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Course name Energy Resources and Conversion Code 0003040700 Credit 3

Language of instruction English

Programme Mechanical Engineering and Applied Computer Science

Type of studies MSc studies

Unit running the Institute of Turbomachinery


Course coordinator and K. Jóźwik PhD, A. Karczemska PhD, D. Witkowski MSc

academic teachers

Form of classes and Semester Lec. Tut. Lab. Proj. Sem. Credit
number of hours points
autumn 30 15 3

Learning outcomes Students have to be friendly with fundamentals of different systems of energy transfer
and sources of energy (fossil fuels, different natural sources). They have to be good at
describing principles of operation of piston engines of internal and external combustion
processes, steam and gas turbines, as well as combine systems, nuclear power plants,
hydropower systems, wind machines, etc. Additionally, students should be able to
prepare professional technical presentation..

Prerequisites Mathematics I (0001010100, 0001010200), Mathematics II (0001020100, 0001020200),

Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics (0003032200)

Course description LECTURE

Thermodynamic principles and limitations, fundamental laws of thermodynamics, fossil
fuels and natural sources of energy, hazards and pollution, ideal and real fluid properties,
Carnot engine and its thermodynamic cycle, internal and external combustion piston
engines, Newcomen engine, action and reaction steam turbines, gas turbines and
combined cycles, nuclear reactions – fusion and fission, fuel cells, water turbines,
hydropower plants, tides and tidal energy transfer systems, thermal energy of oceans and
its utilization systems, wind machines and control systems, geothermal energy of the
Student divided into three/four people groups are to design device for energy transfer
issues (for example – heat exchanger). Such group are to prepare professional technical
presentation (also report) concerning a selected topic from the field of subject.

Form of assessment Final mark consists of two components: project of a devices for energy transfer 55%;
professional presentation of selected topics from the field of energy resources and
conversion 45%.
Basic reference materials Kenneth C. Weston, “Energy Conversion”, Brooks/Cole Publishers, New York, 2000.
Jerrold H. Krenz, “Energy Conversion and Utilization”, Allyn and Bacon Inc., Boston,
Other reference Jui Sheng Hsieh, “Principles of Thermodynamics”, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Scripta
materials Book Company, Washington D.C, 1975.
Jan Szargut, “Thermodynamics”, PWN, Warsaw, 1980 (in Polish).
Zbyszko Kazimierski, Zdzisław Orzechowski, “Fluid Mechanics”, Technical University
of Łódź, Łódź, 1986 (in Polish).
Any book for technical university students devoted to energy conversion.

e-mail of the course coordinator vdeanmst@sir.p.lodz.pl

and academic teachers
Average student workload 45 + 75
(teaching hours + individ )

Updated on: 2004-09-22