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Gowrie News
March 22, 2017 GOWRIE, WEBSTER COUNTY, IOWA VOL. 127 NO. 12
Downtown Gowrie
buildings change
ownership soon
By Gowrie Development Commision
2017 is shaping up to be a great year for Gowrie.
Particularly the business district downtown. The new location
for Heartland Bank continues to take shape on the corner of
Market and Pleasant Streets, the Gowrie News is under new
management with an office on Market Street, the old Caseys
location has been donated to the City of Gowrie for develop-
ment and two more buildings will change owners soon.
Purchase agreements have been negotiated for at
least two buildings downtown. Jay and Patti Anderson will
purchase the current Heartland Bank building at 1113 Market
Street and directly across the street Jeff and Marcie Boerner
have agreed to purchase the current Gowrie News building
at 1108 Market Street. Closing dates are still pending for
mid to late summer as current owners work to relocate.
That doesnt keep both prospective owners from dream-
ing up new ideas and researching possible new retail
Currently Patti Anderson finishes quilts with a long
arm sewing machine out of her home. She has been
looking for a new location for a long time and is excited
to move to downtown Gowrie with better access for her
customers. She is considering adding machine embroidery,
possible consignment items, coffee, and baked goods. Patti is
looking to help others in her same situation by making offices
Gowrie buildings sold continued on page 10...

New play equipment planned for Laurel

Park in Gowrie; accepting donations
The Gowrie Parks Board is looking to purchase to support. We are hopeful that these matching funds will
new play equipment for Laurel Park, located near the help the Gowrie Parks Board reach and possibly exceed
swimming pool. The existing playground equipment is its fundraising goal.
limited, old, and worn resulting in the park being under- Donations can be sent to the Gowrie City Clerk,
utilized by kids and families with younger children. PO Box 168, Gowrie, Iowa 50543. Credit card donations
Laurel Park has many amenities, including a shelter are also being accepted by calling Danielle at 515-352-
house, disc golf, pickle ball, tennis, basketball and horse 3999.
shoe courts. It is also the home of the Gowrie Historical Please help double the value of this generous
Museum. New play equipment will help complete the gift to our community by contributing today.
A fundraising campaign is being launched with
the hopes of raising enough money to purchase the above
equipment by June 1, while it is on sale. Two community
Friendly competition encouraged
organizations, Xi Eta Sigma and the G3G have already
donated towards the project, but more is needed.
Parks Board President, Dave Hoover was con-
among fellow Disc Golfers
tacted by Randy Kuhlman, C.E.O. of the Fort Dodge
Community Foundation and was informed that a $10,000
Bag Tag Challenge in Gowrie...
matching grant will be given to the Gowrie Parks Board Gowrie is going to be having its 2nd Annual Bag Bag Tag Challenge is to encourage friendly competition
in support of this project! This $10,000 grant was granted Tag League Challenge this season. The tags are in and among fellow Disc Golfers that you may not know very
to the Fort Dodge Community Foundation from the Grow the challenges have begun. Contact Phillip DeCastro if well.
Greene County Gaming Corporation, the local non-profit you would like to be a part of this years league. League In order for the Bag Tag Challenge to work, all
license holder for the Wild Rose Casino in Jefferson. The night is currently scheduled on Mondays at 6:30pm. challenges must be accepted. Each player must have their
Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation administers If you are unsure what a Bag Tag Challenge is, Bag Tag at all times. Bag Tags must be plainly visible and
the charitable grant-making process and has made a com- it is outlined below. In short the idea is to have the lowest can not be hidden.
mitment to provide charitable support to six counties numbered tag, 1, by the end of the season by challeng- Challenges are to be made by choosing times
contiguous to Greene County. The Grow Greene County ing other players. and courses that are reasonable. Friendly side wagers of
Gaming Corporation utilizes the community foundations There will be prizes that will be handed out at any kind can be made at the discretion of the participants,
in all six counties to administer the grants. The purpose the end of the season. Entry fee will be $15 and prizes but are NOT required.
of these funds is to enhance the quality of life in these will depend upon number of entrants. Last year, the top Challenges will start immediately and run all the
counties. 5 players were able to be awarded. Which were Phil- way through the G3Gsw Harvest 9 Hole Classic 2017.
Randy Kuhlman, C.E.O. of the Fort Dodge lip DeCastro, Eric Fredrickson, Shane Promes, Skylar The higher Bag Tag challenges the lower Bag Tag. Chal-
Community Foundation stated: Our board likes to use Warhime, and Aaron Swieter. And, they hope to award lenges can be by phone, computer, or in person. It is pre-
these Grow Greene County funds to support important more this year. ferred to use the Gowrie Disc Golfer Facebook page for
projects that advance the quality of life in communities Everyone is on their honor to conduct them-
in Webster County. When we learned about the Laurel selves according to the rules and within the spirit of Disc Golf continued on page 9...
Park project, it was unanimous that this was the project competition. Have fun. Its only a tag. The purpose of the
Visit www.gowrienews.com for your local news...
2 March 22, 2017

10 OFFany athletic shoe
under $110.
15 OFF
any athletic shoe
over $110.

Prices good thru March 31, 2017

210 South 25th St.,

Fort Dodge, IA
515-955-8200 888-293-3761
WELL GET YOU UP Mon. - Thur. 9-7 Fri. 9-6;
Sat. 9-5 Sunday Noon-5

Gowrie Development Commission discuss

Main Street Iowa, housing grant programs
By Shari Everhart Community foundations exist for the purpose of
The Gowrie Development Commission met on building local philanthropy by connecting people to im-
March 10, 2017. The meetings agenda began with a bud- portant causes such as enabling people with philanthropic
get report followed by a brief discussion regarding mem- interests to support issues they care about easily and ef-
bership goals. It was noted that approximately 77% of the fectively. Community foundations create long-term as-
membership is complete with the percentage expected to sets for communities to better themselves, improve qual-
be at 100% after the groups annual meeting. ity of life and sustain the people who live there.
Kelly Halsted and Jill Nelson are representatives Due to a resignation, a new contact person is
of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. needed to volunteer to spearhead the local Community
It was announced that on March 25 an Eggs and Foundation Program.
Issues forum will be to held. The event offers a chance Housing grant program
Thursday, March 23 to meet with legislative representatives as a means to dis- The subject of local housing was addressed. It
cuss local issues and concerns. was noted an article appeared in the Messenger this
Main Street Iowa Program week and The Gowrie News next week pertaining to
Reports of a Prestige Farms Pork Produc- the housing grant program. The TIF grand gives a quali-
ing Plant coming on line was made and the question if fied builder the possibility of obtaining a grant of up
Gowrie could provide for any of the plants needs was to $40,000, and can, with half up front, for a $400,000
asked. In answer to the question, ideas regarding Poet, home or commercial building. Plaatted lots are available
Bruntlett Feeds, Cold Storage, and additional hog opera- on Riddle and Webster, with the possibility of expanding
tions were suggested. the Wiley Addition at a cost of approximately $25,000 to
Discussion concerning the Main Street Iowa $30,000 per lot.
Program was held, especially about only applying to Other items discussed included:
gain information and exit strategy in case the community --Advertising the TIF Grants and lots at $10,000
was not chosen. The Main Street Iowa program works per lot.
with a select group of communities committed to high --Rental inspections that would require ordi-
standards for downtown economic development. The nance changes as inspections are not currently required.
program has over 50 Iowa communities connected to a --Blair House is appearing shabby and the need
network of 40 programs across the country representing for some upgrades.
over 1,200 communities. These communities capitalize --Citys procurement to gain possession of the
on the unique identity, assets and character of their his- former Caseys store and plans to donate several kitchen
toric commercial districts Their assistance includes train- items to the Farnhamville Development Committee.
ing, workshops, architectural and design assistance, busi- --Acquirement of land and equipment for a dog
ness assistance, and a number of additional opportunities. park.
Main Street designated communities receive $120,000 in --Set the tentative date of April 6 for the spring
the first three years of the program for training, techni- banquet at Mulligans with Bill Northey as speaker.

cal assistance and consulting from year four onward, with --New playground equipment for Laurel Park
communities receiving $15,000 annually to ongoing as- at sale price of approximately $12,000. Seeking current
sistance. donations from G3G and others along with volunteers to
Concern was expressed that the investment in organize a benefit to gather donations from community
the Main Street Iowa Program is quite significant and the and surrounding businesses.
payback could be lengthy, three to four years minimum, --The annual Easter Egg Hunt needs someone to
and that the citizens of Gowrie may become impatient coordinate the event. Pat Peterson will train the new per-
with the lengthy results. The group decided to schedule a son as she plans to concentrate only on the Easter baskets.
walk around.
Community Foundation
The term community foundation was explained
as an autonomous, non-profit, non-partisan, philanthropic
organization that develop and manage a variety of per-
manent endowment and non-endowed funds from a wide
range of donors who care about or live in a specific com-
Cassey Davisson
munity or geographic area. In recent years, community Congratulations to
Cassey Davisson for
foundations have been among the fastest growing source
being selected as Jaguar
of charitable dollars in the United States. Currently, more of the week. Cassey was
than 800 community foundations are operating in the nominated because she has
United States. a positive attitude, she's

City of Farnhamville
friendly and polite to others
and for being a part of
replacing our office fish.
plans Mosquito control Jaguar of Week recognition is made by a different
staff member on a rotating basis each week at Southeast
The City of Farnhamville is pleased to announce Valley High School.
that we have contracted with Mosquito Control of Iowa to
provide coverage for your comfort and safety throughout
the 2017 season.
FICATION/NO SPRAY REGISTER PRIOR TO JUNE Farnhamville Fire Dept., 7:30 p.m. at the fire
15T, 2017. station.
If you have any questions please call either City
Hall 544-3619 or Mosquito Control of Iowa 712-848- Monday, March 27
3295 or go to our website at www.mosquitocontrolofio-
Harcourt TOPS, 8:00 a.m. at Faith Lutheran
Church Harcourt.

Reminder Tuesday, March 28

Farnhamville Senior Citizens (cards), 1:00
Please send your change of address promptly p.m., Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
so that your subscription to
The Gowrie News To have the date and time of your organizations meeting
listed here, call the Gowrie News at 352-3325 or email us at
can continue without interruption. gnews@wccta.net
March 22, 2017
Farnhamville accepts librarian resignation;
city wide spring clean-up April 10-13
The monthly meeting of the Farnhamville City --Bruce McCormack presented a verbal police report.
Council was held 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 13 in --Resignation submitted by Farnhamville Librarian
council chambers. Mayor Frank Morgan called the meet- Kristen Fields was accepted effective April 29, 2017.
ing to order with council members Alex Farley, Barb --Spring clean-up has been set for April 10 to April 13.
Gregg, Troy Jepsen, and Rita Kail present. Absent were --Farnhamville garage sale days has been tentatively
council member Jeff Kicklighter, and city employee, been set for June 23 and June 24.
Alan Jorgensen. Others in attendance included Roger Having no further business, the meeting was ad-
Kopecky and Bruce McCormack. journed.
A motion to approve the March agenda and the The next meeting of the Farnhamville City
February 13 meeting minutes was made, seconded and Council is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 10.
The public meeting concerning the Budget FY
2017-2018 was opened by Mayor Morgan. Motion to ap-
Farnhamville Annual Pork
prove Resolution No. 2017 was made, seconded and car- chop dinner March 26
ried. The public meeting was closed.
The regular meeting was then opened by the
benefits ambulance, Fire dept.
The Reading-Cedar Fire Department and Farn-
After discussion, approval was given to ac-
hamville Ambulance will present their annual pork chop
cept payment of bills submitted to the council as was the
dinner March 26 at the Farnhamville Community Room
monthly finance report.
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Employee insurance for Roger Kopecky was
Dine in or carry out is available $8 with extra
discussed with a health provider and rate motioned,
chops available.
seconded and passed. It was noted that upon Alan Jor-
Come help those who volunteer to help you!
gensens retirement he will obtain his own health insur-
All proceeds will be used for new firefighting/
EMS equipment to help us protect and serve the commu-
Council members discussed the upcoming open
employee position. They indicated they would like Roger

Learn to crochet at
Kopecky to submit a job description along with duties
with the possibility of hiring a part-time person.
In other business:
--Approval was given for a contract for mosquito con-
trol. the Gowrie Library
--The Farnhamville/Somers burn site will open in April
with Frank Morgan in charge on April 15. March 27 and April 19...
--The estimate to repair the sinkhole located on Farn-
ham Avenue was accepted. Learn to Crochet at the Gowrie Public Library
--A verbal report by city employee Roger Kopecky was Monday March 27 & April 10th 2:00 - 3:30 pm. This will
given pertaining to the electric and water departments. be held every other Monday with Bridget Wiklander.
He noted several radio read electric meters will be pur- Bring yarn and any size crochet hook. If you al-
chased as replacements of older devices. ready crochet come and crochet with others! All experi-
--Six delinquent notices will be posted for shut-off. ence levels welcome and coffee is always on!

WHATS HAPPENING AROUND YOUR AREA... ~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~

To have your town's events featured in whats happening around your area.
Email us at gnews@wccta.net or Call 515-352-3325.

Callender Public Library
Sunday, April 2, 11:00 am to 1 pm. Harcourt Fire De-
Gowrie News 1107 Market Street, P.O. Box 46
Story Time held every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and partment Annual Soup Dinner, Held at the Fire Depart-
4:30 p.m. ment is planned. Gowrie, IA 50543
Ph.: 515-352-3325
Farnhamville Moorland
email: gnews@wccta.net
April 10 to April 13 spring clean-up has been set. Easter Egg Hunt STAFF
June 23 and June 24 garage sale days has been tenta- April 15 Moorland Fire Department Annual Easter Egg Rick and Julie Vinsand, Editor and Publisher
tively been set. Hunt will be held. Tonya Harrison, Graphic Designer
Clean-up Day
Julie Vinsand, Sales
Saturday, May 20 city wide Clean-up Day is scheduled. Amanda Coleman, Sales
Thursday, April 6th Gowrie Development Commission Shari Everhart, Writer
Spring Banquet at Mulligans. Official County Newspaper (USPS 224-240). A local news-
Saturday April 8 starting at 10 a.m. Studio Fusion will be Paton Public Library paper as prescribed by law. Published weekly by The Gowrie
a fun hands-on, take-home project at the Gowrie Pub- Every Thursday evenings from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Adult News, 1107 Market Street, Gowrie, Iowa 50543. Periodicals
lic Library. There will be a slight cost involved varying Social will be held. postage paid at the Post Office at Gowrie, Iowa 50543.
from $6-18.00 depending of which take-home project March 23rd from 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m. Don Hyndmans SUBSCRIPTION RATES
you choose. Wood Carving Presentation will be held. Within the State of Iowa - $3000 Per Year
Wednesday, April 12th at 9:30 a.m. UMW lenten break-
Out of state - $3300 Per Year
fast at GUMC. Snowbird - $32 00 Per Year
Saturday, April 15th Easter Egg Hunt 1:00 pm at Laurel Saturday April 8 Easter Egg hunt at, Somers City Park Card of Thanks................................................$650 20 per
first 15 words,
word thereafter
Sunday, April 16th Happy Easter!
Southeast Valley High School Jag Cafe dates have been
Dayton POSTMASTER: Send address change to
announced! They include March 31st, April 13th, April April 2 Lions Club Chicken Dinner at the Community THE GOWRIE NEWS
27th and May 4th! Contact the high school at 352-3142 Center. P.O. Box 46, Gowrie, IA 50543
to RSVP your spot! April 3 Oak Park Gold & Recreation Opening Day.

22-March Sophia Gutshall, Donna Moe
Brooke Peterson
23-March Brad Lane, MacKenzie Thomas
Wednesday, March 22 - Turkey Roast, Potatoes w/Gravy, Peas & Carrots,
24-March Krista Nepple Pumpkin Custard, Tomato Juice
25-March Patrick Lusmann, Katrina Nelson Thursday, March 23 - Egg & Potato Casserole, Broccoli, Banana Half, Fruit
26-March Ken Kopecky Oat Muffin, OJ
27-March Randy Kopecky, Dusty McGuire Friday, March 24 - Crunchy Baked Fish, Parsley Potatoes, Herbed Green
Marion Moeller, Marcus Urelius Beans, Pineapple Crunch
28-March Michelle Martin, Mike Tasler Monday, March 27 - Swiss Style Gr. Beef, Squash Scalloped Cabbage,
Jane Wilson Blushing Pears, Tomato Juice
Tuesday, March 28 - Turkey & Dumplings, Asparagus, Mixed Fruit, OJ
Anniversaries Wednesday, March 29 - Italian Meatloaf, Roasted Red Potatoes, Brussel
24-March Larry and Jill Alliger. Sprouts with Cranberries, Cinnamon Apples w/Crunchy Top
28-March Kevin and Joelle Vote
4 March 22, 2017

Southeast Valley Academic Awards
announced for Winter Sports
Several student-athletes and 2 winter sports sidy Lambert and Kasey Lundberg also qualified for Twin
teams academically achieve in the classroom. Twenty-two Lakes Conference All Academic Honors (To earn this
individuals earned Twin Lakes Conference All Academic award you must have a cumulative GPA above 3.25 and
Honors. Girls basketball and boys basketball earned state earn a varsity letter).
academic certificates. The following is a list of those ac- The boys basketball team earned the IHSAA
complishments. Excellence in Academic Achievement Certificate (Team
The girls basketball team earned the IGH- GPA between 3.00 3.25). Team GPA was 3.117. Nolan
SAU Distinguished in Academic Achievement Certificate Brand, Myles Davis, Keegan Goodwin, Ryan Gustafson,
(Team GPA between 3.25 - 4.0). Team GPA was 3.557. Nolan Johnson, Anna Hanson-manager, Hannah Vaughn-
Emma Graves, Karissa Hiesterman, Sammy Alphs, Mor- manager, and Ethan Anderson-manager also qualified for
gan Castenson, Shelby Cummins, Mady Jaeschke, Cas- the Twin Lakes Conference All Academic Honors (To earn
this award you must have a cumulative GPA above 3.25
and earn a varsity letter).
Kamryn Shady and Katie Wickwire qualified
for the Twin Lakes Conference All Academic Honors in
basketball cheer (To earn this award you must have a cu-
mulative GPA above 3.25 and earn a varsity letter).
Carter Fluckiger and Xavier Nichols qualified
for the Twin Lakes Conference All Academic Honors in
wrestling. (To earn this award you must have a cumulative
GPA above 3.25 and earn a varsity letter).
Shelby Hofbauer and Jessica Shirbroun also W
qualified for the Twin Lakes Conference All Academic Hon-
ors in wrestling cheer (To earn this award you must have a Dave Carlon and a group of Gowrie area fans
cumulative GPA above 3.25 and earn a varsity letter). enjoyed the first game of the weekend at the Bradley Center d
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. a

Warehime has highest Gowrie area fans C

finish at ISU Indoor cheer on ISU i
2017 track season begins... H

The Southeast Valley boys track team started

basketball Team
off the 2017 track season Tuesday night, March 14th at
By Shari Everhart H
the ISU indoor meet in Ames. Senior Spencer Warehime
Dave Carlon and a group of Gowrie area fans en-l
had the highest finish of the night in the 3200m run. His
joyed the first game of the weekend at the Bradley Centerm
time of 9:55.24 was good enough for 11th place. Ben
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and watched Iowa State advanceE
Carlson also ran the 3200m run in a time of 12:11.65.
in the second round of the NCAA basketball tournamentb
Kyler Fisher and Nyles Johnson both ran the
on Thursday, March 16. The ISU Cyclones posted a 84 toi
60m dash in identical 7.70 seconds. In the 60m hurdles,
73 victory over the Nevada Wolf Pack out of the MountainI
Daven Rees ran a 10.32 and Jarrett Loseke ran a 10.60.
West Conference. Playing in Milwaukee had its advan-H
Loseke also ran the 400m dash in a time of 1:05.62.
tages. It's relatively close to Ames, home of the Cyclones.
Teammate JJ Graves finished ahead of Loseke in 1:01.51.
Excited about the win, Carlon said, "The Cyclones1
In the 1600m run, Parker Johnson ran a 6:10.96 to fin-
played well in the first half but got a bit sloppy in the sec-h
ished ahead of teammate Isaiah Gibbs who ran a 6:14.00.
ond half." He also went on to say, "They did make 16 to 18e
Patrick Breitsprecher lead off the 4 x 800m
free throws, so that helped them down the stretch." d
relay that finished in a time of 9:39.21 and also anchor
When asked what his thoughts were in the next match-i
the distance medley relay that was a total time of 4:07.87.
up with Purdue, Dave said Iowa State will need to play aC
Other members of the 4 x 800 were Hunter Kruse, Ivan
tough inside game and continue to stay hot from the three-c
Hudson and Daven Rees. Kenny Blunk, Zach Graves and
point arch. A
Nyles Johnson started off the distance medley relay. In
Thursday night's game was a homecoming of sorts form
the 4 x 400m relay, Kyler Fisher lead off, followed by
ISU players Deonte Burton, Darrell Bowie and Donovang
Kruse and the Graves brothers.
Jackson, all three who are Milwaukee area natives andt
In the field events, Kyler Fisher and Chase
who have contributed to the Cyclone's winning run ini
Swieter both jumped 5 4 in the high jump. Ivan Hud-
tournament play. In the contest between ISU and Nevada,T
son threw 35 1 in the shot put and Jared Kastendieck
Jackson had 12 points and a solid perfect shooting effort.s
threw 33 5.5. The Jaguars will also compete at the BV
Bowie completed the game with eight points and five re-
indoor meet on Friday, March 17th before beginning their
outdoor season on March 27th in the Chelsey Henkenius
Deonte Burton put up 14 points and eight rebounds at
Invite at Lake City.
the hometown arena. Naz Mitrou-Long and Matt Thomas

SV Girls Track Team contributed 13 points apiece as the Cyclones posted the
10th win out of the last 11 games and a tourney win in
Kansas City.
kick off 2017 season Nevada struggled early as the Cyclones experience
showed gaining an early 13-point lead at halftime. The
Southeast Valley at ISU Indoor second half proved to show their real talents but could
never sustain a lead. For the Wolf Pack, Cameron Oli-
Schedule of Events The girls started their track season at the ISU
ver dropped in 22 points, Jordan Caroline had 20 points
and eight rebounds, and Marcus Marshall contributed 16
indoor on March 13th. Last year they ran inside and it points and five rebounds.
was over 70 degrees out and we wished we were outside
Week of March 23rd to March 29th running.
Iowa State led by as much as 15 points in the first half
before Nevada found its groove.
Friday, March 24 That was not the case this year. The girls we Next up for Iowa State, Purdue, which won over Ver-
7:00 p.m. SVHS Spring Play very happy to be inside with the cold weather we have mont. Caleb Swanigan had 16 points, 14 rebounds and
Saturday, March 25 had the last few days. We have a very young new team four assists for the fourth-seeded Boilermakers and a solid
7:00 p.m. SVHS Spring Play and have a lot of work to do yet. second half showing for Vincent Edwards who posted 16
Sunday, March 26 This gave the coaches an idea of where some of his 21 points in the second half.
FCCLA State Leadership Conference are at and gives us things to work on. We will keep work-
ing them hard and get ready for our outdoor season next.
Monday, March 27
FCCLA State Leadership Conference Results... Zion Lutheran Church
High Jump - *Mackenzie Crampton, 4 4;
PVES - NO AM Preschool
All-State Individual Speech Festival @ UNI
Shot Put, Jaiden Ackerson, 34 7.5; Kayla Dolph, 24
4; Long Jump - Maddy Jaeschke, 12 6.5; 60H - Nata-
Council meets March 28
4:30 G Varsity Track Meet C- Lake City lie Lambert, 23, 10:50; Karissa Hiesterman, 11:86; 60M Wednesday, March 22 Lenten Soup Supper at
4:30 B Varsity Track Meet C- Lake City - Karissa Hiesterman, 11.49; Leslie Housken, 12.38; UMC will begin at 6 p.m. followed by worship at 7 p.m.
Tuesday, March 28 Sprint Med. Relay - 2:09.08 it consisted of Katara Jon- Sunday, March 26 Sunday School will begin at
FCCLA State Leadership Conference dle 14.47, Shelby Cummins, 14.18, Karissa Hiesterman 9:30 a.m. Worship will begin at 10:30 a.m.
PVES - NO AM Preschool 1:10.38, and Kanyon Pepples 1:10.38; 800M - Emma Tuesday, March 28 a Church council Meeting
6:00 p.m. SV SIAC Committee Meeting Hunter 3:30.44; Viatris Scott, 3:16.82; 1500M - Allie will be held at 7 p.m.
True, 6:23.62; *Sammy Alphs, 6:25.05; *4x400 - finish Wednesday, March 29 Youth Bells will begin at 4
*Schedule is pulled from the SV website for your convenience* time 4:42.57, Katara Jondle 1:08.66, Shelby Cummins p.m. A Lenten Soup supper at Zion will begin at 6 p.m.
www.southeastvalley.org 1:09.80, Maddy Jaeschke 1:12.00, and Karissa Heister- Worship Service at Zion will begin at 7 p.m. Vesper
***Schedules are subject to change at anytime*** man 1:11.62. *Cheeta awards. Ringers will meet at 8 p.m.
March 22, 2017

PV Elementary fire Fire prevention poster winners from left to right

are Firemen Brian Lane, Camryn Lane, Aiden Anderson,

prevention poster
Hanna Hicks, Landon Dorsey, Ellie Carstens, and Firemen
Kevin Kruse. Elizabeth Thompson (not pictured).

winners announced
Prairie Valley Elementary third and fourth grade
art students created fire prevention posters supporting
this years theme Dont Wait: Check the Date remind-
Walter F. Lusmann, 97 ing homeowners to replace fire detectors every ten years.
This theme was the final in a three year fire detector fo-
Walter F. Lusmann 97, passed away on Thurs- cus.
day, March 16, 2017. Funeral services were held at 10:00 Many people know the benefits of installing fire
a.m. Monday, March 20, at the Holy Trinity Lutheran detectors and the need to check batteries regularly. Yet,
Church, Farnhamville, with Pastor Robert Zellmer offi- few are aware that the manufacturing date is printed on
ciating. Burial was at Reading Township Cemetery, near each detector and that units are to be replaced every ten
Farnhamville, with Military Graveside rites by the Amer- years. Students were encouraged to share this life-saving
ican Legion Post #510 of Farnhamville. Memorials may information with parents and others.
be left to the discretion of the family. Palmer Funeral Prairie Valley appreciates the annual poster con-
Home, Gowrie is serving the family. test support from the Callender, Farnhamville, Gowrie,
Survivors include son, Neil Lusmann (Lori) and Moorland fire departments. Firemen Brian Lane and
of Rockford, Illinois; daughter, Michele Staub (Dan) of Kevin Kruse presented this years plaques to Camryn
Urbandale; grandchildren, Ryan (Michelle) Lusmann of Lane, Aiden Anderson, Hanna Hicks, Landon Dorsey, El-
Huntley, IL, Ashley (Will) Dowell of Rockford, IL, Ty- lie Carstens, and Elizabeth Thompson (not pictured).
-ler (Pilar) Lusmann of East Troy, WI, Jarrod (Lia) Lus- Top posters created by Camryn Lane (3rd grade)
rmann of Rockton, IL, Kyle Lusmann of Rockford, IL, and Hanna Hicks (4th-grade) were sent on to state level
eEvan Lusmann of Rockford, IL, and Morgan Staub of Ur- judging. Congratulations, artists!
tbandale; and five great-grandchildren. He was preceded Prairie Valley Elementary recognize all our local
oin death by his wife Caroline; parents, Herman Sr. and firemen for supporting this project and for their volunteer
nIda (Mueller) Lusmann; and brothers, Art, Harold, and service to our communities
-Herman Lusmann.
. Walter Frederick Lusmann was born January 25,
s1920 in Farnhamville, Iowa. He graduated from Farn-
-hamville High School, with the Class of 1938. Walter
8enlisted in the United States Army, serving our country
during World War II. On May 16, 1948, he was united
-in marriage to Caroline Kopecky at St. Peter's Lutheran
aChurch in Farnhamville. Walter owned and operated a
-carpet and flooring business until his retirement in 1990.
Along with his clever sense of humor, Walter will be re-
rmembered as a loving husband, father, grandfather, and
ngreat-grandfather. He enjoyed gardening and working in
dthe yard but was happiest when he was fishing or spend-
ning time with family and friends. As a member of Holy
,Trinity Lutheran Church, he was thankful for the friend-
.ships he made there.


Why It Matters
s Does it really matter what we believe about the
6 origin of mankind? Yes. Yes, it does, and here is why. If
God is left completely out of our belief, life is meaning-
f less. If God is not involved in our lives, then we are noth-
ing but a bunch of molecules that just magically came
- together billions of years ago. Without Gods involve-
d ment, ethics and morality become nothing by whomever
d happens to have the most power at the moment.
6 If we leave God out of our lives, there is nothing
left except us looking out for number 1 in our lives. But if
God is in our lives, we have a reason for living. We have
a purpose for life. Why? Because then it gives us an ap-
preciation of life itself and a reason for existence. Most
of all, it is a matter of faith faith in God. Our faith is a
never changing God virus the whims of scientific theory.
Our God is always there for us and that gives us peace.
Prayer: Lord, strengthen our faith and help us
to not be misled by scientific facts. You are the truth, help
us to always see this. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen
6 March 22, 2017

Towne Veterinary Clinic, Gowrie,

improving animal care services
Now offering acupuncture...
Towne Veterinary Clinic is improving their compare the idea of Integrative Medicine with the hu-
current animal care services by offering Integrative man side Chiropractic Medicine and Dry Needling
Veterinary Medicine at the clinic in Gowrie, and on where pressure points and nerves are manipulated to
house/country calls on a regular basis. affect both muscles and internal organs. Most of the
Integrative Veterinary Medicine is a combi- animals are getting relief from painful joints, arthritis,
nation of the regular veterinary medicine that people muscle and ligament sprains; all of which are respon-
have come to expect (Western veterinary medicine) sive to acupuncture. Internal organ problems, behav-
with acupuncture veterinary medicine (Traditional ior difficulties, allergies, etc. are more often consid-
Chinese Veterinary Medicine, or TCVM). ered organ dysfunctions, and are also responsive to
Acupuncture is traditionally thought of as acupuncture medicine.
poking needles, and some people and their animals On the large animal side of veterinary medi-
are very shy to needles. However, that is only part cine there is new emphasis on antibiotic usage, and
of the practice of TCVM. Some forms of therapy are new restrictions coming into play on January 1, 2017.
done with special massages or cupping, some are done There is a large need for healthy and sick animal
with herbal prescriptions, some are done with heat or therapies that do not contribute to residues for meat
electro-stimulation, some are done with dietary man- producing animals, and Integrative Medicine is one of
agement. Most needling is done with very fine nee- the therapies available. Horse owners that have plea-
dles that patients do not feel, and they are left in for sure horses, and those with competitive horses will
10-20 minutes depending on the need. also benefit from Integrative Medicine for most health
Clients and their patients will notice that problems.
more time may be spent examining the animal hands- Dr. Towne has received training in Integra-
on, more time may be spent asking about the history tive Medicine from the International Veterinary Acu-
of the problem and the environment around the ani- puncture Society (ivas.org) in 2016, and will offer
mal. There may also be time spent looking at the Con- Integrative Veterinary Medicine as part of his general
stitution of the animal, in the form of whether they are veterinary practice.
calm vs frantic, shy vs out-going, working vs com-
panion, big-eaters vs
More interest is be-
ing shown in Integrative
Medicine because of the
cost of medicines today,
and the various side ef-
fects that they produce.
Integrative Medicine
as needles or herb-
als or massages are
much more cost
effective, and
there are no side
effects known.
Clients can


At POET, were helping family

farms grow even as they fuel the
planet. All it takes is a strong
community to change the world.

See the world dif ferently.

March 22, 2017

Agriculture Council of America

celebrates 2017 National Ag Day
e The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) will posed of leaders in the agricultural, food and ber com-
,host National Agriculture Day on March 21, 2017. This munity, dedicating its efforts to increasing the publics
-will mark the 44th anniversary of National Ag Day which awareness of agricultures role in modern society.
-is celebrated in classrooms and communities across the The National Ag Day program encourages every
-country. The theme for National Ag Day 2017 is Agri- American to:
oculture: Food For Life. Understand how food and ber products are
On March 21, 2017, ACA will host major events produced.
-in the nations capital including a breakfast event at the Appreciate the role agriculture plays in provid-
dNational Press Club as well as a Taste of Agriculture Cel- ing safe, abundant and affordable products.
.ebration on the Hill. Additionally, the ACA will bring Value the essential role of agriculture in main-
lapproximately 100 college students to Washington to de- taining a strong economy.
tliver the message of Ag Day. Acknowledge and consider career opportuni-
f These events honor National Agriculture Day ties in the agriculture, food and ber industry.
-and mark a nationwide effort to tell the true story of I n addition to the events in Washington, DC on
lAmerican agriculture and remind citizens that agriculture March 21, the ACA will once again feature the Ag Day
his a part of all of us. A number of producers, agricultural Essay Contest in addition to an Ag Day Photography
associations, corporations, students and government or- Contest. The winning photograph will be part of the 2017
-ganizations involved in agriculture are expected to par- National Ag Day Poster.
-ticipate. Visit www.agday.org for more information on
r National Ag Day is organized by the Agriculture National Ag Day in 2017.
lCouncil of America. ACA is a nonpro t organization com-

America's Farmers Grow Communities

Program available for local farmers
Win a $2,500 donation...
Monsanto Funds Americas Farmers Grow others. In Iowa organizations have received monetary
Communities Program provides opportunity for farmers donations toward causes positively impacting farming
to make a difference in rural communities nationwide communities.
From Aug. 1 Nov. 30, Calhoun county eligible We are excited to team up with farmers once
farmers can enroll in the Americas Farmers Grow Com- again to help support the causes that mean the most to
munities program to win a $2,500 do- them and that have an impact in their
nation to direct to a local eligible non- local communities, said Al Mitchell,
profit organization Monsanto Fund president. Because
The Americas Farmers of their commitment to this program,
Grow Communities program, spon- thousands of nonprofit organizations
sored by the Monsanto Fund, provides have been able to enhance the impor-
farmers the opportunity to support tant programs and services they pro-
and give back to a nonprofit of their vide, having a positive impact on the
choice. communities they serve.
Since 2010, the Americas Program Helps Farmers Di-
Farmers Grow Communities program rect More Than $3 Million to Non-
has given more than $22 million to profits across Rural America
nonprofits across rural America. To show the true impact of
Rural communities are the a $2,500 donation, Calhoun County
backbone of America, and starting on Aug. 1, 2017, eli- farmer Don Boarland directed a donation to Reading-Ce-
gible farmers in Calhoun County Iowa will have the op- dar Fire Department, where the funds were used to help
portunity to win a $2,500 donation to direct to a local match funds received from the Calhoun County Com-
eligible nonprofit organization. As part of the Americas munity Foundation Grant for the purchase of new LED
Farmers Grow Communities program, sponsored by the Lightbars and Lighting for the Reading-Cedar Fire De-
Monsanto Fund, more than $3 million dollars of finan- partments fire Engines.
cial support will be provided to nonprofits across rural Iowa farmers can enroll in the Americas Farm-
America in 2017. ers Community Outreach program from Aug. 1 to Nov.
Since the program began in 2010, the Americas 30, 2016. Online enrollment, as well as a complete list of
Farmers Grow Communities program has awarded more program rules and eligibility information, can be found
than $22 million in donations to a broad cross-section of at www.GrowCommunities.com or by calling 1-877-267-
organizations that reflect the makeup and character of 3332 toll-free. Consumers can follow Grow Communi-
rural America, including emergency response organiza- ties on Facebook to learn more about the program at face-
tions, schools, youth agriculture programs and many book.com/AmericasFarmers.
8 March 22, 2017

Gowrie Municipal
Golf Course offers
Half-price golf passes
The Gowrie Municipal Golf Course is preparing
to open for the 2017 golf season. The weather during the
past couple of years has put the course in excellent condi-
tion! Our experienced grounds crew has done a fabulous
job maintaining this wonderful Gowrie asset.
To encourage more golfers to give it a try, the
course is offering a half-price sale to new golfers this
If you were not a season pass holder last year,
you are invited to purchase a 2017 pass for half-price.
The hope is to attract new golfers to the course, as well as
entice past members to re-join.
The Gowrie golf course has been through many
changes in the past. It went from being a private golf club
to being a municipal course open to the public. This evo- Representing Gowrie from left to right are Berna Tucker, Heartland Bank; Jeff Boerner and Marcie Boerner,
lution is confusing to some people who still believe there Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association; Jill Heistercamp, Calhoun County Economic Development Commis-
is the stigma of it being an exclusive golf club. Nothing sion; Kevin Black, Heartland Bank; and Kelly Halsted, Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.
could be further from the truth!
The Gowrie City Council wants people to know
that everyone is welcome to golf the course. Contact the
Gowrie and Gowrie Development Commision
Gowrie City Clerk at (515) 352-3999 with any questions
or to purchase your annual golf pass. represented at GFDGA Annual Dinner
Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance...
Gowrie Easter Egg Hunt By Gowrie Development Commision The dinner included record attendance and fea-
April 15 at 1 p.m. Gowrie and the Gowrie Development Commis-
sion was recently represented at the Greater Fort Dodge
tured John McElligott speaking about embracing disrup-
tion and the future of technology.
Growth Alliance annual dinner.
Located at Laurel Park...
By Gowrie Development Commision
Prairie Valley PTA discusses Library
furniture and funds for walking path
Easter is April 16th and plans are underway for
the annual Easter Egg Hunt in Gowrie on Saturday, April
15th at 1:00 pm at Laurel Park (weather alternative is the
new fire station). We would appreciate your support by The Monday, February 6 meeting of the Prai- ily Fun Night to benefit more students. It was the con-
either donating a finished Easter basket or pre-plan a bas- rie Valley Elementary PTA was held at the Elementary sensus of the group that this would allow for more books
ket by making a donation. School library, Farnhamville, 6:30 p.m., with President to students needing them the most. The free book has a
Pre-plan and allow the committee to create a Kerri Moeller presiding. Peyton Heslop provided child- $5.00 limit. The spring book fair is a BOGO event which
basket for you! The shopping committee will need your care, with pizza, snacks and drinks available to all in decreases PTA costs with last years book fair free book
donation no later than April 6th. The shopping will be attendance. President Moeller discussed the evening expense was under $600. Trish Wanat made the motion
finished by April 8th. The baskets choices are $15.00, agenda. Trish Wanat approved it with a second made by that students receive their free books wehen they visit the
$20.00 or $25.00. Please include your return address as Jennifer Hicks. book fair during the school day. Motion was seconded by
we will give each child a thank you card to mail back to Minutes from the last meeting were given by Jennifer Hicks. The motion passed unanimously.
you. Trish Wanat, Treasurer, and discussion was held regarding
Please make your checks payable to Pat Pe-
terson. Donations can be given to Pat Peterson (mail to
the treasurers report. It was indicated that no response has
been received from the middle school principal pertaining
SV Math & Science Club
1405 Market Street, Gowrie, Iowa 50543), Jeff Petersen
at Jamboree Foods, or Heartland Bank by April 6th. This
to the money market account funds from Prairie Valleys
former middle school. After several inquiries were made
2016-17 members
will ensure that your basket will be ready for our hunt!
If you would like to donate a finished basket you
and no answer received, it was moved by Samantha Guts-
hall to close the money market account and roll the funds
Complete eight credits...
can drop it off at Webster-Calhoun Telephone or Jambo- into the checking account with the stipulation the funds For these Southeast Valley students to become a
ree Foods no later than Friday, April 14th . be given to the middle school if requested. Audrey Ahlers member of the SVHS Math & Science Club, the students
The Easter Basket Committee appreciates your seconded the motion. Motion carried. must successfully complete eight credits of math or sci-
support: Jeff and Julie Petersen, Pat Peterson, Shelly Principal Jim Duncan shared a picture of stu- ence. Congratulations to these students on this accom-
Nelson and Renee Robertson. dents with the purchased playground equipment and stat- plishment!
Sponsored by the Gowrie Development Com- ed the photo will be published in a future edition of The
mission and Jamboree Foods. Jaiden Ackerson 12 Drew Lundquist 11
Gowrie News. He reported that many positive comments
Help is still needed during the actual egg hunt! Aaron Swieter 12 Ryan Gustafson 12
were made concerning the TK-2nd grade music concert,
Please contact Pat Peterson for more information! Joel Anderson 12 Alanna McFarland 11
and that the 3rd/4th grade concert has been scheduled for

Aaron True 12 Peyton Heslop 12
March. It was also noted that a growth in fluency scores
Michael Balla 12 Melissa Pautsch 11
are indicated in the recent FAST reading assessments and
Carson Walrod 12 Morgan Jackson 12
that teachers are currently preparing for the Iowa Assess-
Sam Bergland 12 Kanyon Pepples 11
Spencer Warehime 12 Dakota Jaeschke 12

Worship Schedule
The subject of library furniture and funds for a
Nolan Brand 12 Cameron Pliner 11
walking path was reopened. Principal Duncan presented
Mickayla Willison 12 Jordan Lane 12
catalog items he and Margo Shirbroun had chosen for the
Makayla Busma 12 Daven Rees 11
library as well as a floor plan layout. It was moved by
Samantha Gutshall to give $1,000 to the schools library
8:30 a.m. Sunday School; 9:30 a.m. Worship Regina Cook 12 Kelsi Sandahl 11
to purchase new furniture.The motion was seconded by
Audrey Ahlers. The motion carried.
Anthony Crampton 12 Megan Seil 11
10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship, 9:45 a.m. Fellowhip Coffee Discussion continued concerning the walking
Leah Gibbons 11 Fernando Salazar 12
OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN, CALLENDER path with a tentative summer date selected. It is a pos-
Myles Davis 12 Patti Snyder 11
sibility that Tyson Gutshall will assist with the project
9:15 a.m. Sunday Worhip Anna Hanson 11 Kelcy Schultz 12
by providing and operating a skid loader to construct the
UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, GOWRIE Nick Eslick 12 Ramona Thompson 11
walking path bed. Also discussed was setting a budget
9:00 a.m. Sunday School; 10:15 a.m. Worship Karissa Hiesterman 11 Jacob Sorenson 12
ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. The item was tabled until
Jennifer Gallentine 12 Hannah Vaughn 11
ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, GOWRIE the next meeting in consideration of monies realized from
Leslie Housken 11 Ryann Steburg 12
9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Worship an upcoming fundraiser.
Keegan Goodwin 12 Claire Whalen 11
FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH, HARCOURT Principal Duncan noted that the schools lamina-
Daniel Johnson 11 Ashley Stenzel 12
tor has stopped working. He said a replacement laminator
10:30 a.m. Worship; 9:30 a.m. Fellowhip Emma Graves 12 Kyle Zeka 11
would cost between $400 to $2,000. Jennifer Hicks made
a motion to allow $1,500 toward the purchase of a new
8:30 a.m. Worship; 9:40 a.m. Sunday School Gordon Grossnickle 12
machine. The motion was seconded by Trish Wanat. Mo-
9:00 a.m. Worship Teacher Representative and Box Tops/Campbell
Soup Label Chairman Samantha Gutshall reported that
the winter box tops contest brought in $400, down from
9:00 a.m. Worship almost $1,000 from last year.Discussion was held regard-
FULTON LUTHERAN CHURCH, ROELYN ing different ways to promote and inform the community
9:00 a.m. Worship of the box top program and the possibility of advertising

It Pays to Advertise!
and promoting the project at various banks, post offices,
etc. She also brought a request from Librarian Margo
Shirbroun to offer the free book from the spring book fair
during school hours rather than during the Reading/Fam-
March 22, 2017
Our Saviours Lutheran Sunday, March 26 Sunday Worship
will begin at 9:15 a.m. followed by fellowship coffee
Lenten Supper planned at 10:15. Children will meet at 10:30 for Sunday School.
Worship in Harmony will meet at 10:45 a.m. in room
number 5. Adult Forum will meet at 11:00 a.m. in the
Wednesday, March 22 at 5:15 p.m. . . Fireside Room.
Wednesday, March 22 Lenten Supper will be- Monday, March 27 Bible Study with Don Doo-
gin at 5:15 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Confirmation little will meet in the Fireside Room at 7:00 p.m.
will begin in the Fireside Room at 6 p.m. followed by Tuesday, March 28 Creative Christian Crafters
Lenten Worship at 7 p.m.. will meet from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Fireside Room.
Thursday, March 23 Dorcas/Lydia Circle will Wednesday, March 29 1st Communion
meet in the Fireside Room at 9:00 a.m. followed by Mary/ Class will meet in the Fireside Room at 4:00 p.m. A
Martha Circle at 2:00 p.m. also in the Fireside Room. Lenten Supper will take place in the Fellowship Hall at
Gowrie Care Center Devotions will be held at 3:00 p.m. 5:15 p.m. with Confirmation Class in the Fireside Room
Choir Rehearsal will meet at 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, March 25 Mens Group will meet at 9
from 6:00-6:45 p.m. Lenten Worship will begin at 7:00
p.m. Star Energy, Fuel
up Jags program
a.m. in the Fireside Room. Shared Blessings Food Pantry
is open from 10 a.m. till Noon. A Come & Go Bridal
Shower for Hillary Hanson will be held from 1 p.m. till 3
~ Email your news to
p.m. at the Fellowship Hall. gnews@wccta.net ~
generate funds
North Central Iowa Classifieds $903.77 in last six months...
HELP WANTED- TRUCK MEDICAL CARE The Southeast Valley School District would like
DRIVER IF YOU HAD HIP OR to recognize STAR Energy for the #fuelupjags program.
In 6 months, we were able to generate $903.77 to be re-
Tankers. Great Pay, Home SURGERY AND SUFFERED
Weekends, and Benefits! AN INFECTION between turned to the school. Southeast Valley Schools would
Potential of $60,000 plus per 2010 and the present time, also like to recognize all of the businesses and individu-
year! Contact Tony 608-935- you may be entitled to als that have applied for the Jags card or have converted
0915 Ext 16 www.qlf.com compensation. Call Attorney your exisiting STAR account to a Jags card.
(INCN) Charles H. Johnson 1-800-535- For those of you that have not, it is really simple.
5727 (INCN) You can apply for a Fuel the Jags card at http://www.south-
eastvalley.org/vnews/display.v/ART/571a3045e14ec and
click on the card for an application.

CRP SEED BUYING TIPS STAR Energy & Fast Stop Locations: Gowrie,
Callender, Farnhamville, Churdan, Rockwell City,
Nemaha, Storm Lake, Knierim, Roelyn, Otho, Fort
Always buy your CRP seed from Dodge, Humboldt, Spencer, and Spirit Lake.
Professional Seedsmen - Programs like this in other areas are generat-
ing over $10,000 a year. Please encourage your friends
LONG TERM and neighbors. They will save 1 cent per gallon and the
school gets 2 cents per gallon.
supplier of excellent quality seed.
a Gowrie United
Years in
Methodist Churchs
weekly events
e the prairie experts
11009 542nd Street Lucas, IA 50151
How You Can Avoid Gowrie United Methodist church will be host-
800-582-2788 or 641-766-6790 7 Costly Mistakes if
ing the Lenten Soup Dinner and worship on March 22nd.
Fax: 641-766-6795 There is need for soup, treats, set up and clean up! If you
john@prairieseedfarms.com Hurt at Work are interested in helping please contact 515-352-3715.
All offerings collected at the mid-week Lenten
www.prairieseedfarms.com Each year thousands of Iowans
are hurt at work, but many fail to
services are what funds VBS each summer. To donate
please mark your donations GOWRIE VBS and give to
We Accept:
a Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover & Bank Letter of Credit learn the Injured Workers Bill of Katie Dorsey or Brenda Anderson.
Rights which includes: Mark your callendars for Vacation Bible School,
- 1. Payment of Mileage at $.54 per Victory by the Go Fish Guys will be held July 23-27 this
- mile 2. Money for Permanent summer at Zion Lutheran Church.
Disability 3. 2nd Medical
Opinion in Admitted Claims. . .
Disc Golf...
. A Bold New Book reveals your continued from front page...
other rights, exposes insurance company secrets and much challenges to enforce completions of challenges.
more. The book is being offered to you at no cost because The challenged player must give the challenger
since 1997, Iowa Work Injury Attorney Corey Walker has two (2) times to meet in the next 2 weeks or they must
seen the consequences of clients costly mistakes. If you forfeit and swap tags. If the challenger can not meet that
or a loved one have been hurt at work and do not have an timeline, the challenge is void. Not showing up for a
attorney claim your copy (while supplies last) Call Now match results in a forfeit. (20 minute leeway)
(800)-707-2552, ext. 311 (24 Hour Recording) or go to www. PDGA rules apply. If the challenger wins the round, the
IowaWorkInjury.com. Guarantee- Corey stands behind his tags are exchanged.
book and if you do not learn at least one thing call us and we Ties result in everyone keeping the bag tag

CALL NOW 1-800-320-3984

will donate $1,000 to your charity of choice. number. However, if ALL players agree before the round
starts; a play-off hole(s) can be used as a tie-breaker us-
ing sudden death rules.
You dont have to play back-to-back challenge
rounds against the same player or in a multi-player match
with the exact same opponents. A player cant challenge
you, lose to you, and immediately challenge you again
for another round.
However, if ALL parties agree, consecutive
round challenges are allowed. Challenges MUST be
verbally agreed upon at the beginning of EACH round.
Incomplete round: If a player does not complete a bag tag
challenge round, the exiting player should trade tags with
the player with the highest tag number.
If play is stopped by all players before the round
is complete, no tags are exchanged. This could be due to
hazardous weather, physical emergency or mutual agree-
Multiple people at the same course at the same
time can have a group challenge with 5 or less playing in
the group. If more than 5 are present the group must split
into cards of at least 3 and play proceeds as if it were a
www.1866GetAPro.com ticipate in challenges at a tournament. If you happen to be
pooled with one or more Gowrie Disc Golfer with a Bag
~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~ Tag, then those players are also competing for tags that
10 March 22, 2017


March 13th, 2017 JERYS, PHILLIP A. CHABAN,WARDBENTON,HARRY BENTON, The Board of Adjustments will be meeting for the purpose of a
IRENE LOUISE JUST SHELDON, WANDA E. JUST ROTHMUND, variance being requested per Gowrie Code of Ordinance Section 165.41,
The Farnhamville City Council met on Monday March 13th, 6:30 p.m. CAROL MULLARD, MARSHALL POOLE, JAMES POOLE, ALLIDAH which can be reviewed at Gowrie City Hall, by property owners of 1106
at the City Hall Council Chambers, called to order by roll call by Mayor VELMA POOLE HICKS, WARREN POOLE, RONALD JEROME Park Street.
Frank Morgan, with council members Alex Farley, Barb Gregg, Troy EFFERTZ, JERRY EFFERTZ, ETHAN CHABAN ROSENBAUM, AARON At the above designated time and place, opportunity to be heard
Jepsen, and Rita Kail. Others present were Roger Kopecky, and Bruce ROSENBAUM, KAREN CHABAN BENTON, JEAN LISA STOPKE will be given to both proponents and opponents of the proposed zoning
McCormack. Absent Jeff Kicklighter and Alan Jorgensen. DOHANYOS, GAIL ROXANN GUTTENFELDER TRIP, LARITA KA YE ordinance.

Motion by Kail, seconded by Farley to approve the March agenda and PETERSON MYERS, ROBERT PETERSON, FREDERICK CARLSON
the meeting minutes from February 13th meeting. Motion carried. JR., DANIEL CARLSON, STEPHEN RALPH CARLSON, DIANE PEJZA
Mayor Morgan open the Public Meeting regarding the Budget FY LATIOLAIS, DONNA PEJZA MILLER, MICHAEL PEJZA, PAULA JEAN
2017-2018. Motion by Farley to approve Resolution No. A-2017 for the
budget for FY 2017-2018, seconded by Jepsen. Motion carried. Public MCBROOM, ADRIENNE NICHOLE CAUDILL MASON, MARK EARL
Morgan opened the regular meeting. V. HUDSON, UNKNOWN HEIRS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON MUZZY,
Following discussion motion by Farley seconded by Gregg to approve AND THEIR UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, City of Farnhamville Public Notice
the payment of the bills presented at the meeting. Motion carried. SUCCESSORS IN INTEREST AND THEIR UNKNOWN SPOUSES AND In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the
Motion by Gregg, seconded by Jepson to approve the monthly UNKNOWN CLAIMANTS OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED REAL 1996 Safe Drinking water Act, the Farnhamville Water Department has
finance report as presented. Motion carried. ESTATE SITUATED IN WEBSTER COUNTY, IOWA: completed the public right-to-know CCR (Consumer Confidence Report).
The Employee Insurance was discussed with motion by Gregg, Government Lots 6, 7, and 8 and the S1/2 of the SW1/4 of Section The report is being made available upon request from Alan
seconded by Kail to go with Wellmark Complete Blue 2250 PPO Silver for 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, EXCEPT a tract of Jorgensen, Water Superintendent or Emily Bendickson, City Clerk, during
Kopecky at a rate of $676.20 per month. Motion carried. Upon Jorgensen land in the SE1/4 of the SW1/4 and in Government Lot 7 of Section 14- normal business hours. This certified report has been sent to the Iowa
retirement he will obtain his personal insurance. 88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, described as follows: DNR to be placed on file.
There was discussion on the open employee position. Council would Beginning at a point 1899.5 feet East of the SW corner of the SW1/4 of

like Kopecky to submit job description/duties with the possibility of hiring a the SW 1/4 of said Section 14, said point being also on the South line of
part-time person. said Section 14; thence North 344.0 feet; thence East 218.4 feet parallel
Motion by Kail, seconded by Gregg to approve the Mosquito Control to the South line of said Section 14; thence South 145.6 feet; thence East

contract for the yearly rate of $2,100.00 127.9 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence North 190.6
Motion carried. feet; thence East 85.0 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14;
The Farnhamville/Somers burnsite will be opening in April. Morgan thence N052' East 1100 feet; thence East 205.0 feet parallel to the South
will be at the site on April 15th. line of said Section 14; thence S053' West 1489.0 feet to the South line
Motion by Farley, seconded by Jepsen to accept the estimate bid of of said Section 14; thence West 630.3 feet to the point of beginning, AND Regular meeting was held March 15, 2017, 6:15 PM, at the utilities
$1,948.00 to repair the sink hole located on EXCEPT a parcel of land located in the SW1/4 of Section 14-88-28 West of building with the following members present: Rittgers, Boerner, and
Farnham Ave. Motion carried. the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, more particularly described as follows: Carpenter. Also present was Chris Frideres, Gordon Adkins, and Keith
Kopecky gave a verbal report on the electric and water departments. Commencing at the SW corner of the said SW1/4; thence N9000'00" East Streit, counsel liaison.
He will be purchasing ten radio read electric meters at $275.00 per meter 1899.50 feet along the South line of the said SW1/4; thence N0000'00" Rittgers moved to approve the minutes and financial reports, second
to replace some old meters. He contacted three companies to submit bids East 344.00 feet to the point of beginning; thence continuing N0000'00" Carpenter. Carried-all ayes.
for painting the water tower. East 30.00 feet; thence N9000'00" East 218.40 feet; thence South Bills allowed on motion by Rittgers, subject to audit, second
Six delinquent notices will be posted for shut off. 0000'00" West 30.00 feet; thence S9000'00" West 218.40 feet to the Carpenter. Carried-all ayes.
Verbal Police Report was given by McCormack. point of beginning, containing 6552 square feet. Note: The South line of
Motion by Farley, seconded by Jepsen to accept the resignation the said SW1/4 was assumed to bear N9000'00" East. DATA TECHNOLOGIES, SPRING USER GROUP REGISTRATION 95.00
of Farnhamville Librarian Kristen Fields effective April 29, 2017. Motion ANGSTROM, CHUCK CELL PHONE REIMBURSEMENT 80.00
carried. NOW KNOWN AS Government Lots 6, 7 and 8 and the S1/2 of the PAYROLL TAXES STATE TAX 816.00
Next council meeting will be Monday April 10th, 2017 at 6:30 pm. SW1/4 of Section 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, ARAMARK, BLDG & MAINT SUPP/UNIFORM EXP 176.46
Motion by Gregg, seconded by Farley to adjourn the meeting. Motion EXCEPT a tract of land in the SE1/4 of the SW1/4 and in Government BLACK HILLS ENERGY UTILITY SERVICE 493.02
carried. Lot 7 of Section 14-88-28, West of the 5th P.M., Webster County, Iowa, JIM BLAIR SANITATION RECYCLING-382 CUSTOMERS 1,719.00
Spring clean-up days will be April 10th 13th with dumpsters described as follows: Beginning at a point 1899.5 feet East of the SW TCB SANITATION GARBAGE-382 CUST & 20 TAGS 5,941.00
available on Hardin Street. corner of the SW1/4 of the SW 1/4 of said Section 14, said point being also CITY OF GOWRIE ELEC WATER SEWER GARBAGE 1,652.89
Tentative Garage sale days in Farnhamville will be June 23rd and on the South line of said Section 14; thence North 374.0 feet; thence East EMC ELEC DIST SUPPLIES 170.28
June 24th. 218.4 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence South 175.6 GMU UTILITY SERVICE 5,171.13
feet; thence East 127.9 feet parallel to the South line of said Section 14; GOWRIE NEWS FLUORIDE NOTICE 177.66
Emily Bendickson Frank Morgan thence North 190.6 feet; thence East 85.0 feet parallel to the South line GOWRIE SERVICE GAS & DIESEL (DEC,JAN,FEB) 742.36
City Clerk Mayor of said Section 14; thence N052' East 1100 feet; thence East 205.0 feet HAWKINS INC CONTAINER DEMURRAGE 10.00
parallel to the South line of said Section 14; thence S053' West 1489.0 ACHFILE-HEARTLAND BANK, ACHFILE 32.10
VENDOR, REFERENCE AMOUNT feet to the South line of said Section 14; thence West 630.3 feet to the
point of beginning. IAMU CIASSO DUES MAR-MAY 401.54
You are hereby notified that Plaintiff's Petition in is now on file JAMBOREE FOODS OPERATING SUPPLIES 8.74
BLACK HILLS ENERGY GAS $615.33 in the office of the clerk of the Court,stating in substance that Plaintiff
BROWN SUPPLY CO WATER PARTS $285.65 owns in fee simple the property described in the caption of this notice.
Such ownership is claimed by reason of facts fully stated in the Petition, SALES TAX SALES TAX
CALHOUN COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP, FEBRUARY $26,250.24 which also alleges that Defendants claim some interest therein, but their
claim is without right and constitutes a cloud on the title which it is desired SIMECA POWER PURCHASED 36,923.31
PROPRTY TAXES - BURNSITE $425.00 to remove. The Petition prays that Plaintiff's title to the premises be
established as an absolute title in fee simple, and quieted and confirmed JOHNSON KRAMER MULHOLLAND, PROF SERVICES 200.00n
CARROLL REFUSE SERVICE LLC, GARBAGE-RECYCLE $2,900.00 against all Defendants, each of whom be forever barred and estopped
from having or claiming any right, title, lien or interest in side property; PRINCIPAL LIFE LIFE INSURANCE/MAR 2017 77.41
CENTRAL STATES LAB LLC CHEMICALS $2,805.36 and for other equitable relief, and for costs. For further particulars see the
Petition as on file. IPERS IPERS
COMMUNITY BETTERMENT CLUB,DONATION $1,000.00 The name and address of the attorney for the Plaintiff is: Grefe & Sidney,
DATA TECHNOLOGIES INC METER READER $925.00 PLC, Craig S. Shannon, 500 E. Court Avenue, Suite 200, Des Moines, IA
50309. The attorney's phone number is (515)245-4300. PETTY CASH, POSTAGE,MTG EXPENSE,OFFICE SUP
ECOLAB PEST ELIMINATION PEST CONTROL $109.14 You must serve a motion or answer on or before the 19th day of
April, 2017, and within a reasonable time thereafter, file your motion or TAYLOR CLEANING OFFICE CLEANING 90.00
EMILY BENDICKSON BCBS $254.60 answer, in the Iowa District Court for Webster County, Iowa, at the County
Courthouse in Fort Dodge, Iowa. If you do not, judgment by default may be BUSINESS CARD, NORTON ANTIVIRUS SFTWRE RENEW 129.99
GALLS LLC EQUIPMENT $42.44 rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition.
You are further notified that the above case has been filed in a BANKCARD MERCHANTS CHOICE, MONTHLY FEE 65.37
GOWRIE TIRE AND SERVICE LAWN MOWER-TUBES $15.00 county that utilizes electronic filing. Please see Iowa Court Rules Chapter
16 for information on electronic filing and Iowa Court Rules Chapter 16, CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES, COPIER LEASE CONTRACT 73.50
IAMU DUES $1,690.18 division VI regarding the protection of personal information in court filings.
If you require the assistance of auxiliary aids or services to PAYROLL CHECKS TOTAL PAYROLL CHECKS 13,004.23
IPERS IPERS- REGULAR $1,466.31 participate in court because of a disability, immediately call your district
ADA coordinator at (641)421-0990. (If you are hearing impaired, call Relay Revenues for month $124,683.25. Expenses for month $105,106.53.
ITRON INC, METER READING MAINTENANCE $1,712.80 Agenda was approved by consensus with the deletion of Fox
JACOBSON ELECTRIC OUTDOOR LED WALL PACK REPLACE Iowa TTY at 1-800-735-2942.) Disability coordinators cannot provide legal
advice. Engineering.
,$696.88 Chuck informed the board that the RFP is being sent to IAMU to be
ONCE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS. posted on their website for potential bidders.
MARY ANTES HILER - LEASE $10.00 Tvrdik arrived at 6:30 pm.
MID AMERICAN RESEARCH CHE, CHEMICALS-SEWER $958.25 Chris Frideres, representing Cornwell, Frideres, Maher & Associates,

MIDAS COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS, PLC, was present to go over the audit ending June 30, 2016. She
GENERAL ADMINISTRATION $538.67 paged through the audit explaining the summary income statement,
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS, MAGAZINE $20.00 budgetary comparison schedule, and supplementary information for
PAUL KAIL CCEDC $41.40 each department. She went through the schedule of findings noting that
READING CEDAR FIRE DEPT 2017-2018 LEVY $4,049.00 " IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN WEBSTER COUNTY the budget did not get exceeded. Next, she covered the schedule of
ROGER KOPECKY MILEAGE $43.87 indebtedness and noted that both the electric fund and the sewer fund
STAR ENERGY FUEL $219.55 IN THE MATTER Probate No. ESPR307502 did not maintain enough net revenues to comply with the provisions of the
TREASURER STATE OF IOWA SALES TAX $876.00 OF THE ESTATE OF NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, bond for principal and interest due in 2016. She explained to the board
USDA LOAN - WATER $245.00 GARY EDWARD TAYLOR, WITHOUT ADMINISTRATION that it is their responsibility to keep an eye out for fraud. There are two
USDA LOAN - WATER $6,987.00 Deceased. kinds of fraud, the first being financial statement fraud. This pertains to
VISA BOOKS $1,247.87 spending out of incorrect funds. Second is misappropriation of assets.
WCCTA PHONE $388.91 To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Gary Edward Taylor, This pertains to stealing. Areas to watch are cash transactions and credit
WELLMARK BC/BS HEALTH INS CITY $1,534.74 Deceased, who died on April 14, 2010: card use. Other examples may be use of equipment, taking care so that
DAVID C PETERSON SHERIFF OWEN PAPERS SERVED $32.56 You are notified that on July 2, 2013, the last will and testament laptops, for example, are not stolen and personal use of vehicles. Chris
TOTAL ACCOUNTS PAYABLE $96,855.30 of Gary Edward Taylor, deceased, bearing date of March 10, 2010, was answered any questions from the Board of Trustees and was thanked for
PAYROLL CHECKS $7,076.84 admitted to probate in the above named court and that there will be no taking the time to come to the meeting.
**** PAID TOTAL ***** $103,932.14 present administration of the Estate. Carpenter moved to accept the 2015-16 audit, second Rittgers.
**** SCHED TOTAL ***** $36.84 Any action to set aside the will must be brought in the district court Carried-all ayes.
***** REPORT TOTAL ***** $103,968.98 of said county within the later to occur of four months from the date of the There was discussion about raising rates now instead of waiting for
GENERAL FUND $29,959.36 second publication of this notice or one month from the date of mailing of the rate study. A special meeting was set for Monday, March 20, 2017 at
LIBRARY $915.15 this notice to all heirs of the decedent and devisees under the will whose 4:30pm to discuss rates and set a public hearing.
ROAD USE TAX $1,371.95 identities are reasonably ascertainable, or thereafter be forever barred. Motion by Rittgers to adjourn, second Carpenter. Meeting adjourned
WATER $21,483.30 Dated: July 15, 2013. Next regular meeting to be held April 10, 2017, 6:15 PM at the utilities
SEWER $11,204.48 building.
ELECTRIC $38,496.07 /s/ Linda Sue Mumper Taylor _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
FEBRUARY REVENUE Proponent ______________________________
GENERAL FUND $4,468.18 5066 School Hill, Apt. 5 Patrice Klingson Jeff Boerner
LOST $6,572.62 Lehigh, Iowa 50557 Sec of Board Chair Protem
WATER $9,328.14
SEWER $5,799.55 Ernest Kersten
ELECTRIC $52,984.95 Attorney for the Proponent
Gowrie buildings sold...
1609 220th Street
Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
continued from front page...
Date of second publication

Public Meeting 22nd day of March, 2017 in the building available for rent, If someone needs a store
front to get their business started I can offer a small office or
CITY OF GOWRIE retail space.
Marcie Boerner has been involved in economic
Region V Regional Planning Affiliation which serves the counties of
Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright will hold
development and marketing the community of Gowrie for a
a regional meeting to discuss the regional Surface Transportation Program
(STP) and Transportation Alternative (TA) application process. number of years. I see so much potential in Gowrie. I feel
This meeting will also give those present a chance to discuss the The City Council of Gowrie, Iowa, met on March 13, 2017 at 7:00 this is a way to step up and make a positive difference locally.
regions transportation system. Discussion on this topic is especially p.m., at the Gowrie Community/Civic Center, in Gowrie, Iowa, for the
important this year as the regions Long-Range Transportation Plan is purpose of conducting a public hearing on adoption of budget for fiscal The couple will start by renovating the building. I would re-
being revised. Any project for which STP or TA funds are planning to be year beginning July 1, 2017 ending June 30, 2018. Mayor Redman in
used must fall within the scope of the regions Long-Range Transportation the chair and the following council members answering roll call: Streit and ally like to create a type of consignment shop for area artists
Plan. Petersen. Harrison arrived at 7:18 p.m. and vendors to feature gifts, home dcor, and repurposed vin-
The regional public meeting will be held March 30, 2017, 3:00 PM Council Member Streit moved the adoption of FY2018 Budget,
at MIDAS Council of Governments in the Conference Room, 602 1st second by Council Member Petersen. Roll call: unanimous tage items adds Boerner.
Avenue South, Fort Dodge, Iowa. There being no further business to come before the meeting, it was Both ladies are still researching ideas and business
Applications for regional STP and TA funding will be available for upon motion to adjourn at 7:34 p.m. by Harrison, second by Streit. Motion
the first time at the public meeting. After the meeting applications will be carried-unanimous. plans but want to get people in the area thinking. If you are in-
available at the MIDAS office, 602 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, Iowa _______________________________________ terested in more information about renting space or consign-
and on the MIDAS website www.midascog.net. Danielle Clancy, City Clerk
Applications must be received by 12:00 p.m. on May 12, 2017. All Gayle Redman, Mayor ing merchandise contact Patti Anderson at 515-352-5471 or
application must be submitted electronically to: shelgevold@midascog. Marcie Boerner at 515-352-3331.
March 22, 2017
Southeast Valley Highschool announces Your Local
second trimester honor roll BUSINESS DIRECTORY
A Honor Roll - 3.67 - 4.00 Andrews, Randy Lawrence, Trenton Brand, Nolan
*-GPA 4.0 Blunk, Kenneth Lundquist, Drew* Cook, Regina
9th Grade Castenson, Morgan McFarland, Alanna Davis, Myles
Anderlik, Margaret Clark, Kylie Mentzer, Karrigan Davisson, Cassey
Anderson, Avery* Cummins, Shelby* Pautsch, Melissa Goodwin, Keegan
Anderson, Ethan* Dencklau, Dalton* Pliner, Cameron* Lane, Jordan
Berglund, Casandra* Graves, Jonathan Rees, Daven Nahnsen, Sarah
Conrad, Delaney* Haub, Eva* Snyder, Patricia Pontius, Lucas
Crampton, Mackenzie* Jaeschke, Madyson* Thompson, Ramona* Roe, Megan
Ferrari, Jaynie* Lambert, Cassidy* Whalen, Claire Salazar, Fernando
Grove, Joelle Loseke, Jarrett* Winkler, Kaleigh Shady, Kamryn
Halligan, Ross Marcus, Jade Siebert, Leah
Hansen, Brody Miller, Bailey* 12th grade Tilley, Ascension
Housken, Christine Morgan, Isabella Ackerson, Jaiden* Whitmer, Levi
Jepsen, Robert* Roe, Benjamin Busma, Makayla
Johnson, Parker Seehusen, Savanah* Clough, Kenly* B Honor Roll - 3.00 - 3.32
Kastendieck, Jared* True, Allison* Eslick, Nick 9th Grade
Lane, Carter* Wickwire, Kate Fiala, Dylan* Allbee, Madison
Long, Taegen* Fishbaugh, Lee Clancy, Quinton
Miller, Ayedden 11th Grade Gallentine, Jennifer* Clay, Lincoln
Samuelson, Lucas* Ayntee, Nafisa* Grandfield, Rawly* Goodwin, Mason
Studyvin, Haley Baird, Kyle* Gustafson, Ryan Kruse, Hunter
Swieter, Chase Berg, Tessa* Hamilton, Todd Larson, Shelby
Thompson, Brynna* Brandenburger, Caroline* Hartley, Breanna Lundberg, Madison
Warner, Elizabeth Geis, Eliza Jackson, Morgan Pigman, Hailey
Weiland, Kylie Gibbons, Leah* Jaeschke, Dakota Rowley, Jaidyn
Zeka, Erin* Hanson, Anna Scott, Vanessa Smith, Anthony
Housken, Leslie* Stenzel, Ashley Stevens, Joseph
10th Grade - Johnson, Daniel Stern, Kennedy Weaver, Ryan McCrary-Rost
Alphs, Samantha* Johnson, Nolan* Stuart, Jason Willuweit, Macie Clinic
Swieter, Aaron*
Jaguar students Warehime, Spencer
Willison, Mickayla*
10th Grade
Ackerson, Mason
Rochelle Guess, FNP C
Adam Swisher, DO
Kari Swisher, ARNP-C
met grade goals
Christy, Kaylin
B+ Honor Roll Erritt, Payton Margaret Vitiritto, DO.
3.33 - 3.66 Graves, Zachary Hours: Monday-Friday
9th Grade Grossnickle, Chelsea
Second Trimester Goal Setting... Cox, Akasha Haakma, Cameran
1800 Main, Gowrie, Iowa
Phone 352-3891
For the goal setting, the SV students in grades George, Blake Lambert, Joel After Hours: 1-800-262-2614
9-12 set an academic goal at the beginning of the trimes- Hunter, Emma Pudenz, Alex
ter. They look at their current GPA and aim higher for the Lemke, Aidan Rees, Hannah
next trimesters GPA. Miller, Lincoln Sebring, Benjamin
They also keep track of their grades on a bi Scott, Viatris Tuel, Hailey
weekly basis in this packet to help them keep track and Shirbroun, Jessica
reach their goal. The students who met their trimester two 11th Grade
academic goal are listed on the attachment. The list is or- 10th Grade Breitsprecher, Patrick
ganized through Cat Packs. Carlson, Benjamin Fevold, Micaela
Christians: Sammy Alphs, Hunter Summers; Cleveland, Kennedy Kepler, Jade
Bachel: Jackson Housken, Ashley Gustoff, Corell, Alexis Lambert, Amanda
Madison Lundberg, Daven Rees, and Dakota Martin; Fiala, Keri Lennon, Thomas
Dosland: Ayedden Miller, Cassie Berglund, and Fluckiger, Carter Myers, Jaxon
Melissa Pautsch; Goedken, Caleb Peebler, Isaac
Bruns: Brody Hanson, Caden Maguire, Eliza Hofbauer, Shelby Peterson, Benjamin
Geis, Morgan Jackson, Chelsea Grossnickle, Avery An- Housken, Jackson Sandahl, Kelsi
derson, and Nyles Johnson; Johnson, Nyles Scott, Ebony
Vogel: Morgan Castenson, Sam Hemmestad, Jondle, Katara Shipley, Carson
Jaxon Myers, Ben Sebring, Anna Hanson, Isabella Mor- Lundberg, Kasey Vaughn, Hannah
gan, Bailey Miller, Ebony Scott, and Kyle Baird; Sorenson, Morgan
Schill: Jason Stuart, Ben Roe, Dylan Fiala, Luke 12th grade
Samuelson, Kasey Lundberg, Kylie Clark; 11th Grade Bahr, Mason
Rippentrop: Chelsea Mitchell, Kaylin Christy, Alcantara, Karhyn Cline, Jaden
JJ Graves, Hannah Rees, Jarrett Loseke, Leslie H, and Comp, Samuel Crampton, Anthony
Dorothy, Destanee Graves, Emma The
Nolen Brand; Gowrie News
Geisler: Ashley Stenzel, Cameron Pliner, and Grimm, Halle Gustoff, Ashley
Hiesterman, Karissa Heslop, Peyton
Jennifer Gallentine;
Long, Gabrielle Hughes, Angela 1107 Market Street,
Conrad: Randy Andrews, Carson Shipley, Mad-
dy Jaeschke, Rawly Grandfield, Patti Snyder, Christine Rasmussen, Colton Jabbar, Ieisha Gowrie, IA 50543
Housken, and Maddy Weipert; Stewart: Lexi Corell, Seil, Megan Steburg, Ryann
Ph. 515.352.3325 712-297-5218
Taylor, Keanna
Michael Balla, Halle Grimm, Ian Bosch, Noah Jepson,
12th grade True, Aaron email: gnews@wccta.net 712-465-5335
Aaron Swieter, and Carter Lane;
Nuss: Jared Kastendiek, Sarah Nahnsen, Jordan Anderson, Joel Walrod, Carson
Dutcher, Megan Roe, Joel Anderson, Destanee Dorothy, Balla, Michael
and Joel Lambert;
Peterson: Carson Walrod, Robert Jepson, Kayla
Hoover, Austin Crampton, and Sierra Keller;
State Individual
Swieter: Blake George, Lincoln Miller, Clay-
ton McFarland, Emi Schlief, Eva Haub, and Kenly
Speech Contest held
Jaeschke: Jaiden Ackerson, Kylie Weiland, Ra- Saturday, March 11
mona Thompson, and Hannah Vaughn;
Kruse: Todd Hamilton, Kenny Blunk, Carter The Southeast Valley Speech Team had a great
Fluckiger, Isaac Peebler, Delaney Conrad, Caroline Bran- day at the State Competition held on Saturday, march 11.
denburger, Vanessa Scott, and Rylee Walker; Superior Ratings went to Eliza Geis, Daniel
Johnson, Daven Rees, Patti Snyder, Kayla Dolph, Katara
Gowrie golf leagues holds
Lizer: Erin Zeka, Brynna Thompson, Lucas
Pontius, Akasha Cox, and Drew Lundquist Jondle, Parker Johnson, and Patrick Breitsprecher.
Good Ratings went to Kylie Weiland! All-State
organizational meeting
Blunk : Adrianna Echevarria, Dalton Dencklau,
Alanna McFarland, and Haley Studyvin; Nominations went to Patrick Breitsprecher in After Din- Men - April 5; Women - May 2...
Zigrang: Shelby Cummins, Shelby Hofbauer, ner Speaking and Daniel Johnson in Improvisation. The Gowrie Municipal Golf Course is holding
Taegen Long, and Tessa Berg; They will represent Southeast Valley at the All- organizational meetings for its gold leagues and anyone
Kehoe: Lincoln Clay, Keri Fiala, Nolan John- State Festival on March 27 at the University of Northern interested in joining a league is encouraged to attend.
son, Alexys Jenkins, and Dakota Jaeschke; Iowa. The Mens League meeting is Wednesday, April
Hyland: Trent Lawrence, Katara Jondle, Allison 5 at 7:00 p.m.
True, and Tabatha Ball; The Womens League meeting is Tuesday, May
Nellis: Spencer Warehime, Leah Siebert, Tom- 2 at 6:30 p.m.
my Lennon, Mackenzie Crampton, Nafisa Kamal Ayntee, For more information contact the golf course
Cassidy Lambert, and Micaela Fevold. with any questions 515-352-3320.
12 March 22, 2017

Dakota Access funds Iowa State University research

of pipeline installation effects on farmland
Iowa State University will conduct a five-year The research site in Story County will be planted
research project that will study the impact of pipeline in a corn-soybean rotation. ISU research farm staff will
construction on crop production and soil compaction. maintain normal crop practices throughout the growing
Researchers began collecting initial data last fall season, from tillage, planting, pest management applica-
on university-owned farmland near Ames on an approxi- tions and harvest.
mately two-acre site following construction activities The pipelines route crosses about 18 acres of
for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The overall goal of the farmland owned by the university or university-affiliated
project is to quantify the impact of construction utilities organizations. Dakota Access completed construction
equipment, field traffic and deep tillage on crop yield and and remediation activities last November, following the
soil compaction. state-approved Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan for
The pipeline installation is an opportunity for farmland in Iowa.
field-based research that investigates the impact of utility
construction and restoration practices on farmland, espe-
cially related to long-term crop yield and soil productiv-
ity, said Mehari Tekeste, assistant professor of agricul-
tural and biosystems engineering, who leads the project
along with Mark Hanna, extension agricultural engineer.
The research project, which will collect data
through 2021, is funded by Dakota Access Pipeline LLC.
Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners is building the $3.8
billion pipeline, which runs through North Dakota, South
Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. In Iowa, the pipeline will cross
about 5,740 acres of cropland, according to Dakota Ac-
We hope our research will develop data to sup-
port future recommendations on the restoration of agri-
cultural soil and crop productivity to pre-construction
conditions, said Tekeste. This will be of benefit to
industry and governmental institutions, as well as other
researchers and extension specialists.

Grants support specialty

crops grown in Iowa
Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey re-
minds Iowans that the Iowa Department of Agriculture
and Land Stewardship is accepting applications for grant
funding through the Specialty Crop Block Grant pro-
The grants support projects that enhance the
competitiveness of specialty crops grown in Iowa. The
program has been allocated just over $282,000 for 2017
and Northey said in a release that the funds can support
food safety, research, and marketing efforts in the state.
The release noted that funds will be used for
projects that benefit the specialty crop industry as a whole
and not a particular product or organization, institution,
or individual. More information is available at iowa agri-
culture dot gov. ~ Email your news to gnews@wccta.net ~

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