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Sample Process Matrix

Process Inputs Criteria and Resources Outputs Risks Measures and

Methods Performance
1. Research Identify internal Conference Quality objectives In a rush to Internal audit
Planning Results of issues room Understanding finish results
Responsib brainstorming Identify external Flipcharts context of Inadequate Revenue
ility: Customer issues Top organization research growth
CEO list Interview interested management Strategic plan Net income
Regulatory parties leadership Understanding growth
list Identify risks and Time Interested parties
Historical opportunities QMS scope
performance Plan of changes
Strategic planning
Develop quality
Determine planning

2. Sales Pricing Provide ERP software Customer orders Missing Revenue

Responsib schedules specifications CRM software Clearly defined sales growth
ility: Customer Prepare quotes Travel budget requirements forecast Net income
VP of Needs Answer customer Marketing growth
sales inquiries support Competitors
Take orders Late orders
Review orders Teleconferencin Customer
Send to scheduling g complaints
3. Customer Prioritize orders ERP software Manufacturing Downtime Percentage of
Schedulin orders Maintain stock Master plant schedule on-time
g levels layout Unbalanced delivery
Responsib Manufacturing Combine jobs in Process schedule to customer
ility: capacity order to standards Rush
VP of Feedback maximize efficiency orders Manufacturing
operations from all Publish efficiency
functions manufacturing
Amend schedule

Sample Process Matrix Contd

Process Inputs Criteria and Resources Outputs Risks Measures and
Methods Performance
4. Qualify suppliers ERP software Purchased Cost Percentage of
Purchasin Requirements Monitor supplier Conference product increases on time
g from all performance room Data on supplier Supplier delivery
Responsib functions Process purchase Internet for performance disruptions Net income
ility: Pricing orders supplier Inadequate growth
Director of information Maintain approved research supplier
supply Historical supplier list Approved capabilities
chain supplier Improve supplier supplier In-transit
performance performance list damage
5. Production Stamping Stamping Final product Equipment Percentage of
Manufactu schedule Finishing press Test data downtime ontime
ring Product Assembly Dies delivery
Responsib specifications Inspect and test Grinders Nonconformi
ility: Purchased Forklift ng Manufacturing
VP of supplies and QC Lab product efficiency
operations materials Injuries No lost-time
Scrap accidents
material Net income
Waste growth
6. Training Competency Assist in Training room Increased Internal audit
and requirements determining Projector skills, Competency results
developm Gaps in competency LMS software knowledge, not
ent personal requirements Budget for and achieved
Responsib competency Provide training food and understanding Too busy to
ility: Training Evaluate snacks More train
Director of checklists effectiveness Top effectiveness New skills
supply Develop new management Records of not
chain training leadersh training included in
Administer OJT training
Administer new
Maintain records