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DF-915 Specifications

Input Paper Size Automatic Folder DF-915

Minimum 128 mm wide x 182 mm long the perfect folding solution
Maximum 297 mm wide x 432 mm long

Input Paper Weight Nominally 50 to 160 gsm (up to 130gsm for A3)

Paper Quality Fine quality, recycled, drawing, art, coated

Folding Mode Single, double, half concertina, concertina, letter, brochure,

cross fold (paper thickness: 50 to 105gsm), other custom folds

Loading Capacity 400 sheets (80 gsm) fast: 230 sheets/min folding speed
easy: automatic folding set-up
Processing Speeds 60 - 230 sheets / min (5 steps)
versatile: 6 standard fold modes
Paper Feed Method 3 wheels, automatic paper separation, skew correction device letters: optional letter folding unit

Paper Size Detection Automatic detection of fixed paper sizes (A3, B4, A4, B5, A5, B6)

Error Detection Non-feed, mis-feed, paper jam

Total/Batch Counter 4-digit addition system

Fold Position Correction 0-5mm from fold (0.125mm increments)

Moving Stacker Roller/Stopper Automatic setting

Additional Functions Memory for folding correction, 2 custom fold memories

non-standard paper size mode, automatic fold settings

Options Hand-feed unit (A4 paper only)

Power Supply
Voltage Single phase 220-240V AC
Current 0.7 A 50Hz

Machine Dimensions (mm)

Depth 524 mm
Width 1,086 mm
Height 497 mm
Weight 43 Kg

Duplo International Ltd, Sandown Industrial Park,

Mill Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8BL, England

t +44 (0)1372 468131

Production rates are based on optimal operating conditions and may vary depending on stock and environmental
f +44 (0)1372 460252 conditions. As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.

email: enquiries@duplointernational.com
Duplo is a trade mark of the Duplo Corporation
website: www.duplointernational.com Duplo has a policy of continuous improvement
and reserves the right to amend the above
specifications without prior notice
Automated folding made simple
Automatic Designed for both speed and simplicity, the DF-915 is consistent and
Folder DF-915 accurate even when running at 230 sheets per minute.

Automatic Set-Up

The DF-915 automatically senses standard paper sizes (A3 to B6) and sets the
fold-positions for each of the 6 built-in folding styles.

For non-standard paper sizes, the length can be input manually and the fold
positions will be adjusted accordingly.

Six Fold Styles

The six standard folding styles are pre-set into the machine with cross-folding
NEW Optional Letter-Feed Unit
possible by re-running the job. In addition, there are two memories for custom fold
styles, enabling quick set-up of the most common jobs in the future.
This optional unit can dramatically speed up the production of letters in any
organisation. It is able to fold up to three sheets at a time either loose or corner
stapled delivering them ready for insertion into envelopes.

Single Fold Concertina Fold Double Parallel Fold Standard Letter Fold

Brochure Fold Half Concertina Fold

Cross Fold

your perfect solution for custom folding, ideal for...

A3 B4 A4 B5 A5 B6
letters brochures leaflets