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Shattered was not created in a void. There have been countless number
of books, films, musicians that we have been inspired by. Were not going
to give an exhaustive list, but instead well name a few that are very close
to our hearts.

Its Never Dark Enough is: John Williams, Devil Driver, Protomen, Demon Hunter, Magic Sword,
Joshua Pietrzykowski, James Palumbo, Cody Wiemhold, Dimitri Vegas, Thrice, Disturbed, Project 86, Coheed & Cambria
Philip Barousse, Alex Robb, and Cory Conrad
Catch up with us at neverdarkenough.com Star Wars, Watchmen, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones,
Blade Runner, Mad Max, Pans Labrynth, Ghost in the Shell
Follow Shattered at: Follow INDE at:
Facebook: @shatteredrpg Facebook: @neverdarkenough FICTION
Twitter: @shatteredrpg Twitter: @neverdarkenough Steven Erikson, George Orwell, H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson, Robert
Instagram: @shatteredrpg Instagram: @neverdarkenough Jordan, Brent Weeks, Jim Butcher, Clive Barker

Original Concept: Joshua Pietrzykowski, James Palumbo, Battle Cattle, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga Edition, D&D 3.5, Eclipse
Cody Wiemholt, Adam Hurd Phase, Iron Kingdoms, Warhammer 40,000, Cthulhutech
Writing Leads: Joshua Pietrzykowski, James Palumbo,
Cody Wiemholt, Philip Barousse, Alex Robb, Cory Conrad
Art Direction: Joshua Pietrzykowski, Derek Poole THANK YOU.
Logos & Layout: Joshua Pietrzykowski
Cover Art: Alexandre Chaudret Encapsulated in those two words are overwhelming feelings of
Interior Art: Alexandre Chaudret, Brian Moyer, Crystal Sully, Daniel exuberance, joy, and elation that simply cannot be put on a page. As
Kamarudin, Derek Poole, Giorgio Grecu, Jeff Brown, Joseph Thompson, we write this we recall the day we hit our Kickstarter goal, and the
Mack Saztaba, Marvin Herbring, Rhys Griffiths feelings each of us had then. We wanted to hug each and every one
Additional Advice and Input: Andrea Hicks, Brian Shields, Corey of you, and tell you everything we had planned! Cemented firmly
Hendry, Christopher Smith, Elizabeth Pietrzykowski, Kyle Hood, Nate in our memory is how thrilled everyone was during our Skype call
Sorentino, Paul Ed Kudinoff afterward, how pumped we were to charge forward with a virtual
Special Thanks: Howard & Laura Barousse army at our backs. After months and years of work, we finally had a
support group to talk to, people who were as intrigued about Feneryss
P L AY T E S T E R S as we were. People who, having been fed the slimmest scraps of our
The Alphas: Billiam, Brandon, Busywithboredom, Evil System Lord, vision of this strange world, were willing to put money in our hands
Jayezco, J-Ro, Konrad, Thamir to bring it to life. Your passion and eagerness has been invigorating.
Mythic Affinity: Scott, Wendy, Joe, David, Ryan, Brad, Alex Each piece of fan art, every beta game, and every question has been
Fumble Asylum: Multimark, Alesk le Magnifique, Gregory Karcz, fuel to our fire to deliver on our promise and more.
Denis Maillet, Oneig Atyff, Laurent Appeldoorn
It is a clichd phrase, but Shattered quite simply would not exist
DEDIC AT ION without you. You asked us the hard questions. You gave insightful
We at INDE (pronounced indie) would like to take a minute to thank suggestions. You created monsters that made us laugh or filled us with
a few people that helped make Shattered possible. There have been so awe. You have been there with us and for us every step of the way,
many that helped and inspired us to create this game that are outside of and we are brimming with gratitude, because you are making our
the team. But first and foremost, we would like to thank our families who dream a reality.
have put up with this obsession of ours. To the many friends that weve
made, The crew at Midnight Zombie Marathon, Imp House, Grenade With Heartfelt Sincerity,
Punch Games, everyone at the #RPGNET IRC channel, and everyone Josh, James, Cody, Philip, Alex & Cory
over at TAPM Systems. Its Never Dark Enough
Cody would like to send a shoutout to his brother, Ean Johnson, Bruh.
The content in this book, including but not limited to, characters, places, names, events, etc., are works of fiction and may have been
collaborations between Its Never Dark Enough and their backers on Kickstarter. Any such collaborations may have been altered by Its
Never Dark Enough to better serve the contents of this book and the Shattered brand. Its Never Dark Enough further reserves the right to
reuse and alter these collaborations further as needed, without reason or justification. Any resemblence to other people, places, names, etc.,
both real or imagined, are purely coincidental and are not intended to infringe on any copyrighted material.

The Shattered Game, Logo and all associated works and images are owned by Its Never Dark Enough LLC. (INDE) and are subject to United
States and International Copyright law. All rights reserved.
2014-2017 Its Never Dark Enough

That said, while we at INDE are very protective of what weve created, we are very open and love community and fan creations. If you want
to use parts of this book, fiction or system, all you have to do is ask. Feel free to send us an email at:
S TA F F @ N E V E R D A R K E N O U G H . C O M

Luke Stowell Damien Porter Kourtney Conrad Craig Gaddis Adam Bourke-Waite Jonny Patches Thomas Wright DarthChronos
Dimitris Romeo Havlidis Kevin H. Howard Barousse Blangis Douglas Popp Shane Haggard Kevin Flynn Maxwell Melton
Gaxx and Beth Jennine Cerra James C. OurHeroAndy Shaun Kiyoshi Goodfellow John C Scott Ephriam Vigil adumbratus
Brandon Metcalf Vidya Gopalakrishna Gauthier Descamps Rob O. Michael Brightbill David Sande Steven Moy Jasen Szekely
William Hkansson Jim Burzelic Alex Dingle Steve Colburn Nick G. Christopher Gunning Janus Kimeran Josh Kotoff
Carlos Alberto Teruel Sez Ariel Samoil Jessica Pietrzykowski Francis B. Morissette Lachlan Berry Wesley Mann Daniele Galli
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Kyle J Douglas Stephen Kemp Anthony Rismondo Hugh T Smith Tom Tex Ellis Kurt H. Kevin Gallegos Nick Kline Simon 999
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Robert A. Maxwell Richard Percy Ben Bonds Brian Mills Jessica Klapperich Gordon A. Bennetto Scott Maynard

T H E W O R L D O F S H AT T E R E D . . . . . . PA G E 1 C O N F L I C T & C O N D I T I O N S . . . . . . . PA G E 7 6
THE RECKONING ............................................................. PAGE 2 THE MULTI-DIE SYSTEM.............................................. PAGE 77
PRECIPISCE OF EXTINCTION....................................... PAGE 2 OPPOSED VS. UNOPPOSED ......................................... PAGE 77
CIVILIZATION & INDUSTRY.......................................... PAGE 3 CHECKS AGAINST MULTIPLE TARGETS ................. PAGE 77
BLOOD & BELIEF.............................................................. PAGE 5 ROUNDING ..................................................................... PAGE 77
AVATARS & WORSHIP...................................................... PAGE 7 CRITICALS....................................................................... PAGE 77
CULTS & COLLECTIVES................................................. PAGE 8 COMBAT............................................................................. PAGE 78
VAMPIRE COVENS............................................................ PAGE 9 COMBAT ORDER............................................................ PAGE 78
THE WAR OF DUEL LAKE..............................................PAGE 11 ACTIONS IN COMBAT & AP......................................... PAGE 78
THE WAR OF FOOLS........................................................PAGE 11 COMBAT ACTIONS......................................................... PAGE 78
SECOND GENESIS........................................................... PAGE 13 BASIC ATTACKS............................................................. PAGE 79
HUMANS.......................................................................... PAGE 13 REACTIONS..................................................................... PAGE 80
ALYPSE............................................................................. PAGE 13 DAMAGE REDUCTION.................................................. PAGE 80
DRONES........................................................................... PAGE 14 OTHER ACTIONS............................................................ PAGE 80
FLORVANA....................................................................... PAGE 15 COMBAT CONDITIONS................................................. PAGE 80
REKINDLED..................................................................... PAGE 16 CONDITIONS..................................................................... PAGE 81
SHADE.............................................................................. PAGE 16 CRITICAL HEALTH......................................................... PAGE 82
VAMPIRE.......................................................................... PAGE 17 DISEASES......................................................................... PAGE 83
WRETCHED..................................................................... PAGE 18 STRESS & TORMENT...................................................... PAGE 84
MAP OF FENERYSS......................................................... PAGE 20 FATIGUE........................................................................... PAGE 84
PULSE: THE GREAT FORGE......................................... PAGE 22 FEAR................................................................................. PAGE 84
LANIS: THE SHINING CITY.......................................... PAGE 28 INSANITY......................................................................... PAGE 85
LOKORAN: THE WELLSPRING................................... PAGE 31 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS....................................... PAGE 87
NEROTH: FREEDOM IN CHAOS.................................. PAGE 35 NATURAL HAZARDS..................................................... PAGE 88
HEL: THE GRAVE CITY.................................................. PAGE 38
THE GLASS FOREST....................................................... PAGE 44 TA L E N T S , A R C H E T Y P E S
THE ASHLANDS............................................................... PAGE 45 & M U TAT I O N S.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PA G E 9 0
THE MAW........................................................................... PAGE 46 TALENT LIST........................................................................ PAGE 91
ALECIAN PLAINS............................................................ PAGE 47 READING TALENTS............................................................ PAGE 95
POINTS OF INTRIGUE.................................................... PAGE 48 RACIAL TALENTS................................................................ PAGE 96
HUMANS.......................................................................... PAGE 96
CHAPTER 2: ALYPSE............................................................................. PAGE 96
C H A R A C T E R C R E AT I O N.. . . . . . . . . . PA G E 5 1 DRONES........................................................................... PAGE 97
BUILDING YOUR CHARACTER................................... PAGE 52 FLORVANA....................................................................... PAGE 97
PLAYABLE RACES........................................................... PAGE 54 REKINDLED..................................................................... PAGE 98
HUMANS.......................................................................... PAGE 54 SHADE.............................................................................. PAGE 98
ALYPSE............................................................................. PAGE 56 VAMPIRE.......................................................................... PAGE 99
DRONES........................................................................... PAGE 58 WRETCHED..................................................................... PAGE 99
FLORVANA....................................................................... PAGE 60 MUTATIONS.................................................................... PAGE 101
REKINDLED..................................................................... PAGE 62 POWER LEVEL 1........................................................... PAGE 101
SHADE.............................................................................. PAGE 64 POWER LEVEL 2........................................................... PAGE 102
VAMPIRE.......................................................................... PAGE 66 POWER LEVEL 3........................................................... PAGE 103
WRETCHED..................................................................... PAGE 68 POWER LEVEL 4........................................................... PAGE 104
STATS.................................................................................. PAGE 70 POWER LEVEL 5........................................................... PAGE 106
COMBAT SKILLS............................................................. PAGE 71 POWER LEVEL 6........................................................... PAGE 106
NON-COMBAT SKILLS................................................... PAGE 72 GENERAL TALENTS...................................................... PAGE 108
COMBAT TALENTS........................................................ PAGE 109
GENERAL COMBAT TALENTS................................... PAGE 109

MELEE TALENTS.......................................................... PAGE 111 CHAPTER 7:
BALLISTIC TALENTS................................................... PAGE 113 A I R S H I P S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PA G E 1 7 8
ARKNA............................................................................PAGE 116 AN ENGINEERS GUIDE............................................... PAGE 179
PRIMALTHEURGY........................................................ PAGE 117 FOLTZMAN CAM, ANNEX A:
NECROMANCY............................................................. PAGE 117 HISTORY......................................................................... PAGE 179
ARKNA TALENTS...................................................... PAGE 120 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 1:
CONVICTION.................................................................. PAGE 121 ESSENTIALS.................................................................. PAGE 180
THE ASPECTS................................................................ PAGE 121 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 2:
MIRACLES..................................................................... PAGE 125 DESIGN........................................................................... PAGE 181
CONVICTION TALENTS.............................................. PAGE 129 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 2-A:
MARTIAL ARTS.............................................................. PAGE 130 CORE COMPONENTS................................................... PAGE 181
STYLES........................................................................... PAGE 130 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 2-B:
IMPACTS......................................................................... PAGE 131 WEAPON SYSTEMS..................................................... PAGE 182
RACES............................................................................. PAGE 133 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 2-C:
MARTIAL ARTS TALENTS........................................... PAGE 133 ANCILLARY COMPONENTS....................................... PAGE 184
PSY..................................................................................... PAGE 134 FOLTZMAN CAM, VOL 3:
KINESIS.......................................................................... PAGE 135 STRIKERS....................................................................... PAGE 184
ILLUSION....................................................................... PAGE 136 FOLTZMAN CAM, ANNEX B:
PSY TALENTS................................................................ PAGE 137 SALVAGE OPERATIONS.............................................. PAGE 187
STEALTH.......................................................................... PAGE 138 AIRSHIP COMPONENT QUICKSHEET...................... PAGE 188
GENERAL STEALTH TALENTS.................................. PAGE 138 A COMMANDERS GUIDE........................................... PAGE 189
ASSASSIN TALENTS.................................................... PAGE 140 OFFICERS, CREW & MORALE................................... PAGE 189
THIEF TALENTS............................................................ PAGE 141 COMBAT OVERVIEW................................................... PAGE 190
SOCIAL TALENTS.......................................................... PAGE 142 STANDARD ORDERS................................................... PAGE 191
SOCIAL ENGINEER...................................................... PAGE 142 AIRSHIP CONDITIONS................................................. PAGE 195
AIRSHIP TALENTS......................................................... PAGE 144 ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS................................... PAGE 195

E Q U I P M E N T, G O O D S C R E AT U R E C R E AT I O N . . . . . . . . . . . . PA G E 1 9 8
& S E R V I C E S .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P A G E 1 4 7 MASTERMINDS.............................................................. PAGE 197
EQUIPMENT.................................................................... PAGE 148 CREATURE LIST............................................................ PAGE 202
WEAPONS........................................................................ PAGE 148 GRUNTS............................................................................ PAGE 203
BLACKWOOD & NASH QUARTERLY....................... PAGE 149 VETERANS....................................................................... PAGE 217
WEAPON ATTRIBUTES................................................ PAGE 156 LORDS............................................................................... PAGE 233
ARMOR & SHIELDS...................................................... PAGE 157 REMNANTS...................................................................... PAGE 242
ARMOR........................................................................... PAGE 157
SHIELDS......................................................................... PAGE 157 CHAPTER 9:
ARMOR & SHIELD MODS........................................... PAGE 158 G A M E M A S T E R Y. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P A G E 2 5 2
ARMOR & SHIELD ITEMS.......................................... PAGE 158 WHAT IS A GAME MASTER........................................ PAGE 253
PROSTHETICS................................................................ PAGE 159 GM RULES....................................................................... PAGE 253
GOODS & SERVICES..................................................... PAGE 161 XP & NOTES PROGRESSIONS.................................... PAGE 255
TRANSPORTATION....................................................... PAGE 163 PREBUILT MASTERMINDS......................................... PAGE 256


T H E C R A F T I N G S Y S T E M . . . . . . . . . PA G E 1 6 4 SHEETS & PREMADE
CRAFTING....................................................................... PAGE 165 C H A R A C T E R S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PA G E 2 5 9
WEAPONS........................................................................ PAGE 166
ARMOR & SHIELDS...................................................... PAGE 169
PROSTHETICS................................................................ PAGE 171
ALCHEMY........................................................................ PAGE 173
TRAPS............................................................................... PAGE 176

S H AT T E R E D !
Welcome to the twisted universe of Shattered. Feneryss, as the world
is known, is a place pregnant with possibility and rife with murderous
espionage, political subterfuge, creatures of nightmarish legend, and
various misconducts most unbecoming. Feneryss is a foreboding,
devastated world in which civilization endeavors to claw its way through In addition to this book, you will need a handful of dice. In the RPG
a new technological age. Indeed, this grimdark roleplaying game will world, dice are referred to by a shorthand, that looks like this: 2d10. The
intrigue you in a way no other game has before. first number indicates the number of dice you need to roll. The letter d
Shattered employs a classless, point-driven character creation system. stands for die or dice. The last digit represents the number of sides on the
Contained within this book are all the tools you, the player, need to create die. So, 2d10 means you need 2 dice with 10 sides each.
virtually any character imaginable and thrive within this richly imagined You will need the following dice throughout the course of this game:
world. The system is built in such a way as to increase customization 1d4, 1d6, 1d8 and 1 to 5d10. If you dont have these dice, you may
as much as possible. The content outlined in the following sections are purchase them online, or at your local game store.
guidelines, and as such we highly recommend that you work with your So now that you have your dice, you need a writing utensil, your
Game Master to add your own flavor to get the most out of the game. character sheet (which we will get to in the next chapter), some snacks
If you are a newcomer to pen and paper roleplaying games (RPGs), it and a few friends. Youre ready to get started!
is highly recommended you read the remainder of this page, which will
provide a fundamental explanation of pen & paper RPGs in general, and S H AT T E R E D AT A G L A N C E
Shattered in particular. Welcome to Feneryss. On this ravaged world the sun has been Blocked
out by clouds of ash and sulphuric gases. Its a dangerous world, where
W H AT I S A P E N A N D PA P E R only the strong and the clever survive.
R O L E P L AY I N G G A M E ? Millennia ago, a great cataclysm known as The Reckoning tore the
In this day and age, most of you have probably heard the acronym, planet apart and obliterated civilization. Molten rock gushed forth from
RPG, even if you are not familiar with the genre. RPGs have existed for the core and boiled away the oceans; poisonous gases were expelled
generations and have historically existed in two forms: pen and paper from the crust and into the atmosphere only to come pouring down in
and video games. torrents of acid rain. What remained of mankind sought refuge wherever
In a pen and paper RPG, you and a group of friends create characters possible. Some descended into caves like their ancient ancestors, while
and venture into exciting, imaginary worlds to enact epic adventures. It others weathered the worst on the surface and let nature sort the grain
is much like your favorite movie or book, except this time you are your from the chaff. As with any fall from grace, once youve hit bottom you
favorite character. Imagine being able to step into those shoes, seeing the can only climb. And that reascension is exactly what these survivors
world through their eyes, but having the ability to make your own choices accomplished. Civilization is being rebuilt, communities are being
which alter the course of the story. With Shattered you have that power. reformed, and humanity is regaining its trembling, disfigured feet.
This is your story and you get to live it.


World of Shattered

World of Shattered 1
Pre-Reckoning civilization reaches its peak.
The ground rumbled as the cultists chanting rose in pitch. The
sacrifices screamed as their souls were torn through the blasphemous
glyphs carved into their flesh. The earth split and crumbled away
into nothingness as the profane falsetto reached its highest note,
painting the horizon a horrifying crimson. Thunder boomed in the
distance and the sky rained fire as the flesh of the sacrificed began
to burn with unholy fire. Their screams were silenced as the cries of
the innocents reached the ears of the fallen, and as the last victims
cried themselves hoarse, the world died.

Three millennia ago, Feneryss was a world once densely populated

by a rich diversity of plant and animal life and dominated by a thriving
mankind on the precipice of great technological progress. A new age was
dawning, one of prosperity never before experienced by the civilized
world. Then came The Reckoning.
2 4 4 OW C U LT O F T H E A LY P S E Most of humanity, preoccupied with their technological and societal
The first Temple of Alypse is established. achievements, were wholly unaware of the dark god Ragnarok. He had
established a massive cult and worked them into a zealous frenzy over
several centuries. During this time, the Alypse cult swelled large enough
to establish an independent theocracy. At the height of its power, the
entire nation committed mass suicide with the intent to tear a hole in
reality, thus allowing Ragnarok to cross over into the world and begin
his indefinite reign.
~ 0 OW THE RECKONING Though the ritual failed, the dark energies it released still ravaged
The Alypse, which have grown large enough the planet. Countless billions were snuffed out and the world was left
to form their own nation, commit a ritual mass desolate. Those Alypse that survived the Reckoning were left horribly
suicide in an attempt to tear a hole in reality scarred and disfigured, permanently branded as members of the religion
and unleash Ragnarok. The Reckoning warps that broke the world. Many were mortified upon realizing what they had
the world, spills magic into Feneryss, and done under Ragnaroks yoke; some threw themselves into the Maw out
spawns the first Rekindled. of shame, while others spent the remainder of their lives intent on atoning
for the untold masses that they had slaughtered. The rest, with eyes
unopened by the consequences of their actions, continued their worship
POS T-R EC KON I NG of the dark god they had failed, seeking repentance.
From that fissure in the world came many things. Unimaginable beings
also crossed the threshold and now freely roam the continent. Magic,
The remnants of humanity seek safe havens
to eke out a meager existence. Some amass at known as Arkna, bled into the world of Feneryss and now permeates
the precipice of the Maw during this unnatural everything.
winter; others plumb the depths; still others Feneryss and its few remaining inhabitants had been forever changed.
huddle around machines of the Old World. The sun was lost, swallowed by clouds of choking ash that encircled the
Everyone is gradually shaped by the new globe. If one were lucky enough to see through the ashen cloud and bear
world. witness to the sky itself, one would see only a crimson reflection of the
molten rock that had replaced the once magnificent oceans. Shattered, but
not extinguished, man had survived.
The unlucky survivors balanced on lifes mortal edge. Many took
Towers of the Old World prop up overturned
soil to form a shelter for those lucky enough residence near the fiery oceans to endure the unnatural chill; some
to live around them. This settlement develops descended into the earth; others found refuge huddled around the great
rapidly in isolation. generators of that previous, lost age. Many believed the world had
rebuked mankind for meddling in affairs that were not of its concern.
This lead to many witch hunts, where practitioners of the dark arts were
1 7 PR LANIS hunted or banished from settlements to die in the frozen wastes that had
A handful of people, having accepted their once been fertile farms.
fate, work tirelessly to build a monument to
humanity. They would eventually prosper and
establish a city-state.
4 8 4 PR PULSE
The Iron Ring implements its Mandates, and To survive the cataclysmic events, mankind sought refuge in a number
names their city in the hopes that it will be the of places. Some descended into underground shelters and bunkers, which
heart of Feneryan life.

2 World of Shattered
had been constructed for just such extreme situations. On the surface,
the underprepared soon fled their homes and flooded places of authority
and safety: military installations, government establishments, and
hospitals, to name a few. Many of these facilities were compromised by
the overwhelming hordes of refugees and soon collapsed under the needs
of their occupants. While some managed to instill order and rationing,
many devolved into lawless madhouses. Few lasted more than a couple
Survival for humanitys remnants was due to some combination of
four key factors: shelter sufficient to endure the tempests and eldritch
beings that beset Feneryss; stores of foodstuffs and survival equipment;
proximity to water sources and flora hardy enough to endure the
Reckoning; and access to long-term production technologies (i.e.
T O G E T O U T, G R A B B I N G
For approximately five hundred years following the Reckoning,
mankind could focus on little beyond its survival. Storms of acid
rain, powerful blizzards, and wildfires ravaged the struggling soil.
Earthquakes tested the fortitude of every manmade structure. Ultraviolet
lightning and spontaneous wildfires wrought witless havoc. Over these
centuries, however, the wild storms abated. The settlements that still
stood developed new societies and means of rebuking the new dangers of
D I S TA N C E . I G R A B B E D
the world. Armed with new tools and fresh confidence, men and women
ventured out to rediscover their home.
In the wake of these tragedies, the once dominant Human race found
itself splintered. But Humans are survivors, and they crawled and clawed
their way from the brink of extinction. They endured the brutal new
climate, abided the warpings of reality, and suffered the host of mutations
their new world bestowed upon them. It was a rebirth for Humanity a
Second Genesis.
The largest and most successful settlements of Feneryss are also some T H E D A R K U N D E R B E L LY
of the oldest. Sylvan Hollow was established by the Reckoning itself, O F T H E C I T Y, C A U S I N G
when tectonic activity thrust a great earthen formation into the air, which U N T O L D H AV O C B E L O W .
quickly collapsed under its own weight. It formed a massive cavern I R A N A L O N G U N S TA B L E
buttressed by Old World structures that has shielded its inhabitants ever WA L K WA Y S A N D S WA Y I N G
since. Lanis was initially intended to stand as a monument to humanity in C A T WA L K S T O WA R D S M Y
the wake of its estimated extinction. After spending nearly two decades FAT H E R S A I R S H I P A N D
preparing for its demise, the populace saw that fighting for survival was DOVE INTO THE CREW
much more appealing. Pulse was next to gain prominence thanks to ENTRANCE AS WE MADE
its unique wall, inclusive culture, and active recruitment efforts, circa OUR ESCAPE.
484 PR. NathKaartu, established in 702 PR, was arguably the swiftest
developing city-state, but as they say, The sweetest fruit is shortest LAST THING I
lived, and would not stand long. R E M E M B E R S E E I N G WA S
With time, these disarrayed settlements became proper city-states. THE SILHOUETTES OF
They each developed unique laws, commerce, and cultures. Ultimately, OTHER SHIPS, MUCH
each was their societys answer to the question, How do we turn LIKE OUR OWN, RISING
surviving into living? In Pulse, it was conformity and obedience to the INTO THE DARKENING
Mandate. The population was kept in step to the beat of an iron fist, and SKY AS WE LOOKED ON
industry surged. In contrast, Lanisian culture was constructed around H E L P L E S S LY W H I L E
seeking perfection; the most valuable citizens were the most skilled F E N E R Y S S S H AT T E R E D .
in their area of expertise. Residents of Sylvan Hollow revered the Old
World technology that had seen them through the horrors post-Reckoning -ACCOUNT OF THE
studied them fiercely in an effort to maintain them, whereas the holy RECKONING
orders seated in NathKaartu erected a social framework around the UNKNOWN SOURCE
worship of a single deity. Each was successful in their own way, and each
came with various shortfalls.

World of Shattered 3
A small engineering firm constructs the first Finding strength in numbers, humanitys descendants were driven to
dirigible in Lanis. innovate and improve the world around them. As Old World technologies
fell into disrepair, they were forced to substitute or relearn old ways.
In this regard Lanis and Pulse were particularly successful. The former
was the first to reclaim animal husbandry, crop rotation, and many
crucial agricultural skills, while the latter was a trailblazer for systematic
production, design, and manufacturing. Unfortunately, the pair did not
officially interact in any meaningful way for nearly 1500 years despite
1921 PR T H E WA R O F D U E L L A K E
their relatively close proximity. Each society suffered for this in various
Pulse and Lanis interact for the first time as
city-states. aspects, but all suffered greatest in the areas of transportation and
Until 1666 PR, all travel was on foot, dellback, cart, or carriage. Even
with carriages, distance was often limited by the lack of roads beyond city
limits. The rough terrain covering most of Feneryss, when coupled with
the danger of its many roaming predators, prevented much travel. But in
Worship of the god Kaartughal has been
1666, a collection of Lanisian scientists reverse-engineered a dirigible
of the Old World, and successfully launched it. Spurred by success, they
spreading rapidly in the northwestern region. rapidly developed a fleet. With it they patrolled the surrounding area,
An empire is established in his name, and the culling predatory beasts and establishing an area of influence.
city of NathKaartu becomes the capital.


A new discovery spurs the previously sedentary Dells are one of Fenerysss three domesticated
Wretched to venture in search of their true creatures, although the phrase domesticated dell
home buried beneath the ashes. can rarely be said with confidence. They are six- or
eight-legged creatures that grow up to two meters tall
at the shoulder and three meters in length. They are
very easily startled, agitated, and upset, so blinders
are a necessity when using them for any task. The
six-legged dellsit is typically used for a lone rider,
The Tripartite of Rydrict, Advaeja, and Norvet
establishes a logging colony. They name it while the eight-legged dellet is more commonly seen
after the axe that made the first swing. pulling carriages, or laden with goods.


It was on one such patrol that they encountered and killed a host of Pulse
With the passing of Alessia Rydrict, Neroth
descends into constant conflict. fishermen, which led to the War of Duel Lake. While the war itself was
atrocious, the discovery of one another generated an irresistible need for
progress. Masons rediscovered brick and mortar; engineers and arknists
conspired to produce steam and combustion engines; blacksmiths
discovered complex alloys to supply the needs of budding civilizations. It
was a great awakening, each advance a source of inspiration and wonder.
While not everyone was willing to rush into the arms of this industrial
2686 PR TA E K S C R U S A D E revolution, labor was a problem soon overcome as easily as any other.
Struck with the loss of his wife and child, a
Where the promise of safety and secure food sources failed to entice
Marshal of Life makes a call to arms and
volunteers, a slave trade blossomed to fill in the gaps. Those that could
declares war against death.
be subjugated were conscripted as farmers and manual laborers most
often. The most valuable slaves were those cursed with a unique mutation
2688 PR B AT T L E O F D E AT H S D O O R
Taek confronts death itself at the outskirts of
that turned their bodies into literal power plants. To this day, bioreactor
mutants are still used to fuel various machines and vehicles as primary
Hel, and subsequently causes the collapse of
or auxiliary sources.
the Kallogorryn Empire. The Undead Horde is
The fires of industry had been lit. Soon, the first foundries and
strengthened by the banishment of Kaartughal.
production lines were established to meet the demand. Industrial factories
and warehouses belched forth great plumes of smoke as they raced at full
2689 PR HEL
The ruins of NathKaartu become a haven for
speed to supply Feneryans with their every need. Gone were the days of
simply scratching out a life between the planets fits of fury that plagued
outcasts and exiles, especially necromancers.
them. Gone were the days spent toiling in futility on the land only to
They rename it Hel.
have the fruits of their labor snatched away by their miserly homeworld.
Finally, mankind could earn a living and keep it.
An outpost is established at the mouth of the
Snapspine Caverns after the discovery of an THE ARKNIK DRIVE
underground route that drastically shortens As the various settlements discovered, or were discovered, by one
travel to and from Neroth. another, the preeminent struggle of their age was logistics. As previously

4 World of Shattered
mentioned, land travel was arduous and often lethal. So they turned to spread across all those citizens, it was so little as to have almost no effect,
their dirigibles. The worlds violent weather patterns and the issue of and thus went unnoticed.
resupplying quickly proved to be monumental obstructions. To combat The empires growth, and therefore the deitys power, were stymied by
them, cities and towns constructed port towers along common routes. the rapid mechanikal and arknik development of the other city-states,
This, conveniently, also led to the construction of roads. These roads are and was ultimately decimated by Taeks Crusade.
still frequently utilized in modern Feneryss, although maintenance in rural Modern faith in Feneryss is largely dominated by reverence of natures
areas is often lacking. An additional benefit of these roads is that they myriad dualities: fire and water, love and hate, and peace and war are
served as guiding arrows for sailors during their travels. Unfortunately, only a few of a much larger pantheon. Each element is referred to as an
weather continued to be a problem. Sailors were helpless against gales Aspect. Worship usually occurs in a temple. Worshippers most often direct
and ultraviolet lightning. Travel by dirigible was terribly unreliable and their rituals toward an Aspects Avatar. Some Avatars are represented
trade remained weak. Feneryss needed something better. by a symbol or image (e.g. Earths Aspect, Obelisk, is represented by
One thousand and eighty years after the first dirigible took flight, in the a massive stone pillar with an etched eye gazing upward). Others are
year 2746 PR, Feneryss was given the arknik drive (ark-drive for short). embodied by legendary figures. Taek for example, in one of historys
It is a device that supports its own gravitational field while counteracting greatest ironies, is the current Avatar of Death. While some Feneryans
that of the planets, allowing for the illusion of flight. Surprisingly, the fixate on one particular Aspect, most pay their respects to each depending
actual inventor of the ark-drive (which is easily the greatest invention on the circumstance. Airship crews regularly pay tribute to the Air Aspect
since the Reckoning) is unknown. Many scientists and arknists have prior to departure, and many births take place in temples of Life.
attempted to claim it as their own, only to stumble in their own folly when Anyone can raise a temple to their chosen Avatar, or grant themselves
pressed for details. Feneryans now refer to the unknown inventor as the lofty titles, like bishop. However, a select few individuals are
Mad Mechanik, and have developed quite a legend for him. Regardless handpicked by an Avatar to become Marshals. They are clearly marked by
of who first created this indispensable device, it is a priceless contribution an Omen, which is a physical manifestation of an Avatars blessing. For
to the world. It had several important effects: it led to the production of example, the skin of Earth Marshals is rough and cracked and Marshals of
airships, stabilized intercity commerce and communication, and started a Air sprout small, intangible wings. These chosen few are highly regarded
second industrial expansion. by all members of society, regardless of their preferred Aspect. As such,
Airships are faster, sturdier, less volatile, and more versatile than there are many potential roles for a Marshal. Some wander, meting out
dirigibles. The port towers were quickly left to rot and dirigibles were justice as they see fit. Some raise temples and provide guidance to their
made obsolete in a meager half century. Trade, travel, and communication congregation. Many commit themselves to shielding denizens from the
boomed with these new vehicles. Fenerysss scattered cities and towns roving beasts and undead of Feneryss. Others have devoted themselves
could finally interact meaningfully and consistently. Every merchant, to the effort of weeding out fanaticism and extremists who would see the
businessman, and person of wealth desired an airship, and a second flurry balance of the world upset.
of vivacious industry ensued.
As with all great advances, there came the opportunity for abuse. It TA E K A N D T H E B AT T L E AT D E AT H S D O O R
was only a few decades since their inception that the first pirate airship By and large, the faithful are capable of peaceful interaction. For some,
claimed a victim. Weapons became ubiquitous aboard airships; sailors fervor blinds them to rationality. The most infamous example is Marshal
were equipped with sabers and sidearms; great cannons were mounted on Taek, born 2653 AR. Lifes Avatar marked him during his teen years.
the ships themselves. When the military potential of these great vessels In his earlier years he remained quite aloof, finding little interest in his
dawned on the city-states there came a race to develop the most powerful position. He nevertheless served his community well by aiding the ill
airship in the skies. It is a race that persists to this day, and one that Pulse and other charitable deeds. He grew into a model citizen and follower
is likely winning. of his Aspect, until the loss of his wife and son during the latters birth.
He cursed his Avatar and lamented his loss in isolation for several
years. When Taek finally emerged from his self-induced hermitage, he
BL OOD & BEL I EF brought with him a disturbing zealotry. It was so unsettling that that is
congregation exiled him. He departed graciously, and formed his own
cult, founded upon the wisdom hed obtained in solitude. That wisdom
was utterly simple: life is the ultimate good; death is the ultimate evil. To
Faith in Feneryss has seen the rise and fall of many deities. While little spread the greatest amount of good, evil must be eliminated.
to no information on pre-Reckoning beliefs remains, the Alypse faith has Marshal Taek channeled his charisma and unbridled grief to rally
retained most of its rituals in obeisance to Ragnarok. That said, a sizeable believers. Two and a half centuries later, his cult is still the largest
portion of Alypse no longer worship the failed god. recorded multi-Aspect union in Feneryan history. In 2686AR, this unified
In the wake of Reckoning, various minor deities came and went. force of aggrieved Marshals and common folk began wholesale slaughter
Few were able to inspire faith for long. The most successful was easily of Deaths faithful and their allies. Thus began Taeks Crusade, which
Kaartughal. He was strong enough to bind people together in the lasted two turbulent years.
theocratic Kallogorryn Empire, established in 2374 AR. This dark gods Opponents were murdered in their beds, whole settlements were
reign emanated from the city of NathKaartu on the northwestern corner poisoned, and great battles were fought atop the graven wastes of the
of Feneryss. It was built upon the remains of a pre-Reckoning bastion, ashen dead. Wave after wave of his followers clashed with the forces of
and after it was destroyed during the Battle at Deaths Door, the crypt- Death only to die in droves. Taek oversaw every battle, assassination,
like city of Hel sprouted from its ruins to shelter outcasts and exiles. and sabotage, watching his enemies and allies alike fall to dust. He
Crusades to convert or kill all nonbelievers led to a rapid expansion never wavered in his belief that Death itself must eventually succumb
during the empires first five decades. At the height of its power, the to his righteous army. Yet each needless death, each trampled body, each
empire claimed all the lands from the northwestern peninsula to the Glass bloody slaughter seemed to ignite something within Taek, something
Forest to the south, and budding Neroth to the east. dark and uncontrollable.
Kaartughals power stemmed from his followers; they bound their His campaign cut a swathe of terror and destruction stretching from
souls to him, and in exchange were able to perform great miracles and Duel Lake to the seat of the Kallogorryn Empire in what is now known as
feats of arkna. Little did they know this power came from themselves: Hel, with most battles being waged in the Wastelands and Alecian Plains.
each spell cast and every miracle performed drew from their souls. When

World of Shattered 5
The ultimate conflict, The Battle at Deaths Door, was a grueling four-
27 1 7 PR VA M P I R E S S U R F A C E
day affair of blood, steel, and arkne horrors that smothered the outskirts
Vampires arise from their caverns, and make
first contact with the other races. of NathKaartu with corpses. In his armys darkest hour it is said Taek
waded into the crux of the fighting. There was a hateful fire in his eyes,
and Death seemed to flutter in his wake like a malignant cloak. It was a
shadow, cold and corrosive, that dredged corpses out of the muck to assail
27 19 PR VA M P I R E H U N T S
the Marshal. Though he fought valiantly, he eventually succumbed to
After discovering the strength obtained from
feeding, many Vampires go wild. The hunted the relentless numbers pressing in from all directions. Decaying, hungry
races retaliate with the Vampire Hunts. mouths tore at Taek. He let loose his final cry of defiance, cursing every
Vampires disperse in all directions. Covens are god of the old and the new in tongues unknown. He continued to rage and
developed to find security in numbers. curse as this putrid, writhing chrysalis descended into the depths of the
planet. The site of this battle is now known as The Bonefields of Agorra.
27 20 PR VA M P I R E H U N T S C E A S E Taeks quest to rid the world of Death had twisted him, and in his final
Self-regulating covens negotiate an uneasy
moments the Marshal crossed a forbidden mortal threshold. Unable to
peace approximately a year and a half after the
die and unable to live, Taek had ascended to the status of Deaths Avatar.
bloody conflict erupts. Although the Vampire
Hunts are officially called off, animosity
lingers among most of the clean-bloods.
While the zombie hordes were present prior to the Battle at Deaths
Door, the eradication of the Kaartughals followers and his subsequent
disappearance seemed to boost the size of The Undead Tide exponentially.
This unfortunate consequence is commonly referred to as Taeks Curse,
274 6 PR ARKNIK DRIVE although the phrase is may also refer to the Undead Tide itself. The horde
An unknown researcher unveils the Arknik of undead circle the continent following a fairly regular pattern, and
Drive. This spurs rapid development of would become the basis for the unified calendar established by the Treaty
industry and trade between the city-states. of Lokoran nearly 70 years later.


Taeks Crusade was a calamitous reminder to Feneryss of the dangers
of unchecked zealotry. Moreover, it showed them that Marshals were still
2758 PR T H E WA R O F F O O L S
people, susceptible to corruption and flawed behavior. To ensure such
Tensions flare between Pulse and Lanis over
rights to Lokorans water supply. Fearing a thing never happened again, a great number of Marshals gathered to
loss of access, Neroth enters the feud shortly form the Menders Legion. They distinguish themselves from the average
thereafter. Marshal by adhering to the Menders Codex. Practice and study of these
four tenets, the Legion believes, will lead to a balance among the Aspects
2759 PR SHADES and a more stable environment across the continent.
First contact is made with residents of the The Legion quickly acquired popularity among both the faithful
Glass Forest. Tentative trade begins. and nonbelievers in the wake of Taeks Crusade. In the time since its
establishment, membership to the Legion has become a compulsion
2760 PR T H E WA R O F F O O L S E N D S for Marshals that desire a place in Fenerysss upper echelon. Marshals
When Lokoran threatens to detonate explosives
pledged to the Legion can expect greater degrees of respect and influence
at the mouth of the water source, conflict
across Feneryss. Conversely, those who eschew the Legion frequently
abruptly halts. Diplomacy is renewed.
find themselves denied upward social movement, although pockets of
like-minded folks are scattered across the continent.
To join the ranks of the Menders Legion, they must pass a number of
trials under the supervision of a preexisting Mender. The exact number
and requirements of these tests vary from one Aspect to another, and even
A R K N I K ER A between Menders of the same Aspect. There have been drug-induced
spiritual journeys, quests to slay fearsome beasts, duels, and even explicit
orgies. The cost of failure is also fluid. In most cases the aspirant only
needs to make another attempt in the future, but in some rare cases they
The major powers recognize the sovereignty of
Lokoran and establish a uniform calendar and are banned from entry permanently. Some perish in the attempt.
currency. They are signed on the first day of the Successful candidates are cloistered for a period of time, during
new year. This begins the Arknik Era (AE). which they endure rigorous study and mental exercises that focus on
the intricacies of the seemingly straightforward Codex. Approximately
four decades ago, the Menders supplemented this study with Astrums
Chronicle. It contains a collection of adjudications issued by highly
42AE F L O R VA N A revered Marshals throughout her career. Each neophytes time spent in
Sentient fungi emerge from the aquifer beneath
the cloister depends entirely on how quickly they can comprehend and
Lokoran and quickly assimilate into the culture.
debate the Codex. After proving themselves, these new Menders are set
loose on the world to do with their newfound status as they wish Codex
10 0 A E T H E P R E S E N T D AY permitting.
Welcome to Shattered.
It is important to note that while two individuals may worship the same
Aspect, they may not share a common creed. This is because there is no

6 World of Shattered
proven record of an Avatar issuing decrees on proper worship, although presumably endure any challenge they encounter, and provide not only
countless claims exist to the contrary. In light of this, many sects coexist for themselves, but those in need. As such, they are some of the more
peacefully while many others squabble incessantly. Within each Aspect charitable believers in Feneryss. Prayers usually request safe travels,
there is a wealth of diversity in their beliefs. For example, many temples free of earthquakes and roaming beasts. A popular legend among them
of Life preach that all life, regardless of origin, has inherent value, and is that the first marshal of Earth was so powerful that he did not die, but
insist that all must be preserved. Others find that the value of Life varies transformed into a statue of pure obsidian and now resides at the heart
over time, and practice ritual sacrifices to preserve creatures at their of the world. There, he wrestles the great beasts that cause earthquakes.
peak. Cults of Death also exhibit this multiplicity: a few are known to Mistral is the Avatar of Air. Like Taek, she was a mortal marshal that
actively seek the creation of zombies in order to enhance Deaths hold on ascended to the position of Avatar. Air disciples also call her Lady of
Feneryss. Another cult finds that the pinnacle of deaths power is reached the Feather, and the Fifth Wind. Her symbol is a tight spiral surrounded
through longevity: the later one dies, the more powerful the death. by four similar spirals with tails that point toward the four cardinal
As if this wasnt complex enough, there is also the ongoing tension directions. It represents her control over the four winds of Feneryss, with
between Menders and Aspers (a term coined by Menders for Marshals herself embodied by the fifth in the center. Worshipers typically fall into
who refuse the Menders Codex). While The Menders Legion teaches one of two categories. The first group are nomads, going wherever the
its members to actively recruit Aspers, not all heed this request. Many wind takes them. The second group is much more common and abstains
naturally assume that Aspers deny the Codex out of desire for personal from a lifetime of wandering. Instead, they chase the winds for a few
power. This is true for some Aspers, but not all. Interactions between days or weeks, often by airship. Prayers are most common among sailors,
Menders and Aspers are usually strained, but peaceful. However, with most ships possessing their own unique tradition prior to every
violence is not uncommon. The two groups are equally likely to instigate launch. The most popular story of Mistral says that she struck a deal with
a conflict. the Avatar of Earth in order to thwart the undead tide. The latter rent open
a great chasm, and the former summoned a powerful gale to sweep the
horde into that fathomless deep. This cooperation, says the legend, is the
AVATA R S & sole reason Lokoran continues to thrive.
The Avatar of Light is known as Glint, the Spiritual Star, and the
WOR SH I P Unblinking. Worship and representation of this deity is difficult. Most
temples reflect the glare of a bonfire or other powerful light source off a
mirror, or series of mirrors, to track the time of day across a circular disk
known as a lightstone. The beam of light cast by this system orbits the
Although the many aspect faiths are indeed vast, within each are many
edge of the lightstone once per day, and typically starts at the northernmost
common trends. Worshipers tend to share a common thread in matters of
point. Poorer congregations and private devotees make do with a simple
prayer, worship, and teachings. As the predominant form of religion in
blindfold ritual. By temporarily robbing themselves of sight, they renew
Feneryss, these are deeply ingrained in society and local cultures. Nearly
their appreciation of the Spiritual Stars gift, and give thanks. Prayers
all of these cults direct their devotion toward their chosen aspects Avatar.
for long daylight hours, continued sight, and wisdom are most common.
The Avatar of Fire is known as Tongue of Fire, the Undying Ember,
Glints counterpart, the Avatar of Dark, is named the Permeous, the
the Evereater, and the Floating Flame. It is depicted as a floating, four-
Endless Dark, and the Unbidden. Proper worship occurs in a chamber
tongued flame in either carvings or drawings. There is a prominent divide
of permanent blackness. To preserve this, every temple to the Endless
among the Fire-faithful. Half find the true power of fire is its ability to
Dark possesses an antechamber between the sanctuary and the nave. To
create through destruction: to provide warmth, safety, and energy for
desecrate the sanctuary with even a single beam of light is the greatest
themselves. The other half revel only in its destructive force. They
heresy. As the temples preach the fallibility of mankinds faculties, the
anneal themselves in the flames and set the world alight to burn away
devoted pray for protection, guidance, and wisdom.
weakness. Both groups delight in celebrations around great bonfires.
Parishioners of Life call their Avatar the Ancient Child, the Deathless,
Average Feneryans praying to the Floating Flame ask for warm weather
and the Reborn. Its symbol is three looping arcs within a circle, also
and a cozy place to sleep. Those who claim to have witnessed the
known as a triquetra, which represents the interconnectedness of all
Undying Ember say it hovers in the air without any source of fuel, and
living things. Their most popular legend claims that the Ancient Child
burns only the unfaithful.
wanders Feneryss. Its race, age, and other identifying features are never
Members of the Water aspects congregation worship the Squall, also
the same from one day to the next, and blesses others with good health
known as the the Dark Cloud and the Urn of Vitality. Its emblem is three
wherever it goes. To worship, they typically congregate in their temples
consecutive waves that gradually decrease in size and force, hinting at
during a childbirth to aid in the process and collectively pray for the
waters duality: gentle preserver and furious destroyer. The easiest and
newborns wellbeing. Beyond that, the most common practice is charity
thus most common practice is to wash ones hands and face from a basin
to travelers.
of freshwater, which is then re-purified by a Marshal. Some have taken
The last Avatar is also the most infamous. The legend of the Avatar of
this practice into the home and partake at various times. Most frequent
Death, Taek the Usurper, is well known by all Feneryans. He attained
times are first thing in the morning, just before sleep, and prior to meals.
his ascendance at the Battle of Deaths Door, where he slew the former
The most powerful form of worship is prayer while fully submerged in
Avatar, Terminus. Most Feneryans refuse to worship him and instead
freshwater. Common prayers include clear weather and ample, clean
pay homage to the previous Avatar, hoping the power of their devotion
water. Unsurprisingly, many of the Urns faithful believe the Cistern is its
will dethrone Taek. Most of Taeks followers are members of a group
home and immigrate or make pilgrimage to Lokoran.
called Scythes of Taek. Regardless of their allegiance, followers of
The Avatar of Earth is aptly named the Obelisk, the Stone Sentinel, and
Death gather in graveyards or tombs to ensure their closeness to the dead.
the Presence. At the base of an obelisk or, more frequently, a load bearing
Thanks to the concentration of death and the undead, Hel is a particularly
pillar, worshippers inscribe or emboss an eye staring upward. This
powerful place for worshipers. Prayers are often bargains to delay death,
represents the Stone Sentinel as it gazes upon all who walk the world.
or requests for the death of a foe. A death is frequently offered in the form
Followers typically aim to emulate the key features of their Avatar:
of a small or domesticated animal, but more substantial offerings are not
strength, resilience, dependability, and supportiveness. This leads to the
unheard of. Death is followed primarily by necromancers, but soldiers,
stereotype of burly bodybuilders, but it is much more nuanced. Faithful
sailors, and mercenaries are also frequent worshipers. The Gravekeepers
that embody all four traits possess the physical and mental fortitude to
are also renowned followers.

World of Shattered 7
C U LTS & populace. These Reckoning deniers do not believe in lost technology,
nor that there was a civilization that existed before the present era. They
COL L EC T I V ES eye everyone with suspicion. The only people who draw more ire than
the Drones, who are supposedly spies of the unidentified ruling party, are
the Alypse, who purportedly masterminded the entire conspiracy.
Aside from the Aspect cults, a number of other organizations and faith-
based groups exist. Some are vast and highly influential, with tendrils of
Despite magics ubiquity in society, there are some groups who abhor
control spanning across the planet. Of the countless associations, creeds,
magic in all of its forms. This is especially true for the Pure, who are at
and sects, the following are the most prominent in modern Feneryss.
the forefront of this movement. They firmly believe that the manipulation
of arkna is directly responsible for the undead hordes that ravage the
world. Purists accuse primaltheurgists and necromancers of upsetting the
Despite the monumental failure of the Reckoning, there are still
natural order with their meddling. Some Purists go so far as to add psykics
followers of Ragnarok living on Feneryss today. They remain highly
to the list of perpetrators. Their primary orator at the base of this belief is
secretive due to the persecution of the Alypse for their ties to the
a Wretched named Morekt Vanaal. He has been labeled criminally insane
Reckoning, but members come from all races and walks of life. What little
and Lanis has issued a warrant for his arrest in connection to a string of
is known circulates among brothels and back alleys. Stories suggest that
murders. Nevertheless, he is hailed by the Pure as a visionary and a hero.
the leadership of this cult is comprised of fiercely devoted descendants
of the original Alypse, those prior to the Reckoning. Their ultimate goal
is to finish what had originally begun and fully release Ragnarok into the
After the fall of Taek, many of his surviving allies regrouped to form
world A number of sects have been found dead, with each corpse missing
the Scythes. This fanatical sect firmly believes that while Taek ultimately
their eyes. Unfortunately, the purpose of this culling remains a mystery.
became the Avatar of Death, during his crusade he displayed an uncanny
balance of Life and Death. As such, they dedicate themselves to the study
of these twin Aspects. Much of this study involves exploring the power
The Gravekeepers are an enclave of twelve masked necromancers
of the living and the dead from infancy to old age, especially extreme
whove garnered a legendary reputation. An elite vanguard against the
behaviors. This includes orgies, infanticide, physical training, suicide
undead tide, they appear without warning whenever their nemesis poses
pacts, and much more. Children of the Scythes, upon coming of age, are
a dire threat to civilization. The identities of these individuals remain
shown Visions of the Rift via a potent hallucinogenic mushroom stew.
shrouded in mystery, and hundreds of rumors pervade the circles of
This experience lasts several hours, during which they explore the eternal
arkne academia. Though scribes seldom admit to it, the Great Library
dichotomy of Life and Death.
of Lanis does maintain a collection of rumors surrounding this group in
In a sense, Scythes of Taek worship neither Life nor Death, but Taek
effort to sift out any truth.
himself. The leader is called the Redeemer of Taek. This person is well
Their arrival is both a blessing of hope and an ugly reminder of the
versed in manipulating both Aspects and is perceived to be an adequate
endless undead horde. While the Gravekeepers employ all aspects of
vessel for the second coming of Taek. Beneath the Avatar of Taek sit
combat and trickery to outmaneuver the hordes, the most prominent
two democratically voted Marshals: one of Life and one of Death. They
weapons in their arsenal are colossal Stitch constructs. Some of these
serve to balance one another and the Avatar of Taek when important
are said to be as large as the fabled Giants of old. Most scholastic
decisions must be made. If any of the three stray too far from the path
necromancers will provide a powerful refutation of that claim, but
set forth by Taek, the Scythes will call for them to sacrifice themselves,
nevertheless the rumor persists. Despite the hearsay, there is one singular
or be killed. By realizing that one has strayed from the path and giving
thing that everyone knows: they never retreat, never fall in battle, and
oneself up for execution, the Scythes believe that offenders have found
never fail to protect a settlement.
a true path to living with both philosophies and are executed in order to
preserve this melding of ideals within the offender.
The cult believes that upon the Second Coming of Taek, he will be
The Pain Legion is a close-knit secret society whose membership
resurrected within the body of the Redeemer and bequeath his powers of
is entirely comprised of the victims of Annalis Misellus, the Historian
Life and Death upon each and every disciple. Then, Taek and his Scythes
of All Time. To avoid the curse afforded to them through the Sight of
will rid the world of all other impostor cults before reestablishing the
Omens, they regularly partake in rituals of self-mutilation. It can be
balance of Life and Death. Any aggression from the Scythes is typically
said that in some ways, they worship the mythological horror known
aimed at, but not limited to, other cults of Life and Death.
as the Painbearer. Through their masochism, the Pain Legion regain a
semblance of vision in their missing eye or eyes. With every strike of
a whip, they see a flash of reality though a bloodstained lens. The most
The Willing as they call themselves serve as both a first line of defense,
holy of the Pain Legion inflict pain to the point of near death simply to
and a willing food supply for Sarrblot. They protect the interests of the
retain their vision for as long as they can. The one who can withstand
coven against the undead and the bands of scavengers that abound in
pain the longest assumes the rank of Ocularist.
Hel. In exchange for their service, they are permitted to live among the
Despite their singular goals, it is common practice for members of the
ranks of the Sarrblot, albeit as lessers. They do so out of a belief that
Pain Legion to attempt to sabotage their rivals into withstanding less pain
serving their Vampire masters provides the best chance of survival. This
in order to become Ocularist. Pain Legionnaires pray that one day they
subservience has propagated a less polite nickname: Helhounds.
will be skilled enough to prolong their suffering for hours at a time. The
longer a martyrs vision at time of death, the greater the reverence for
their memory.
The Vortem are a widespread order of thieves, assassins, and smugglers
that populate all echelons of society. While originally founded in the
Quarterlock district of Pulse, their greatest numbers thrive in the Spindle
Actively ignored by a good portion of the populace, the Priory of
of Neroth. There is no central leadership controlling the actions of the
Solidii can be found preaching in every major city. They denounce
Vortem as a whole. Instead there is only a web of power brokers, each
the Reckoning as a farce orchestrated by the city-states to control the
manipulating information via vast networks of contacts. Every interaction

8 World of Shattered
is a transaction, although the currency varies from cold hard notes to DREYRI OF LOKORAN
less quantifiable services and favors. For many Feneryans, however, the Dreyri, which is arguably the largest and most influential Coven is
Vortem are little more than folklore made up to scare children and explain established in Lokoran. Their members span the majority of the Alecian
the ugliness of the world. Plains, and reach west to the pits of the Maw edging the Glass Forest,
and east to the volcano, Demons Jag. Their influence stems from two
factors. The first is the Covens effort to ingratiate itself with the rest of
VA M PI R E COV ENS society by outlawing cannibalism and other undesirable behaviors among
its members. The second is the volume and strength of its member base,
which is in turn fueled by the law of indentured feeding. The Dreyri
Coven has become a socioeconomic powerhouse thanks to this law.
Covens are groups of Vampires bound by a set of shared beliefs. They
Businesses operated by the Coven require clean-blooded debtors to
were initially created to protect and provide for their members in the wake
become blood slaves, or bloodbags, whose sole purpose is to provide a
of the Vampire Hunts. Modern Covens have since become sociopolitical
dependable source of blood to a Dreyri Vampire. A regularly fed Vampire
engines that often hold significant sway wherever they call home.
is a strong Vampire, and the promise of constant blood has lured a large
Every Vampire must choose a Coven. There are several well-
number into the fold. Their reputation is overwhelmingly positive,
established covens across Feneryss, which are detailed below. Within
although a healthy portion of Feneryss considers them merely the lesser
each, you will find a brief description of their core tenets, common traits
evil among Covens. Critics call their practices, legalized cannibalism.
among their members, and a list of Pros and Cons that members can
expect to encounter. Players should not feel forced to play precisely as PROS
the covens are described. There are outliers in every social group, but Dreyri is in a unique position economically by housing itself in
their character should have personal beliefs and/or a personality that is Lokoran. It has entirely embraced the free trade concept thus allowing
consistent with the covens core tenets. This is something that the player its members to more easily acquire loans, knowledge, and assorted
and GM should keep in mind when social scenarios occur. As always, goods, both legitimate or otherwise, while within their reach.
GM has the final say on whether or not players are in a position to benefit CONS
or suffer from their choice of coven. Most Vampires view Dreyri as greedy but not always underhanded.
While reading the Shattered Core Rulebook, you will undoubtedly Those who do not belong to Dreyri may attempt to charge extra for
encounter covens that are not listed here. Those covens were intentionally goods and information knowing how rich the Coven is.
excluded from this list, as player characters were not intended to be
members. Finally, this list is far from exhaustive. There are countless H VA R G I O F T H E U N T A R N I S H E D S T E P P E S
smaller covens trying to establish themselves throughout Feneryss that The HVargi Coven makes its home beneath the surface of the
go unmentioned. We encourage players and GMs to weave their own Untarnished Steppe. Unlike their urban colleagues, the HVarga Vampires
covens into the rich tapestry of Feneryss. abstain from meddling with the nearby town of Gammetra, unless the
settlement is in need of defense. HVarga abhor unnecessary violence,
ALDINN OF THE ASHLANDS but they will not hesitate to defend themselves or aid a friend in need.
The Aldinn Coven occupies the subterranean Solus Refuge, which is These Vampires sustain themselves with a meager crop, animal blood,
located near the heart of the Ashlands The convenience of its position and and a few willing blood donors.
their open door policy make it a common rest stop for smaller airships This hermetic Coven is widely respected, and its members enjoy
and caravans. The Coven shares close political and social ties with the a certain infamy abroad thanks to their enormous library of secret
Lokoran-based Dreyri, but with two significant differences. The first is its knowledge. When Hvarga are not tending to their livelihood, they pursue
reputation as something of a socialist paradise. Their charity is unrivaled knowledge with an iconic fervor. Like the Dreyri, the HVargi Coven
by the rest of Feneryss, and is offered to everyone regardless of race. cannot abide intentional crime in any form; infractions that threaten the
They harbor and nurture anyone that comes to their door. That said, abuse life or reputation of its members are regularly met with death or exile.
of their generosity is always met with brutal consequences, and proven HVarga typically depart the Untarnished Steppes to gather new
criminals are always expelled. The second key difference is their use of sources of information to add to the library, some travel to collect the
volunteers for feeding as opposed to the used of indentured slaves. knowledge that comes from worldly experience, and others travel to
Also unique to Aldinn is their lack of a governing body. Certain share knowledge they have gained. In any case, members of this Coven
individuals may occasionally become a public representative on the prefer peace over violence, and refrain from involving themselves in the
Covens behalf, but their is no council or designated leadership. This affairs of others. Nevertheless, all have some degree of training in self-
means everyone is given a chance to voice their opinion when important defense, if only as a means of exercise.
matters need to be resolved.
Adventuring Aldinnians are often pacifists, or reserve violence as the PROS
last resort. In the latter case, violence is typically enacted as a means Members of HVargi have access to a vast wealth of ancient and
to defend the weak and needy. They are often noteless wanderers who secret lore through their fellow HVarga and the underground archives.
would gladly give you the shirt of their back with a smile. When travelling they are usually afforded a respectful distance, even
by criminal elements.
Aldinnians find that acquiring aid from friendly covens is significantly CONS
easier, and other Coven members will give food and lodging anywhere Penance for breaking the tenets of HVargi is always dire. Exile
you may find them. In addition, any equipment you may need is free and execution are the most common. This includes getting involved in
from Aldinnians, assuming they are able to part with it. politics, criminal behavior, and other partisan activities.


Members found feeding on unwilling subjects are exiled. This rule The Vampire Hunts of 2718AR, nearly 150 years after Neroths
tends to make non-Vampires more amicable to Aldinnians, but the founding, forced a mass exodus from the major city-states. Many fled
other less sympathetic Covens (Sarrblot, Skryst, and Stillyr) tend to to Neroth, hoping to disappear within the young and turbulent city
dismiss their ilk. among giants. While they were met with venomous resistance, the lack

World of Shattered 9
of any real structure allowed them to establish the Margyr Coven, which where they play puppet master to the weaker Stillyr Coven. In some cases
conveniently translates to the many. Racial tension bound them tightly this is manipulation, while in others it is a mutual agreement. It is often
together, but as that tension wilted, so did the Covens resolve. Cracks difficult to tell which is which thanks to the fact that within Skryst there
began to appear within its second year as the citys politics began to are two houses: House Lightborn and the House of Ror. Their separation
divide its members. Expatriates of Hels anarchy yearned to reclaim their stems from a disagreement on the nature of their idol: Anthasius. She was
former independence, while others diverged on the topic of which lodges a Draculesti Ascendant, and in her prime she was revered like a goddess.
could provide superior partnerships. The Covens erosion perfectly Her power was rumored to rival even that of the infamous Ascendant,
mirrored the citys own collapse in the wake of its founders deaths. Scorn. House Lightborn argues that she achieved her power despite
Margyr became many, much smaller, warring factions. refusing to feed on the weak; the House of Ror contends that the only
Sewing even more confusion, many groups chose to keep the name way she could have attained such greatness was by feeding on anyone
Margyr, while others converted to their party name, or devised an unique weaker than her. Contradicting histories feed both houses.
name for themselves. Regardless, everyone else simply refers to all In practice, the Lightborn are more akin to their Aldinnian counterparts,
Neroth-based covens as Margyr. denying themselves their baser desires. For this reason they are frequently
In modern Neroth, Margyr factions are often little more than racially- held aloft as paragons of Vampirekind. They operate charities, hospitals,
oriented gangs, though a scant few maintain a foothold in the political and and other services to the less fortunate. These ventures are financed
financial scenes. As with all other Nerothi entities, they are in constant by legitimate businesses with the ultimate goal of providing a superior
flux. Their influence waxes and wanes over time. Most are eventually standard of living for all Lanisians. They have largely succeeded.
wiped out or collapse from within, only to replaced by others. However, they do have something of a dark side. Their beliefs suggest
Its impossible to define any common tenets or practices due to the that anyone succumbing to their urge to feed cannot be a descendant of
Margyrs fractious condition, but it is safe to say that every imaginable Anthasius, the First Lightborn. As such, they frequently organize raids
ethos is represented. If it isnt, creating an ideal coven is as simple as and ambushes against their rival house, and members caught feeding are
recruiting a few friends and saying so. Similarly, public opinion varies typically executed.
wildly. Some Margyr fiercely defend their turf and its inhabitants and are House of Ror stands in stark contrast. Theyre reviled as a decadent
thus positively regarded by their constituents. Others prey on the weak, congregation of self-assuming royalty. They and their followers
and are targets of the citys collective scorn. participate in any and all of their hedonistic debauchery with reckless
PROS abandon. Feasts, orgies, drugs, blood baths, and slave fights are only a
While obtaining help from other members of Margyr is more few of their more popular proclivities. Most of Laniss budding dim
difficult than is the case with most other covens, members of this coven district is administered by members of Ror, and theyve even seeded
still find it easier to strike deals and gather information within Neroths some whorehouses and gambling dens in Pulse. This hedonism is a
chaotic climes. warped interpretation of Rors founding belief that true strength is born
through self-satisfaction. There exists no greater power than that which
CONS fulfills all desires.
Margyr has little to no reputation with other Covens meaning outside Yet darker rumors abound of a hidden cabal that knows the true history
help is nigh nonexistent, and the constant war for control of the city of Anthasius and plays both houses against each other to preoccupy them.
means showing your colors will often get you attacked. These whispered tales also suggest that this shadow council pulling
the strings has a much grander scheme that includes all of Feneryss.
SARRBLOT OF HEL Any investigations, the believers claim, are evaded with scapegoats or
Sarrblot makes its home in the Grave City of Hel. While those in it like silenced entirely.
to believe they rule their ruins with an iron fist, theyre keen to disappear
when the undead, Hel Knights, or Dreadlord Valkaerus pass through. PROS
They are fierce supporters of Hels anarchy, and yet rarely quarrel among Vampires of Skryst find political dirt more readily available to them
themselves. Conflict within Sarrblot usually develops from a lack of feed no matter where they are in the world. The Coven has fingers in every
sources. The Vampires of Sarrblot treat the other races of the ruined city political pie, no matter the size. Due to this political prowess, they are
like cattle. Those who cannot defend themselves are frequently enslaved able to purchase all personal equipment at a reduced cost from most
as bloodbags. As previously stated, they are adamant anarchists and vendors.
attempts by others to organize are regularly stamped out by Sarrblots CONS
members. The price of anarchys freedom is the absurdly high crime rate Due to the fractured nature of the coven and the brutality it exerts onto
and low rate of punishment. its own members, only Sarrblot as a whole will willingly do business
PROS with Skryst. The other covens will do business but at an increased
Those from Sarrblot have access to the knowledge of the majority price. This is, of course, assuming they havent been persuaded by
of anarchist, terrorist, and other violent movements in their current Skryst to be more friendly.
area by contacting members in Sarrblot. Skryst are more than happy
to provide armaments and political knowledge to Sarrblot at a reduced S T I L LY R O F P U L S E
price assuming it does not interfere with Skryst plans. Stillyr is encircles Pulse in the Downtrod despite numerous attempts
to establish footholds in Pulse proper. Unlike other renowned covens,
CONS Stillyr is poor and small in number. The bulk of its brood lurk near their
Excluding Skryst, the Covens are wary of Sarrblot due to their brothels and dull dens, where the dice roll wildly and the drugs flow
anarchist tendencies and proximity to powderkeg situations. All freely. These endeavors keep Downtrod secure within Stillyrs vicegrip
vampires who are not Skryst are distrustful of the Vampires of Sarrblot despite their size.
and may refuse to do business or even acknowledge them. At the head of the coven is Anatoly, an elder Vampire, though
considerably virile for his age. He spends the majority of his time
SKRYST OF LANIS traveling from brothel to brothel collecting revenue and working deals
Skryst stands in counterpoint to the Dreyri Coven, wielding massive with militias and Pulse patrols. Perpetually absent, but never distant, is
political clout, and burgeoning economic might. They hold the strings on Anatolys brother, Bogdan, who works from the shadows as the covens
a great number of powerful Lanisian dynasties, and reach as far as Pulse, primary enforcer and assassin. He, and the select few he handpicks from

10 World of Shattered
the ranks, compensate for the covens small numbers and poverty with a and launching a second ground assault.
lethality unrivaled in Downtrod. Split between two separate intrusions, each of which were desperate
While their business of choice may seem lucrative, Stillyr owes a great battles to protect the inner city, the Pulse military struggled to hold the
deal of money to Skryst for reasons Anatoly has never disclosed. It is a line. Lanis on the other hand was swelling with pride at the result of two
swiftly climbing debt that Anatoly would very much like to be rid of. To successful attacks. It would be a long battle to the heart of Pulse, but the
this end, he has allotted certain benefits to an information broker by the commanders of the Lanisian military expected victory. After their initial
name of Vsevolod. In exchange for these small services, she provides gains, however, their effort stalled out for two long months.
Anatoly with small morsels of information about the inner workings of Hubris was Laniss undoing. Despite warnings of the undead tide
Skryst, although said information has culminated in minimal gains. This approaching, military leadership ordered their soldiers to press the
is perhaps the only issue on which the Skryst Brothers disagree. advantage. When the undead tide arrived, Lanisian fighters were pinned
PROS between the swarming undead and the staunch Pulse military: the
Members of Stillyr never go without food or shelter while in hammer and the anvil. Cut off from the supply lines, the attackers were
Downtrod or the world as a whole. They are a scrappy Coven that quickly slaughtered. Pulse retook the wall and shored up the gaps before
knows how to survive even in the harshest of environments. Once per any undead could stage their own invasion. There are stories of soldiers
day members of Stillyr may reroll Survival or Stabilization checks and outside, pleading for sanctuary or offering their allegiance in exchange
take the higher result. In addition, some Vampires may take pity on for rescue. All pleas fell on numbed ears.
Stillyr and give discounts or food scraps. With Pulse nearly destroyed and Lanis lacking an army, the war came
to an unofficial stalemate and has never seen true resolution since. The
CONS tensions between the two cities remain to this day, fuel ready for fresh
Being the poorest city Coven comes with its drawbacks. Those in sparks of conflict. It is well understood that if war ever revisits Feneryss,
Stillyr are often ignored as vagrants or considered too destitute to do
business with. Also, members of Skryst will often bully and attack
Stillyr members on sight.
WA R OF DU EL L A K E Pulse and Lanis will duel once more.
Administered by Warden Ralm Kalev, the people of Lokoran lived in
relative peace and comfort. As some loreweavers would say, fate had
The War of Duel Lake was a turning point in the history of Feneryss. other plans for the small settlement. The pure water aquifer was a source
It was the first time two independent societies were strong and secure of great jealousy and anxiety for the other city-states, each of whom was
enough to commit resources to war. Fear and misunderstanding were intent on securing access. The tension was especially obvious in Pulse
the primary drivers with each side believing the other intended to utterly and Lanis, who have been amassing their militaries since their mutual
destroy them. stalemate over 800 years ago.
It began in 1921 AR, approximately 250 years after Lanis had It began pleasantly enough, with Pulse and Lanis both trying to ply
constructed its first dirigible. Without warning, a Lanisian airship historical leverage over Ralm Kalev. The administrators history was a
pulverized a small fleet of Pulses fishing trawlers. The reasoning behind unique one. Ralm was born in the Arknus district of Lanis to a small
the first attack has been lost to history, but there are two prevailing forgehouse, which established him by blood as a citizen of Lanis, but he
arguments: the first says the Lanisians mistook the ships for waterborne spent his early adulthood as a low-ranking officer of the Pulse military
monsters; the second suggests that the Lanisians assumed the Pulse after being naturalized. Each city-state felt their claim gave them rights
citizens were members of a lesser hamlet and were asserting a territorial to the water. Tensions rapidly escalated as Ralm repeatedly refused any
claim to the waters. agreements with either city-state. Diplomatic visits soon became excuses
Rumors of flying boats that rained fire upon the fishermen and inaction for military posturing.
of the city leaders, the Iron Ring, sowed the seeds of unrest. A young Who fired the first volley is mired in so much controversy as to be
military commander named Brecht seized this moment of chaos to not moot. The only certain thing is that early in 2758 PR, Pulse and Lanis
only oust the Iron Ring, but restore order and neutralize the citizens came to blows once more. Skirmishes broke out mere miles from the
panic. Having stabilized the city, Brecht launched a campaign to build gates of Lokoran. The city found itself effectively blockaded from trade
the Pulse military all while seeking out the unknown attackers. with its southern trade partners. Without many of these critical supplies,
Lanis was on the brink of a similar civil war when the Pulse ships Ralm was forced to make expensive deals with the Lodges of Neroth,
were encountered on the lake. The leaders of the various factions saw nearly bankrupting the city.
an opportunity to turn this event in their favor. They manipulated public It wasnt long before Neroth also made itself known in the vicinity
media to convince the people that a new band of raiders, larger than any of Lokoran. Its forces abstained from most engagements, content with
theyd ever known, had set its sights on their home. By the time any picking off stragglers and looting the wreckage of the greater armadas.
contrary information got out, anger toward Pulse was sufficient enough After two and a half years of feuding, Ralms people were on the brink
to override any concerns about the truth. Any diplomacy attempted by of being extinguished. In a final act of desperation, he ordered saboteurs
either side was a farce, used to stoke the fires of war by framing the other to line the mouth of the aquifer with powerful explosives. He then issued
city-state as a villain for their citizens. a simple ultimatum to Pulse and Lanis: immediately cease all hostility
The ultimate battle began in early Lentem (the month of Innehlven on and pay reparations to the citizens of Lokoran, or nobody gets the Cistern.
the standardized calendar) when a number of Lanisian airships, loaded Pulse and Lanis scoffed at the threats. The Warden detonated a single
with explosives, dive-bombed Pulses wall. The explosion blew a hole explosive towards the back of the aquifer, forcing Pulse and Lanis to
in the wall so large that the scars of the damage can still be seen to this take the threat seriously. He requested a ceasefire and reopening of
day near the great walls southern gate. Lanis sent a large detachment diplomacy, to which the warring states agreed. Saboteurs, disguised as
of troops to march on the opening, pillaging much of Downtrod in the city representatives, met with the diplomats. The ultimatum was issued
process. As Pulse reacted to defend the vulnerability, a second force once more and was flatly rejected once more. The saboteurs detonated
struck the north side of the city, creating another wound in Pulses wall explosives that they had hidden beneath their clothes, killing everyone

World of Shattered 11
present at the meeting.
T H E C IS T ER N With a heavy heart, Ralm issued the ultimatum one last time. He
ACCOR DS also promised much more death if his offer was refused. Reluctantly,
they agreed. A second round of diplomacy occurred. The War of Fools
W E T H E S E V E N N AT I O N S O F officially ended with the signing of the Cistern Accords, which are
FENERYSS, REPRESENTED also called The Treaty of Fools. In addition to resolving the issue of
B Y T H E T H R E E S TAT E S claims to the Cistern, it established new trade regulations, a standardized
OF PULSE, LANIS, AND currency, and a uniform calendar.
L O K O R A N , H AV E C O M E

M A I N TA I N E M B A S S I E S ,

P U R P O S E , T H I S T R E AT Y

R E Q U I R E D C U R R E N C Y.

12 World of Shattered
H UM A NS Despite their natural tendency towards prejudice and racism, Humans
possess great capacity for radical thought and change. A movement
They may look weak, my son, but there are some things you should recently has taken root, primarily in urban centers, which hinges on
know about Humans: they are not bound together by honour; they equality of all races. This topic in particular has been quite polarizing
lack strength; and they possess an unparalleled greed for gold... But and has spurred riots and even violent uprisings in many cities across
there is one thing, one single thing, son, that those stupid mammalian Feneryss.
parasites keep for themselves: an incredible, immutable fraternity. Humans are a heavily social, celebratory species; observing milestones
And thats what makes them so dangerous. and historical events through revelry holds great value. One of the most
-An ancient Alypse to his youngest disciple important Human celebrations is a childs passage into adulthood. This
event, called a Wend, is typically observed when a child nears 16 years of
Humans are the predecessors of each race that exists today, save for age and involves several days of feasting.
the Florvana. After surviving the Reckoning, and subsequently giving Once a child has reached adulthood, theyre expected to find their own
birth to the new races, much of Humanity champions itself as a kind of personal way of contributing to Humanity, to leave their mark. This
savior. It can commonly be heard by radical pro-Human preachers that expectation is purposefully open-ended, allowing individuals to pursue
mankind is a favored child of the elements. A vast majority of Humans any number of enterprises. Unlike some of the other races, marriage is
view all other races as subordinate, and have subsequently given them not among these noble endeavors.While monogamy is a common social
their common names in addition to a broader appellation: The Lesser practice, in order to maintain the strength of the species Humans are
Ones. As such, many Humans deal with the other races with a sense of encouraged to keep a diverse selection of partners.
condescension and pity. Humans frequently view death with a sense of optimistic melancholy,
always wishing for more time to accomplish or achieve greatness while
also looking back on successful lives with a sense of pride. Due to
many of the afflictions that Humans endure in their later years, a typical
funeral is a joyous event, celebrating the end of suffering. Death rituals
vary greatly across Feneryss, however cremation is preferred by an
overwhelming majority. Much of Humanity does not give credence to
the resurrection of the dead as Rekindled and often consider them to be
unique and unrelated individuals.
If there is any one advantage that Humanity truly has over the other
races of the world, it is their belief that a single individual can change the
course of the world. They become relentless and even reckless while in
pursuit of an objective. This emotional state makes them irrational and at
times, violent; but it is this very quality that has made mankind the largest
and most influential race in the world.

Shaped from my bone,
Born of my blood,
You walk to meet the sky.
Name in the leaves,
New branch outstretched,
You have taken up the mantle.
-Unnamed, Alypse Rite of Passage

The Alypse were once a death cult of formidable size, its members
having spread to every corner of Feneryss. In truth, while spread out
across the face of the planet like a ravenous pestilence, their numbers
were significant enough to form an independent nation. They were
indoctrinated with the belief that they could bring about their ultimate
salvation by committing a mass ritual suicide.
Despite the botched attempt, Ragnaroks will and force of being left
a lasting impression. His worshippers were permanently transformed,
molded in his own image, and their minds snapped beneath the weight of
his colossal consciousness. Both malady and madness persist to this day.
Modern Alypse cultural writings speak of this madness as a birthright.
The Alypse are a people that place high value on lineage, called a
Pedigrist. This plays heavily into much of their social structure and is

World of Shattered 13
determined by tracing maternal lines back to the Reckoning. These lines DRON ES
are referred to by their ordinal number (first, second, third, etc.) and are
a common tattoo for many Alypse. Individuals with lower Pedigrists Gods beings of nigh impossible power exist. It is only rational
typically find themselves groomed for leadership, with each subsequent then that we pursue our own ascension. To that aim we must overcome
line falling into lesser positioning. In spite of this social hierarchy, all our frailties. We must be rid of these weak shells to ensure survival
Alypse are brought up and openly encouraged to test the words of their to guarantee dominance.
superiors with the intention of separating truth from madness. This banter -Fulton Langley, the First Convert
between the Alypse has created a meticulous political system where the
balance of power can change in a heartbeat. Long before the Reckoning, mankind achieved great technological
One of the few parts of Alypse culture not influenced by the Pedigrist progress and in doing so dethroned gods. Built upon the ruins of these
is procreation, which is almost the sole responsibility of Alypse women. fallen pantheons was an altar consecrated by science to worship mans
From early childhood they are taught by their elders how to recognize transcendence of himself. On the cutting edge of this upheaval was
the precursors of madness. This knowledge is passed on in the hope that the Transhumanist Union, which strove with every advancement to
she will seek out mentally stable males that can pass on said stability eliminate the line between man and machine. Their ultimate end was
to their offspring. As such the concept of marriage that is sometimes seen to extricate their fellow men and women from the restraints of flawed
in other races does not exist among the Alypse. Instead the Alypse form biology, leaving them free to chart their own course.
contracts with one another called Hemopacts which usually dictate a The members of the Union worked tirelessly to pioneer new avenues
number of offspring to be born before the contract is fulfilled. The ritual of self-modification, replacing the need for blood, food, and air until all
surrounding a Hemopact typically requires the individuals involved to be that remained of their Humanity was neuron and synapse. At the apex
bled, then anointed with a mixture of the blood. of their influence, the Union stored the sum of its collected knowledge
Interacting with the rest of the world is a constant struggle at best. and resources in a vast manufactory, the Transept. The culmination of
Numerous legends speak of the Alypses involvement in the Reckoning, their efforts was the Manumitter: A series of automatons, much like an
which has lead to discrimination on a massive scale. Known Alypse are assembly line, for the sole purpose of freeing men and women from the
often hunted down and beaten or murdered, with little response from bonds of their flesh to join the ranks of the immortal and ever-changing.
the authorities. To mitigate this, age old rituals are performed at birth When the Reckoning came, many sought refuge within the Transept,
to imbue the child with the shadows of Ragnaroks power. These rituals the faithful flocking to their temple and praying for their gods superbly
create what is known as a Flesh Mask, which is a Psykic ability that engineered protection. Their faith was well founded: its foundation
allows the Alypse to disguise themselves as Humans. Children are kept endured devastating earthquakes and its walls shielded them from the
hidden, isolated from the outside world until they can properly form their unbearable heat of volcanic eruptions. That is not to say the Union or
Flesh Mask. In the upper echelons of society, this can be easily explained its members survived unscathed. Many perished in the tumult caused
away via a suspicious illness or teaching the child with private tutors. by the Reckoning and their loss was honored with gratitude: the stores
However, in the lower parts of society, it is much more difficult to hide an would not have sustained all of them. The surviving members shored up
Alypse child. Between crowded housing and extra mouths to feed, many the structure then closed themselves in for the long winter to come. The
Alypse refrain from reproducing within cities, instead travelling abroad silver lining to this apocalypse was the sudden isolation that permitted
to have a child in secret, only to return to society when the child is old the transhumanists to delve deeper into their studies and prepared for the
enough. Those few children who cannot or will not use a Flesh Mask are inevitable day when they would reenter the world.
often killed or exiled in order to keep up the Human faade. An unfortunate side-effect of this fastidious focus was the loss of
Children are hidden from public view until they display proficiency an unimaginably vast wealth of knowledge: histories, cultures, and
with the Flesh Mask. They begin daily training and testing with their even irrelevant technologies were quickly lost to time and a haughty
parents and elders at around nine years old, and will continue until their disregard for the world prior to transcendence.
skills are considered satisfactory. Once a child has mastered the use of Humans gave them their label, Drones, due to their robotic, seemingly
the Flesh Mask they are considered adults, and are sent away from their apathetic demeanor. Drones find the noise of larger crowds and machinery
home with naught but a few meager belongings and their Pedigrist to comforting and prefer the claustrophobic corridors of cities to the open
establish their own independence. Alypse who have made it to this point air of smaller settlements. They are welcome in many cities due to their
in their lives are often said to have, taken up the mantle, referring to the technical acumen, but are often kept at a distance because they tend to be
impending insanity imposed upon all Alypse by Ragnarok. Any who fail imperceptive of social cues.
to master the use of the Flesh Mask eventually find themselves ejected Drones of today are split into two primary concerns: those that wish
from their homes and are effectively shorn from their mothers lineage. to study the designs and motivations of the rest of Humanity and those
In these cases, many commit suicide in their shame, but a slim minority that seek to further their own advancements through iteration without
dare to brave the outside world alone and exposed. outside influence. The former, lovingly called Reverts, have come to see
Over many generations, the Alypse have embraced their curse with so Humanity as a complex biological machine that should be studied. The
much gusto that their culture is built upon it. The perpetual debate among latter are called Augments and hold to the old tenets of the TransHumanist
the Alypse forge brilliant liars and even better politicians. They are a movement, seeing biology as an obsolete form of evolution on a fast
people as fractured as the planet they inhabit, but this has also become track to irrelevance.
their greatest advantage. Regardless of ideology, Drones have gained a collective infamy for
the habit of purchasing slaves or rescuing the injured or dying. The
intent however, is anything other than charitable and usually results
with the bought or rescued being turned into either Drones themselves,
or dissected for study. This behavior is so pervasive that Drones are
typically the first suspects if a person goes missing. Additionally, Drones
have been known to experiment with bio-mechanical reproduction, either
asexually, sexually, or synthetically. Drone offspring are unlike children
of other races in that they lack any emotional connection to their parents,
although their intellect is limited until properly pruned and enhanced by

14 World of Shattered
with peaceful and friendly beings, most witnesses could only muster
a stunned silence. Establishing themselves as dependable and dutiful
denizens was a relatively easy affair, after which they studied the lay of
the land. While Lokoran was indeed lush with flora, and even the Alecian
Plains were fruitful, the image beyond left them horror-struck. Thus
many swore a crusade to restore the planet to its former glory, cultivating
crops, and aiding the infirm.
Each Florvana is a cluster of sentient fungal colonies, the collective
efforts of which comprise a type of hivemind. Somewhere within their
form is the Heart, which is the home of their memory. It is shielded by a
thicker compound called ironbark, and is capable of growing a new body
should it ever be separated from its original colony.
The forms a Florvana colony may take are as varied as the other
Feneryans; in fact, Florvana actively attempt to mimic the other races
during development. Some strive to emulate every feature verbatim,
substituting eyes with mushroom caps or growing thick moss and lichen
to replicate facial hair. Others are more minimalist, imitating their shape,
but lacking the particulars. Due to the difficulty of directing specific
growth within the colony, all Florvana tend to have irregular proportions
or exaggerated physical features, sometimes comically so. Unlike the
other races, Florvana are a sterile race and cannot reproduce. The only
known location from which Florvana appear is deep within the aquifer
beneath the city of Lokoran. How they come into existence is still a
mystery and is a closely guarded secret of the Florvana.
Combat is something most Florvana strive to avoid. They would
much rather heal than harm, but they wont shy away from defending
the defenseless (extending to local flora and fauna) or fighting for a just
cause. As part of their goal to rejuvenate the world they work tirelessly to
foster new growth and maintain what precious little already exists.
While the majority of Florvana hold to the idea that all life is precious,
a pervasive question has sprouted among many of the cultures around
Feneryss: Is humanity one more part of the natural world that is worth
protecting, or are they elements of destruction and should thus be
destroyed themselves? Most Florvana find themselves in between each
potential extreme.
The Florvanas love of life and experience lead many to be medics,
Marshals, and explorers. The stereotypical Florvana is a wanderer,
sowing seeds, helping the needy, and pursuing the good things in life.
their parents. Offspring are considered mature when they are able to But others have, to turn a phrase, taken root in cities and towns to help
modify themselves without assistance. others via professions that provide a service merchants, trappers, and
Of each of the races of Feneryss, history might consider the Drones mediators, to name a few popular options. They abhor craftsmen and
to be the only true survivors of the Reckoning. They did not suffer others that work wood and steel and accuse them of destroying and
helplessly at the hands of arbitrary mutation, but took on only traits they mutilating Feneryss.
found favorable. This selective adaptation may perhaps be their greatest Their sensitivity to the state of their world has led Florvana to despise
strength, and it stands to reason that it is why they exist to this day. the Drones for their artificial forms. Contrarily, they generally hold the
Indeed some whisper that there may come a day when all that remains of Shade in higher esteem for their simple lifestyle, living quietly off the
Humanity is twisted flesh and metal. land a few distasteful tools are easily ignored. Rekindled have found a
special place and plenty of pity in their ironbark hearts. It is easy to find
Florvana going out of their way to help a Rekindled find peace and come
FL ORVA N A to terms with their second life. They are also eager to aid the Vampires,
When I regained consciousness, I found my thigh had been expertly but lacking blood makes them poor donors for the fanged folk.
bandaged by a three-fingered stranger whose face hid beneath a wide- The other races are met with mixed feelings: on one hand, their
brimmed hat. It was only after she lifted her face to meet mine that I ancestors destroyed the world, and the descendants are doing surprisingly
realized it was no hat: she was Florvana and it her mushroom cap, little to rectify the situation. On the other hand, it is a commonly held
styled after a wanderers wide-brimmed headpiece. With a wooden belief that the magic of the Reckoning is what fueled their rapid
smile she rose to her feet and helped me to mine. After politely ascendancy to sentience and that they therefore should be grateful. Many
declining my profuse offers to repay her, she went on her silent way to Florvana take this as a sign of providence, that they were meant to exist
save the next poor soul. on Feneryss here and now to propagate its renewal.
-Excerpt From Tales of Lady Greenseed.

Roughly 50 years after the discovery of the Shade, deep within the
vast freshwater caverns beneath Lokoran, sentient life spawned from
fungal spore colonies. When they emerged, many of Lokorans citizens
panicked, thinking monsters had infested the city. When they were met

World of Shattered 15
My sons, dont you ever regret my death. There is no regret for When Dragon howls,
something that will never really happen. Since the murder of your from Glass we fall,
beloved mother, my life was nothing more than rain on a cold stone. spears of death, lights of steel,
Could you tell me the color of rain, my children? Mine is the colour slayers many, warriors all.
of hate. And hate will bring me back. You will not recognize me, other -Shade Hunting Song, Conversion by Bardic Nemzul
than my face. But I will return to avenge your mother. Dont you ever
regret my death, because death will never catch me. The colour of my The Shade are a mute, tribal people who have made their home in
rain is red. I will ever love you. the Glass Forest. For the past several hundred years, they have made
Your Father. their living luring Dragons into the forest, trapping them with nets and
-Letter dropped by a traveling Rekindled harpoons, then impaling them upon the obsidian spikes that earned
the land its name. Those Dragons served as food and a source of raw
There is power in the will of man, a largely untapped power at that. materials for tools, shelter, and clothing. While every Shade is taught
There are a few, however, that manage to manipulate this force upon how to lure and kill Dragons, women are usually the hunters and men
their dying breath. Often they find themselves holding onto a final wish are often craftsmen and builders. Some might even say they were too
or purpose so overwhelming that they cannot relinquish their mortal successful. Dragon sightings and encounters have plummeted drastically
coil. These individuals, through force of pure will, create new bodies in in recent decades to the point where many sedentary folk believe they
which to inhabit. Beings that have achieved this state are referred to as exist purely in the realm of legend. But the Shade know those leviathans
Rekindled. still lurk in the murky skies, and airship captains still grow anxious in
Each Rekindled suffers from a permanent state of amnesia, remembering proximity of the Glass Forest and Dragonskeep.
nothing of their former lives or what it was that brought them back from Since their discovery, rumors of the Shades astounding skills rapidly
the dead. Each Rekindled retains a physical piece, or pieces, of its former spread and fostered a powerful reputation. It wasnt long before captains
body: their Legacy. These can range from something as simple as their of commercial and military vessels alike began to use the hazardous,
eyes to an intricately tattooed portion of skin. The rest of their appearance razor sharp, obsidian peaks of the Glass Forest, as a safe haven from
varies greatly, but are often bizarre and twisted amalgamations of skin, pursuing dragons. The Matriarchs, the leaders of the Shade, begrudgingly
sinew, and unnatural bone and joint constructions. made a shrewd offer: protection in exchange for a percentage of the
Rekindled are infamous for their poor sense of direction; so much so ships cargo. The sudden influx of excess resources spurred a golden age
that when a Rekindled finds their way to a settlement, they rarely leave for the Shade, who studied the techniques and materials of the outsiders
for fear of disappearing into the wastes. If a Rekindled is found in the to further perfect their crafts. Young Shades, eager to explore the world,
wilderness and taken to a town or city, they will commonly take up took advantage of these encounters to join or stowaway onto airships
residence near their saviors abode or place of business. As such, a citys passing through. Before long, Shades were common crewmembers,
trade district frequently houses the largest Rekindled populations. typically serving as liaisons to their people and advisers when flying
These communities are referred to as Graves, each of which varies in through Dragon-threatened areas.
size and individual culture. Despite these differences, there are a handful This chain of events, however, did not significantly impact their
of common practices to which each Grave adheres. The first and most culture. The Matriarchs continued to govern their families, known as
prevalent of these customs is the Rite of Self. Cabals, and spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure their childrens
While the Rekindled have no offspring, they draw a distinction between isolation from the outside world until their coming of age. Schools were
Rekindled who have come to terms with their new existence and those built in each Cabal, whose purpose was to teach children history, dragon
who wallow in the loss of their former life. It is never an easy transition hunting, and use of their vox. At age 10, the Shade is considered an adult
and many Rekindled leave their Graves on a quest to find scraps of their who must decide upon their future. For males, thats usually pursuing a
old lives or purpose for their new one. This venture can last for several vocation or leaving to see the outside world. Most females set their sights
decades and only concludes when they come to accept their state and on the Matriarchy, and delve into Shade education and politics, or else
return to their Grave. Upon return, a grand celebration is thrown as if they hone their skills as premier huntresses.
were a lost child finding their way home. The climax of the event is when Since they cannot physically speak, a Shades vox is their ability
the returned Rekindled shares what they have learned. to communicate with those they encounter, Shade or otherwise. It is a
Some Rekindled falter in their journey by either becoming disillusioned psykic ability that allows them to talk to everyone nearby, or specific
or angry at their new form, and rapidly descend into madness to become individuals of the Shades choosing. Those who have ventured away from
Pariahs. A Rekindled in this state is dangerous and must be eliminated. the Glass Forest easily find work as psykic couriers for those seeking a
This task falls to a group called the Grizmati, whose sole purpose is to certain level of discretion.
blot out the blemish of Pariahs. Approximately one in every 500 Shades are born without a vox, and
Regardless of their new purpose or chosen way of life, the Rekindled light gray or ash-white skin. They are known as NocShala and their
are not always met positively by the other races of Feneryss and are often place in Shade culture is to commune with friendly spirits and protect
seen as abominations or oracles of death. The only exception being the the Cabals from any vengeful ones - primarily those of dragons who seek
Shade, who through their wardens of the dead, the NocShala, are able to vengeance.
discern what the Rekindled are, what they were, and occasionally some Because of their unique skills and geographic location, the Shade have
small details of their past. become a necessity. No sane airship captain leaves port without one on
board. That said, they are not always trusted. The same telepathic ability
that makes them perfect couriers of sensitive information can also be
used to disseminate such information without anyone the wiser. While
most races possess very neutral opinions of the Shade, the Rekindled
often seek out the NocShala in hopes that their ability to interact with the
dead can shed light on their past.

16 World of Shattered
What shall we do with her? asked the male Vampire.
The young girl tried to get up, reaching for her sword. It was then
she realized her arm had been severed. She gave a spiteful look to the
female Vampire and spat.
It seems that this kitten wants to roar
Monsters! I will destroy each of you, one by one, one by...
Her throat felt suddenly like a bowl of sand. The male Vampire
wore a malicious grin as he licked the stump of her detached arm like
a dreadful lollipop.
We dont argue with food, my dear.
-Hunters and their prey

In the midst of the Reckoning, many denizens of the old world sought
safety in the deep, winding caverns that make up much of the planets
crust. Taking with them most of their resources and material wealth, these
survivors managed to live in relative comfort for several millennia.
As with the rest of Humanity, these survivors also fell victim to the
influence of their environment. In the depths of the planet, they were
subjected to constant exposure of latent magics and a plethora of
toxins, eventually adapting to conquer them. Their blood soon reflected
the toxicity of their surroundings, which made made these survivors
particularly resistant to disease. This heartiness came at a cost however
as their blood was also incredibly reactive to ultraviolet radiation, and
would turn to acid within minutes of full exposure at the surface.
Despite the accommodations that they had made for themselves below
the surface, food was scarce. It wasnt long after their food stores had
emptied that they slowly gave into cannibalism.
Resulting from their isolation and cannibalism, their bodies underwent
a plethora of changes that extended far beyond their toxic blood. For
example, their eyes appear very much human, but only present with
red, orange, or yellow irises. While most can identify Vampires by their
porcelain pale skin and slender physiques, a Vampires teeth betray their
identities most often.
Because their ancestral homes were limited in resources, much of the
Vampire culture revolves around the oral retelling of history, most of
which lie deeply rooted in mythology and superstition. Unlike many
civilizations, who dream up vast pantheons of deities who can be more or protected from Maldraans grasp. Some of these Covens had even worked
less benevolent, the Vampires constructed a hierarchy of demons. Chief out agreements with the neighboring boroughs to take their criminals,
among these tormentors were Absolox (page 242), the demon of exile and in doing so had become considerably wealthy. In this time of plenty,
and abandonment, and Maldraan, the demon of miasma and the world it was not long before many Vampires found themselves dissatisfied with
above. These two, along with a pantheon of other fiends and hellions their table scraps and instead sought to take what they wanted.
have led the Vampires to develop an indelible fear of both the surface and Many of those living in cities, who had been complicit in offering
their cavernous, subterranean homes. up the worst of themselves to the Vampires now had reason to fear
This fear eventually bred a deep seated rage among many of the for their own lives, and so fear would once again change the course
Vampires, leading them to lash out, both at each other and the unknown. of history. People banded together and went on campaigns to root out
It was in this tumultuous time that the descendants of those who had the Vampires. These so-called Vampire Hunts devastated the Vampire
sought refuge underground found themselves seeking refuge at the population, as homes were razed and their occupants were beaten to
surface. When they arrived Maldraan claimed what was hers and when death, dismembered, or worse. These hunts raged on for more than a
she found herself gorged on the deaths of the first who ventured into her year, and the Vampires once again found themselves forced into exile.
domain, she unintentionally imparted a degree of knowledge to those Many of the survivors did what they could to blend into society. They
that remained. They tanned the hides of their fallen kin and made for exchanged their traditional leather for thick cloth and heavy robes, and
themselves clothing to trick Maldraan, for it was believed that she would traded cannibalism for true vampirism. With this paradigm shift, both
not take again those she had already consumed. murders and abductions perpetrated by the Vampires subsided and the
The first interactions between Vampires and the established races Vampire Hunts gradually died out.
occurred in 2717 AR. Predictably, these refugees, clad in the skin of The old familial Covens were reestablished, but now lay along
their brethren, found themselves shunned in many settlements that they ideological lines. Each became a self-governing organization whose
encountered. More often than not they were treated like lepers, forced purpose was to protect their members and advance their interests. It
to live on the fringes of society and eke out a living on the scraps of wasnt long before there was a Coven in every city-state and region on
civilization. Cast off and forgotten, many Vampires found great success Feneryss, each one varying in size, clout, and governance. Sylvan Hollow
by settling on the outskirts of these burgeoning towns and cities, feeding is unique in this regard as it is home to a single Coven, EinHanndr,
on their cast-offs and unwanted. whose sole member exists as an oracle of secret knowledge and little else.
For a time, this life was enough for the Vampires. Their close knit
familial communities, which they called Covens, were well fed and

World of Shattered 17
These new Covens played their hands in local politics and often W R ETC H ED
involved themselves in the flesh trades, which made it easy to conceal
their proclivities. The prosperity that arose from each instigated a golden The Banner had been staked. Word spread to all corners of
age among the Vampires. Stillyr for example first proposed that the new the Ashlands, and from all corners came waves upon waves of the
field of prosthetics be marketed as cosmetic enhancement, instead of nomadic Wretched. They bartered their goods; they swapped their
simply being a restorative measure, which offered a new avenue in which stories; but most importantly, they spilled blood.
to harvest blood. Skryst posited that the health of the Vampires prey That day Andillas Worthless was tested: kill or be killed. His
directly impacted their own health and began researching plagues that opponent lay face-up, sprawled limbs akimbo on the hot sands. The
were prevalent among the rest of humanity. This consequently spurred desert was calm. His clan was in a delighted, bloodthirsty uproar. He
many great advances in the realm of medicine. took a deep breath, steeling his nerves for the conclusion.
Today, most covens are in full support of true vampirism, but as usual He heaved his hammer toward the sky, and brought it crashing
there are fringe groups that believe otherwise. Sarrblot for example tends down.
to vacillate between the old ways and the new, depending on whom -Somewhere, Ashlands
happens to be in power.
Membership in a coven brings with it enemies and allies, regardless The Wretched are a nomadic people and are the most heavily mutated
of how a coven aligns itself. Intercoven politics are a tangled affair, survivors of the Reckoning. As the world died, many survivors gathered
infamous for subterfuge and sabotage. However, many covens are also to huddle around the slowly dying power sources of bygone eras, many
cordial allies, aiding one another so long as a mutual benefit persists. of which still stand in spite of considerable decay and erosion. Despite
Covens also frequently trade in arbitrary debts or favors owed, which the seemingly fortunate accommodations, the leaking energies that
must be repaid should the debts lendor come calling. fueled the fires slowly warped their forms and exponentially increased
Leadership and ones position is heavily influenced by bloodright, the their susceptibility to mutation. These changes tend to be so physically
simplest measure of which is ones resistance to Maldraans unhindered extreme, it is rare to confuse two Wretched with each other. Fate,
grasp. As a matter of tradition and a show of power and will, a Vampire however, seems to smile upon them; a miniscule few succumb to their
ascending to the position of Marquis will pace, unclothed before their afflictions. More often than not the Wretched are able to turn a profit from
home, accepting whatever punishment Maldraan visits upon them. these mutations.
Should the vampire survive the ordeal, they ascend to the position With time their legs grew restless and death lost its fearful edge.
unhindered. On the other hand, should they perish, they are considered to Reforged in more resilient (albeit unsightly) bodies, they struck out from
be unworthy of the station. the embers of history to gather relics and trinkets of the past.
Among the Marquises, there is yet another rank of higher esteem. They
are the orphaned of Maldraan and are called Draculesti Ascendants. These
Vampires number only a handful in a generation and possess such will
and dire determination that they have become so repulsive to Maldraans
gratuitous palate that they can walk through the miasma without concern
for injury. The most infamous Draculesti Ascendant was Scorn, a leader
of Skryst. His history remains an enigma, but he, or someone matching
his likeness, has made a variety of appearances throughout the last three
hundred years, always at the onset of a major coups or catastrophes.
Some theories go so far as to blame the War of Fools on his use of Skryst
in Lokoran. However, nothing can be directly linked to him and many
many historians write this off as false or simply a coincidence. As such,
its rarely mentioned outside of Vampire circles.
A scarce few Vampires arent members of Covens, and fall into two
categories: Uncoven or Exile. the former embraced social solitude or are
between covens, An Uncoven Vampire is one who has been expelled
from the Vampire courts, typically by force, for any number of misdeeds.
They can expect little, if any, support from their former kin, but are also
largely free of the winding tendrils of intercoven conflicts. Exiles on the
other hand, have of their own volition eschewed social responsibilities to
embrace solitude. They are reviled by most of their kin, who will often
abduct and forcefully tattoo a vivid ochre along the contour of the lower
lip and in three equidistant lines running from their lips to their sternum.
The races as a whole hold disdain and fear for the Vampires. Although
they no longer tan the hides of the brethren, the image of skin clad
cannibals still weighs heavily in the public psyche. As for the Vampires
perspective, they see the other races as cattle, Drones and Florvana aside.
For Drones, the Vampires see them as anathema yet worthy mercenaries
to combat other Vampires for the same reason: the lack of blood. As for
Florvana, Vampires tend to simply ignore these undrinkable creatures.

18 World of Shattered
Their tribal culture revolves around trade and combat prowess. Each
clan is led by whomever proves themselves to be the strongest. For this
reason, Wretched clans are in constant flux, with old ones dying off and
new ones being formed in rapid succession.
Every year the clans gather under a banner of peace, called the
Covenant, to trade goods, educate the young through tales and traditions,
and cull the weakest members. Members considered to be the weakest
are put into a trade pool and are forced to fight each other to the death.
Genealogy and gender are of no value to the Wretched; every man and
woman must prove their worth. This winnowing of the weak leaves the
strongest survivors available for sale to anyone who saw potential.
This process comes with one exception. Wretched born with bioreactors
are not forced into the arena, but often bought, sold, and traded like
cattle, to be used as a power source for airships and other mechanical
contraptions. However, many Wretched born with bioreactors often sell
themselves into slavery simply to avoid the hassle and make some cash
on the side. Once the Covenant has concluded, the clans return to their
quest for riches and the search for their home.
There is a legend dating back to the Reckoning itself that speaks of a
city buried and preserved by the unending sand and ash. Many Wretched
believe the discovery of Bravjegaad is their ultimate salvation and that
within this lost metropolis lies the key to unparalleled strength which will
allow them to eradicate the weak races of the world and reign supreme.
The Wretched judge everything on its combat skill and capacity for
survival. For these reasons they have been known to hoard all manner of
objects, the most common of which are weapons. Their interactions with
the other races follows this perception closely. They generally look upon
the Drones as kindred spirits and look at Humans and Rekindled as weak
but admirable in their will to overcome the inevitable. They consider
the Shade and the Alypse to be weak, the former for their reputation
for stealth and guerilla tactics, and the latter for their cowardice and
nigh-complete reliance on magic. These opinions could be considered
optimistic compared to their thoughts on the Vampires. To the Wretched,
Vampires are nothing but vermin, and must be destroyed sooner rather
than later. As for the newest race, the Florvana, most Wretched see them
as weak-willed and therefore perfect slaves to perform menial labor.

World of Shattered 19












When the early explorers would pass through the struggling constructed and an army was raised that was unlike any the world had
encampments and outposts of the past, they would often speak of a living seen since the Reckoning.
metal spire that stretched beyond the ash-clouded sky. For hundreds and The true test for Pulses leadership began when a fishing vessel in
hundreds of years it was believed to be a myth, explained away as a story the neighboring lake was raided in 1921 PR. The few haggard survivors
to excite young children and inspire a sense of wonder and adventure. spouted madness about men on flying ships striking from the sky.
Years passed and the horrors of the wastes took their toll. With raids Skepticism saw the men discharged from the service and forgotten, until
by bands of cave-dwelling cannibals, children stolen from their beds, and another ship was attacked. With no proactive efforts from the Iron Ring,
rumors of settlements being devoured whole, it wasnt long before the the terrified citizens of Pulse became restless and eventually rioted.
old explorers stories turned into a hope for a brighter future. Droves of Rising above this chaos was a young officer named Brecht, who led a
survivors stepped out into the wastes for the first time in centuries to seek coup detat. Brecht was a charismatic young man, who had a knack for
the fabled spire and build a new home. strategy and politics; skills that he used to great advantage. The deed was
In the days before it earned its moniker, the Great Forge, Pulse was so swift and sure that in addition to ousting the previous rulers, Brecht
governed by a small circle of influential individuals whose primary task formed a new governing body in a mere months time.
was the defense of the fledgling city. They called themselves the Iron Despite his revolt, Brecht maintained a deep love of Pulses traditions.
Ring. They dubbed their home Pulse, with an unfailing belief that this So much so that he based his new government on the original Iron Ring
city would be the vibrant heart of Feneryss. Mandates. Using his new authority, he established the city districts and
After designing a blueprint for the future, the Iron Ring began to military branches which divide the city today. Each was placed under
methodically craft a set of rules to which each citizen of Pulse was the supervision of an Iron Lord. Once accounts had been settled inside
bound and responsible to uphold. This Mandate called for each citizen the city, Brecht turned his eyes to the water, seeking both vengeance and
to maintain a skilled trade from which the city could benefit as a whole. understanding.
Many found a renewed purpose for living in this inspiring culture, What followed were a series of missions with the goal of capturing one
and its excitement was infectious. Word rapidly spread across the known of the mysterious vessels. When success finally came, Pulse ironworkers
world that anyone with a willingness to work had a place within the and engineers strove day and night to unravel the mystery of the alien
shelter of the Iron Ring. A torrent of immigrants flooded the city gates; craft. The rest of the Pulse geared up for the War of Duel Lake with its yet
Pulse grew at an astonishing rate, and industry boomed. The forges unidentified neighbor on the far shore of the eponymous body of water.
were raging infernos for hundreds of years, great war machines were

22 World of Shattered
Feeding Pulses growing population was no easy task, especially when
attacked by a horde of undead. To address this, the Iron Ring utilized Lysanius is one of the most prolific businessmen
the ancient method that rediscovered shortly after the Reckoning: and information brokers in Pulse, having climbed
hydroponics. Locally found plants and animals were utilized for their out of the slums bloody hand over fist. His early life
process. was unforgiving, leaving him cold and merciless,
The first of which is a colony of crustacean extremophiles, called Shard but he managed to climb out of Downtrod, bloody
Leaf, which feeds on toxins from the water, and condenses anything knuckles and all when he won the Traitors Run in
unusable into its rock-like stems. Residual water gained through this Quarterlock. It was not a triumphant victory and
process is stored in polyps of organic glass called Shards. Unfortunately history tells that he chased down the leader mere
none of this water is potable, but is generally considered safe for growing. yards from the finish line only to break their neck
The second plant that Pulse uses is called tender-root. Each part of this and nonchalantly stroll out of Quarterlock a new
hearty plant is edible; the starchy roots, the pliable and nutritious leaves, citizen of Pulse.
and the mildly sweet fruit. The tender-root also purifies water to a further
degree to allow for a variety of herbs and spices to be grown. In the following years, Lysanius worked in every
Every citizen of Pulse is allotted a daily ration based on their rank kitchen or bar he could. He had little interest in
and job requirements. Any surplus is rotated into the citys emergency learning the craftworks of chefs or brewmasters
stockpiles and anything rotated out is left in the slums for any willing and instead focused his attention on absorbing
takers. every morsel of information that passed through
the establishments. Each small secret was a deposit,
one that Lysanius would spend wisely to increase
T H E C I T Y AT A GL A NC E his position and financial standing. As the decades
Pulse has its share of trouble, but it is, above all other things, a place of passed he ascended from a lowly barkeep, trading in
order. Where the original Iron Ring gave it purpose, function, and focus, tavern gossip, to a feared lord of shadow, trading in
the posthumously titled Iron King Brecht gave it shape and propriety. state secrets and other illicit markets. Drugs, people,
The impact of these endeavors is still plainly visible today in the clean- weapons; all are a means to gaining information.
cut organization of Pulses districts.
He lacks any sufficient moral structure, and his
THE AXIS associates are only measured by their potential
The towers of Pulse are by far its most noticeable features, with each benefit; such as the several military officials that he
point striking the sky like pillars of the firmament. Here at the center of dominates with blackmail.
the city is Pulses military nerve center containing training arenas, lecture
halls, offices and armories. Lysanius is not without his own skeletons however.
The most infamous feature of this facility is the Field of War. It is The rise to his current station was not built brick
a place of constant wargames where officers test their wits against one by brick, but instead on a pile of corpses, many of
another and foot soldiers vie for various medals and titles. Governor which were former business partners. These secrets
Ludis is directly responsible for the Field of War and has in his employ remained buried only because Lysanius enjoys his
a small legion of arknists. These arknists apply their trade to alter the privacy. If someone were to uncover pieces of his
landscape and weather patterns within the arena. If the rumors are to treachery they would earn his respect and most
be believed, they are strong enough in their magic to simulate volcanic certainly his ire in the process. To date, the only
eruptions and even the Reckoning itself, albeit on a much smaller scale. individual known to have earned this honor and
Every event held within the Field of War is recorded in the War Arc: the survive is a Vampire by the name of Vsevolod, who
ever progressing story of the confrontations, victories, and defeats that currently resides under the protection of Styllir.
take place in this arena. The prestigious task of documenting the War Arc
is given to a single scribe, referred to as The Fieldsman.

Encircling the Axis is the breadbasket of Pulse. The Flora Labs are It is here that the might of Pulses military is built: airships, tanks, and
built into a ring that connects to the base of each tower. The facility is weapons all flow like blood from the burning and beating heart of Pulse.
divided into three sections; Water Purification, Agriculture, and Research. The Great Forge is located underground, at the base of the Flora Labs,
Here arknists of all schools work alongside botanists and engineers to and forms the foundation of the five towers of the city. It is a winding
develop more effective ways to feed the city. maze of claustrophobic streets, unfinished catwalks and dead ends.New
For health reasons, the water purification section is almost completely businesses and factories spring up wherever vacant space can be found,
isolated from the rest of the facility. Greywater and wastewater are and sometimes where it cant be. It is not uncommon for a new venture
processed and treated to allow for safe use with irrigation and hydroponics. to be built on top of an existing one, or even to see businesses stolen
Once the processed water has gone through the Agriculture section of the right in front of their owners. Crime is commonplace and everyone, even
labs, it is returned here for sterilization and distributed for public use. government officials, are guilty of illegal conduct.
In the Agriculture section of the labs, tens of thousands of acres of The most notorious of these illegal activities are the death pits, which
farmland and hydroponics labs are harvested day and night to provide a are host to bloody battle royales between slaves, indentured workers,
steady supply of sustenance for Pulses citizens. soldiers, and free citizens. In these gory brawls, men and women alike
Finally, the Research section of the Labs is second only to the citys tear each other apart, often literally, for a ruthless crowd. Defeat brings
food stores in terms of security. Here top researchers strive endlessly only death, but survival earns participants infamy as victors and the
to find new methods for crop harvesting, new breeds of crops, and any opportunity to bet on and spectate future bouts.
number of other discoveries that would make other city-states green with While many of these crimes are truly random, one individual resides in
envy. the margins of every illegal exchange; an information broker know only

World of Shattered 23
as Lysanius. This mysterious figure has built a well funded crime empire QUARTERLOCK
on the stockpile of secrets that he has collected over his lifetime. This Home to the majority of Pulses population, Quarterlock is split up
fact is also what has kept him outside of a prison cell; many important into five sections. Four of them are assigned to a specific military branch
figures in Pulse fear what blackmail might land on their doorstep should while the fifth is allotted for tradesmen, merchants, and ambassadors.
he be incarcerated. Visitors to Pulse are cautioned not to enter Quarterlock without a guide.
Opposite the crime and chaos is the warden Denna Lohrne, whose The thousands of twisting alleyways and boulevards are erratic at best
primary directive is to guarantee order and stability of the government and are generally considered dangerous.
manufactories. She accomplishes this task handedly, though enforces Among these meandering halls beats the true heart of Pulse.
order in the rest of the district with haphazard panache. Everyones home can be found here, from the wealthy and powerful on
Her former military rank being of small regard, she rose to prominence the upper crust to the lowly and forgotten in the center. This microcosm
by striking a deal with the Iron Lords of Pulse. Little is known about is a caricature of Pulse itself, possessing its own business areas, micro-
the deal that was made, but upon taking command of the forge she government, and militia. While there are a number of players, power is
immediately descended into the death pits. She is said to have fought divided primarily between the Pulse-backed Pathfinders and the Vortem.
with an animalistic ferocity and over the course of the fight she collapsed The Pathfinders are an offshoot of the Pulse Municipal Police. They
a mans chest cavity, disemboweled another fighter with her bare hands, are made up of Quarterlock locals that sought to tear the district from the
and ripped out the throat of a third victim with her teeth. Denna staggered grasp of criminal enterprises, cults, and warlords. Under the guidance
from the pits short one eye and laden with fresh scar tissue and blood of their commanding officer, Pes Grimtrod, they have been largely
of the fallen. People still speak of it and it has become something of a successful in this goal, with one principal exception: the Vortem.
legend and myth within the city. Since then, she has made little attempt The Vortem, originally from Neroth, is a conglomeration of thieves,
to quell the crime that runs rampant through the district, but instead has assassins, spies, and smugglers who work together to hoard secrets of
assembled a cadre of fighters from the pit that she leads into the battlefield both the past and present of Feneryss. They hire their services out to those
during times of war. with ample funds or valuable knowledge while simultaneously infiltrating
The history and culture of the Great Forge is a stark contrast to the their clients lives. Many of these infiltration agents have allowed the
meticulous nature of the rest of the city. However it is this chaotic Vortem unfettered access to many areas that would have otherwise been
churning that drives the city and citizens of Pulse, like the friction of restricted. Their influence is vast and they are well supplied, which is
shifting plates creating molten rock. the primary reason they have not yet been eradicated by the Pathfinders.
Clashes between the Pathfinders and the Vortem are frequent, so much
so that Citizens not aligned with either group simply go about their
business, even in the midst of combat.

24 World of Shattered
Quarterlock however is not purely a haven for warring entities. creep outward consuming homes and businesses; destroying lives in the
Every Leid, the district enjoys a great deal of peace. A time of rest and process. With the constant flux of destruction, lawlessness abounds.
celebration surrounding an event called Traitors Run, a deadly race Kingpins and local gang leaders carve out their own spheres of influence,
from one end of the district to the other, concluding at Pulses sky port, taking what they will from those that fall within their territory. These
the Nest. Each year, a number of citizens of Downtrod are given the areas are further subdivided by the main thoroughfares into Pulse proper,
opportunity to become citizens of Pulse should they survive the journey. which are guarded directly by the military.
Known throughout the world, the Nest houses hundreds of private and Beyond the primary roads in and out of Pulse, there is little in the
public docks along with accommodations for any need visitors may have. way of law and order and many citizens of Downtrod form small militias
Hundreds of airships stay at the Nest each week, bringing new ideas and to protect their livelihoods. Outside of the influence of these gangs of
goods to the people of Pulse. Even certain illicit trades flourish here, ruffians little protection can be found, save for the bawdyhouses, which
taking advantage of lax oversight by Pathfinders. The Nest however is fall under the express protection of the local Vampire coven, Stillyr.
more than a trade hub, it also houses the bulk of Pulses warships which Few areas in Downtrod are noteworthy, the one exception being the
are kept in a state of constant readiness. On any given day citizens and Gray Shade Tavern which attracts customers from all over the slums and
visitors can find comfort in glimpses of aerial patrol ships keeping vigil even from inside the city walls. Many come to revel in the showmanship
in the skies over the city. of the Taverns barkeep, Jordan Flunn, and experience an inclusive
atmosphere rare for the Downtrod and indeed taverns. All are equal here,
DOWNTROD provided the tab is paid, and it is a common stop for explorers and would-
While Pulse grew to become the greatest military force in the new be adventurers.
world, the population quickly outgrew the wall. Faced with the chaos and
societal collapse that often comes with overpopulation, the Iron Lords of
Pulse forged a new mandate that allowed the city guard to remove known
criminals, truants, and dropouts from the city.
Now in exile, many of these pariahs began to settle outside of the citys
The average Pulse citizen wakes up bright and early with the Reveille
walls which allowed them to take advantage of trade caravans entering
being blared from the towers. After a quick breakfast, they open their
Pulse. These slums grew to such an extent that the area is almost a city
doors for business within an hour of the morning wakeup call ready to
unto itself. Being a city of discarded people, it was not long before it
sell their wares and services. Young children without good homes will
became known as Downtrod.
play in the street or join in work with their parents, while those from good
This area, which surrounds Pulse on all sides, is nestled in the crush; at
homes will report for their Cadet classes at one of the spires. While the
the foot of the walls of Pulse. In this area the ever expanding walls slowly
military is mostly composed of Humans, the other races have a moderate

World of Shattered 25
presence as well. Those citizens who have served their city well, often ones who make it through are hardened machines of deceit capable of
open up businesses such as taverns, butcheries, and general stores. More becoming a doppleganger of anyone, even those outside of their race.
often than not, however, non-Humans are suppressed. Before any large scale military movements, Pulse utilizes a small legion
of assassins, called Intervention, to destabilize enemy armies or political
O U T S I D E T H E WA L L S structures in order to tip the scales of a confrontation in their favor. In
Those unfortunate souls who live near the Crush, outside the safety of order to be selected for this faction, recruits must be free of mutation and
Pulse, tend to rise at the same time as those within. However, they must of a lean build. Though unproven, a lack of mutation indicates genetic
maneuver their traps and undead funnelling barricades. Unlike those stability, playing a role as recruits are put through controlled mutation to
within Pulse, the people of Downtrod must prepare to drive the undead unlock traits useful to stealth and infiltration. While they generally lack
away from their homes and businesses. Children run in the pathways the same savvy that the Savinical Method possesses, they make up for it
between destroyed buildings while adults attempt to teach them what in their lethality.
knowledge they possess in order to survive in this harsh environment. If a situation arises where a high value target needs to be extracted, the
Outside the walls, no one truly cares what race you are as long as you military elite turn to Towerfall; a specialized infantry group that excels
help for the common good of the community. at surgical strikes and personnel retrieval. They are also often used as an
instrument to infiltrate SavMet and Intervention agents deep in hostile
territory. Each member undergoes a military funeral before beginning
COV EN AC T I V I T Y their training, which entails survival training and numerous exfiltration
The local Vampire coven, Stillyr, is largely contained within the
confines of Downtrod, although it labors incessantly to establish holdings
in Quaterlock. Anatoly, their leader, possesses a wizened demeanor and
takes the wellbeing of his members quite personally. His clandestine PER SONS OF I N T ER ES T
sibling, Bogdan, is little more than a rumor to most citizens, including
Stillyr members. Time has made him something of a boogeyman, with
all manner of dastardly deeds attributed to his name. The one constant 18-SHOTS OBLACKSKULL
in his legend states that he handpicks elite members from the coven to 18-Shots as he prefers to be called, hails from a powerful and elusive
become assassins and enforcers. Despite his legend, the covens primary Wretched clan known as Blackskull, with a reputation as exterminators.
claim to fame is a string of bawdy houses throughout Downtrod that The clan is unique to the Wretched in that it has an established and rather
cater to the carnal desires of its residents. Despite their obvious financial altruistic goal: to prevent Feneryss from falling deeper into chaos and
success in this regard, they are admittedly rather poor. This seemingly destruction. This has led them to hunt down various threatening beasts,
stems from some debt owed to the Lanisian coven, Skryst, although the demons, and cults across the continent. Their name comes from their
exact nature is a mystery to most. The rumormill also hints at a possible right of passage, an emblematic skull tattoo that covers the faces of both
working relationship between Stillyr and the infamous information the men and women of the clan.
broker, Vsevolod. Some gossip goes so far as to suggest hes feeding From a young age, children born into Blackskull are trained to use
them details on Skryst to aid them in settling the debt. firearms in combination with martial arts. 18-shots was no different, in
fact he took to the training so well that he went on his first hunt at the age
of 10. It was not long before he got his first kill. At the age of 12 he took
L OC A L ECONOM Y down a small, but murderous death cult in the slums of Pulse using his
Pulse was the first of the major cities to fully integrate Notes into its great grandfathers revolver-shotgun.
economy and the first to fully convert to it. Within one year of the Cistern At 16 he accompanied his parents on a hunt, searching for an unknown
Accords, the city had completely phased out the old Salt Stamps that had creature that was hunting people indiscriminately and leaving no corpses
been prevalent for so many years. In addition to that, Pulse served as behind. When they managed to track the beast they bore witness to horror
the birthplace of Forge Hours, which became the primary currency for in its purest form. It was not a single creature, but an amalgamation of
manufacturing on Feneryss. dozens of living corpses. The fight that ensued was short and brutal. His
father knocked was off his feet and promptly crushed; his mother was
C I T I Z EN SOL DI ER S thrown into a wall and knocked unconscious. 18-Shots narrowly escaped
In the early days of Pulse, the Iron Ring established institutes of with his own life, suffering from several broken ribs and a collapsed lung.
combat and tactical study. Here students were trained primarily in martial He circled back to the area in the shadows only to witness the creature
and ballistic mastery, with the top pupils being enrolled in the Combat disassemble his now conscious mother and incorporate her body into
Tactics Academy. In recent years however, a new training school was itself. To this day, he is still haunted by her screams of terror and agony.
established to explore the benefits of Arkna use in a military setting. In the years since he has lost touch with the rest of the clan, spending
Upon graduation, new members of the military are either assigned to the most of his time trying to track down his parents killer. He has had
ground or air force, and given a post. little luck thus far, but knows it is only a matter of time. Every time
Within the larger military organizations there are three specialized units a murderous creature rears its ugly head, 18-shots is right behind it to
that work with little to no oversight: The Savinical Method, Intervention, prevent others from suffering the same losses that he did and hopefully
and Towerfall. avenge his parents.
No military would be complete without an intelligence community
to give it actionable information. This community relies heavily on its ACE MAJOHRA IBAHRI
web of spies, called the Savinical Method or SavMet. When new recruits Ace Ibahri is one of the few national celebrities in Pulse. She is best
are initially screened, any presenting eidetic memory are selected for known for taking down three squadrons of pirate strike craft and then
additional training in covert operations. Throughout their training, they crippling their galleon over the Ashlands to the north of Pulse. The
are taught to be experts in the art of social engineering and disguise. They promotion of her triumphs has led to unprecedented numbers of female
are also subjected to interrogations that borderline on torture. Roughly flight recruits. She can often be seen at dedications and commencement
two-thirds of the recruits do not make it through this rigorous process, events for the Pulse navy. While her public persona is that of a brash
some die while others break under the pressure of the interrogations. The and overconfident pilot, she is, in actuality very quiet and introspective.
While her superiors would rather it not happen, she does on occasion
complain about her mascott status.

26 World of Shattered
Head of the Iron Lords of Pulse, Hearst Rocschtaal is an unrelenting
man whose loyalty is rivaled only by his utter brutality. He was born L.I.C.A. (Lost Item Collection Android) is a peculiar representative of
into Pulses death pits, emerging from a pile of corpses, still attached the Drones and their culture. To a large degree she has embraced much of
to his mother. Being an Alypse, he would never ascend past edge of the Humanitys culture, even going so far as to sport an ensemble of dresses
ring, but some believed raising a child to fight from birth could prove and wigs that are mixed and matched each week.
profitable. He was bathed in violence from the time he could stand and She is the owner of Licurio, which she insists is a small curio shop in
took his first kill in the ring at the age of six. He enjoyed a successful Pulses Quarterlock district, although she has nothing for sale. Instead,
career as a child and would have gone on to by grand champion, but he she finds lost items and cares for them until the owners come to reclaim
had higher ambitions. He believe that the city birthed him for a greater them. Her shop is filled to the brim with trinkets, toys, knickknacks, and
purpose fulfilling the wanton needs of the masses. As an adolescent he tokens from eras long past. Some of the items are useless such as a worn
taught himself how to use the Alypse Flesh Mask, and made a plan to work boot, while others like shiny gemstones are too valuable to have a
change his fate by staging his death in the arena. price. Visitors are free to roam around and dig through the towering piles
He was careful to plan the event with precision. He grappled with in attempts to find their lost item, hough many ultimately ask L.I.C.A.
another child fighter and the two careened into the pile of corpses that had for help. Since she remembers each items location with perfect detail,
accumulated in the center of the ring. He promptly killed the child and recovery is often a simple task.
assumed his persona and emerged as the victor. He took the name Hearst While L.I.C.A.s shop might seem like a treasure trove for thieves,
Rocschtaal and continued fighting until he was noticed for his military she has an uncanny knack for reading Human expressions, tone, and
potential. Once uplifted from the corpse-laden wound that birthed him body language unlike most other Drones. She guards the lost items
he accelerated through the ranks of Pulses military quickly. He finally aggressively and has only been fooled on two occasions. Each of these
found himself as one of the Iron Lords, 25 years after his departure occasions have resulted in the two suspects becoming lost themselves.
from the pits. He is the most charismatic of the bunch and often takes Regardless her peculiar interest in Humanity, L.I.C.A. doesnt follow
opportunities to address the city, often referring to Pulse as his mother local events very well and instead frequently talks for hours on end about
and the citizens of Pulse his siblings. how she came upon many of the items in her shop. If ever asked about
her origins, she asserts that she is simply lost herself.
Owner and barkeep of the Grey Shade tavern, Jordan has a strong S L U M WA R D E N G H Y S T
hand, but a soft heart when it comes to newcomers to his tavern. He Some call him the father of Downtrod. Never before has there been a
always has an ear for the city and can get just about any information that warden of Pulses undesirable quite like Ghyst. Upon taking the mantle
can be found circulating through. His bartending skills are legendary and of Slum Warden, he immediately took to the streets of the city, forgoing
he is known for the way he can serve several drinks at once, which can be his personal guard in order to learn about the lives of the destitute masses
attributed to his four extra arms. that huddle around Pulses outer wall. He believed that these people,
more than anyone else, were the reason for the citys vitality and good
fortune. The people in the slums fought a war every day of their lives and
J U N PA K he not only admired them for it, but also saw a great deal of potential. As
Born to a highly regarded forgehouse in Lanis, Jun Pak was nothing such, he actively maintains ties with all gangs and local leaders that are
short of a prodigy, mastering his familys classical weapon designs by the scattered about Downtrod, training them to better defend their homes. He
age of fourteen. As a young man he was prone to creative flights of fancy has established voluntary taxation, which he uses to buy used weapons
that culminated in unorthodox weapon designs that put him at odds with and supplies from the interior, to better equip the outermost ring of the
some of the elders in his family. city.
His father however valued Juns talent and encouraged him to pursue
the unconventional. Despite that, he remained critical, often asking Jun VSEVOLOD
to offer up practical justification for his designs. As the years passed, Jun Vsevolod is a successful information broker that established herself
perfected his designs, offering up weapons that were nuanced fusions of by stealing details about Lysanius. In spite of the danger it poses, she
the traditional and bizarre, earning him a reputation separate from his currently maintains residence in Pulse and has largely evaded Lysanius
family. Though he had this small measure of fame, Jun was bored with the pursuit by taking advantage of the local Vampire coven, Styllir.
traditions of the forgehouses of Lanis and eventually left home seeking She maintains financial solvency through a network of informants
to learn about the traditional weapons of other cultures and cities. In his and couriers that are exclusively Vampire. These agents can be found
travels he witnessed the suffering and death that looms over everything in every Coven on Feneryss and because of the secretive nature of
outside the city walls and subsequently found a new purpose. He later Vampire culture, the information she trades and collects remains largely
settled in Pulse, eventually establishing his own smith in Quarterlock that anonymous to outsiders.
specialized in manufacturing inexpensive, durable weapons and tools to
help the average person make their way through life on Feneryss.
This goal has become something of a private religion and he often
travels to many of the small settlements that dot the wasteland in order
to help train and learn from local craftsman. Despite the humble nature
of his goals, he markets his creations heavily and has a number of trusted
followers scouring Feneryss for new materials and potential apprentices.
Contrary to his perceived nobility, Jun cares little for who actually
acquires his weapons, only that they use said weapons correctly and
precisely. A thief once attempted to rob him with one of his own blades
while holding the weapon incorrectly. Enraged, Jun disarmed the thief
and cut off both of his hands. True or not, Jun Pak tells of the encounter
to new and prospective customers in hopes that they do not suffer the
same fate.

World of Shattered 27

This city towers over the southern cliffs of Duel Lake, and serves as a However, this was not the full extent of their mission. Craftsmen
bastion of science, archaeology, and arkna, but it was not always so. The worked to recreate great pieces of history and art; laborers and scientists
Great Librarys halls of alabaster, adorned with inlays of gold and black worked to recover lost pieces of history from the wreckage of their vessel
granite, were once the unformed faces of the Aleppa Mountains. This and the world around them; countless souls worked tirelessly to catalog
great repository of knowledge was initially constructed to carry on their everything; others were put to the task of feeding all the rest, that they
tale after their inevitable doom. might survive long enough to achieve their monumental ambition.
As the Reckoning transpired around them, many Old Worlders sought Yet, humanity persisted. In the span of a mere two generations, the
to preserve their history from obliteration by taking to the skies in ancient notion of an impending doom vanished. They had been working to build
spacefaring vessels. Their hopes were crushed when arkna flooded the a monument to humanity, but Lanis realized there is no greater testament
world of Feneryss. to mankind than the next generation. So, the city turned toward the future
Many of these would-be survivors were killed as their vessels came with the revitalized hope only youth can instill.
crashing down, but luck continued to smile upon a select few. These few Determining their course was their next step. Previously, administration
hundred men and women, who would come to be called The Founders, was loosely organized by those with some combination of skill,
rallied together inside the corpses of their fallen saviors and established charisma, and bullheaded determination. Demagogues quickly rose to
a plan to build a memorial to humanity. Sure of their own eventual prominence. It began as simple disagreements over political structure,
demise, they would use what time remained to construct a monument for but gradually devolved into a cutthroat power struggle when none could
humanity that would endure for all time. see eye-to-eye. It became an era of subterfuge and doublespeak; secret
One of the greatest turns of luck was the crash site. Their vessel arrangements, betrayals, and the knowledge of such things becoming
carved away part of the mountains face, revealing a vast array of useful the dominant currency. These dealings became so pervasive that the city
minerals. Fuel sources were systematically detonated in order to unlock nearly plunged into civil war.
the material wealth trapped within the stone: limestone, granite, iron, and Fortunately for Lanis and its vast wealth of data, the city did not
alabaster, to name a few. This process reduced the mountain range to a succumb to flame and bloodshed. When one of their dirigibles happened
fraction of its former size. In its place the people constructed a monolith upon a small ship on what is now known as Duel Lake, the politicians
of pure white stone that glimmered in the orange light of the cloud- seized the opportunity to consolidate power by aiming the fear of the
covered skies. people at this foreign threat. It was successful, and ultimately led to the
War of Duel Lake.

28 World of Shattered
T H E DY N A S T I ES OF L A N IS among the Lanisian original survivors. Although she is now considered
Dynasties are part family history and part tradecraft reputation. a founder of Lanis, at the time of her assignment, she was stripped of
They are divided into several castes, such as forgehouses, artisans, and her title and was ousted from Stonescroll to serve as an example to other
legions. A prestigious forgehouse is more likely to provide a set of armor, political opponents. In her final statement to the founders she said, I
or even offer discounts, to a renowned legion. A legion likewise will will not live out my days garnishing my headstone. The words she
desire to contract a forgehouse with a colorful Legend. Legends are the uttered echoed through history and is still used an an unofficial motto in
written histories of a Dynasty that boast their many successes. While a Threshacre to this day; often abbreviated to Not my headstone.
forgehouse Legend might describe many great weapons that have slain She took up residence some distance from the main settlement, and
mighty beasts, an artisan Legend may recount a Dynastys masterpiece began to recruit lesser craftsmen and engineers that had been relegated
sculptures or portraits. A Lanisians Dynasty and Legend define their hard labor; she called them her renegades. She could often be heard
socioeconomic status. With greater renown come greater opportunities to encouraging them to not tie themselves to conventions established by
further ones Dynasty and Legend. It is therefore incredibly difficult for guildhouses that had been reduced to rubble; they were the framers of the
members of less reputable Dynasties to advance, but skill and time are new establishment. Her zeal for innovation ultimately paid off when her
the only true requirements. It is also incredibly difficult for one to cross- cadre worked out a system of fertilizing and maintaining the acidic soil.
train into another field of work, or to establish themselves in multiple The fields would be maintained as graveyards, and putrefacts would
fields. This stems from the cultural prejudice against muddying the be used to convert the corpses into the thin sheets of rotting flesh that
waters. It is considered a waste of talent or focus if one does not devote the noxious creatures leave in their wakes. This putrid flesh was used
their efforts wholly to a single endeavor. A Dynastys influence is also as fertilizer for a number of fruits and vegetables that thrive in acid-rich
political, meaning power is typically left in the hands of a select few environments: crisp and spicy soetriss bulbs, crunchy zhethau, starchy
families within each guild. izahbe root, among others. It wasnt more than six months before Arvha
Jana and her renegades were putting food in the bellies of the craftsman
and scholars of the budding settlement.
T H E C I T Y AT A GL A NC E In the years since, Threshacre has become more than the simple
Despite the citys unified beginnings, it is now carved up into sections breadbasket of Lanis. Farms became plantations, and simple roads became
that fan out from a single point, the Great Library. These sections are bountiful gardens of rhyberries and eucilith tea leaves. While Jana had
organized by function, and administration of each is determined by no children, the descendants of her renegades continue to cultivate the
dynastic politics. land and develop agrarian techniques. One of the more recent advances
is distillation, which permitted industrial alcohol production. One of
STONESCROLL Laniss most lucrative exports is Arvhan Ale, a starch and fruit alcohol
Although this district is the smallest of all of the districts, Stonescroll endearingly named after Threshacres premier botanist.
is the definitive nerve center of Lanis. It is almost completely contained
within the grounds of the Great Library, which houses apartment ARKNUS
complexes, meeting rooms, and trade forums among many other basic After the completion of the Great Library, many of its craftsman
amenities. Each of the tradecraft guilds also maintains an embassy as settled around it in an area that is sometimes called the Center Ring as it
Stonescroll is considered neutral political ground. Scribes, who make lies between Stonescroll and Threshacre. It serves as the industrial and
up the majority of the districts population, bustle around the corridors military center of the city while also housing many of the seminaries
attending to a multitude of civil services that fall under one of three dedicated to the study of arkna.
branches: The House of Records, the Populous Registrar, and the Military. Unlike the city of Pulse, with its assembly lines and wage slaves, Lanis
The House of Records is a sprawling complex located in the lower places high regard on the quality and craftsmanship of its weapons and
levels of the Library. Its purpose is to document each historical object its warriors. This value was instilled in the tradecraft culture when the
contained within the Library. Each recorded object contains an exhaustive Great Library was being built and it is commonly believed that anything
dossier detailing everything from who found it and where, to whether it of good quality has had someones soul poured into it.
is part of a larger collection. At last count, the Great Librarys stockpile
exceeded 175 million objects, most of which are mere scraps or shards
from the Old World. C I T Y L I FE
Similar in function, the Populous Registrar maintains a count of the From an early age, the children of Lanis are sent to academies in
citys population and issues citizenship IDs. Each year a census is taken Stonescroll to learn the history and importance of their parents tradecrafts.
to update not only the whole of Lanis, but its various demographics. Their Once they complete their education, they are placed as apprentices with
chief task, however, is maintaining a record of Dynasties and Legends. rival families of their caste. Not only does this foster diversity of their
Lastly, the Populous Registrar operates satellite offices at city entrances craft, but also preserves peace between potential antagonism. On rare
to track visitors. After logging their intent and an estimated length of occasions, this practice has united two Dynasties in marriage or deep
stay, warrants and bulletins are checked for possible criminal activity. friendship.
After clearing this, visitors are issued a visa. Visitors caught without After five or ten years, they return home to contribute to their Legend,
these papers can expect detention, or even deportation.While the bulk for better or worse. Their successes and failures will improve or
of Lanis military makes its home in Arknus, its leadership resides in a decrease the familys standing, determine potential business and marital
suite towards the top of the library. This allows any military action to be propositions, and political clout within their caste. This pressure has been
properly documented while also giving them a strategic viewpoint should known to force Dynasties to disown family members, or even driven
the city be assailed. individuals to suicide.
While this technocracy is the reason Lanis stands as the premier source
THRESHACRE of skilled labor, science, and knowledge, it also propagates inequity,
As the founders hatched their plans to build a monument to humanity, typically in the form of racism and classism. Furthermore, the system
they also needed to establish a breadbasket to feed their workers. This makes it quite easy for more powerful Dynasties to quash upstart rivals,
overwhelming task was given to an outspoken woman who was often although it is still possible to rise through the ranks.
critical of the founders decisions. She had taken the name Arvha Jana
for herself and was, as fate would have it, the sole surviving botanist

World of Shattered 29
COV EN AC T I V I T Y the arkne, biology was something of a hobby for him. He first posited the
The third largest Coven in Feneryss, Skryst is also considered by many Axiom of Might: that life naturally develops according to its environment
to be the most powerful and influential. In addition to controlling its own to produce cohabitants capable of success. Second, he hypothesized that
members, it exerts its will upon the puny Coven in Pulse, Stillyr. The consciousness, while a byproduct of physical development, could be
Coven also extends its power bubble to include the majority of the Council synthesized with arkna. Despite this he struggled for nearly a decade to
of Lanis. However, this Coven and by extension its influence is split actualize his theory.
into two houses: the Lightborn and the House of Ror. They war over a Maddened by the years of failure, he ultimately attempted to imitate
philosophical disparity and the belief that only their members are the true the Alypse ritual sacrifice. He offered his blood to the lifeless cadaver laid
descendants of Meliny, one of the first Lanisian vampires. prostrate on his examination table. When Letch regained consciousness,
The Lightborn are a group of Vampires driven to fight their base he found himself on the very same table with his creation looming over
instincts and stand as paragons amongst vampirekind. They run a few him with dead eyes. As the first necromancer, Letch Malign earned the
charities in Lanis as well as care for the sick and help fight political title of Corpsefather.
corruption within the city. These seekers of justice are born again into the The Council of Lanis immediately sought him out and begged Letch to
light, as it were, in order to better serve the city and fight the debauchery train the first legion of necromancers while furthering his research. The
of vampire culture. They use the covens political sway to improve living Malign Dynasty continues to enjoy a plush lifestyle thanks to his efforts,
conditions. Not only do they firmly believe that they are the superior sect and to this day Lanis maintains a reputation as the home of the worlds
of the vampire race, but that anyone who allows themselves to be caught greatest arknists.
up in their base desires cant be spawn of the first Lightborn and must be
put to death. As such, they often hunt down and kill the weaker members PER SONS OF I N T ER ES T
of the House of Ror.
On the other hand the House of Ror is a decadent congregation of
self-proclaimed royalty. They and their followers participate in any and JOHAN DEVRIES
all of their hedonistic debauchery with reckless abandon. Daily feasts, A man with a deathwish, Johan DeVries is one of the most notorious
orgies, blood baths, and slave fights are only a few of the better known and sought after bounty hunters in Feneryss. He has penchant for extreme
activities. Theres not a single concern among them for the state of the violence, and has little sympathy for those that get between him and his
world; they wish only to honor their primitive beginnings through action. quarry. This general disregard for others has led Johan to having one of
The more ambitious of the faction run the budding fang district within the highest collateral damage counts of any bounty hunter on record. It is
the city, which hosts low-end brothels, drug and gambling dens, and other not uncommon for other bounty hunters to interfere with his pursuits in
unsavory functions. hopes of claiming the ever increasing bounty on his head. Many officers
A scant few rumors suggest the true leadership of this coven plays both of the law give Johan a wide berth, and generally accept his presence as
parties against each other in order to keep the Lanisian vampire populace a sign of worse things lurking in their jurisdiction.
occupied. They say a select few rule with an iron fist and anyone who It is well know that when not on a job, Johan is a connoisseur of aged
tries to bring this truth to light is immediately silenced. In addition to spirits and has been known to enjoy stimulants of various kinds while
playing the factions against one another, this ruling Shadow Council visiting some of his favorite Lansian bawdy houses.
is able to shunt any criminal investigations toward these puppets and His general recklessness is believed to be the result of a trauma suffered
remain far from the prying eyes of the public. They alone know the lies in his past, though the few that know him well enough to ask know not to.
of Meliny and wield rumors to guide the conflict as they desire.
The father of necromancy, Letch is one of the oldest living citizens
L OC A L ECONOM Y in Lanis, though the term citizen is used loosely. He no longer lives as a
Having only recently developed their own salt-backed currency a single entity, but as a shared consciousness among legion of stitches. The
handful of decades prior to the Cistern Accords, the move to the Note method of his ascension is unknown, though it remains the topic of much
system was met with considerable resistance from the local traders. Time debate in philosophical and scientific circles. When he has spoke of his
and convenience eventually won out. Today, merchants in Lanis accept current state he insists that he maintains his existence in order to find a
both forms of currency, although the use of Notes is more prevalent. way to stop his former student, colloquially known as The Last.


In its formative days, most of the citys militia were poorly trained men- One of the few Rekindled to join the Mage Legion, Thirst of the Forge
at-arms. The study of arkna changed that. Mages are combat-trained is without a doubt the most respected. With an exceptional talent for
arknists, and in the absence of the Kallogorryn Empire Lanisian mages primaltheugy, specifically in regards to fire, Thirst was a distinguished, if
stand supreme. However, this was not always the case. At the onset, mage not troubled student. He revelled in the joy of creating new spells, which
legions were all ill-trained and poorly educated primaltheurgists. inevitably led to his horrific disfigurement. During a demonstration, he
Two things were done to remedy this deficiency. First, the Logerra wreathed himself in fire to ward off would-be attackers, only to light
was created, taking up several floors of the Great Library, to serve as the himself ablaze in the process. He survived the ordeal but lost his right
proving grounds for the citys arkne elite. Here masters and apprentices eye and suffered severe burn scarring across much of his body. Rather
alike could hone and test their skills to nigh perfection. Second, as part than living the rest of his days immobile, he chose to avail himself of
of the annual census, the Populous Registrar now keeps files on citizens his limbs and replaced them with prosthetics. Following his lengthy
with arkne potential. Such individuals are recruited and then trained to recovery, Thirst returned to the Logerra and was permitted to complete
be part of the mage legion. Given that Lanis is not a militaristic society his training. He has since joined the Mage Legion and has served with
like Pulse and also lacks their gargantuan forges, mages are the next best great distinction, commanding great respect among his fellow arknists.
alternative. As such the Logerra is the most well funded arkne training Even to this day, he remains one of the most diligent and ingenious
and research facilities in the known world. primalists to ever grace the legion. In recent years it is rumored that he
Letch Malign, a rather unfortunately named mortician, had taken a has been researching artifical bioreactors, with limited success.
considerable interest in the new world of arkna. Prior to his interest in

30 World of Shattered

The journey from the southern city-states to Neroth is a long and found himself up to his knees in cool water. Knowing full well what he
treacherous path. During the month of Delebakk, when the undead tide discovered, he filled his canteens and returned to the surface.
is passing the Snapspine mountains on its way south, the only path to the On the trip back, Urd contemplated his options. He could sell it by the
northern city was through the small outpost of Lokoran, founded in 2620 canteen and make a fortune; he could sell the information to one of the
PR. At the foot of the mountains there is a lone cave entrance dwarfing traders that he frequently worked with and make a much larger, more
even the Great Library of Lanis. It is the mouth of the Snapspine Caverns, immediate fortune; or he could give the find to Lokoran. After several
which are quite dangerous in their own right. Lokoran served as a rest days of racking his brain, he decided that rather than face the danger and
stop before venturing further into the dark, winding chasms. scrutiny of becoming a rich man overnight, it would be best to give the
For more than a century, Lokoran remained a small outpost whose water to the people.
population numbered no higher than several hundred due to lack of He sought an audience with the Warden of Lokoran, Ralm Kalev, to
natural resources. As with much of history, drastic change tends to fall present his find and offer suggestions on how to collect the water. Ralm
into the hands of rebels and outcasts. In the case of Lokoran, the catalyst was a native son of Lanis and former Pulse military officer. After being
was a young man named Urd Mald. stationed at the Lokoran outpost, he had found himself thrust into the
Orphaned as a newborn, Urd proved to be resourceful and adventurous position of Warden, staving off the citys financial collapse in the wake
at a young age on Lokorans rock-hewn streets. When he was not lifting of his predecessors stress-induced suicide. The things he had seen in
goods from market stalls he would be planning excursions into the his life and the people he dealt with on a daily basis made Ralm a tired
caverns, a pastime that continued into early adulthood. His knowledge and jaded man. His skepticism at young Urds findings, however, were
of the caverns allowed him to turn a small profit offering his expertise to smothered by his hopes. Fresh water meant financial stability and growth
caravans seeking passage through to Neroth when sanctioned expeditions for the outpost.
werent departing. To ascertain the truth, Ralm commissioned a crew of explorers to join
On one of his private ventures, in 2750 PR, Urd was underground for Urd on another expedition to determine the size of the water source,
three weeks. He had run out of torches and resorted to using luminescent which returned with proof of an expansive aquifer whose actual size
drakewurm blood to continue his journey. It was here in the dark depths could not be determined. Ralm wasted no time in taking advantage of the
that he made a discovery that would change the world forever. He sought news and a plan was formulated to get the water to the surface. A one-
out a small alcove to rest and noticed that the equipment he had set on hundred yard canal was dug through Lokoran with a deep cavity at either
the ground was damp with water, which, as far as Urd could tell, was end. These tunnels lead down to the Cistern below. An ark-drive situated
not acidic in the slightest. Instead of resting, he explored further and

World of Shattered 31
at one end draws water up and out of the Cistern to flow the length of the Similarly, in order to construct or renovate any waterside facilities,
canal before plummeting back into the caverns. charity must also be allocated to the outer city. The ultimate goal of the
Then, Ralm drafted laws for the consumption, sale, and pollution of this Act is to ensure there are no second-class citizens, like those in the
blessed gift. Anyone caught in the act of pollution would be sentenced to Crush, which surrounds Pulse.
death by drowning. Next, he wrote the Act of Charity, which founded an
elected council who would serve the people of Lokoran and oversee their
wellbeing. Ralms last act, before resigning his position, was to repay
Urd for his gift to the city. The Vhiesstu was established to explore and
chart the Snapspine caverns, with Urd as their leader.
The southern entrance to Lokoran and the path to the Snapspine
Under these new laws, and with a source of untainted water, Lokoran
Caverns starts here. Hundreds of merchants pour through each of the
was speedily upgraded from a small outpost to a booming and beautiful
Apertures three heavily armored gates each day. The city guard also
city in the span of a decade. It was this prosperity, which the people of the
takes up residence here, watching all those who enter the city from the
city attribute to the selfless acts of Urd and Ralm, that propelled Lokoran
toward inevitable conflict. Ralms heritage and previous position as
Warden prompted two military behemoths to lumber forth to the city
gates, each believing they had claim to the city and its water. Thus started
Named for the perpetual flow of souls to and fro, this boulevard
the War of Fools in 2758 PR.
marketplace runs from the Aperture to the Precipice. Other marketplaces
are but ash in ones mouth when compared this festive shoppers
T H E AC T OF C H A R I T Y paradise. It is an ever-shifting tapestry of merchant stalls, pop-up
Written by Warden Ralm Kalev, the Act founded a ruling council of eateries, and auction houses; anything the body needs or wants can be
five elected persons, which took effect with his resignation. To enter into found somewhere along this strip.
the election, prospective council members must bid on a seat through Here, even the dead partake in the joviality. Fresh corpses are stripped
a charitable donation to the city. Any donations that would benefit the of their valuables, cleaned, then painted and carried about the street on
government, Cistern, or wealthy are required to have a proportional lush carpets in a practice called Raising. Once they reach the Precipice,
donation to the poorer districts. These bids are tracked in the Alms they are dismembered and sold to necromancers. Although it persists as
Register, regardless of whether or not they are fulfilled. After the bids superstition, it is said that these parts gift a stitch with a sense of humor
are collected, all property owners are allowed three votes, and licensed and lust for life. Contrary to popular belief, this path is the greatest source
caravans are allotted one vote. The nominees whose bids receive the most of Lokorans wealth, even moreso than its water.
votes will sit on the council for five years.

32 World of Shattered
BASIN surrounding this area is so tightly monitored that the exact safeguards are
Seated directly beneath Overlook, this lavish and colorful part of the unknown by the general populace. Rumors suggest anyone who guards it
city is the home of all citizens, except the Coffers. The main street runs is forced with arkna to never give out the secrets. It is also the birthplace
alongside the canal from the cliff face of Overlook in the east to Stigia of the Florvana, and many still cling to it as their home.
in the west. Houses are arrayed in avenues running perpendicular to the
canal. The largest estates enjoy waterfront views, and the poorest reside
near the Aperture or Precipice. Differences between the lives of rich and
Life in the Wellspring City is good. The Act of Charity ensures a high
poor Lokoris are small thanks to the Act of Charity.
standard for living, even for the poor. Everyone receives some level of
institutional education, work opportunities are plentiful, and its not hard
for an ambitious person to launch a small business. With the constant flow
Nestled on the cliffs of Lokoran, the citys elected officials, the
of land and air traffic, mercantile and mercenary endeavors are always
Coffers, gaze out over the city and its endless cheer from their manses.
available. The Act of Charity also promises regular work for craftsmen,
In addition to the leadership, much of the citys wealth is stored here:
especially woodworkers and stonemasons with each election cycle and
water reserves, foodstores, and cold, hard notes.
efforts to maintain wealthier estates. A typical day at work in Lokoran is
the polar opposite of Pulse, with no clearly defined hours. Smaller shops
often close for tea breaks and Raisings two or three times a day, for up to
Looming on the edge of the Snapspine Caverns dark abyss are a
twenty minutes at a time. This relaxed atmosphere is deeply ingrained in
series of gatehouses that mirror that of the Aperture. This entry into the
the citys personality, but larger shops closer to the central boulevard of
city is warded by the Vheisstu, a subset of Lokorans city guard who
Stigia tend to be more reliable.
frequently send out detachments to explore the darkness of the caverns.
Come the month of Leid, however, the jubilance becomes muted as the
It is due to this exploration Lokoran is able to exist as a refuge in between
city prepares to battle the undead tide. As it is the only defensible position
Neroth and the southern cities, and members of the Vheisstu frequently
between the horde and the Alecian Plains, Fenerysss breadbasket, other
accompany groups of caravans to escort them through to the other side.
city-states regularly contribute forces to the defense of the city. They also
organize forces to lead the horde southeast, into the Wastes of Galaam.
Guardsmen are spread from the Aperture to the Untarnished Steppes to act
Below the city, beneath the canal, lies the source of its prosperity: pure
as a dragnet for any undead that stray from the pack and venture toward
water. An ark-drive lies in a manmade cavern beneath the eastern tunnel
the Plains. Around this time, the Florvana celebrate Renewal. After the
and pumps water up to the canal like an inverted waterfall. It then runs
undead tide has passed, the entire city celebrates Messanah, mourning the
the length of the canal before cascading back into the Cistern. Security
dead with hourly Raisings and celebrating those who remain.

World of Shattered 33
Lokoran boasts status as the most proportionally diverse city. Florvana during the war of fools by smuggling military grade equipment out of
have their greatest presence here, and the Dreyri Coven is possibly the Pulse and across the Ashlands.
largest group of Vampires in Feneryss. Even unmasked Alypse can find As a Shade with five older sisters, he was no heir. All that was expected
solace here, although the steady stream of travelers makes fleshmasks of him was to learn a craft and marry into another blind to father children.
just as important here as anywhere else. Also noteworthy is the fact that Much to the disdain of his mother, Gunmetal took after his older sisters
at least one member of every race has held the position of Coffer at some and bucked the traditions of his heritage. With each of his older sisters in
point. Lanis exploring the mysteries of arkna, he chose to take up the family
His mother would never see eye to eye with him, and he was forced
COV EN AC T I V I T Y to work as her direct competitor until her death in 140AD. At this point
With influence stretching from the Snapspine Mountains south across
he took control of his mothers business, taking the family name in
the Alecian Plains, as far west as the Demons Jag, and eastward to the
addition to his own, henceforth being known as Gunmetal Baklai. Today,
footspires of the Glass Forest, the Dreyri Coven is unarguably the largest
Gunmetal is an outcast amongst his kind but has become a lauded and
city-dwelling Coven in all Feneryss. This is due to a few things particular
influential figure in Lokoran. Among the right circles it is said that he can
to this coven. The coven is purely democratic in its running, meaning
get his hands on nearly anything. If the price is right.
all adult members share in the responsibility of decisionmaking and
the consequences of their collective actions. They were the first coven
to create and enforce illegal feeding (or cannibalism) laws, as well as ALISSA LOCH STEINLOCH
the first to institute indentured feeding with the help of the Lokoran Alissa is the sole remaining heir to the Steinloch dynasty. She, like her
legislature. forebears, is an adventurer of the highest calibre, often taking on nigh
Indentured feeding is a law in Lokoran that allows vampires to suicidal expeditions simply for the sake of adventure. Of course, treasure
indenture members of the clean-blood races for a predetermined period is always involved. These trinkets serve to finance future expeditions,
of time to reconcile debts. These unfortunate souls are more frequently build the legacy, and stock their curio shop, The Old World. In their glory
called blood slaves, or pumps, serving as personal blood sources for days, a franchise could be found in every major settlement; these days,
the entirety of their term. The Coven often manipulates this ruling to The Old World can only be found in Lokoran, where the lone Steinloch
provide for members via its many businesses. When injured or ill Lokoris currently resides. Alissa rarely wastes time with its administration,
arrive at a Dreyri-run hospital short on notes, or come begging for a loan, instead entrusting the shop to a small lib of Drones that have been close
the coven will offer blood slavery terms or turn them away. They will to the Steinlochs for generations.
then pass the desperate customer to a member in need. The Steinloch matriarch is a mild agoraphobe, preferring the enclosed
The law comes with a slew of benefits. It ensures regular feeding, spaces of her estate or Old World catacombs to the expanse outside. For
which keeps member Vampires consistently stronger than those of other this reason, she has a predilection toward multilayered traveling clothes
covens. A guaranteed supply of clean blood is also an irresistible offer and never leaves home without her favorite hooded scarf. Buried beneath
for most Vampires, and keeps their numbers on a steady rise. The law, all those layers, however, is a lithe and athletic form, toned from nearly a
in combination with the covens promise of capital punishment for decade of protracted travel and expeditions. Physically, Miss Steinloch is
cannibals, has virtually eliminated illegal feedings, which in turn keeps easiest described as conventionally attractive, with auburn hair tumbling
the non-Vampires quite happy. past her shoulders and blue eyes that glow in dim light. Personally, she
Of course, not everyone views them in a positive light. Indentured is a very competitive person, and prone to brisk swings from raucous
feeding is seen by many as a crueler form of slavery that lacks proper joviality to smoldering brimstone. Her most distinguishing feature is
oversight and leaves ample room for abuse of the debtor. It makes the a cybernetic arm with functionality similar to a bioreactor mutation. It
Dreyri a powerful sociopolitical force, and many see them as a threat to allows her to interface with a wide variety of technology; when pressed,
Lokorans otherwise well-balanced government. Still, the opinion of the she insists on a different explanation every time.
overwhelming majority is that both the coven and its blood slavery are Her familys fall from the limelight all began when she was only
necessary evils. They keep the peace, and grease the gears of a growing seventeen years old. She, along with her father and siblings, were on an
economy. expedition to a location they had dubbed, the Blacksteel Vaults. They
spent years carefully mapping its interior. During this time, word of their
L OC A L ECONOM Y endeavors reached a rival relic hunter, one Dietrich Frost. Believing this
Lokoran stands apart from the rest of the world by serving as an location would likely be the greatest treasure trove of his life, set a plan
exchange for many of the lesser currencies of Feneryss. While the Coffers in motion to steal the treasures out from under the Steinlochs and bring
deal primarily in notes, they have also been known to deal in teeth and their legacy crashing down. His plan was even more effective than hed
slaves from time to time. To establish an exchange rate, the proponents intended. Mr. Frost stole off with all of the Steinlochss discoveries, and
of the new currency must present it to the Coffers and attempt to buy an left them for dead within the Blacksteel Vaults. Alissa and her father
item from each member. If each member accepts the offer, the currency escaped, but only she survived the trip home.
in question is recognized and a bank is established in Overlook. The Their survey of the Blacksteel Vaults lasted nearly eight years. In their
exchange rates for all currencies in Lokoran is reset on a monthly basis absence, the Steinloch dynasty had lost all prestige, and their legacy had
and is based on usage trends and the liquidity of each respective bank. become dusty, forgotten ledgers. Their string of shops had all closed
their doors save for the one in Lokoran. It was there Alissa recouped
and plotted her revenge. Traveling Feneryss was inherently dangerous,
PER SONS OF I N T ER ES T so the final Steinloch was no stranger to violence, but she desired a far
more sinister vengeance. She resumed activities as a relic hunter, but
under the alias, Loch. She informed no one of her return, and continues
to operate covertly from The Old World. Alissa funnels all her finances
Born amongst the powder and steel that became his namesake, into Lokori mercantilism, undercutting Mr. Frost, buying out his various
Gunmetal was the youngest son born to a gunrunning empire that made partners, and sowing discord in his businesses. Her plan to drag him into
its home in Lokoran. His great-grandmother established their family obscurity and financial ruin continues to this day.

34 World of Shattered

In 2571AR, an indentured workforce was struggling on the Alecian Nearly four years after her initial discovery, Rydrict and the two
Plains. While the conditions for the laborers were rarely indignant, many Lanisian families were in business. The first few felled trees were carved
found themselves in what amounted to indentured servitude. Among them up and used to build a formidable palisade around the new settlement.
was Alesia Rydrict, and she was fed up with clawing her way through an The axe responsible for the work was called Neroth, and it was decided
agonizing life toward a miserable death. She sold her familys land to free that the new settlement would share in its Legend.
her from their ancestral debts, then departed northward with two notes Promises of steady work and security lured people from all corners
to her name and hopes of a fresh start. The journey was somehow more of the world to Neroth. The city flourished under the triumvirate. The
exhausting than her previous life, but freedom had become a wellspring surrounding woods were neatly split into three portions, and each house,
of energy for her. With it she was able to surmount every obstacle in her now known as Lodges, dutifully worked its share. In that fashion,
path. business went well for nearly four decades. During that time, both of
Alesia lingered in the north for several months, mapping its major Alesias partners succumbed to natural deaths. She was the last of the
features each day before returning to her home high in the trees each three to pass away. In the wake of her death, the new Lodge leaders vied
night. It didnt take her long to realize the value of the regions natural for increased power. The struggle was subtle at first, restricted purely to
resources. This gave her an idea, which she carried back south. political and financial maneuvers, but came to an ugly head with a string
Rydrict crossed the continent via a series of traders carts to wind up of assassinations. Then all bets were off.
in Pulse. After a couple weeks of pitching her lumber expedition to a The trio of Lodges began to assert their authority more aggressively.
number of potential financiers, she was concerned that any partner from They clamped down on the citizens and businesses, eventually dividing
Pulse would hold greater loyalty to the Iron Ring than any contracts they the city in thirds and ruling each independently. These borders were
might shake on. blurred at best, and the constant conflict meant that lines were frequently
Undeterred, she set her sights on Lanis. Among the many potential redrawn. It was common for a Nerothi to fall asleep within the borders
partnerships to be had, Rydrict found two families. The first, Norvet, of Advaeja and awake within the realm of Norvet. The backlash from the
were moderately successful woodmasons; the second, Advaeja, was a commoners was as inevitable as it was violent.
legion of similar reputation. While each Dynasty had garnered modest Faced with bloody revolt, the Lodges withdrew from the majority of
Legends, both were interested in opportunities and glory beyond Lanis. It the city, and consolidated their assets into a single section of the city,
was a perfect match, each party filled with hopes of a prosperous future. which became Keyhold. Between bouts of rioting and infighting, they
And so it was agreed: should they find success, each party would own a hastily constructed an inner palisade with absolutely zero regard for any
full and proportional third of the ventures profits. structures already established. The effect was twofold, securing their
most important holdings and surrendering control of the rest of the city.

World of Shattered 35
The area beyond the Keyhold, known as the Spindle, quickly descended The One Path Lakes are also home to rare and dangerous creatures,
into all-out war as revolutionaries and self-titled warlords flooded the the hamour (page 220) being one of them. Hamour are semi-aquatic
power vacuum. These new minor powers of course had to finance their creatures bearing sharp teeth and fins that double as clumsy feet when
pursuits, so they turned to the only source of income readily available: waddling on land. If tales are to be believed, the land kraken (page 246)
lumber. Lodges were suddenly in competition with lesser entities, and the dwells in the caves beyond the northern shores of Stigr and pull all unruly
conflict spiraled further out of control. children and solicitous husbands into its cave with spined tentacles.
Just when it seemed the roiling chaos had reached its most turbulent,
a new ingredient was tossed into the pot. Vampires, fleeing the scorn of
the south, found refuge in the near-lawless Neroth. These new arrivals
brought with them their compulsion towards hematophagy and formed a
new Coven, Margyr, which translates to, Many. Initially, Margyr was
The most secure section of Neroth houses the three Lodges within
a great source of pride and unity for the immigrants, but the whirlpool of
the citys Inner Palisade. The walls are thirty feet high. Each of the five
strife in Neroth soon swallowed them as well. The Coven fractured from
gates is guarded in triplicate, with one guard from each Lodge. Of course,
within and soon became many, much weaker elements.
each family has its own secret entrances and exits, but those are politely
Many years later, following the emergence of Florvana, Neroth and
ignored by the other families. A dedicated area has been set aside in
its forest became one of the more popular destinations for Florvan
the Keyhold as neutral ground for trade, negotiation, and even various
adventurers. Neroth became a sort of holy site for the Florvana, and
competitions. Despite their need for one another, animosity persists in
many of them emigrated to the city in hopes that it would influence the
passive aggression, but is more commonly vented in competitions such
regrowth of Feneryss. It was not long before this vision of a better world
as wrestling and weapons sparring.
fell along with the trees that had been cut down for lumber. Many of
these new denizens left Neroth, disheartened that their bastion of growth
was not what it seemed. Others remained and did what they could to
A sea of chaos, this section of Neroth sits between the Inner and
enact change. Some joined the Lodges to improve their practices, others
Outer Palisades, the latter of which has fallen into disrepair since the
still ventured down more extreme lines of thought. A movement began
Lodges retreat. Self-proclaimed warlords, revolutionaries, and other
that sought to destroy the Lodges and their industrial machinations.
power-hungry figures are in constant contention for territory. When one
Unfortunately, these aspirations frequently fall short of their aims and
falls and is devoured by their followers, another rises to take their place.
blend into the cacophony of Neroth, only one more cog in the machine
These gangs derive strength from the efforts of others, putting citizens
of chaos.
to work in the woods for little to no wages, or charging a guardians
fee to protect them from rival gangs. The means of lordship vary, but in
T H E MORT E MWOODS every case it is enforced with violence, and is suffered by honest workers.
Engulfing the city of Neroth is an ancient woodland called the Some attempt to avoid the game and live life day-to-day as freelancers
Mortemwoods. This forest provides the numerous entities at work in or solitary rogues. For all its ugliness, the Lodges appreciate the Spindle
the city with lumber while also serving up a great deal of hunting and come Skog and the first wave of the undead tide. It serves as an excellent
foraging opportunities. While the forest itself bears a diverse collection buffer of bodies and walls, and the cutthroat culture breeds strong
of trees, the most prominent are the erminsul. These massive conifers combatants for defending the Outer Palisade.
regularly grow to a height of 1,000 feet, generally having a circumference
of three hundred feet. Past their thick bark, which is commonly used
for armor plating, the interior bears a rich red or purple hue. The sap
For all intents and purposes, the majority of Neroth is a warzone, but
of these giants is used in a number of different applications. The most
in spite of that it remains a home for thousands of people. Marketplaces,
prominent application is, ironically, fire prevention. However, it would
shops, forges, and others not only operate but thrive in the chaos and
be remiss to not mention that the sap is also fermented into the ever-
uncertainty each day brings. The same can be said for the myriad of
popular bloodwine.
groups fighting for scraps of the city. Vampire covens, aspect cults, and
Among the assorted trees live a wide variety of fauna, both threatening
the Vortem all benefit from the multitude of tightly knit and well armed
and docile. The most perilous creatures to stalk the Mortemwoods are
communities that have made their homes in Neroth. The average citizen
the broodhives and chirshun, each of which are responsible for Nerothi
who keeps their head down and minds their own business is still likely
deaths numbering in the thousands. There are some creatures that call the
to suffer the ill effects of the Nerothi civil war, but most try nevertheless.
Mortemwoods home that are of great benefit to neroth.
From an early age, children form their own cliques that typically
The Mortemwoods in fact contain one of the only three domesticated
evolve into gangs as the group matures. Education for most is trade
creatures on Feneryss. The miltbrade is a small- to medium-sized tentacle-
knowledge passed down from their family, much like Lanisian dynasties.
clad invertebrate that feeds on rotting wood fiber. These creatures
Theres little higher education to speak of in Neroth, and those few who
tendrils, which grow back when lost, are incredibly edible when cooked
are privileged enough to receive an education are typically tutored by
and are a staple of Nerothi cuisine. They also produce a natural fiber that
scholars from Pulse, Lanis, or Lokoran. Most jobs are in the fields of
presents flame retardant properties similar to the erminsuls sap. As such
lumber, horticulture, trapping, or airship construction, but Neroth is also
it has many possible applications, but is frequently used to make rope
a promising source of mercenaries.
and clothing.
While the extremely wealthy simply import their water from Lokoran,
the majority of citizens collect theirs from Gata and Stigr lakes, also COV EN AC T I V I T Y
known as the One Path Lakes, which are located a couple hundred yards Since Margyrs split into numerous smaller groups, Vampires have
north of the city proper. Since the water is extremely acidic, it must be never possessed a significant position in any facet of Neroth. They have
purified by magical or chemical means, or a combination of the two. contributed considerably to the turmoil of the Spindle, however. While
There is a minor religion surrounding the twin lakes that suggests those these coven fragments normally stray from cannibalism, several elements
who drink the pure (read: unpurified) water from the One Path Lakes still partake in the taboo. Prosecuting offenders is nigh impossible given
will receive salvation. Typically, the followers die at a young age from the weak and disorganized nature of the Vampire residents. Those who
internal acid burns. identify as Margyr or some other virtually unknown coven from Neroth

36 World of Shattered
are often ignored and easily disregarded as minor players, but their While only a few short years have passed since that fateful day,
presence cannot be dismissed entirely. Captain Darq has managed to establish a name for himself, not only
as a top notch privateer but also as quite the ladys man. While he
claims no direct responsibility for it, tales of his various conquests have
L OC A L ECONOM Y spread throughout Feneryss, either shouted at the raucous taverns of the
While Neroth is not typically known for much beyond its lumber, a
everyman or whispered as part of many a lonely maidens fantasies of
number of institutions in the city pioneered some financial practices that
love and peril.
were ahead of its time. The most influential was the Perennial Bank,
which housed and orchestrated the exchange of pressed flowers for goods
and services. The system only stood for a few years, the primary flaw
At a glance, Hustle is an average Rekindled. Getting past his looks
being that each flower possesses different value based on its flaws.The
reveals that he is a prolific liar with a serious gambling problem. This
currencys longevity couldnt last when the Perennial Bank was burned
is a man who will gamble away the clothes on his back if he thinks he
down in 2760 PR. Thankfully, it was replaced the following year by the
can win a bet. Sometimes he doesnt leave such things to chance and is
Second Perennial Bank, which deals in the standardized Note to this day.
a well known cheat. He has successfully scammed, conned, or otherwise
swindled nearly everyone in the city. Unfortunately for Hustle, there
T H E M I L I T I A OF N ERO T H are many in Neroth that do not take kindly to such deception. On more
Even though much of the city has become complacent with the perpetual than one occasion, the offended party has killed him for his many, many
civil war, there is one particular occasion that draws all these bickering transgressions. In a few weeks he stumbles back into town with little or
parties together. Its called Freehold and falls in the last weeks of the no memory of what previously occurred. Usually after his miraculous
month of Deadtide leading into Skog. During Freehold, all of Neroth recovery from death, most people give up their grudge on him, with
bands together in the face of the coming undead horde under a banner one exception: Lord Harrceus. After he picked the Lords pockets and
of necessity. The early days of Freehold begin with the first sighting of used their contents to empty one of their storehouses of all its valuables,
the horde outside Hel, and are observed differently by different groups. he attempted to sell the loot back to the Harrceus Family. Hustle was
People face their mortality with celebrations of life, gifts of apology, or captured, tortured, and killed over and over. Eventually, Lord Harrceus
debaucherous activities to preempt what may be their final days. Many grew weary of killing the Rekindled, but his grudge remains. It is best
organizations, both large and small, often make peace offerings during to seek out Hustle when searching for anything or anyone in Neroth.
this time. The classic offering is a budding erminsul tree. Although his memory can be a bit hazy at times, his information gathering
These activities dwindle as the undead close on the city. The Lodges is exemplary, and his deft hands are notorious.
exercise what influence remains to spearhead the organization of the
citys defense. Forces are allotted locations along the Outer Palisade while LORD HARRCEUS
the Lodges maintain administration and logistics. Even here, however, His origins are lost to the chaos of Neroth, but the rise of this self-
Nerothi politics butt their ugly head. Certain segments, especially those proclaimed Lord was swift and unflagging. This rush to the top also
along the gates, are considered highly respected and glorified positions revealed Harrceus as a cold and calculating Wretched with a penchant
to defend. This tends to be the primary factor that slows preparations. for brutality and longstanding grudges. With these particular attributes he
While the fighting men are standing their ground at the Outer Palisade, established himself as one of the largest landholders in Neroth, easily on
some depraved souls are keen to take advantage of the eerie emptiness of par with the three Lodges. The Lord also earned himself a healthy host of
the city. In light of this, it is often easy to identify the poorest defenders: enemies along the way. His group, the Harrceus Family, rarely entertains
theyre the ones whove brought all their belongings to the wall. The business ventures with outsiders. When they do, their partners can expect
defense of Neroth lasts anywhere from two to four weeks, after which it a hefty fine for access to the Harrceus reputation and tools.
devolves back into petty quarreling. The Lord of the estate is a man that appreciates both form and function.
His artfully sculpted cane secretly houses a miniature elektro-cannon,
his rich cape is highly fire resistant, and a mastercrafted breastplate
PER SONS OF I N T ER ES T is skillfully hidden under his pristine attire. The size of his reputation
often leaves onlookers underwhelmed by his short stature, which serves
C A P TA I N D A R Q to exaggerate the pair of statuesque bodyguards always flanking him in
One of the finest scoundrels north of the Snapspine Mountains, Darq public. However, his true power lies not in his guards nor his weapon,
makes a living as the captain of the Darqling Sanction, an experimental but within his mind. Lord Harrceus has both infallible recall and an
Pulse naval vessel turned privateer brig. While at the helm, he exhibits extraordinary psykic ability, which he delights in turning to his advantage.
a brash confidence and recklessness that is inherent to new captains,
but thus far has managed to come out on top of every encounter hes
wrangled the crew into.
Prior to his ascension to Captain (and piracy), Darq was a lowly
sergeant, known by a different name, serving under a violent and sadistic
bastard of a captain, who commanded the ship with terror and tyranny.
Believing the great ship deserved better management, Darq initiated a
mutiny. The crew overwhelmed the captain and his officers in a matter
of minutes and showed no hesitation in throwing each of them over the
side of the ship.
Taking for himself the mantle of captain, he announced to the remaining
crew that he was renouncing his old name and title to become the living
will of the Darqling Sanction. He took the moniker Captain Darq, then
with ship and crew in tow, set out for Neroth. It was in that chaotic city
that Darq believed he and his crew would find their fortunes.

World of Shattered 37

Before it was the Grave City, Hel was once the capital of the mighty With word of the conflict reaching the capital, slaves, debt-slaves, and
Kallogorryn Empire, known as NathKaartu. It was a theocracy ruled prisoners revolted. The capital was already at war with itself by the time
by a handful of High Prophets that spread quickly to the surrounding Taek and his army faced off with the final clutch of necromancers at
region through crusades to convert or kill the neighboring population. the Battle at Deaths Door. With the elimination of the few remaining
It rose to power in 702 PR, and fell less than 300 years ago. Yet, some necromancers and the collapse of NathKaartu, the Empires demise was
historians claim this empire did not construct the towering spires that sealed.
now lie in decay, nor the infrastructure that has since collapsed, but that The absence of Kaartughal and his worshipers seemed to embolden
they were erected prior to the Reckoning. Perhaps even more mysterious the undead tide, which grew in strength and presence throughout the
is the citys mazelike underbelly. Some scholars argue that the catacombs ruined city of NathKaartu and the rest of Feneryss. Necromancers and
predate the city, suggesting some corpses have been housed in its depths historians attest that a lesser known Order, the Order of Fetters, was
for over four millennia. Others claim that they were built in an attempt likely responsible for managing the catacombs, and that their absence is
to contain the escaping dead from the unexplored depths during imperial the reason for the exponential growth of the undead tide.
reign. Regardless of which hypothesis is correct, this massive Undercity Despite this, exiles and refugees flocked to the city of the dead from
houses a seemingly infinite supply of undead that slowly funnel their way across Feneryss, especially necromancers still facing persecution.
to the surface above through cracks or collapsed hallways to roam the It could never be said that the undead tide is under control, but these
shadows of the citys hollow shell. necromancers eventually asserted enough influence over the undead in
Historians reason that the Kallogorryn Empire was weakened prior the city that they were able to establish a meager living studying the
to its collapse thanks to a zealous expansion that stretched its military horde. They named their home Hel.
and arkne resources too thin. Its army, the Order of Shattered Steel, Following the advent of the Vampire Hunts in 2719 PR, a surge of
also served as a local police force across its controlled territory. Thus, fanged refugees fled their hunters and flooded the Grave City. A brief
when Taeks Crusade reached their realm in 2687 PR, they were poorly power struggle occurred between the three forces of necromancers,
prepared to face the onslaught, despite having the span of a year to prepare undead, and Vampires. The necromancers, content to leave the Vampires
for their arrival. And arrive they would, for at the time the Kallogorryn to the task of managing the horde, returned to their studies. The Vampires
Empire was well known as the premiere provider of necromancers and formed the Sarblott coven, which maintains its position as the most
necromantic study. But for all their power, the waves of anguished souls powerful entity in the city to this day. This is surprising, as the coven
could not be stemmed. The Order of Shattered Steel was forced into a is wholly comprised of anarchists, meaning that each member of the
fighting retreat. coven is beholden solely to themselves. The citys lack of centralized

38 World of Shattered
governance has not diminished their familial bonds, however. The Of course, those are simply specialized scavengers. Many people of
citizens of Hel regularly aid one another in reparations or efforts to varying race make their living scrounging the Dirge for useful bits. This
rebuild after sinkholes or cave-ins occur. Regardless of whatever hate could range from gathering sturdy bricks from a ruin for someones home
the residents may harbor for one another, they all hate the undead more. to swiping possessions from victims of the undead. Its a rough living,
but beats harvesting undead for the necromancers, and lacks the danger
of exploring the Undercity. Their primary customers, however, are the
T H E C I T Y AT A GL A NC E rare skilled laborers. Craftsmen in the area are always in need of raw
The population is comprised primarily of refugees and exiles. The
materials, and offer good pay to anyone that can save them the trouble of
major bodies are necromancers who arrived to escape the widespread
scouring the city.
persecution that followed Taeks Crusade and Vampires who fled the
Braver souls scout the Undercity and hunt for ancient relics and
Vampire Hunts. Even though the taboos against both have abated, most
treasures in the myriad tombs. Most of these foolhardy explorers are
choose to remain. All races are represented here, with Drones making up
foreigners who work at the behest of wealthier individuals, but several
the smallest percentage and Vampires the largest. It should come as no
Helians have made it their business. Given the potentially high reward,
surprise that significant pockets of Alypse clans also live here.
Sarrblot has taken to taxing plunderers for the right to enter, as well as
The city is situated on a steady gradient that offers a clear view of
fines based on the value of their findings.
all approaches. A significant fissure runs south-to-north. It outlines the
Sometimes, though, work must be put aside for emergency repairs
main passage of the catacombs beneath and defines the citys western
or construction. When the ancient supports of the catacombs give way,
edge. Beyond is desolate earth stretching to the Maw. The city above
they often open a new exit from which the undead may spring. Sealing
is the Upper Dirge, where the residents go about their daily lives. The
catacomb openings is a city-wide priority, especially when they lead
catacombs, more frequently referred to as The Undercity, are a constant
into the bastions. As a testament to the resilience of Feneryans, some
source of undead and strife as the ancient hallways are prone to cave-ins.
inhabitants have also begun to construct new homes and shops within or
near the bastion walls. Surprisingly, this is due to the growing population.
If they could suppress the undead, remove the Hel Knights, and the
Housing, in a conventional sense, is nearly non-existent in the city.
Dreadlord, Hel has a chance to become a thriving city in just a handful
Most of its structures are little more than crumbling frames or vague
of generations.
outlines. The bastions, great stone structures which once housed the
High Prophets and their various Orders, now house the majority of Hels
citizens. Sarblott makes its home in the former Bastion of the High COV EN AC T I V I T Y
Prophets. Within the other bastions, non-Vampires reside in barracks Sarrblot maintains an iron grip on Hel, or so they like to believe. Their
or rooms alongside one another like apartment tenants in the grand control over the city is undeniable, but lacking organized leadership
hallways. The downside to this is that most clues as to the inner workings means a lack in uniform enforcement of the covens will. Much of the
of the former Empire have been scrapped, repurposed, or removed. covens oppressive behaviors during its formative years have waned as
Away from the safety provided by the towering bastions, the former the volume of voluntary food sources has consistently grown. A steady
city is little more than a mass grave of ancient structures. Some opt to live supply of blood has moved the coven toward a much more hands-off
out here, fortifying ruins or living like nomads, roaming from one hole approach to governance. Even so, being a member comes with many
in the wall to the next. Always, it teems with the true denizens of Hel: benefits. Nepotism is rampant. Theyre heavily favored when settling
the undead. The living corpses seep through the ground like blood from disputes, and political influence is the crucial deciding factor when
a wound, grasping and gnawing at any semblance of life. Their presence resolving issues between members. Even if theyre found in the wrong,
is greatest in the first half of the month of Deadtide, and smallest in the the worst punishment a member of Sarrblot is likely to ever face is a
month of Messanah few weeks without fresh blood. Other citizens have been executed,
cannibalized, or even fed to the undead horde for crimes of varying
THE UNDERCITY severity. Once again, anarchy has kept the coven from establishing a code
Beneath the city proper lies a network of tunnels and caverns, of law, meaning what constitutes a crime is also up for debate.
splitting off into thousands of branches rife with tombs and rooms of Even so, the general populace is largely content with the covens
unrecognizable intent. These catacombs make the land Hel sits upon administration. They spearhead reparations in the event of cave-ins,
porous, absorbing both the living and the dead into its depths. Age and manage the undead tide to mitigate interference in daily business, and
decay constantly transform the area, closing old paths and opening new even coordinate ambushes for Hel Knights when their presence around the
ones, which makes mapping these catacombs moot. bastions becomes a problem. Perhaps the most trying business of theirs is
Some people, mostly necromancers, believe that there is a path under managing the population. Food sources are few within the city, meaning
the city that leads to the Lost Abyss which serves as the source of the their primary sources of sustenance are external. Trade, trapping, and
endless undead tide. True or not, the undead infest Hels Undercity in foraging are essential, but inconsistent. When the population becomes
greater numbers than any other place on Feneryss. too large to sustain, Sarrblot culls the numbers through cannibalism.
Since teeth are not an accepted currency by traders and other visitors,
Sarrblot finances most intercity deals by plumbing the depths of the
C I T Y L I FE Undercity for treasures and taxing other explorers for the opportunity
Daily life is very similar to life elsewhere. The only real difference is
to do the very same. As rigged as the system may seem, it ensures the
that they have to dodge the undead while they work to put food on their
citizens access to a number of luxury items that would otherwise be
tables. There are few choices of livelihood in a city that is dominated
unavailable. Generators for electric lighting, a small fleet of scout- and
by hosts as murderous as the undead. Understandably, necromancers
corvette-class airships, and plumbing are just a few.
make ends meet studying the undead for secrets about life, death, and
immortality. This close study also leads them to be some of the best
stitchers in Feneryss, though most still cant even hold a candle up to L OC A L ECONOM Y
the power of the Gravekeepers. Others make it their business to provide While Neroth is not typically known for much beyond its lumber, a
quality undead (and sometimes living) body parts to these necromancers, number of institutions in the city pioneered some financial practices that
who will often pay a full head of teeth for quality stitching material. were ahead of its time. The most influential was the Perennial Bank,
which housed and orchestrated the exchange of pressed flowers for goods

World of Shattered 39
and services. The system only stood for a few years, the primary flaw and the most profitable. Upon returning home, they found their home in
being that each flower possesses different value based on its flaws.The disrepair, covered in dust and rat droppings. Two days later, her body
currencys longevity couldnt last when the Perennial Bank was burned was discovered in an alleyway between the eatery and home, partially
down in 2760 PR. Thankfully, it was replaced the following year by the devoured by stray animals and bearing the signs of abuse. Tarn resented
Second Perennial Bank, which deals in the standardized Note to this day. himself and his father for their lack of presence at home.
After his mothers death, his father retired and purchased a small curio
shop in the back end of Lanis, intending to peddle the few wares he had
PER SONS OF I N T ER ES T left and purchasing new ones to resell. Tarn, unable to face himself or his
father, enlisted in the military, and spent the next few years protecting the
VA L K A E R U S O F C L A N A R R E N K A T H wilderness of Lanis. After his enlistment, he came home to find his father
As if the Hel Knights and undead horde werent trying enough had passed away mere weeks after Tarns departure. Worn down by the
for Helians, there exists a much greater threat roaming their home. loss of his family and the years spent watering the countryside with his
The people call him the Dreadlord. His origins are an utter mystery, blood, sweat, and tears, Tarn refused to renew his enlistment and opened
although the necromancer rumor mill suggests hes a stitch or immortal the curio shop.
necromancer from the Kallogorryn Empire. His age is unknown, but He rebooted the family business and recruited some of the more
there are many years evident in his tired, weathered face. Raven locks enterprising individuals from his enlistment. Together they created a
brush his shoulders, and sapphire eyes seem to stare vacantly through charter for Item Acquisition. While some of these contract jobs were,
everything. The Dreadlord is also a large man, over six feet tall and shall we say, less than legal, they garnered sufficient prestige to attract
carrying more than 220 pounds of war-honed muscle. larger, legitimate business, and eventually catch the eye of the House
Hes an unpredictable figure, prone to random outbursts of violence and of Records. Months after accepting the contract, Tarn returned scarred,
vehement shouting, as if arguing with an invisible figure. His longsword alone, and empty handed. His team had been slaughtered to the last man
cleaves anything in his path: the living, the undead, and the inanimate all and their airship had been destroyed. Shortly thereafter his business
fall away under his might. His rants are esoteric accusations against the floundered and eventually capsized. He took to heavy drinking and
order, denunciations of the mad god, and the like. womanizing. One night during a particularly frightening bender, he made
More unsettling than his outbursts is his uncanny control over the up his mind to return to the Grave City and acquire the item that his team
undead. There are endless eyewitness accounts of him summoning had died in vain to obtain. Tarn has acquired many relics of interest since
undead from the Undercity and leading them into the wilderness. His then, but he has never succeeded in obtaining the object of his desire.
purpose and intent are unknown, but he performs this ritual regularly. Nevertheless he persists, part thief, part soldier, and with only part of his
Many necromancers have made study of the Dreadlord their lifes work, humanity remaining.
but none have managed to recreate his incredible power over the undead,
not even with their own stitches. Warriors possess a similar jealousy of SCALE
his inhuman strength, but none that have tested his mettle have lived to Slightly below average height for a Shade, she carries a glaive almost
tell the tale. twice her size which she uses to vault to higher ground when traversing
the city. Her garments are old and tattered, tending to flow rapidly during
movement and will occasionally reveal well kept leather armor across her
Valkaerus, the Dread Lord of Hel can also be found body and extremities. The only piece of jewelry she wears is a necklace
on page 257 as a prebuilt Mastermind. adorned with pieces of obsidian from her homeland. Scale also carries
several daggers on her belt for throwing and a small, snub-nose pistol.
She was born, like most of her kind, in the Glass Forest. Her mother was
very influential within the tribe, and her father was a master blacksmith
TA R N V O L G E I R supplying the tribe with superb weaponry. Being a young woman, she
Tarn is a seemingly simple man at first glance: he has the build of a was well trained in combat and was exceptional at acrobatics. At the age
former soldier, the attire of a treasure hunter, and the eyes of a haunted of 8, an unusually aggressive undead tide claimed the lives of many of
man. Theyre a mesmerizing blue, caught somewhere between anxious, her cabal, including the Matriarch of the time. Scale finished her training
sad, and cautious. He wears his four decades of adventurous living in with her mother and spent months preparing for a journey to Hel. She
the tired lines hidden beneath blood red scruff on his cheeks and chin. vowed to destroy as many undead as she could and bring an end to the
His mop of hair is a much lighter, faded red. Despite this, Tarn is not a undead tide. With the help of her father, she forged the large obsidian
simple man. glaive that she would wield as her weapon of choice.
Born an only child into a Lanisian merchant family, the glitter of She spent her first few months establishing a proper, defensible
baubles and trinkets lit a shine in Tarns eye from a young age. While his position in Hel. Scale lives a dangerous life between hunting the undead,
mother worked to support the family in her husbands offseason as a cook dodging the citys unusual guardians, and avoiding Sarrblot. As often as
for a local eatery, his father traveled the continent, buying and selling not she fails in one or more of these ventures, but this Shade is nothing
relics and baubles. As he grew older, he was allowed to travel with his if not tenacious. Scale does come to the aid of those in peril, but will not
father on a few of the shorter, safer routes. Thanks to his sons hard work intervene if that danger involves the Vampires. They are aware of her
and luck, Tarns father sold a relic for a pretty penny during their first presence in the city and remain apathetic so long as she does not upset
outing. Tarn knew then he was destined to be a relic hunter. the status quo.
During his homelife, he was exceptionally close to his mother,
spending most of his time studying history. While he preferred the more
practical knowledge imparted upon him by experience, he understood the
necessity of recorded knowledge: learn from someone elses experience.
Once he came of age, he travelled to the other cities to acquire a broad,
worldly base of knowledge. As Tarn entered his mid twenties, his fathers
health declined rapidly. Knowing how much the father and son duo loved
travelling together, Tarns mother encouraged them to go on one final
trip. Looking back on it, this would be Tarns favorite trip with his father

40 World of Shattered

The oldest known settlement in Feneryss, Sylvan Hollow also enjoys Despite being the oldest settlement, Sylvan maintains a very
status as the most defensible. Sylvan Hollow lies in a small strip of monotonous history beyond its origins. This is largely due to two factors:
wasteland that runs between the Maw, to the west, and the Ashlands the need for manual labor to feed the city, and the protective culture
to the east. The city itself is a subterranean cavern and a phenomenon surrounding their Old World technology.
formed by the wild weather of the Reckoning. Overturned layers of earth They established a miserly relationship with Pulse less than a century
fell upon massive steel towers of the Old World. Miraculously, they after the Iron Mandate. Otherwise, Sylvan Hollow had no interaction with
held and formed a spacious shelter for the lucky few who lived within the rest of Feneryss until after the introduction of the ark-drive and the
close proximity. They quickly recovered from the shock and worked to Cistern Accords. The former opened trade lanes with the remaining city-
stabilize their community. states: Hel, Neroth, Lokoran, and Lanis. The latter meant Sylvan Hollow
Immediately they pressed to the surface in the hopes of producing had more than trinkets and dirt paste to trade with their counterparts.
fresh crops, but Feneryss rebuffed their every effort. The soil devoured Their isolationism and lack of exports, however, keeps tourism and trade
the weakest seeds, frequent gales tore shallow roots from the dirt, and the at the Hollow minimal compared to others like Lokoran, or even Neroth.
heat wilted what few managed to rupture the grit and expose themselves
to the world. After their first season, the Sylvans immediately returned
underground, starving and hopeless. Now, naught but ghosts occupy the
As previously stated, Sylvan Hollow subsists primarily upon a
miserly town resting on the Hollows earthen roof.
substance known as nolty, which is produced by the Feeder. It breaks
To survive, they sought the wisdom of their generations greatest minds.
down quantities of raw materials into their baser forms and yields a syrupy
Within one of the facilities crushed by the violence of the Reckoning
liquid with a mildly bitter flavor. Most compare it to drinking dirty water,
was a device the Sylvans simply call the Feeder. When provided with
or eating dirt, which seems rather appropriate. Flavor enhancement is a
sufficient raw materials, it produces a nutrient paste. None of Sylvan
strong market in the Hollow as a result. Traders deliver all manner of
Hollows residents understood how it functioned, but they refused to
exotic foods, sweeteners, and spices for the Sylvans to experiment with
open it up for study. The Feeders uninterrupted operation was arguably
in their meals.
the sole reason Sylvan Hollow is a functioning society and not a mass
It has also heavily impacted their economy. Mining efforts are logged
by the towns Mineral Oversight Committee, which is comprised of four
Raw materials were needed to keep the gears turning. Overnight,
elected individuals. They maintain the ledgers on how much each miner
Sylvan Hollow became a full-bore mining town. Anything that was not
extracts to ensure they are compensated with the appropriate amount of
of sufficient size or quantity to be worked by a craftsman was dumped
nolty. Since the implementation of the Cistern Accords, the Hollow has
into the Feeder to produce more paste, which the Sylvans call nolty.
begun to offer cash payments to residents who mine more than is required
Leading the charge was the son of the former mayor, Mohmoud
as an optional incentive. The extra nolty is donated to struggling families,
Bayesh, who became the citys first Burgomaster. He served until 31 PR,
stashed, or exported.
when he passed away. The people rallied to him, and with their help he
Despite the jokes and negativity foreigners have for nolty, it remains
established order. All families were required to mine enough to feed their
the Hollows number one export. Pulse uses it as a cheap means of
own family each week, or be refused access to the Feeder. Beyond this,
they were free to pursue their own endeavors.

World of Shattered 41
feeding its army, the Bagdoran Syndicate uses it to nourish their slaves, HOLLOWS
and many poor Feneryans rely on it during droughts or food shortages. Here the city earns its name, and the people eke out a humble existence.
Massive, winding tunnels wind their way from Sylvan Hollows central
cavern to the north and east. The people work here daily in search of
T H E C I T Y AT A GL A NC E valuable minerals and lost artifacts. Any excess material is carted to the
Sylvan Hollow has been controlled by a primogeniture Burgomaster
Feeder. Every family has to maintain a presence here, and is expected to
since the Reckoning. There have been a few minor scuffles over this
provide for themselves. With the citys positive growth and the expansion
matter during the familys reign, but their lineage and authority have
of trade after the note was instituted, it is possible for families that
remained intact. The Burgomaster has the first and final say on the
have fallen on hard times to acquire some assistance from the Mineral
settlements development, direction, and law. Most have refrained from
Oversight Committee.
rocking the boat.
As one might imagine, the inhabitants of Sylvan Hollow jealously
defend the Old World machines that provide for them. There is a common
This is the primary tower that upholds the citys ceiling. It houses the
belief that any outsiders seeking access beyond the Market only want to
Burgomaster and any committees, which are appointed and dissolved as
steal their livelihood. For this reason, the citys security is unparalleled
the citys needs fluctuate. Its base is reinforced with plates of armor from
and visitors will quickly discover an overwhelming paranoia that
a Giant, should it ever be attacked. Rooms within have been renovated
permeates their culture. Imports, chief among them being exotic flavors,
to accommodate the residents. The Burgomasters residence takes up the
have eroded this in recent decades, but it remains incredibly difficult for
entire forty-fourth floor. No one occupies the remaining one hundred and
outsiders to tour the inner areas of Sylvan Hollow.
twelve floors above him.
Occupied for barely a year, these hovels huddle at the feet of a Giants C I T Y L I FE
disintegrating remains. It kneels, poised upon one of the Old World Everyone toils in the Hollows to feed their family. Some take shifts,
towers that buttresses Sylvan Hollows caverns. Hidden around the Giant others put one member to work while the rest commit to other pursuits.
are a number of hatches that grant access to the world below. They are So long as they can move enough dirt to feed themselves, residents give
tightly secured, and guarded from within. little thought to this integral part of their society. There are a few jobs that
excuse one from mining: science research on the Old World machines is
MARKET the most common.
The Market is a trade and entertainment district that runs the length Nearly every facet of life in Sylvan Hollow is dependent upon Old
of a large, sloping tunnel leading to the largest entrance into the Hollow. World tech. Ancient generators heat their homes, run the water pumps, and
Here, residents and foreigners buy and sell their wares, socialize over power an unfathomable device that breaks down anything into nutrition.
a few drinks, and play music for a few notes tossed in an open case. Pre-Reckoning technologies are fairly common discoveries during the
This is the only area foreigners are authorized to enter without jumping mining process, which are restored if possible. Otherwise, they are
through bureaucratic hoops. It connects to the northwestern wall of the recycled for use elsewhere, or sold to maintain the citys infrastructure.
Hollows main cavern. On the first of Brespeak, the denizens close up Some citizens make extra notes on the side selling their finds covertly, or
the Market path to prevent the undead tide from sacking their businesses. wowing visitors with their discoveries.
Any visitors still within are forced to ride out the month with the Sylvans. Education for most children is learning how to carve out stone and dirt
and minerals without maiming themselves. Some are fortunate enough
THE TOWERS to be born into a household with a shop in the Market. The luckiest are
The residents of Sylvan Hollow have repurposed the Old World born to successful parents that can afford a Lanisian tutor to teach them
structures that endured the Reckoning. Since they did not originally science, math, history, and perhaps even arkna.
serve residential purposes, Sylvan apartments are very irregular. The are Sylvan Hollow arms just enough citizens to man guard posts at the city
only two rules strictly enforced by the Residential Committee. The first entrances, Lightwell, the Feeder, and the Vault; there is no standing army.
requires residents to keep common thoroughfares unobstructed. Second,
occupants must obtain clearance before demolishing walls or floors.
Otherwise, they are free to manage the rooms as they desire, leading to
Einhanndr is a coven in the loosest sense of the word. Kerling, the
very strange arrangements floor plans and layouts.
leader and sole constituent of this coven, has been in Sylvan Hollow
since the Vampires first set foot into the realm of Maldraan. He is quite
plainly insane by all standards, hosting a number of active personalities
This is the most secure location in the city as it houses the Hearts of
that are believed to number in the hundreds. Because of his fractured
Sylvan Hollow, which are three large reactors of pre-Reckoning origin.
state, he often speaks in vague riddles that lack any sort of context and
The district demarcates Sylvan Hollows subterranean south border. The
allude to a greater internal dialog.
Hearts provide the power necessary to run the Feeder and heat the Digs.
To the larger Vampire community, Kerling is an oracle of sorts. Hidden
It is protected by heavy armor and manned turrets, there has never been
among his winding neural pathways and countless identities lies the
a breach of security in the history of the city. Scientists are perpetually
history of all Vampires and the darkest secrets of every Coven. Those who
studying the reactors in the hopes of understanding their functionality
know how to ask the right questions can unlock a wealth of information
before they fall into permanent disrepair.
that some say overshadows the whole of the Great Library of Lanis.
While it is often disputed by town locals, Kerling often claims that
he founded Sylvan Hollow several centuries before its historically
Most of the facility sheltering the Feeder was demolished by the
recognized settlement. As if to prove his knowledge of the buried
Reckonings tectonic activity. Thankfully, the Feeder remains unaffected
settlement, he frequently turns up in secure locations uninvited or without
and its storage space has since been refurbished. In addition to the nolty
it produces, theyve erected a distillery. Bar none, nolty vodka is the
In addition to the multiple personalities, Kerling is unique in that he
nastiest and cheapest way for a Feneryan to get hammered. It sits on
doesnt feed on humans to combat his acidosis. He feeds on rats, which
Lightwells eastern flank.
he refers to as sublos. When asked, he explains their blood is superior

42 World of Shattered
since they have remained largely untainted by arkna and the Reckoning.
This belief is also what spawned his use of rat carcasses as currency both
within the coven and around Sylvan Hollow.

Officially, Sylvan Hollow utilizes the note system like every other,
but beyond the Market its denizens more frequently barter goods and
favors. Kerling continues to deal solely in sublos: rat carcasses. Their
value is based on Einhanndrs assessment of their freshness. Since he is
a favored source for wisdom, rats maintain a significant value in Sylvan
Hollow, and are frequently involved in trade deals.

The current mayor of Sylvan Hollow, this aloof man has deep-set
violet eyes. He is bald, but used to have thick, curly, white hair. His most
prominent feature is his girth and unusually tight fitted dress clothes that
look several sizes too small. He is an aloof character around the city, but
swift and ruthless when he catches the slightest scent of disorder.

The owner of the Gun & Club weapon shop. Hes of average height
for an Alypse, though he doesnt ever show his face without an active
flesh mask. Years of smithing have blessed him with thick, tightly corded
muscles and smears of soot that never seem to wash out. Leathers shield
his body from stray embers, and always wears headgear over his dark,
matted hair. Testing the sharpness of his blades leaves Reimar with a
patchy beard.

A tall behemoth of a Wretched, she used to be a miner and has dabbled
in some mercenary work years ago. Now she tends to other miners,
nursing their drinks and their worries at her pub, The Giants Bottle. She
does not tolerate fighting in her bar and will actively kick out or shoot
anyone that tries to damage her property and reputation. Her personality
compliments her looks well: jet black hair with streaks of silver flowing
through it, thick muscles mottled by scars, and her towering physique all
suggest a warriors temper.

World of Shattered 43

The Shades home earns its name from the towering, glassine Prince, Thorian Cassian, and his wife, Bethia, they proved themselves
stalagmites that easily allure the unwary with their beguiling obsidian adept psykics at an early age. Their skills were expertly cultured, and
beauty. But beware traveler, even a hairs breadth of contact will render over time this enamored them not only to the Lodge, but to the Shades
the flesh from your innocent bones, and the slightest misstep may send you as well. They became the linchpins of Lodge-Cabal relations and were
hurtling toward a grisly demise. And yet, lurking among these reflective instrumental in securing trade deals beneficial to both parties.
towers are a host of Fenerysss most lethal creatures. Agile stalkers and Their countless contributions were eventually rewarded with a
swooping horrors plague any who dare set foot here. However, each Corvette-class airship the twins dubbed the Shade Wolf. They and their
knows either fear or grudging respect of the Shade. crew quickly developed a reputation as proficient skywhale hunters,
Shades and their home are also known by other names: the and defenders of Shade territorial claims. Their battlecry is the sound
Dragonslayers and the Dragons Boneyard, respectively. Many of the of a baying wolf, which the Shade Wolves psykically cast into their
great beasts have been lured to the obsidian spires where they fell prey opponents minds.
to a combination of their own hubris and the Shades clever traps. The Physically, Remus and Remmie are nearly identical. They both stand
Shade have garnered worldwide renown for their colossal feat. Whether at an average height and possess an athletic build, auburn hair, and
as a result of their many successes or some other reason, the appearance dazzling emerald eyes. Nevertheless, there are many differences that
of dragons has plummeted drastically in the last two centuries. Sightings separate them.
have decreased to the point that most people believe dragons and the Remuss hair is cropped short and flanked by muttonchop sideburns.
Shades tales to be nothing more than legend. His impeccable grooming betrays noble heritage, but he dresses in the
The Cabals nestled within the Obsidian Forest deal with outsiders at simple leathers of a Shade warrior. His long rifle is always slung across
two primary locations: the Obsidian Edge, which marks the northern his back, and his trusty rapier hangs at his left hip. This airship Captain
entrance to their territory, and the and the Southern Cut (often shortened is easily recognized by his grin that suggests a rogue snared in a wealthy
to The Cut). The former negotiates trade with Lokoran, Neroth, and mans history.
occasionally Hel. Representatives of Pulse, Lokoran, and even Dronus Remmie, on the other hand, keeps her auburn locks long. They dance
make use of the latter, although traders from Dronus are incredibly freely in the wind when at the helm, and secured in a ponytail when
rare. While the Southern Cut is administered wholly by the Shades, the repairing the Shade Wolf. Freckles spattered across her cheeks are often
Obsidian Edge was established by Lodge Rydrict to instigate trade with masked by grease smears from her labors. She dresses modestly in brown
the reclusive hunters of the Glass Forest. The Edge maintains semi- suspended trousers, a plain white shirt, and an old captains coat, which
autonomy despite technically belonging to the Lodge. Both continue to was a gift from her father. Her trusty tool belt completes the ensemble.
flourish to this day. Remmie is notorious for going barefoot aboard her airship because
she prefers to feel the thrum beneath her feet. One of her most notable
PER SONS OF IN T ER EST features, though, is her prosthetic left arm, which came as a result of an
accident with the ark-engines during her childhood. Some of the crew
claim that being part of the ship is the source of her prodigious skills as
These twins are members of Lodge Rydrict and renowned psykics
that call the Obsidian Edge home. Born to the self-proclaimed Lodge

44 World of Shattered

Desolate and grim are the two words which best describe the Ashlands. Unlike most other Covens, there does not exist a figurehead, council,
Travellers and traders who wish to cross may face ash storms, blistering or any cohesive leadership. When necessary, someone may take up the
heat, and earthquakes. Worse of all are the ultraviolet lightning storms, mantle as the covens public face temporarily. Aldinn is a pure democracy
striking wildly and without warning. Though lethal, most encounters where each and every adult possesses a single vote. This means change
with UV lightning only result in cancerous tumors. is exceptionally slow as everyone is given ample time to discuss, debate,
Despite all this, people continue to risk the Ashlands because its the and vote on a topic at hand.
fastest way to get from Pulse and Lanis to Lokoran and Neroth. Even Aldinnians find that acquiring aid from friendly covens is significantly
airships capable of circumventing this ancient wasteland will make the easier and any member of Aldinn will give you food and lodging, no
crossing for the sake of cutting costs. And still others have made a home matter the location. In addition, any equipment you may need is free
of this seemingly inhospitable dune sea. from Aldinn members, assuming they are able to part with it. However,
Arguably the first subterranean Coven, Aldinn is located beneath the if a member is discovered feeding on unwilling subjects, they are exiled.
Ashlands and shares a mutual friendly border with Dreyri, the Lokoran This rule tends to make non-Vampires more amicable to Aldinnians, but
Coven. It is, for all intents and purposes, the little brother of Dreyri, many of the other Covens tend to dismiss their ilk.
imitating its social and political ideals, with the exception of slavery.
Aldinn shun any form of slavery and are known to harbor runaways
from Dreyri and the Ashlands. It is a matter of great tension between all
parties, but conflict is extremely rare.
Aldinn is a socialist paradise. They feed and clothe anyone and everyone CIAPHAS GREY GRIMWOOD
who walks through their doors. This is especially true for travellers who There is often talk of a bounty hunter in the Ashlands who is said to
venture into the Ashlands. The Covens home is an essential waystation control the weather in the region. There are many other stories like this
for caravans and smaller airships due to its placement. one that are shared at bars and around campfires. Each tells of a man,
The members of Aldinn are one of the most charitable groups on freckled grey with the ashes of loss and time. On rare occasions, this
Feneryss. Aldinnian justice, however, is blunt. Theft, assault, rape, phantom makes his way to the Grey Shade Tavern in Downtrod to cash
and murder all earn adult perpetrators the death penalty, unless a more in bounties and toss back a few drinks. What little is known about him
beneficial resolution can be reached by the parties involved. Children is that he was once a family man who found himself alone in the world
are normally exempt from execution as they often do not know better, following a tragic accident. The flood of pain and regret have had their
or come from a place where crime is a way of life. Instead, they are put way and all that remains of him is a shell.
through a re-education program. Some believe that he has a death wish, but is too weak to do the deed
The Covens friendliness is not exclusive to Vampires; any and all who himself. Given that he frequently takes on impossible, often suicidal
enter their territory are greeted with equal warmth and hospitality. While contracts, that may not be far from the truth. In spite of that, he always
they gladly offer refuge to any who ask, they will also extradite any seems to survive his jobs, beaten and bloodied, but nonetheless alive.
criminal if given sufficient evidence to the fact. Under no circumstances And so life for this man goes on. He continues taking jobs, stoking the
will they extradite runaway slaves. fires of his legend, looking for someone to finally best and release him.

World of Shattered 45

Before the Reckoning, the legends state the world was dotted in land where the Alypses dastardly ritual focused its profane power. There, they
masses both expansive and trivial swimming in an ocean of deep blue say, is where Ragnarok thrust himself into their world and from which
saltwater. Now there is simply the Maw. Named for its insatiable hunger, the only boon of the Reckoning emerged: Arkna. To this day it lays open
this boundless ocean of lava gnaws incessantly at the shores of Feneryss. like a festering sore on the face of a destroyed world.
Its rim is pocked with calderas and minor volcanoes, both active and All attempts by explorers and scientists to settle the matter have been
slumbering. If sages are to be believed, Feneryss has shrunk with each thwarted either by the abject horror of the place or failure to return. For
generation, having so generously fed the Maw. Those brave enough the average Feneryan, the name alone evokes dread and is frequently
to venture near shore are rewarded with a view of bleak, glowing slag used as a curse.
accompanied by a heavy whiff of sulfur.
If there is indeed more to the world than this lonely continent, it
A series of land bridges along Fenerysss eastern coast project
has yet to be found beyond in the Maw. Many of those who venture forth
perilously over the Maw. They are comprised primarily of basalt. The
never return and those that do tell tales of nothing but maddening heat,
area earns its name from the legends of powerful beings that roam these
isolation, and creatures beyond description.
bridges to defend its contents from thieves. Encapsulated within these
precarious catwalks are countless corpses and ancient devices perfectly
T H E L OS T A BY SS preserved. Many advances in science and history can be attributed to
If the Maw is the ravenous jaws of a hungry world, the Lost Abyss is discoveries made here. Beyond the potential historical and technological
an open throat ready to swallow everything above. Far from Fenerysss discoveries, the area is utterly devoid of utility, and is best left alone.
northwestern shore, a constant deluge of lava plunges into its fathomless, Aerilon is located where the Alecian Plains meet Demons Walks
pitch black depths. southern entrances. This natural fortress encircles a bottomless pit that
Beyond this fact, only myths and superstitions exist. Chief among is perpetually aflame. Maintaining a watchful vigil over this unique
them is the belief that the worlds worst and most powerful demons are geographical feature is a cult of the Fire Aspect, who have transformed
birthed from its belly. Many claim its depths are home to the dead, the this caldera into one of the most sought after forges on Feneryss. It is
resting place for all souls that have not Rekindled. Some even say it is said that metal worked here glows like the forge from which it is drawn.
the beginning to Hels end, providing it with fresh undead to replenish Countless craftsmen flock to Aerilon, desperate to imbue their own works
the horde. Others claim it is a wound from the Reckoning, perhaps even with this fascinating property.

46 World of Shattered

A horizon shaded by shimmering gold and deep emerald greets Alecian Plains are also the biggest consumer of Lokorans fresh water
travelers as they approach the Alecian Plains. The Breadbasket of as well as the biggest consumer of the slave trade. In fact, the success
Feneryss is a fertile space, but sparsely populated. Most of its soil is of the Alecian Plains is the primary reason Lokoran hasnt banned the
exclusively farmland. Much of the territory is also under the control of slave trade.
the Alecian slavers, known as the Bagdoran Syndicate.
These slavers are infamous, known far and wide for their cruel takeover
methods; slaying entire families or incinerating swathes of crops. They
are given a wide berth by even the standing armies of Feneryss due to C E A R O , T H E T A I L O R E D WA N D E R E R
the Slavers stolen tech and ruthless tactics. The Syndicate maintains As far back as Cearo can remember, he has traveled. Early in life he
a virtual monopoly over the continents food supply, but every farmer ventured with his parents through the Alecian Plains, trading among its
beneath its umbrella enjoys the comforts of their prosperity. many villages and homesteads. On the verge of manhood, just short of
Residents are indentured servants, working the land for meager his Wend, Cearos caravan was attacked by the Bargdoran Syndicate. He
pay, a comfortable home, hot meals, and guaranteed protection from luckily evaded capture, but his parents were murdered in the ambush.
enslavement. The rules are simple: pay your tithe, guard your land, and With little more than scrap, he mourned for a time then continued on to
always sell to the slavers when they pass through. the next stop on the trade route.
Some Bagdoran landowners exclusively employ slaves. They work He frequently sports a formal suit, and is known throughout the Alecian
long hours and are exclusively fed the tasteless nutrient paste, nolty, plains as the Tailored Wanderer. Regardless of the circumstances he
produced by Sylvan Hollow. Its a harsh living, but beats life as a sex can always be seen with a content smile, and opts to maintain civility
or bioreactor slave. Escape attempts are most often rewarded with should he find himself in a confrontation. When pressed, however, Cearo
corporeal punishment or death, and there is a permanent open bounty looses the boiling rage hidden behind his mask of courtesy and pacifism.
on any escaped slaves. If they do succeed, though, most flee west to find Between more than a dozen hidden knives and his fathers well-worn
sanctuary with the Aldinn Coven in the Ashlands. revolver, those who cross him, typically those who harm children, find
Most Feneryans prefer to ignore, or are utterly unaware of, the horrors themselves bullet-ridden amputees.
of the Bagdoran Syndicate when they go to purchase Alecian produce and At the end of the day, he always returns to his motorcycle and trade
livestock at market. While cities like Pulse have their own hydroponics, cart to move onto the next stop, forever walking in the footsteps of his
there are certain foodstuffs that cant be produced anywhere else. The parents.

World of Shattered 47
BON EFI EL DS OF AG G OR A seeing many of the villagers leaving for the safety of the larger cities.
Festering in the shadows of Hel lies a caldera filled to the brim with It was the idea of one man that saved Crescent Moon Landing from
bones and cadavers from ages and times long forgotten. It is a lake of filth becoming just another town lost to the waste. His vision was to create
and decay situated just south of The Grave City, on the western side of a platform high up to allow airships to dock in safety and give the town
the main road leading into that perilous place. Impossible to miss. a chance to survive. The idea worked and over time the platform grew
It is also a place of bizarre circumstance. Here time and death have to the point where the shear size is supported with its own arkanic
unraveled for the poor souls within. Among the corpses and sewage, the drive. Most of the town has moved to the platform with various services
dead are occasionally reconstituted and some even return to life. These provided to airships that come to port. The old bunker below still houses
newly revived individuals, called rebirths by the locals, often panic, some residents, but most have moved to the upper platform. Rumors have
working themselves deeper and deeper beneath the surface into the dark started around the town that lost treasures could be found in the bunkers
crushing depths below. If a few of these rebirths find the wherewithal to below from the old days when the bunker was the main trade area.
make it to the calderas edge and cross it, they crumble to dust as they
should have ages ago. DA E M A R R EL
It comes as no surprise that few people live nearby, but there are a A mining town nestled between the slopes of two mountains at the
handful that try to profit from this phenomenon. The Agorran manfishers western foot of the Snapspine Mountains, the area is rich in resources,
troll the muck in hopes of coming upon rebirths with valuable knowledge. particularly those required to make ark-drives. It maintains regular
They are often tortured for their potential information, then thrown back trade with slavers, the Plains, and the city-states. Unlike its sister city,
to die once again. More often than not, however, they hook delirious Caelhelm, the architects of Daemarrel made defense part of the towns
creatures driven mad by their suffering in the pit. blueprints. It stands behind tiered walls that easily rebuff the average
monster attack or minor horde visit come the month of Vinskry.
After being destroyed by emerging volcanos, the city has been named DR AG ONSK EEP
after its burning remains with the real name being lost to the ages. The This massive city is mired in endless rumor, legend, and fantasy.
remnants of this city are frequently scoured by scavengers and the random They say it is a nesting ground for dragons, even though there hasnt
adventurer for valuables. Although it would seem picked clean by now, been a confirmed dragon sighting in over a century. They say it is the
there are occasional surprises still lingering within the citys scorched site of mankinds greatest metropolis prior to the Reckoning, but none
walls. No government exists in the Borough of Embers and no official have succeeded in scouting beyond its imposing walls and lived to tell
population exists there either. Despite no official government, there are the tale. They blame a Coven of feral Vampires, dubbed the Aldranni,
individual as well as other city claims to the area which have been know which are rumored to live beneath the ruins. Some Vampires believe
to turn violent when confronting each other. that the Aldranni rule and ride the dragons at their leisure. Most people,
however, agree that if they do exist, the Aldranni are merely fodder for
C A EL H EL M whatever lurks behind the citys unrivaled fortifications. While no one
This town is situated on the northern side of the Snapspine range, dozens has confirmed the existence of this Coven, the occasional feral vampire
of miles west of the cave entrance that leads toward Lokoran. Settlers cadaver will be found between Hel and Neroth with strange markings and
first made camp here to enjoy the natural hot spring. Unfortunately, a charred skin not seen anywhere else.
host of hangels has since discovered the hot spring, and it is now fiercely
contested. More sensible folks would have moved, but a stubborn PER SONS OF IN T ER EST
contingent of prosthetists is determined to keep their home. Most visitors
are either hired muscle looking to do some monster hunting, or people
seeking some of Fenerysss highest quality prosthetics. ABIEZER
Adventurers seeking entry into the enigmatic keep are likely to
encounter this equally mysterious Rekindled. He is a bizarre sight,
C R ESC EN T MOON L A N DI NG adorned with clashing fashions from innumerous past and present
A major airship docking facility, Crescent Moon Landing is situated cultures. His excessive adornment gives Abiezer a deceptively bulky
between Neroth and the duel city states of Pulse and Lanis, seeing its silhouette, but nothing can disguise the dead look in his eyes. Initial
share of travellers, merchants, and military alike. In its beginnings, encounters are frequently awkward, but Abiezer is a friendly soul and
Crescent Moon landing was nothing more than a hole in the ground that excellent guide.
provided natural shelter for travellers. As time marched on and travellers All he asks in exchange for his services is companionship. To those
become more abundant, the natural defenses provided a safe haven to willing to tour Dragonskeep at his side, Abiezer is fount of stories about
those travellers, allowing them to build in safety and create services to local lore, scenery, and past adventures. On the topic of his personal
traveling merchants and the like.Whatever the reason, The town was built history, however, it is unclear if he hides it intentionally, or he is so
in the ground creating a bunker to provide a secure location to survive addled that he can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. He has claimed
the harsh conditions that feneryss provided. During its heyday, Crescent to be a penniless human explorer, an educated Alypse noble, and even
Moon Landing was a major stop between the city states as a center a mighty dragon lord thwarted by betrayal prior to his rekindling.
for trade and shelter for thousands from the harsh wasteland. Enough
supplies were stored within the bunker that could provide food and water
for 2 or more months for all within. FA L K I R K
At the creation of the Arkanic Drive, Crescent Moon landing saw a Originally a bustling stop-over town between Neroth and Lokoran,
drastic decrease in trade, almost wiping out the trade stop in its entirety, the town of Falkirk has been in decline ever since airship travel became

48 World of Shattered
more accessible. Land-bound travelers and scout-class airships still take man the locals call Uncle Church. He has been their guardian for as long
advantage of its services. Perhaps the only other reason it might attract as any can remember. claims the wild assortment of trinkets and shards
visitors is that it occasionally does receive direct sunlight. within the museum each played a part in one legend or another.


The Atwood Mining Company, established by one Augustina Atwood,
is the most successful mining venture to date. In recent decades, however,
a series of dried up mines have led to a steep decline in production and UNCLE CHURCH
profits. The company is on the rebound thanks to airships, which afford The best phrase to describe Uncle Church probably would be slightly
Miss Atwoods company the ability to reach previously inaccessible more insane than he looks. Standing at six and a half feet tall, hes an
locations as well as ship their goods in a fraction of the time. Their intimidating figure. Enduring the stare of his bright, almost unnaturally
most successful establishment is currently in the peaks of the western blue eyes is unsettling. Three parallel scars span his left cheek from eye
Snapspine, known as Ternafel. It produces iron, coal, aluminum, and salt. to jaw, and another pair criss-cross on the back of his left hand. Despite
The abandoned string of mines along the southern face of the his youthful appearance, his legends tell of a much older man. Wretched
Snapspine Mountain Range is known as the Ghostlands. The mines and respect his strength, children are grateful for his guardianship, and
accompanying settlements are gradually being reclaimed by the elements visitors appreciate his familial warmth.
and local wildlife. Some are occasionally reopened by ambitious A black newsboy cap is pulled snug over shoulder-length, slicked-back
Bagdoran slave owners looking to pad the profits from their farmland, light brown, and his short, pointed beard lacks a mustache. Church dresses
but none have managed to make it worth their while. simply: steel-toed black boots, dark blue pants, white shirt, and leather
vest. This latter item possesses a ludicrous number of pouches, and a
high armored collar and pauldrons. A thick gut droops over the perfectly
T H E H E A RT WOOD FOR ES T polished buckle of his rugged belt by a few inches. However, Uncle
A lush forest slightly southwest of the Untarnished Steppe is the most Church is better recognized for his excessive and peculiar accoutrements.
untouched area of the known world. Despite its aura of peaceful nature, Watches, bracelets, chains, and other strappings festoon his forearms,
the forest is a dangerous region. It houses some of the worlds oldest trees colorful buttons are pinned haphazardly to his vest, and dangling from his
and creatures. The most recognizable is the heartwood sloth, a languid cap and belt are a myriad of knicknacks. A lunchbox, teddy bear, broken
creature that dangles from the eponymous heartwood trees and fishes sword hilt, and beastial claw are some of the easily recognized items, but
the air and water for food with razor-sharp claws at the end of its six a score more are impossible to identify at first glance.
limbs. Muddle Lake, slightly to the east, stands as the cleanest source of Strapped over his back is a collection of weapons: swords, hatchets,
surface water, though it is a foul lepper when compared to the purity of an antique pistol, and a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. His favorite
Lokorans Cistern. weapon, however, is a lightly curved femur from a gigantic predator.
Tucked between the Heartwood Forest and Muddle Lake lies the small Church has adorned it with a large spike on the top as well as a host
town of Gammetra. It enjoys a stubborn growth in population thanks of teeth and claws, and carved an intricate series of runes around the
to the unique properties of the heartwood trees, the abundance of food handle, which is painted silver. When not wielded as a club, the bone
sources, and relative cleanliness of the lake. Nestled between the murky also serves as a walking stick.
Muddle Lake, the eerily beautiful Heartwood Forest, and the sunburnt While Church is a capable guardian and caretaker, there are many
Untarnished Steppe, the whole spectrum of worldly beauty and ugliness things he cannot provide by himself. Such is the curse of a hidden
can be found just a days trek in any direction. mountain village. He occasionally sets out on walkabouts with a few of
his apprentices to Lokoran and other small villages to purchase basic
S A NC T UA RY supplies, materials, weapons, and other essentials. In order to pay for his
A holy site for the Scythes of Taek, it is believed to be the location expenses, Church peddles his skills as a storyteller for food and lodging,
of the first Rekindled birth. As such, the Scythes of Taek believe it is using his tips to purchase the required goods. Many consider it a privilege
where his resurrection will occur. The majority of the occupants of this to be in the audience of one of his performances. On rare occasions, he
little hamlet are devout Marshals of Life and Death, although there are may trade various objects, some of which hold immense value to the right
rare visitors. Sanctuary survives on what some would call sheer force of person, when a story is not the appropriate payment or he feels that the
will. The space south of Demons Walk is an arid wasteland, that only object belongs to someone.
becomes less hospitable the farther south one travels. Life in Sanctuary is
unforgiving, but satisfying for many of the devout. S A N D OR N E K EEP
An old, abandoned keep with six broad, square towers built on various
SN A PSPI N E MOU N TA I NS tactical locations. Theyre connected by thick, crenellated, stone walls.
These mountains demarcate the northern border of the Alecian Plains. Elegant, but shattered windows are scattered thinly across the walls in
Lokoran is nestled in its southeastern edge. A passage beneath eases a seemingly random pattern. A massive gate with rusted metal doors, a
travel from Lokoran to the north, and the famous Cistern laps gently in broken drawbridge, and arrowslits guard the only entrance to the inner
its cavernous belly. Towns such as Caelhelm and Daemarrel also draw space. Statues of long forgotten leaders line the path to the central keep.
various minerals from their stony flanks. Neroth mans this Keep with a small contingent who stand vigil
Known to many as the Beacon of the North, Whitepillar is a small for the coming undead tide. It can house up to 500 soldiers and an airship
town nestled deep within the range. Being only a couple hours by airship dock was recently installed between its two southern towers.
from Lokoran, they maintain a close friendship with the city and its
citizens. In fact, citizens of Whitepillar are considered honorary citizens TAC I T U R N
of Lokoran. The settlement possesses two claims to fame: the first is the The Taciturrn is an obscenely large castle structure outside of Hel. It
stark, stone-hewn structure at its center from which it earns its name; the stands atop a lone dissected plateau, which overlooks the Bonefields to
second is its status as the continents largest orphanage, with parentless
youths making up more than half the population. The museum within the
temple-like structure and the orphanage are curated and maintained by a

World of Shattered 49
the south and two deep, winding crevices that zigzag north and northwest. The most fascinating phenomenon is The Tower Lies. It is a solitary,
They are carved deep into the land, and intersect the Undercity several perfectly smooth monolith that appears to curve outward while growing
times. To enter, one must cross one of its myriad bridges, each no wider exponentially taller whenever one approaches. Few souls possess the
than a small wagon. The interior of Taciturrn is deathly silent, broken bravery to explore the chaos within, and most scientists study it from afar.
only by the metal footfalls of the Hel Knights within. Their numbers are Those that have entered and returned with their sanity intact have
indiscernible and what they protect is unknown. However, Hellians have given conflicting reports. None of explored its entirety, and no two maps
reported an unusual amount of Rekindled wandering out of the castle in of the interior are the same. Some have disappeared beyond its doors for
addition to an alarming number of unique undead abominations. On top years, only to return not a day older than the moment they entered.
of it all, it appears that Taciturrn may possess properties similar to the Theories to explain the Towers nature include: an arknik device that
great wall of Pulse, as it seems capable of expanding and repairing itself. affects perception instead of gravity; a dimensional rift in space and time;
Speculation on its purpose ranges from a Hel Knight manufacturory to a portal to Ragnarok; and even an unidentified arkne force.
a necromancers private lab. Only one attempt has been made to breach The only constant is what has been labeled the Hall of Lies. In this
its walls and research, but they quickly evacuated when confronted by its space, perception is severely altered. Footsteps reverberate like the
colossal guardians. The sole attempt to attack the structure was rendered footfalls of great monsters; words are echoed in whispered threats and
impotent by its self-repairing property. It remains a source of great descriptions of torture. Light becomes malformed, warping vision.
mystery, local legends, and fear. Madness is a common side effect of visiting the Tower. Destroying the
tower has been suggested dozens of times, but many in the scientific
community assert that unlocking the Towers secrets may prove greatly
T H E U N TA R N ISH ED S T EPPE beneficial to mankind.
These beautiful mesas and mountains jut from the southeast corner
of the Alecian Plains into the Wastes of Galaam to the south. Atop these
scraggly peaks one can witness the Feneryan struggle of life and death. PER SONS OF IN T ER EST
The vibrance of the Alecian Plains and Heartwood Forest to the North
and West contrast starkly with the impotence of the Wastes of Galaam
and Demons Walk in the South and East. M O N TA G E H I X
Most Feneryans find value solely in the Steppes grand vistas In the distant past, Montage Hix was a homesteader on the Alecian
as the soil sustains only the hardiest shrubs. However, there is great value Plains. Together with his parents, wife, and children, he worked a small
when viewed through the industrialists lens: the Steppes great rock plot of fertile soil roughly two days ride from Lokoran by dell. It was
formations hint at the possibility of vast mineral wealth. Any hopes of a simple life, which on Feneryss is a rarity, but it would not last. After
unleashing that potential are quashed by the fact that the HVargi Coven several peaceful years of tilling soil and cultivating a number of crops,
resides within the confines of the Steppe. the family-run farm was attacked by Drone raiders. Montage and his
Unlike their urban colleagues, HVarga Vampires abstain from family were captured and, in stereotypical Drone fashion, each one was
meddling with the nearby town of Gammetra, unless the settlement experimented on. One by one, Montage witnessed his family tortured and
is in need of defense. They abhor unnecessary violence, but they will disassembled, driving him into a fit of madness and rage. Montage tore
not hesitate to defend themselves or aid a friend in need. Sustenance is through the flesh of his arm using only his teeth, freeing himself at the
derived from a meager crop, animal blood, and a few willing donors. elbow. He then killed the drone attackers using his dismembered arm, but
Farming the Steppe is tough business that perpetually exposes them to it was too late to save his family.
the hidden suns harmful radiation. It comes as no surprise, then, that As grief, insanity, and rage coalesced in his mind, he collected an arm
the HVargi Coven has the highest concentration of Marquises on the from one of the Drones to replace the one hed lost. He stalked out of his
continent. home, accompanied solely by his hatred. Any other kind of raider would
When Hvarga are not tending to their livelihood, they pursue have killed Montage and his family, or sold them into slavery; either
knowledge with an iconic fervor, which has established their reputation would have been kinder than being subjected to those dark curiosities.
as sages of the Vampire race. Given the strict nature of their survival, Revenge filled his entire being.
the HVarga cannot abide intentional crime in any form; infractions by In the years since the loss of his family, Montage has become an
its members are almost always met with exile. Transgressions that occur assassin of sorts who has become infamous, even sought after, for his
beyond Untarnished Steppe are always punished severely because they hatred of Drones. Each of his victims is disassembled and used in the
threaten the reputation of the Coven and its ability to traverse most of construction of a new, mechanical, body. Once complete, Montage
Feneryss unharried. will attempt to transfer his consciousness, becoming the very thing he
despises. In doing so, he believes that he will be able to gain access to
the great mechanikal city, Dronus, and destroy it from within. Only then
T H E WA S T ES OF G A L A A M will he give himself up to death and rejoin his family in the Lost Abyss.
The Wastes encompass roughly a quarter of the continent and yet
they remain largely unexplored. Between the zombie hordes that pass
through each year, the infamy of Dronus looming at its arid heart, and
the overwhelming emptiness, exploration of any kind is exceptionally
difficult. The Wastes of Galaam house little life above ground, save for
a handful of vegetation and reptiles along its perimeter. While growth
in the Ashlands may be scant, the Wastes are utterly devoid of living
creatures within its borders
Unlike the Ashlands, there are few storms of any kind, but the land is
perfectly flat and offers no shelter from the elements. In addition, there
are no Covens here to give travelers respite during a long journey. Quite
the contrary, there are rumors of ancient machines that patrol the wastes
and seize weary wanderers from lightless voids that appear in the earth.

50 World of Shattered

Character Creation

Character Creation 51
Building your Character

Character creation is a deeply enjoyable process, but may be daunting These are long-term goals, and incredibly difficult to achieve more
to players with no background in roleplaying games. If you are uncertain often than not. While not always immediately relevant or important, these
what kind of character you want to play, or just want to flesh out your dreams should never leave your characters thoughts and any opportunity
ideas, then this short guide is for you. The first step to building a character to progress toward their completion should be seized with vim and vigor.
is defining your character concept. The concept is a simple description The dream could be a materialistic want (like literal mountains of gold or
or snapshot of who your character is. a castle) but some prefer more abstract aims, like power or love. These
can be as specific or as vague as the dreamer desires and when coupled
For Example: with a motivation it will set a path for your characters future efforts and
A Charismatic gunslinger in search of gold and glory, perhaps, or a development. A Wretched warrior struggling tooth and nail for the top
timid bookworm yearning for adventure. The concept is the core of spot in his Clan is destined to endure innumerable battles. A Vampire
who they are and how others see them. Oftentimes the biggest problem Guildsman seeking absolute political control in Neroth will be faced with
for many players during character creation is where to start, so lets a myriad of sociopolitical quagmires in their quest. A Rekindled pursuing
start at the beginning. their forgotten past will likely venture far and wide in search of clues to
solve the riddle of their history.
A persons birthplace and status in life will play an important part APPEARANCE
in their future. Were their parents penniless peasants, working folk, or A characters physical appearance is a visceral road map of their
wealthy politicians? Were they raised by two parents, or just one? Perhaps life to this point. Mistakes often leave their mark in the form of scars.
they were an orphan. Where an orphan might know only surviving the The few that undergo the Marshal trials are clearly branded by their
slums and wastes of Feneryss, the spawn of Lanitian educators might Omens. The lives of a stalwart soldier and a studious Arknist will have
spend all their childhood with their nose stuck in tomes. significantly disparate impacts on musculature. A professors travelling
The situation into which your character is born will have a monumental silks, a mercenarys leather armor, or an airship captains uniform speak
impact on the characters future life skills, opinions, and experiences. An volumes without a single utterance. If youre unsure where to start, ask a
orphan will likely never witness the fine craftsmanship of an Academys few simple questions:
vaulted ceilings. Nor is a spoiled politicians child likely to ever lay eyes Are they ruggedly handsome, or capable of frightening children
on the suffering of those unfortunate souls struggling to live outside the at a glance? What is their silhouette: tall and thin, short and squat, or
Wall of Pulse. While the orphan is likely to develop the fortitude and somewhere in between? Do they possess any physical quirks such as
keen eye to endure the impoverished life, a child of wealth will study scars, birthmarks, or tattoos? Were they born with genetic anomalies such
the strictures of courtly society and have easy access to teachings of as heterochromia, albinism, or a club foot? And lets not forget mutations:
Arkna. These are just some examples to get the gears turning, of course. a bioreactor or razor-sharp spines protruding from a mans back are sure
There are many possibilities between these two extremes, limited only by to draw stares and color others opinions of your character.
your imagination. There will come a time, though, when your character
decides to leave their old life behind in search of something else QUIRKS
something more. Does your character stutter when nervous, or become tongue-tied
when talking to the opposite sex? Perhaps they have an absent-minded
M O T I VA T I O N tic or tapping of the feet when thinking. Quirks are minor flaws that make
Why is your character turning to a life of adventure? Are they weary a character more realistic, though it is completely possible for a character
of toiling as a farmer? Do they desire the romanticized career of a to not have any major quirks worth mentioning.
wealthy mercenary? Adventurers come from all walks of life, each for
their own particular reasons. Fortune, fame, excitement, knowledge, the S T EP T WO: R AC E
unknown there is an endless list of reasons for characters to strike out Your characters race is the foundation of who he or she is, and a pillar
into the wild with nothing but their wits and a few like-minded souls. of their culture, beliefs, and worldview. Each race has various Strengths
and weaknesses, but there is no limit to what any of them can become.
PA S S I O N S Detailed descriptions of each are found in Races, starting on page 54.
This is more than mere likes and dislikes. Passion is what lights a fire in
your character. A craving for arkne knowledge may drive your otherwise
meek adventurer to risk life and limb on the rumor of dusty tomes stashed S T EP T H R EE:
away in caves overflowing with deadly creatures. An irrepressible E X PER I ENC E ( X P)
hatred for Vampires could lead a typically level-headed mercenary to As characters progress in the game, they gain points towards expanding
unnecessary and heedless conflict. Perhaps the unquenchable thirst for their overall power in the world of Feneryss, which is called Experience
power has led them to stake a claim on the world. These passions will Points (XP). These points are used to upgrade your characters Stats and
bring the characters to life, flavoring their escapades, and fueling their Skills and purchase Talents.

52 Character Creation
For a standard-pace game, characters start with a total of 400xp 50 lbs. times your Strength. Note that your Carry Capacity determines
at character creation. These can be spent wherever the Player desires how much you can carry or haul before you become Overburdened (page
among Stats, Combat Skills, Non-Combat Skills, and Talents. It is 82).
recommended to spend 198xp on Stats, 56xp on Combat Skills, 40xp
on Non-Combat Skills, and the last 106xp on Talents. These are the
recommended expenditures for a well-rounded character, but you may
Talents are the core of Shattered character development. Talents
spend the XP in any manner you prefer.
take the raw data of Stats and Skills and turn them into unique, game-
changing abilities. Characters with high Strength are clearly looking to
S T EP FOU R : S TATS be melee fighters, but of what kind? Do they want to become indomitable
With your initial experience in hand, it is time to start spending. grapplers? They could funnel their experience into the Daohd Martial
Undoubtedly the most valuable things you can purchase with XP are Arts Style for unique grappling abilities. Conversely, they might desire
Stat upgrades. These are the numeric representation of your characters to be a legendary swordsman capable of fending off multiple attackers
Strengths and weaknesses. There are 7 Stats, each governing a different simultaneously. Take Whirling Dervish and punish anyone stupid enough
aspect of your character. A Rank 1 Stat is considered to be undeveloped, to come within reach. The same attributes on two different characters can
2 and 3 are average, 4 is above average, and 5 is the limit of normal. 6 ultimately lead the player down two very different paths.
through 9 are varying degrees of exceptional, and 10 is nigh perfection. Each Talent comes with an experience cost, and many have Stat and/
The Stats, their importance, and XP costs can be found on page 70. or Skill prerequisites. Chapter 4, Talents, Archetypes & Mutations starts
At character creation, all Stats start at 2. You may not increase any on page 90 and is organized alphabetically within each respective
one Stat beyond 4 at character creation. However, at GM discretion, you category.
may reduce any of your Stats to 1 and retrieve the 3xp in exchange. This
can increase your XP pool by a maximum of 21xp.
Now that your characters concept is completed, we advance to the
S T EP FI V E: SK I L L S final step in creation: clothing, gear, and weapons. Each player starts with
Your character very likely wasnt born at the beginning of your 200 Banknotes (Nts) to outfit his or her character. Weapons, armor, and
campaign. While they might not have much experience, they have lived additional gear can be found in the Equipment Chapter (page 147).
for a number of years before undertaking a life of adventure. Skills are a
way of gauging what your character has learned thus far, and are divided
into two different categories: Combat and Non-Combat.
Combat Skills: The name says it all: these are directly related to
combat. This includes offensive skills like Melee and Arkna as
well as defensive skills such as Dodge and Resolve.
Non-Combat Skills: While some of these skills may have a use C H A R AC T ER C R E AT ION
in combat, their primary purposes exist outside of conflict. This
includes Athletics, Diplomacy, Lore, and Survival.
All skills, whether Combat or Non-combat, are governed by a primary STEP 1: CONCEPT
stat which is listed in parentheses next to the skill name. Skills and their STEP 2: RACE
costs begin on page 71. Humans Alypse Drones Florvana
Rekindled Shade Vamires Wretched
Starting XP: 110
O T H ER N UM BER S Recommended XP Spending:
Now that you have your stats, skills, and talents out of the way, there
are a few more numbers that you need to know in order to complete your Stats: 55 Combat Skills: 25 Non-Combat Skills: 10 Talents: 20
character. First and foremost is your characters Health. The equation for S T E P 4 : S TAT S
starting health points is 20 + (2* Toughness) + 2d10. Note that as your STEP 5: SKILLS
Toughness increases, so does your health.
Combat Skills Non-Combat Skills
The characters Stride determines how far your character can move
for 1 AP. A characters Stride is 3 yards, plus 1 yard for every 2 ranks S T E P 6 : H E A LT H & O T H E R N U M B E R S
in Agility. This means most characters will start with a Stride of 4. Health: 20 + (2 * Tougness) + 2d10
The characters Initiative is equal to their Perception ranks plus any Stride: 3 Yards + 1 Yard per 2 Agility
talent bonuses.
Next, Physical Resolve is the sum of Toughness + Resolve. Physical Initiative: Die Code Equal to Perception
Resolve is a characters ability to resist fatigue, disease, harsh weather, Resolve:
and poisons. Your characters Mental Resolve is the sum of Willpower + Physical Resolve: Toughness + Resolve
Resolve. This is a characters ability to resist curses, Psy, and fear.
Mental Resolve: Willpower + Resolve
Their Fatigue Threshold determines how much mental and physical
stress they can endure before their performance suffers as a result. This Fatigue Threshold: Half Toughness + Half Ranks in Psy
is equal to half their Toughness + half their ranks in the Psy talent. Carry Capacity: 25 lbs. + Strength
If they possess ranks in more than one Psy Discipline, use the Discipline Drag Capacity: 50 lbs. + Strength
with more ranks to calculate their Fatigue Threshold.
S T E P 7 : TA L E N T S
The final things you should note is your Carry & Drag Capacities.
First, your ability to carry objects is equal to 25 pounds (lbs.) times your STEP 8: EQUIPMENT
Strength while your ability to drag the same objects along the ground is Starting Notes: 200

Character Creation 53
Playable Races
Playable Races

Noun: Human Adjective: Human Plural: Humans Group: Scheme

54 Playable Races
Humans are the predominant subspecies of humanity on Feneryss. of regional slang. The language also has a very flexible vocabulary,
They outnumber the other races by a significant margin and their general periodically adopting bastardized verbiage from others. This language is
status in society reflects this. This numerical superiority combined with very difficult to learn if it is not a persons first language.
their claim to most of Fenerysss wealth and influence has made it easy
for the elites to adopt a smug arrogance. By and large human culture is GIVEN NAMES
dismissive of their fellows, the Lesser Ones. There is no consistent pattern for given surnames or monikers for
Recently, however, younger generations, especially those in poorer the species due to their dispersion and notable dialectic differences
districts of the city-states, have been raised alongside the other races. from region to region. However, a significant majority of names are
The shared struggles of poverty and destitution have birthed a cultural derivatives of names prior to the Reckoning, and parents are prone to
revolution that shuns the racism of their forefathers. Interracial relations recycling names of their parents or ancestors.
have been gaining positive traction in Humans future leaders. But for
better or worse, bigotry and racism dominates much of Human society. Male Examples
Intrahuman culture fixates on personal glory and achievement. From Harrien, Mohammont, Matthil, Satigo, Luka, Anoxander, Fennig
their sixteenth birthday on forward, Humans are told to go out and leave Female Examples
their mark on society. This intentionally broad goal is the linchpin of Marira, Sufi, Vadima, Amalya, Ansandrie, Elle, Emy, Minsoo
their cultural identity. It promotes ambition, aptitude, and performance.
This cultural maxim, combined with the prevalence of Humans in AGING
cultured society led to their abundance in many positions of power Human childhood can vary by region, but it is generally believed to
circumstance across Feneryss. Good fortune and wealth, after all, breeds end at age 16. The expected lifespan of a human is usually 80-85 years.
more good fortune. The unfortunate side effects of this emphasis on the Average Height: 55 +/- 3
accomplished individual are widespread corruption, greed, and pride Average Weight: 180lbs +/- 45lbs
among the upper echelons of society. It is not uncommon for heirs and
heiresses to use their parents funds on unattainable projects and fools
errands. This behaviour is in fact, the origin of the proverb, a fool and
their money are soon parted.
That maxim, leave your mark, pushes most Humans toward fields
Due to their upbringing, most Humans in the modern world hold high
that encourage this individualism. Science, industry, and military officer
distrust and often disgust towards the other races. As such, Humans gain
corps are the most popular, but the fine arts and trade are dominated
a +1 bonus to Scrutiny against any and all Deceit and Diplomacy checks
by Humans. As such, they drive much of the art industry and its
from other races. However, they also suffer a -1 penalty to all other social
apprenticeship standards, especially in Lanis. In Pulse, they control the
interactions with all other races.
military in its entirety. While other races are encouraged to join, few ever
see the upper ranks. Finally, the majority of trade conducted on Feneryss
is human-run. In spite of the current status quo in these professions,
Humans are a steadfast race who, in spite of the odds, rarely give up in
changing times is leaving many of them ever more diverse.
the face of adversity. This mentality allows a Human to push themselves
Compared to the warriors of the Lesser Ones, especially Wretched
to new heights. Once per day, Humans can add half their willpower as
and Drones, Humans are physically inferior to nearly all others. While
ranks to any skill check. The player must declare the use of this Trait
individually Humans are neither as strong nor as agile as the other races,
before rolling the skill check.
they compensate for this weakness with great numbers, a tightly knit
kinship, and unbridled ardor. Humans constitute the majority of both
marshals and arknists, which is also due to their population advantage,
In addition to their determination, Humans generally believe they are
and have displayed no particular preference for any one Aspect or school
fated for something greater, more grandiose. They channel this belief and
of Arkna. Human psykers are less common than some of the other
use it as one of their core values. Once per day, a Human may choose
races such as Wretched, Alypse, and especially the Shade. While this
to take one die at its maximum, assuring they put their best foot forward
may be biological, some historians believe that until recently there has
into their believed fortunate future. All other dice are rolled as normal.
been a stigma towards those with unexplained psychic powers. Where
Arkna and the Elements can be rationalized through knowledge or faith,
For Example:
the explanation of psionic abilities are often far harder for the layman
1d10 + 1d4 becomes 10 + 1d4
to grasp without adding the stigma of mutation into the mix. While
mutations are prevalent throughout the world, most Humans attempt to
hide their physical abnormalities from the rest of the populace, preferring
Humans have a natural affinity for creativity, allowing them to find
to appear clean and untainted by the harsh, unforgiving world.
unique solutions to complex problems. As such, while calculating craft
For the most part, Humans view the other races as lesser or savage in
time for an object, they spend 1 hour instead of the bas 2 hours per 5 UC.
some regard. Vampires and Alypse are largely responsible for the rise of
general paranoia among the bulk of humanity, and are seen as parasites
who feed off of the progress of others. Alternatively the Drones and
At character creation Humans may acquire the first rank of any non-
Rekindled, while still looked down upon, are regarded with a degree of
combat skill they desire. Once selected, this choice may not be changed.
curiosity since each represent ways to potentially cheat death. Finally,
much of Humanity sees both the Shade and the Florvana as savages
and invalids to be tamed and uplifted, furthering Human standing and
As history has shown, Humanity is not only determined, but stubborn.
influence on Feneryss.
Once per day, when a Humans health is reduced to below 0 and they
successfully make a stabilization check, they return to 1 health and gain
additional health equal to their ranks in Toughness. This refusal to believe
The common tongue of Humanity has taken hold as the dominant
what is right in front of them is often exasperating as it is inspiring.
language in the world. Nonetheless, the language is as varied as
the people who speak it with a multitude of accents and a heavy use

Playable Races 55
Noun: Alypse Adjective: Alypse Plural: Alypse Group: Congress

56 Playable Races
The Reckoning killed untold billions. The fortunate Alypse died, while they have become adept at creating new and convincing appearances and
those that remained were cursed with the likeness of their deity and an personas. They may at any time summon their Flesh Mask and take on
untreatable insanity. Their progeny bear these marks to this day, leaving the appearance of a Human of their gender.
their minds incredibly malleable and their heritage unmistakable. Trained in the use of this since childhood, Alypse are capable
They are forever haunted and tirelessly persecuted by other races, of maintaining it even in times of stress. If an Alypse fails a fatigue-
especially Humans, for their role in the Reckoning. Adapting to survive, related mental Resolve skill check, their Flesh Mask may flicker or
the Alypse turned to illusions and false personas, and now hide in plain waver and draw suspicion. This provokes an opposed check, pitting
sight behind their Flesh Masks. Without these masks, the Alypse present their Mental Resolve against the Search skill of anyone who witnessed
scaled form that they were born with. Some Alypse mourn their features, the phenomenon. This can be maintained even while asleep, but if an
choosing to live their entire life beneath the lonely falsehood of their flesh Alypse is knocked unconscious the Flesh Mask fails and their true form
mask. Others are proud of their heritage, and despite being pronounced a is revealed.
pariah, often live comfortable lives in ghettos or on the fringes of society.
In general however, most Alypse use their flesh mask only when in the SNAKETONGUE
presence of Humans, as the other races are less inclined to level blame Every time an Alypse succeeds on a Diplomacy, Deceit, or Inquiry
for the mistake of ones ancestors. skill check, they gain a +1 bonus the next time one of these skills is used
Physically, Alypse are serpentine in appearance, with a sleek body and against the same target. This bonus can be earned from one skill and
skin that produces a scaly shimmer. As a byproduct of the ever-present applied to another.
potential for genocide should the Alypse reveal their true forms, this
race is a master of deception in all its forms. Most find it easy to live For Example:
undetected within any lifestyle on Feneryss, but with an innate ability at Terrosh, an Alypse Marshal, convinces a shopkeeper to give him
subterfuge they often reign supreme in law and politics. a 10% discount with Diplomacy, suggesting that a fellow believer
While the current zeitgeist places the world at odds with the Alypse, should see the importance of his work. He then probes that same
they themselves harbor little ill will towards the other races. Given that shopkeeper for a possible lead on his mission with an Inquiry check,
they spend their days using their flesh masks to appear human, many which earns a +1 bonus from his success with Diplomacy.
Alypse either come to idolize or resent humanity. Alternatively, for those
that tire of keeping up appearances, the Rekindled, and to lesser extent H E R I TA G E
the Drones, represent new lives that are free of the shackles of the past. Many Alypse elders pass down myths and fables of the Reckoning to
This perspective is one of the primary drives behind the high suicide rate their children and grandchildren, granting all Alypse 2 ranks to Secret
among the Alypse. Countering the escapism that is inspired by Drones Lore: Apocalypse.
and Rekindled, many Alypse look at the Wretched and Vampires as
sources of inspiration. Both of these races have accepted who they are PA R I A H
and from the perspective of the Alypse, do not hide from or fear the An Alypses heritage brands the race as persona non grata in many
world. places. Alypse gain a +1 bonus to Intimidate checks against non-Alypse
when their Flesh Mask is not in use.
Synthri is a very mesmerising tongue, using many soft, sibilant sounds TIRELESS RETRIBUTION
and inflections, combined with steady exhalations. This makes entire The heritage and experiences of the Alypse have forged them into a
statements sound like a single sinuous word. This language is extremely tireless people, but this has driven many of them to the brink of madness.
difficult to learn and next to impossible to master for a non-Alypse. As such Alypse do not have a Fatigue Threshold like the other races and
therefore do not suffer from the normal effects of fatigue. They instead
GIVEN NAMES take 1 point of insanity for every 2 points of fatigue. Alypse will still
Alypse names typically hold the recurring theme of the double R, fall unconscious when they exceed their Physical Resolve from fatigue.
a rolling sound lending itself to the hypnotizing flow of the Alypse Additionally, Alypse gain a bonus equal to half their insanity to each
language. damage roll they make.


Carrath, Garrbon, Hharrco, Rrecrin, Thorrsious Ever since the After a successful grapple, an Alypse can spend an
Female Examples additional 1 action point to bite their victim. During this kiss they may
Athorrow, Janorrius, Kathorra, Westorren transfer a number of their Insanity points equal to half their Willpower
to the victim. The Alypse cannot give more Insanity than they currently
AGING possess.
The Alypse reach maturity much more quickly than that of the other
races, often as early as ten years of age. Perhaps to spite this, they can ZEALOTRY
can and often do succumb to the ravages of time much sooner than their Their colorful religious past makes an Alypse the ideal religious leader
Human counterparts. Generally speaking most Alypse live to 70 or 80 or follower. Alypse gain 1 bonus conviction point for every rank in
years of age, but a significant number only make it into their early sixties. Conviction.
Average Height: 53 +/- 2
Average Weight: 170lbs +/- 30lbs
Shunned by both their family and the rest of the world, unmasked
Alypse wander the world alone. Add a +2 bonus to all Resolve Skill
Since the breaking of the world, the Alypse have hidden their true
checks. This trait replaces Flesh Mask.
nature from the other races. Using a Psykic illusion, called a Flesh Mask,

Playable Races 57
Noun: Drone Adjective: Dronish Plural: Drones Group: Lib

58 Playable Races
Named for their typically detached nature and metal forms, Drones DRONE DIALECT
occupy an unusual niche in this rebuilding society. Due to both the self- All Drones possess an intrinsic comprehension of machines and gain
imposed social isolation and the social isolation imposed upon them by a +1 bonus to Scrutiny and Security checks when dealing with any type
the reigning Humans, much of their culture and habits remain a mystery of mechanical system.
to the rest of the world. Likewise, Drones who have not been outside
of Dronus for much of their life lack comprehension of the other races F O U N D AT I O N A L L E A R N I N G
culture and customs. This is perhaps most noticeable in Lokoran or when Whenever a Drone deals the killing blow to an enemy they are
Dronus sends delegations to the other cities. Their aura of ignorance is adjacent to, they may briefly study the body to obtain more knowledge
reinforced by their reclusive tendencies and that most tend to maintain about their opponents. When a Drone does this they gain a bonus equal
residence within the impenetrable walls of Dronus. All of these have to their Intelligence to attack rolls against opponents of the same species
combined to create the infamous stereotype that all Drones are unfeeling, for the remainder of combat.
inhuman bodysnatchers that consider their biological counterparts to be
inferior. This is largely untrue. GEAR HEAD
Mental and physical variation among drones is on par, and perhaps As a basis for survival and self-preservation, all Drones are natural
even exceeds, that of Humans. Their freedom to alter and replace their mechaniks. They begin with 1 rank in the Craft: Mechaniks skill.
bodyparts wholesale has led to very unique aesthetics. While most
Drones err on the side of pragmatism, they are no strangers to creative M E TA L M A N
body modification. Though they typically manifest a Humanoid form, Due to the fact that a Drone is not made of flesh, divine and Medicine
a holdover of their Pre-Reckoning origins, some have taken more checks to heal or stabilize do not affect them. Instead, stabilization and
outlandish forms mimicking animals or even uniquely asymmetrical heal checks are made with the Craft: Mechaniks skill and is described in
chassis. greater detail below.
And in spite of the negative connotations tethered to their kind, Drones
are largely respected and desired in manual labor and specialty fields HARDSHELL
and even moreso in technical fields. This is due to their collective vast Because all Drones have a metallic construction they are more resilient
knowledge of subjects thought to be lost but were instead meticulously to damage inflicted by modern weapons. To reflect this, all Drones have
squirrelled away within the walls of Dronus. 2 points of natural damage reduction that does not interfere with armor
Still, wariness about the Drones linger as they are often the first to be or shields.
fingered as suspects in crimes with no lead. Again, this hails from the
time that Humans and many of the other races believed Drones to be MODULAR
evil alien body snatchers. And while this may or may not be true, there With efficacy being a primary driving force for Drones, all frames have
has never been any tangible evidence to suggest the Drones are as evil as a modular design. As such, at character creation and for no additional
previously suggested. cost, each of a Drones limbs are Grade 1 Articulated prosthetics. These
starting limbs have no Wear Limit and behave like normal limbs. Any
LANGUAGE upgrade to these limbs or newly created prosthetics acquired after
Drones can adjust their harmonizers to speak any language required, character creation have twice the normal Wear Limit and have cost
however these tones are synthetic and always sound very odd to any increased by 1.5 times the base cost. Any prosthetic wear gained can be
listener. When they are communicating among themselves they prefer removed if a Drone rests for 8 uninterrupted hours.
the use of binary code when writing and analog tones when speaking.

Drones carry a binary number as their true identification. Those that
interact with other races almost always choose an additional designation
that translates from their binary identifier. Others acquire or create
Mechaniks can be used on Drones to Heal, Reattach
nicknames to better integrate into society.
Limbs, or Stabilize them:
For Example:
Hash (35), C (67), Ti, (84/105), Ser (83/101/114), Lead HEAL
(76/101/97/100), Study (83/116/117/100/121) In combat this requires 2 AP from the healer as well as
the person to be healed. They regain a number of health
AGE, HEIGHT AND WEIGHT points equal to the Mechaniks roll. Characters may only be
Given that Drones perpetually self-modify themselves, their height and healed once this way unless they take additional damage.
weight are in constant fluctuation and it is nigh impossible to ascertain A character cannot gain more health than their current
their age. maximum.

R AC I A L T R A I TS A character may attempt to reattach an allys detached
limb for 5 AP during combat. The difficulty for Drones is
ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT double the limbs grade UC. Outside of combat, the check
Due to a Drones construction, they do not suffer the conditions of is the limbs grade UC.
suffocation and disease. Instead, a Drones body deteriorates over time.
For every 4 points of fatigue they currently possess, results on the critical
health table are increased by 1 step. For example, a Drone with 4 points S TA B I L I Z E
of fatigue who suffers a simple fracture on the critical health table would A character may spend 3 AP in combat to attempt to
instead suffer from a compound fracture. Any ability that can remove stabilize and remove the Dying condition from another
fatigue can remove a Drones fatigue. Drone. Difficulty is twice the characters current Critical

Playable Races 59
Noun: Florvana Adjective: Florvan Plural: Florvana Group: Culture

60 Playable Races
Florvana are born in the Cistern of Lokoran, children of natural fungi GIVEN NAMES
and magical residues of the Reckoning. Each one is a fungal colony Being that the Florvana consist of many individual fungi working
kept coherent by a hivemind. Their approximate physical resemblance in tandem, they have a tendency to combine the names of their major
to members of the other races comes from forced growth. This effort constituents into a single alias.
to imitate others is an imperfect process that often leads to comical,
exaggerated, or disproportionate bodies. As a natural response to potential For Example
threats, some Florvana intentionally increase their mass or grow hollow Tirfolber, Sinnix, Talgaspah. Beraddica
nodules in their bodies to appear larger and more menacing.
The youngest race of Feneryss has much to prove, and they have AGING
set the bar for themselves. Their budding cultural worldview pivots Most Florvana grow to their full size within 15-30 days after spawning,
around the idea that they are to be wardens of Feneryss. This concept but do not fully mature for another three to five years. In that time their
drives an overwhelming percentage of their kind to become explorers size, shape and coloration can change drastically. Once this time has
and wanderers with the goal of restoring Feneryss to its pre-Reckoning passed they can typically live for another 30-50 years.
lushness. They are easily stereotyped as kindhearted and naive pacifists Average Height: 66 +/- 5
with a penchant for botany and the healing arts. Scientists, doctors, and Average Weight: 110lbs +/- 60lbs
teachers are the most common vocations for them. As marshals Florvana
gravitate toward the Aspects of Life, Peace, Earth, and Water.
While it is true that Florvana have a predilection toward nonviolence,
it would be unwise to assume they all avoid conflict. Those that take up
arms typically reserve their might and magic for righteous crusades at the
Each Florvana is capable of reproducing asexually, and they cannot
defense of the defenseless, and seldom do so for their own gain. Indeed it
become Rekindled. When their health is zero or less, a Florvana may
is rare to see Florvana living as mercenaries, rogues, politicians, or other
choose to cast off their current form and drop a small ironbark polyp
unsavory archetypes are rare. Equally rare is the Florvana that will lay
with 5 health and 1 natural DR. Over the course of 24 hours this polyp
hands on industrially crafted tools or weapons, often only electing to
will develop into a small-sized replica of the former Florvana, though
do so only in times of dire need. Instead, they favor unarmed combat or
its personality and other mental characteristics may have changed. After
weapons that can be made without industrial equipment: wooden staves
another 72 hours, the Florvana will regain its medium-size.
or bows and stone-tipped arrows are common. Similarly, their traditional
armor is often made from stone, tree bark, or tightly woven grasses.
Now, none of this is not to say the Florvana are single-faceted or
Their love of nature and abhorrence of artificial constructs grants
simple. In fact most Florvana engorge themselves with knowledge and
them a +1 to Medicine, a -1 to Crafting: Mechaniks, and a -2 to social
culture over the course of their lives. Unfortunately, given their scholarly
interactions with Drones.
proclivities, they have done little to establish traditions and other cultural
footnotes of their own. Considering their youth as a species, the Florvana
have also done little to establish for themselves a suitable place to call
Once they have reached maturity, all Florvana exude an aura of
home. Even today, roughly 50 years after emerging from the Cistern, the
pheromones and other chemicals that indicate their mood, intent, and
majority of their population has remained in or near Lokoran, often going
even their tone of voice. While this goes largely unnoticed by the other
no further than Neroth or the Alecian Plains. Considering their aversion
races, other Florvana can easily sense these changes, gaining a +3 bonus
to Airships and other manufactured means of transportation, what little
to Scrutiny when opposing another Florvana.
they have seen of the world has been done on foot.
Although the Florvana did not exist in the time before the Reckoning,
they are very cognizant of mankinds involvement in the state of the world
The Florvanas unique structure is capable of rapid regeneration. They
as it currently is, which weighs heavily on their collective psyche, and
can fully restore a lost limb after 72 hours. This is reduced by 2 hours
colors their perception of the other races. Humans, Alypse, and Vampires
per rank in Toughness greater than 2. Due to their unique structure and
are often targets of the greatest scorn, and from the perspective of the
regeneration, they are unable to utilize prosthetics. They gain 1 point of
Florvana are not two separate species, but instead three parts of a larger
insanity each time they lose a limb.
whole. First, as untapped sources of destruction, then either realizing
that potential or being consumed by it. The Shade, in the minds of the
Florvana, are the most admirable of the known races. Because they live
Florvana can bury roots deep into the ground, becoming immovable
off the land and do what they can to attain balance among their homes,
and incapable of movement until they uproot. This cannot be performed
they are believed to be a beacon of hope for Feneryss. The Wretched
on metal or worked stone surfaces. Rooting and uprooting cost 2AP
on the other hand leave the Florvana in a bit of a quandary. The are not
during combat.
simply destructive out of negligence or ambition, but instead embrace
change and destruction with wanton disregard. Last but certainly not
least are the mysteries of the world. The Rekindled often regarded as
Thanks to a symbiotic relationship with lichen growing on their
spectres, ghostly reminders of the past. Alternatively Drones are often
exterior, Florvana are able to nourish themselves through photosynthesis
perplexing to many Florvana, who do not share the same concept of self,
when food is scarce. Florvana must go 12 hours without both food and
much less modifying oneself for aesthetic or functional purposes.
sunlight before they suffer the starved condition. 2 Hours of sunlight are
enough to replace 1 meal.
Prior to sentience they have had no need for language. They are quick
studies, however, and have learned common tongue with incredible
Lacking an actual vascular system, Florvana are immune to the
speed, although grammar still eludes them. This deficit is alleviated
bleeding condition, and do not grant Vampires a benefit if they attempt
by the pheromones they exude, which communicate tone and intent.
to feed.
For example, happiness will elicit scents of sweet flowers or tree sap;
conversely, anger excretes a sharp, peppery scent.

Playable Races 61
Noun: Rekindled Adjective: Rekindled Plural: Rekindled Group: Haunt

62 Playable Races
The Reckonings effects were many and widespread. One of the GIVEN NAMES
most significant was the inception of the Rekindled: stubborn souls Many Rekindled remember the name from their previous life and keep
who refused to die. Through the combination of monumental willpower it, perhaps clinging to their past. For those who cannot remember, or
and the newfound abundance of arkna these individuals have rebuilt a choose to abandon their old identity, there are two common paths. Some
flawed model of their former self. Some were born mere moments after opt for the fragmented memories of their death, seeing value in the origin
their death while others have spent years, even centuries, struggling in of their second chance. Others seek a new name derived from purpose
deaths grasp. found in this new life.
Once their soul has reclaimed a material shape, its appearance is often
considered rather unsettling. Their new forms always carry pieces, called For Example:
elements, of their old bodies, and some such elements even show the Burdened by the Mountain, First Sheperd, Ironfire, Sleepless in
degradation time would have if it were made from real flesh. Between Ignorance, Stormlost, Warden of Many Paths
any elements present lies an ethereal projection, filling in the gaps. While
similar in many ways to the undead, only a fool would fail to miss the AGING
clear signs of cognizant intelligence, and ever present glow of color Given that the Rekindled live in a state of existence that is beyond full
appearing to bleed from their eyes. understanding, their bodies react differently to the natural elements of
Most Rekindled retain a few fragments of the previous life. This the world and to time itself. Maturity does not exist in a physical state
usually includes, but is not limited to, their name and cause of death. for the Rekindled, and instead is recognized as a conscious choice about
Some are total amnesiacs reborn with nothing but an unshakeable feeling ones purpose. From that point on, a Rekindled can live for anywhere
of rage or melancholy, an echo of the emotions that drove them to their from a few decades to a few century.
Rekindling. Average Height: Based on original race(pre-death)
The loss of identity drives every Rekindled to search for something. Average Weight: Based on original race(pre-death)
Most Rekindled seek one of two things: their past or a new purpose.
Members of the former camp will often turn to NocShala or necromancers
to obtain what was lost. The latter typically become aimless wanderers
until something piques their interest.
Their existence is something of a controversy among the other races,
The process of becoming rekindled, averting the ultimate end to
unfortunately. Many view Rekindled as high-functioning undead while
mortality takes a considerable toll upon their physical vessel. This
others consider them a collection of homeless beggars due to their lack
permanently reduces their Stride by 1 yard.
of established identity. This rampant ostracization has forced them to
establish their own communities, called Graves. Most Graves are little
B E E N T H E R E , D O N E T H AT
more than ghettos or tiny hamlets that barely eke out a living. Some
The characters will to live was so strong that it conjured a body out of
are content to live out their days alongside other reborn souls, but many
thin air. Its that same iron will that will permit them to persevere through
cannot suppress the urge to discover their past or purpose.
Fenerysss many challenges. Gain a +2 to Mental Resolve checks.
Rekindled are, by and large, the weakest among Feneryans. This
is easily offset by their seemingly preternatural affinity for the psykic
disciplines and arknik studies. While they may not be as prolific as
While they do not remember their past, it occasionally revisits them.
Humans, their affinity, coupled with the possibility of remembering
Rekindled have 2 points of Insanity that cannot be removed by any
psykic or arknik knowledge from a past life, Rekindled possess the
means, and 2 ranks in a single Lore of the players choice.
potential to become powerful practitioners just as quickly as any studied
student. Many also make a comfortable living as hermetic gurus or
isolated researchers thanks to knowledge gained in their past lives or
Every time their health drops below 0, the Rekindled reaches out
during their time among the dead.
to everyone within 10 yards, and project visions of death and the Lost
Rekindled that prefer physical arms over mental acuity tend to lean
Abyss. All witnesses are subject to a fear check. The difficulty of the fear
towards joining the ranks of gunmen or rogues. Just as with psy and
check is equal to twice the Rekindleds Willpower.
arkna, Rekindled often make good Marshals. Their means of rekindling
play a large part into what flavor of Marshal Rekindled normally become.
Their primal emotions coupled with their death and rebirth have give
Once per encounter the Rekindled can blink back to their spiritual
the race an acute affinity for the Aspects of Life, Death, Love, and Hate.
form. This is a reaction that replaces a Dodge or Block, and allows the
The Rekindled are unique, primarily due to the fact that any other
Rekindled to automatically avoid one attack.
race can rekindle. While some may retain some semblance of a past
lifes bias or hatred, most have forgotten their bigotry. Meanwhile, most
races are distrustful of their ilk due to discomfort, fear, superstition, or
Because their bodies are so fragmented, it is considerably more
some combination of the three. The notable exceptions are the Drones,
difficult for enemies to inflict damage to crucial areas. For example, a
Florvana, and Shade. The first are indifferent, the second generally take
bullet may completely miss, flying harmlessly through gaping cracks in
pity on these lost souls, and the third are a wellspring of aid in the form
their disjointed body. Because of this, all Rekindled gain a +1 bonus to
of the NocShala. Wretched are a mixture, some having great respect
Dodge checks.
for their ability to return from the dead, while others dismiss their frail
forms on sight.
Exposure to the realm beyond death has gifted Rekindled with unique
insights on the way of the world. The Rekindled may take a single rank
The Rekindled have no unique language. In fact, when they speak,
in either Arkna or Psy combat skill.
they speak in all tongues simultaneously. Listeners hear their native
language clearly with a susurration of all others beneath it.

Playable Races 63
Noun: Shade Adjective: Shaded Plural: Shades Group: Blind

64 Playable Races
The Shades are products of their environment, and the Glass Forest is live shorter overall lives, often passing in their 50s, alternatively Shade
easiest described as a giant death trap. The volcanic, onyx structures from Matriarchs often live well into their 90s or older.
which its name is derived are razor sharp. The creatures living there are Average Height: 5 +/- 3
all hunters struggling against one another in the absence of sustainable Average Weight: 95lbs +/- 25lbs
vegetation. The Shades are royalty among hunters with their claim to
fame as dragonhunters. No other creature can make such a boast.
Their matriarchal society has very firmly established gender roles.
Females are the dominant sex in relationships, politics, and society.
Women become leaders, teachers, and huntresses. If men dont become
Unlike many of the other races, the Shade view the world with an an
foreign diplomats or craftsmen, they depart the Glass Forest to learn of
unyielding optimism. Feneryss is the world they were born into and it is,
the outside world in the hopes of returning with knowledge to enrich
in spite of considerable danger, a beautiful and awe inspiring place. They
their Cabal.
are curious, in many cases to a fault, and gain a +1 bonus to Scrutiny
A few exceptions exist for both sexes. They are frequently hired on
tests. Additionally, in certain social situations (i.e. when asking an
as guides and consultants for airship captains, and many black market
inappropriate question), Curiosity bestows a -1 penalty to Inquiry.
operators appreciate the discretion that can come with hiring mute
couriers. As with any culture, many also rebel and depart the Glass Forest
to pursue their own ideals. The largest populations of Shades outside
While Shade culture places women at the forefront, every Shade is
their ancestral home can be found in Lanis and Pulses Quarterlock.
taught how to effectively capture and kill dragons. Because of this, every
They can easily make a living beyond the Glass Forest as trackers,
Shade starts with 2 ranks in Secret Lore: Dragons.
trappers, and guides for more urban Feneryans. The variety of fighting
styles among the Shades is outmatched only by the Wretched. A majority
of Feneryan psykics herald from this race, and there a number of powerful
The Glass Forest is perilous at every turn, meting out swift and bloody
arknists among them. Shade marshals largely adhere to the Aspects of
judgement upon anything not agile enough to brave its obsidian spires.
Earth, Air, War, and Peace.
The Shade proudly count themselves among these worthy few, and each
The Shade are begrudgingly respected by Humans, if only for
one bears the scars to prove it. Whether on the run from a rampaging
their dragon hunting knowledge. Between their telepathy and albino
dragon, or pursuing smaller game, they must be sure of every step, for it
NocShala brethren, Humans find them to be collectively unnerving
could be their last. This level of skill is not only a necessity for living in
and strive to steer clear if possible. There is a general resentment among
the Glass Forest, but it is in many ways a right of passage for the Shade,
the Alypse toward them, partially because of their social success, but
as such all Shade gain a +1 bonus to Acrobatics.
mostly because their latent psykic powers make them a threat to Alypse
in hiding. Since the Rekindled are essentially spirits, they frequently seek
out NocShala to rediscover their broken past, or at least gather the pieces.
In order to survive the threat of Dragons and the many perils looming in
Racial relations with both the Vampires and Drones are typically neutral,
the Glass Forest, Shades have developed a greater situational awareness
although theyre viewed as a lovely source of blood by the former. The
than the average person. They gain a +2 bonus to Awareness checks
Wretched admire the skill required to fell a Dragon, but dislike the Shade
against surprise attacks made against them.
emphasis on gender roles: strength is strength, regardless of its source.
Finally, the Florvana have a generally positive relationship. While
hardline pacifists find their hunting culture excessive and barbaric, the
As a result of their vestigial vocal chords, the Shade have forgone
overwhelming majority are impressed by their respect for life.
verbal speech. Instead they can use telepathy to communicate with any
number of people within 10 yards. Other races find telepathy unsettling,
granting a +1 bonus to the Shade on Intimidate checks against any non-
Since the Shade speak telepathically, they are able to communicate
Shade when using their telepathy to do so. The range of Natural Telepath
to all races through pure thought. While Shades do not have a verbal
may be increased with the Greater Mind racial talent.
language, they do have a written one. It is through this medium that
Shades assign meaning to the world and more importantly their offspring.
Typically these messages come in the form of images, emotions, and
Whenever a Shade uses two sequential move actions, they leave
basic impulses that can be universally understood. Though they lack
behind an illusion of themselves. This illusion may occupy any 1 square
spoken language, they are capable of learning and understanding others.
yard that the character moved through this round. Only one such illusion
may exist at a time, and it may be dispelled with any attack that deals
damage. If it is not dispelled, the illusion dissipates at the beginning of
Each child is named several years after they are born, after their parents
the Shades next turn.
have had time to observe their personality. While many Shades keep their
given name, it is not uncommon for a Shade to allow their loved ones
select a new name to carry throughout adulthood. Many of these names OP T ION A L R AC I A L T R A I TS
cannot effectively be spoken by the other races, so most Shades also
select a common name that best approximates their true name. NOCSHALA
The character is now a NocShala, able to convene with and, if
For Example: necessary, fight off the spirits of the dead. Once per day they may attempt
Fire, Lance, River, Steel to speak to the dead or attempt to glimpse a Rekindleds past. If the GM
permits the Shade to commune with a spirit or witness a Rekindleds
AGING history, the GM will also determine how long this seance lasts. Potential
Shade offspring, like that of the other races face a violent and perilous uses for this include questioning murder victims, gleaning info about
world that demands quick maturity, or not at all. A Shade is often historical events, or speaking to long lost relatives. This trait replaces
considered an adult by the age of 10. Shade men have a tendency to Natural Telepath. NocShala may still learn telepathy with the Psy talent.

Playable Races 65
Noun: Vampire Adjective: Vampiric Plural: Vampires Group: Clot

66 Playable Races
As the world was torn asunder, some Humans escaped into cave covered, Vampires suffer 4 damage that bypasses armor and 2 points of
systems deep underground and found themselves steeped in all number fatigue each week that they do not feed. If for some reason a Vampire is
of toxins and latent arkna. Over the years, adapting to these factors exposed to direct UV radiation, they suffer the same penalty each minute
alone left this remnant of humanity wholly different from their former that passes. In either instance, any fatigue gained in this way can be
selves. Their blood had become caustic, their skin paled, and their vision eliminated if the Vampire feeds.
had adapted what little light existed beneath the surface. The lack of food
underground drove them to cannibalism, which also brought forth its BLOODLUST
own adaptation by way of elongated fangs that aided in reinding flesh. Vampires are expressly attuned to death and its workings. As third
Beyond the mere physical, the Vampires are a very superstitious parties to such events, this manifests itself differently. Some Vampires
people. They have no gods or angels, but instead fear a looming pantheon become irritable, others may feel simple persistent chills, while others
of demons and tormentors. When the Vampires fled many of their still may become aroused. If a Vampire is the direct cause of a death,
manifested fears, deep in the caves, they were forced to contend with however, their reaction is more potent and consistent. During combat
Maldraan, the queen of emptiness and the surface world. The Vampires a Vampire gains +1 to their Melee and Hand-to-Hand damage for each
could not escape their torment below without first paying Maldraan the enemy that they kill until the end of combat.
many hundreds of lives that were owed to her. Once the toll was paid,
Vampires once again emerged refugees into a hostile world. THE COVEN
Today, most Vampires cling tightly to their superstitions and wrap Vampires are natural lone predators, but the unforgiving environment
themselves in the tanned hides of their ancestors or under thick heavy of Feneryss has forced them to gather in Covens. Each Coven provides
clothing in order to hide from Maldraan, who most assuredly wishes to unique bonuses and penalties, which take effect at the GMs discretion.
claim a new bounty of lives for herself. Possible benefits include access to safe havens, information, and
Many Vampires have also given up their traditional cannibalism. equipment; possible penalties include difficulty in social situations
Following a year of relentless bloodshed, many chose to abide by true with members of other Covens, increased enemies, and a lack of Coven
vampirism, consuming blood only, in order to better integrate and blend support outside their territory.
into society. They are a race driven by adaptation, and it is this very trait
that has driven many Vampires into positions of great wealth and power. DARK SIGHT
Vampires are accustomed to living in dark underground areas. As
LANGUAGE such, they take no penalties in pure darkness, but see only in black and
Vampires speak in a variety of dead languages collectively called white. Vampires suffer no penalties to vision-based checks in darkness
Valdim. While this collection of tongues can be learned to a degree, it is or ambient lighting. They suffer a -2 penalty in dim light, a -6 penalty in
impossible to know how many languages are actually in use. daylight, and are completely blinded by bright light.


Within the hierarchy of each esteemed coven lies a system of naming Vampires have incredibly robust respiratory systems that can extract
founded on ones prestige. With each new accomplishment a member is oxygen from even the most deprived environments. As such, Vampires
bestowed a brand new honorific or surname, according to the Covens do not benefit or suffer from the effects of inhaled potions or airborne
particular traditions. While being in a Coven is not required to gain a toxins. They can however, still be drowned.
title, Vampires who are in the same Coven are more likely to give away a
title to someone in their Coven than members of rival Covens, Outcasts, FEARED
or uninitiated Vampires. As a result their ancestors actions, Vampires are very often feared by
the masses. If an enemy realizes a character is a Vampire during combat,
Male Examples all fear based effects against that enemy last for 1 additional round. Out
Garthon, Harkon, Mathias, Darius, Marius of combat, the Vampires next fear based action succeeds if the defender
Female Examples ties the Vampire.
Islud, Jusilun, Kristo, Orikasa, Lillith
AGING To combat their hemoacidosis (see Bloodburn) a Vampires digestive
Vampires mature slowly and are not often considered adults until their system can siphon off plasma and injects it directly into their circulatory
their 20s and can live well past 90. For unknown reasons Marquis can system. This dilutes the Vampires bloodstream and staves off their
live to be more than 140 years of age. Perhaps strangest of all is that no hazardous condition. As a free action, a Vampire may feed on a target as
known Draculesti Ascendant has ever died of old age. the result of a successful grapple that they initiate. This means reacting
Average Height: 57 +/- 5 or opposing a grapple check by another character does not offer a feeding.
Average Weight: 165lbs +/- 50lbs If successful, the effects of the Vampires Bloodburn are negated for
one week. If the Vampire has gained fatigue as a result of Bloodburn, it
is eliminated once feeding has taken place. Vampires are unable to feed
R AC I A L T R A I TS from Drones (even those with skin grafts), Florvana, or other Vampires.
After being fed upon, the victim gains 1 point of fatigue and the
BLOODBURN Vampires Darksight trait for one day. The Vampire likewise gains one of
Generations spent below ground, immersed in virulent gasses and the following racial traits for one day (note that a trait gained in this way
unstable magic left the Vampires with incredibly toxic blood. As a result is overridden if the Vampire feeds again):
the surviving Vampires are immune to many diseases caused by foreign Human: Gain the Fated racial trait.
pathogens. The exceptions being Glass Fever and Gritlac. Unfortunately, Alypse: Gain the Zealotry racial trait.
their blood is also highly reactive to UV radiation, which slowly turns Rekindled: Gain the Been There, Done That racial trait.
their blood into acid. While this reaction can be mitigated through the Shade: Gain the Natural Telepath or NocShala racial trait.
use of heavy clothing over the whole body, the process is persistent and Wretched: Gain the Tremorsense racial trait.
will eventually become lethal if the Vampire doesnt feed. If they remain

Playable Races 67
Noun: Wretched Adjective: Wretched Plural: Wretched Group: Mass

68 Playable Races
These tortured souls endured the brunt of the Reckoning within great R AC I A L T R A I TS
machines of old, huddled around undying fires. The heat that seeped into
their cold bones also ravaged their bodies with radical mutations, for ADAPTED
better or for worse. Wretched have spent the majority of their lives in the wastes of
The Wretched, in the current age, have sorted themselves into nomadic Feneryss. Exposed to the extreme weather and harsh natural effects, the
clans, but some still choose to travel in solitude, or try to make a living Wretched have become immune to the lesser environmental hazards that
in one of Fenerysss few cities. The clans wander the deserts of sand and are rated UC 4 or less.
the ash of the dead, seeking the pasts lost technology in hopes of turning
it for a profit. Status within a clan is determined solely by strength, and DUSKSIGHT
this fixation on strength and aptitude makes the Wretched very ruthless, Accustomed to the dim surrounds of the Ashlands, Wretched suffer
even cruel at times. no penalties in dim light. However, such a boon comes with some
Their leadership structure is constantly shifting, which makes it downsides. They suffer a -2 penalty in normal and ambient lighting, and
difficult for other races to conduct business with the Wretched as one a -6 penalty in bright light and total darkness.
day a deal may be struck, then the next it is no longer honored. Couple
that with their incessant enslavement of their own people as well as those M U TA N T
of other races, it is no wonder the Wretched are both revered as a strong Due to the effects of the environment and magical factors, Wretched
people and reviled as savages and slavers. have become highly prone to mutation. At character creation, the player
Their incessant drive for strength and power also gives the Wretched a must roll twice on the Mutation Power Level 1 table. Additionally, a
pathos of superiority when comparing themselves to other races. Because Wretched may purchase specific mutations at a discounted experience
blood for many Wretched symbolizes vigor and prowess, they see the cost. Mutations can be found on page 101.
Drones and the Florvana as being not only unnatural, but an anathema
upon the world. The Vampires on the other hand are the victims of a T O U G H B A S TA R D S
particularly venomous disdain. Not only is their blood weak, but they The social onus of projecting strength and overcoming weakness is so
feed on their betters to survive. As far as the Wretched are concerned, prevalent among the Wretched that it is common for them to fight even
Vampires are a scourge. after receiving debilitating wounds. If the Wretched begins combat with
Humans on the other hand, while viewed as weak, are often well a Simple Fracture, or receives one during combat, they can opt to ignore
regarded for their indomitable strength of will and spirit. The Alypse too the penalties for the duration of combat. Each time they choose to fight
are held in similar regard, though their cowardice is generally understood through a fracture, the Wretched gains 2 Fatigue.
as a sign of being untrustworthy. Indeed, few Wretched ever ally with an
Alypse, even in the gravest of circumstances. TREMORSENSE
Finally, the Rekindled remain ill-defined among the Wretched. While A Wretched is able to sense an oncoming earthquake before it actually
they are known to be physically weak, most Wretched believe them to manifests. This has proven especially useful for them as they tend to live
be spirits of the past, bound to walk Feneryss for eternity as penance in the wastelands where seismic activity is frequent.
for some long forgotten transgression. As a result, Rekindled are either
pitied or completely ignored. U N S TA B L E D E C AY
When the Wretched gain the Cancerous Tumor mutation, their bodies
LANGUAGE alter the tumors chemistry making them highly combustible. On a
Gnarltongue is the name given to the language of the Wretched. It is successful grapple attack, a Wretched may choose to detonate and
very guttural and is often described as angry due to its heavy use of hard remove a number of tumors equal to half their Toughness. Each tumor
inflections. The language is not too difficult to learn, but the vocal sounds deals 1d4 points of damage to the opponent, which is reduced only by
are unnatural for foreigners and take much practice to properly replicate. natural damage reduction. The Wretched suffers 1 point of damage per
Many historians believe that this language developed because the hard tumor, which bypasses all armor damage reduction.
sounds stand out among the noises of the wastes, where many Wretched
make their home.
Given the Wretcheds penchant for strength and brutality, they have a FREAK
tendency to name their offspring in a similar fashion, with abrupt tonal This trait replaces Mutant and restricts purchasing Mutations. While
shifts and harsh syllables. Unlike many other races, shortening anothers it is easier for Wretched to gain mutations, some rare Wretched are
name for ease is not considered a term of endearment of friendship, and genetically more unstable than their brethren. Their bodies are often
is instead taken as a slight. subject to random and spontaneous mutations that decay as quickly as
they appear. Before the start of each session, they roll a 1d4 to determine
Male Examples the power level, followed by the power levels corresponding die (1d8 for
Alcangrathundt, Gritcht, Harthur, Kargrundt, Yanthong levels 1 & 2, 1d6 for levels 3 & 4). Once the mutation is rolled, the Freak
Female Examples must decide if they want to keep the mutation by using XP at the rolled
Agnedt, Dagnyil, Hindregaad, Odlevigt, Tordunna, Vilhelvek cost or to only have the mutation for the session. whichever they decide
is final once the session begins. If a duplicate mutation occurs, choose
AGING an appropriate advancement, if any, otherwise no additional mutation
Wretched are considered adults at or around 14 years of age. While in occurs. If Bio-Reactor is rolled a second time, roll a 1d6 to determine
rare cases they can live as long or longer than Humans, such individuals the advancement. On 1-5, the appropriate corresponding advancement is
are generally considered to be the strongest of the Wretched. In the chosen. On a 6, Freaks select their own advancement.
vast majority however, most Wretched live for little more than 60 years
because that is when their natural strength tends to falter.
Average Height: 66 +/- 3
Average Weight: 220lbs +/- 55lbs

Playable Races 69

A characters Stats are all their capabilities boiled down to seven I N T EL L IGENC E (I)
simple numbers. They are Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, This is a characters overall ability to retain and apply information. It is
Willpower, Perception, and Charisma. All players start with rank 2 in the base stat for Arkna, Craft, Lore, Medicine, Navigation, and Survival.
each Stat. To purchase a rank in a stat, you must possess all previous ranks Furthermore, every 4th rank allows the character to learn another
(i.e. you may not purchase rank 4 in Strength without first purchasing language. All races begin with their racial language plus Common.
rank 3).
For Example: Binary (Drone), Common (Human & Florvana), Gnarltongue (Wretched),
Lorelei currently has Rank 2 in Toughness but wants to get Rank 5 Synthri (Alypse), Valdim (Vampire).
to improve her survivability. She purchases Rank 3 (11xp), Rank 4
(20xp), and Rank 5 (45xp) for a total of 76xp.
W I L L POW ER ( W )
The mental counterpart to Toughness, this is a characters ability to
S T R ENGT H (S) withstand mental trauma and fatigue. This Stat is used for the Psy skill
This represents the characters physique and overall muscle mass. Its and Mental Resolve.
associated skills are: Melee, Athletics, and Intimidate. It is also used for
a variety of Combat Actions, such as grappling and bull rushing.
Characters Carry Capacity represents how much gear they can wear PERC EP T ION (P)
and wield before the weight affects their performance. Carry capacity is This measures the aptitude of a characters senses. Ranks in Perception
equal to 25 pounds (lbs.) multiplied by their Strength. Carrying more affect their skill with ballistic weapons, determine their Initiative Roll,
than their carry capacity leaves a character overburdened: their Stride and contribute to the Awareness, Scrutiny, and Search Skills.
is halved, they suffer twice as much fatigue per hour while exerting
themselves, and take a -4 penalty to all Strength- and Agility-based C H A R ISM A (C )
checks. This represents your ability to speak and deal with people. This Stat is
Additionally, a characters ability to drag objects along the ground, essential for Marshals and is the basis for Command, Deceit, Devotion,
their Drag Capacity, is equal to 50 lbs. Multiplied by their Strength. Diplomacy, Disguise, Investigate, and Perform.

Toughness is a characters ability to shrug off injuries and fatigue. It
directly influences their health and Physical Resolve, and is the governing
stat for the Block skill.

AGI L I T Y ( A )
This is a measurement of a characters speed and reflexes. Its skills
are: Hand-to-Hand, Dodge, Acrobatics, Pilot: Striker, Security, Sleight
of Hand, and Stealth. It also determines their Stride, which is how many
yards/squares you can move for 1 Action Point (AP).

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 9xp 27xp 54xp 90xp 135xp 189xp 252xp 324xp 405xp 495xp

70 Stats
Combat Skills
Combat Skills

Simply stated, these Skills have a direct impact on a players

effectiveness during combat. These Skills are Arkna, Ballistic, Block,
Devotion represents a players connection with a specific ideal. This
Devotion, Dodge, Hand-to-Hand, Psy, and Resolve. To purchase a rank
skill greatly influences the Conviction Talent and Miracles. For more
in a skill, the character must possess all previous ranks, meaning that
about Marshals, see page 121.
Melee rank 3 cannot be purchased without first purchasing Ranks 1 and
2. For a full explanation of their uses in combat, see page 78.
Skill Name Associated Stat Dodge is the representation of a characters Agility in combat situations.
Arkna Intelligence (I) To successfully Dodge and negate all damage, the player must roll equal
to or greater than the opponents attack roll.
Ballistic Perception (P)
Block Toughness (T)
H A N D -TO -H A N D ( A )
Devotion Charisma (C) Hand-to-Hand governs the characters ability to use unarmed strikes
Dodge Agility (A) in melee combat, grapple, and use special combat maneuvers. See also
Martial Arts on page 130.
Hand-to-Hand Agility (A)
Melee Strength (S)
Psy Willpower (W) The Melee skill governs ones ability to strike with a melee weapon
Resolve Toughness/Willpower (T/W) (such as swords, knives, and clubs) in combat, or use other special
combat maneuvers.

A R K N A (I)
This Skill covers anything related to the use of magic from general PS Y ( W )
knowledge to specific identification. More specifically it is the measure Psy is the players ability to influence the world with their mind. Psy is
of a characters ability to cast spells from any of the casting schools. The the primary attack Skill for Psykics, while Resolve (listed below) is the
full rules for Arkna can be found on page 116. primary component of the Psy defense. The Psykic is a powerful foe
who can manipulate the battlefield and influence the thoughts of others
solely through the power of thought. They are especially deadly because,
B A L L IS T IC (P) generally speaking, no-one can readily identify a Psykic. Rules for Psy
The Ballistic skill governs ones ability to hit a target with a ranged are located in page 134.
or thrown weapon or use special combat maneuvers that utilize such
R ESOLV E ( T, W )
The Resolve Skill is tied to two elements of the character: Mental and
Physical Resolve. Physical Resolve is used to resist alchemical banes
BL OC K ( T ) and illnesses, to stabilize when reduced to Critical Health (page 82).
This governs the ability to defend against an attack using various
Characters will roll Mental Resolve when faced with Fear (page 84)
methods; with a shield, a weapon, or both a shield and a weapon. The
or Curses (page 118). This cannot be taken in place of Dodge or Block
Block rating is the sum of Toughness + Block. At base, any successful
for the purposes of avoiding physical damage inflicted by melee or
block confers half the characters Toughness to DR.
ranged attacks unless otherwise specified.
When Blocking with a shield, on success, a single shields DR is
added to the characters DR.
When blocking with a one-handed weapon, half of the weapons
damage dice count as DR on a successful block.
When using both a one-handed weapon and a shield, The Block
roll takes a penalty of 1. On success, a single shield and half the
weapons damage dice are added to the characters DR.

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 7xp 21xp 42xp 70xp 105xp 147xp 196xp 252xp 315xp 385xp

Combat Skills 71
Non-Combat Skills
non-combat skills

Anything that is primarily used outside of combat falls under this I N T I M I D AT E ( S )

category. These are primarily oriented around crafting, survival, and Intimidation, either physical or mental, can be used to strike fear
social interaction. Some skills, like Craft and Lore, have multiple in a single opponent, who resists with a Mental Resolve check. On a
subtypes, which must be purchased separately. Most non-combat skills successful intimidation, the target suffers an effect from the Fear
also have multiple uses, which are italicized. Reaction Table (page 85). On a failure, there is no effect. Regardless
of the outcome, the target cannot be intimidated again for the remainder
Skill Name Associated Stat of the encounter.
Athletics, Intimidate Strength (S)
Acrobatics, Security, Sleight of
Hand, Stealth
Agility (A)
Craft, Lore, Medicine,
Intelligence (I)
Navigation, Survival
A C R O B AT I C S ( A )
Awareness, Scrutiny, Search Perception (P) This skill governs balance, tumbling, jumping, flipping, etc. A
Command, Deceit, Diplomacy, character can jump up to 1 yard, horizontally or vertically, without a
Charisma (C) check. For more demanding scenarios or more unique stunts (flipping,
Disguise, Inquiry, Perform
tumbling, walking a cliff edge, etc.) an Acrobatics check is in order.
Operate Agility (A) or Perception (P)
Due to the enormous variety of potential variables, we leave the
difficulty to the GM. As a rule of thumb, however, we recommend
the modifiiers below. Note that failing an Acrobatics test usually
S T R ENGT H indicates the character falls down, fails to make the jump, or slips.
Jump, Horizontal: +3 Difficulty for each yard beyond the first.
Jump, Vertical: +6 for each yard beyond the first.
AT H L E T I C S ( S )
This skill is applied to strenuous, sustained activities such as running, Stunts: A minimum of +5 Difficulty, due to the skill required for the
swimming, climbing, and lifting, to name a few. When engaged in stunt.
Athletics, the character must pass a check every ten minutes; failure will Contortion: Used to slip through small spaces, escape being tied up,
result in a point of fatigue in addition to any negative effects determined or handcuffed.
by the GM. These tests are continuous and cumulative. (i.e.: 1st 10
minutes, UC 2; after 10 minutes, UC 4; after 20 minutes, UC 6; etc). SECURITY (A)
Climb: A UC from 1-5 would be gradual, but exhausting slopes or Security is used to disable or work around non-magical traps, locks,
fences and small urban structures; 6-10 would require both hands and doors, and other similar contraptions.Many inhabitants of Feneryss
feet to surmount, such as a rocky hill, precarious piping on a home, find skills such as these invaluable, whether they are a small time thief
or even endurance parkour; 11 and beyond would include sheer cliff or private investigator. For all uses, the time required is 1 round, or 6
faces and other difficult maneuvers that are best accomplished with seconds, per 5 points in Difficulty Rating. If the Difficulty Rating is
special gear, like scaling a volcano. greater than 5, the actions/time must be taken consecutively or else the
player starts over. Reactions are considered interruptions.
Lift/Move: Lifting or pushing a single object weighing equal to or
greater than half the characters carry capacity requires an Athletics Disable Trap: The character attempts to make a trap harmless. They
check. The base UC is 4. Increase the UC by 1 for every five pounds must overcome the Traps Difficulty Rating. On a tie, the trap is not
over half the characters carry capacity. Objects carried this way disabled. On a failure, the trap or failsafes are activated.
contribute to their carry capacity, and may leave them overburdened. Hotwire: Acquire a vehicle without the use of keys. A tie means
Run/Sprint: 1-10 UC unencumbered on flat terrain. 11-20 for rougher the vehicle remains unstarted. Failure could result in ruined wiring,
terrain. 21-30 would include the Ashlands or mountainous terrain. 30+ and/or activating a vehicles alarm systems. Time required depends
would involve running when adverse conditions such as an ash storm on Difficulty.
or any other environmental effect is underway. Lockpicking: Open locked chests or doors. Requires tools. A tie
Swim: 1-15 UC on calm or balmy waters. 15-30 UC for choppy means the lock is unbeaten. Failure means the characters tool is
waters. 31+ UC in massive swells. broken and/or possible failsafes of the lock are activated. In both a tie
and failure the lock remains locked.

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 5xp 15xp 30xp 50xp 75xp 105xp 140xp 180xp 225xp 275xp

72 non-combat skills
This skill represents a characters manual dexterity, particularly when Take up armaments to forge, repair, or sabotage weapons and armor.
trying to confound or distract others. All Sleight of Hand is rolled against
an opponents Awareness, which may be rolled by anyone within sight Craft: Consult crafting section (page 166).
of the Sleight of Hand. If their Awareness roll is superior, the opponent Repair: With proper equipment, a smith can repair weapons and gear
notices the characters attempt at subterfuge. back to their full capacity. The cost of fully repairing a device yourself
Cheat: The character is a real sleazeball, and will try to con gambling is equal to ten percent of the items total cost. The difficulty is equal to
opponents with a hidden card, a subtle signal to their partner in crime, the UC to craft the item minus relevant skill, to a minimum of 5 UC.
or a swift swap of the dice. It takes the crafter 2 hours of work to repair the item, plus 1 hour for
every 5 points of the UC.
Smuggle: A character attempts to conceal a particular item from
detection by others, i.e. a dagger tucked in a boot, or a precious amulet Sabotage: The sabotage of weapons and armor is used to be able to
stashed in a cloak pocket. Success means the item goes unfound; a tie negate the abilities that they have. Perhaps causing a flamethrower gas
may lead to further inquiry or searching; failure will always result in tank to explode upon firing, or rendering armor useless. This can be
discovery of the contraband. done with an opposed crafting check against the original UC of the
item, and can be hidden with a Sleight of Hand check.
Steal: A character attempts to covertly pilfer something medium-sized
or smaller. Success will send the thief on their way scott-free; a tie may
raise suspicions; failure means someone witnessed their sly attempts. Mechaniks
A mechanik has studied the inner workings of technologys many
S T E A LT H ( A ) marvelous contraptions and applies this knowledge to make life on this
Stealth represents a characters ability to avoid being detected rough rock just a little easier. Theyre irreplaceable members of society,
primarily by sight or sound. Stealth tests are opposed by the enemys constructing traps to catch food, and devise prosthetics to empower
Awareness or Search. people with missing or partial limbs. Of course these skills are potential
assets to the war machine. Traps can catch unsuspecting foes, or kill
Sneak: Creep discreetly through the shadows, or even in perfect them outright. Prosthetics have been designed to conceal small arms
silence during broad daylight in order to circumvent would-be hostiles some are weapons themselves, serving no other purpose.
or perform a Surprise Attack.
Craft: Consult Prosthetics (page 171) and Traps (page 176).
Blend: Become another face in the crowd. Enemies will attempt to
Spot via an Awareness check. Repair: A character can reset a sabotaged trap or repair a prosthetic.
The cost of fully repairing a device is equal to ten percent of the items
total cost. The difficulty is equal to the UC to craft the item minus
relevant skill, to a minimum of 5 UC. It takes the crafter 2 hours of
I N T EL L IGENC E work to repair the item, plus 1 hour for every 5 points of the UC.
Sabotage: Common forms of Sabotage with traps are to adjust its
trigger so that it can be sprung in the advantage of the saboteur.
CRAFT (I) Additionally, they may be scrapped for parts, to be used later. Prosthetic
There are three forms of crafting, and each is learned independently. Sabotage would require a Sleight of Hand vs the owners Awareness
Alchemy + 3, if the Prosthetic is attached to someone during the Sabotage.
Alchemy is a process for making potions and other special substances An additional Sleight of Hand is required if one desired to cover up
to buff allies and debilitate enemies. the Sabotage, which is opposed by Scrutiny. Sabotage can affect
the prosthetic abilities, limited the range of motion, or destroying /
Appraise: Any character may attempt to identify an unknown potion. crippling individual components.
The methods vary, from wafting the potion carefully, to ingesting a
small drop. Only characters with ranks in the Alchemy skill can identify
potions without suffering the effects, for better or worse. When rolling
There are 3 types of Lore, and a character may learn multiple
Alchemy to appraise, one Reagent is identified for every 5 points
subtypes. Note that Lore tests cannot be reattempted for the same piece
on the dice rolled. This may only be attempted once per potion. If a
of information, and failure means the character simply does not know.
character discovers all of its Reagents, they can immediately identify
potions of that particular mixture in the future. Ancient: This skill encompasses past events. A successful test can
reveal intimate details of the past, which may involve items, artifacts,
Craft: Alchemy produces a wide range of products: flash bombs,
battles, settlements, people, among other things.
crippling potions that turn a characters muscles to jelly, blissful
For Example: Artifacts, Heraldry, Legend, World History
hallucinogens, and health vigors. All of these can be made provided
the creator possesses sufficient skill. To devise alchemical concoctions, Common: This skill encompasses information in the rumor mill,
consult the crafting section (page 173). established historical events, and the like. A successful test can reveal
general details of the subjects history, location, etc; which may involve
Sabotage: After successfully appraising a potion, a character may
items, artifacts, battles, settlements, people, among other things.
choose to nullify its effects with some of their own counteractive
For Example: Geography, Politics, Weapons, War
products. The character treats this as if they were creating a potion
of the same difficulty and value that they are attempting to sabotage. Secret: This skill encompasses secret, hidden, or taboo events, ideas,
or groups. A successful test can reveal intimate details of the subject,
which may involve religions, cult ceremonies, secret societies, etc.
For Example: Arkna, the Reckoning, Cults

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 5xp 15xp 30xp 50xp 75xp 105xp 140xp 180xp 225xp 275xp

non-combat skills 73
MEDICINE (I) Salvaging Airships: Salvaging an airship is no simple task, taking at
This cannot be used on Drones (to heal Drones see page 59). Certain least one full day to complete. To recover parts a Survival check must
procedures may require Medical Tools. be made against the number of parts the characters wish to recover
Heal: A character may Heal any other character, restoring health equal time 3. If successful, characters find the specified number of parts. If
to the roll. You cannot heal the same character again until theyve unsuccessful, characters find no usable salvage.
taken additional damage. Heal requires 2AP from both the healer and Each recovered part takes up 5 storage units and is worth 1 forge hours
recipient during combat, and a player cannot gain more health than at most major cities. Any salvaged parts exceeding available storage
their current maximum. space are lost.
Reattach Limb: A character may attempt to reattach an allys detached Downed airships may only be salvaged once, and provide no greater
limb only outside combat. The difficulty is 20 for arms and 25 for legs. than 10 parts times its size rating. For example, a scout yields a max of
Difficulty is increased by 2 for each hour the limb remains unattached. 10 parts, while a dreadnought yields a max of 50 parts.
After 12 hours, the limb cannot be saved.
Stabilize: A character may spend 3 AP in combat to attempt to
stabilize another character and remove the Unconscious condition and
restore the other character to 0 health. 5 plus the wounded characters
current critical health.
AWA R E N E S S ( P )
N AV I G A T I O N ( I ) Awareness is the characters attention to details and ability to perceive
Navigation is primarily used with vehicles, such as airships, but their environment through the use of all five senses and is often used
also serves as a means of traversing Feneryss on foot. For vehicular passively at GMs request. Players may use awareness of their own
Navigation, see Airships on page 178. volition as well to spot traps and detect surprise attacks.
Plot Course: With knowledge of the terrain, groups of interest, and Spot Trap: A player may choose to use this any time outside combat.
travel routes, a Navigator will attempt to plan an itinerary to save Spot Trap typically takes five minutes. If the player wishes, they may
their party time and effort. A success can reduce the time it takes to search more thoroughly, adding 5 more minutes and a +2 bonus to the
travel to the intended location; conversely, failure could lead to a Awareness check, to maximum of +10 and 30 minutes.
much lengthier voyage, or even getting lost. There are also external
factors that can give a bonus, such as an accurate map, or a penalty, Detect Surprise Attack: When opponents attempt surprise attacks
like combat stress. against a character or their teammates within line of sight, the character
may roll an awareness check to detect them. Failure means that the
character continues none the wiser until otherwise alerted.
S U R V I VA L ( I )
Should a character find themselves lost in the wilderness or out of
supplies, using Survival is key. They may make a Survival check SCRUTINY (P)
versus a Difficulty Rating set by the GM to attempt to find food, water, An adventurers wits will be regularly tested by liars, cheats, and other
shelter, or track animals anything that means staying alive. Survival difficult problems. Scrutiny is a characters ability to ascertain truth from
takes a variable amount of time based on the results of the roll and the lies and see the details that matter.
difficulty of the test. When tracking someone, it is an opposed Survival Discern: This is used to counter Deceit, Disguise, and Diplomacys
test. Failure means the player was not able to accomplish their goals and Charm. A successful Discern check detects something awry; in the
may find themselves in danger of starvation, dehydration, exposure to the case of a tie, an uneasy feeling or uncertainty may remain. Failure
elements, or losing their way. means that any falsehood goes undetected.
Scavenging for Alchemical Parts: Characters may attempt a Survival Analyze: Through meticulous attention to detail and some cunning
check to find alchemical parts in their immediate surroundings. First, problem solving, a character can move one step closer to their goal.
the location type in which they are searching determines the base UC Attain tips from the GM as to how to solve puzzles or glean additional
for finding parts, which are as follows: information about particular events or items. The GM may require a
Bountiful(5UC): Alecian Plains, Woods of Neroth certain result to reward a given character insight to the problem at
Common(10UC): City Outskirts, Mountainous Regions hand, or forbid its use entirely, citing lack of information or evidence.
Scarce(15UC): City Centers, deep caverns, Glass forest Examples for Analyze include: examining a room for signs of hidden
Desolate(20UC): Desert, Land around Hel switches, trying to solve a riddle for the Marshal Trials, or evaluating
Next they must specify the number of parts to search for, increasing an ancient relic for its intended purpose and attributes.
the UC by 3 for every part. The search will take a base of 1 hour and
is increased by 1 additional hour for every fifth part. If the character SEARCH (P)
wishes, they may reduce the UC of the Survival check by 2 for every Search differs from Awareness in that rather than observing the big
additional hour spent searching to a minimum of half the total UC. If picture, they know exactly what they seek and are actively pursuing it.
successful the character acquires the desired parts.
Loot: When a character is seeking a particular item or rummaging
Salvaging for Mechanical Parts: A character may attempt a Survival through a strangers room, they are looting. A Difficulty Rating is
check against a traps crafted UC to salvage Mechanical Parts. If the applied to objects intentionally hidden.
trap was disabled the character may recover all of the parts used in its
Spot: A character is hunting someone trying to hide in a crowd, or slip
construction. If the trap had instead been triggered, the character may
away through the foliage. Spot opposes stealth checks.
only recover half of the parts used.

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 5xp 15xp 30xp 50xp 75xp 105xp 140xp 180xp 225xp 275xp

74 non-combat skills
This skill encompasses any attempt to assume the identity of someone
or something else. A disguise can be a simple mask, or a more complex
outfit. The time it takes to create a disguise is determined by Difficulty
Rating of the disguise. The disguise comes at a cost of 5 times the
Lead friends, allies, and even the commonfolk in conflict, guiding
Difficulty Rating. When a disguise is used, anyone that has reasonable
them to victory and bolstering their morale.
suspicion, may make a Scrutiny test versus the Disguise roll.
Orders: Can be given to as many NPCs as the character desire within
hearing range of their voice. In combat, this costs 2AP, and unfriendly UC General Description Time
or unknown NPCs may resist with their mental Resolve. Anyone 1-10 Common & easily made. Basic uniform; simple 1-5
suffering effects of fear earns a +2 per step on the fear scale to resist. makeup for group association or slightly altering minutes
Rally: For 1AP per ally the character wishes to rally, they may attempt a characters appearance.
to reduce their reaction on the fear scale by 1 step. Success requires 11-25 Uncommon. May require accessories. Officious 5-15
the character to meet or exceed the fear check that afflicted them. This uniform; makeup that makes discernible minutes
may only be used once per turn, and cannot be used on themselves. differences in appearance.
26-35 Rare. Requires specific accessories or decals 15-30
for authenticity. Uniform that is very difficulty minutes
Deceit is a skill used for attempting to mislead a person or forge a
to acquire; makeup that makes character
document. When attempting to lie, the character must make a Deceit
closely resemble another or makes them nearly
check to determine the lies believability. This check is rolled against
impossible to recognize.
the targets (or audiences) Scrutiny. If the character fails they are caught
in the lie and from then on suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to Charisma 35+ Incredibly rare. attention to detail is paramount 30+
based checks with that individual or group. If the character succeeds, the for success. One of a kind uniform; makeup that minutes
person or group is fooled. perfectly resembles another person or makes a
character into a completely different person.
Bluff: This is a verbal form of deception, and requires a target that can
both hear and understand the characters language.
Forgery: This is a written form of deceit that includes false documents, This is a characters ability to gather information.
ids, and other forms of written permissions. Success can open doors
Investigate: When gathering information via eavesdropping, direct
that are otherwise closed to a character, or smooth over difficult social
questioning, or other means a character must overcome a difficulty
rating determined by the GM based on the scarcity of the information.
The higher the success, the more useful the information gathered. A
tie might indicate that they were not convincing enough, but that the
This is a characters skill to peaceably persuade others, whether that
information does exist. Failure means nothing of worth was acquired.
be to garner a better price on that new crossbow, or coax information
GM may determine whether or not multiple attempts are possible.
from them.
Interrogate: Characters will use Interrogate when attempting to
Barter: Bartering with shopkeepers and other merchants can allow
extract information from an unwilling source through cunning
access to items at discounted prices or sell items for more. This is
discourse, logic traps, or excruciatingly pleasant conversation. The
an opposed roll. The GM determines the discount or markup, but it
opponent will attempt to resist with Mental Resolve. A tie might
is recommended to base this value on the degree of success. Failure
indicate that the character was not convincing enough, but that the
means the items price is non-negotiable and this test can not be retried.
information is in the interrogated persons possession. Failure means
Negotiation: Talking with someone in a peaceful manner can be used nothing of worth was acquired. GM may determine whether or not
to lower the hostility opponents feel toward the character or their multiple attempts are possible.
allies. It may also be possible for a character to talk their way out of
a situation that would otherwise lead to violence. The opponent may PERFORM (C)
defend themselves with either Negotiation or Mental Resolve. GM Characters can use the Perform skill to distract people through either
may determine when characters can attempt renegotiation of failed a mesmerizing showcase of skill or even a choreographed fight scene
checks. between allies. Scrutiny is used to counter distractions and if the Scrutiny
Charm: Characters use Charm when they want to improve or maintain check is successful, the performance fails to distract them and they will
relations with someone else. Charm is opposed by the defenders either carry out their business or further investigate the suspicious activity.
Scrutiny. A Charm test can be used to shift an NPCs disposition
towards the character from neutral to friendly, or save face when OPER AT E ( VA R I ES)
caught in the midst of suspicious activity that might normally worsen Operate is the characters knowledge and ability to maneuver vehicles
relations. such as airships, strikers, etc. without error.
Airship (P): Requiring extensive training and predictive thinking, this
skills is used when performing skills as an airship Helmsman.
Striker (A): Lightning reflexes are a prerequisite if one wishes to pilot
one of Fenerysss most nimble war machines, Striker-class vessels.

RANK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
XP COST 5xp 15xp 30xp 50xp 75xp 105xp 140xp 180xp 225xp 275xp

non-combat skills 75

Combat & Checks

76 Combat & Checks

The Multi-Die System

In Shattered, you will use a combination of dice to represent your Not every check in Shattered is against active opposition. These
characters actions and to measure successes and failures. This system is Unopposed Checks (UC) are generally static difficulties and can be
called MDS, or Multi-Die System, which uses the sum of the dice rolled used in activities ranging from lock picking to alchemy. For the GMs
to determine an outcome. The MDS utilizes four dice: d4s, d6s, d8s, convenience, a UC table has been included in the Game Mastery Chapter
and d10s. The sum of a Stat and Skill will determine the characters (page 252) that offers guidelines on how to best assign these difficulties.
Rating for a given check. This Rating determines which dice you roll.

For Example:
Strength 2 MU LT I PL E TA RGETS
In the case of a skill check that will potentially affect multiple targets,
+ Melee Skill 2 the offender only makes one roll. Each target will be required to roll
= Melee Rating 4 or 1d10 equal to or higher than their attacker to successfully defend. Examples
include a primalist hurling a fireball at several enemies, or a Psykic
A Rating of 1 provides 1d4 for a player to roll. Each time this Rating afflicting multiple foes with Fear.
increases by one, you will step up the die by one. Therefore, Rating 2
provides 1d6, Rating 3 provides 1d8, and Rating 4 provides 1d10. ROU N DI NG
A Rating of 5 causes what is referred to as Die Wrap. Instead of In many cases a bonus or penalty to a Skill check will be equal to half
changing the die you roll, a Die Wrap adds 1d4. Die Wrap occurs again of a particular Stat or Skill. Unless otherwise specified, you will always
at Ratings 9, 13, 17, 21, etc. See the MDS table below which establishes round down, and always to a minimum of 1.
the pattern for die code progression. Although it is not listed in this
book, should a Rating exceed 20 for some reason, it is recommended to
maintain the Die Wrap pattern. C R I T IC A L S
Whenever an opposed roll is made, if the instigators result is twice
the opponents result or greater, they achieve a Critical Success. If the
Rating Dice Rating Dice
opponent instead rolls twice the value of the instigators roll or greater,
1 1d4 11 2d10 + 1d8 they land a Critical Success. In unopposed checks if the players roll
2 1d6 12 3d10 results in being half of the UC or less the player critically fails.
3 1d8 13 3d10 + 1d4
For Example:
4 1d10 14 3d10 + 1d6 Risk rolled 16 on his melee attack. His target, a Mechanidiver rolled
5 1d10 + 1d4 15 3d10 + 1d8 a 7 on its dodge reaction.Since Risks attack roll was over double
that of the Mechanidiver (7 * 2 = 14 < 16), Risk gets to ignore the
6 1d10 + 1d6 16 4d10 Mechanidivers DR, allowing him to deal more damage overall.
7 1d10 + 1d8 17 4d10 + 1d4
8 2d10 18 4d10 + 1d6 Type Critical Success
9 2d10 + 1d4 19 4d10 + 1d8 Physical Attacks The attack ignores DR
10 2d10 + 1d6 20 5d10 The source of the Fear effect, if possible,
Fear Mental Resolve roll is subject to a Fear rating equal to the
players Critical Success Roll.
Gain 2 free SP to the current spell
U NOPPOSED C H EC K S Initial Arkna Check
being cast.
A check is anytime you are required to roll your dice to determine the
Psy Gain an effect of up to 5 Strain this turn.
outcome of an action your character has made, or respond to the action
of another. The majority of checks in Shattered are Opposed Checks, Can move you and target freely 1
which means one party is performing an action that directly affects Stride.
another party (i.e. one character attacking another). Success goes to the Gain an advantage at the task at hand,
highest roller, and the tie always goes to the player. Non-Combat Actions/Skills
determined by the GM.
If a character or NPC chooses not to, or is unable to, make an opposing
check (i.e. they opt not to React, or are unconscious), their roll is treated
as a 0, which means that the opponent automatically critically succeeds.
Criticals are explained in greater detail later in this chapter.

The Multi-Die System 77



Combat is comprised of up to 4 stages. To begin, Initiative is rolled. Characters all start with 5 Action Points (or AP) to be spent on
After that, the combat turns start, which may include surprise attacks. actions, which are divided into 3 categories: combat actions, reactions,
Combat lasts for as many turns as necessary, and typically ends with one and other actions. Each action, its AP cost, and a detailed description
side victorious (i.e. with the last man standing, or all enemies arrested, are provided below.
disabled, etc.). Below is a more detailed explanation of each of these
Combat actions are actions taken with the intent to inflict harm or
S T E P 1 : R O L L I N I T I AT I V E
weaken the opponent.
All characters engaging in combat will roll Initiative, which is their
Perception + Misc. Bonuses. The rolls for each player are added together
to give the groups total initiative. The same is done with the opponents A L L - O U T AT TA C K AP: 4
rolls. The group with the highest total initiative earns the chance to strike Melee and hand-to-hand only. Gain +4 to the attack roll. The character
first in the initiative order. In the event of a tie, players win. may not make any more attacks until their next turn.

S T E P 2 : S U R P R I S E AT TA C K S
Once Initiative has been determined, each player may attempt a single B A S I C AT TA C K AP: 2
Surprise Attack for free before combat begins. Surprise Attacks may Melee, Ranged, or Hand-to-Hand attack. Explained below.
be performed once combat has commenced and are described in detail
further on in the Combat Actions section.
S T E P 3 : TA K E T U R N S This attack does no damage but the character pushes an opponent
Combat begins with the highest group Initiative roll, be it players up to a distance equal to half their Strength in yards. The attacker
or opponents. During the players combat turn, the group can use their may choose to move with the target or stay where they are. This is
actions in any order they desire, allowing for greater tactical flexibility. an opposed test of Strength + Hand-to-Hand against the opponent.
Characters must be within melee range of the opponent.
For Example:
The party has just begun combat and they won the Initiative roll. CAST ARKNA AP: 2
Risk takes a move action and attacks an adjacent enemy. Terrosh
uses a Psy ability on a different opponent that lowers their defenses, The character casts a spell according to the rules found in the Arkna
after which Rashe follows up by firing her shotgun at the weakened Talent (page 116). For spells that deal damage, add your Intelligence
enemy before spending her remaining actions to move. Next Lorelei Ranks to the total damage rolled.
closes the distance to use her Martial Arts skills against the target
that Risk attacker earlier in the round, gaining a bonus because the CHARGE AP: 3
enemy is overwhelmed. So long as the correct number of actions
Move at least two yards, up to a maximum of the characters Stride
are taken and those actions were Resolved, combat turns over to
in a straight line and attack, gaining a +2 bonus to a Melee or Hand-
the enemies.
to-Hand attack roll. Characters suffer a -1 to all Reactions until their
next turn.
S T E P 4 : E N D O F C O M B AT
At the end of combat players may pool their ranks in the Medicine skill
to collectively restore health. The total of all players ranks in Medicine DISARM AP: 2
is distributed among party as they see fit. The Craft: Mechaniks skill Disarm is an opposed check. The attacker rolls their Agility + Weapon
creates a similar pool which is split among the Drone players. This can Skill used to disarm versus the opponents Agility + Weapon Skill
be done only once. for the targeted weapon. Success means the target drops its weapon.
Target must be wielding a weapon to be valid.
For Example:
The party has a total Medicine skill ranking of 8, allowing the
characters to divvy up 8 points of health. Both Rashe and Terrosh DISENGAGE AP: 2
took 0 damage, Risk took 10 damage, and Lorelei took 5 damage. To disengage from a grapple, a character may either use an Agility +
Since Rashe and Terrosh do not require healing, Risk and Lorelei Hand-to-Hand check at no penalty or a Strength + Athletics check
split the pool evenly, each recovering 4 points of health. at a -3 penalty. The opponent may also choose either check in their
attempt to maintain the grapple. Success, in either case, ends the

78 Combat
F U L L - A U T O AT TA C K AP: 5 S U R P R I S E AT TA C K AP: 2
Ballistic weapons only. Uses 10 rounds or bolts to gain 3x the damage. To perform a Surprise Attack a character must make a Stealth check
Weapon must have the Full-Auto trait and be capable of firing all 10 against their targets Awareness. If the character must cover a distance
bolts or rounds. This action imposes a -5 penalty to the attack roll. to reach or acquire line of site to their target, they suffer a cumulative
Alternatively, Full-Auto can be used to attack all creatures in a 3 by 3 -1 penalty to the Stealth check for each yard moved, beyond the first.
yard area for normal damage. This still costs 10 bolts or rounds, and If the Stealth check is successful, the target may not use a reaction
incurs a -6 penalty to the attack. in response. If the target survives, both they and their allies within 5
yards of the target gain the alerted status (page 254), which provides
a +6 bonus to their Awareness for the remainder of the encounter. If
a target is subject to multiple Surprise Attacks this Awareness bonus
A Grapple is a Agility + Hand-to-Hand check vs the opponent. See stacks.
Combat Conditions: Grappling for more information (page 80).
Throw a weapon that is currently being wielded. The range of a
The character sacrifices points in their Attack Rating, to a minimum thrown weapon is the sum of the characters Strength and the Thrown
Rating of 1(1d4), to increase their damage roll by 1d6 per point attribute(see Weapons). Throwing a weapon without the Thrown
sacrificed. This can only be performed with Melee, Hand-to-hand, and attribute incurs a -2 penalty to the attack roll; if the weapon is two-
Thrown basic attacks. handed, this penalty is -4.

For Example:
Terrosh has a Melee Rating of 3(1d8) and a sword dealing 3d6 TRIP AP: 2
damage. He sacrifices 2 on his Melee Rating to gain 2d6 damage. While attacking with a melee weapon or martial arts, characters may
His Melee Rating for this attack is 1(1d4) and his damage is 5d6. forego damage in order to trip their opponent. On a successful Hand-
to-Hand or Melee attack check versus the opponents Block or Dodge,
they are left prone and take all associated penalties and bonuses.
The character sacrifices damage dice to increase their attack roll dice.
Gain 1d4 to the attack roll for each 1d6 sacrificed. The attack must T W O - W E A P O N AT TA C K AP: 3
be made with at least 1d6 damage. This can only be performed with Only applicable when dual-wielding or when striking with both hands.
Melee, Hand-to-hand, and Thrown basic attacks. The second attack roll suffers a -4 penalty.

For Example:
Rashe has a Ballistic Rating of 3(1d8) and a rifle dealing 3d6
As the name implies, this is a basic offensive action, the rules for
damage. She sacrifices 2d6 damage to gain a bonus to her attack
which have been divided into Melee, Hand-to-Hand and Ranged sections.
roll. Her Ballistic check for this attack is still 3(1d8) but gains a
2d4 bonus, while her damage is 1d6.
Swashbuckling swordsmen and nimble knife-wielders make melee
RAPIDFIRE AP: 3 attacks, as explained below:
Ballistic weapons only. Fire 5 rounds or bolts to gain 2x the damage. Melee Attack Rating: Strength + Melee
The weapon must have the Rapidfire trait and be capable of firing all 5 Melee Damage: Weapon Base Damage + Ranks in Strength
bolts or rounds. This action imposes -3 penalty to the attack roll.
H A N D - T O - H A N D AT TA C K S
Fighters in a friendly bout of fisticuffs or killer kung fu would utilize
SHIELD BASH AP: 2 these rules:
Attack with a shield, which is considered a melee attack, and deal 1d6 Hand-to-Hand Rating: Agility + Hand-to-Hand
+ Shield DR + Strength in damage. Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d6 + Ranks in Strength

S TA N D G R O U N D AP: 2
Slinging lead and throwing knives both qualify as Ballistic Attacks.
Reserve an attack to strike an opponent that charges the character. This The primary difference when handling ranged weapons is that they
must be the characters final action this turn. This is a single basic possess range increments. When firing beyond the weapons range
attack with a -2 penalty. increment characters take a -1 penalty to attack rolls based off of the
weapons type (5 yards for one-handed, 10 yards for two-handed, and
SUNDER AP: 2 25 yards for mounted). In any situation, gunslingers and knife-throwers
follow the rules below:
Attempt to break an opponents weapon, shield, or armor. This requires Ballistic Attack Rating: Perception + Ballistic
a Strength + Weapon Skill (i.e. Melee if wielding a sword) versus Firearm Damage: Weapon Base Damage + Perception
the opponents Strength + Weapon Skill (for weapons) or Block (for Thrown Weapon Damage: Weapon Base Damage + Strength
shields and armor). Success means the opponents weapon, shield, or
armor is Broken, halving its damage or DR.

Combat 79
Reactions are actions taken to prevent harm to the characters.
This is an acrobatics skill check. For horizontal distance, increase the
Characters cannot perform more than one reaction against a single attack,
difficulty by 3 for each yard beyond the first. For vertical distance,
and there is no action cost. Unique Reactions also exist throughout
increase the difficulty for each yard beyond the first.
Shattered that require characters to possess specific Talents, such as
Daohd Styles Counter Grapple.
BLOCK Move a number of Yards (or Squares) equal to the characters Agility.
Block governs the ability to defend against an attack using various This base distance of movement is called a Stride. When using a grid,
methods; with a shield, a weapon, or both a shield and a weapon. The diagonal movement costs 1 movement for the first square, then two
Block rating is the sum of Toughness + Block. At base, any successful for the second, alternating there on. Attempting to move through an
Block confers half the characters Toughness to DR. opponents square(s) requires an Athletics or Acrobatics checks,
When Blocking with a shield, on success, a single shields DR is opposed by the defenders Physical Resolve. Failure stops the
added to the characters DR. movement in the square that the check was made in.
When Blocking with a one-handed weapon, half of the weapons
damage dice count as DR on a successful Block.
When using both a one-handed weapon and a shield, The Block N O N - C O M B AT S K I L L S AP: 1
roll takes a penalty of 1. On success, a single shield and half the Non-Combat Skills that require interactions with the enemy or the
weapons damage dice are added to the characters DR. environment. Such actions could include Intimidate, Diplomacy,
Security, etc. Non-Combat skills that generally take no action
DODGE points would be Lore checks, Awareness, or ones that do not require
A character can attempt to Dodge attacks. If successful, the attack fails interactions.
and no damage is incurred. Dodge Rating is equal to Agility + Dodge.
DA M AGE R EDUC T ION Gain a +3 to Ballistics and Stealth while opponents take a -3 to their
Whenever taking damage, characters in most circumstances can negate Ballistics and +3 to Melee and Hand-to-hand attacks against the prone
some or all of the damage received with Damage Reduction (DR). This is character. While Prone, characters stride is halved.
determined by Natural Armor, Armor, and a shield when successfully
Blocking an attack. There exist some forms of damage which may bypass
one or all of these. RUN AP: 2
Some abilities allow characters to reduce their own health in order Move a number of Yards equal to 3 times the characters Stride.
to gain bonuses of one form or another. Any time a character opts to
sacrifice health, the effect bypasses all forms of damage reduction, and
cannot be used if the characters health would be less than 0 as a result. S TA N D AP: 1
Rise up from the prone position.
The actions listed below include movement and miscellaneous Actions COM B AT CON DI T IONS
that fit neither previous category. These are unique situations that can help or hinder a character.

Weapons can break through everyday use and abuse. Wielding a
Once per round, a character can aid one ally. This must be declared broken weapon can severely impact its combat effectiveness. A broken
prior to their allys skill check, the characters must be adjacent, and the weapon deals half damage until repaired.
assisting character must possess at least 1 rank in the appropriate skill. Armor and shields can become broken with all the hits absorbed over
Doing so grants 1 bonus rank to the ally performing the skill check. the course of travel. Broken armor and shields confer half their DR until
The skills that may be aided are: Hand-to-Hand (grappling only), repaired.
Acrobatics, Athletics, Craft, Disguise, Medicine, Navigation, Perform, Prosthetics will become broken once the limbs Wear Limit is reached.
Security, and Survival as well as the action Trip. For Assisting Another If it was an arm, the character may no longer use two handed weapons
Caster, see Arkna (page 116). until the limb is repaired or replaced. If it was a leg, the characters Stride
is reduced by half, and they may not use the jump, run or charge actions.
D R AW W E A P O N AP: 0 Rules for repairing equipment can be found on page 165.
Characters draw their weapon(s) in anticipation of combat. GRAPPLING
To start grappling, a character must first initiate with an opposed hand-
DRINK POTION AP: 1 to-hand check. If the attacker succeeds, both attacker and defender are
now considered grappling. If either character was wielding a weapon
Retrieve and consume 1 potion.
without the Light trait, it is dropped. While grappling, a character has a
few options. They can attempt hand-to-hand or melee basic attacks with
HOLSTER WEAPON AP: 1 natural or light weapons as well as any free actions the GM approves.
Sheath or holster one of the weapons or shields currently drawn. When reacting in a grapple, a character can only react with block, unless
they possess a talent that states otherwise. When reacting to attacks
originating outside the grapple, all reactions suffer a -4 penalty. If they
dont wish to attack they can attempt to disengage.

80 Combat
A character or enemy is Overwhelmed when attacked by multiple Take a -4 penalty to ranged attacks that are targeting an opponent that
opponents. Each assailant after the first gains a +1 bonus to their attack has performed combat actions with an adjacent ally. If adjacent to their
roll. This resets at the end of the attackers turn. target, attackers do not take this penalty.

For Example:
Terrosh is assailed by three zombies during the enemy turn. The first
zombie to attack doesnt gain any bonus, but the second is granted
a +1 for its attack(s), and the third is granted a +2 for its attack(s).

Is your character unconscious? Did someone set their head on CONFUSED
fire? Then they are suffering certain unique effects of Conditions. For When confused, any actions that are made are subject to additional
conditions relating to Fear, see page 84, and for Critical Health, flip effects or actions. This may be removed with a Medicine check of 18.
to page 82. Unless otherwise stated, conditions last for 1d4 rounds Attack Actions: Prior to making the melee or ballistic check, roll
or until treated. Note that unless otherwise stated, condition effects and 1d6. If the result is even, attack the nearest opponent; if the result is
durations do not stack. If a character is afflicted with a condition a odd, attack the nearest ally. In either case, if out of range of the target,
second time, it persists for the longest duration. the AP are considered spent, and no bonuses are gained (if any) for
missing target.
ABLAZE Move Actions: Prior to moving, roll 1d10 and move in the direction
When someone is set on fire, they immediately take 1d6 fire damage. determined by the table below.
On their next round, if they do not immediately attempt to quell the fire, All Other Actions/Checks: Any check made that is not an attack or
they take 2d6 fire damage as the flames spread and intensify. For every move action, roll twice for that check and take the lowest result.
round the fire remains unchecked, the damage will continue to increase
by 1d6. There are several methods to put out the fire. The fire may be 1 Does not move.
patted out for 5 AP, or for just 3 AP the character can stop, drop, and 2 North
roll, but this leaves them prone. Jumping in water or similar actions will
instantly put out the fire, but may cost 1 AP for interaction (i.e. dumping 3 North-East
a bucket of water over yourself) in addition to any movement required. 4 East
5 South-East
When a character takes acid damage, their armor and shields damage 7 South-West
reduction deteriorate by 1 per turn for the acids duration. Once the acid
becomes inert or is neutralized, DR of the victims armor and shield are 8 West
restored to full. 9 North-West
10 Players Choice

Bleed is an added effect to attacks or certain types of damage. Bleed Becoming deafened either by direct damage to the ear or by
damage is determined by a roll of 1d6, which ignores all DR, except exceedingly loud noise imposes a -4 to all Perception checks. Deafened
natural DR. The roll is made prior to the afflicted characters actions for may be removed with a Medicine check of 16.
that turn. Bleeding can be stopped with a Medicine check of 12.
If a character does not drink fresh water within 24 hours they gain 2
BLINDED fatigue, and an additional fatigue point every 12 hours thereafter. The
The character cannot see. Any action requiring vision, such as fatigue from Dehydration does not go away until the character drinks one
reading, automatically fails. Blinded characters suffer a -10 penalty on quart of water. Drinking a smaller amount of water may remove some
all Perception and Combat checks. This can be healed with a miracle or points as the GM allows.
If a character becomes distracted they do not pay as much attention to
C O M AT O S E their surroundings. In combat, this imposes a -2 penalty to Dodge checks.
In addition to the Unconscious requirements for revival, a successful Outside of combat, this condition imposes a -2 penalty to all Charisma
Medicine check of 20 or greater is also needed. and Perception checks for the duration.

Conditions 81
Fatigued characters suffer a -1 penalty to all checks based on their In a world as lethal as Feneryss, permanent injury is common, and
Fatigue Threshold. When their Fatigue exceeds their Physical Resolve loss of life and limb a daily occurrence. There will come dangerous
they become Unconscious. A character can naturally remove Fatigue situations and conflicts that may reduce characters health below 0.
points equal to their Toughness for every 4 hours of rest they get. Psykics Health below 0 is called negative health, or Critical Health, and carries
(page 134) and Alypse (page 56) have unique rules regarding Fatigue. very significant ramifications, including permanent injuries and death.
Characters suffering Critical Health are afflicted with a dire penalty (see
HELPLESS table below) and must immediately attempt a natural stabilization check,
For some reason the character is conscious but unable to act or react. which is made with Physical Resolve and must match or exceed 5 plus
They could be shackled in a prison, pinioned by rubble, or otherwise their current Critical Health.
rendered inept. Success restores them to 0 health and keeps them conscious and alive,
but they continue suffer any penalties from the Critical Health. Failure to
I N E B R I AT E D naturally stabilize leaves the character unconscious.
After having had a few drinks, even the most resilient have their If they failed the initial natural stabilization, the critically wounded
faculties deteriorated. Take a temporary -1 penalty to Agility, Wisdom, character may attempt 1 natural stabilization on their next 2 turns. A
and Perception on all checks. This condition can stack with itself per the characters allies may also attempt to stabilize the injured character with
GMs ruling if characters continue to drink in excess. This conditions Medicine: Stabilize (requires 3 AP) during these two turns. The UC
duration can vary with the quantity and quality of alcohol. of the check is 5 plus the wounded characters current Critical Health.
Success on the check restores the wounded character to 0 health and
N A U S E AT E D removes unconscious from the downed character. If the character fails to
Nauseated characters may only make a single combat action. Combat naturally stabilize and their allies fail to stabilize them before the end of
action examples include moving, attacking, taking a potion, or performing the second turn, the wounded character perishes before the enemys turn
a non-combat skill that requires less than a few seconds of effort. begins. Upon reaching 25 Critical Health the character is immediately
Furthermore, every Reaction made after the first suffers a cumulative killed with no chance to stabilize.
-2 penalty, which resets each turn. Nauseated may be removed with a If a character suffers multiple effects, the most severe penalty takes
Medicine check of 12. precedence, but it is possible to lose multiple limbs during a single
encounter. Deep Wounds last 1 week. The effects of Simple and
OVERBURDENED Compound Fractures last 2 and 4 weeks respectively from the time they
Any who are holding an object or objects with a total weight exceeding were received. Penalties from lost limbs take 8 weeks to recover. Once
their carry limit (page 70) treat their Agility as half for moving. a limb or prosthesis is attached, the character behaves as if afflicted with
Additionally, they take twice as much fatigue per hour while exerting a Compound Fracture for the next 4 weeks, or remainder of the recovery
themselves, and take a -4 penalty to all Strength and Agility based checks. time, whichever is less. If a character succumbs to the effects of critical
health after already having spent time healing, the duration resets and the
PA R A LY Z E D healing process starts anew.
The character loses the ability to perform any actions or reactions with
the exception of Perception-based skills. For Example:
Risk is suffering 5 Critical Health (Simple Fracture) and receives
STUNNED another 14 points of damage, bringing him to 19 Critical Health
Lose a number of AP per turn, which is specified by the item or ability. (Lose Leg). He would lose a leg, and is now suffering its effects
instead of Simple Fracture. He does not suffer a Compound Fracture,
S TA R V E D nor Lose Arm.
When a character does not eat for more than 1 day, they gain 1 Fatigue
point, and 1 more every 12 hours thereafter. The fatigue from Starvation
does not go away until the character eats a full meal. Eating a small meal Critical Effect
Health Name Penalties Duration
may remove some points as the GM allows.
1-3 Deeply Lose 1 AP.
1 Week
STUCK Wounded
Limbs become frozen, mired in muck, or glued to the ground and 4-6 Simple Lose 1 AP, reduce
render the target unable to make any move actions until they break free. Fracture Stride by 1 to a 2 Weeks
The method of breaking free depends on the cause. For mundane causes minimum of 1.
(ice or mud) the victim or their ally may spend 4 AP to break them free.
7 - 10 Compound Lose 3 AP, reduce
S U F F O C AT I N G Fracture Stride by 3 to a 4 Weeks
The character is unable to breathe. They incur 2 point of fatigue every minimum of 1.
round until Unconscious. Each round thereafter the character suffers 5 11 - 17 Lose Arm Reduced to 1 AP, 8 Weeks while
damage that bypasses all DR each round. The ability or effect is causing reduce Stride by 3 to missing limb;
the suffocation will specify a method of escape, or will be otherwise a minimum of 1, lose 4 Weeks after
specified by the GM. an arm. reattaching
18 - 24 Lose Leg Reduced to 1 AP, limb or
UNCONSCIOUS prosthesis.
reduce Stride to 1,
The character falls prone and can neither act nor react. They remain
lose a leg.
Unconscious until their health is greater than or equal to 0, they possess
fewer Fatigue points than their Fatigue Threshold, or the duration ends. 25+ Decapitation Lose your head, and
When Unconscious is removed the character, they can act immediately your life.
if it is their turn.

82 Conditions
As if contending with ravenous beasts and eldritch demons wasnt difficult enough for Feneryans, they must also endure the plague of extremophiles
and contagions that survived, or were born from, the Reckoning. They can be found in spoiled foods, dirty water, and in many cases on the claws and
fangs of many creatures.
When a character or creature comes in contact with a disease, they must make a Physical Resolve Check (Toughness + Resolve) versus the
Infectiousness of the disease. If they succeed, their body naturally resists and subdues it. If they fail, the negative effects set in immediately. Once
afflicted, characters may only remove the disease with a sufficient Medicine check.
After overcoming a disease, a character must rest 8 hours to recover 1 rank for all their affected Stats. This means that regardless of the number of
Stats affected by a disease, they all recover at an even rate.
Certain illnesses are progressive, further reducing a Stat or Stats each day unless otherwise stated. Sufferers of a progressive disease will perish 24
hours after any Stat drops below 0. Diseases do not progress within creatures, meaning they will not die as a direct cause of the affliction.
Take note that Vampires are immune to all diseases thanks to their Bloodburn racial trait, except for Glass Fever and Gritlac. Drones are immune to
all diseases, unless they have the Flesh Made Whole racial talent.

Name Effect Medicine Check Transmission Infectiousness Progressive

Beggars Gift All Stats 28 Touch 56 Yes
Hydropathy Toughness & Strength 6 Bodily Fluids 12 No
Deadtide Agility 12 Open Wound 24 Yes
Glass Fever Willpower & Strength 12 Airborne 24 Yes
Gray Lung Toughness 8 Airborne 16 No
Gut Rot Special Special Ingested 0 No
Drunkards Blight Strength & Agility 8 Bite 16 No
Rabies Agility 12 Bite 24 No
Gritlac Toughness & Willpower 14 Non-Transmittable 28 Yes
Pox Toughness 8 Touch 16 No
Red Cough Toughness & Willpower 14 Airborne 28 Yes
SkinShade Toughness & Perception 16 Bite 32 Yes


This is a disease that is spread among rats and their parasites. The Arguably the most rapid, and possibly most deadly disease known in
illness commonly infects the lymph nodes and without treatment, kills Feneryss, glass fever can be acquired from breathing during a potent
about two thirds of its victims within 4 days. storm in the Obsidian Forest. Small particles of obsidian enter the lungs
of the infected, shredding their airways. Immediate medical attention
is required as instead of a timescale of days, it is in hours. If by some
H Y D R O PAT Y miracle the traveler survives a bout with Glass Fever, they become
Hydropathy is an infection in the small intestine. The main symptoms resistant to further exposure from any airborne illness as their airways
are watery diarrhea and vomiting. The severity of the diarrhea and are Strengthened from the unknown qualities of the Obsidian Forest. +5.
vomiting can lead to rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, After especially powerful storms, it is not unheard of to have Glass
and death in some cases. For as long as a character is infected with Fever reported as far as twenty miles from the Obsidian Forests edge.
Hydropathy, they are under the effects of dehydration, except they suffer
fatigue every 2 hours instead of 12 hours. G N AW
This is a viral disease that affects all species and is usually transmitted
through a bite from an infected carrier. Gnaw is usually fatal, but can be
treated if caught in time. It infects the central nervous system, ultimately
DEADTIDE causing disease in the brain and death. Early symptoms of gnaw are
This is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that arises headache and fever, progressing to acute pain, violent movements,
when a considerable mass of body tissue dies. Roll 1d4 to determine uncontrolled excitement, depression, and hydrophobia. Finally, the
the afflicted limb. If deadtide is not treated within 24 hours, the limb patient may experience periods of mania and lethargy, eventually leading
must be amputated midway. After 48 hours, the entire limb needs to be to coma. The primary cause of death is usually respiratory insufficiency.
removed. Amputating is a Medicine check of 16. Every hour after the Anyone that has contracted Gnaw gain 2 insanity points every day that
first 48 increases the difficulty of treating deadtide as the disease spreads they have it as well as each day the difficulty of the Medicine check to
into the torso and assails vital organs. cure it goes up by 2.

DRUNKARDS BLIGHT A fungal infection in the lungs that slowly overtakes a large portion of
Beginning with an insect bite, parasites are deposited into the the organ. Anyone with this disease that gains fatigue through physical
bloodstream and begin to develop in a hosts liver. Symptoms typically activity will also gain the suffocating condition until they either pass
include fever and headache, which in severe cases can progress to out from lack of air or stop whatever activity gave them fatigue points.
coma or death. Any consumption of alcohol will result in inebriation, Stopping the activity does not remove any fatigue gained from Gray
increasing in severity dramatically with each drink. Lung.

Conditions 83
Resulting from a deficiency of essential vitamins. It often presents itself Pox is an infectious and possibly deadly disease that is unique to
initially as symptoms of malaise and lethargy, followed by formation of Humanity, (Vampires are immune). The Pox localizes in the small blood
spots on the skin, spongy gums, and bleeding. Spots are most abundant vessels of the skin and in the mouth and throat. In the skin it results in a
on the thighs and legs, and a person with the ailment looks pale, feels characteristic peculiar rash followed by pus filled blisters.
depressed, and is partially immobilized. As Gritlac advances, there can
be open wounds, loss of teeth, jaundice, fever, neuropathy and death. RED COUGH
This potentially lethal, infectious disease, typically attacks the lungs, but
GUT ROT can also affect other parts of the body. It is spread when people who
An inflammation of the intestines, causing bloody diarrhea, fever and have the infection cough, sneeze, or otherwise transmit respiratory fluids
abdominal pain. Become dehydrated. Anyone afflicted suffers from a -1 through the air. Common symptoms include, a heavy cough, which is
penalty to any additional disease checks until the illness passes. Healing usually accompanied by blood, heavy fever, and sweating.
Gut Rot by itself is only cured with 2 hours of rest. If another disease is
also present, then it doubles the Medicine of the other disease to cure SKINSHADE
both Gut Rot and the disease. This can not be passed from person to Skinshade presents in most cases in Humanoids with fever, chills,
person, except in cases of cannibalism. anorexia, nausea, muscle pain and headache, which generally subsides
after several days. In some patients, a toxic phase follows, in which liver
damage showing signs of yellow skin can occur and lead to death.

Stress & Torment

Fatigue is the amount of stress that characters experience while Feneryss is terrifying. Zombies clamber from the pits of Hel and roam
traveling the wastes of Feneryss. The amount of fatigue a character can the realm largely unabated. Pirates fly the skies, pillaging undefended
withstand before taking penalties is called a Fatigue Threshold, which homesteads and robbing merchant ships. There are creatures that, given
is equal to half their Toughness and half their ranks in the Psy talent. the chance, will devour people whole or use broken corpses as bait for
Each point of fatigue in excess of this threshold adds a cumulative -1 future prey. Rumors abound of dragons and godlike beings that could kill
penalty to all skill checks, including attacks. Additionally, they must a man from the fright alone. Its enough to make a man lock himself away
make a Physical Resolve check vs. the total number of fatigue points until his dying days, but for most its merely another part of the daily
they currently possess each time they gain a point of fatigue beyond their grind. Some, however, are dissatisfied to merely endure the macabre.
Threshold. The character falls unconscious if they fail. A character can They choose to push against the invading darkness by becoming
naturally remove a number of fatigue points equal to their Toughness for expLorers, treasure hunters, monster killers, and more. This third and
every 4 consecutive hours of rest they get. Other methods include, but final group of people are adventurers, individuals prepared to face their
are not limited to: a Marshals miracles, purified water restoring 1 point fears and the unknown.
of fatigue, and the alchemical boon from the Erbala root. Throughout their adventures, the characters will undoubtedly encounter
frightening creatures and situations. Some basic examples include hordes
For Example: of zombies, ghost towns, and gruesome murder scenes things that the
Risk has 2 Toughness and 2 Resolve, meaning he has a Fatigue average person, even in Feneryss, is mentally unprepared to handle. In
Threshold of 1 and a Physical Resolve of 4. Gaining any fatigue past these situations, the characters will make a Fear Check, which is the
the threshold means Risk takes a -1 to all rolls, up to a max of -3 characters Mental Resolve versus the situations Fear Index (see chart
at 4 fatigue. After the fifth, he must make a Physical Resolve check on the next page). Success means the character is unaffected by the scene
against a UC of 5. If he fails, he falls unconscious. and carries on normally. Failure leads to Fear Reactions (see table
below), which are determined by subtracting the Mental Resolve roll
Suffering from fatigue is rarely due to an instantaneous event, but from the Fear Index. The greater the difference, the more powerful the
instead is the result of cumulative losses. Every hour of strenuous activity Fear Reaction. It is possible to end a Fear Reaction early through certain
that a character spends exerting themselves, be it trekking through a means, such as a Marshals miracles.
desert or climbing a mountain, inflicts 1 point of fatigue. This number A successful Intimidate check will also provoke a Fear Reaction.
may increase cumulatively each hour should the GM see fit to do so. If An Intimidate Check is the offenders Intimidate versus the defenders
a session ends and characters have exerted themselves without access to Mental Resolve.
clean water they automatically take 1 point of fatigue. Additionally, they
gain 1 point of fatigue for every 2 days (in game) without access to food.

84 Stress & Torment

S I T U AT I O N A L F E A R I N D E X ( N O N - C O M B AT ) in the streets may appear to be undead shuffling about or think they hear
UC Example Ragnarok himself speaking to them in their nightmares. Anyone that has
more than a dozen unspent insanity points cannot find the rest they seek
1-5 Pools of blood and only gain half the benefit of a full nights rest, having their dreams
5-14 A few dead bodies plagued by horrible nightmares.
In addition to miracles and Psykic phenomena, characters can remove
15-24 Gruesome murder scene
insanity by spending their points on mental conditions. There are 3 types
25-29 Many bodies or body parts of conditions: Eccentricities consume 5 insanity, Neuroses consume
30-34 Someone nearby is horrifically killed without explanation 10, and Psychoses consume 20. Those that consume greater amounts of
insanity will afflict the character with more serious conditions that may
35-39 An entire town simply vanishes significantly impact their lives henceforth. There is no proven method to
40-45 A river of blood or massive invading army curing these conditions.
46-50 Seeing a Deity

I NS A N I T Y The character becomes incredibly timid, rarely speaking up, especially
Feneryss is a frightening place to most. Those living on its surface tend in crowds. Theyre not comfortable in large social gatherings, and must
to keep their heads down and ignore the majority of what they see. But pass a fear test as specified by the GM. All Charisma-based checks take a
there are those that want to see beyond the mundane horrors of everyday -4 penalty while the character is in a crowd of ten or more people.
life and truly immerse themselves in the world they live in. Some are
able to walk away with only a few mental scars while others are driven A LY P S E S Y N D R O M E
completely mad by it. If the character ever fails a check they lament their failure as much as
These mental scars are measured with Insanity Points, which are possible, verbally, physically, and even telepathically if they are a Psykic.
acquired when a character fails a Fear check. For every 5 insanity points Until they make a successful test, they mope around and complain about
the character has, their failed reactions to fear checks are increased by 1 their inadequacies. Until they pass a test, their Initiative in combat is
step. A character with 5 Insanity points that would normally suffer the always a 1.
Gasp! condition now suffers Hyperventilation.
Characters with insanity points will find themselves on the road to D I S S O C I AT I V E A M N E S I A
madness. Having only a few points (less than 10) may lead them to hear A character who falls victim to dissociative amnesia subconsciously
footsteps or faint screams where there are none. Or see movement out suppresses the memories of their most difficult failed fear check and all
of the corner of their eye only to be greeted by emptiness. Characters events tied to it. The character doesnt know that they have forgotten
that begin to accumulate an abundance of insanity points (over 30) any details and remains ignorant until such issues are brought back up.
begin to hallucinate, paranoia starts to take hold and they believe Situations similar to the one that caused this Eccentricity are 5 points
there is something targetting them. Should a character have numerous higher on the Fear Index as the character remembers and relives the
insanity points they have lost their grasp on the real and unreal. People trauma.

# Result
1-5 G A S P ! : The character is startled and loses 2 AP for one round. Possible uses for lost actions include: vomiting,
wetting oneself, zombie-like stare, or Nope.
6-10 H Y P E R V E N T I L A T I N G : The character loses 2 AP for 2 rounds and may only move at half speed. The
actions lost are spent trying to catch their breath or calm down.
1 1 - 1 5 T E R R I F I E D : The character gains 1 insanity point and loses all their AP for one round. They may still make
1 6 - 2 0 F L E E : The character attempts to flee the source of fear by any means for 1d4 rounds, and suffers 2 insanity points.
They gain a +2 bonus to any check made to free themselves from being grappled or otherwise restrained. If another
character tries to stop them, in their panic they must pass a Mental Resolve check with a UC equal to their Fear
Reaction. If they fail, they attack their ally. Afterward, the character will again try to flee.
2 1 - 2 5 H Y S T E R I A : The character begins to tremble and laugh uncontrollably and becomes confused. This effect lasts
for 1d4 rounds, or until the source of fear is eliminated. The character gains 4 insanity points.
2 6 - 3 0 S H O C K : The character is paralyzed for 1d4 rounds and gains 6 insanity points.
3 1 - 3 5 C A T A T O N I C : The character falls prone and unconscious. They may only be reawakened with a successful
Medicine check of 20. They also gain 10 insanity points.
36+ N O F O R C E I N S I N O R S A N D : Sudden death, complete insanity, split personality, or other dire reactions
the GM may concoct. If a character dies from this degree of failure, any party member within sight of this horrific
event, must pass a second Fear check of 26.

Stress & Torment 85

EXHIBITIONISM determined by the GM. Characters may take this Neurosis multiple times
The character flashes people at random, regardless of their race or to acquire multiple phobias.
gender. This impulse can strike them at any time, even in combat. At
the GMs discretion, they must make a Mental Resolve check against 2 WA K I N G T E R R O R
times your Willpower. For Drones, this often entails exposing internal The character has witnessed far too much and is burdened with a
mechanics and systems by removing a faceplate or opening a diagnostics constant dread that whenever something goes wrong, Its all happening
hatch. again. Any time this character fails a Fear check, they suffer a -2 penalty
to all combat actions in their anxiety for 2d4 rounds.
After facing hell and surviving, the character has come to the conclusion PYROMANIA
that they are the greatest thing since...well, ever. Their arrogance is quite Some men just want to watch the world burn. Anytime the character
off-putting and they may find that their team leaves them behind to start sees something particularly flammable, they must make a mental
their own adventures. Every time the character kills an enemy, they Resolve check. The test is based on the flammability of the object and is
spend 1 AP on their next turn bragging about it. Taekism only takes 1 determined by the GM. If they fail, they must set it on fire.
AP even if they kill more than 1 enemy in a single round.
SQUEAK Whenever the character attempts to sleep, they have nightmares
The character is frequently and randomly struck with the urge to make and visions of the Reckoning. Whispers of dark deeds flit through the
random sounds. Its very uncomfortable to ignore these impulses, but characters mind, and indescribable horrors flash behind their eyelids;
possible. At the GMs discretion, they must make a Mental Resolve their sleep is restless, and the character maintains a persistent 1 fatigue
check to suppress the urge to squeak. regardless of how much rest they get.


Somewhere along the road they developed a slight (or severe) stutter.
While it does hamper their social interactions, it doesnt harm their social SPECTRAMANIA
ties. Take a -2 penalty to all Charisma checks in which the character must The character hears and sees things that are not real. At the GMs
verbally communicate. For Shades, this manifests as jumbled words or discretion, vivid visual or auditory hallucinations manifest. This requires
erratic images and ideas that are difficult for receivers to comprehend. a Mental Resolve check. The UC is 4 plus fatigue and insanity points
the character currently possesses. On a successful check, they are able
NEUROSES (10PTS) to differentiate between the hallucination and reality. Failure means they
believe wholeheartedly in the hallucinations.
The character finds it extremely difficult to understand emotions KERLINGS DISEASE
and typical inflections of speech when dealing with others. Individuals The GM creates a new character with the same race and experience.
suffering from this may often be derisively labeled dronespawn. This character is leveled by the GM. The GM may request a Mental
Antipathy incurs a penalty to all social checks, except Intimidate, equal Resolve check of Difficulty Rating 20; on success, the characters
to half their ranks in Charisma. primary personality remains. Upon failure, the new personality created
by the GM will be used for 1d10 hours, at the end of which the character
DYSLEXIA will revert.
Any Lore checks may have words rearranged, directions are in the
wrong order or backwards, and numbers are scrambled. All Lore checks SANDMANS SPELL
incur a -4 penalty. Known as chronic lethargy to a trained medicus, sufferers of this
Psychosis frequently find tasks are more draining than usual. Every time
INTERMITTENT EXPLOSIVE DISORDER the character rolls a 1 on any skill check, including attacks, they lose 1
After failing a social check, the character must make a Mental Resolve AP on their next turn, to a maximum loss of 3 AP.
check. The difficulty is equal to the opponents roll that elicited this
check. If they fail this check, the character launches into a furious assault. PA R A N O I D D E L U S I O N S
The character can only target the individual that caused their social Taking this Psychosis causes the character to believe something about
disgrace. IED typically persists until either the character or their target a group of people that is entirely false. This group could be, but is not
is unconscious or dead. The outburst also ends if the target eludes the limited to, particular races, companies, or cults. The character despises
character for at least 1 minute. those people because of his delusion. Anyone attempting to convince the
character that their belief is false is considered a co-conspirator of the
KLEPTOMANIA subjects of his delusion. They take a -6 to all social interactions with said
A kleptomaniac is possessed with an endless desire for things. These items group, and vice versa.
need not be valuable nor useful, but if they are shiny and small enough to
fit in a pocket, the character yearns for them. They must attempt a Mental O R AT O R S L A M E N T
Resolve check against a difficulty set by the GM. If they fail they must The character feels extremely uncomfortable with people and prefers
make a Sleight of Hand check to steal the small, unattended trinket and to be alone with their thoughts. Crowds terrify them beyond belief and
keep it on their person. elicit a Fear test if the character cannot escape the situation. The UC
is equal to 10 for a group of 5, and increases by 1 for every 5 beyond
PHOBIA that. The characters party and close relations do not contribute to
The character develops an irrational fear of something very specific, this Psychosis. If the character is subjected to extended exposure (for
which must be approved by the GM. Whenever confronted with the example, wandering the bustling streets of Pulse) they should make this
source of this fear they must make a Fear test, the difficulty of which is check once every half hour.

86 Stress & Torment

Environmental factors

Environmental Factors are any number of factors which may afflict COVER
your character with negative conditions or diminish their ability to To quote Iron Lord Brecht, The man atop the hill is clearest to the
perform skill checks. These range from low visibility to lethal lightning marksman. Simply put, its vital to use terrain to an advantage. Obstacles
storms and arknik radiation. throughout Feneryss are capable of providing two useful features:
cover and concealment. The former provides bonuses when reacting to
FA L L D A M A G E attackers, and concealment grants bonuses to stealth. Understand that any
For every 5 yards they fall, a character suffers 1d6 damage that ignores object providing cover can also provide concealment; however, many
all damage reduction. Assistance from items such as ropes, gliders, or sources of concealment do not provide cover (i.e. fog or darkness). The
other sources can reduce or negate fall damage. GM will determine how much cover or concealment an object provides.
The easiest metric is to ask: does the object cover or conceal part of the
VISION character, most of the character, or all of the character?
Feneryans and most creatures have some form of eyesight, which
Partial cover provides a +2 bonus to Dodge, Block, and DR. Examples
is divided into three categories. Different forms of vision have peak
may include low-lying walls, fallen trees, etc.
performance in different conditions.
Major cover provides a +4 bonus to Dodge, Block, and DR. This
Normal: Characters with normal vision are the most dependent on might be an upturned table or a half wall.
light sources to function, but suffer the least in bright conditions. The
vast majority of Feneryans and creatures possess normal vision. Full cover provides complete protection. This could be a rocky
outcrop, wall, or other obstacle larger than the character. It is also
Dusksight: This mutation is better adapted to poorly lit areas. The possible, at the GMs discretion to gain the benefits of full cover when
dusk hour or a dimly lit tavern are good examples. Wretched possess prone behind objects that typically grant partial or major cover.
Darksight: Often limited in color, this vision enhancement typically TERRAIN
presents as high contrast black and white. It allows for an incredible The Reckoning drastically altered much of the landscape. From the
amount of detail in the cavernous dwellings of the Vampires, but fares Glass Forest to Demons Walk, much of Feneryss has become dangerous
poorly above ground. This vision does allow for color with greater and difficult to traverse. When attempting to amble across such terrain,
luminescence, but is blinded in bright zones. Vampires have darksight. certain penalties may apply.

I L L U M I N AT I O N Name Combat Effect World Effect

Condition Description Modifiers Difficult Doubles the Stride required Doubles the travel time to
Normal / Dusksight / Darksight
Terrain to traverse the square. cross that particular area.
Bright A bright or flashing light that
-2 -6 Blind Dangerous If you end your turn in that Imposes an immediate
is harmful to the eyes.
Terrain square, your DR is reduced Pilot check with a -5
Normal Light of an average day, or by half until you exit the penalty.
0 -2 -6
most businesses. square.
Dim Sitting around a campfire or in
-2 0 -2
a weakly lit tavern.
Ambient Traveling under a full moon or
-6 -2 0
light few and far between.
Darkness An area bereft of any light
Blind -6 0

To reap the benefits of concealment a character must be currently
undetected. If they are discovered, they must break line of sight with all
enemies before they can gain concealment bonuses again.
Partial concealment grants a +2 bonus to Stealth rolls. Knee-high
shrubbery is the simplest example.
Major concealment grants a +4 bonus to Stealth rolls. At three yards,
a dense fog could provide such a bonus.
Full concealment grants a +8 bonus to Stealth rolls. A cloth room
partition would suffice.

hazards 87
With magic let loose upon the world, wild and untethered, its no Blizzards predominantly occur in the northeastern corner of the
surprise people worship the elements. Empowered by those unruly continent and consist of frozen acid rain. Theyve been recorded as far
energies weather systems across the continent have become brutal things, west as the Deadwood Forest south of Hel, and as far south as Snapspine
impending catastrophes to be feared and avoided at all costs. Mountain Range just a few kilometers north of Lokoran. Characters roll
their Physical Resolve checks once every round/10 minutes. Unconscious
characters caught in a Blizzard must continue to make Physical Resolve
ACID RAIN checks. Failure results in double the penalty and will lead to death when
Rarely fatal, but dangerous nonetheless, these storms can deal the character reaches fatigue points equal to twice their Physical Resolve.
considerable damage if proper care is not taken. Stories of metals being
slowly dissolved are not uncommon, and injured fools that ventured into Failed Physical Resolve
UC Constant Effects
the storm unprotected are by no means rare. Effects
A character caught in an acid rain storm that does not find shelter will 1-10 -1 penalty to Stride, -2 penalty 1 Fatigue
find that it erodes flesh, eats armor, and destroys weapons. They must to Perception checks
make a Physical Resolve check each round/hour to reduce damage by
half. In heavier storms, weapons and armor will lose effectiveness the 11-25 -2 penalty to Stride, -3 penalty 2 Fatigue
longer they are exposed. Protecting equipment is as simple as wrapping to Perception checks
it in sturdy, non-metal materials such oilskin leathers or tarred canvas. 26-40 -3 penalty to Stride, -6 penalty 2 Fatigue, Stuck
to Perception checks
Reduce Weapon Damage Dice & Armor DR 41-50 -4 penalty to Stride, -10 penalty 3 Fatigue, Stuck
UC Damage
by 1... to Perception checks
1-10 1d6 Every 4 Rounds or 3 hours
11-25 1d8 Every 3 Rounds or 2 hours.
These visually stunning, mortally terrifying storms of death and
26-40 1d10 Every 2 Rounds or 1 hour. destruction typically occur near volcanoes where the natural heat and
41-50 2d6 Every Round or 30 minutes. flame gets swept up into the magically fueled vortex. Incredibly rarely,
however, they may spring up spontaneously in regions heavily laden
with latent magic.
Failing a Physical Resolve check in the midst of a Firestorm sets the
A R K N I K R A D I AT I O N character ablaze.
Commonly referred to as arks, Arknik Radiation occurs whenever
exposed to excessive amounts of magical energies. Typically this
UC Constant Effects
develops in the presence of malfunctioning Ark-equipment, but it may
also transpire naturally in the world where a combination of the lands 1-10 1d6 Damage
asynchronous geometry and latent magical energies produce a visible, 11-25 2d6 Damage
enervating cloud or fog of Arkna. Only the hardiest have naturally
resistance to exposure for a number of hours equal to half their Toughness. 26-40 3d6 Damage
At the end of this timeframe a character takes 1 point of Fatigue. For every 41-50 4d6 Damage
subsequent hour that passes, characters take 1 additional point of fatigue.
Eight hours of rest without exposure to arks will reset the exposure. EARTHQUAKE
From mild tremors to massive fissures and the birth of mountains,
earthquakes on Feneryss tend to be violent. Thankfully most activity is
ASH STORM limited to the Snapspine mountain range and the wastes to the north.
These storms are swift and sudden, often burying victims in their Failing an Acrobatics check means the character loses their balance
tracks, or barricading and starving out those that find shelter. Some older and falls prone.
residents of Pulse like to tell the story of an ash storm so heavy it buried
most of the city and left an ash drift a mere ten feet shorter than the Wall
UC Effects
itself. If caught in an ash storm, characters can expect reduced movement,
visibility, and if poorly equipped, choking ash. Every round/10 minutes, 1-10 -2 penalty to combat checks, -1 penalty to Stride
make a Physical Resolve check. Success results in mitigating certain 11-25 -4 penalty to to combat checks, -2 penalty to Stride
26-40 -6 penalty to combat checks, -3 penalty to Stride

Failed Physical Resolve 41-50 -8 penalty to combat checks, -4 penalty to Stride

UC Constant Effects
1-10 -1 penalty to Perception and Agility -1 penalty to Stride &
based skill checks all combat checks
11-25 -2 penalty to Perception and Agility -2 penalty to all combat
based skill checks, -1 Stride checks
26-40 -4 penalty to Perception and Agility 1 Fatigue & -3 penalty
based skill checks, -2 Stride to all combat checks
41-50 -8 penalty to Perception and Agility 1 Fatigue, no attack
based skill checks, -3 Stride action this round

88 hazards
Gales are uncommon, but make appearances in the wide open spaces of
Feneryss: The plains, barrens, and steppes. They tend to build up from a
gentle breeze, warning informed travelers before they become a problem.
The stronger the storm, though, the shorter the warning. Characters
that are not firmly secured to something must make an Athletics check.
Failure means they are forcibly displaced by the winds a number of yards
equal to the Difficulty Rating, divided by ten, to a minimum of 1. The
direction of the gale is determined by the GM. If a characters Agility
Rank is less than the gales penalty, at the beginning of their turn they
are pushed a number of yards equal to the difference in addition to any
distance they may lose to a failed Athletics check.

UC Effects
1-10 -2 penalty to Agility Rank
11-25 -3 penalty to Agility Rank
26-40 -4 penalty to Agility Rank
41-50 -5 penalty to Agility Rank

Lava bubbles and roils where the planets oceans once flowed,
and regularly erupts from the numerous volcanoes dotting Feneryss.
Characters coming into contact with lava will take 3d6 damage and be
set ablaze. A successful Physical Resolve check of 25 will halve the
damage. Ending a turn within 2 yards of flowing lava will incur 1 Fatigue
point unless the character succeeds on a Physical Resolve check of 12.

These storms are prevalent in incredibly hot, bone-dry areas such as
the Ashlands or Salt Barrens. Bolts of UV light are guided down from
the heavens by traces of lingering magic to strike dumb, deaf, and blind
anyone too close (and likely kill anything it touches). The effects are
stronger the closer one is to the epicenter. The GM will determine where
lightning strikes with a d100 (or 2d10). Each character and monster
should be assigned a number, beginning with 1 and adding up to the total
number of characters and enemies present. For damage, roll once and
apply it to all affected characters, halving it for those who succeeded on
the Physical Resolve check.

Range (yds) UC Effects on Success Effects on Failure

0 30 The character is The character is
(Target) immediately reduced immediately reduced
to -1 Health and to -10 Health and
must pass a natural must pass a natural
stabilization check or stabilization check or
fall unconscious. fall unconscious.
1 20 Take 2d6 damage, Stun Take 5d6 damage,
2, 1 Cancerous Tumor Blinded, Deafened,
Mutation Stun 4
3 15 Blinded, Stun 1, 1 Blinded, Deafened,
Cancerous Tumor Stun 2

hazards 89

Talents & Mutations

90 Talents & Mutations

R AC I A L Talent Name XP Pg. # POWER LEVEL 2
Uncursable 27 98 Mutation Name XP Pg. #
HUMAN Afterlife 169 102
SHADE Armguard 60 102
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Talent Name XP Pg. # Calloused Arm Table 102
Accceptance 90 96
Dead Zone 80 98 Chameleon Skin Table 102
Eternal Hatred 80 96
Frightful 7 98 Claws Table 102
From Good Fortune 34 96
Greater Mind 27 98 Environmental Adaptaion Table 102
Preference 180 96
Resourcefulness 29 98 Extra Heart Table 102
Tolerance 45 96
Seeker 34 98 Hulking 60 102
Unity 27 96
Slip of Shadows 15 99 Living Shield 120 102

A LY P S E Muscle Mass Table 102

VA M P I R E S Poison Sac 120 102
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Talent Name XP Pg. # Reverse-Jointed Legs Table 102
Apostle 102 96
Aura of Life 45 99 Tail Table 102
Contagious Curse 80 96
Blood Drinker 66 99 Tail Spike 60 102
Fire Serpent 147 96
Burning Hunger 67 99
Gift of the Apocalypse 27 96
Draculesti Ascendant 162 99 POWER LEVEL 3
Justice of the Fallen 25 96
Lightfeed 45 99 Mutation Name XP Pg. #
Silver Tongue 15 96
Marquis 94 99 Black Plume Table 103
Subjugate 27 99 Buck 169 103
Talent Name XP Pg. # Dominant Arm Table 103
WRETCHED Double-Jointed 150 103
Armed and Operational 25 97
Talent Name XP Pg. # Flammable 150 103
Autonomous 54 97
Anomaly 67 99 Glide Flaps 60 103
Drone Mentality 54 97
Dead Mass Rising 94 99 Horns Table 103
Flesh Made Whole 62 97
Death by Decay 27 99 Multiple Personalities Table 103
Ghost in the Machine 60 97
Disease Resistance 27 99 Open Wound 150 103
Filtered Lens 27 99 Rampant Growth 150 103
Focused Tremorsense 34 100 Razorback Table 103
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Grotesque 162 99 Skin Chutes Table 103
Chemical Propulsion 125 97
Landsight 116 100 Smoke Screen 150 103
Explosive Discharge 37 97
Mutant Physiology 67 100 Wings 120 103
Fungal Coagulant 34 97
Poison Immunity 126 100
Healing Spore 94 97
Natural Understanding 25 97 POWER LEVEL 4

Organic Chemistry 52 97 MU TAT IONS Mutation Name XP Pg. #

We are Root 27 97 POWER LEVEL 1 Barrier 374 105

Mutation Name XP Pg. # Bio-Fuel 187 104

REKINDLED A Lesser Appendage Table 101 Bio-Plasma 165 104

Talent Name XP Pg. # Cancerous Tumor Table 101 Bio-Spark 187 105

Continuous Cycle 67 98 Dark Eyes Table 101 Bioreactor Table 104

Hover 21 98 Extra Lung Table 101 Breath Weapon 240 104

Know the Unknowable 27 98 General Aesthetic Changes Table 101 Chain-Lightning 374 105

Piercing Sight 45 98 Gills Table 101 Conduction 374 105

Residual Echoes 27 98 Third Eye Table 101 Crotaline Pit Table 104

Split Second 45 98 Unspeakable Horror Table 101 Deadly Spit Table 104

Talent List 91
Mutation Name XP Pg. # COM B AT Talent Name XP Pg. #
Electromagnetic Pulse 374 105 Cut Through 102 111
Exoskeleton 480 105 Dancing Defense 314 112
Fire Eater 232 104 Defensive Duelist 56 111
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Firebolt 210 104 Feral Roar 27 112
Ambidexterity 27 109
Flexoble Skeleton Table 104 Fierce Charge Varies 112
Dual Weapon Adept 93 109
Inferno 582 104 Foot Stomp 66 112
Blitzkrieg 135 110
Leathery Skin Table 104 Gladiator 54 112
Bodyguard 5 109
Magnetic Field 374 105 Heavy Hitter 80 112
Guardian 77 109
Magnetism 187 105 Improved Attack 48 112
Brothers in Arms 21 109
Meltdown 187 105 Lightning Charge 186 113
Can I Have That? 82 109
Monstrosity Table 104 Master Defensive Duelist 143 112
Fancy Footwork 45 109
Overcharge 374 105 Menacing 80 112
Fortify 45 109
Penetrating Gaze 240 105 Parry 52 112
Entrench 139 110
Pyro-Ascendant 291 105 Performing Sweeps 77 112
Human Shield 97 110
Thick Scales 240 105 Rebounding Strike 227 111
I'll Take that 48 110
Riposte 150 112
Keep Away 96 110
POWER LEVEL 5 Shifting Stance 27 112
Immovable 72 110
Mutation Name XP Pg. # Swift Charge 34 112
Insane Combatant Varies 110
Infused Table 106 Unrelenting Attack 48 113
Iron Curtain 45 110
Mimic Table 106 Unstoppable 67 113
Mental Static 97 110
Secondary Arms Table 106 Whirling Dervish Varies 113
Mind Void 262 110
Sociolinguistics 2400 106 Wind Scythe Varies 113
Mess With the Bull 27 110
Temporal Anomaly Table 106 Wind Up Varies 113
Get the Horns 94 110
The Show Must Go On 1200 106 Zealous Charge 94 112
Muscle 48 110
Vocal Inflection 1200 106
No Leg to Stand On 35 110
Not This Time 45 110
POWER LEVEL 6 Talent Name XP Pg. #
Rapid Deployment 15 110
Mutation Name XP Pg. # Blindfire Varies 113
Shield Strike 45 111
Amplified Larynx 2400 107 Dual Arrows 62 113
Shoot'em While They're 48 111
Chest Burster Table 106 Down Dazzling Disarm 46 113
Fatigue 2400 107 Sticky Situation 62 111 Eagle Shot 66 113
Health 4800 107 Sweep 35 111 Hail of Bullets 102 113
Howler Table 106 Swift Foot 67 111 Huntsman 60 115
Hunger 2400 106 Taunt 7 111 Lucky Shot 66 115
Inhuman Table 106 Combat Troll 22 111 Missed 21 115
Oscillation 2400 107 Glutton for Punishment 74 111 Piercing Shot 80 115
Power Wave 4800 107 Wild Visage 45 111 Planned Execution 48 115
Pressure Wave 4800 107 Wrecking Ball 72 111 Precise Shot Varies 115
Ravings of a Madman 4800 107 Rapid Reload Varies 115
Recovery 2400 107 M E L E E C O M B AT Ricochet 66 115
Regeneration Table 106 Talent Name XP Pg. # Ricochet Wanted 168 115
Restore 2400 107 Armor Breaker 66 111 Recoil With It 21 115
Sustained Howl 1200 107 Blood Feud 94 111 Speed Shooter 67 115
Tongue Lash 2400 107 Boiling Rage 48 111 Dead-Eye 134 115
Vomit 2400 107 Bouncing Strike 62 111 Not Just a Staff 268 115

92 Talent List
Talent Name XP Pg. # PS Y TA L EN TS Talent Name XP Pg. #
We got Ourselves a Cowboy 134 115 Talent Name XP Pg. # Something in the Cushions 27 141
Superheated Shot 48 115 Kinesis Varies 134 Tactical Terrain 45 141
Survivalist 28 115 Illusion Varies 134
These are my Guns 36 115 Allied Intervention Varies 137 GEN ER A L
Trip Volley 48 116 Amplified Telepathy 30 137 TA L EN TS
Warning Shot 18 116 Dangerous Mind 117 137 Talent Name XP Pg. #
Inoccuous Varies 137 Combat Medic 70 108
A RK NA Shielded Mind Varies 137 Courageous Varies 108
TA L EN TS Telepathy 5 137 Disease Resistance 27 108
Talent Name XP Pg. # Endurance Varies 108
Primaltheurgy Varies 116 S T E A LT H Engineer 92 108
Necromancy Varies 116 TA L EN TS Fortitude Varies 108
Arkana Specialization Varies 120 G E N E R A L S T E A LT H Hidden Psyche 62 108
Master of Arkana 196 120 Talent Name XP Pg. # Low Light Vision 45 108
Power of Chance 35 120 Blend 42 138 Numb Senses 45 108
Power of the Elements 52 120 Distortion Varies 138 Ready for Battle Varies 108
Escape Artist 15 138 Resilient Varies 108

CON V IC T ION Getaway Artist 30 138 Shorthand 27 109

Specialized Training Varies 109
TA L EN TS Hit & Run 42 138
Patient Watcher 25 140 Uppers 15 109
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Conviction Varies 121 Reaper's Sweep 25 140
Dualism 126 129 Shadow Blades Varies 140 SOC I A L
Perseverance 67 129 Shadow Dredge 15 140 TA L EN TS
Pious 67 129 Silent Footfall 15 140 Talent Name XP Pg. #
Sacred Bond 4 129 Silent Takedown Varies 140 Enthrall 52 142
Saint 247 129 Slow and Steady 15 140 Esteemed 27 142
Whispered Aggression 27 140 Head of the Snake 79 142
Whispered Doubt 27 140 Incite Riot 42 142
Inspire 60 142
ASSASSIN Smooth Talker 37 142
Talent Name XP Pg. #
Talent Name XP Pg. # Speak Language 27 142
Martial Arts Stance Varies 130
Dark Intentions 132 140 Stoic 45 142
Dragon's Essence 141 133
First Blood 57 140 Swift Shout 90 142
Dragon's Breath 282 134
Hawkeye 184 140
Focused Body 100 134
Marked for Death 264 140 SOCIAL ENGINEER
Flexible Mind 215 134
Shadow Jump 132 140 Talent Name XP Pg. #
Leathal Weapons 21 134
Tread Lightly 82 141 Better Fencing 139 143
Martial Throw 66 134
THIEF Confidential Informant Varies 143
Ole! 66 134
Talent Name XP Pg. # Copycat 7 142
Thunder Strike 37 134
B&E 52 141 Crazy Ol' Man 45 143
Uppercut 55 134
Bump Key 7 141 Creative Stealth 45 142
Cut the Cord 15 141 Deft Smuggler 15 143
Nimble Fingers 60 141 Eye for Detal 72 143
Skeleton Key 69 141 Fencing 72 143
Smooth Criminal 34 141

Talent List 93
Talent Name XP Pg. # M A S T E R - AT- A R M S
He Could Be You; He Could 112 143 Talent Name XP Pg. #
Be Me Rank 1: Violence of Action 2 145
I've Got a Bad Feeling... 27 142 Rank 2: Firing Squad 17 145
Secret Compartment 40 143 Rank 3: Barricade 81 145
The Most Dangerous Game 15 143 Rank 4: Sucicide Squad 218 145
Totally Legit Document 42 143 Rank 5: Hold the Line 456 146

TA L EN TS Talent Name XP Pg. #
C A P TA I N Rank 1: Synergy 3 146
Talent Name XP Pg. # Rank 2: Feedback 24 146
Rank 1: Brace for Impact 2 144 Rank 3: Duak Cast 183 146
Rank 2: Rally 17 144 Rank 4: Smoke Screen 514 146
Rank 3: Demotivation 81 144 Rank 5: Arknik Overload 1081 146
Rank 4: Scuttle 218 144
Rank 5: You Ain't Dead, Kid 456 144 SQUADRON ACE
Talent Name XP Pg. #
HELMSMAN Rank 1: Raid 2 146
Talent Name XP Pg. # Rank 2: Barrel Roll 17 146
Rank 1: Crazy Ivan 2 144 Rank 3: Kamikaze 75 146
Rank 2: Emergency Evasion 17 144 Rank 4: Engine Boost 197 146
Rank 3: Strafe 81 144 Rank 5: Back in Formation 407 146
Rank 4: Overclock 218 144
Rank 5: Predictive 456 144

Talent Name XP Pg. #
Rank 1: I'm Givin' Her All 2 145
She's Got
Rank 2: Jury-Rigging 17 145
Rank 3: Impact Calibration 81 145
Rank 4: Ragstopper 218 145
Rank 5: Deus Ex Mechanik 456 145

Talent Name XP Pg. #
Rank 1: Last Shot 3 145
Rank 2: It's Elementary 24 145
Rank 3: Make it Count 103 145
Rank 4: More Powder! 268 145
Rank 5: Alpha Strike 551 145

94 Talent List
Reading Talents
Talents are the core of conflict resolution for Shattered. They primarily provide bonuses to actions, or grant the character new and unique abilities
that they can use to overcome the challenges and enemies they will encounter throughout Feneryss. The following sections are organized into what we
call archetypes: genres of character actions. Despite this label, every talent is available to any player provided they meet the listed requirements and
can afford the experience cost. When reading requirements there are two things to note: the character must possess all the necessary requirements listed
EXCEPT when two requirements are separated by a slash (/) (e.g. Melee / Hand-to-Hand 5.) In this case, the character only needs one of the two listed
requirements separated by the slash. This also means that the character can only utilize this talent when possessing the appropriate skills. Any talent
with ranked tiers require the previous rank when purchasing.

Part of our design of the talents in this chapter was to provide you as much information as possible at a glance. Below we will break down parts of
our talents.

Talent Tier: This denotes if

the talent has any prerequisite
talents or is part of a tree.
They are written as Roman XP Cost: This
Numerals such as I, II, III, I Talent Name dictates how much
etc. Requirements: Cost: # xp experience must be
spent to acquire the
Talent description here. talent.

Talent Requirements: This

specifies prerequisite Stat
Ranks, Skill Ranks, Talents
needed to acquire the talent

Multi-tiered Talents
Talent Name
Talent Description here.

I Requirements: Cost: # xp

Talent Tier Tier Description Here

II Requirements: Cost: # xp

Tier Description Here

III Requirements: Cost: # xp
Tier Description Here

Reading Talents 95
Racial Talents
I Eternal Hatred I Apostle
Requirements: Intelligence 4, Any Combat Skill 4 Cost: 80xp Requirements: Willpower 5, Resolve 4 Cost: 102xp
Types: Alypse, Beast, Drone, Elemental, Florvana, Humanoid, Alypse Apostles are flagellant monks of their race. Because of their
Human, Mechanical, Ooze, Parasite, Rekindled, Shade, Undead, constant self-mutilation they have developed a resistance to the effects
Vampire, Wretched of fatigue. When this talent is taken, the Alypse can now suffer 3 points
The Humans natural tendency for discrimination has manifested of fatigue before taking an insanity point.
against a particular type of foe. They gain a +2 bonus to all attack rolls
against the specified race or enemy type and a -2 penalty to Charisma I Contagious Curse
checks against them. This talent can be purchased multiple times, each Requirements: Necromancy 4, Willpower 4 Cost: 80xp
time applying to a different race or enemy type. The cost doubles for
every purchase of this talent after the first, and the Combat skill and When casting a necromancy curse, the Alypse treats the Spellpower as
Intelligence requirements increase by 1. 1 less for the purposes of the casting check.

I From Good Fortune I Fire Serpent

Requirements: Charisma 3, Diplomacy 2 Cost: 34xp Requirements: Willpower 6, Resolve 5 Cost: 147xp

This trait may only be taken at character creation, and allows a Human Upon the death of an Alypse, their body ruptures and 1d6 Demonic
to start with additional notes equal to 50 times their rank in Charisma. Serpents spawn from the husk. Each serpent uses the same stats and
skills as the Alypse that birthed them, but only 1/4 their health each. If
a Demonic Serpent damages someone, the target must pass an opposed
I Tolerance
Mental Resolve test against the Alypse mental Resolve or gain all the
Requirements: Intelligence 4 Cost: 45xp Insanity Points the Alypse had upon their death. These can stack with
Lose the Bigotry trait each successful test. These Serpents last until their death or the Alypse
has claimed a new body.
II Acceptance
If the target were to die from a fear test, they will instead become
Requirements: Tolerance Cost: 90xp the Alypses new vessel. The Alypse retains all their stats, skills, and
Pick one organization, religion, or race. The Human gains +1 to all experience, but their equipment is on their previous body. The Alypse
social interactions with that group. In order for the benefit and/or also gains Insanity Points equal to 10 plus the number of serpents upon
the penalty to apply, the Human must be aware that the individual in entering their new form.
question is a member of that group (GM has final discretion). If the
Human attacks a member of the group, this bonus is lost for 24 hours. I Gift of the ApocAlypse
This talent may be taken once per group specified.
Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp

III Preference Though it has been thousands of years since the Reckoning, some of
the Alypse still carry the natural resistances that caused the ritual to
Requirements: Acceptance Cost: 180xp fail. The Alypse gains a +1 bonus to Physical or Mental Resolve when
This talent doubles the bonus from Acceptance when interacting with resisting Banes.
the chosen organization, religion, or race. In order for the benefit and/
or the penalty to apply, the Human must be aware that the individual I Justice of the Fallen
in question is a member of that group (GM has final discretion). If the
Requirements: Conviction Talent Rank 1, Devotion 3 Cost: 25xp
Human has multiple Acceptance talents, this talent may also be taken
multiple times. Each purchase applies its effects to a different group. All ranks of the Smite Miracle cost 1 less Conviction point per use.

I Unity I Silver Tongue

Requirements: Charisma 3 Cost: 27xp Requirements: Deceit 3 Cost: 15xp
Humans have become increasingly insular over time. They gain a +1 Once per day, the Alypse can choose to automatically roll the maximum
bonus to any Charisma-based checks in social situations with another value of one die on a Deceit check. All other dice are rolled as normal.
Human. The use of this talent must be declared before rolling.

I Armed and Operational I Explosive Discharge
Requirements: Craft: Mechaniks 4 Cost: 25xp Requirements: Toughness 3, Resolve 2 Cost: 37xp
A Drone can replace a limb with a crafted weapon. This weapon can The Florvana may violently excrete a cloud of spores. This costs 3AP
be upgraded or replaced as a normal weapon can. They cannot be and 1d6 health. Explosive Discharge provokes an opposed Physical
disarmed of their weapon in combat, but can manually remove the Resolve check against all adjacent creatures, including allies. Any
weapon if given enough time. Removing/changing weapons in this creature that fails this check is nauseated for 1d4 rounds. The spore
way requires 4 actions in combat. cloud lasts until the Florvanas next turn. If the Florvana has any
tumors, they can rupture the tumor instead of sacrificing health.

I Drone Mentality
II Chemical Propulsion
Requirements: Charisma 3, Perception 3 (Cannot Cost: 54xp
take Autonomous) Requirements: Explosive Discharge, Toughness 5, Cost: 125xp
Resolve 3
Most Drones are more efficient when working alongside their brethren.
Gain a +2 to all non-combat skill checks when within 5 yards of a party The Explosive Discharge is now a burst 2 effect.
member. Additionally, the Drone takes a -2 penalty to all non-combat
skill checks when not within 5 yards of their party. I Fungal Coagulant
Requirements: Toughness 3, Medicine 2 Cost: 34xp
I Flesh Made Whole For 2 AP, the Florvana may sacrifice 6 health to remove the bleeding
Requirements: Craft: Mechaniks 5, Medicine 4 Cost: 62xp condition from one ally.

Some Drones have grafted flesh to their metal body, becoming

cyborgs. This flesh is susceptible to mutations and disease. Medicine II Healing Spore
and Conviction can be used to treat any diseases, but cannot heal the Requirements: Fungal Coagulant, Toughness 4, Cost: 94xp
Drone. Diseases do not progress on the Drone but can still infect others. Medicine 3
In addition to removing bleeding, Fungal Coagulant now restores
I Ghost in the Machine health of the target equal to the Florvanas ranks in Toughness. This
still requires the Florvana to sacrifice 6 health.
Requirements: Willpower 4, Craft: Mechaniks 3 Cost: 60xp
A Drone may link up, through touch, with any machine that requires I Natural Understanding
an operator to use, even if that machine is in use by someone else. If
the machine is not in use by another operator they may take control Requirements: Craft: Alchemy 4 Cost: 25xp
of it automatically. If, however, it is being used by someone else the The Florvana acquires 2 bonus Alchemical Parts with every successful
Drone must make a Mental Resolve check vs the operators relevant Survival check to scavenge.
skill to take Command of the machine. This can only be used once
per day. Each round beyond the first requires a Mental Resolve check
I Organic Chemistry
to maintain control. If this check is failed, the connection is lost. This
talent may be taken more than once, adding one more control attempt Requirements: Craft: Alchemy 6 Cost: 52xp
per day. Machines still require a separate power source to function. The Florvana has an innate affinity for Alchemy, which allows them to
create potions 2 hours faster.
I Autonomous
I The walls have ears
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Perception 3 (Cannot Cost: 54xp
take Drone Mentality) Requirements: Perception 3, Toughness 3 Cost: 54xp
Some Drones were designed to function in isolation. They gain a +2 The Florvana may place small pieces of their colony on inanimate
bonus to all non-combat skill checks when more than 5 yards apart objects, each time reducing their maximum health by 1d6. If they are
from their party. Additionally, they take a -2 penalty to all non-combat within 25 yards of these planted colonies, they can make Perception-
tests when within 5 yards of the group. based checks through them. Retrieving planted colonies restores both
maximum health and health equal to the maximum health penalty. If
a plant colony is destroyed, the Florvanas max health is restored, but
they do not regain lost health. A colonys health is equal to the amount
the Florvana lost upon planting it.

I We Are Root
Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp
The Florvana can now root one adjacent ally or opponent in addition to
themselves. This action can be avoided with a successful Dodge check.
If the Dodge check fails, the target is considered grappled.

R EK I N DL ED I Split Second
Requirements: Willpower 4 Cost: 45xp
Some Rekindled can force their bodies back into a spirit form for a split
I Continuous Cycle second. This may allow them to pass through previously impassable
Requirements: Willpower 5 Cost: 67xp obstacles. The character must pass a Mental Resolve check vs the
material they pass through. Light materials, like wood or paper, have a
Some Rekindled have been known to reincarnate shortly after their
UC of 4 per yard. Sturdier materials, such as brick or rock, have a UC
death. Once the Rekindled dies, their body bursts into flames and
of 8 per yard. Metals, like iron or lead, have a UC of 12 per yard. The
reforms next day (Unless otherwise specified by the GM). The new
Rekindled can not move a distance greater than half their Stride. If the
Rekindled remembers nothing of its previous life, but retains all
Rekindled is no longer in spirit form while attempting to pass through
experience, stats, skills, talents, and insanity of its previous life. The
objects, or the Mental Resolve test fails, the player is ejected to the the
Rekindled gains 1 permanent insanity point and permanently loses 5
closest available space and also takes 2d6 damage, which bypasses all
max health each time they reincarnate.
Damage Reduction. The Rekindled is capable of taking any gear or
equipment on their person with them when using this talent.

I Uncursable
I Hover
Requirements: Willpower 3 Cost: 27xp
Requirements: Arkna 3 or Psy 3 Cost: 21xp
Your very nature makes it difficult for curses to affect you. You increase
The Rekindled can spend 1 AP to float 1 yard above any solid or liquid
the difficulty of a Necromancers curse that is targeting you by 1.
surface. They can remain in the air as long as they desire, and can
move in any horizontal direction but can not float higher than one yard
with this ability. Landing again requires 1 AP. This ability ends if the
character is knocked unconscious.
I Dead Zone
I Know the Unknowable
Requirements: Willpower 4, Psy 4 Cost: 80xp
Requirements: Intelligence 3 Cost: 27xp
Once per day, the Shade may overload a Burst 2 area with Psykic noise
Due to their time among the dead, Rekindled sometimes discover
for 2 rounds. This requires 3 AP. Anyone within this area loses their
that they possess knowledge they were previously unaware of. The
sense of purpose. They must reroll all reactions made within the area,
Rekindled can attempt knowledge checks for subjects in which they
and take the lower result. Outside of combat, this forces everyone
have no ranks with -4 penalty.
within range to reroll their defensive Charisma-based checks (i.e.
opposing an Intimidate or Diplomacy check) and take the lower result.
The Shade is the center of this field at all times.

II Unknown Knowledge
I Frightful
Requirements: Know the Unknowable, Intelligence 5 Cost: 94xp
Requirements: Intimidate 2 Cost: 7xp
Rekindled can now attempt knowledge checks for subjects in which
they have no ranks with -2 penalty. The Shade harnesses their inherently fearful presence and telepathy to
increase their fear rating from Intimidate by 3. This does not increase
their passive fear Rating from the Speechless trait.

I Piercing Sight I Greater Mind

Requirements: Perception 4 Cost: 45xp Requirements: Natural Telepath Trait, Perception 3 Cost: 27xp
The Rekindled can peer into the souls of others and glean small details The Shade can now reach up to 40 yards with their telepathy.
about them. This requires an opposed Willpower check during which
eye contact must be made. This can be only used once per target and
if successful the Rekindled learns one piece of random information I Resourcefulness
about the target. The target also suffers the effects of the Gasp! fear Requirements: Intelligence 3, Craft: Alchemy 1 Cost: 27xp
With their knowledge of herbalism, most Shades fend for themselves.
The Shade gains a +1 bonus to Survival checks to acquire food or
scavenge for Alchemical Parts.

I Residual Echoes
Requirements: Perception 3 Cost: 27xp I Seeker

Rekindled are capable of sensing the surface emotions of sentient Requirements: Perception 3, Scrutiny 2 Cost: 34xp
creatures. This is a Scrutiny check opposed by the Mental Resolve of The Shade possesses exceptional eyesight and hearing. They gain a +2
everyone within 10 yards. A successful Scrutiny will tell the Rekindled bonus to Perception-based Checks when attempting to detect hidden
the temperament of every sentient creature within range. objects, characters, or identify distant creatures or objects.

I Slip of Shadows I Subjugate
Requirements: Stealth 3 Cost: 15xp Requirements: Charisma 3 Cost: 27xp
Once per day, a Shade may opt to make a Stealth check at their The Vampire can make an Intimidate check and force a target to do
maximum roll. This must be declared prior to making a Stealth check. their bidding. If the victim suffers Hysteria or worse, they will carry
Because no rolls were made, no criticals may result from this ability. out any action with no sense of self preservation. Any fear effect
below Hysteria will allow the Vampire to force their victim to perform
any reasonable action that may betray trust, but not be immediately
harmful to themselves. The instructions are limited to a few sentences
VA M PI R ES and this only works on sentient races. Failure on the Intimidate check
will make the victim immediately become hostile and cannot be
subjugated again.
I Aura of Life
Requirements: Perception 4 Cost: 45xp
Vampires have been known to gain an extra sense, a vision that sees W R ETC H ED
life and imprints of living beings. Even when blinded, a vampire with
this ability can still see and track living things.
I Anomaly
I Blood Drinker
Requirements: Freak Trait, Toughness 5 Cost: 67xp
Requirements: Strength 4, Hand-to-Hand 3 Cost: 66xp
The Freaks body becomes more unstable, increasing their mutations
A Vampire gains 1d4 health each time they successfully grapple to greater power. Instead of rolling a 1d4 to start, the Wretched Freak
an opponent and feed on them. The victim suffers 1d6 damage that now rolls a 1d6. On a 5, level 5 mutations are rolled(1d4). For a 6,
bypasses DR. power level 1 mutations are rolled(1d8). This enhancement to freak
does not alter death by decay.
I Burning Hunger
Requirements: Toughness 5 Cost: 67xp II Grotesque
Every round a Vampire takes damage from ultraviolet light, they gain Requirements: Anomaly, Toughness 8 Cost: 162xp
a cumulative +2 bonus to their grapple checks, up to a maximum of
The Freaks physiology has become so unstable and unpredictable that
+10. If exposure ends, this bonus persists for 2 rounds. If the Vampire
they are able to incorporate Level 6 mutations in their bodies. Now on
possesses the Draculesti Ascendant racial talent, they instead gain a
a roll of 6, power level 6 mutations are rolled(1d4). This enhancement
+1 cumulative bonus any time they would normally take damage from
to freak does not alter death by decay.
ultraviolet light.

I Engulfing Bite I Death by Decay

Requirements: Blood Drinker, Strength 7, Hand- Cost: 265xp Requirements: Freak Trait, Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp
to-Hand 6 Once per day during combat, Freaks can undergo spontaneous mutations
All Vampires are born with a weakness in their lower jaw, however as a free action. Using the dice rolls of Freak, These mutations last
some have managed to adapt this potential defect into a benefit. After a until the end of combat. After combat, These mutations wither and
successful use of Blood Drinker, they may treat their Hand to Hand as become Dead Masses. Dead Masses impose 1 point of fatigue and
a rank higher for the remainder of the grapple. All feeding done after reduce maximum health by 1 with the properties of Cancerous Tumor.
the first deals 2d6 damage ignoring DR, and heals the Vampire for 2d4. Dead Masses can be removed with a 15 UC Medicine check or through
the use of Unstable Decay, with the caveat that the freak takes 2 points
I Lightfeed of damage instead of 1. Each Dead Mass Removed restores maximum
health by 1.
Requirements: Willpower 4 Cost: 45xp
When Vampires are near any flame, that flame begins to die out, and
II Dead Mass Rising
continues to do so for 3 rounds until it goes out completely.
Requirements: Death by Decay, Toughness 5 Cost: 94xp
I Marquis Increases uses of death by decay to twice per day.
Requirements: Toughness 6 Cost: 94xp
The Vampire has evolved beyond its brothers and sisters. Penalties I Disease Resistance
imposed by the Bloodburn and Feed racial traits are reduced by half. Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp

II Draculesti Ascendant The Wretched gains a +1 bonus to resist diseases.

Requirements: Marquis, Toughness 8 Cost: 162xp

I Filtered Lens
Through years of experience, adaptation, and perhaps some mutation,
the Vampire has become the pinnacle of Vampirekind. They are Requirements: Perception 3 Cost: 27xp
impervious to the penalties of the Bloodburn racial trait. Additionally, This Wretched specific mutation causes a film to cover their eyes and
their aging slows to a tenth of its normal rate. No Draculesti Ascendant they no longer take a penalty to vision in bright sunlight. This also
in recorded history has succumbed to old age. removes any sight penalties from ash storms.

I Focused Tremorsense I Mutant Physiology
Requirements: Perception 3 Cost: 34xp Requirements: Toughness 5 Cost: 67xp
This Wretched specific mutation causes a film to cover their eyes and When the Wretched is reduced to Critical Health, they gain a +1 bonus
they no longer take a penalty to vision in bright sunlight. This also to their DR until they stabilize. When reattaching a Wretcheds original
removes any sight penalties from ash storms. limb, the difficulty is reduced by half their Toughness.

II Landsight I Poison Immunity

Requirements: Focused Tremorsense, Perception Cost: 116xp Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 126xp
5, Awareness 3 The Wretched becomes immune to 1 Bane. This may be taken multiple
So long as they have at least one limb in contact with the ground, the times, the cost doubles each time.
Wretched can detect every object and creature of a small-size or larger
within 25 yards, provided they are in contact with the ground. Sensory-
based penalties (i.e. the blinded condition or penalties from bright
light) do not apply to Perception checks, attack rolls, or reactions so
long as their target or attacker is within 25 yards.


Mutations have become increasingly common in the post-Reckoning
world. Naturally occurring elements in the new world have facilitated POW ER L E V EL 1 - 1 D8
in the evolutionary process, and in some cases, have birthed new races
all together. These mutations range from the benign to the useful and 3 X P/9X P
everything in between. Due to the nature of mutations, some may shun
the mutant, others may embrace them or even enslave them. Certain
Cancerous Tumor: This is cancer. It spreads across the body and
abilities are invaluable to the world at large and there exists markets to
can kill. This is unwanted. Serious medical attention is required.
breed these prized mutants. The slave trade is a booming business when it
A tumor begins with a UC of 5 to remove with a Medicine check.
comes to mutants of exceptional Strength or a mutant with a bio reactor.
1 The UC increases by 1 for each day it is not removed. Additionally,
The world is a cruel place to be a mutant of any kind.
every 24 hours after acquiring the tumor the player must roll a
Mutations may be acquired randomly through the GMs influence,
Physical Resolve check against the UC of the Cancerous Tumor
randomly purchased, or purchased specifically. Making a random
or die.
experience purchase is significantly cheaper. If a mutation is rolled
randomly a second time, the character instead gains the upgrade, if any. General Aesthetic Changes: Hair, Skin, Eyes and other aesthetic
Mutations can only be acquired once unless that mutation specifies it physical changes may be taken. One change may be made each
may be taken multiple times. In the case of a mutation that may be taken time this is taken. If this was chosen, the change is specified by the
multiple times and also possesses an upgrade, roll randomly to determine player; if this is earned randomly, the GM may decide.
which occurs. Unspeakable Horror: The Characters lips fuse together and leave
Players of Wretched characters roll for 2 random mutations from the character unable to eat or breathe through their mouth. They
power level 1 at creation. They may also purchase specific mutations may take Resolve test at the GMs discretion to determine how
from all power levels at a discounted rate as detailed in the Wretched the character reacts to extended periods without food. Characters
Chosen column in the table below. 3
may eat again by either cutting their lips apart or by finding a less
intrusive alternative. If the character cuts their lips apart they take
XP Costs 1d4 damage that ignores damage reduction and may find that their
lips begin to heal back together by the end of the week.
Power Random Wretched
Random Chosen A Lesser Appendage: An extra limb grows, though it may end up
Level Roll Chosen
in a strange place. Roll a 1d6 to determine location (1, GM decides.
1 1d8 3xp 9xp 6xp
4 2, leg. 3, torso. 4, arm. 5, head. 6, player decides). This limb lacks
2 1d8 10xp 30xp 20xp the fine motor skills to manipulate a weapon, but may grasp items
3 1d6 25xp 75xp 50xp whose size is small or less.

4 1d6 40xp 120xp 80xp Third Eye: Gain an extra eye. This gives a +1 to visual based
Perception such as Awareness tests, but an additional -1 when
5 1d4 200xp 600xp 400xp 5
afflicted by a visual penalty such as bright light. This may be taken
6 1d4 400xp 1200xp 800xp multiple times with cumulative effects.
Extra Lung: The body grows a third lung, allowing for an increased
intake of oxygen with each breath. Running or swimming last twice
as much before suffering Fatigue. Can hold breath underwater for
N E M Z U LS NO T E twice as long. Take -2 to resist airborne Banes or toxins.
Mutations are exceedingly common in Feneryss, 7 Gills: Gills grow on the neck that allow breathing underwater.
especially with those Wretched like myself. I was
Dark Eyes: The characters eyes may now see better in dim light
lucky enough to be blessed with better vision in the
and below. This mutations physical manifestation results in an odd
dark and flexibility.
appearance such as vertical pupils, a strange color, or a reflective
quality. Characters with normal vision now have Dusksight.
Characters that already have Dusksight no longer suffer penalties
from ambient light and darkness. Characters that already have
Darksight now have the penalties of Dusksight for Dim light and
above (page 87).

mutations 101
POW ER L E V EL 2 - 1 D8
II Armguard
10X P/ 30X P Requirements: Callused Arm Cost: 169xp
The callused arm has grown. It now provides a DR of 6, but the mutant
Claws: The characters hands or arms now possess a set of suffers a -1 penalty on attack rolls with two-handed weapons.
retractable blades. These can be in the form of nails, talons, or
bone protrusions. Gain a claw attack dealing 1d6+2+Strength for
damage. III Living Shield
Callused Arm: One arm has skin so thick and tough that it can act Requirements: Armguard Cost: 120xp
as a Shield with DR of 3 on successful Blocks. The callused arm now has a DR of 9, but its dexterity has suffered
Muscle Mass: Preternaturally massive muscles increase the greatly. Take a -3 penalty to attack rolls on two-handed weapons.
characters lifting, carrying, and pushing limits by two times.
Tail: The character grows a tail. They can attack with their tail to MUSCLE MASS
deal 1d6+Strength damage.
Chameleon Skin: The mutants skin takes on the colors of its II Hulking
surroundings, granting a bonus to Stealth. With this ever changing
5 Requirements: Muscle Mass Cost: 60xp
skin, they earn a +1 to all Stealth checks and -1 to social encounters
thanks to their unsettling, constantly shifting pigment. The character is an absolute brute, capable of lifting, carrying, and
Skin Chutes: The mutant grows membranes between a small pushing up to 3x their normal limit, and grants them a +1 bonus rank
set of limbs on their back which allow them to catch air currents to Strength. This bonus does allow them to surpass the rank cap of 10.
6 This also increases their size category by one which carries with it any
which help slow their descent when falling. For every 15 yards
fallen, reduce it by 5 for the purposes of calculating fall damage. bonuses or penalties due to size.

Environmental Adaptation: The characters body can quickly TA I L

adapt to extreme environments where others cannot. As such they
are immune to any conditions imposed by environmental hazards
(i.e. stuck, ablaze, etc.). II Tail Spike

Reverse-Jointed Legs: The characters legs formed with reverse Requirements: Tail Cost: 60xp
joints, allowing them greater speed and jump height. Gain a plus 1 The characters tail grows deadly spikes that are large enough to embed
to Stride and Acrobatics checks, -1 to Disguise and Stealth checks themselves in their victims. When a character successfully attacks a
thanks to their unique structure and silhouette. target, they may roll a grapple check as a free action.

III Poison Sac

N E M Z U LS NO T E Requirements: Tail Spike Cost: 120xp
Two of my good friends and rivals growing up At the beginning of each day or session, whichever happens first, the
had skin chutes. I was, and still am, so jealous of player decides what kind of Bane that the poison Sac has. Can only
that mutation. Given the ability to fly through the take Banes that are injectable. On a successful hit, they must make an
air like birds, never get hurt from falls because you opposed Physical Resolve check or suffer from the Bane. If successful,
can simply flap your wings away. Boy oh boy, I wish the Banes effect lasts a number of rounds equal to half the characters
I could have gotten that mutation. Although, that toughness to a minimum of 1 round.
was a fairly prized mutation for Wretched slaves on
airships. So perhaps I was luckier to be left (mostly)
alone as I couldnt do repairs as safely while not in SKIN CHUTES
dry dock.
II Glide Flaps
Requirements: Skin Chutes Cost: 60xp
The mutants Skin Chutes grow a limited musculature, allowing them
to glide short distances. Either by jumping or falling, characters may
use their Glide Flaps to travel half their Stride in any direction per
yard fallen. On landing they take no fall damage unless their flight is

III Wings
Requirements: Glide Flaps Cost: 120xp
The mutants Glide Flaps have become full fledged wings. Characters
may take off from the ground on their own power and travel their
Stride in any direction, vertically or laterally.

102 mutations
POW ER L E V EL 3 - 1 D6
II Open Wound
25 X P/ 75 X P Requirements: Horns Cost: 150xp
Anyone hit by the characters gore attack takes Bleed damage for 1d4
Horns: Gain a gore attack 1d6+4+Strength and +1 to Intimidate. rounds.
1 Take a -1 to all social encounters courtesy of the mutants beastial,
slightly demonic appearance.
Razorback: Tiny barbs grow along the characters body that act II Buck
as a natural deterrent for foes that get too close. Anyone attempting
2 Requirements: Horns, Strength 6 Cost: 169xp
to grapple the character or anyone who is currently grappling
them takes 1d6 damage every time a grapple roll is invoked. If the mutant succeeds on a gore attack, they can also choose to bull
Extra Heart: The character now has a pair of hearts pumping rush the opponent for free.
blood throughout their body. When reduced to negative hit
3 points, their 2nd heart lets them automatically succeed on a failed
stabilization test. This only works once per day. In addition, they RAZORBACK
can run for twice as long as normal without gaining Fatigue.
Dominant Arm: One of the characters arms has extremely II Rampant Growth
strong bones and highly developed muscles. Grants a plus 1 to Requirements: Razorback Cost: 150xp
Hand-to-Hand combat and plus 2 to lift and carry checks. This
The razor sharp spines on the characters body grow in size, increasing
cannot be applied to a Lesser Appendage mutation.
the damage of Razorback by 1d6. This can be taken multiple times, its
Multiple Personalities: The characters mind has fractured into effects stack. Example: taking this upgrade 3 times would yield 4d6
another distinct personality. Whenever someone attempts to read/ damage. The cost doubles each time.
control their mind or interrogate them, they are overwhelmed by
these personalities. Increase the Strain check by 2 per additional
personality. This can be rolled more than once and its effects stack. EXTRA HEART
Whenever the GM specifies the player must swap personalities.
Black Plume: The characters body has developed glands that II Engorged Heart
produce a very thick black smoke. It takes 1 action to fill a sphere
Requirements: Extra Heart, Toughness 6 Cost: 169xp
with a 1 yard radius, surrounding them with the dark cloud,
causing anyone other than the character within the cloud to take 1 If a character with this mutation would be killed, they can choose
6 point of fatigue for each turn that is spent in the cloud. This also to sacrifice their extra heart and stabilize at 0 health. If the character
imposes a -2 penalty to any attacks taken while within or directed later reacquires the Extra Heart mutation, they must repurchase the
at the cloud, including the characters own attacks. Any cloud Engorged Heart mutation upgrade.
created this way can be nullified or countered by a strong gust of
wind, and can be seen through with infrared vision.

II Double-Jointed
N E M Z U LS NO T E Requirements: Dominant Arm Cost: 150xp
There was a magician, a mundane illusionist (not
The mutants dominant arm has developed an extra set of bones, joints
a Psyker), who used a smoke screen to disappear
and tendons, that fold into the normal shape of their arm, doubling
at the end of her performances. He was quite well
their melee and Hand-to-Hand range.
liked for a number of years, though I cant for the
life of me recall his name. He was caught in Pulse
for attempting to steal military equipment after his
performance for the heads of the city. Needless to say, BLACK PLUME
it didnt end well for him. Normally, they would have
killed him on the spot for attempted theft of military II Flammable
equipment, but one of the Iron Lords had taken a
fancy to him. Instead, hes now her slave, her court Requirements: Black plume Cost: 150xp
jester. Some believe hes used for something..more. The cloud of gas now includes a flammable material. This can explode
if a fire source touches it. This cloud does 2d6 fire damage to anyone
inside the cloud per 5 yards of gas released.

II Smoke Screen
Requirements: Black plume Cost: 150xp
The smoke is more dense and dark, anyone attempting to see through
or into the cloud with infrared is now negated.

mutations 103
II Bio-Plasma
POW ER L E V EL 4 - 1 D6 Requirements: Bioreactor, Toughness 4 Cost: 165xp
4 0X P/ 1 20X P Mutants can release superheated plasma from their bioreactor, igniting
anything the plasma comes in contact with. This is considered a
ballistic attack, has a range of two yards and follows the rules for the
Deadly Spit: The character gains the ability to spit natural toxins Liquid Ammunition weapon trait. If hit, the victim of this attack is set
1 on an enemy. The acid damage is 4d6+Toughness with a range ablaze.
increment of 2.
Monstrosity: The characters mere presence is frightening to
2 others. Gain a bonus to Intimidate checks equal to the number of III Fire Eater
unique mutations the character possess other than Monstrosity. Requirements: Bio-Plasma, Toughness 5 Cost: 232xp
Bioreactor: Bioreactors are a type of chemically active tumor The character can consume usually harmless fire sources, such as from
that can further mutate into several variations. These mutations torches or a fire pit, instead of eating. In addition, if the character is hit
can be utilized to power mechanik devices or even harness other by a non-magical fire based attacks, they may negate a point of damage
energy. If taken, a small bioreactor grows on the characters body and fuel his next Bio-plasma attack with an additional 1d6 to damage.
at a location of their choice. Regardless of location, a bioreactor This effect can be taken multiple times and its effects stack. The cost
provides an extra boost to the hosts immune systems and toxin for this is multiplicative, thus taking this a second time costs 210xp the
resistance, granting them a +1 to resisting harmful potions and third time costs 315xp, etc.
diseases. Additionally, the growth also gives off light equal to an
Ambient light source. All Bioreactor upgrades are located below
this table.
III Pyro-Ascendant
Leathery Skin: The characters skin hardens and is more resistant
Requirements: Bio-Plasma, Toughness 7 Cost: 291xp
4 to damage. When taking damage that reduces their health to below
0, reduce that number by 1. The bio-reactor ignites and engulfs the characters body in flames.
They become attuned to the element of fire becoming immune to it.
Crotaline Pit: The character has developed specially attuned
Additionally the character gains a +5 bonus to all sonic based rolls and
glands near their eyes that can detect thermal radiation. The
5 a -5 penalty to all cold based rolls. The fire engulfing the characters
character can see other living creatures in the dark as if they had
body does not harm anything nor set any fires without using the Bio-
Darksight; this does not apply to any inanimate objects.
Plasma ability. Any fire damage that would normally apply can also be
Flexible Skeleton: The character gains the ability to control and consumed through the use of Fire Eater mutation.
adjust the rigidity of their skeleton, altering their bones from the
hardness of steel to the consistency of molten glass in a matter of
moments. Characters with this mutation can move through small
6 IV Inferno
spaces via Acrobatics(Contortion) and treat the space as if it was
one size larger. When falling, treat the distance as five yards less. Requirements: Pyro-Ascendant Cost: 582xp
Once per day they can negate a broken bone from Critical health. Every time the mutant uses their Bio-plasma attack on an enemy, the
This cannot prevent loss of limbs nor decapitation. flames cause a Firestorm, at the rolls difficulty, that strikes anyone
adjacent to the target. The Firestorm emanates off the target as if it
had Burst 1 every round. The Firestorm last as long as the target is
set ablaze.

II Breath Weapon
Requirements: Deadly Spit Cost: 120xp III Firebolt
The mutants Deadly Spit has fully matured into a terrifying breath Requirements: Bio-Plasma, Agility 4 Cost: 210xp
attack. The damage also increases by 1d6, and they can choose to The character can shoot a small flaming projectile from his reactor
fire at a single target or at all targets in a straight line up to half their that both ignites his foes and deals additional damage.This attack has
ranks in Toughness. This can be purchased more than once, each time a range increment of 3 yards and deals initial damage of 1d6 for each
increasing the damage dealt by 1d6. Every time this is purchased, the time Firebolt is purchased, and then the target it set ablaze. This can
cost to purchase doubles. be taken multiple times, the damage and range stack, and the cost is
cumulative. Thus a fourth rank in Firebolt would deal 4d6 damage up
to 12 yards, and cost 420 experience to purchase it a fifth time.

II Bio-fuel
Requirements: Bioreactor, Willpower 5 Cost: 187xp
I dont envy those with bioreactors. Sure, it would
The characters Bio-Reactor is capable of powering all kinds of be great power a machine or even my own house, but
mechanikal equipment. All that is required of the mutant is to be the cost is too high. For better or for worse, virtually
touching the device and to concentrate on it. The concentration can all people with bioreactors are slaves. Normally sold
vary depending on the amount of power needed, an airship for instance into slavery at a young age, some are savvy enough
will require complete uninterrupted focus, while a small land vehicle to sell themselves into indentured servitude and live
does not. a cushy life. Most arent that lucky.

104 mutations
II Meltdown III Magnetic Field
Requirements: Bioreactor, Willpower 5 Cost: 187xp Requirements: Magnetism Cost: 374xp
For 1 AP each round, the characters bioreactor can emit microwaves The field imposed by Magnetism is increased by 1 additional yard.
over a short distance, cooking any flesh caught in the way within This may be purchased multiple times with a cumulative cost.
seconds. Any organic creature, friend or foe, that is caught within 3
yards of the character takes 3 points of damage bypassing DR. This
damage increases by 3 points for each round spent in this radius. III Electromagnetic Pulse
The character using this ability suffers 1 point of fatigue for Requirements: Magnetism Cost: 374xp
each round it is active. If the mutant is rendered unconscious while
For 1 AP, against a single adjacent target, characters can disrupt
meltdown is active, the bioreactor hemorrhages and explodes. Friend
machines, causing them to cease all function for 1d4 rounds after
and foe alike within 5 yards of the blast are caught in the meltdown
which it resumes normal operation. If used against Drones, an
and must roll either Block or Dodge against the mutants Physical
opposed Physical Resolve check is made. If the Drone fails, they fall
Resolve plus the number of mutations they have. Damage is equal
Unconscious for 1 round.
to the mutants Physical Resolve rating times two. After it explodes,
the bioreactor, and the body part it was attached to, are lost and the
character is now at critical health. If it was the mutants head or torso,
III Barrier
they are killed. Otherwise, see the Critical Health table (page 82).
Requirements: Magnetism Cost: 374xp
The mutants magnetism has fused with magic to make an impressive
II Bio-Spark
physical barrier. This barrier requires 2 AP per turn it is active. It has
Requirements: Bioreactor, Willpower 5 Cost: 187xp a radius of one, shielding all squares adjacent to the character, and can
Characters can shoot bolts of bio-electricity from their bioreactor. endure damage equal to twice the characters health. As the source of
This is considered a ballistic attack. It deals elemental: lightning the barrier, it will move with the character. Anyone within that lacks
damage and does 1d6 damage + Toughness with a range increment the AP to move with the barrier is knocked prone and suffers 1d6
twice the characters Agility in yards. + Toughness in damage and is forcibly moved 1 yard away. When
the barrier is depowered by the character or destroyed it cannot be
reactivated for another 3 turns.
III Chain Lightning
Requirements: Bio-Spark Cost: 374xp
A mutants Bio-Spark attack can now hit an additional target up to 2
yards from the original target. This can be purchased multiple times,
II Thick Scales
each time chaining to another target within 2 yards of the last. No one
target can be hit more than once per attack. Requirements: Leathery Skin Cost: 240xp
The mutants skin develops into very tough, interlocked scales. When
taking damage that reduces their health to below 0, reduce that number
III Conduction by 1 additional point for a total possible reduction of 2.
Requirements: Bio-Spark Cost: 374xp
The character now can channel their Bio-Spark internally and charge
III Exoskeleton
their Hand-to-Hand attacks with bio-spark damage. The effects of
chain lightning can be used in conjunction with this ability. Requirements: Thick Scales Cost: 480xp
Mutants Scales change into a body encompassing exoskeleton. This
exoskeleton is very resistant to bleed effects and negates 1 point of
III Overcharge bleed damage each round.
Requirements: Bio-Spark Cost: 374xp
Each time the mutant takes this talent, the damage of their Bio-Spark C R O TA L I N E P I T
attack increases by 1d6. This can be taken multiple times, its effects
stack but the cost is cumulative. Thus purchasing this a third time, for
a total addition of 3d6 damage, would cost 510xp. II Penetrating Gaze
Requirements: Crotaline Pit Cost: 240xp
The player can now see living creatures up to two yards behind walls
II Magnetism made of any material except stone or concrete.
Requirements: Bioreactor, Willpower 5 Cost: 187xp
Character emits a strong magnetic field, disrupting mechaniks and also
making it difficult to use any kind of tool or weapon within 1 yard.
For 1 AP per round, Magnetism Imposes a -4 penalty to any Craft:
Mechaniks, Craft: Armaments, or combat checks by the character and
adjacent allies and enemies when using tools or weapons.

mutations 105
POW ER L E V EL 5 - 1 D 4 POW ER L E V EL 6 - 1 D 4
20 0X P/60 0X P 4 0 0X P/ 1 20 0X P
Temporal Anomaly: Grow an additional internal organ that can Chest Burster: The characters chest bursts open, and their rib
disrupt time itself for the character alone. If they are attacked by cage becomes a secondary mouth. Characters may devour any
an enemy, the character can attempt to return to their position creature thats perished within the last hour for 4 AP and regain
at the beginning of their last turn. This is a reaction determined 1 half their missing health. The creature must be the characters
by Physical Resolve versus the attack roll. Failure means the size category or smaller. Consuming a creature that has been
character is attacked normally. Note that if this would take the dead longer than an hour will satisfy hunger, but will not heal the
character back to the same spot they currently occupy, they will character.
still be struck by the attack as normal. Howler: The character grows additional, reinforced larynxes that
Secondary Arms: Characters develop an additional arm over can produce a deafening sound and the additional, eerie effect of
1d8 days. Assume that they have made armor modifications to speaking with two voices simultaneously. Additionally, characters
accommodate the extra limb. In combat, this third arm can be 2 can spend 2 AP to give stun 2 to all characters and creatures in
used only for secondary attacks and may be used to attack with a a 3 yard line for one round. Make a Physical Resolve check to
weapon for one action after the character has attacked with their attack. This can only affect an enemy once per round. This cannot
normal arm. Mutations that affect the arms, can also be applied be Blocked.
to these additional limbs. This mutation only counts once for any Regeneration: The character has undergone incredible alterations
talent or ability that relies on mutations. and is able to regenerate lost limbs or other body parts. Any lost
Infused: Magical energies can occasionally spike in areas for no limb takes 2d4 days to fully regenerate unless it is surgically
known reason. These events are typically lethal, but those that reattached, then it takes 2d6 hours. The duration of all bleed
live through it are forever changed. Their bodies acquire a faint, effects is halved. If a prosthetic is implanted, the limb will not
unnatural aura, their hair usually falls out, and their eyes glow grow until it is removed.
with mysterious energies. Gain +2 to all Arkna checks. This does Inhuman: Summon the powers of nature. Calls environmental
not stack. hazards centered on the player in a radius of 5 yards for 4 AP. The
Mimic: With the exception of Drones, the character is able to summoning player is immune to their own summoned hazard for
alter their physiology to mimic that of the other races. If a Drone the duration. This does not move with the player. The player rolls
were to gain this mutation, its abilities only apply to locations on their Physical Resolve to determine the Difficulty of the hazard
their body where flesh has been grafted. To effectively use this and the hazard lasts for half their Willpower. This can only be
mutation, a character must make a Disguise check but may ignore used once per day. Roll a 1d10 to determine the type of hazard.
4 the skills Note cost. If successful, the time required to generate
the disguise takes 1 minute regardless of its complexity. A
1 Acid Rain
character may also increase or decrease their size by 1 from their
base size. If successful, the effects of Mimic last for 10 minutes 2 Arknik Radiation
or 10 rounds of combat, whichever comes first. It is important to 4
3 Ash Storm
note that, when Mimic is used, their clothing remains unaltered.
4 Blizzard
5 Firestorm
6 Earthquake
II Vocal Inflection 7 Gale
Requirements: Mimic Cost: 1200xp 8 Lava
A character may reroll any failed Deceit: Bluff checks while using 9 Ultraviolet Lightning Storm
Mimic. 10 Players Choice

III Sociolinguistics
Requirements: Vocal Inflection Cost: 2400xp
Any penalties gained from failed Deceit checks when interacting with
II Hunger
an individual or a group are removed while using Mimic.
Requirements: Chest Burster Cost: 1200xp
The mutants lust to feed has become overpowering and they must
II The Show Must Go On devour a being of at least small size everyday or suffer 1d6 fatigue
Requirements: Mimic Cost: 1200xp each day (in addition to the starved condition if the character does not
The character is able to use Mimic and its related mutations for an eat at all), which is cumulative. On day two, the player will roll 2d6,
additional 10 minutes or 10 rounds of combat, whichever comes first. 3d6 on day three, and so forth. Gain the ability to eat living things after
This talent may be taken multiple times to increase Mimics duration three consecutive successful grapple checks.
up to a maximum of 60 minutes or 60 rounds of combat.

106 mutations
II Restore II Sustained Howl
Requirements: Chest Burster Cost: 2400xp Requirements: Howler Cost: 1200xp
Eating a creature of at least small size through the characters chest Characters can now carry on the howl for greater periods of time.
cavity removes up to 6 fatigue and any Banes currently ailing the Doing so costs 5 AP and also afflicts victims with 1d6 fatigue should
character. they fail to react.

II Tongue Lash
III Oscillation
Requirements: Chest Burster Cost: 2400xp
Requirements: Sustained Howl Cost: 2400xp
A powerful whip-like tongue grows out of the mouth in the mutants
The mutants Sustained Howl can mow damage objects struck by it.
chest. This tongue can be used to attack and grapple opponents
For every round spent focusing their howl on an object, it causes the
2 yards away. Melee and grapple attacks deal 6d6 + Toughness
object to break depending on its size. A medium object requires 4
damage. Mutants are also capable of grappling with this chest tongue
rounds of continuous screaming. Smaller objects require 1 less round
independent of their arms, allowing them to grapple two opponents
per size category, to a minimum of 1, while larger objects require 1
more round per size category.

II Vomit
Requirements: Chest Burster Cost: 2400xp R E G E N E R AT I O N

Mutants gain a secondary digestive system that they can vomit up a

II Health Recovery
powerful acid contained within the secondary stomach. The range of
this acid attack is equal to half the Toughness in yards, and the damage Requirements: Regeneration Cost: 4800xp
is 6d6+Toughness. This is a considered a ballistic attack. For 1 AP, the character may recover health equal to their Toughness.
This may be purchased multiple times for the same cost. The AP
requirement stays at 1.

II Amplified Larynx II Fatigue Recovery

Requirements: Howler Cost: 2400xp Requirements: Regeneration Cost: 2400xp
Once per combat, for 4 AP, a mutants scream may inflict stun 2 on all For 1 AP, the character may reduce their total fatigue equal to their
characters and creatures within a 3-yard spray in front of them for 3 Toughness. This may be purchased multiple times for the same cost.
rounds. The AP cost stays at 1.

III Pressure Wave

Requirements: Amplified larynx Cost: 4800xp N E M Z U LS NO T E
Mutants scream attacks now also push back any unsecured object Howlers make great vocalist and public speakers.
or creatures in the area similar to a bull rush but using the mutants The octaves they reach are unsurprisingly inhuman.
Howler attack. This only works on objects or creatures equal to or less Someone that has mastered being a Howler and
than the mutants size. can keep their voice steady and quiet enough to
not destroy things or hurt people around them can
become announcers, court criers, or even operatic
III Power Wave singers.
Requirements: Amplified larynx Cost: 4800xp
Once per combat, for 4 AP, a mutants scream may inflict stun 2 on all
characters and creatures within a 6-yard spray in front of them for 3

III Ravings of a Madman

Requirements: Amplified larynx Cost: 4800xp
The mutants additional larynxes now scream in unknowable dialects,
driving their victims mad and causing them to scream in tongues not
known. Victims must also succeed on a Mental Resolve check against
the Howler or suffer 3 Insanity.

mutations 107
General Talents
I Combat Medic Fortitude
Requirements: Agility 4, Medicine 4 Cost: 70xp Through rigorous exercise, the character has toned their body to
overcome exhaustion. Each rank in this talent grants a +1 bonus to
Medicine (or Craft: Mechaniks, if the character is a Drone) checks
resist falling unconscious from fatigue.
during combat require only 1 AP.
I Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp
II Requirements: Toughness 4, Fortitude 1 Cost: 72xp
III Requirements: Toughness 5, Fortitude 2 Cost: 139xp
Their experiences throughout Feneryss have inured the character to
unsettling events. Gain a +1 bonus per rank to resist fear checks.
IV Requirements: Toughness 6, Fortitude 3 Cost: 233xp

I Requirements: Willpower 3 Cost: 27xp

V Requirements: Toughness 7, Fortitude 4 Cost: 359xp

II Requirements: Courageous 1 Cost: 54xp

I Hidden Psyche
III Requirements: Courageous 2 Cost: 108xp
Requirements: Willpower 3, Resolve 4 Cost: 62xp
IV Requirements: Courageous 3 Cost: 216xp
The character has learned to reduce the mental pulse they emit, thus
V Requirements: Courageous 4 Cost: 432xp making it more difficult for a Psykic to read their minds or discern their
location. The Strain for a Psykic to read the mind of this character or
discern the characters location increases by 1.
I Disease Resistance
Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp I Low Light Vision

Add +1 to resist disease checks Requirements: Perception 4 Cost: 45xp

The Races of Feneryss eventually refine their eyesight and become
better adept to spotting things in the shadowy corridors. See
Endurance Illumination (page 87).
Each rank of this talent increases the Toughness multiplier for health
by .5 (i.e. Endurance Rank 1 increases the Toughness multiplier to 2.5; I Numb Senses
Rank 2 increases the multiplier to 3, etc.). Requirements: Toughness 4 Cost: 45xp
I Requirements: Toughness 1 Cost: 4xp The character has mastered a method of combat meditation that allows
II Requirements: Endurance 1 Cost: 8xp them to ignore their bodys exhaustion. This talent reduces fatigue to
0. The character gains 1 point of insanity for every point of fatigue
III Requirements: Endurance 2 Cost: 16xp
eliminated by this talent. This can only be used once per day.
IV Requirements: Endurance 3 Cost: 32xp
V Requirements: Endurance 4 Cost: 64xp Ready for Battle
VI Requirements: Endurance 5 Cost: 128xp The character has a knack for predicting combat. They gain a +1 bonus
to their Initiative rolls for each rank of this talent.
VII Requirements: Endurance 6 Cost: 256xp
I Requirements: Agility 3, Perception 3 Cost: 54xp
VIII Requirements: Endurance 7 Cost: 512xp
II Requirements: Agility 5, Perception 5 Cost: 189xp
IX Requirements: Endurance 8 Cost: 1024xp
III Requirements: Agility 7, Perception 7 Cost: 441xp
X Requirements: Endurance 9 Cost: 2048xp
I Engineer The character gains a +1 bonus to stabilization checks for each rank
of this talent.
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Craft: (Any) 4 Cost: 92xp
I Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp
An engineer often hails from a Lanitian university dedicated to their
trade (Alchemy, Armaments, or Mechaniks). When working in their II Requirements: Toughness 4, Resilient 1 Cost: 72xp
ideal environment, they tend to be expedient workers. Engineers III Requirements: Toughness 5, Resilient 2 Cost: 139xp
may reduce the UC for crafting by 2 instead of 1 per additional hour
IV Requirements: Toughness 6, Resilient 3 Cost: 233xp
invested. They still cannot reduce the UC by more than half. This may
taken multiple times, each time applying to a different Craft skill. V Requirements: Toughness 7, Resilient 4 Cost: 359xp

108 General Talents

I Shorthand I Uppers
Requirements: Intelligence 3 or Perception 3 Cost: 27xp Requirements: Alchemy 3 Cost: 15xp
The character may create a document (blueprint, schematic or recipe) When creating a potion with the Craft: Alchemy skill comprised
that reduces the crafting difficulty by 1, to a minimum of 1 for a single entirely of Boons, the creator may opt to create an Upper. If the potion
design or potion. They may only utilize a single document per item is successfully created, all its effects are doubled for its standard
crafted. Because each kind of shorthand is unique to its creator, other duration. When the potions effects subside, the target is afflicted with
craftsman cannot utilize documents that they did not make. the Banes of every Boon successfully implemented in the potion. The
duration of these effects is equal to the potions duration. The Banes
Specialized Training are at their normal Strength.

Characters can take ranks in specialized training to further enhance

their skills. This talent grants a +1 bonus to the results of any combat
or non-combat skill. The player must specify which skill this applies
to each time they purchase this talent. A player may not exceed a +5
bonus to any single skill by using this talent and cannot apply this to
the Arkna skill.
Combat Skills 10xp 20xp 40xp 80xp 160xp
Non-Combat Skills 7xp 14xp 28xp 56xp 112xp

Combat Talents
I Ambidexterity I Brothers in Arms
Requirements: Agility 3, Melee/Ballistic / Hand- Cost: 27xp Requirements: Block 3 Cost: 21xp
to-Hand 2 Once per round and as a reaction, the character can hunker down with
Through rigorous life training the character has adapted to using an adjacent ally bearing a shield to take cover from area of effect
multiple weapons simultaneously. Reduce penalties for off-hand and ranged attacks. This grants a +2 bonus to their damage reduction
attacks by 2. against AoE and ranged attacks if only one player possesses the talent;
the bonus is doubled if both players possess this talent. In order to use
this talent, the character must have a shield equipped.

II Dual Weapon Adept

Requirements: Ambidexterity, Agility 5, Ballistic Cost: 93xp I Can I Have That?
/ Hand-to-Hand / Melee 5 Requirements: Willpower 5, Diplomacy 3 Cost: 82xp
Completely remove penalties for secondary attacks. Instead of forcibly removing an enemys weapon, the character can
ask for it. For 2 AP, they may opt to roll an opposed Diplomacy check
to disarm their target. The target gets a bonus to this test equal to their
Willpower, and must be adjacent to the character. On a successful
I Bodyguard
disarm, the target hands over one weapon.
Requirements: None Cost: 5xp
Once per round, the character may Block for an adjacent ally, taking
any damage in their stead. This replaces the allys reaction and must be I Fancy Footwork
declared before the enemy attack is rolled. In order to use this talent, Requirements: Agility 4 Cost: 45xp
the character must have a shield equipped.
If an opponent fails to trip the character, they are instead tripped.

II Guardian I Fortify
Requirements: Bodyguard, Agility 3, Toughness 4 Cost: 77xp Requirements: Toughness 4 Cost: 45xp
The character may now move up to 1 yard when using Bodyguard. Removes the penalty of Blocking with both a shield and a weapon.

Combat Talents 109

Ii Entrench I Iron Curtain
Requirements: Fortify, Toughness 6 Cost: 139xp Requirements: Toughness 4 Cost: 45xp
The character gains a +1 bonus to Block while using both a shield and The character possesses a formidable presence on the battlefield.
a weapon. Whenever an opponent ends their turn while occupying the same
square as the character, they opponent is knocked prone. If an opponent
moves into the characters square, they lose their remaining Stride and
I Human Shield can only move out of the square if they use another move action.

Requirements: Agility 4, Hand-to-Hand 5 Cost: 97xp

I Mental Static
If the character is attacked by a third party while engaged in a Grapple,
they may flip the grappled foe over to absorb the incoming attack. Requirements: Willpower 4, Resolve 5, No ranks in Psy Cost: 97xp
This is a grapple check opposed by the potential Human shield. If The character has spent a great many hours honing their minds
successful, the grappled foe is rolled over and takes the damage from defenses. Because of this, the strain of all Psykic attacks targeting the
the attack in the characters stead. They do not get to make a reaction, character suffer an additional 2 strain.
but any damage reduction they possess applies normally. This is a
reaction and may only be performed once per round.
II Mind Void
Requirements: Mental Static, Willpower 5, Resolve 7 Cost: 262xp
I Ill Take That Any Psykic targeting the character increases their strain by 3.
Requirements: Agility 3, Melee/Hand-to-Hand 3 Cost: 48xp
Before attempting a disarm, the player may declare use of this talent. I Mess with the Bull
Upon a successful disarm, the character takes possession of the targeted Requirements: Strength 3 Cost: 27xp
weapon. They must be adjacent to the target for this to be valid.
On a successful bull rush, deal damage equal to 1d6 + Strength

II Keep Away II Get the Horns

Requirements: Ill Take That Cost: 96xp Requirements: Mess with the Bull, Strength 5 Cost: 94xp
If the character successfully disarms an opponent using Ill Take Damage from a successful bull rush increases by 1d6.
That they can immediately spend 2 AP to throw the weapon at an
enemy of their choosing.
I Muscle
Requirements: Strength 3, Melee/Hand-to-Hand 3 Cost: 48xp
I Immovable The character now adds their Strength, instead of Agility, to disarm
checks with Melee or Hand-to-Hand strikes.
Requirements: Strength 4, Willpower 3 Cost: 72xp
If a character is successfully bull rushed, or would otherwise be
forcibly moved, they may reroll the check, keeping the second result. I No Leg To Stand On
Requirements: Melee or Hand-to-Hand 4 Cost: 35xp
When the character trips an opponent, they break the targets leg with
Insane Combatant a simple fracture. The targets AP and Stride are reduced by 1 until the
As the characters insanity increases, they gain bonuses to various injury is healed. The Medicine check UC is 10.
combat traits. They retain the bonuses of all previous ranks.
Requirements: Willpower 3, 5 or more Cost: 27xp I Not This Time
points of Insanity Requirements: Agility 4 Cost: 45xp
For every 5 points of insanity, the character can move 1 additional yard If an opponent fails to disarm the character by a difference of 5 or
per Stride. greater, they are instead disarmed.
II Requirements: Willpower 4 Cost: 72xp
For every 10 points of insanity, gain a +2 bonus to attack checks. I Rapid Deployment
III Requirements: Willpower 5 Cost: 139xp Requirements: Command 3 Cost: 15xp
For every 15 points of insanity, gain a +3 bonus to damage rolls. The character may Command one ally to move up to twice their Stride
IV Requirements: Willpower 6 Cost: 233xp for their first move action in combat.

For every 20 points of insanity, gain +8 bonus to their max health.

II Blitzkrieg
V Requirements: Willpower 7 Cost: 359xp
Requirements: Rapid Deployment, Perception 5, Cost: 135xp
For every 25 points of insanity, gain a +5 bonus to Intimidate checks.
Command 6
VI Requirements: Willpower 8 Cost: 521xp
The character may Command all allies to move up to twice their Stride
For every 30 points of insanity, gain a +6 bonus to DR. for their first move action in combat

110 Combat Talents

I Shield Strike M EL EE TA L EN TS
Requirements: Strength 5 Cost: 45xp
When attacking with a shield, apply twice the damage rolled.
I Armor Breaker
Requirements: Perception 4, Melee 3 Cost: 66xp
I Shoot em While Theyre Down
During the characters first attack against an opponent, if successful,
Requirements: Agility 3, Ballistics 2, Melee / Cost: 48xp
the character strikes at the weak points in their defenses, bypassing
Hand-to-Hand 2
half of their armor for 1d4 rounds. This benefit does not apply to allies.
If the character successfully trips an opponent, the character can make
a single ballistic attack for no additional AP against the same opponent.
Cannot be used in tandem with Sticky Situation. I Blood Feud
Requirements: Strength 4, Toughness 3 Cost: 94xp
I Sticky Situation At the beginning of combat, characters may choose to sacrifice their
Requirements: Agility 3, Melee / Hand-to-Hand 4 Cost: 62xp maximum health equal to their Toughness and gain that same amount
as a damage bonus for successful attacks. The character cannot regain
If the character successfully trips someone, they may stick an this sacrificed health until the end of combat.
alchemical vial to them. The vial shatters when they hit the ground
and the target is subject to the potions effects. The vial must have
the Sticky property. Cannot be used in tandem with Shoot em While I Boiling Rage
Theyre Down.
Requirements: Strength 3, Melee/Hand-to-Hand 3 Cost: 48xp
For every missed melee attack, the character gains a +1 bonus to their
I Sweep next attack up to a max of +5. Once an attack is successful, this bonus
Requirements: Melee / Hand-to-Hand 4 Cost: 35xp is removed.
For 4 AP, a character may attempt to trip all adjacent opponents.
I Bouncing Strike
I Swift Foot Requirements: Strength 3, Melee 4 Cost: 62xp
Requirements: Agility 5 Cost: 67xp For 3 AP, characters may attempt a normal melee attack. If the attack
The character gains a +1 bonus to Initiative rolls and their Stride. succeeds, the character may make a second attack against another
opponent within their melee range with a -2 penalty. If they miss on
the first attack, Bouncing Strike fails.
I Taunt
Requirements: Intimidate 2 Cost: 7xp
II Rebounding Strike
Successful Intimidate checks in combat force the target to attack the
taunting character until one of them is dead or unconscious. Requirements: Bouncing Strike, Strength 5, Melee 7 Cost: 227xp
For 3 AP, characters may attempt a normal melee attack. If the attack
succeeds, the character may make additional attacks against two other
II Combat Troll opponents within their melee range with a -2 and -4 penalty. If they
Requirements: Taunt, Intimidate 3 Cost: 22xp miss on the first attack, Bouncing Strike fails. Missing the second
The character may now taunt up to 3 targets. If more than three foes are attack means the third fails.
present, this affects the nearest enemies first.
I Cut Through
III Glutton for Punishment Requirements: Strength 5, Melee /Hand-to-Hand 4 Cost: 102xp
Requirements: Combat Troll, Intimidate 6 Cost: 74xp Whenever the character deals enough damage to kill an enemy, they
The character may now taunt all opponents within their line of sight. may make 1 additional attack on an adjacent foe for 1 AP.
Special: If the character also has the Menacing ability, they may opt to
make the movement granted by that talent before using the additional
I Wild Visage
attack granted by this talent.
Requirements: Toughness 4 Cost: 45xp
A feral appearance grants the character a +2 bonus to Intimidate
checks. I Defensive Duelist
Requirements: Block 4, Melee 3 Cost: 56xp
I Wrecking Ball Choose either one handed or two handed melee weapons at purchase
of this talent. When wielding this type of weapon, earn a +1 bonus to
Requirements: Agility 4, Willpower 3 Cost: 72xp Block checks. this talent can be taken for each choice, but only gain
Even when they fail a bull rush, the characters target is moved 1 yard, this bonus from one weapon at a time. This bonus does not stack with
unless they possess the Immovable talent. itself when wielding two weapons.

Combat Talents 111

II Master Defensive Duelist I Menacing
Requirements: Defensive Duelist, Block 5, Melee 4 Cost: 143xp Requirements: Agility 4, Melee / Hand-to-Hand 4 Cost: 80xp
Bonus from Defensive Duelist is now +2 to Block. Can only earn this When the character deals enough damage to kill an enemy, they may
bonus from one melee weapon type at a time. this talent can be taken move up to half their Agility bonus, rounded down, as a free action.
for each choice, but only gain this bonus from one weapon at a time. It Special: This bonus movement can be used in conjunction with Cut
does not stack with Defensive Duelist. Through to move and attack a foe or attack a foe and then move.

III Dancing Defense I Parry

Requirements: Master Defensive Duelist, Block 7, Cost: 314xp Requirements: Melee 5 Cost: 52xp
Melee 6
If the character successfully Blocks with only a melee weapon (single-
The bonuses gained from Defensive Duelist and Master Defensive or dual-wielding), they may make a counter-attack as a free action.
Duelist can now be applied while dual wielding. This may only occur once per turn. This is a basic attack with one
weapon and cannot be combined with other attack talents, such as
I Feral Roar Unrelenting Attack or Cut-Through.
Requirements: Toughness 3 Cost: 27xp
The character can unleash an inHuman shout that grants them and all of II Riposte
their allies within 25 yards a +1 bonus to charge and bull rush actions. Requirements: Parry, Melee 7 Cost: 150xp
The character may now use Parry once against each enemy, each turn.
Fierce Charge
Requirements: Strength 3, Melee / Hand- Cost: 62xp I Performing Sweeps
to-Hand 4
Requirements: Melee 3, Perform 4 Cost: 77xp
The first attack after a charge deals an additional +1d6 damage, but
Characters can attempt to disarm enemies with a melee attack. This
the character suffers a -1 penalty in addition to the standard charge
works as a normal disarm action but upon success, the enemy is also
penalties on all Reactions until their next turn. Cut Through and
confused for 1d4 rounds. This takes 2 AP and can only be applied to an
Menacing may not be used in conjunction with Fierce Charge.
enemy once per combat.
Requirements: Fierce Charge, Strength Cost: 182xp
5, Melee / Hand-to-Hand 5
I Shifting Stance
+2d6 damage, -2 to Reactions.
Requirements: Agility 3 Cost: 27xp
Requirements: Brutal charge, Strength 6, Cost: 374xp
III Characters can use Agility instead of Strength for Melee Attack rolls
Melee / Hand-to-Hand 7
or Strength instead of Agility for Hand-to-Hand Attack rolls. Only one
+3d6 damage, -3 to Reactions. may be chosen. This talent may be taken twice in order to do both.

I Foot Stomp I Swift Charge

Requirements: Agility 4, Melee 3 Cost: 66xp Requirements: Agility 3, Athletics 2 Cost: 34xp
Once per combat, for 2 AP, a character may make a melee attack to Through rigorous training or labor, the character has become a speedy
reduce their targets movement by half for 2d4 rounds. sprinter capable of rushing into battle much faster than others. They
can move an additional yard while charging.
I Gladiator
Requirements: Strength 3, Charisma 3 Cost: 54xp II Zealous Charge

When Overwhelmed in melee combat, add half of the characters Requirements: Swift Charge, Agility 4, Athletics 3 Cost: 94xp
Charisma as a bonus to their Melee and Hand-to-Hand attack rolls. The character can move an additional 2 yards while charging. This
replaces Swift Charge and does not stack with it.
I Heavy Hitter
Requirements: Strength 4, Melee 4 Cost: 80xp III Lightning Charge

At the cost of 1 fatigue per round, the character may wield a two- Requirements: Zealous Charge, Agility 5, Athletics 4 Cost: 186xp
handed weapon in each hand. The character can move an additional 4 yards while charging. This
replaces Zealous Charge and does not stack with it.
I Improved Attack
Requirements: Strength 3, Hand-to-Hand 3 Cost: 48xp I Unrelenting Attack

Increase the damage of one of the characters natural attacks by 1d6 Requirements: Toughness 3, Melee 3 Cost: 48xp
(Fists, Horns, Bite, etc.), which must be specified upon purchase. For each of the characters attacks that are Blocked by a single
This can be taken multiple times, with the cost doubling with each opponent, gain +1 to all subsequent attack and damage rolls, up to a
additional purchase (e.g. Improved Attack 2 costs 38xp, Improved maximum of +5 against them. This bonus is removed if the character
Attack 3 costs 76xp, etc). switches targets or make a successful attack roll.

112 Combat Talents

I Unstoppable III Requirements: Perception 4, Ballistic 4 Cost: 190xp
Requirements: Toughness 5 Cost: 67xp Reduce the penalty of firing ballistic weapons while blinded by 1,
When the character is reduced to below 0 health, they must make bringing the total penalty to a -7 while blind.
stabilization checks, but may perform actions normally. If they are IV Requirements: Perception 4, Ballistic 5 Cost: 287xp
reduced to -25 health, the character is still decapitated.
Reduce the penalty of firing ballistic weapons while blinded by 1,
Whirling Dervish bringing the total penalty to a -6 while blind.

I Requirements: Toughness 3, Melee 4 Cost: 62xp V Requirements: Perception 5, Ballistic 5 Cost: 407xp

For 3 AP, characters can make a spinning attack, striking all targets Reduce the penalty of firing ballistic weapons while blinded by 1,
within their melee range, gaining all bonuses and penalties of an All- bringing the total penalty to a -5 while blind.
Out-Attack (See Combat, page 78).
I Dazzling Disarm
II Requirements: Toughness 6, Melee 8 Cost: 282xp
Requirements: Ballistics 3, Perform 4 Cost: 46xp
For 5 AP, characters may perform two Whirling Dervishes in a row.
Characters can attempt to disarm enemies with a ranged attack. This
Wind Scythe works as a normal disarm action but upon success, the enemy is also
I Requirements: Strength 3, Melee 3 Cost: 48xp confused for 1d4 rounds. This takes 2 AP and can only be applied to an
enemy once per combat.
The characters incredible melee weapon skills are such that they can
project a blade of wind as if it were a ranged attack. For 2 AP, they may I Dual Arrows
make a basic attack at a -4 penalty, but gain a range increment equal to
their Strength + Melee. Requirements: Agility 3, Ballistic 4 Cost: 62xp
II Requirements: Strength 4, Melee 4 Cost: 128xp For 3 AP, characters may now fire 2 arrows at once from a two handed
ranged weapon, such as a bow or crossbow, causing double damage
The penalty is reduced to -3. and not changing the reload time of the weapon.
III Requirements: Strength 5, Melee 5 Cost: 248xp
The penalty is reduced to -2. I Eagle Shot
IV Requirements: Strength 6, Melee 6 Cost: 416xp Requirements: Perception 4, Ballistic 3 Cost: 66xp
The penalty is reduced to -1. Characters can make a ballistic attack roll to reduce their movement by
half for 2d4 rounds. This takes 2 AP and can only apply to an opponent
V Requirements: Strength 7, Melee 7 Cost: 640xp once per combat.
The penalty is eliminated completely.
I Hail of Bullets
Wind Up
Requirements: Perception 5, Ballistic 4 Cost: 102xp
Spend a number of actions points to increase the characters chance to
hit a target. Regardless of success or failure, this resets after the next A character can make a Ballistic check against a number of enemies
melee attack. equal to their Ballistic skill. Enemies react normally to this attack. If
the attack is successful, it does not deal damage, but instead applies a
I Requirements: Agility 3, Melee 3 Cost: 48xp -2 penalty to Mental Resolve checks for 1d4 rounds. This requires 3
Max of +2. AP and expends 1 round of ammunition for each enemy targeted. This
may only be used on an enemy once per combat.
II Requirements: Agility 4, Melee 4 Cost: 128xp
Max of +3, reset on first hit. I Huntsman
III Requirements: Agility 5, Melee 5 Cost: 230xp Requirements: Perception 4, Command 3 Cost: 60xp
Max of +4, reset on second hit. Characters signal to their allies to target a non-Humanoid creature.
Any attacks made against the target gain 1d6 damage for the remainder
of combat. This only applies to one creature per combat.

B A L L IS T IC TA L EN TS I Lucky Shot
Requirements: Agility 4, Ballistic 3 Cost: 66xp
Blindfire Characters may only attack once this turn in order to use this talent.
The character can reduce the penalties of firing their gun while blinded. They gain a +4 bonus to hit on their shot and a +1d6 bonus damage.
This does not negate any other penalty of being blind.
I Missed
I Requirements: Perception 3, Ballistic 3 Cost: 48xp
Requirements: Ballistic 3 Cost: 21xp
Reduce the penalty of firing ballistic weapons while blinded by 1,
bringing the total penalty to a -9 while blind. If a shot misses an opponent because they successfully Dodge, the shot
continues on in a straight line and hits another target if one is directly
II Requirements: Perception 3, Ballistic 4 Cost: 110xp
behind the original target. The second target has the opportunity to
Reduce the penalty of firing ballistic weapons while blinded by 1, Block or Dodge the original attack roll. This only affects the primary
bringing the total penalty to a -8 while blind. and secondary targets and cannot be used with Piercing Shot.

Combat Talents 113

I Piercing Shot II Dead-Eye
Requirements: Perception 4, Ballistic 4 Cost: 80xp Requirements: Speed Shooter Cost: 134xp
The characters bullets can pass through an enemy and hit someone Increases the range of Speed Shooter by an additional 5 yards.
directly behind them. This requires the bullet to do damage to the
enemy. The second enemy rolls their reaction against the original
attack roll. Only affects the primary and secondary target.
III Not Just a Staff
Requirements: Dead-Eye Cost: 268xp
I Planned Execution
Expands the abilities of Speed Shooter to allow two-handed ballistic
Requirements: Perception 3, Ballistic 3 Cost: 48xp weapons (excluding the long and short bows).
If the character takes 5 actions to prepare a shot from further than one
range increment, their next attack negates the targets ability to Dodge
that attack. Only basic attacks may be used with this talent and Spray
weapons cannot be used. II We Got Ourselves A Cowboy
Requirements: Speed Shooter Cost: 134xp
Precise Shot Expands the abilities of Speed Shooter to allow two one-handed
ballistic weapons.
Reduce the penalty of shooting into melee by 1 per rank.
I Requirements: Agility 4, Perception 3 Cost: 72xp
II Requirements: Agility 5, Perception 3 Cost: 166xp
I Superheated Shot
III Requirements: Agility 5, Perception 4 Cost: 278xp
Requirements: Toughness 3, Ballistic 3 Cost: 48xp
IV Requirements: Agility 6, Perception 4 Cost: 417xp
There is far more powder than normal in the characters next shot
which causes the round to ignite, dealing an extra 2d6 damage as fire.
Rapid Reload This heats up the characters barrel and imposing 1 fatigue point.

Reduce reload time for all ballistic weapons by one action per rank in
this talent. (Cannot be reduced to less than 1 action)
I Requirements: Agility 3, Ballistic 2 Cost: 37xp I Survivalist
II Requirements: Agility 4, Ballistic 3 Cost: 103xp Requirements: Ballistic 3, Survival 2 Cost: 28xp
III Requirements: Agility 5, Ballistic 4 Cost: 205xp Whenever things look grim, the character gains a bonus to their
Ballistic attacks. When they are below half of their max health, gain
+2 to ballistic attacks.
I Ricochet
Requirements: Perception 4, Ballistic 3 Cost: 66xp
The character can attack an enemy that is out of sight by bouncing a I These Are My Guns
bullet off a surface. This attack suffers a -3 penalty. Requirements: Ballistic 3, Perform 3 Cost: 36xp
At the start of combat, the character draws their weapons in a stylized
II Ricochet Wanted fashion and impose an intimidate check to any opponents within 5
yards. If the character wishes, they can use their perform skill in place
Requirements: Ricochet, Perception 5, Ballistic 4 Cost: 168xp of intimidate. The strongest fear effect possible is Flee. This action
The character can now attack an enemy that is out of sight by bouncing replaces the characters draw action and cannot be aided.
a bullet off up to two surfaces at a -2 penalty per surface.

I Recoil With It I Trip Volley

Requirements: Ballistic 3 Cost: 21xp Requirements: Perception 3, Ballistics 3 Cost: 48xp
After firing a non-mounted gun, the character can move 1 square in the The characters ranged attacks can be used to attempt to trip an
opposite direction of the shot for a free action. opponent. This attack, like other trips, foregoes damage and requires
2 actions.

I Speed Shooter
Requirements: Agility 5 Cost: 61xp
I Warning Shot
This preemptive attack allows a character to make a single surprise
attack with a one-handed ballistic or thrown weapon while in plain Requirements: Ballistic 2, Intimidate 2 Cost: 18xp
sight of an opponent. This action takes place before combat starts, For 3 AP, the character gains their rank in Ballistic Skill as a bonus to
cannot take place once combat has begun and must take place within an Intimidate check taken immediately after the shot. The strongest
5 yards of the target. fear effect possible is Flee. This ability cannot be aided by another.

Combat Talents 115

The practice of the arkne arts is an ancient one, shrouded with mystery RESISTING AND REACTING
and legend. Some believe it to be a deity all its own, but the common Harmful spells that affect player attributes (Stats and Skills) such as
understanding is that Arkna is a natural force born from the Reckoning. Curses are resisted by a Mental Resolve check. Spells that deal direct
Magic is an ineffable truth, a rule of the universe just as much as gravity damage, such as a fireball or lightning, can be Dodged or Blocked.
or the pythagorean theorem, and exists within every sentient creature.
Any intelligent creature able to bridge the gap between their own magical OVERCASTING AND OVERCAST POINTS
energy and that of the universe around them could potentially cast a spell. Overcasting occurs when a caster attempts to use an arkne spell
Even those that have that potential may never manipulate magical energy which has a higher Spell Power than their maximum SP and simulates the
to cast a spell, but may still be able to channel it for other purposes. overexertion on the caster. This is a very draining practice, and commonly
Feneryans who use magic are called casters or arknists. produces physical results such as sudden feelings of hunger or weariness,
Every being that can use magical abilities manifests them in their own even if the character had just eaten a full meal or slept the whole night.
specific flare. One persons fire spell, for instance, will have a slightly Overcast Points (OP) are earned two ways: first, 1 OP is earned by failing
different color/shape/size than anothers. Sometimes these manifest as to cast a spell; second, Arknists earn 1 OP per 1 SP beyond their ranks
an animal or a unique visual effect. A Necromancer may find his curses in the relevant Arkna school. Using the example given in Spellpower,
looking like chains, hindering the opponents. Or a Primaltheurgist that a rank 2 primalist could cast a spell that causes 1 condition and deals
summons a wall of ice may have it appear as a wall of frozen shields. 1d6 +Intelligence in damage at the cost of 1 OP. The Overcast Limit
Usually the magics of one person have a similar theme or connection is twice their Willpower; this means the potency of the spell can be
of some sort. It should also be noted that some casters manifest spells dramatically increased, providing significantly greater risk and reward.
differently as well. One may cast spells and they always seem to manifest For every point past a casters Overcast Limit, they incur a persistent -1
from their palms, or another that may always seem to make their spells rank penalty to their Strength, Toughness, and Agility stats, to a minimum
fall from above or appear below their target. of 1, representing muscles atrophying from drawing too much energy
from the characters own body to power their spells. Overcast Points
Casting (Talent) naturally dissipate at a rate of one per hour. Eight hours of uninterrupted
rest will restore 1 point in atrophied stats and all overcast points.
Gain the ability to use a school of magic. May be taken multiple
times for different Schools. Ranks for each school must be purchased
separately. The available schools are as follows: RANGE
Primaltheurgy: Primalists wield the elements destructive force for Spells can be cast at a distance equal to 5 + (Intelligence * Range
their own designs. Multiplier); This multiplier by default is 1. This means an arknist with
Necromancy: Necromancers are renowned for their reanimated 2 Ranks in Intelligence may cast spells up to 7 yards away (5 + (2*1) =
companions, known as Stitches, and the ability to cast curses. 7). Of course, this can be amplified; For one SP the caster could up the
multiplier by 1; following the previous example, the arknist would be
Requirements: Arkna 1 capable of flinging magic up to 9 yards (5 + [2*2] = 9). The only limit
I II III IV V to increasing the range multiplier is the amount of SP a caster is willing
to invest. Casters take no penalty from casting against adjacent targets.
7xp 21xp 42xp 70xp 705xp
147xp 196xp 252xp 315xp 385xp A caster may choose to spend additional SP to increase the accuracy of
their spell, making it more difficult for opponents to successfully react.
SPELLPOWER (SP) Arknists may increase the the Arkna attack roll by 1d4 per Spell Power,
Every spell a caster creates has a Spellpower requirement. Arknists and may only add a number of dice equal to the normal number of dice
can cast any number of spells so long as those spells have a SP requirement they would have otherwise rolled in Arkna. Using the example given for
equal to or less than their ranks in the relevant School. For example, range, (1d10+1d8) this caster may add 2d4. A caster with 2d10+1d4 will
a Primalist with 1 Rank may cause a condition to a target within their be able to add 3d4.
range, whereas a caster with 2 ranks can cast a spell dealing 1d6 damage
+ their Intelligence. If the second caster wished to cast a spell that does ASSISTING ANOTHER CASTER
both, this would be called Overcasting, which is explained below. Multiple casters of the same school may attempt to pool their Spell
Power to create more powerful Arkana. The primary caster gains the
S U C C E S S E S A N D FA I L U R E S aiding caster(s) Max SP, increasing their Maximum SP. The primary
In order to cast a spell the base roll, Arkna + Intelligence, without caster makes a standard Arkana check against the total difficulty of the
any modifiers, must equal or exceed two times the Spell Power required. spell. The aiding caster(s) however must only attempt to make an Arkna
Thus if a character with an Arkna rating of 7 (1d10 + 1d8) casts a spell check against the primary casters maximum spell power, which is not
of power 3 (UC 6), and rolls a 6 they would succeed, however they would doubled for the check. If they are successful, the combined spell goes off.
fail if the Spell Power were 4 (UC 8). Failure to cast a spell causes the If any caster fails, the spell fails and all casters take an overcast point.
character to take 1 Overcast Point. Note that this requires 2 action points from all casters.

116 Arkna
For Example: A R K N E B U R S T 1 ( YA R D ) SP: 2
Rache is the Primary Caster, with a max SP 4 in Primaltheurgy.
Terrosh is the aiding caster, with a max SP 3 in Primaltheurgy. Hits all targets within a radius of 1 yard from its central target. This
To cast at SP 5, Rache must pass a UC 10 check, while Terrosh attribute can be added multiple times, each time increasing the distance
needs to pass a UC 4. from the target by 1 yard.
To cast at SP 7, Rache must pass a DC 14 check, while Terrosh still
needs to pass a UC 4. CONFUSED SP: 2
M U LT I C A S T I N G Air based attack that applies the confused condition.
Multicasting is used to combine spells from multiple schools. This
follows the same rules and mechanics as standard casting with the D A M A G E D U R AT I O N SP: 2
exception that SP comes from more than one school. When casting a
multicast spell, a caster must specify which school is being used as the Deals the selected amount of damage, each turn for the duration. 1
Primary School. Any other school to which the caster has access is additional round per 2 points spent.
considered as a Secondary School for the purposes of this spell. The
Primary School maintains access to all available SP while the Secondary D E H Y D R AT E D SP: 1
Schools have access to half of their available SP, rounded down to a
Water based attack that applies the dehydrated condition.
minimum of 1. SP can only be spent within their respective schools.


Rache is a caster with 2 Ranks in Primaltheurgy and 1 Rank Earth based attack that applies the overburdened condition.
in Necromancy. She is capable of casting a SP3 spell: 2 from
Primaltheurgy (which is primary since it is stronger) and 1 from
Necromancy (Half her Ranks rounded down, to a minimum of 1). RANGE SP: 1
Terrosh is a caster with 4 Ranks in Necromancy and 4 Ranks in Increases the range multiplier by 1.
Primaltheurgy. He may cast a SP6 spell: 4 from either Necromancy
or Primaltheurgy (he may choose either as his primary), and 2 from
the other (Which is half his Ranks). STUCK SP: 1
Cold based attack that applies the stuck condition.


Electric based attack that applies the stunned condition.

While Necromancy is the flux of life and death, Primaltheurgy is

power. Raw, unbridled power. We submerge our very souls in the WA L L E F F E C T SP: 1
nether and bring forth the forces held within. 1 point per 2 yards in length. Wall base height and duration are equal to
-Fulvius Yuval, Archmagi of Lokoran the characters ranks in Primaltheurgy. The wall has health equal to 4
times the characters ranks in Arkna (Primaltheurgy). Until it expires,
Spells of the Primaltheurgy school are channeled through Six is destroyed, or dismissed by the caster, the wall prevents all characters
elements: Water, Fire, Cold, Air, Earth, and Electric. A Primalist must from interacting with anything on the opposite side. Walls created with
specify which element they are utilizing when casting a spell. Individual additional effects (damage, conditions, etc.) apply their effects to any
spells cannot be of more than one element, but unopposed elements of that make contact with them, including attacks with natural weapons.
different spells may stack conditions on targets. Each element is highly If a wall is created in front of a moving vehicle, the vehicle and wall
effective and highly resistant against one other type in accordance with take 1 point of damage per Mph the vehicle is traveling. If the wall
the Flow of Elements. There are even some creatures and devices survives the damage, the vehicle is stopped on one side of the wall.
that are elementally aligned, granting them all the same strengths and Otherwise, the vehicles speed is reduced by the amount required to
weaknesses. Also note that any spells dealing damage also gain a damage destroy the wall.
bonus equal to the casters Intelligence. The Flow is as follows:
Water > Fire > Cold > Air > Earth > Electricity
Therefore, Water attacks, which are strong against Fire, will deal an
additional 5 damage against Fire creatures, while dealing 5 less damage
against Electric creatures, and no damage to Water creatures.
It is not the purpose of every Necromancy to destroy. Even to create
SPELL AT T R IBU T ES life, is itself, only a fraction of what we seek. We desire mastery
of both, to gain immortality, to transcend humanity, to become
+1D6 DAMAGE SP: 2 something beyond the comprehension of mortals.
Additional Damage to Each Spell -Letch Malign, The Corpsefather

ABLAZE SP: 3 Necromancers are accepted as a necessary evil by most of society, but
Fire based attack that applies the ablaze condition. it is impossible to deny their usefulness in combat, despite the stigma
surrounding them. Their study of the living and the dead has bestowed
A D D I T I O N A L TA R G E T SP: 1 upon them the unique ability to manipulate both. They enfeeble their foes
with curses, but have gained most of their infamy and notoriety through
Each additional target costs 1 pt the practice of Stitches: assembling and reanimating dead flesh.

Arkna 117
I N N AT E FE A R For Example:
Thanks to their unique field of study, Necromancers have a tendency Cursing Strength with a -2 and Melee with a -2 would result in a
to look unsettling or downright frightening. They may appear deceptively total of -4 to the targets Melee attack rating.
frail, with a sallow or deathly white complexion, and their bodies often
seem atrophied or starved. Add a bonus equal to half the characters Attribute SP Effect
ranks in Necromancy when using the Intimidate skill against non-
Stat 3 -1 to a chosen stat.
Combat Skill 2 -1 to a chosen Combat Skill.

C U R SES Non-Combat Skill 1 -1 to a chosen Non-Combat Skill.

Part of a Necromancers power is the ability to influence and drain the Movement 2 Reduce the movement of a target by 1 yard.
life force from living things with Curses. The effects of a curse last for a
Actions 3 Reduce the number of actions of a target by 1.
number of rounds equal to half of the Necromancers rank, rounded down
to a minimum of one, and can effect anything from a characters Stats and Additional Targets 2 Curse one additional target.
Skills to Action Points. A Necromancer can curse any living or nonliving
thing as long as it has Stats, ie. Strength, Agility, etc.
Using multiple curses of the same kind on a target before the previous
A Stitch is any previously dead flesh or tissue that has been reanimated
curse ends will cause one of a few things to occur. If the new curse is
by a Necromancer. The size of a Stitch can range from a single hand to an
stronger than the previous (e.g. -2 to Strength instead of -1 Strength), it
entire body, or even several corpses jerry-rigged together through the use
replaces the previous curse. If it is the same power level as the previous
of Specialized and Basic parts.
curse, the duration is reset. If the new curse is weaker than the previous
Specialized parts are specific to the physical structure and the mental
curse, nothing changes. Cursing Toughness does not affect a characters
capacities of the Stitch. Basic parts represent the essential functions of
max or current health values.

118 Arkna
a living body; Circulatory, Respiratory and Digestive systems all fall All Stitches begin with 1 rank in each stat. This is further modified
under this classification. No Stitch can be built without these systems when the necromancer gives the Stitch a Spark of Life, which allows
in place. 7 of each Specialized and Basic parts are required to assemble the Stitch to borrow a small portion of Humanity from their creator. A
a Stitchs body, which may be modified by the desired size of the Stitch Necromancer may do this in one of two ways: by sharing a piece of their
(see table below). Please note that a Stitchs size also affects its health memories with the Stitch and reducing their maximum fatigue threshold
and maximum ranks in Strength, Toughness, and Agility. by 2; or sacrificing a small portion of their own blood and reducing their
max health by 8. These penalties persist until the Stitch dies or its spark
Max Strength Part Health is extinguished.
Size Max Agility
& Toughness Adjustment Mod
Fine 5 No limit -5 1d10 B L O O D S PA R K
Tiny 6 10 -3 2d10 Caster Penalty: Max Health Reduced by 8
Small 7 9 -1 3d10 Stats: +1 Rank to Strength, Agility, and Toughness; +2d10 Health
Medium 8 8 0 4d10
Large 9 7 +1 5d10
Huge 10 6 +3 6d10
Caster Penalty: -2 to Fatigue Threshold
Massive 11 5 +5 7d10
Stats: +1 Rank to Intelligence, Willpower, and Perception; +1d10
Colossal No limit 4 x2 8d10 Health

Arkna 119
A Necromancer can only have one Stitch sparked at any given time, M U TAT I O N S
which can be extinguished at any time. If a Spark is extinguished while A Necromancer may also apply mutations to their Stitch, which may
outside of combat, the Necromancer regains the invested health and max be done in two ways, Random and Selected. Random mutations cost
health, or fatigue threshold. If the Stitch is killed or extinguished while specialized parts equal to twice the desired power level. To select a specific
in combat, the Necromancer is incapable of maintaining the transfer and mutation, the specialized part cost is three times the desired power level.
will not heal, but their max health and fatigue threshold are still returned In either case, the arkna check required to apply the mutation is equal to
to normal. Once the spark has been given, a Stitch will have some twice the parts used. Mutation upgrades may be added according to the
semblance of life and will understand and obey basic Commands from talent rules.
the Necromancer that gave it the Spark.
A Necromancer also has the ability to spark any dead player or BOLSTER STITCH
Humanoid NPC that has died recently. This resurrected character loses Sometimes these simple Stat boosts just arent enough; a Stitch needs
the ability to speak, but are still able to use their Talents and comprehend that little something extra. A Necromancer can bolster their Stitch for a
those around them. The character lives by instinct and reasonable temporary penalty to either their health or fatigue threshold, and must
Commands from those they trusted in life. In addition, The character pass a casting check equal to the amount of support given. This generally
that died takes 1d4 points of Insanity every day that they go without lasts for 2 rounds, but can be increased when the spell is cast. Bolstering a
recovering their soul. Any players or NPCs resurrected in this manner Stitch an additional time will completely erase any previous support and
can not be upgraded like a normal Stitch and must expend XP. start with the new effects and a new duration.
Stitches mark the pinnacle of current Necromancer knowledge. The
true goal is resurrection of a corpse, but currently this is just out of reach. Name Penalty SP Benefit
Necromancers the world over have spent their lives trying to achieve this,
but all have failed.The birth of Stitches marked an incredible milestone Blood Bolster -4 Health 3 +1 Strength, Agility, Toughness
in magic, one that could eventually become a path to even greater power. -2 Fatigue +1 Intelligence, Willpower,
Mental Bolster 3
Threshold Perception
C O L L E C T I N G S P E C I A L I Z E D & B A S I C PA R T S
Increase the duration by 1 round
At the end of combat, the time to recover parts before the life essence Duration N/A 1
per point.
leaves the corpse is critical. As such, a player may attempt to salvage
parts from a single corpse. To do this they must roll an Arkna check
against the creatures Yield, which is 3 * the creatures Toughness. Pass
or fail, a creatures corpse can only sustain one attempt at collection.
On success, the player gains basic parts equal to half the creatures
toughness. They also gain between 2 to 4 specialized parts depending on
the creatures rank (Veteran, Lord, Remnant; 2, 3, and 4 respectively).
Arkna Specialization
I N C R E A S I N G S TAT S & S K I L L S Choose one school of magic. Gain a +1 bonus to casting checks from
Once a Stitch has been sparked, the necromancer may increase its stats the selected school. When multicasting, this may only be applied to the
through the use of Specialized parts; and Skills through the use of Basic primary school. This talent progression can be taken for each school
parts. To increase a Stat, the Specialized part cost is 3 times the desired independently.
rank. On the other hand, increasing a Skill requires Basic Parts equal to
I Requirements: Casting Rank 1, Arkna 2 Cost: 14xp
the desired rank. Once the parts have been allotted, an Arkna check is
required against twice the desired rank (For example, if the desired rank II Requirements: Arkna 3 Cost: 35xp
is 5, the check would be against a difficulty of 10). If the check is failed, III Requirements: Arkna 4 Cost: 70xp
the parts are destroyed.
IV Requirements: Arkna 5 Cost: 122xp
G R A N T I N G TA L E N T S V Requirements: Arkna 6 Cost: 195xp
Necromancers may also give their Stitches access to any talent
available, providing that the Stitch meets the requirements. Adding a I Master of Arkna
talent to a Stitch requires Specialized parts equal to the Stat requirement
as well as Basic Parts equal to the Skill requirement. Requirements: Casting Rank 7, Arkna 7, Cost: 196xp
If the talent does not have any requirements, it costs 1 specialized and Select one school of magic and increase the SP allowed for that school
1 basic part. The difficulty of adding such talents would simply be 4. by 1. This may be used to increase a Schools SP from 10 to 11. This
If the talent only has another talent as a requirement, the parts required talent may only be taken once per school.
are and the Arkna check are twice that of the referenced talent.
If a talent has both a talent and stats or skills as a requirement, then the I Power of Chance
cost of specialized and basic parts from the required talent is added to the
Requirements: Arkna 4 Cost: 35xp
total. the difficulty for a talent like this would add half the required talents
difficulty to the roll. While Overcasting, greater power comes with a risk of more Overcast
To add a talent an Arkna check is also required against twice the Stat Points. The character may now choose to gain 1d4 Overcast Points to
requirement plus the Skill requirement. For example, the difficulty of increase SP by 2 for each casting attempt.
adding the Armor Breaker talent (4 Perception, 3 Melee) would be 8 + 3
for a total difficulty of 11. As with stats, if this check is failed, the parts I Power of the Elements
used are destroyed. Requirements: Casting Rank 5 Cost: 52xp
Finally, any talents whose costs scale with each subsequent purchase
also apply the same effects to the part requirements when applied multiple Select one type of energy. Spells of this energy type cast by the
times to a Stitch. character gain +1 damage for each damage die rolled. This may be
taken once per enegy type. The cost is multiplicative.

120 Arkna
Conviction (Talent) T H E A SPEC TS
Gain Conviction Points (CP) and the ability to use Miracles,
found later in this section. The total Conviction Points are equal to
the characters rank in the Conviction talent + Devotion skill * 2 I have come for you. I have come to purge Feneryss of the blight
+ Charisma. Conviction points replenish every 8 hours of rest. The named death.
character must also choose an aspect to follow. Note that a character -Taek, The Battle of Deaths Door
may only take this talent once, unless the Conviction Talent, Dualism,
Each individual aspect has five unique characteristics and powers
has been taken. Casting more than one Miracle with the same effect
associated with it: Omens, Scrying, Graces, Opposition, and Auras.
only applies the greater effect, additionally using the same Miracle on
Omens are manifestations that mark a character as a Marshal of their
the same target does not stack its effects either unless the effect occurs
particular aspect. Their actual appearance can vary from person to person,
immediately as with Healing Touch.
but they are easily recognized and difficult to conceal. If a Marshal is
Requirements: Must choose an aspect to follow. attempting a disguise check, their aspect imposes a penalty to the check
I II III IV V equal to half their ranks in Conviction, with a minimum of 1.
Scrying is unlocked as soon as an aspect is chosen and grants certain
9xp 27xp 54xp 90xp 135xp
bonuses to particular methods of perception and control of that aspect.
VI VII VIII IX X Graces are bestowed upon Marshals when they reach certain levels of
189xp 252xp 324xp 405xp 495xp devotion. These gifts are special abilities that a Marshal can call upon at
any time for aid and grant a variety of benefits.
RANGE Opposition is a law of the universe: push and pull, ebb and flow. For
Each of a Marshals abilities (Graces, Scrying, Opposition Powers, and each aspect there is a counter, and Marshals of opposing aspects are
Miracles), unless otherwise stated, have a base range of 2 yards, which is capable of afflicting each other with their Auras. These come into effect
increased by their current reserve of CP. whenever a Marshal chooses. Opposing powers cease if the Marshal
moves out of range, is knocked unconscious, deactivates their opposition,
For Example: or is killed.
Terrosh has a maximum CP of 14. Fully rested, with his maximum
CP, the range for each of his abilities, unless otherwise stated, is 16
yards (2 Base + 14 CP).
If Terrosh were to use a miracle costing 4 CP, leaving him with
10 CP remaining, his new range of any subsequent abilities, unless
otherwise stated, would then be 12 yards (2 base + 10 CP).

The character grows small, ephemeral wings on their back that do


not impede the wearing of armor. The wings are intangible and pass
through any armor worn. Gravity weighs upon a Marshal of air heavily. Marshals
of air cannot fly; their Stride is halved and being knocked

Marshals of air are able to sense the breath of all living creatures prone causes 1d6 points of fall damage. Their wings droop
within their available range. This negates any penalties to actions or and look benign. The wind does not affect the characters

reactions against the enemies that have been detected. This may be appearance, even in extreme weather conditions, their hair
used in combat for 3 AP and lasts until the next turn. Out of combat, and clothes all look still.
this requires 3 minutes of meditation and the character continues to
perceive all living things for an additional 2 minutes.

Wings of Freedom: The characters wings can slow falls and allow the Marshal to hover above the ground for a number of rounds
Rank 2 equal to their Conviction Rank, and move while hovering at half the characters normal Stride. The character must land at the end of
the turn.

Galeforce: The characters small wings grow and Strengthen. The character can now fly up to their normal Stride, but still must land
Rank 5 at the end of their turn. The wings can also create gusts strong enough to knock opponents back or prone. Using these gusts of wind,
the character may attempt to trip or bull rush an opponent within 5 yards.
Hurricane: Calling upon the essence of their faith, a furious wind storm appears at the characters location that lasts a number of
Rank 9 rounds equal to half their Conviction Rank. Enemies take a penalty to ranged attacks equal to half the characters ranks in Conviction
and fall prone on a failed Dodge roll. Neither the character nor their allies are affected by this. Hurricane requires 3 AP to summon.

Conviction 121


Marshals of darkness have their irises turn black and seem to radiate Marshals of darkness have their eyes glow and radiate light.
black energy at all times. For the duration, the character is considered in daylight

for the purposes of Stealth and Perception checks, and
Shadowbox no longer penalizes foes in total darkness. The

The character gains Darksight with a distance equal to their current Marshals eyes turn all white and their skin has a faint glow
available range. to it.

Rank 2 Nightcloak: Once per day, the character may douse or obscure all light sources within a range equal to their Conviction ranks for 2
Rank 5 Shadowbound: Once per combat, Marshals of darkness may make a shadow corporeal and use it to bind an enemy. For their next
turn, all physical movement and actions are restricted; only Psy actions may be made.

Rank 9 Shadowboxing: Marshals of darkness can enter the shadow of an enemy, within 5 yards for 3 AP. For the duration of this ability,
all melee and Hand-to-Hand attacks they make against that enemy cannot be Dodged, though they can still be Blocked. As they are
one with the shadow, the Marshal also cannot Dodge. In total darkness, the character may become one with the absolute shadow:
gaining this bonus against all foes within the dark, and enemies attacking the character suffer a -10 penalty. If the shadow or darkness
dissipates, the Marshal is made corporeal again. The Marshal can Shadowbox for a number of rounds each day equal to half their


Embracing Death gives a Marshals skin a taut appearance, and their
bones are prominently visible. Death becomes a distant thing; the character finds their
parasitic healing is nullified, and no longer strike fear into

For 1 AP Marshals are able to control the movement of a single dead opponents as the characters face becomes soft and healthy.
creature and gain its senses within a number of yards equal to their The Marshal gains an almost gluttonous amount of weight

current available range. Note that the Marshal cannot attack with the and a near joyful appearance.
corpse nor can they use this ability to control Stitches or the undead.
They lose control over their scrying subject if it is damaged in any way.

Rank 2 I Am Become Death: When the character kills a living thing, all entities which do not view the character as friendly must make an

immediate Fear check. This check is equal to the characters rank in Conviction.
Rank 5 Nosferatu: When present at a death of a sentient creature, the character gains Health equal to the ranks in Conviction.
Rank 9 Your Time Has Come: For every 5 points of damage dealt to this Marshal, gain +1 to all attack and reaction rolls until the end of the
encounter, or they receive healing.


A Marshal of earth has their skin become rough, cracked, and fissured, A Marshals connection to the earth at their feet weakens
mirroring the state of Feneryss. and their tremorsense range is halved. The air itself fights
against the Marshals every movement, halving their stride,

and adding a -1 penalty to Dodge and Block. The Marshal

Marshals gain the Focused Tremorsense ability with a distance equal to

appears to have trouble gaining traction on the ground and

their current available range. This stacks with the Wretcheds Focused
their rough skin looks to have the consistency of mud.
Tremorsense Racial Talent.

Rank 2 Stoneshield: For 2 AP, characters can summon walls of earth and stone up to a number yards away equal to their rank in Conviction
in order to shield themselves and their allies. These walls take up 1 cubic yard of space, Blocking line of sight. They protect against
burst weapons and can sustain one hit from any attack before dissipating.

Rank 5 Stonehide: The Marshals skin becomes like a tough bark and bones become as strong as oak. Gain +1 inherent armor that can never
be bypassed.
Rank 9 Stoneroot: Once per combat, characters may call up the earth to ensnare their foes for 2 AP. They may ensnare a number of enemies
on the ground equal to their ranks in Conviction(Earth) within a their current available range. Enemies may break free themselves
for 2 AP.

122 Conviction

The skin of a Marshal of fire seems to crack and exposes constantly
glowing embers underneath. Their eyes burst into continual flames but The lava running under the skin of the Marshal begins to
they can still see as normal.

cool and harden. The Marshal gains 1 fatigue point per
round while not ablaze. The Marshal is overwhelmed from
the icy chill that is room temperature. Shivering and given

Marshals gain a point of vision from any source of fire within their
time, turn a pale blue as if frozen.
current available range. The vision is seen as infrared.

Rank 2 Flametouched: The Marshals skin splits to expose burning embers. Every time they make or receive a Hand-to-Hand attack,
including grappling, they deal damage equal to half their Conviction Ranks rounded down that bypasses armors DR.

Rank 5 Hot-Blooded: The Marshals blood seethes with holy fervor and oozes in a thick lava from wounds; Marshals may re-roll one
stabilization check per day. In addition, they are immune to damage from being ablaze and take half damage from mundane fire
sources. However, Marshals still take arkne fire damage normally.
Rank 9 Raging Inferno: Once per day, for 3AP Marshals of fire may express their holy fervor with a fiery conflagration, which burns all
opponents within 3 yards for 5d6 arkne fire damage.

For the duration of combat, whenever the Marshal deals

An iron crown of thorns grows from the Marshals skull, leaving scars damage to an opponent, they see images of their family and
where it has gouged their flesh. friends and they begin to feel empathy and start to hesitate.
LOVE For every round the Marshal of hate deals damage, they
suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all offensive rolls. The
Whenever someone is angry, the character is able to understand the

Marshal gains an almost placid gaze, with a distraught

root of their anger. Gain a +3 to Social Interaction with a character or
distance to it. Their words become soft and timid, and their
NPC which is angry in addition to learning the source of their anger.
crown becomes brittle to the touch.

Rank 2 Contempt: A Marshal of hate can choose a target of contempt once per day. The mere sight of the target drives the Marshal into a

rage. They gain bonus to offensive rolls (including social) vs the target equal to half their Conviction Rank.
Rank 5 Scorn: Marshals of hate are too stubborn and hateful to die. They can re-roll failed stabilization checks, and take the better roll.
Rank 9 Infuriate: The Marshal can enrage one enemy within 10 yards once per encounter. For the remainder of the encounter the enraged
opponent takes a -2 to all opposed checks.


The characters body is flawless in appearance: it has no acne, no The Marshals steadfast holding on Life wavers, and their

unsightly deformities, never scars, and seems to be in permanent ability to heal themselves and others is halved. Take 1 point
possession of a healthy glow.

of damage that bypasses all DR each round. Their looks

do not change but they are cast in dark lighting, almost
For 1 AP, Marshals are able to control the movement of a single, living, menacing, that makes the Marshals appearance unnerving.

non-sentient creature and gain its senses within their current available While being opposed, should the Marshal be hurt, they can
range. Note that the Marshal cannot attack with the creature. receive scarring and ruin their impeccable body.

Rank 2 Healing Hands: When casting the Healing Touch miracle, the Marshal can restore bonus health equal to half their ranks in Conviction

Rank 5 In The Balance: A Marshal can automatically stabilize a character that is below 0 health, including themselves. Their health is
restored to 0. This requires 3 AP and this ability may only be used a number of times per day equal to half of their ranks in Conviction
Rank 9 Lifegiver: Once per day, Marshals can channel the full essence of their faith. They take fatigue and damage equal to half their
Conviction ranks that bypasses DR in order to restore all allies within 5 yards to full health.

Conviction 123


The Marshals eyes are imbued with a golden light and any wounds The dark is full of terrors; in the characters fright they take

they suffer softly glow. -2 to all sight-based Perception checks. In addition to this,
their blood no longer blinds enemies. Their eyes appear solid
black and they become very sensitive to light. Any wounds

Marshals gain the Perception of light sources within their current or scarring on the Marshals body appear to darken the area
available range. surrounding them, as if devouring the light.

Rank 2 Beacon: Once per day, the character may become a light source, emitting normal light a with a range of 5 yards. The quality of this
light wanes with distance and decreases by one step in illumination (page 87) every additional 5 yards. This lasts a number of
rounds (in combat) or minutes (out of combat) equal to their ranks in Conviction(Light).

Rank 5 C: Marshals and their party move like light itself, and add half the Marshals Conviction ranks to the partys Stride for their first
movement action in an encounter.
Rank 9 Sunburst: The blood of a holy Marshal of light has come to shine almost as bright as the sun. Every time they are dealt damage, all
enemies within 1 yard of the Marshal are blinded until the end of their next turn. This condition does not stack, but can be reapplied
if the character is injured multiple times afterwards.

OPPOSED AURA For the duration of combat, whenever the Marshal deals

A white halo runed with symbols of an Undying Rose appears over the damage to an opponent, they see images of their family and
Marshals head. They radiate a feeling of Love to those around them. LOVE friends and they begin to feel empathy and start to hesitate.
For every round the Marshal of hate deals damage, they
Whenever someone is happy, Marshals are able to understand the suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all offensive rolls. The

root of their happiness. They gain a +3 to Social Interaction with a Marshal gains an almost placid gaze, with a distraught
character or NPC which is happy in addition to learning the source of distance to it. Their words become soft and timid, and their
their happiness. crown becomes brittle to the touch.

Rank 2 Smooth Talker: Once per day, the Marshal may choose a target to trust them more. The target takes a penalty equal to half the
Marshals ranks in Conviction(Love) to all Charisma-based checks against them.
Rank 5 Solace: The Marshal radiates comfort and trust to those around them. Whenever the Marshal or allies within 3 yards fail a Fear check,

the Fear Reaction is treated as one step lower.

Rank 9 Impassioned: Once per combat, Marshals can drive one of their opponents to care for them or one of their allies so much that they
take damage on their behalf. When this ability is used, the chosen enemy does not expend any actions but will move up to 1 Stride
in order to take damage from a single enemy attack on behalf of the Marshal or their chosen ally. The chosen enemy can Block, but
cannot Dodge this intercepted attack.


The Marshal flies into a rage and attacks the nearest person,

A laurel wreath is emblazoned on the Marshals cheek, forehead, or

around their temples. friend or foe. The Marshal of peace does not stop until they
are knocked unconscious, killed or the subject of their rage

dies or falls unconscious themselves. This can only happen

Within the Marshals available range, any sound made within this area once per combat. The Marshal becomes more irritable and

is not heard by anyone or anything outside of it. When used in combat, quick to judgement. Their Omens begin to glow brightly if
costs 3 AP per round. in combat and they gain a dark, brooding gaze.

Rank 2 Lucky Break: Once per day, a Marshal of Peace may grant one member of their party a re-roll on a single failed reaction.
Rank 5 A Moments Rest: Once per day, the Marshal can summon an aura of peace around an ally or themselves, which deters enemies from

attacking them for a number of rounds equal to half the Marshals ranks in Conviction(Peace). In order to attempt an attack on the
target, opponents must pass a Willpower test vs the Marshals Devotion.
Rank 9 World Peace: Once per day, a Marshal may force their opponents to deal no damage on their next round. The Marshal may perform
no other actions this round.

124 Conviction
The Marshals heart is no longer in the conflict, and the

The eyes of a Marshal of war become amber as if they are fiery coals

awaiting to be reignited from battle, and a blood-stained brow that Marshal is unable to bring their full might to bear. The
never seems to dry. Marshal suffers a -2 penalty to their Die Code when attacking

or casting offensive spells to a minimum of Die Code 1
(1d4). The Marshals eyes grow dim and pale, losing their

Gain a sixth sense to foresee when is combat brewing before it fiery passion. A weakness washes over the Marshal, making
happens; add half the Conviction(War) ranks to the partys initiative. all those that look upon them feel a sense of unnatural calm
as if their inner conflicts were all silenced.

Rank 2 Battlesense: The Marshal has a supernatural ability to sense hostility in others and avoid alarming others; they cannot be caught by

surprise and gain a +1 once per day when attempting to make surprise attacks.
Rank 5 Preemptive Strike: Once per combat, a Marshal of War may grant one member of their party one free basic attack against an enemy.
Rank 9 Momentum: Once per day the Marshal may grant one member of his party 5AP to be used immediately.



The Marshals skin takes on a pale blue hue and glistens as if wet.
The Marshal becomes short of breath and begin to struggle

like a fish out of water. Gain 1 fatigue per round while not
immersed in water. Their skin starts to crack and fissure like

Marshals gain a point of vision from any source of liquid water within dried up lake beds.
their available range.

Rank 2 Ebb and Flow: A Marshal may draw and purify water from the earth at their feet. The quantity is equal to half their Conviction(Water)
ranks in gallons, and the Marshal must be able to provide storage lest it slip away after a few minutes.

Rank 5 In Suspension: With the Marshals attunement to water, they have learned how to control the vapor in the air. For a number of rounds
equal to half their ranks in Conviction(Water), all opponents within 5 yards move at half their Stride. This may be performed once
per combat.
Rank 9 Syphon: A Marshal can drain the water in an opponents body, giving them the dehydrated condition and 5 Fatigue Points. This takes
2 AP and can be performed twice per day. An enemy that is already dehydrated cannot be afflicted by Syphon.

Marshals are chosen seemingly at random by
When a Marshal performs a miracle, they are calling upon the essence
the Avatars, essentially the gods in the elemental
of their faith to perform an act not normally possible. Miracles are not
pantheon. People claim they tend to choose Marshals
purchased.They are instead unlocked when the Marshal meets certain
who are non-believers, but sometimes that non-
requirements. Performing a miracle consumes Conviction points, so a
believer becomes a bit too devout. Like Taek. Yet it
Marshal must be careful not to lean on their faith too heavily, or waste
seems once the gift is given, it cant be taken away.
this precious resource too early. A Marshal may perform miracles from
any rank which is equal to or less than their Conviction ranks.
Healing Touch I
CONVICTION RANK 1 Cost: 2CP per 2 Health & 2AP
Dehex The character has learned how to heal the wounds of an ally through
faith. Marshals of Death suffer damage equal to the number of CP
Cost: 2CP (Self) or 3CP & 2AP (Ally)
spent that bypasses all DR.
Remove one Curse actively affecting you or your ally.
Unshakeable Faith
Cost: 2CP & 2AP (Self) or 3CP & 2AP (Ally)
Foresight I Remove any active fear effects currently affecting you or an ally
Cost: 1CP + 1 per each consecutive round & 1AP within your line of sight.
You see your opponents attack before it happens, gaining a +1 bonus Vigor I
to reactions until the start of your next turn. This miracle can only
be cast once per round. The cost of this Miracle resets at the end of Cost: 3CP per Fatigue Point & 2AP
combat. Remove points of fatigue from yourself or an ally within touch.

Conviction 125
Faithful Shield I Cost: 6CP & 2AP
Cost: 4CP & 3AP The essence of the Marshals deity is instilled in one of their comrades.
Reduce damage done to your party by 1 until your next turn. For the remainder of the turn, the chosen ally deals an extra 1d6 points
of damage on all attacks.
Holy Vigil I
Cost: 1CP & 2AP Foresight II
You access the omnipresence of your chosen element and can see Cost: 3CP + 1CP per cast & 1AP
things not normally noticeable to your eyes. Gain a +1 bonus to your Marshals can see their opponents attack before it happens, gain a +2
Perception for the next ten minutes. This is a free action. bonus to reaction attempts until the start of their next turn. The cost of
this Miracle resets at the end of combat.
Smite I
Cost: 2CP & 1AP
Zeal I
You can channel your divine Judgment into your melee attacks. Until
Cost: 3CP + 1CP per cast & 2AP
the end of your turn all your melee attacks deal an additional 1d6
damage. Inspire those around the character to recklessly disregard their own
safety to annihilate the enemy. Grant o