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February 1-28, 2014 Official Publication of the UPLB College of Agriculture Volume 3 No. 2

UPLBCA to celebrate 105th Foundation Day

O n March 3-8, a meaningful

celebration awaits the con-
stituents and the general public as
In the early morning of March 6, UPLB officials,
unit heads, CA faculty/staff, invited guests and alumni
will troop to the Pook Pinagtatagan or popularly
the UPLB College of Agriculture known as the Foundation Site for the commemora-
(CA) observes its 105th Foundation tion ceremony. Afterwards, a motorcade going to
Day, with the theme Strengthening UPLB will be conducted. The group will then con-
University and Industry Partnership verge at the ASH lobby for the awarding ceremony
Towards a Globally Competitive Ag- where outstanding CA personnel, research and ex-
riculture. tension teams, and retirees will be honored. In the
afternoon, a techno demo on Pest Clinic and Plant
Starting on March 3, the Gamma Propagation will be conducted at the ASH grounds.
Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agri-
culture will hold its general assembly On March 7, a symposium on Industry Partner-
at the Operations Room, Abelardo ship will be held at the SEARCA Drilon Hall. In the
G. Samonte Hall, UPLB. afternoon, there will be Open House and Tour in the
various CA clusters.
The next day, a trade fair/exhibit
Meanwhile, the National Animal Science Quiz
at the Agro-Soils-Horti (ASH)
Contest will also be held later in the afternoon at
grounds will showcase various tech-
the Makiling Ballroom, UPLB Union building.
nologies and products of different
units and invited exhibitors. A tech- During the last day of the celebration on March 8,
no demo on Hydroponics and Flow- a farmers forum to be hosted by Loui Tabing of Ra-
er Arrangement will also be featured dio DZMM will be conducted at the ASH lobby.
in the morning. Moreover, Coffee There will be lectures on new varieties of crops, bo-
101 (lecture session sponsored by tanical pesticides, sheep and goat raising, soybean
Nestle Philippines) will be held at processing, edible landscaping, fruit propagation and
the ASH lobby in the afternoon. management, hybrid rice production, opportunities
and natural ingredients, and water bug technology.
On March 5, the CA Games to Another techno demo session on Pest Clinic will be
be participated in by the faculty, staff held in the morning. In the afternoon, the Students
and students of the five clusters will Congress will be held at the Animal Science Lecture
be conducted in the morning at the Hall while an Agricultural Science Quiz Contest will
ASH grounds. Later in the after- be conducted at the College of Forestry and Natural
noon, a techno demo on Cooking Resources Auditorium.
Meat and Dairy Recipes will be held
at the ASH grounds. This years activities also rekindle the Los Baos
Spirit that binds the college. (Apolinario L. Lantican)
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by the clusters:
Lasuhin Mo Ako ADSC
105TH CA FOUNDATION Salad ala Feast CPC
Tagay Mo! FSC
Meanwhile, the winners in the In-
Opening of Trade Fair and Exhibit ter-cluster Sportsfest (under the Ex-
March 4, 7:00 A.M.; ASH Grounds cellence in Sports program of CA)
which ran from August 2013 to Janu-
This event will showcase various technolo-
ary 2014 will be awarded after the
gies and products of different UPLB units
and invited exhibitors. Likewise, a pictorial ac- CA games.
count of the research and extension activities of
CA and its clusters will be displayed. The said Commemoration Ceremony
March 6, 6:00 A.M.; Foundation
activity will run until March 8.
Site, Los Baos
Techno Demo UPLB officials, unit heads, CA fac-
March 4, 9:00 A.M. March 5 & 6, 1:30 P.M. ulty and staff, invited guests and alum-
March 8, 10:00 A.M.; ASH Grounds ni will troop to Pook Pinagtatagan at
Several technologies, processes and services Barangay Timugan, Los Baos to par-
offered by the college will be featured. They are ticipate in a simple commemoration
as follows: flower arrangement, cooking meat ceremony where they will reminisce
and dairy recipes, Pest Clinic, and plant propaga- the historical moments when the col-
tion. Some technical experts from the CA clus- lege was established in 1909.
ters will conduct the techno demo.
CA Recognition Day
Coffee 101 March 6, 9:00 A.M.; ASH Lobby
March 4, 3:00 P.M.; ASH Lobby A formal awarding ceremony will
A lecture session, sponsored by Nestle Philip- be held to honor outstanding CA
pines, will give a background on the coffee indus- personnel, research and extension
try in the country and would feature various teams, and retirees.
coffee product lines by the said company. Free
Symposium on Industry
Nestle products will be available to the audience.
CA Games and Awarding of CA March 7, 8:00 A.M.; SEARCA
Sportsfest Winners Drilon Hall
March 5, 8:00 A.M.; ASH Grounds The symposium will feature the
The CA games will be participated in by the f o l l o w i n g t o p i c s / s p e a k e r s :
faculty, staff and students of the five clusters. It Technology Transfer and Commer-
will feature the following games to be sponsored cialization Through Biotech-UPLB-
_______ Industry Partner (Dr. Reynaldo V.
*Compiled by AL Lantican and Imelda M. Gesmundo, with Ebora, director-Biotech-UPLB; Think
information from Dr. Mafeo D. Bejo, Rosalinda G. Arbo-
leda, Lorina M. Castillo and Arnel Lalap
Globally, Act Globally (Dr. David
CA Monthly Newsletter Page 3

Robert Morpeth, general manager- Farmers Forum

ALLTECH Philippines); and Bayanihan March 8, 8:30 AM; ASH Lobby
Through Private-Publi c Par tne r-
With Loui Tabing of Radio DZMM as
ship (Ricardo C. Alba, president and chief-
moderator, the forum will feature the fol-
executive officer-UNAHCO, Inc.).
lowing lectures and speakers:
Open House and Tour New Varieties of Crops (Dr. Proceso
March 7, 1:00 P.M. H. Manguiat, CSC)
The open house, to be hosted by the Opportunities and Natural Ingredi-
CA clusters, is basically aimed to: get ac- ents (Dr. Candida B. Adalla, Pangkat
quainted with the different industry play- Kaunlaran)
ers/stakeholders; establish closer relation-
Fruit Propagation and Management
ship with industry players/stakeholders;
(Dr. Bernardo Dizon, Pangkat Kaun-
identify industry/stakeholders needs for
technical manpower; and inform industry
players/stakeholders on the needs Hybrid Rice Production (Dr. Frisco
of the clusters. Malabanan, Pangkat Kaunlaran)
During the tour around the various Botanical Pesticides (Dr. Pio A. Javier,
CA clusters, the industry partners will be CPC)
meeting the executive committee mem- Water Bug Technology (Dr. Pio A.
bers of the clusters. They will also be en- Javier)
tertained by the audio visual presentations
and exhibits about the clusters. Processing of Soybean (Dr. Olivia M.
Del Rosario, FSC)
National Animal Science
Quiz Contest Edible Landscaping (Dr. Fernando C.
March 7, 4:00 P.M.; Makiling Ballroom, Sanchez, Jr., CSC & Vice-Chancellor for
UPLB Union Building Planning and Development)

To be participated in by various Raising Sheep and Goats (Dr. Mafeo

schools throughout the country, the con- D. Bejo, ADSC)
test (spearheaded by the UP Animal Sci-
Farmers from the CALABARZON re-
ence Society) was aimed at disseminating
gion will be invited to grace the occasion.
the latest trends/developments in the field
of animal science and related disciplines, Students Congress
and providing new perspectives in building March 8, 1:00 P.M., Animal Science
a globally competitive animal industry in Lecture Hall, ADSC
the country.
With the theme Advancing Philippine
With the theme Bringing New Per- Agriculture Education Towards ASEAN Inte-
spectives Towards Agriculture Revolution gration, the congress will feature poster
for a Dynamic and Globally Competitive and paper presentations about the re-
Animal Industry, this years contest would searches done by students from various
hopefully inspire and motivate people to- schools. Winners for best posters and pa-
wards better status of living and academic pers will be awarded.
Page 4 CA Monthly Newsletter

Outstanding Researchers
ADSC Atendido, Jacinta V. Administrative Assistant III
Senior Category: ADSC Hemedez, Gonzalo B. Laboratory Technician III
ADSC Oreiro, Conrado S. Agricultural Technician I
Dr. Pompe C. Sta. Cruz
ADSC Palis, Felix L. Farm Worker II
ADSC Remoluna, Doroteo C. Administrative Assistant V
Junior Category: ADSC Sanchez, Demetrio S. Administrative Assistant I
ADSC Dizon, Renato C. Univ Researcher I
Ms. Luisa D. Guevarra (CSC)
ASC Tolentino, Lutgarda L Associate Professor VI
Outstanding Teachers CPC Lapis, Norlito P. Laboratory Technician II
CPC Ocampo, Leonardo L. Administrative Assistant I
Senior Category: CPC Solinap, Bonifacio T. Agricultural Technician I
Dr. Marina P. Natural (CPC) CPC Telosa, Zenaida N. Laboratory Technician II
CSC Alcasid, Marcelo P. Administrative Aide III
Junior Category: CSC Anday, Ruben B. Agricultural Technician II
Prof. Ara Fatima C. Algar CSC Del Mundo, Alfredo I. Farm Foreman
(FSC) CSC Lao, Rogelio A. Administrative Officer III
CSC Punzalan, Ernesto L. Laboratory Aide II
Outstanding Extension CSC Romero, Efren M. Waterworks Technician
Personnel CSC Narciso, Josefina O. Univ Researcher II

Mr. Melecio J. Maghanoy CSC Rodriguez, Felicito M. Univ Researcher II

Deans Office Elliot, Florencia P. Univ Researcher III
Deans Office
Outstanding Administrative Fernandez, Valentina S. Univ Researcher II
Personnel Deans Office
Tamisin, Rufina Q. Univ Research Associate I
Ms. Rowena B. Frankie (CSC) FSC Melendres, Renato R. Administrative Aide III
FSC Mabesa, Linda B. Professor V
Outstanding Extension La Granja Cabuguason, Apolinario Administrative Aide I
La Granja Occillada, Francisco A. Farm Worker
SNAP Hydroponics (CSC) La Granja Tabligan, Jose P. Jr. Agricultural Technician II
La Granja Villanueva, Ruben F. Administrative Aide III
La Granja Sajise, Godofredo E. Jr. University Researcher III
UPLBFI Awards for Excel-
Secretarys Chavez, Edna M. School Credits Evaluator II
lence in Professional Board Office

Ms. Berlaine G. Quime, 2nd

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