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Mrs Birling

Stage Directions: Key Quotations:

(Shocked) Eric you I must say we are

stole money? learning something
tonight- sarcasm not
(Agitated) I dont
focusing on the point.
believe it I wont believe
Shows she is a capitalist
its his responsibility
(Alarmed) Sheila! Peter paragraph: this reinforces the
(Severely) Youre Mrs Birling is presented as gender norms
behaving like a cold, cynical women. A rather
cold woman she tries to deny oh what a load of
hysterical child tonight
involvement and blames it all nonsense
(Cutting in) Theres no on the babys father (who we
find out is Eric) and shows her I dont believe a word
need to be dislike for Eva. and so I used of it
disgusting. my influence This shows she
has no regrets. This makes the Ill tell you what I told
His social superior audience sympathise with the
her. Go and look for the
Contextual references: other characters instead of
Sybil. father of her child
Mrs Birling is of higher
class than Mr Birling
which was unusual Dramatic devices:
because at the time of Thematic links
The timing of Mrs
the play women were Birlings entrance has
Womans equality
subservient to men. an impact because
when she enters she
Relationships tries to take control
herself as she isnt
She plays a part in Evas
deaths. She refused her the
aware of the impact
help when Eva came for help. that the inspector has
on people