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Various Departments in Pharmacy Industry.

A typical pharmacy industry contains various departments, which includes,

Central ware house.

In simple words a central ware house is nothing but a storage room.
This is further divided into
1. Raw material ware house. This is generally nearer to production
and quality control departments.
2. Finished goods ware house. This is generally nearer to outlet of
company for easy and efficient transportation.
This is the main department where compounding or synthesis of
Drugs takes place as per the specifications of BMR (Batch
manufacturing Record) or BPR (Batch Production Record). This
contains various modules depending on the nature of the product. This
1. Granulation,
2. Compression,
3. Coating,
Quality control
In this department they will analysis the drug whether the drug is
qualified to manufacture or not and also after manufacturing this people
will determine the quality of product to release into market as per the
specification. This includes quantification and qualification of the
1. Raw material,
2. In process,
3. Finished product.
4. Stability testing,
5. Lab support (Working standards and reference standards, Method
transfers and method development)
This department will come onto screen when a formulation/drug is
qualified in the quality control department. This packing is done based
on the nature of the product or as per the specification. This packing
1. Blister packing,
2. Strip packing,
3. Bottle packing, etc.
Quality assurance.
They will give the assurance to the product based on the analyzing
data from quality control. This includes,
1. Sampling,
2. In process QA,
3. Document reference.
Regulatory affairs.
This mainly concern with legal documentation like,
1. Drug licensees from DDA.
2. Various Drug Approvals for marketing.
3. Internal Audit and Compliance.
This is the basic information related to a pharmacy industry and each pharmacy
industry may have their own departments based on their requirement.