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Nancy Hernandez

Senior Exhibition
Lesson 15
Financial Aid Reflection

1. What is FAFSA? What financial assistance does the FAFSA offer?

The FAFSA stands for free application for federal student aid. The FAFSA is a form that
college students complete to know if they are eligible for financial aid. FAFSA offers
grants, loans and work study programs. Grants are money or financial aid given to a
student and doesn't have to be paid back. A work study is a program where you earn
money to cover school expenses.

2. What is the Cal Grant? How might you qualify for the Cal Grant?
The Cal Grant is a financial aid program administered by the California Student Aid
Commission. To qualify the FAFSA and a verified Cal Grant GPA need to be submitted.
You need to be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen. Another requirement is that you
need to be a California resident and attend a qualifying California college. The last
requirement to qualify is to not have a bachelor's or professional degree. This aid is
provided for undergraduates, vocational training students,and those in teacher
certification programs. I qualify for Cal Grant C.

3.What is Board of Governors Fee Waiver? How do you qualify for the fee waiver? How do
you apply for it?
The BOG permits enrollment fees to be waived. BOG helps with tuition payments. The
Board of Governors Fee Waiver waives fees for enrollment for the whole school year. To
qualify you need to be a student at a California community college, have been
determined to be a resident, have been exempt from non resident fees under AB 540,
and have a financial need. Your FAFSA will be reviewed to determine your financial
needs. California community college offer on line BOG fee waiver applications.

4. Describe your findings from the private scholarship search. Do you plan to apply to any of
the scholarships available? Why/why not?
The common scholarship is a program that by registering you have access to scholarship
links. You are legible if you have a minimum of 2.0 GPA, if you participate in
community service, extracurricular activities, or work experience, and need of
help to pay for income I do plan on applying on any scholarships available. I plan on
applying on scholarships because I want to take advantage of the education I can get.
Getting a scholarship will help me continue college.