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1) Automation
2) Need of automation? What are its benefits?
3) What is SPM
4) Control circuit and power circuit
5) Networking knowledge
6) Why are you interested in automation
7) Are u comfortable in software
8) Automation course learnt in prolific
9) Interested subject in B.E
11) C-basics
12) Operating Systems
13) What do you mean by system get automated
14) D/B ram and rom
15) Software and hardware
16) D/B Electrical and electronics
17) What do u know about process industry
18) Something about communication cable
19) How to connect many computers
20) LAN
21) SMPS
22) Protocol
23) Primary key and foreign key
24) What is object of class and example
25) Is c a object oriented program
26) Why we go for c++
27) Is mobile a object or class
28) Is mobile a rdbms or database
29) What are the cable sizes available
30) Types of control systems used in automation
31) How to connect two computers
32) How do you maintain particular temperature in oven
33) What are the problems faced in plants
34) How do you identify any problem in plant or process
35) What is digital control
36) Communication protocol and explain its types
37) What is Multitasking?
38) A encoder having capacity of 20 ppr, ratats, two
resolution, then the number of pulse generated by
the encoder is ?
39) Explain resistor
40) Conversion form KW to Watts, and KW to HP and Joules to
HP and viceversa
41) Use of capacitor in fan
42) How many wire in 1 phase
43) What are the different component used in automation
44) List the types of memories used in plc
45) What is plc and write its components, Working,
46) When talking about plc,1k refers to 1024
47) Uploading means
48) How to encode pulse in PLC
49) If the preset value is 1000 ant the timebase is 0.01 then
what is the time delay
50) Which of the timer does not reset even if the input is off
51) Explain role of eeprom memory module
52) The local i/os are connected to plc through __________
while distributed i/os are connected to plc through
53) For 12 bit resolution card the count in the plc will be 0-
54) What is the meaning of universal anolog input
55) Give examples of input and output connected to plcs
56) Explain source and sink concept
57) What is forcing of i/os?
58) What are the languages used in plcs
59) Write the following instruction name
60) What is [OSR]-
61) Timers used in plcs
62) Make a logical diagram of latch in plc
63) Write a program through which after using a push button
one output goes on, after five seconds and remains
continuously on for five seconds and off for five seconds
64) What are the ranges available in allen bradely plcs
65) What is the role of RSLINX software
66) Which instruction is used to read the field analog device in
the control logix PLC?
67) Explain PID block in control logix PLC
68) When the PLC is ON .O/P should given pulse for 3each 5
seconds this should continue without using any input .
69) Interface PC, PLC, Drivers motor .write the block diagram
and explain.
70) How to convert output of a temperature senor to
engineering valve.
71) O/P of temparature is 4-20MA. How to convert to
72) What all are the bocks for main program and subroutine
program? any PLC.
73) How to configure sieens 314C-20P CPU, hardware
74) Draw ladder cicruit for 2 way switch.
75) Problem
76) S1=ONOP1=ON
77) S2=ONO/P2=ON, but O/P1= OFF.
78) S3=ON O/P1=OFF, O/P2=OFF,O/P3=OFF.
79) Using 3 different switches control a motor output inculding
tripping switch when the motor is overload
80) PPI&PPR-meaning.
81) Internal bit fass &PLC increases output.
82) Speed difference b/w micrologic &SLC.
83) Input/ output for micrologix &SLC.
84) Fuzzy logic and PLC.
85) How to connect VFD &PLC.
86) What is first requrieents for PLC programming?
87) Different inputs & output of PLC (Moximum & Mini mum).
88) Redundancy.
89) Examples of PlC software.
90) Which data base is used in SCADA s/w.
91) Rs Linux? Role
92) How do you bypass in PLC? Why is it done?
93) How is analog signal interfaced with PLC? Which
instruction is used for analog input?
94) What is EN&DN, FD? Is it related to which instruction?
95) Write PID instruction in ladder logic.
96) H which instruction is it.
97) What is instruction list in PLC
98) What is programming language
99) How do you check whether digital signal is coming to PLC
or not
100) what is the difference between bypass and force effort
force , how is it done, is it always done
101) forcing of i/os in plc
102) Role of backplane bus in plc
103) Typical scan time of plcs
104) what are the various system defined data types in AB
105) Various memories in s7 200 and s7 300
106) Blocks used in s7-300
107) Subroutines in interrupts
108) How do you interface AB / Siemens plc with dcs
109) Difference between jump , label and MCR
110) What is the gain of PID
111) Write the graphical representation when pid is working
112) Blocks used in Siemens-why
113) Program ->bottle filling, control systems->open
114) Ladder diagram for DOL starter Draw
115) Power plant process
116) Advantages and disadvantages of plc?
117) What are the basic criteria for plc types
118) What are all the plc consists of?
119) What are all the plc ranges available in Rockwell
120) What is the software use with modicon?
121) What is the different control systems used in automation
122) Role of plc in automation
123) D/B plc and relays
124) Examples of i/os in plc
125) Differentiate input and output for plc
126) What is redundancy?
127) Example for plc software
128) D/B timers and counters
129) Define baud rate.
130) What is the expansion of following names, OPC, DDE,
131) What is protocol, which protocol is used in rslinx for
interfacing with plc and pc
132) D/B integer and double integer
133) D/B RS232 and RS485
134) What is scaling
135) XOR gate truth table
136) Different data types
137) types of timer
138) What is the speed of RS500 and RS5000
139) Block diagram of PLC?
140) Define Scan Cycle? What is the usual scan time of a PLC?
141) What Software use in AB PLC or Siemens PLC?
142) Give the example of Process Plant?
143) Solenoid valve is a digital 1/0s on Analog 1/0s?
144) Solenoid valve consist of what material?
145) Difference between Relay and contactors?
146) What are the land wares of PLC?
147) What is FBD?
148) What is Profibus?
149) What is Modbus?
150) What are the distance length supported by the profibus &
151) Difference between PLC & PC?
152) Types of Actuators?
153) Convert hex decimal nos ES to decimal format?
154) Convert BCD nos 29 to binary format ?
155) How to Program in Siemens?
156) Basics of PLC?
a. About CPU, About I/os, About Programming Language,
Communication Protocol, Diagram of HMR, Counter, and
out puts.
157) Write a Program - Transerler , Relry.
158) . General syntax for addressing i/p, olpetc
159) Explain Ladder Diagram?
160) Explain Move, Jump Etc
161) . Calculate base Time?
162) Difference between PLC & DCS?
163) Symbol Explain ---II---, --- () -----.
164) Explain PLC Programming Language?
165) Difference between AB PLC & Siamese PLC? What are the
advantages of Siemens PLC over ABs PLC?
166) Difference between switch and a relay?
167) Name mese Symbols?
168) Saritelles push button are types of digital
169) What are types of interrupts used in a PLC?
170) What is the typical range of voltage and current input
used in a PLC?
171) For output pulse we can use relays? Yes or no? If u No
then what is that/
172) What are actuators?
173) Once PLC is on the olp will be continuous believing
without using puss button, stop button.
174) In PLC the selection of proven will come what we colled
175) Relays one i/p of PLC?
176) Program for holding CKT?
177) Is it necessary to use all the thing in big plant at are Plc,
Scada, Dcs ?
178) Programming software of Siemens S7 200, & S7 300?
179) Using two switches write a program to turn on & off the
180) Using single switch write a program to turn on & off the
181) Operation of relay & on what principle does it work?
182) Bit memory (Function)?
183) One I/P, 4-O/P
184) If we pressed I/P 2-o/ps ON
185) 2-o/ps off
186) Concept of TT bit in Timers & DN bit Countess
187) PID Controllers?
188) FBD Programming?
189) What is PLC? Tell which softwares used for AB, Scimen,
190) TV Remote program (PLC Ladder Logic)
191) There is a start and stop push button if a start button is
pressed light on and if stop button is pressed light is to
192) What is the requirement for writing the PLC?
193) Bank Application done in PLC?
194) SCADA PLC Interfacing?
195) What are the protocols used to connect PC & PLC?
196) Difference types of cables used to connect PC&PLC?
197) What is the logic of push button to switch on & off?
198) Write ladder logic to control a motor using a push button
when the push button is pressed once the motor should
go on and when it is pressed again the motor should stop?
199) Configure S7 200 PLC from a PC and then connect it To
200) Difference between Timers and counter examples?
201) Explain about 12 bit A-D converter of services
approximation Converter?
202) Process for data acquisition systems?
203) Tell me what is the programming?
204) Types of communication protocol?
205) How can u interface an analog signal to PLC?
206) Do you know how to configure hardware for S7-300 PLC?
207) Name PLC Modules you know of & state the purpose?
208) Draw a PLC based DOL motor using speed control
209) Name a PLC module you know & why it is used?
210) Why a PLC is used instead of variable control systems?
211) What are the input & output variables to PLC?
212) What are the use of controllers & relay switches?
213) How to connect programming drive with PLC?
214) What is the software used in S7- 200?
215) Write a simple ladder program?
216) One push button will be those when once we press lamp
should on when we press against the same push button
lamp should get off, write the ladder diagram?
a. Two push buttons & one lamp, when we press once it
should get on @ it should be continues & when we press
second push button it should get off. Write a diagram.
217) When a button is pressed a bulb should glow & when
another button is pressed bulb should turn off.
218) Draw the ladder logic of switching on-off of a lamp ( AB )
219) What are the addressing modes of Siemens and AB?
220) ON & Off a lamp. (With 2 switcher & 1 switch)
221) Write a program that is
i. when one button is pressed light 1 on
ii. when same button pressed light 1 off
iii. when 1&2 pressed light 1 should off
222) Explain about timers & counters in AB PLC?
223) AND OR NOT Gates?
224) Software used with Siemens?
225) Knowledge of programming downloading, uploading?
226) Area covers the course CAE?
227) Explain modular and integrated PLC?
228) What is the S/W is used for PLCs?
229) Advantages PLCs over relay based systems?
230) Difference b/w analogue and digital signal?
231) 5Sec.blinking program?
232) What is protocol? What is protocol used in RSILNX for
interfacing with PLC and PC?
233) What is really? Explain with NO and NC concept?
234) Signal switch logging ladder logic?
235) Why do we write a block diagram?
236) How many types are there in block diagram?
237) Explain RTO?
238) How do we access field input devices using FBD?
239) Define scan cycle with diagram.
240) Servo driver.
241) Software use in AB
242) Which type of memory we use in AB plc for data
243) software used in Siemens.
244) AB PLC version
245) Process plant example
246) Solenoid valve is a digital input or analogue inputs
247) Solenoid valve consists of what material
248) Write a program
i. Given 3 switches PB push button and 3 lamp
ii. When 1st switch ----- 1st lap ON
iii. When 2nd switch -----after 30 seconds lamp ON
iv. When 3 switch ---- after 50 seconds lamp ON and 1st and
lamp 2nd lamp OFF.
249) Hardware of PLC
250) Write program to switch ON and OFF using
i. ONE switch & two switch

251) Symbol of truth table of AND,OR,NOR gates

252) Press push button, motor ON10sec,after10sec motor OFF
for 15sec
253) Write program and explain having timer and counter
254) Write program as a function of tv remote
255) Distance length supported by profibus and modbus
256) Difference between plc and pc interface
257) Power triangle
258) Three logic functions
259) Ladder diagram for NAND ,AND,XOR gates
260) Three programming languages in plc
261) Types of sensors
262) Basic diagram logic gates
263) How to program in Siemens
264) which gate preferred output as 1 when both inputs are 1
265) if OR gates all inputs is1 then what is output
266) transistor and relay difference
267) general syntax or addressing input and outputs
269) calculate base time
270) difference between AB and Siemens. what are advantages
of Siemens plc over AB plc
271) what is the typical range of voltage and current inputs
used in plc
272) relay are------------- inputs of plc
273) a)analog b) digital c) deseration
274) BIT memory function
275) concept of TT bit in timers and counters
276) how can we interface an analog signal to plc?
277) what are the inputs and output variables to plc
278) use of contactors and relay switches
279) pneumatic
280) give example of output devices
281) diff. b/w .1) plc and scada 2) plc and dcs 3)AB pc
and SIEMENS 4)scada and dcs 5)HMI and SCADA. 6)PLC
and microcontroller 7)A.B plc and S7200 8)PLC and relay
9)advantages HMI & MMI 10)micrologix and slc 11)NPN&
282) EXPAIN modular and integrated plc
283) advantages of plc over relay based systems
284) diff. b/w embedded and plc
285) what are the networks used in plc
286) write loop concept in plc
287) LD
288) IL
289) nibble = ?
290) NO and NC
292) values of timers and counters
293) purpose of analog input
294) input to plc is given only through computer or by some
other means
295) functional blocks
296) integer and floating pt. of addressing of AB pc
297) controller used in AB plc
298) file type used in GE plc
299) start and stop sequence for every prog.
300) explain multiplexer, problems on L.D
301) how plc knows the level sensors re connected
302) addressing of OMRON plc
303) CPU used in S7200 and S7300
304) car parking and elevator prog. And traffic signal
305) watts FB,FC,DB,OB in Siemens and relate them
306) write a ladder logic when sw1. Is high 0/p is on for 1 sec
nd 2 secs off. This process should continue
307) when i/p is high motor is on . Conveyor starts at the same
time valves should be closed , when position sensor is
high conveyer stops. Valve open when the sensor is
high valve closes and conveyor starts( bottle filling prblm)
308) difference b/w upload and download
309) Explain the circuit and waveform with passive and
active components..
310) Draw the timing diagram of TON and TOFF timers
with bit operation.
311) Draw the ladder logic for timers 5 sec on and 5 sec
312) Tell me one logic for one instrument in FBD.
313) For motor purpose what type of FBD we use.
314) How many type of timers and blocks in S7-300?
315) What are plc input and output? Give various instruction
set available.
316) What is protocol? Which protocol used in RSLINX for
interfacing with PLC and PC?
317) Single switch toggling in ladder logics.
318) What is programming control in plc?
319) Circuit diagram for counter.
320) What are the different types of data types in plc?
321) Difference between integer and double integer.
322) Difference between MPI and PPI , where they are used?
323) What is the maximum integer number with sign?
324) What is real and float?
325) Ladder logic diagram for NO and NC.