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The process you outlined is a little different than how the system is set up to handle Credit Card

This is the standard process:

1. Setup a GL Account as a clearing account for each Type of Credit Card (helps big time with
reconciliation to the cc statement)

2. Set this account as the credit card's account in Banking setup

3. Create the PO, GRPO, and Invoice for the actual Vendor you're purchasing from.

4. When you do the A/P Invoice, you could process an outgoing payment there by clicking the
Payment Means button (money bags)

5. Choose the Credit Card tab

6. Select the Credit Card that was used

you could have a card setup to represent each card in your company, or use one card in B1
to represent them all.

7. fill out any extra information about the card you want to capture

8. You now have closed the Invoice and created the Outgoing Payment by Credit Card

9. The outgoing payment hit the credit card clearing account

10. Now do an A/P Invoice - Service Type for the Credit Card Vendor

11. In the GL Account field, select the Credit Card clearing account

12. Put in the amount the Credit Card company billed on your statement

13. Add

This process creates a temporary AP for the first Vendor, paid immediately by Credit Card.

That clears the AP and moves the balance to the CC Clearing Account

The AP Invoice for the Credit Card Vendor as Service Type with the offset GL set to the CC Clearing
Acct moves the balance from the CC Clearing Account into AP for the Credit Card company. You can
then pay this AP Invoice as you would any other.

That's not to say you couldn't automate this or devise a simpler process that accomplishes a similar
result, but that's the "official" way to process AP Credit Cards and seems to be the most correct
accounting wise.

Hope this helps.

Brad Windecker