inflation and Its
A New Quandary for the Federal Reserve: Grappling With
Low Inflation Accounting Board Asked to Alter Inflation-
Indexed Bond Rule

Influential () (Adj.) - (prabhav, prabhaav, prabhaw)

Keynes: The Rise, Fall, and Return of the 20th Centurys Most
Influential Economist Arguably the most influential opinion journal
at the White House
Elia Kazan, Influential Director, Is Dead at 94

Initiative () (N.) -
(pahal) A novel initiative in
Amitabh to promote 'Save our Tigers'
initiative An initiative to rescue old

Injection ( ) (N.) - (enjekshan, enzekshan)

Aurobindo gets USFDA nod for 3 generic
antibiotic injections Blast-injection technqiue
Cement injection

Innovative () (Adj.) - (navin, naveen,

nawin) Check out innovative interview
I'm a big fan of Kanye West. He's really innovative in the
stuff that he does. India's innovative nuclear power reactor

Insecurity () (N.) -
(sankat) Economic insecurity
Food insecurity in the U.S. hovering at
record levels Food insecurity in urban

Inspiration ( ) (N.) - (prerana, preranaa)

'They Made America': 1 Percent Inspiration, 99
Percent Marketing I take lot of inspiration from
Mother is first inspiration for the child'

Inspired () (Adj.) -
(prerit) Akon's album is 'inspired by
Al-Qaeda inspired woman jailed for life
And the Banker, inspired with a courage so new

Installation ( ) (N.) - (adhishthapan,

adhishthaapan) Concerns as Solar Installations Join a Desert

Installed () (Adj.) - (sthapit,

sthaapit) 54-foot-high Ganesha idol to be
CCTVs to be installed at
Sabarimala Installed

Instructions () (N.) -
(nirdesh) 'Instructions for Visitors': Love
in the Pyrenees And her traveling
instructions were clear.
Apparently he's just been sending instructions in by owl.
Instrument () (N.) - (upakaran)
A brilliant and monstrous mutation had suddenly taken place, and here
was the instrument. Admission of instrument
Admission of instruments

Integrated () (Adj.) - (ekikrit,

ekeekrit) And the integrated will of resolve,
Cerebra Integrated
Technologies Ltd. cyber
integrated solutions

Intellectual ( ) (Adj.) - (bauddhik)

'America and the Intellectual Cold Wars in Europe': Bagman
for Democracy 'Free Culture': The Intellectual Imperialists
'Laura Warholic: Or, The Sexual Intellectual'

Intelligence ( ) (N.) -
(buddhi) 'Fixing Intelligence':
Connecting the Dots 'Intelligence and
How to Get It'
'Intelligence Wars': The Secrets of the Secret War

Intention ( ) (N.) - (vichar, vichaar,

wichar) 'Quite Honestly,' by John Mortimer: The
Best of Intentions 'The Best Intentions'
After the irritating discussion with his brother, he pondered over this intention again.

Interested () (Adj.) - (ruchi)

'Alias' stars not interested in a film
A what? said Harry, interested.
After dinner several telegrams were sent to people interested in the result of the

Interim () (Adj.) -
(antarim) Ad interim
Ad interim copyright
Ad interim copyright clause

Intermediate () (Adj.) -
(madhyam) Basic and intermediate
Benzyne intermediate
Board of high school and intermediate eduation
Internet ( ) (N.) - (entaranet)
'Ain't It Cool?': A Movie Geek's Internet
Monument 'Terror on the Internet,' by Gabriel
Weimann: TheirSpace 1 in 4 Internet users
give fake names online

Interpretation ( ) (N.) - (arth)

"The Enlightenment, Vol. I: An Interpretation the Rise of
Modern Paganism," 'As of This Writing': Against Interpretation
'The Interpretation of Murder,' by Jed Rubenfeld: Manhattan

Interrogation ( ) (N.) - (puchhatachh,

poochhataachh) 'Interrogations': The Banality of Evil
Interrogation of Padma
begins Interrogation

Intimate () (V.) - (batana, batanaa)

'City of Oranges: An Intimate History of Arabs and
Jews in Jaffa' An Intimate Look at the Acting
Process with Ice Cube
Be intimately with

Introduction () (N.) - (parichay)

'Have You Seen . . .?: A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films'
Shell give you a letter of introduction, wont you, Myrtle? Do what?
she asked, startled. A very good introduction for beginners

Invalid () (Adj.) -
(asamarth) An invalid lady had
already lain down to sleep. I'm used
to looking after such invalids.
I-T objection to land sale invalid: Golden Tobacco

Invention ( ) (N.) - (khoj, khoz)

'Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern
Middle East' 'Our Own Devices': Smothered
by Invention
'The Invention of Air'

Jesus christ ( ) (N.) - (isa masih, eesaa

maseeh) Jesus Christ forgave the bastards,
Lord Jesus Christ! I was asleep, when I heard a noise as though someone were
missing the greatest gift we got through Jesus Christ.

Jointly concerned ( ) (N.) - (sanyukt)

Judge, small causes court (, ) (N.) - (nyayadhish,

nyaayaadheesh) Just now ( ) (Adv.) - (ab)

By the way, I was under the impression that I left this door
shut just now. About three feet by a foot and a half, as they
are being made just now.
An' don' ask me questions just now, I think I'm gonna be sick.

Justified () (Adj.) - (nyayasangat,

nyaayasangat) Aghast at all the words that justified,
But I am justified in taking my own line and I will.
But Rosamond went home with a sense of justified repugnance towards her husband.

Juvenile () (Adj.) - (bal,

baal) Blackjack wins Goffs
Juvenile Million Children's court
(juvenile court) Delinquency,

Keeping () (N.) - (suraksha, surakshaa)

'Keeping the World Away'
'Lighthousekeeping': The Sea
of Love
'Status Anxiety' and 'The Status Syndrome': Keeping Up With the

Kenyan shilling ( ) (N.) - (kenyai shiling, kenyaaee shiling)

Kilometer () (N.) - (kilomitar,

kilomeetar) Kilometer stone

Kilometre () (N.) - (kilomitar, kilomeetar)

Liberal () (Adj.) - (aajad, aajaad,

aazad) 'America's Constitution': A Liberal
'Bush Country': Loves Bush,
Hates Liberals 'Claire Marvel':
Liberals and Love
Localization ( ) (N.) - (sthaniyakaran,
Localization of
Localization test

Lubrication ( ) (N.) -
(snehan) Boundary lubrication
system Oilmist

Machine () (N.) - (sangathan)

Florence and The Machine
'A Madman Dreams of Turing
Machines' 'Against the Machine'

Madness () (N.) - (pagalapan, paagalapan)

'A Window Across the River': The
Madness of Art 'In the Wake of
Madness': Psycho at Sea
'Perfect Madness': The Mommy Trap

Maestro () (N.) - (aachary,

aachaary) 70th birthday of maestro to be
At the Philharmonic, Maestro Knows Best
Cosa? Il mio piede diventa mio maestro? Ferdinando.

Magazine () (N.) - (khana,

khanaa) 'Little Pink Slips,' by Sally
Koslow: Mad, Mad Magazine 'Wired': The
Coolest Magazine on the Planet
The Guts of a New Machine by Rob Walker (The New York Times

Magical () (Adj.) - (shanadar, shanadaar)

'Abandon': Magical Mystery Tour
'Magical Thinking': Life After Rehab
'The Year of Magical Thinking': Goodbye to All That
Magistrate () (N.) - (majistret,
mazistret) Additional chief presidency
Additional district
magistrate's court Before
district magistrate
Magnetic ( ) (Adj.) - (chunbakiy,
chunbakeey) Anti magnetic belt

Make-up () (N.) - (charitr)

'Kiss and Make-Up' by Gene
Simmons Alappuzha in for
heritage make-up Bright
make-up a big turn-off for

Malnutrition () (N.) -
(kuposhan) NAC failed to address hunger
and malnutrition'
And there are indications; malnutrition, nervous
excitability, and so on. Malnutrition reaches epidemic
proportions in M.P.

Manifest ( ) (Adj.) - (vyakt, wyakt)

'A Working Stiff's Manifesto': Another
Expendable Employee 'Digital Barbarism: A
Writers Manifesto'
'Reality Hunger: A Manifesto'

Manufactured ) (Adj.) - (nirmit)

The Karnataka verdict was manufactured in Delhi and marketed in
Bangalore by the Speaker. Unmanufactured state

Manufacturer ( ) (N.) - (nirmata,

nirmaataa) Apparel manufacturer Cantabil to tap
BMTC under pressure to refund Rs. 20-cr. penalty to bus
manufacturers I've been a Porsche driver trapped in
another manufacturer's body

Mapping () (N.) - (manachitran)

'Cartographia: Mapping Civilizations'

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 70 )
'Drastic': Stories Mapping the Genealogy of
Loneliness Areal mapping

Marijuana ( ) (N.) - (ganja, gaanjaa, ganza)

APRIL 11-17: Eighth-Grade Habits; Among the Youngest, a Rise In
Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD Backers of Legal Marijuana Find Silver Lining in
Defeat of California Measure

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 70 )
BASKETBALL: ROUNDUP; Webber Is Fined In Marijuana Seizure

Maritime ( ) (Adj.) - (samudr)

Affairs maritime
Govt orders 4 more US maritime patrol
aircraft IMU to offer specialised course
in maritime law

Market place ( ) (N.) - (bajar, baajaar,

bazar) Market Place; A Possible Vivendi Deal Is
Raising Some...
Market Place; Group Approves Use of Derivatives
Market Place; In a vexingly competitive media environment, a big stakeholder mutes his
enthusiasm for Viacom.

Marshall ) (N.) - (marshal, maarshal)

'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' by Eric Burdon with J.
Marshall Craig 'On the Town,' by Marshall Berman: 42nd
'The Cottagers,' by Marshall N. Klimasewiski: Vanishing Point

Martial () (Adj.) - (sainik)

'Martials Epigrams: A Selection'
Asian Games' Opening Gold Medal Is in Martial Arts
But the universe is not under martial law, arbitrary and

Marvelous () (Adj.) - (shanadar,

shanadaar) And Agafea Mihalovna will give us that
marvelous herb-brandy. AQ Interactive Are
Working On Animal Resort With Marvelous
But Anna Arkadyevna's knowledge of architecture is marvelous,
said Tushkevitch.

Masturbation () (N.) - (hastamaithun)

skimpy outfits ... endorsement of narcotics abuse, public masturbation, and school-
sanctioned burlesque. Taylor Momsen poses with guns for mag, talks sex tapes,
Taylor Momsen Shares Her Expertise On Porn, Masturbation, &
Heidi Montag

Matching ( ) (N.) - (milan)

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 71 )
$40 million in matching gifts
Albus and Aberforth 216The Bribe wore matching lacy collared jackets and had
identical, shoulderlength hairstyles.
Colour matching

Mathematics ( ) (N.) - (ganit)

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 72 )
'Making Sense of Life': Studying Biology Through
Mathematics 'Strange Matters': Mathematics and
the Playful Side of Physics 'The Mathematics of
Love,' by Emma Darwin: Housemates

Matrimonial () (Adj.) - (vaivahik,

waiwahik) Home, matrimonial

Maximum () (Adj.) - (adhik se adhik)

'Maximum City': Bombay Confidential
'Not a Suicide Pact,' by Richard A. Posner:
Maximum Security 'Titan Maximum': Stop-Motion
Giant Robots! (Review)

Meaningful () (Adj.) - (mahatvapurn, mahatvapoorn, mahatwapurn)

'The Undressed Art': A Passion for Meaningful Lines
Alexey Alexandrovitch and Lidia Ivanovna exchanged meaningful glances, and
the reading began. Critical Shopper | Realm: The Meaningful Luxury of Paying

Mechanical ( ) (Adj.) - (yantrik, yaantrik)

All the riders waved their whips mechanically and shouted
from time to time. Amechanical
At Work; Man, Office and Mechanical Bride

Meddling ( ) (N.) - (hastakshep)

Excuse my meddling in your affairs.
Harry was halfway toward it before he remembered what he'd promised himself
about not meddling. Intermeddling

Medication ( ) (N.) - (dava, davaa,

dawa) Ground water remedication

Medicinal ( ) (Adj.) - (aushadhiy,

aushadheey) Adopt scientific approach to conserve
medicinal plants'
93 pc of wild medicinal plants in
endangered list: Study Ayurvedic products,
medicinal plants on display
Meditation ( ) (N.) - (chintan)
'A Pelican in the Wilderness': Meditations on
Extreme Solitude Mindfulness meditation helps
A Meditation on the Historical Process

Membership ( ) (N.) - (sadasyata, sadasyataa)

Historic day as Iceland starts EU
membership talks Associate membership
Axiom of membership

Messenger ( ) (N.) - (dut, doot)

'Messenger': Something's Rotten in Utopia
'Messenger: New and Selected Poems, 1976-2006,' by Ellen Bryant
Voigt: From the Farm 'When the Messenger Is Hot': Willing Victims of
Bad Relationships

Metallurgy ( ) (N.) - (dhatukarm,

dhaatukarm) Bachelor of engineering (metallurgy)
(b.e. metal)
Bachelor of metallurgy
(b.met.) Electro-

Metropolis () (N.) -
(mahanagar) 'Alva & Irva': The Plasticine
'Metropolis': Gang of New York
'Neon Metropolis': A Flat-Out Vegas Fan

Middle class ( ) (N.) - (madhyam varg, madhyam

warg) 'War on the Middle Class'
For the previous decade, the middle class had been
losing ground G.M., Detroit and the Fall of the Black
Middle Class

Migrant () (N.) - (pravasi, pravaasee, prawasi)

Slide Show: Immigrants Welcome
'Aloft': The Suburban Novel Meets the Immigrant Novel
'Biutiful,' a stark look at the lives of migrants, opens film festival in
Migration () (N.) - (pravas,
pravaas, prawas) 'Excess migration threat to
'Migration': The Solemn Art
'The Angel of Forgetfulness': Migration of Souls
Military, naval or air force (, (N.) - (sena, senaa)
Military, naval or air force staff employment

Milling (N.) - (nirman)

() Ball

Dal milling
Fast milling pigment

Minimal () (Adj.) -
(kam) 'Complete Minimal
'Samuel Johnson Is Indignant': The Real Minimal
Deal Activists reject minimalist framework of
Food Security Bill

Minister of state ( ) (N.) - (rajy mantri, raajy mantree, razy


Minister of the union ( ) (N.) - (sangh ke mantri, sangh

ke mantree)

Minority () (N.) - (alpasankhyak)

'Minority Report' moves from reel into
real life 'Moral Minority: Our Skeptical
Founding Fathers'
A NATION AT WAR: ISLAMIC MINORITY; 2 Leaders of Russia's Muslims Split Over Jihad
Against U.S.

Minutes ( ) (N.) - (vritt, writt)

'Andy Warhol': Has It Been 15 Minutes Yet?
'Megamind' First Five Minutes: This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Will
Ferrell-Brad Pitt Rivalry 'Wilt, 1962': 48 Minutes, 100 Points

Missile () (N.) -
(astr) 'Candy Missiles' Aimed
At Baldwin Agni-II missile
test-fired successfully
always is a missile or a gun.

Mistake ( ) (N.) - (dosh)

'Selling Rajasthan exploration blocks a mistake'
'The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up
Too Much?' It is a mistake to judge science
by Nobel Prizes
Mixture () (N.) - (mishr)
A mixture of both Make not a sacred oath.
Additive colour
mixture admixture

Modern-day () (Adj.) - (aadhunik)

AT HOME WITH: Jon Robin Baitz; The Playwright As Modern-
Day Moralist Florence Journal; Where the Bodies Are Buried,
Modern-Day Medici Feud

Modification ( ) (N.) - (parivartan, pariwartan)

modification Behaviour
Behavioural modification

Moisture () (N.) - (aardrata, aardrataa)

A moisture came into his eyes and there was a lump in
his throat, but. Adjusts well to what moisture it can find.
Atmospheric moisture content

Monarch ( ) (N.) - (rani,

ranee) 'Castles of Steel':
Monarchs of the Sea 'Leap of
Faith': Monarch Notes
Absolute monarch

Monarchy ( ) (N.) - (rajatantr, raajatantr,

razatantr) Barbarian monarchy

Monetary fund ( ) (N.) - (mudra kosh, mudraa

kosh) International Monetary Fund

Monsoon () (N.) - (varsha vayu, varshaa vaayu,

warsha wayu)
'Monsoon still active'
11 killed as late monsoon wreaks havoc in
Nepal Administration gears up to tackle
monsoon onslaught
Monument () (N.) - (smarak, smaarak)
'Ain't It Cool?': A Movie Geek's Internet
Monument 'Monumental Propaganda': La
Femme Nikita
250 monuments identified for conservation

More or less ( ) (Adv.) - (lagabhag)

He is the absolute one, and there can be no more or less in him.
I think he knows more or less everything that goes on here, you
It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.

Mosquito () (N.) - (machchhar)

All the while suffering mosquitoes, bees, hornets, wasps and the meanest lady
spiders in the state. Army to help check mosquito breeding at Games Village
Finally I took the mosquito netting from a nail out the barn.

Mothertongue ( ) (N.) - (matribhasha,

maatribhaashaa) Motion picture ( ) (N.) -

Many trials go into combining graphics with
motion picture' Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences
Motion Picture Association of America

Motorbike () (N.) - (motarasaekil,

Converted motorbike performs various field
operations Hagrid kicked the motorbike into
Hagrid was standing ready beside the motorbike, goggles on.

Mountainous () (Adj.) - (pahadi,

pahaadee) Mountainous region
Osama probably hiding in mountainous regions of Pak: Petraeus

Multiple () (Adj.) - (vividh,

wiwidh) 'Action needed' on multiple
'The Reasons I Won't Be Coming: Stories,' by Elliot Perlman:
Multiple Personalities 'The Tiger in the Attic': Multiples of One
Municipal () (Adj.) - (nagar palika, nagar
paalikaa) 15-point agenda soon for improving infrastructure
in municipal corporations A Municipal Morality Play
A paternal administration, chosen from among yourselves, will constitute your
municipality or city council.

Municipal corporation ( ) (N.) - - (nagar-

nigam) 15-point agenda soon for improving infrastructure in
municipal corporations hubli-dharwad municipal corporation
Municipal corporation officials told to check choking of drains

My dear ( ) (Adj.) - (priy)

'Learning to Fly: A Writers Memoir,' by Mary Lee Settle:
Frankly, My Dear 'My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and
John Adams'
'To My Dearest Friends,' by Patricia Volk: Parting Gift

National flag ) (N.) - (rashtriy dhvaj, raashtreey dhvaj, rashtriy dhwaz)

Indian national flag

National highway ( ) (N.) - (rashtriy rajamarg, raashtreey

raajamaarg, rashtriy razamarg)
national highways authority of
india national highways
development project
Normalcy restored on Ooty-Coonoor National Highway

Nationalism () (N.) - (rashtravad, raashtravaad,


Natural ( ) (Adj.) - (naisargik)

'A Crack in the Edge of the World': A Natural
History of Disaster 'Cancer not natural, but a man-
made malady'
'India a natural ally to U.S.'

Natural gas ( ) (N.) - (prakritik gais, praakritik gais)

China, Russia still divided on natural
gas price
Dealbook: Chevron to Buy Atlas Energy in a Competition for
Natural Gas Fracking for Natural Gas - Economics vs.

Naturally () (Adv.) -
(beshak) A row naturally ensued.
Ah, in those earliest days of love how naturally the kisses spring
into life.
And Celia the matron naturally felt more able to advise her
childless sister.

Nautical () (Adj.) - (samudri,

samudree) Aeronautical
Aeronautical communication
aeronautical development

Neighboring ( ) (Adj.) - (padosi, padosee)

Amidst the sad silence that ensued, children's laughter and voices were heard from
the neighboring room. And from all the neighboring tree-tops
Breathed upon the neighboring forest,

Neighbourhood ( ) (N.) - (kshetr)

26/11 a grim reminder of a volatile
neighbourhood Adventures in your
Complete system of neighbourhoods

Nepalese rupee ( ) (N.) - (nepali rupaya, nepaalee

rupayaa) Newspaper ( ) (N.) - (vigyapan, vigyaapan,

It was all in the Chicago newspaper.
Newspapers should create new narratives that could
engage readers A Newspaper Is Closed in Baghdad

Nirvana ) (N.) - (nirvan, nirwan)

'Nirvana: The Biography'
Elvis Presley sings Nirvanas Come As You Are
Six Sigma Enlightenment; Managers Seek Corporate Nirvana...

Nomenclature ( ) (N.) - (nam,

naam) Binary nomenclature
Customs nomenclature
Law of priority (nomenclature)

Non-violence () (N.) - (ahinsa,

ahinsaa) Practice non-violence, Botsa
tells people Preaching non-violence
to militants
Notebook ) (N.) - (notabuk)
'Notebooks of Robert
Frost' 'True Notebooks':
Rough Drafts
3 notebooks of Ramanujan being microfilmed

Notification ( ) (N.) - (adhisuchana,

adhisoochanaa) 13 applicants for 2G spectrum licence had
prior information on notification' Cabinet clears notification of
17,066 acres as reserve forest
Cabinet defers forest notification despite strong recommendation

Nuclear () (Adj.) - (nabhikiy, naabhikeey)

'Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes on the World,' By Gordon G. Chang:
Where the W.M.D.'s Are 'Nuclear Terrorism': Counting Down to the New
'Pakistan': A Nuclear Yugoslavia

Nursing () (N.) - (upachar, upachaar)

'Say Little, Do Much': Serving God
Through Nursing Also this one is nursing.
Bachelor of nursing (b. nur.)

Obesity () (N.) - (motapa, motaapaa)

Childhood obesity poses a serious threat to
health, says report Developing world in obesity
Disparities: Obesity Costs Women More, Study Finds

Objection ( ) (N.) - (virodh,

wirodh) A heart was the objection,
Allow the objection
Amount placed under objection

Obligation ( ) (N.) - (dayitv, daayitv,

dayitw) A Vietnam War Obligation
Accessory obligation
Alas! the scientific conscience had got into the debasing company of money obligation
and selfish respects.

Observed ( ) (V.) - (dekha gaya, dekhaa

By the inscription I observed that you had not had it
more than a year. All these details I observed afterwards.
Anna Pavlovna smiled sadly and observed that Kutuzov had never caused the sovereign
anything but trouble.
Obtained ( ) (Adj.) - (prapt,
praapt) Administrative approval may
be obtained
And having obtained permission, Alexey Alexandrovitch prepared to set off to
theseremote provinces. Can be obtained

Occasionally ( ) (Adj.) - - (kabhi-kabhi, kabhee-

Americans, while occasionally willing to be serfs, have always been obstinate about
being peasantry.
Behind them again drew carts, soldiers, wagons, soldiers, flatbeds, carriages, soldiers,
caissons, soldiers, and occasionally women.
But I have occasionally done the samething at other times.

Occupancy () (N.) -
(dakhal) Absolute occupancy right
Absolute occupancy
tenant Actual

Occupation ( ) (N.) - (kabja, kabjaa,

kabza) 'Bliss': Occupational Hazards
'Strangers in the House': A Palestinian Reflects on
Occupation 'The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the
War, Losing the Peace'

Occurred ( ) (Adj.) - (hu, huaa)

A startling thought had just occurred to him.
A terrible tragedy had occurred at the Manor House, and John Douglas
had been murdered. A thought had just occurred to him.

Occurrence () (N.) -
(sanyog) Area of opportunity for

Of course ( ) (Adv.) - (avashy, awashy)

And of course I got to call up my sister, too.
Of course Im not likely to see anybody, but if I do.
After this year, of course, many of you will cease studying with me,'
Snape went on.

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 80 )
Of late ( ) (Adv.) - (hal men, haal men)
'Iron Man 2,' original 'King Kong' top list of latest Blu-ray titles

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 80 )
Certainly you have not made my life pleasant
to me of late. Coefficient of lateral stress

Of religion ( ) (Adj.) - (dharmik, dhaarmik)

Advancement of religion
Advancement of religion, knowledge, commerce, health, safety or any other object
beneficial to man-kind Free profession of religion

Offense ( ) (N.) - (aparadh,

aparaadh) A Capital Offense; Reagan's
And we live here, thank God, with no
offense. But I mean no offense.

Offered ( ) (Adj.) - (prastut)

A footman offered her

After I had offered worship and received worship my sin
became radiant. After that no one offered her another

Offering ( ) (N.) - (prastav, prastaav,

prastaw) "Martha Clarke: Offering Chekhov
Without the Words" Inspir'ed offering - Dell
Inspiron M501R
94% of PSU offerings since 2003 gained over 10% on debut trade

Official language ( ) (N.) - (rajabhasha, raajabhaashaa,

razabhasha) Commission on official language

Olympic () (Adj.) -
(olinpik) 'Nazi Games: The Olympics of
'Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World'
A missed Olympic medal remains in memory: Paes on team with

On the whole ( ) (N.) - (kul

milakar, kul milaakar) Address the court generally on
the whole case
I'd turn my back on the whole business, sell up, go off like
Nikolay Ivanovitch. It is the vilest murdertrap on the whole
riverside, and I fear that Neville St.
shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 81 )
Once again ( ) (Adv.) - (ek bar phir, ek baar phir,
ek bar fir) After were done kissing Once again we kiss,
All the hands were once again at mortal peril.

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 82 )
And get me to England once again!

Once more ( ) (Adv.) - (ek bar phir, ek baar phir,

ek bar fir) A moment later he was the cold and practical thinker
once more.
A most joyful time That comes each year When Spring comes
Round once more. A neighbor knocked it down again with his
elbow; he picked it up once more.

One time ( ) (Adj.) - (ek bar, ek baar)

Also, that your father was at one time much
emaciated by illness. At one time
At one time, it is true, I was a cunning blade, a dog of a fellow.

Only if ( ) (Adv.) - (keval,

kewal) An only if you Could hear the
words That I say, But only if and when
it is asked of me.
But only if,

Onslaught () (N.) -
(aakraman) Administration gears up to
tackle monsoon onslaught
Heavy odds and heavy onslaught, gun to gun and
face to face, Your verbal onslaught cut like a

Operational ( ) (Adj.) - (jari,

jaaree, zari) Operationalising Climate accord
IAF to upgrade operational capabilities in
northeast Low operational cost

Operative () (N.) - (majadur, majadoor, mazadur)

cooperative society
Approach, co-operative
Balance with cooperative banks in current accounts

Operator ( ) (N.) - (chalak,

chaalak) I am no friend of any operator
operator Adrema

Opposed to ( /) (V.) - (viruddh, wiruddh)

A different person shows up when youre acting as opposed to when youre directing
But that would not have been opposed to ordinary prescriptions, even
of first-rate men. Centre not opposed to POSCO getting majority stake
in SAIL's proposed venture

Opposing ( ) (Adj.) - (virodhi,

virodhee, wirodhi) Again he was brought face to
face with that opposing force.
But Dorothea is quite determined it is no use opposing.
ifty-nine takes pleasure in opposing Instruments of undeclared

Ordered ( ) (N.) - (aadisht aur dikrit, aadisht

aur dikreet)
A few minutes after the sovereign rode by, the Pavlogradsky division was
ordered to advance. A thanksgiving prayer service was ordered.
Again they had not done as he had ordered.

Ordinary () (Adj.) -
(aam) 'Africa: Altered States,
Ordinary Miracles'
'Lost Genius: The Curious and Tragic Story of an Extraordinary
Musical Prodigy' 'Nine Horses': A Plainspoken Poet's
Observations of the Ordinary

Organic () (Adj.) - (karbanik, kaarbanik)

Organic label vexes hop farmers, brewers - Mon, 18
Oct 2010 PST A festival to protect organic brinjal
Ashok Organic Industries Ltd.

Organism () (N.) - (jiv,

jeev, ziw) Animal organism

Organized () (Adj.) - (sangathit)

'Beyond Silence': A Lifetime of Poetry, Organized
Thematically 'Mafia: The Governments Secret File
on Organized Crime'
After all, to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great

Otherwise () (Adv.) - (anyatha, anyathaa)

'A Mind Apart: Travels in a Neurodiverse World,' by Susanne Antonetta:
Otherwise Minded Absent otherwise than on duty
Aliter (otherwise)

Ourselves () (Pron.) - (apane aap ko)

'A Promise to Ourselves'
'According to the Rolling Stones': Please Allow Us to Introduce
Ourselves 'Rogue Nation' and 'At War With Ourselves': Does
Not Play Well With Others

Outdoors ( ) (Adv.) -
(bahar) China quake survivors sleep
in cold outdoors In such love do we
find our way outdoors, Outdoors and
Out of Reach, Studying the Brain

Overseas () (Adj.) - (videshi, videshee,

wideshi) Nano may become available overseas in
a year or two Alfavision Overseas (India) Ltd.
Another Package Is Defused as Greece Halts Overseas Mail

Package () (N.) - (paikej, paikez)

A massive rescue package
A NATION AT WAR: CARE PACKAGES; Pentagon and State Department In Tug-of-War
Over Aid Disbursal Abortion and the Health Care Package

Pakistani rupee ( ) (N.) - (pakistani rupaya, paakistanee rupayaa)

Palatial ( ) (Adj.) - (bhavy,

bhawy) Or home palatial with
treasure cove.
Streetscapes | Madison Avenue and 72nd Street: From Palatial Home to Retail Palace

Panchayat () (N.) - (panchayat,

panchaayat) Khap panchayat leaders condemn
court ruling
50 p.c. quota for women in West Bengal panchayats
Aiyar lambasts Centre and Plan panel for giving short shrift to
panchayati raj

Paramount () (Adj.) - (sarvadhik, sarvaadhik,

sarwadhik) 'Adult' fare lands at Paramount
'Top Gun' sequel reportedly in the works by Paramount Pictures
a joint venture between Viacom, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios [MGM] and

Parents ( ) (N.) - (janak, zanak)

'Acquainted With the Night': Troubled Children and
Troubled Parents 'Baroque-a-Nova': Meet the Parents
Remember, my boy, not one word to your parents about the affair until everything is
Partial ) (Adj.) - (pakshapatapurn, pakshapaatapoorn)
'Phone Rings,' by Stephen Dixon:
Partial Recall 'The Impartial
Recorder': Nowheresville, U.K. A
'partial' victory, says Karnataka

Partially () (N.) - (aanshik rup se, aanshik

roop se) Banking operations affected partially due to strike
CB-CID acting impartially in fake drugs
cases: DGP Harassment cases will be
dealt with impartially: Gill

Partition ( ) (N.) - (aad)

A pink line ran along the partition between
her nostrils. Bipartition
Commission to make a partition

Pass on ( ) (V.) - (dena, denaa)

Always happy to pass on my expertise to less able players.
And reap the fruits of every act; And pass on
inheritance in need, Due north, said Ron, checking
the compass on the dashboard.

Passing () (N.) - (mrityu)

'Blinding Light':
Trespassing A
gentlemen was
A month passed came February The time was passing slow with
no hurry.

Passion () (N.) - (junun, junoon, zunun)

'A Passion for
'Cavalier: A Tale of Chivalry, Passion, and Great Houses,' by Lucy Worsley:
These Old Houses 'Dominion': The Most Compassionate Conservative

Patient ( ) (N.) - (rogi,

rogee) Patient Voices: Autism
Patient Voices: Eating Disorders
'The Doctors' Plague': Killing the Patient

Patriotic ( ) (Adj.) -
(deshabhakt) And patriotic. Buffers catch
from boys
Are Nigerians patriotic?
Arthur was the most single-minded, chivalrous, patriotic man upon

Patriotism ( ) (N.) -
(deshabhakti) 'A Consumers' Republic': The
New Patriotism Compatriotism
drinking and patriotism I am certain he meant,

Pavilion () (N.) - (rangamanch)

At that moment a tall general walked through
the pavilion. Expo Shangai Pavilion Records
Great Number of Visitor Forth from yon orange-
curtained pavilion

Payback ( ) (N.) - (labh, laabh)

GM bailout payback to take several years: CEO
Mahindra Satyam close to finalising payback deal on
Geelong project Protracted Wait for G.M. Payback

Payment ( ) (N.) - (vetan, wetan)

'Koutons Retail delayed debt repayment, not
defaulted' DCC made payment to two
blacklisted companies' Accepted for

Peaceful () (Adj.) - (shantipurn, shaantipoorn)

Birds sleeping peacefully in their nests And every
creature rests. But peacefull was the night
Chhath celebrations end peacefully in Bihar

Per annum ( ) (Adv.) - (varshik,

vaarshik, warshik) Per cent ( ) (Adv.) -

100 per cent fruit juice ensures essential
nutrients 15 per cent turnout in
Alappuzha in first two hours
22 per cent of the total votes cast in Thiruvananthapuram district

Percentage () (N.) - (anupat,

anupaat) Assay percentage
Calculator: The Big Difference a Single Percentage
Point Makes Critical percentage humidity
Perfectly ( ) (N.) - (achchhi tarah se,
achchhee tarah se)
'Paperboy': Memoir of a Perfectly Normal
Boyhood 'Perfectly Legal': Nothing Is
Certain but Death
'Perfectly Reasonable Deviations From the Beaten Track': A Word
From the Wise

Perhaps ( ) (Adv.) - (ho sakata hai, ho

sakataa hai) 'The Count and the Confession': Murder
Most Foul, Perhaps Perhaps we had better proceed to
business, then, said he.
You would, perhaps, care to remain during the consultation? said

Periodic () (N.) - - (samay-samay par kiya jane vala,

samay-samay par kiyaa jane vaalaa, samay-samay par kiya zane wala)
Abstracting periodical
Accession book of
periodicals Adjustable
periodicals list

Permissible () (Adj.) -
(anumat) As far as permissible
Meena Gupta's Posco recommendations are "legally
impermissible": rest of panel

Permission () (N.) - (manjuri, manjooree,

manzuri) Admission with permission
And having obtained permission, Alexey Alexandrovitch prepared to set off to
theseremote provinces. Approval and permission

Permitted () (Adj.) - (anumat)

And he permitted himself to be led off to Azkaban without a fight.
No doubt, however, you had drawn your own conclusions, Gregson, before
you permitted this. No member is permitted to take the least notice of any
other one.

Persistent () (Adj.) - (lagatar, lagaataar)

Above all, he hated my young legitimate heir from the first with a
persistent hatred. Euro dips on persistent fears, Asia stocks shaky
Music Review: Persistent Sunny Spells With an Occasional Cloud

Personality () (N.) - (vyakti, wyakti)

'All in Good Time': A Radio
Personality 'Personality': A
Star Is Born
'The Cult of Personality': Are You Normal? Think Again

Persuade () (V.) - (manana, mananaa)

A material miracle would have persuaded me.
And he told her of his intention to persuade Pierre to stay with
them until spring. Buddhadeb to persuade PM to continue a...

Petition ( ) (N.) - (yachika,

yaachikaa) 'Jackass 3D' blows up the
Dhaff' beats echo at Beary folk-art competition
Human Rights Commissions taking remedial measures on

Phenomenon () (N.) - (ghatana,

ghatanaa) A cultural phenomenon
And experience says that power is not a word, but an actually
existing phenomenon. Basic wave phenomenon

Phone call ( ) (N.) - (phon,

fon) 'A Phone Call to the Future'
Dear Harry, Happy birthday! Look, I' really sorry about that
telephone call.
Donald Sutherland ignores a phone call from Robert Redford to watch the Expos play

Photographer () (N.) - (photographar, photograaphar, fotografar)

BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Eakins as a Photographer of Enigmatic...
Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival to include film by Pulitzer Prize
winning photographer Like a photographer sees inside their lenses.

Physician () (N.) -
(chikitsak) 'Living Proof': Physician, Take
a Hike
'The Royal Physician's Visit': A Strange Chapter in
Danish History Amal! Physician.

Pick up ( ) (V.) - (na, naa)

A-lister PEs jostle to pick up stake in QuEST
alone Can you please pick up the phone? Call me! Love me!
Please! Mother, As we pick up speed.

Planned () (Adj.) - (aayojit, aayozit)

'Al Qaeda, Lashkar planned to attack CWG venues on Oct 12-13'
'Al Qaeda, LeT planned to attack CWG venues'
'Hulk' Series Planned For ABC, 'Cloak And Dagger' Developing At
ABC Family

Planning commission ( ) (N.) - (yojana aayog, yojanaa

aayog, yozana aayog) Planning Commission holds talks with Industry Ministry on
12th Plan
Set up loan guarantee authority for education loans: Planning

Political () (Adj.) - (rajanaitik, raajanaitik,

Weekly Political Review 11:30 13 Nov 2010
"Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of
Abraham Lincoln." 'Dante': The Personal Was

Polling () (N.) - (matadan)

Hours of polling
Jordan arrests knife wielders blocking
polling stations On Polling: For Midterm
Voters, War Is Off the Radar

Popularity ( ) (N.) - (lokapriyata,

lokapriyataa) Australia's new leader boosts govt.s
Behind iMac's
Popularity CAT
losing its

Portrait () (N.) - (tasvir, tasveer,

taswir) 'Author, Author': The Portrait of a
'Auto da Fay': Portrait of the Author as a Young
Woman 'Breath and Bones' and 'The Painted
Kiss': Portrait of a Lady

Possibly () (Adv.) - (sanbhavatah,

sanbhawatah) Why, how could I love him possibly?
You never loved him.
A patient evidently, and possibly an all-night sitting.
And what can there possibly be attractive about me as I am now?.
Postcard ( ) (N.) - (postakard,
postakaard) 'Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll
'Postcards From Berlin': House Calls
'Postcards From Ed: Dispatches and Salvos From an American

Postgraduate ( ) (Adj.) - (snatakottar,

snaatakottar) Anna University of Technology-Madurai gets nod
for six postgraduate courses
Poverty () (N.) - (abhav, abhaav,
abhaw) 'The End of Poverty': Brother, Can You
Spare $195 Billion?
'The White Man's Burden,' by William Easterly: The
Poverty Puzzle Acute poverty in eight Indian states

Practical () (Adj.) - (upayogi, upayogee)

'DEXTER' 5.3 - "Practically Perfect"
'One World': The Moral and Practical Challenges of
Globalization The paper seems to me to be of no
practical importance.

Practically ( ) (Adv.) - (lagabhag)

'DEXTER' 5.3 - "Practically Perfect"
And he wanted to prove this theoretically in his book and
practically on his land. Dexter 5.03 Practically Perfect Review

Precious () (Adj.) - (kimati,

keematee) A precious day for harvesting,
Alpatych thought.
A rare and precious memory,
Amidst four cousins she is the single precious pearl! She is the
familys princess,

Predominate () (Adj.) - (prabal)

In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her
sex. Predominated
To predominate

Preliminary () (Adj.) - (praranbhik,

praaranbhik) A mans voice says this is preliminary yet
witnesses are several.
Amortisation of certain preliminary
expenses assion's a preliminary

Preliminary examination ( ) (N.) - (praranbhik pariksha,

praaranbhik pareekshaa)

Preparatory () (Adj.) - (prathamik,

praathamik) Claremont Preparatory School
Leave preparatory to
retirement preluding and

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 90 )
Present-day () (Adj.) - (aadhunik)
But we are very much hindered in these great intentions by present-day
political institutions. He was inside a memory, and this was not the
present-day Dumbledore.

Preservation () (N.) -
(sanrakshan) Call to create awareness of
marine animal preservation
Connoisseurs have responsibility in art
preservation: Minister Dependency preservation

Preserve () (Adj.) - (surakshit)

"Preserve the house of Tanjore quartet"
Viscera not preserved during autopsy of
scribes body 2% Tax Proposed to Preserve
Open Land

Preserved () (Adj.) - (surakshit)

Viscera not preserved during autopsy of
scribes body Can Modern Dance Be
Fruit was consumed fresh or preserved,

Presidency () (N.) - (adhyakshata,

Slide Show: The
Postpresidency 'Angler: The
Cheney Vice Presidency' 'Bill
Clinton: Mastering the

Press conference ( ) (N.) - (patrakar sammelan,

patrakaar sammelan) 'The Social Network' Press Conference
NYFF Press Conference for Eastwood's Hereafter
PMs opening remarks at the National Press Conference

Prevalent () (Adj.) - (vyapt, vyaapt, wyapt)

In the lands where cannibalism is prevalent man looks upon
man as his food. Omniprevalent

Prevention ( ) (N.) - (nivaran, nivaaran,

niwaran) Accident prevention
Accident prevention movement
AS doctors give physic by way of prevention,
shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 91 )
Primarily ( ) (Adv.) - (pahale)
Porsches results are primarily influenced by technical factors such as the valuation of
VW shares

Primitive () (Adj.) (purvaj, poorvaj, purwaz)

'Port Mungo': Gone
'The Preference for the Primitive': Exploring the
Authenticity of the Old Here are order and power in their
primitive form.

Printer () (N.) - (printar)

A Great but Costly Printer Is Now More
Affordable Alpha type printer
Bar code printer

Priority () (N.) - (prathamikata,

praathamikataa) "Priority to win J&K hearts and minds"
'Jaipur Metro a lopsided
priority' Accord priority

Privacy () (N.) - (gopaniyata,

gopaneeyataa) 'Good manners' key to web privacy
A Little Less Privacy, a Bit More
Security At small parties there
isnt any privacy.

Probability () (N.) - (shakyata, shakyataa)

It was there at the Norman Conquest in all probability, he
80% probability of terror attack on Delhi CWG, finds new security
assessment report And will find them, in all probability.

Problem () (N.) - (kathinai, kathinaaee)

Family Focus: Hidden problem of addiction among
older people 'A Problem From Hell': Turning a Blind
Eye to Genocide
'Fun With Problems: Stories'

Proceedings ( ) (N.) - (sabha,

sabhaa) Actions and proceedings
Agreement in restraint of legal proceedings
All proceedings thereat to have duly taken place
Process ( ) (N.) - (prakriya, prakriyaa)
'Execution,' by Geoffrey Abbott: Process of
Elimination Long process ahead for India:
A church procession from Borodino was coming up the hill.

Proclaimed ( ) (Adj.) - (ghoshit)

Not even a self proclaimed guru you are feigning giving the world a
celestial peace, Prevailing/proclaimed offender
Proclaimed offender

Producer ( ) (N.) - (nirmata,

nirmaataa) Mistajam Ace: Dubstep DJ &
Producer Distance in the mix! 'Get Low'
producer has Berlin, Md., roots
Amy Ryan, Debra Winger, Dane DeHaan to Appear on "In Treatment"; Dan Futterman
New Co-Exec Producer

Productivity () (N.) - (utpadakata, utpaadakataa)

Productivity of global pharma R&D pipelines has fallen
Boost your mood & productivity with a
power nap Diminishing productivity

Profession ( ) (N.) - (ghoshana, ghoshanaa)

"CIA health professionals played greater role in torture than
previously known" 'My Own Medicine': From Medical
Professional to Medical Case History
'Public Places': Mrs. O'Toole's Profession

Progression () (N.) - (vikas, vikaas,

wikas) Arithmetical progression

Propaganda () (N.) - (prachar,

prachaar) 'Monumental Propaganda': La
Femme Nikita
'Stone Wrote Anti-American Propaganda'
Machete: Open Borders Propaganda by Rupert Murdoch (Hannity, Beck, Malkin Silent)

Propagation ( ) (N.) - (prachar,

prachaar) Artificial propagation
Bacterial propagation
tank Extended range
Properly () (Adv.) - (thik se, theek se)
Being the seventh of January, we have very properly laid in
the new almanac. But he had never learned how to do it
Deduction properly allowble

Proposal () (N.) - (sujhav, sujhaav, suzhaw)

'Not-for-profit' train proposal
26/11 case: Lakhvis lawyers oppose proposal to
set up panel A modest proposal on AFSPA

Proposed () (Adj.) - (prastavit, prastaavit,

prastawit) 'Decent' pension for all proposed
140 virology labs proposed
2% Tax Proposed to Preserve Open Land

Protected ( ) (Adj.) -
(sanrakshit) 'Unprotected wi-fi networks can
be hacked in seconds'
Hindus belief about Lord Ramas birthplace protected
under Article 25 And I protected your skeletons in a
locked up closet,

Protecting ( ) (N.) - (sanrakshan)

'Protecting America's Health': The Making of
the F.D.A. Involve in efforts for protecting
It was a remarkable experience protecting academic integrity from
political attacks'

Protest ( ) (N.) - (virodh,

wirodh) 'Hardcore group behind
'Leave our geeks alone': British scientists
protest cuts 'White Protestant Nation'

Protester ( ) (N.) - (pradarshanakari,

2007: Protesters clash with police Watch
24 injured as protesters defy curfew
in Kashmir Akshay's Olympic run
interrupted by protesters
Province () (N.) -
(prant) 18 killed in blast in Paks
Sindh province
4.5 magnitude quake hits Balochistan province
After them the face of the marshal of the province was poked out.

Provincial () (Adj.) - (prantiy,

praanteey) Provincial Schoolteacher
Chamber of provincial
legislature Comprovincial

Public service ( ) (N.) - (lok seva, lok sevaa, lok sewa)

civil and public

Immigrants should pay 5,000 pounds to use public
services: UK MP orissa public service commission

Public service commission ) (N.) - (lok seva aayog, lok sevaa

( aayog,
lok sewa aayog)
orissa public service
commission State public
service commission Union
public service commission

Published () (Adj.) - (prakashit,

prakaashit) 'A Tranquil Star: Unpublished Stories'
The first American edition
published by J. 100 million Facebook
profiles published online

Publisher () (N.) - (prakashak,

prakaashak) A Pot of Gold For Publishers Of
A.n.p.a. (american news papers publishers
association) Amazon Increases Kindle
Royalties to Publishers

Publishing () (N.) - (prakashan, prakaashan)

Anneli Cahn Lax, 77, a Leader In the Publishing of Mathematics
Autumn Games Announces Multi-Game Publishing Deal
With Isopod Labs Bon Jovi stays at Universal Publishing

Pumpkin () (N.) - (kaddu, kaddoo)

A Tradition That Cherishes Poker, Not Pumpkin
Pie Alessandra Ambrosio: Pumpkin Picking with
Anja! Children's Books: 'The Perfect Pumpkin
Pie': Risking Trouble

Pursuit ( ) (N.) - (talash, talaash)

'Geno: In Pursuit of Perfection,' by Geno Auriemma with Jackie
MacMullan: Basket Case 'God's Silence: Poems,' by Franz Wright: In
Pursuit of Revelation
'If the Spirit Moves You': In Psychic Pursuit of the Dead

Pushing () (Adj.) - (aakramak, aakraamak)

'Wales pushing for green jobs'
A young, pushing man with plenty of snap
about him. As I gain the cove with pushing

Pyramid () (N.) - (piramid,

piraamid) Altitude of a pyramid
Axis of a

Quantity ( ) (N.) (sankhya, sankhyaa)

A great
quantity Any

Quarterly () (Adj.) - (timahi,

timahee) AIG Quarterly Interval Fund Series
I Retail-Dividend AIG Quarterly Interval
Fund Series I Retail-Growth DWS Premier
Bond Regular Plan-Dividend Quarterly

Question paper ( ) (N.) -

(prashn patr) Question paper setter
Setter (of a question paper)

Radiation ( ) (N.) - (vikiran, wikiran)

'Rs 5 lakh fine per mobile tower for flouting
radiation norms' 6 Brookhaven Workers Exposed
to Radiation
A Radiation Cleanup At Midtown Building

Radical ( ) (Adj.) - (purn, poorn)

'Icon of Evil: Hitlers Mufti and the Rise of Radical
Islam' 'Radical Evolution' and 'More Than Human':
The Incredibles 'Radical' prison overhaul planned

Railway station ( ) (N.) - (relave steshan, relawe

CCTVs at Visakhapatnam railway station
soon: DIG Circulating area (of a railway
City railway station to have 2 more escalators

Railways ( ) (N.) - (rel)

But of course you think the railways useless.
But what possesses you to have to do with
railways and Jews?. Central Provinces Railways
Company Ltd.

Rainfall ( ) (N.) - (varsha, varshaa,

warsha) Artificial rainfall

Ranking ( ) (N.) -
(sthan) A Reality Check for
College Rankings All-time
Batsmen Rankings
Anand finishes second; regains No. 1 ranking

Rapidly ( ) (Adv.) - (tezi se, tezee se, teji se)

After five minutes of painful, false conversation, they heard slippered footsteps
rapidly approaching. All this she said brightly, rapidly, and with a peculiar
brilliance in her eyes.
Along this a man was, I remember, walking very rapidly.

Rapport ( ) (N.) - (sanbandh)

ARTIST AT WORK: DAVID ROBERTSON; Rapport at the End of a...
Eh bien, qu'a-t-on dcid par rapport la dpche de Novosikofff?
Vous savez tout. En rapport

Reaction () (N.) - (prabhav, prabhaav,

prabhaw) A chain reaction occurs that not even
she resists,
a chemical

Ready-made () (Adj.) - (taiyar, taiyaar)

Known commercially as ready-made
garments Ready-made plan
Real estate ( ) (N.) - (sthavar, sthaavar, sthawar)
Find your dream home with The New York Times
Real Estate 'Festive demand to boost real estate
'Good Faith': A Novel of Rampant Real Estaters

Realization ( ) (N.) -
(prastuti) A realization from way
down deep,
A tough realization lies
ahead, Abstract of

Reception ( ) (N.) - (pravesh,

prawesh) 'Hotel Babylon': The Receptionist
After several recitations, Mlle George left, and Countess Bezukhov invited the company
to the reception room. Afterwards went out and paced the reception room.

Recognize ( ) (V.) - (manana, mananaa)

A second later, he recognized them as Mr. and Mrs. Weasleys'.
Abroad, Zherkov had encountered Dolokhov as a soldier, but had found it
unnecessary to recognize him. And beneath this, a single word had been written, in
a hand Harry recognized as Hermione's.

Recognized ( ) (Adj.) - (abhimat)

A second later, he recognized them as Mr. and Mrs. Weasleys'.
And beneath this, a single word had been written, in a hand Harry
recognized as Hermione's. And father - They hardly recognized the sound.

Recommendation ( ) (N.) -
Cabinet defers forest notification despite strong recommendation

Recording ( ) (N.) -
(rikording) Actuality recording
Audio recording of the lecture by Alan Rusbridger, Editor, The Guardian, in
Chennai on September 18 Automatic recording

Recreation ( ) (N.) - (manoranjan,

manoranzan) But a little recreation never hurt any
Disney's California Adventures to open Flynn's
Arcade recreation It's because you don't take
enough recreation, said the collector.
Reduction () (N.) - (kami, kamee)
A battle plan is always a reduction:You kill your foe yet murder
so much more. A reduction of pleasure at some special effort
the older woman made.
Agricultural growth remains central to poverty reduction, says

Reflection ( ) (N.) - (chintan)

'Dark Reflections,' by Samuel R. Delany: Poetic
Licentiousness 'Reflections on the Revolution in Europe'
40 Years on, Reflections in a Sliver of the Moon

Regiment ( ) (N.) - (dal)

'Monstrous Regiment': Death Comes Astride Binky
A shout of command rang out, and again the regiment quivered, jingling, as
it presented arms. After him came an adjutant and the regimental

Regional () (Adj.) - (pradeshik,

praadeshik) 'Enthiran doesn't have a regional
Our Solar System' begins at Regional
Science Centre A new partnership for
promoting regional connectivity

Register ( ) (V.) - (batana,

batanaa) 192 m domain names
registered in 2009
Aboard an
unregistered ship
Acceptance register

Registered () (N.) - (panjikrit, panjeekrit,

panzikrit) 192 m domain names registered in 2009
Aboard an unregistered ship
Army Chief gets registered for PhD in Military Science

Regulation ( ) (N.) - (viniyaman, winiyaman)

Administrative regulations
All india services (special disability leave)
regulation, 1957 All india services (study
leave) regulation, 1960

Sabotage ( ) (N.) - o o (todaphod,

todafod) CBI: no sabotage or conspiracy in
YSR's chopper crash Computer Sabotage
Sadness () (N.) - (duhkh)
a movement penetrated the
sadness, A sadness darkens
them with tears,
All the happy and sadness that I hope will never be passed on to

Sagittarius ( ) (N.) - (dhanu)

Sagittarius the archer

Sanctified () (Adj.) - (pavitr,

pawitr) All life here is sanctified,
And, being to be sanctified,
I know I'll feel sanctified again.

Sarpanch (sar ) (N.) - (sarapanch)

Maoists kill former sarpanch, son in Orissa

Satisfaction ( ) (N.) - (samadhan, samaadhan)

A change began to come over his work, which gave him
immense satisfaction. Accord and satisfaction
After some initial visits and Rebekka choosing not to continue, his satisfaction was

Scarlet () (Adj.) - (lal, laal)

'The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw'
'The Scarlet Professor': Search and Destroy
A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with

Scheduled (
) (Adj.) - (anusuchit, anusoochit)
Celine Dion's husband said she hasn't scheduled the birth of their twins -
October 14, 2010 Chandrayaan-2 launch as scheduled: ISRO chief
Chennai-Frankfurt flight rescheduled following snag

Scorpio () (N.) - (vrishchik,

wrishchik) 'The Scorpion's Gate,' by Richard A.
Clarke: He Told Us So Book scorpion

Scuffle () (N.) - (ladai, ladaaee)

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 100 )
Another scuffle on last garba night
Halappa shifted to Victoria Hosptial
amidst scuffle Horses neighed and

Selling ( ) (N.) - (bikri, bikree)

'One Perfect Day: The Selling of the
American Wedding' 'Selling Ben Cheever':
The Book of Jobs
'Selling Rajasthan exploration blocks a mistake'

Sensational ( ) (Adj.) - (shanadar, shanadaar)

But in avoiding the sensational, I fear that you may have bordered
on the trivial.
But nothing sensational was discovered among the documents which
filled his drawers. Sensationalism

Sentiment ( ) (N.) - (vichar, vichaar,

wichar) 'A Life's Work': An Unsentimental Look
at Motherhood
This is one of his sentimental days.
a pure sentiment that brings out many heart-touching poems.

Separate ( ) (Adv.) - -
(alag-alag) 'In Case We're Separated':
Family in 13 Stanzas
A general on horseback separated himself from the infantry and
rode up to Kutuzov. A separate,

Separated ( ) (Adj.) - (alag)

'In Case We're Separated': Family in 13 Stanzas
A general on horseback separated himself from the infantry and
rode up to Kutuzov. An invisible barrier separated him from the rest
of the world.

September ( ) (N.) -
(sitambar) 'The Septembers of Shiraz'
42 militants killed in Kashmir in
September 90210 Day
(September 02, 2010, Get It?)

Serpent () (N.) - (sanp, saanp)

'The Soft Voice of the Serpent and
Other Stories' 'The Voyage of the Short

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 101 )
A huge banner showing the Slytherin serpent covered the wall behind the High Table.

shabdkosh.raftaar.in ( 102 )
Shall not be ( / ) (V.) - (nahin hoga, naheen
Agreement shall not be discharged
Attachment by seizure shall not be
exessive But it shall not be through

Shanghai ) (N.) (shanghai, shanghaaee)

( -
'Chasing Hepburn': Shanghai
Gesture 'The Painter From
'The Sing-Song Girls of Shanghai,' by Han Bangqing: Pleasure

Shilling ) (N.) - (shiling)


Comes simpler than the reckoning of their shilling.
Four shillings, sir? four shillings for this remarkable collection of riddles with the et

Shining () (Adj.) - (roshan)

'Seizing Destiny: How America Grew From Sea to Shining Sea'
'Shining at the Bottom of the Sea,' by Stephen Marche: The Lost
A bright, shining, joyful light was pouring in streams from her
transformed face.

Shipping () (N.) - (nauvahan, nauwahan)

And anchor queen of the strange shipping
there, China Is Said to Resume Shipping
Rare Earth Minerals Coastal shipping

Shopping () (N.) - (bajar se, baajaar se, bazar se)

Slide Show: Shopping Snapshots for Nov. 4
'Shopping in the Renaissance,' by Evelyn Welch:
Merchandise of Venice A walk down some of the world's
most luxurious shopping streets

Shopping center ( ) (N.) - (bajar, baajaar,

Shortened () (Adj.) -
(sankshipt) Chile quake may have
shortened a day
Christ's foreshortened leg was not
right, though. Shortened /

Shortly ( ) (Adv.) - (shighr, sheeghr)

3G spectrum auction shortly, says
Manmohan But --278 Later, Harry
said shortly.
But Professor -- Potter, I know what I'm talking about, she said

Showing () (N.) - (pradarshan)

A dream about showing everybody,
A huge banner showing the Slytherin serpent covered the wall
behind the High Table. And showing his own probe.

Shuttle () (V.) - (le jana, le janaa, le zana)

And shuttlecock, now I don't know a finer game than shuttlecock
for the daytime. Antenna failure hampers crews shuttle
Atlantis shuttle lands at Kennedy

Signature () (N.) - (hastakshar,

hastaakshar) Signatures will put pressure on
Above the
signature of Affix
a signature

Significance () (N.) - (matalab)

But Alexey Alexandrovitch did not now attach any special significance to
this tone of hers. But in a contemporary sense, these justifications have
a necessary significance.
But the Moscow significance of the word honest was lost on Alexey

Signification ( ) (N.) -
(arth) Adsignification

Silence ( ) (N.) - (khamoshi, khaamoshee)

'Anna of All the Russias: The Life of Anna Akhmatova,' by Elaine
Feinstein: Not Silenced 'Beyond Silence': A Lifetime of Poetry,
Organized Thematically
'God's Silence: Poems,' by Franz Wright: In Pursuit of Revelation

Simulation ( ) (N.) - (nakal)

3-D computer simulations help shed light on
supernovae explosions Abelardo Morell: A SIMULATION
Sister-in-law () (N.) - (bhabhi, bhaabhee)
After that, the loud jests of my sister-in-law could not touch
me any longer. And my widowed sister-in-law The Home and
the World Chapter One.
But he promised his sister-in-law to give the lessons exactly as she

Sitting ( ) (N.) - (vartaman,

wartaman) 'Sitting Up With the Dead':
Discovering Southern Storytelling A bee sitting
on a flower stung a child.
A dog began to howl behind, in the place where Karataev had
been sitting.

Situated () (Adj.) - (pratishthit)

His neighbors favored the first and situated themselves inland beyond
fur posts and wars. Huxtables famous school is situated.

Sizeable () (Adj.) - (bada, badaa)

Sizeable shortfall in utilisation of finance
commission grants: CAG Sizeableness
We expect sizeable orders from metro projects: AP Verma, Director of Finance, Kalindee

Skipper () (N.) - (kaptan)

Aussie skipper Clarke hopes to
make amends Blockade 'cost
skipper 400,000'
Cheese skipper

Sleeper () (N.) -
(shayanayan) 'Rising From the Rails':
Up From the Sleeper Car
'Sleepers' Debate Renewed: How True Is a
'True Story'? How do you count rough

Smallpox () (N.) - (mata, maataa)

Then they ought to find out how to vaccinate for love,
like smallpox. They have got smallpox, little lad.

Snowfall () (N.) - (himapat, himapaat)

As we drift together down this well known path covered
by snowfall, Avalanche warning issued in Kashmir as
snowfall revives
Snowfall in Garhwal Himalayas nearly a month ahead of schedule
So as to ( /) (Conj.) - (taki, taaki)
Alexey Alexandrovitch stood so as to screen her, giving her time to
recover herself. And it looks out on an angle of the courtyard so as
to be partly invisible.
Asked me every kind of question so as to get something.

So that ( ) (Conj.) - (yatha, yathaa)

a place to write in So that I can dance all night
long A guitar, And they all spoke at once, so
that none of them knew
Barclays remarks were subdued and abrupt so that none of them were audible to the

So-called () (Adj.) - (tathakathit,

tathaakathit) 'The Life Before Her Eyes': My
So-Called Death
A 'so-called' War on Terror?
Again the same so-called chances accompany him.

Socialism () (N.) - (samajavad, samaajavaad,

samazawad) 'Socialism is Great!'

Socialist () (N.) - (samajavadi, samaajavaadee,

samazawadi) Antisocialist
National socialist german
workers' party National socialist

Sociology () (N.) - (samajashastr, samaajashaastr,

samazashastr) 'On Paradise Drive': Sociology or Shtick?
'Respect in a World of Inequality': Sociology
Is Destiny Animal sociology

Software ( ) (N.) - (sophtaveyar,

softaweyar) 11 bit studios formed by CD Projekt,
Metropolis Software vets A call for software
A Top Scientist's Latest: Math Software

Solidarity ( ) (N.) - (ekata,

ekataa) Family solidarity
His presence at the places attacked on 26/11 will be seen as a
statement of solidarity Labour solidarity
Specialist ( ) (N.) - (visheshagy,
wisheshagy) 'Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars':
Relocation Specialist 'Not for Specialists: New and
Selected Poems'
Agricultural implements specialist

Specialization ( ) (N.) - (visheshagyata, visheshagyataa,

wisheshagyata) Functional specialization
specialization Job

Specified ( ) (Adj.) - (nirdisht)

Any alternate format must include the full Project Gutenberg-tm License as
specified in paragraph 1. As may be specified
Booked between two specified stations

Spectacular ( ) (Adj.) - (shanadar,

shanadaar) 'Spectacular Happiness': The Robin Hood
of Cape Cod
A Saturn Spectacular, With Gravitys Help
But it's gonna be spectacular, I'll tell yeh that.

Spinner () (N.) - (spinar)

'Milking the Moon': Memoirs of a Yarn
A Spinner of Spy Novels Whose Heroes Still
Fight the Nazis Bhilwara Spinners Ltd.

Splendid ( ) (Adj.) - (shanadar,

shanadaar) 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'
A splendid display of folk art
A splendid thing; but it's a secret! When it comes to pass I'll tell

Splendor ( ) (N.) - (dhumadham,

dhoomadhaam) 'Splendor in the Short Grass':
Romancing the Stoned
A New Clue to the Splendor That
Was Troy All its splendor in his

Spokesperson () (N.) - (pravakta, pravaktaa,

Edited text of 12,262-word response by Azad, Spokesperson, Central
Committee, CPI (Maoist) Marketing Daily: The Good Brand Spokesperson
Report: ESPN Changes Its Mind, Decides Jenn Brown Shouldnt Be an Icehouse
Spokesperson. So She Wont

Sponsored ( ) (Adj.) - (prayojit, praayojit, prayozit)

Celebrity Video from Dougray Scotts Leuka Charity Golf Day
Sponsored by Bing Centrally sponsored scheme
Tiger crisis in Madhya Pradesh is due to State-sponsored game

Spotlight ( ) (N.) - (charcha,

charchaa) 'DISCLOSURE'; Spotlight On
Arab states spotlight Israel at nuclear
meeting Bush Recollection Puts
Spotlight on Miscarriage

Staging ( ) (N.) -
(manchan) Jewett And Strong
The Drama of Staging 'Othello' in Johannesburg

Staircase ( ) (N.) - (zina,

zeenaa, jina) 'The Spiral Staircase':
Goodbye to God. Also Hello. A Gothic
archeddoor led to a worn stone
staircase. A large straight staircase led
up to the corridor.

Stand by ( ) (V.) - (sahayata karana, sahaayataa

karanaa) Everyone stand by a116 broomstick.
Friends are ones whom stand by your side with every
step you make. He asked me if I would stand by the

Startup ( ) (N.) - (udghatan, udghaatan)

Blog Startup Tumblr Goes Bi-Coastal With Sequoia
Investment How Indian startups are bidding for
defence business
Imeem Co-Founder Explains Why Music Startups Are a Bad Idea

State government ( ) (N.) - (rajy sarakar, raajy sarakaar, razy

Centre, State government urged to control cotton
yarn price gujarat state government
State government cracks whip on lottery agents
Stationed ( ) (Adj.) - (sthit)
A fourth, a rather considerable one, is stationed between Ruza
and Mozhaisk. I'm stationed in Hogsmeade now, to give the
school extra protection, said Tonks.
IV The Pavlogradsky hussar regiment was stationed two miles
from Braunau.

Statistics ( ) (N.) - (sankhyiki,

saankhyikee) Aggregative statistics

Statute ( ) (N.) - (kanun, kanoon)

Negotiability by
statute Occupation
Parent statute

Stealing () (N.) - (chori, choree)

'30 Rock' and 5 More Shows Accused of Stealing From
Other Shows 'Hacker' application on Facebook
stealing users' personal info
'Out Stealing Horses'

Sterling ) (N.) - (starling)

British pound

Stock exchange ( ) (N.) - (sheyar bajar, sheyar baajaar,

sheyar bazar) A Stock Exchange debt had to be paid.
Area served by the stock
exchange Australian Stock

Strange () (Adj.) - (ajib, ajeeb, azib)

'A Long Strange Trip': Do Not Speak Ill of the
(Grateful) Dead 'A Perfect Stranger': Genteel
'A Strange Death': Four Angry Women

Stretch () (N.) - (avadhi, awadhi)

'Love That Dog': Learning About Poetry From Miss Stretchberry
A few moments later, crowds of wounded and stretchers came
back from there. A fourth stretcher, no doubt bearing Ron, was
already floating at his side.

Strictly () (Adv.) - (puri tarah se, pooree

tarah se) And strictly meditate the thankles Muse,
Ann Widdecombe gives a twirl on Strictly
But thee I now would serve more strictly, if I may.

Strident () (Adj.) - (pakka, pakkaa)

Again and again it sounded, the whole air throbbing with it, strident, wild,
and menacing. Emma began to laugh, a strident, piercing, continuous
laugh; she had an attack of hysterics. It was a strident and hateful scene.

Striving () (N.) - (prayas, prayaas)

An Irishman Reflecting on Mankinds
Strivings Arm'd thee for thy lonely
Her words were meaningless, but they achieved the result she
was striving for.

Student ( ) (N.) - (chhatra,

chhaatraa) '45% of class XII students
booze 5-6 times a month' 'The Art
Students War'
Banks help rural students pursue higher education'

Studies () (N.) - (adhyayan)

"Coffee as a Health Drink? Studies Find Some
Benefits" 'Character Studies': The Profiler
'I Sailed With Magellan': Urban Studies

Subject ( ) (N.) - (vyakti,

wyakti) 'Rarest of rare' doctrine arbit,
'The Few Things I Know About Glafkos Thrassakis': My
Subject, Myself 'The Subject Steve': A Curious Case

Subject to ( /) (N.) - (ke adhin, ke

adheen) Accordance with and subject to the
provisions of this section Approved subject to the
objection in para 2 above
Become subject to any of the disqualifications

Subject-matter () (N.) - (vishay,

wishay) Subject-matter of a motion
Subject-matter of a
suit Value of the

Character (Pron.hosh) (N) -Character



Submission () (N.) - (prastut)

'American Idol': Adam Lambert Grammy submissions revealed
A woman dictates before marriage in order that she may have an appetite for
submission afterwards. And make submission meet

Subscription ( ) (N.) - (shulk)

Classroom Subscriptions
Coal India IPO opens for
subscription Collective

Subsequently ( ) (Adv.) - (bad men,

baad men) Charles subsequently ordered them to be
sent back to the shop.
I told the whole story to Mr. Mycroft Holmes next morning, and
subsequently to the police. Subsequently amalgamated

Subsidy () (N.) -
(anudan) Approval for LPG
subsidy to BPL families Call to
stop fossil fuel subsidy
Capital subsidy for road projects may be cut

Substance () (N.) - (vishay,

wishay) 'The Substance of Style': The
Aesthetic Age
'The Woman of
Substance' Admixture of
a baser substance

Subtitle () (N.) - (upashirshak, upasheershak)

Introducing coloured subtitles on BBC iPlayer
Letters: Churchill; Subtitles; Sins of
Commission in Iran The Subtitle That
Changed America

Succession ( ) (N.) - (silasila,

silasilaa) Adoption of or succession to the
And still a new succession sings
and flies; Apostolic succession
Such that ( ) (Adv.) - (jaise, zaise)
In you may there be radiance and beautySuch that you might
never hope to see, Their life was apparently such that nothing
better could be desired.
Their renown is such that both have portraits hanging in other important wizarding

Suddenly () (Adv.) - (achanak)

And then, suddenly, the sparks emanating from the cauldron were extinguished.
A brilliant and monstrous mutation had suddenly taken place, and here
was the instrument. A good thing she does because suddenly Beloved sits

Sugarcane ( ) (N.) - (ganna,

gannaa) Cess on sugarcane
Part of which they planted sugarcane.
PM cleared the amended sugarcane Bill before leaving for U.S.:

Suicide () (N.) - (aatmahatya, aatmahatyaa)

Photographs: Suicide in Herat
'American Idol' Fantasia hospitalized after
suicide attempt 'Legend of a Suicide'

Suitable () (Adj.) - (upayukt)

Ellipsis may be suitable for lust;No love lasts long without a proper
For the first minute it seemed to her unsuitable for Anna to be on
He was talking about the weather Yeah,' said Cho, looking around for a suitable owl.

Superstar () (N.) - (prasiddh vyakti, prasiddh

an airy, open house in Italy by the superstar designer Patricia Urquiola
for Patrizia Moroso Messi heads to superstar scrapheap
Saregamapa Singing Superstar Sanjay Dutt Special

Superstition () (N.) - (andhavishvas, andhavishvaas,

andhawishwas) Exact in each elliptical equationThat would all cant and
superstition still.
He avoided looking him in the eye, out of an obscure
superstition. superstition has led the rest of us,
Supervision () (N.) - (jimmedari, jimmedaaree,
zimmedari) Adequate supervision
Aerial supervision
Co-operative supervision

Supplement () (N.) - (atirikt)

At any rate, we'd better knock off supplementary favours for the
time being. Blanket (tariff) supplement
CBI files supplementary chargesheet in Sohrabuddin case

Supplementary ( ) (Adj.) - (atirikt)

At any rate, we'd better knock off supplementary favours for
the time being. CBI files supplementary chargesheet in
Sohrabuddin case
Demand supplementary

Support of ( ) (Adv.) - (ke samarthan men)

Avatar actors join protest in support of Orissa tribals
Actress Charlyne Yi discusses her support of Oxfam America's Hunger Banquet--and
SNL's Fred Armisen! BJPs edifice standing on support of allies: Thackeray

Supported ( ) (Adj.) - (samarthit)

'Listener Supported' and 'NPR': All Things Considered
About the middle of October she could sit up in bed supported by
After a moment's pause, she added, He had never told me that he supported your

Supporter ( ) (N.) - (samarthak)

3: Supporters await Suu Kyi
release Watch Alger Hiss's
Allawi Supporters Walk Out of Iraqi Parliament

Supporting ( ) (Adj.) - (sahayak,

sahaayak) Body supporting garments
Bollywood actor suniel shetty said I cant be doing supporting
rolls any more
Facebook Hyderabad would focus on building online operations, supporting users,
advertisers and developers, around the world

Suppose () (Conj.) - (agar)

'A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again'
suppose that you can get rid of your boarders
when you wish. It must be that, I suppose, said

Supposed () (Adj.) - (kathit)

'A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never
Do Again' A place it's supposed to
All this, as he supposed, might turn out very nice and amusing.

Suppression () (N.) (pratibandh)

Emotional suppression
Horizontal black out period (frame blanking period frame
suppression period) Horizontal blanking (frame blanking frame

Surroundings ( ) (N.) - (aasapas, aasapaas)

Aesthetic quality of surroundings
After a little while, growing accustomed to his surroundings, Ryabovitch saw clearly
and began to observe. But women live on the trust of their surroundings this is their
whole world.

Surveillance () (N.) - (nigarani,

nigaranee) A(H1N1) flu: surveillance strategies
to be broadened

Suspicion () (N.) -
(sandeh) 'By Order of the
President': Under Suspicion 'The
Suspicions of Mr. Whicher'
Amulya knows the thief, but wants to shield him by drawing
suspicion on himself.

Swimming () (N.) - (tairaki, tairaakee)

'Swimming Across' by Andrew
S. Grove 'Swimming in a Sea of
'Swimming to Antarctica': Just Add Water

Switching ( ) (N.) - (svichan,

swichan) Axis switching
Beam switching
Beam switching commutator
Syllabus () (N.) - (pathyakram,
paathyakram) Challenging, exciting syllabus
Functional syllabus
I think the Ministry would prefer it if that was removed from the
Sympathy () (N.) - (samarthan)
Ah! said Vronsky, with sympathy; let's go in.
And his was that worst loneliness which would shrink from
Balls, concerts, dinners, matchboxes, ladies' dresses, beer, restaurants-- everything
testified to sympathy with the Slavonic peoples.

Symposium () (N.) - (sangoshthi,

sangoshthee) A Symposium On Gardening
At a Symposium On Bearing Arms; The
Framers' View Calendar: A Symposium And
a Show

Syndicate () (N.) - (sindiket, sindeeket)

IDBI Bank to raise $ 225 mn syndicated loan by mid-December

Systematic () (Adj.) -
(niyamit) A systematic study of all that
Accurate, but

Take away ( ) (V.) - (lena,

lenaa) And take away the pains you
As you take away my strife
Being part of something no one can take away; Our Love.

Take on ( ) (V.) - (lena, lenaa)

'Take on the Street': Advice From a Wall Street
Insider and Critic 'Will take one week to take action
against Modi'
Im much obliged but I couldnt take on any more work.

Take out ( ) (V.) - (karana,

karanaa) Contract lecturers take out rally
Gujjars to take out march to Jaipur on
April 3 Lagadapati to take out yet
another padayatra'
Take place ( ) (V.) - (hona,
honaa) And I can let a smile take place.
CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; In Politics, Book Tours Take Place In TV...
IN BRIEF; Civil War Symposium To Take Place in Princeton

Take up ( ) (V.) - (lena,

lenaa) 'Take up drought-relief
measures immediately'
26/11 case: Bombay HC to take up Kasab's
hearing today As celebrations tend to take up

Talking ( ) (Adj.) - (bhasha,

bhaashaa) 'Daniel Isn't Talking,' by Marti
Leimbach: Silent Scream 'Life Interrupted':
Exit Talking
'No Talking,' by Andrew Clements

Tamil nadu ( ) (N.) - (tamilanadu,

tamilanaadu) 'Caste fence' pulled down in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu preferred destination for
medical tourism Tamil Nadu a leader in
wind energy generation

Taxation ( ) (N.) - (karadhan,

karaadhan) Agreement for avoidance or relief
of double taxation Ascertained by taxation
Burden of taxation

Teaching ( ) (N.) - (adhyapan,

adhyaapan) A Facebook Teaching Moment
A lesson in teaching
science Acroamatic

Technician ( ) (N.) - (takaniki,

takaneekee) Associated cine technician
Battery charging

Technological ( ) (Adj.) - (takaniki,

takaneekee) 'Inventing America': A Technological History
LIBRARY/BOOKS ON TECHNOLOGY; Technological Pioneering, Past
And Now, Back to Real Life

Telling ( ) (Adj.) - (spasht)

'Sitting Up With the Dead': Discovering Southern Storytelling
'The Canterbury Tales: A Retelling'
'The Odyssey: A Dramatic Retelling of Homers Epic'

Temporary ( ) (Adj.) - (asthayi,

asthaayee) 'Still Alive!: A Temporary
Condition: A Memoir'
A permanent solution For a temporary
problem, An analysis of contemporary

Ten thousand ( ) (Adj.) - (das hajar, das hajaar,

das hazar) 'Ten Thousand Lovers': The Interrogator
And look upon you with ten
thousand eyes, And ten thousand
more, are mine:

Terminus ) (N.) - (tarminas)

( C

Koyambedu bus terminus bursting at its seams

Terribly ( ) (Adv.) - (bahut)

A wonderful boy, but I'm terribly afraid
for him. And now? It's terribly strange,
she said to herself.
And one's guilt suddenly becomes terribly heavy before a person who is no longer

Terrific () (Adj.) - (shanadar,

shanadaar) And he was a terrific dancer.
He was dragged back into the room, and then commenced a
terrific conflict. I long for some terrific disaster.

Territorial ( ) (Adj.) -
kshetreey) Exterritorial

Terrorism ( ) (N.) - (aatankavad, aatankavaad,

aatankawad) 'Britain must ban burqa to beat terrorism'
'From Chivalry to Terrorism': War, an Equal
Opportunity Employer 'Jihad' Gives No Proof Of
Muslim Terrorism
Terrorist ( ) (N.) - (aatankavadi, aatankavaadee,
'Memoirs of an Italian Terrorist': Notes From Underground
'No excuse' for Pakistan not taking action against
terrorists: US 'The Terrorist Next Door': Aryan

That is ( /) (Adv.) - (arthat, arthaat)

fifth share! That is not very
tempting. That is my own
photograph, she said. That is,
Id BEEN asleep.

The court ( ) (N.) - (nyayalay,

nyaayaalay) 'First Among Equals': Friend of the
'Sir Walter Raleigh': The Book of the Courtier
'The Court of Common Pleas' by Alexandra Marshall

The least ( ) (Adv.) - (kam se

kam) A Sheep-hook, or have learn'd ought
els the least
And said if he could see the least blurred light
At the least to listen to the spaces that the long-ago singing had
left behind.

The name of ( ) (Adv.) - (ke nam se, ke

naam se) 'In the Name of Identity': Against the Politics of
'Terror in the Name of God': Everybody Hates
Somebody Somewhere A goblin by the name of Gornuk
was also killed.

The presence of ( ) (Adv.) - (ke

After breakfast, Napoleon, in the presence of Beausset, dictated his
order for the army. But the presence of her husband and mother-in-
law worried her.
For I am in the presence of an angel.

The same ( ) (Adj.) - (vahi,

vahee, wahi) 'At the Same Time:
Essays and Speeches'
'Nothing Remains the Same':
Rereader's Digest 'THE HUMAN
STAIN'; Not the Same
Themselves ( ) (Pron.) -
(khud) 'Anja the Liar':
Living With Themselves
'Inventing Beauty': Improving
'Limbo, And Other Places I Have Lived': Characters in Search of
Therapist ( ) (N.) - (chikitsak)
And future if I even get that far Cant face
another therapist, Arnold Hutschnecker, 102,
Therapist to Nixon
As a Therapist, Freud Fell Short, Scholars Find

Therapy () (N.) - (chikitsa, chikitsaa)

Slide Show: Therapy Dogs at Work
'One Nation Under Therapy': They Don't
Feel Your Pain A First for Stem Cell Use in

Thereafter () (Adv.) - (us ke bad,

us ke baad) For all those that died thereafter,
Ron's ears went red, and thereafter, he reverted to the bewitched sleep
version of events. then there is nothing precious To lose thereafter
Rendering an empty heart,

Therefore () (Adv.) - (es tarah se)

'iPod, Therefore I Am': Every
Man a D.J. 'On Desire': I Am,
Therefore I Want
All night therefore attend your merry play,

Thorough () (Adj.) - (purn, poorn)

'Gracefully Insane': The
Thoroughbred Crazies 'Jesse James':
Thoroughly Bad Guy
'The Wig My Father Wore': A Thoroughly Modern Angel

Thoroughly () (Adv.) - (achchhi tarah se,

achchhee tarah se) 'Jesse James': Thoroughly Bad Guy
'The Wig My Father Wore': A Thoroughly
Modern Angel Ah,' said Fudge, who looked
thoroughly disconcerted.

Thousand () (N.) (badi sankhya, badee sankhyaa)

'A Thousand Splendid
'A Thousand Years of Good Prayer':
Double Agent 'Near a Thousand Tables':
Eight Food Revolutions
Thriving () (Adj.) - (saphal, safal)
Deep and shallow As well as plateaus with Things living and
thriving Breathing,
Did greed lead the way to this desolation? A once bustling and
thriving community, laughing, growing, thriving, learning.
To care for ( / ) (V.) -
(palana, paalanaa) No need to care for me,
no one to love no one to care for,
Reese Weekends in LA to Care For Her Super-Tough First-Grader

To date ( / ) (Adv.) - (ab

tak) Address corrected up to date
And now, having brought you up to date in the escaped convict,
the Stapletons, Dr. Cursed - Has Claimed the Lives of Nineteen
Muggle Owners to Date.

To the full ( / ) (Adv.) - (atyadhik)

Life lived to the fullest
live before it ends Live everyday to the fullest .
She felt to the full all the imperativeness of the motives which
urged Will's conduct.

Tobacco () (N.) - (tanbaku,

tanbaakoo) 'Tobacco': The History of a Lethal
More and more girls taking to tobacco use
A litter of pipes, tobaccopouches, syringes, penknives, revolver-cartridges, and other
debris was scattered over it.

Totally () (Adv.) - (puri tarah se, pooree tarah

se) 'Everything Is Illuminated': Back in the Totally Awesome
A Llama Totally Looks Like
Corbin Bleu After Wace a totally
new situation arose.

Touched () (Adj.) - (prabhavit, prabhaavit,

prabhawit) 'Virgin: The Untouched History'
Almost touched him, almost scared him,
And he was right - he could touch me without hurting himself, he
touched my face.

Tourist ( ) (N.) - (sailani,

sailanee) 'The Accidental Tourist'
Kondaveedu to be developed as major
tourist spot' 19 Chinese tourists missing
after Megi hits Taiwan

Tournament (
) (N.) - , toornaament)
(10/17) Agus Frimanto Wins Bali International Surfing Tournament at Canggu Beach in
A prediction? No chance! Surprise is this tournament's lesson
A servant who would guide Harry Potter through the Triwizard Tournament without
appearing to do so.

Township () (N.) - (basti,

bastee) Create, township
Eco-township likely at Devikulam
ETA Star to develop integrated township at Sriperumbudur

Tragedy () (N.) - (trasadi,

traasadee) 'Scott of the Antarctic: A Life of
Courage and Tragedy'
'Sweet Violence': A Theorist Seeks to Democratize
Tragedy 'Triumph and Tragedy in Mudville': Stats Are
a Fossil Record

Trailer ( ) (N.) - (trelar)

"New Priest trailer bursts with post-apocalyptic scenery-chewing and CG vampires
[Trailers]" and related posts 'Being John Malkovich' Trailer
'Drive Angry' Trailer: 'Faster' Meets Satanism Meets Nic Cage

Trained ( ) (Adj.) -
(prashikshit) 26/11 terrorists trained by
Pakistan Navy: Headley
40 specially trained dogs to be deployed for
Games security arent trained to kill,

Training ( ) (N.) - (prashikshan)

'The Growing Seasons': Training to
Become a Man Professional training
needs improvement' Advanced level
telecommunication training centre

Transact (
) (V.) - (karana, karanaa)
Adjustment of central
transaction Adjustment
ofcentral transactions
Adjustment transaction

Translate ( ) (V.) - (samajhana, samajhanaa,

'Whose Bible Is It?': God Speaks; Man Translates
A Frenchman once translated my Proud Flesh as La
Fiert de la Chair. Can QVC Translate Its Pitch Online?
Translator ( ) (N.) - (dubhashiya,
'The Translator': Their Own Personal Dtente
An Essay by Richard Pevear, One of the Translators
Gabriel Preil, 82, American Poet And Translator Skilled in Hebrew

Transmitted ( ) (Adj.) - (sancharit,

sanchaarit) Aphid transmitted
Bill originating in and passed by the other house and transmitted
to rajya sabha Sexually transmitted disease

Traveler ( ) (N.) - (yatri,

yaatree) 'American Traveler': The First
Bicoastal American
'The Far Traveler,' by Nancy Marie Brown: Girl of the
North Country 'The Strange Hours Travelers Keep':
Poetry More Interesting Than TV

Traveling ( ) (Adj.) - (chal)

'Caramelo': Traveling With Cousin Elvis
'I, Wabenzi,' by Rafi Zabor: Traveling
Mercies 'Traveling on the Edge': Graham
Greeneland Revisited

Treachery ( ) (N.) - (dhokha, dhokhaa)

And yet that would involve treachery towards the mistress to whom this
woman seems devoted. Dies HAMLET O villany! Ho! let the door be lock'd:
Treachery! Seek it out.
Its just treachery,

Tremendous ( ) (N.) - (bhishan, bheeshan)

Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I
turned away. Brasa has done a tremendous job for India
His discipline is tremendous.

Tribune () (N.) - (neta, netaa)

And the Tribunes beard the high,
Full Article at International Herald Tribune

Tributary ( ) (Adj.) - (sahayogi,

sahayogee) 'The River's Tale': Looking for the Past
Along a Ghostly Tributary Contributary
Tricolour () (Adj.) - (tiranga, tirangaa)

Triumph () (N.) - (saphalata, saphalataa, safalata)

U.K.-Iran triumph of 'soft' power diplomacy
'A Life of Picasso: The Triumphant Years, 1917-1932'
'American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the

Trouble () (N.) - (gadabadi,

gadabadee) 'A Palestine Affair': Trouble in
'Aakrosh' runs into censor trouble
'Acquainted With the Night': Troubled Children and Troubled

Trusted () (Adj.) - (vishvasaniy, vishvasaneey,

wishwasaniy) 100 most trusted brands
A confectioner of Yvetot had been intrusted with the tarts
and sweets. And dont forget, he trusted Bellatrix and her

Turn out ( ) (V.) - (hona, honaa)

Show a leg, matey, says he: time to turn
out guard.
All this, as he supposed, might turn out very nice and amusing.
But he didnt despise himself and it didnt turn out as he had

Typical () (Adj.) - (vishesh,

wishesh) 'High Season': The Prototypical
Resort Town Antitypical

Undated ( ) (Adj.) - (atithi)

200 villages inundated in Bareilly and
Moradabad Fecundated
Floods worsen in U.P.; 177 villages in Bareilly, Pilibhit inundated

Undergo () (V.) - (karana,

karanaa) Bill Clinton undergoes heart
Celine Dion to reportedly undergo C-section in Florida this month
Harry had the impression that he was undergoing some painful
internal struggle.
Underground ) (Adj.) - (gupt)
'Free Press: Underground & Alternative Publications, 1965-1975,' by Jean-Franois Bizot: I
Read the News Today 'Ive Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground
'Memoirs of an Italian Terrorist': Notes From Underground

Understand ( ) (V.) - (pata pana, pataa

panaa) "A new beginning in our understanding of the
oceans": Manmohan 'Fringe' star: 'I understand
'Like You'd Understand, Anyway: Stories'

Undertake ( ) (V.) - (lena, lenaa)

A job, like the quest for the Elder Wand, that he must
undertake alone. BJP members to undertake four-day
But Garth would not undertake the Tipton estate again unless Brooke left it entirely to him.

Unified () (Adj.) - (ekikrit, ekeekrit)

All set for unified transport authority
Centre lacks consistency and unified effort in tackling
issues, says Modi Consol bond (consolidated bond
unified bond)

Universally ) (Adj.) - (vishv sarvatr, wishw sarwatr)


University () (N.) - (kisi vishvavidyalay ka dal, kisee

vishvavidyaalay kaa dal, kisi wishwawidyalay ka dal)
College & University
'Mr. Jefferson's University': Appreciating an
'Academical Village' 50% of dogs in university vet
program killed

Unlimited () (Adj.) - (asimit, aseemit)

Let our newly awakened powers cry out for unlimited fulfilment in leaf and
flower and fruit. Namco Bandai Releases Ferrari Trailer For Test Drive
Unlimited 2
Nokia launches localised Ovi Music Unlimited services
Unmarried ( ) (Adj.) - (avivahit, awiwahit)
A daughter may stay in her father's home only so long as she
remains unmarried. A married woman grabs at her baby; an
unmarried one reaches for her jewel-box. An Appraisal:
Clayburghs Unforgettable Unmarried Woman
Unquestionably ( ) (Adv.) - (nishchit rup se, nishchit
roop se) And you shall unquestionably love me again
His plan seemed unquestionably good, especially from the power of
conviction in his words. Oh, unquestionably, she's the most charming
woman in the world.

Up-to-date () (N.) - (adyatan)

Utilisation ( ) (N.) -
(upayog) Capacity utilisation rate
Carcass utilisation
India Post mails govt on land bank utilisation

Vacuum cleaner ) (N.) - (vaikyum klinar, vaikyoom kleenar, waikyum

( Portable
vacuum cleaner

Various () (Adj.) - (anek)

24 tigers died in 3 years in various Madhya Pradesh reserves
And some twenty men from various ranks ran to the front of
the company. At this point there are several trails which lead
to various mines.

Verdict ( ) (N.) - (nirnay)

Preparing for the

'AIMPLB free to appeal against Ayodhya
verdict' 'Ayodhya verdict a golden
chance for every section'

Verification ( ) (N.) - (padatal,

padataal) 2G licences issued without proper
Annual stock
verification Annual

Verified ( ) (Adj.) - (satyapit,

satyaapit) Going to UK, verified by visa
Mr. Toller's prediction was partly verified.
The number was verified, and Stepan Arkadyevitch's envy pleased
Victory () (N.) - (vijayi, vijayee, wizayi)
'Blood of Victory': A Novelist Continues His Exploration of Wartime
'Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis'
'No Simple Victory: World War II in Europe, 1939-1945'

Viewing ) (N.) - (pradarshan)

BOOKS OF THE TIMES; Viewing Mass Destruction
Through a... Bubble viewing prism
But, viewing him since, alas, too late!

Viewpoint () (N.) - (vichar, vichaar,

wichar) Ethical viewpoint
I feel more comfortable with myself -- my sexuality, my mentality,
and my viewpoint Kashmir In Turmoil: Viewpoints

Village panchayat ( ) (N.) - (gram panchayat, graam

panchaayat) Village panchayat president dies in mishap

Virtual () (Adj.) - (aabhasi,

aabhaasee) 'The Near Future,' by Joe Ashby
Porter: Virtual Surreality 'Virtual Reality'
Conquers Fear of Heights
'Virtual World' of Help

Visitor () (N.) - (paryatak)

'Doormen,' by Peter Bearman: All Visitors Must Be
Announced 'Instructions for Visitors': Love in the
A cultural extravaganza to welcome Games' visitors

Vocational ( ) (Adj.) - (vyavasayik, vyavasaayik,

wyawasayik) Convocational
Education and vocational
guidance National vocational
training institute

Volcano ( ) (N.) - (jvalamukhi, jvaalaamukhee,

zwalamukhi) 'Earth': Under the Volcanoes
'Pompeii': Under the
Volcano 'Uncle Tungsten':
Over the Volcano

Voltage () (N.) - (voltej,

woltez) Average reverse voltage
Back voltage (reverse voltage)
Backswing voltage pulser

Volunteer () (V.) - (kahana,

kahanaa) 'Whiteman,' by Tony D'Souza:
Volunteers of America A Carl Paladino
Volunteer Shares the Anger
And Master Regulus had volunteered Kreacher.

Vulnerable () (Adj.) - (kamajor, kamazor)

A DAY OF TERROR: THE MILITANT; America the Vulnerable Meets a
Ruthless Enemy Department 'failed' vulnerable children
don t be vulnerable.

Watercraft ( ) (N.) - (nav,

naav, naw) Watercraft ( ) (N.)

- (nav, naav, naw)