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Book 2

Situation 2
Off to an American city!
Your task E-mail a friend about an exciting project

A2 Parler de projets, despoirs et de promesses relatifs la vie quotidienne.

A2 Comprendre une conversation tlphonique sur un sujet familier.
Reprer des indications simples (horaires, lieux, prix, dure, itinraire).
A2 r B1 Identifier les informations essentielles dans un courrier lectronique.
Comprendre des sentiments, espoirs et promesses formuls dans une langue courante.
A2 r B1 voquer un projet de visite en exprimant espoirs et promesses.
Utiliser des expressions idiomatiques marquant lenthousiasme.

Anticiper la suite dun message, reprer le ton de la voix pour mieux comprendre.
Se prparer une lecture en sachant ce quon y cherche.
Rechercher des ides, les noter, les classer avant de rdiger.

Comptences grammaticales et phonologiques

Rappel : le prsent be-ing.
La prdiction avec will / I hope I will / I promise I will
Les subordonnes en if et when au prsent.
Le superlatif des adjectifs.
Les liaisons.
kinda / gotta / gonna.

Comptences culturelles et lexicales

Lieux clbres Washington et New York.
Les adjectifs apprciatifs.
Expressions, abrviations et sigles courants utiliss par les adolescents.
Diversit ethnique aux tats-Unis.

Book 2 Situation 2
The United States Capitol was begun in 1793, though
Background information for the teacher it was later rebuilt following fire damage, then extended
to accommodate other institutions. Its cast-iron dome
P. 32 - A Map of Washington, DC was constructed between 1855 and 1866. The general
On July 16, 1790, the U.S. Congress passed an Act design is an example of neoclassical architecture,
establishing a permanent capital for the United States derived from Greek and Roman models, befitting the
on the banks of the Potomac River. French military democratic ideals of the Nation.
engineer Pierre LEnfant started designing the city. His The building cuts an impressive figure on a plateau
plans were inspired by the formal gardens at Versailles (renamed Capitol Hill), at the eastern end of the
and by Baroque architecture. Mall. From it, one has a good view across the Capitol
Washington, D.C. became the nations capital in June Reflecting Pool to the Washington Monument (over
1800 (under the presidency of John Adams). The name a mile away) and the Lincoln Memorial (over two
of the city was chosen in honour George Washington, miles away).
the first president of the USA. As for the name of the The Capitol houses the Senate and the House of
District (D.C.), it celebrated Christopher Columbus. Representatives (see below), as well as a museum of
Borderning the states of Virginia and Mayland, American art and history, visited by over 3 million
Washington now covers an area of 176.75 square km. people each year.
DC. is the smallest state in the USA. Its flag (three red
stars over two red horizontal bars on a white field), Congress
adopted in 1938, is based on the coat of arms of Congress, the legislative branch of the American
George Washingtons family. national government, was created by Article I, section
1, of the Constitution, adopted in 1787 and stating
Washington flag that All legislative Powers herein granted shall be
vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall
consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. The
first Congress under the Constitution met on March
4, 1789, in the Federal Hall in New York City. At the
time, there were 20 Senators and 59 Representatives.
The Washington Family Today, the Senate is composed of 100 Members (2 from
Coat of Arms each state), who serve for a term of 6 years (one third
of the Senate is renewed every two years). The House
The city today includes countless official buildings, of Representatives is composed of 435 Congressmen
such as foreign embassies, the Supreme Court or the elected for 2-year terms (each state is entitled to at
Pentagon (which was heavily damaged when a plane least one Representative, but larger states have more,
flew into it on September 11th, 2001, while two other according to their population). Both Senators and
planes flew into New Yorks Twin Towers). World- Representatives are chosen by the population, through
class museums are located along the Mall, including direct election.
the National Gallery of Art, the National Museum of The House and Senate are equal partners in the
Natural History, the National Museum of American legislative process, so legislation cannot be enacted
History, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National without the consent of both. Yet, each chamber
Air and Space Museum. In the west, overlooking holds some unique powers. For example, the Senate
the Potomac, is the picturesque residential area of can approve treaties and Presidential appointments,
Georgetown. whereas revenue-raising bills are the preserve of the
House of Representatives. The Representatives also
P. 32 - The Capitol have the sole power of impeachment.
Before 1791, the federal government had no permanent For more information on the U.S. Congress, see:
site. The early Congresses met in eight different cities: usgovinfo.about.com/cs/uscongress/a/aboutcongress.
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lancaster, York, Princeton, htm
Annapolis, Trenton, and New York City.

Photo p. 33: The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the most famous address in the United States. Built in the
late Georgian style between 1792 and 1800, the White House is the official residence
and workplace of the President, and stands for the nations executive power.
Today, the White House Complex includes the Executive Residence (where the First
Family lives), the West Wing (including the Oval Office, Cabinet Room and Roosevelt
Room), and the East Wing (with the office of the First Lady and the White House
Social Secretary); the Old Executive Office Building houses the executive offices of the
President and Vice President.
Jefferson decided the White House should be accessible to the American people, in
keeping with the democratic values of the new nation; he therefore opened it to visitors
every morning. The practice still continues, with about 5,000 visitors a day.
For more information, see: www.whitehouse.gov/history/life/video/index.html

On pourra provoquer un rapide change avec le On laissera le groupe dire tout ce quil sait, de la
groupe pour introduire cette nouvelle situation et position gographique de la ville son importance
permettre aux lves de dire ce qu'ils savent sur la politique, avant de faire ouvrir les manuels la page
capitale des tats-Unis. 33 pour prendre connaissance ensemble de la tche
Teacher: For this new situation in the USA, were going finale.
to discover Washington, DC. What do you
already know about Washington, DC ?

Preparation time pages 34-35

Phone call 1
p. 34 n 13
Mason: Hello?
Jerry: Hey Mason!
On fera ouvrir les manuels la page 34, et si lon Mason: Hey Jerry, whats up?
dispose dun vido ou dun rtroprojecteur, on Jerry: Well, Im planning my winter break and Id
projettera les quatre vignettes. On pourra utiliser like to go to DC on Tuesday. Are you in?
des caches et ne montrer que la vignette n1. On Mason: Yeah, sure. Good idea... Is Suzy coming?
laissera les lves lobserver pendant quelques Jerry: I dont know Why?
secondes, puis on lancera : So, whats going on? . Mason: Well, er shes new to Silver Spring so
On pourra pointer tel ou tel dtail pour guider les uh dont you think shed like to see the city?
lves mais on ninsistera pas si le groupe bloque. Jerry: Yeah, I guess so Why dont you call her?
Class: Jerry and Mason are on the phone. / Mason: Yeah, OK. Ill call her tonight. Whats her
Jerrys talking about winter break / about
Jerry: Hang on, let me see Uh Its 202-864-
Washington, DC/the Capitol / maybe he
wants to visit Washington, DC He asks a Mason: OK. Got it. Thanks. Well, uh see ya
question to Mason. / Mason asks a question/ around.
something about Suzy maybe he wants to Jerry: Yeah, see ya.
meet Suzy CD classe n 1 plage 38

On procdera alors lcoute de la premire

conversation entre Jerry et Mason. On pourra On rcapitulera rapidement la situation pour
commencer par confirmer ou infirmer les ides qui commencer la trace crite en guidant les lves dans
avaient t avances, puis les complter. les reformulations tout en introduisant le passage au
discours indirect :

Book 2 Situation 2
Jerry is phoning Mason. / Hed like to go/Hes going/ Jerry: Oh, man! I dont believe it! Are you ever
He wants to go / to Washington, DC on Tuesday/ gonna ask her? Its not a date! Were just going into
during winter break. DC! //
He asks Mason: Are you in? = Are you coming? Mason: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know! I know! Ill do it
He asks Mason if he is in. / if he is coming. tomorrow. Ill send her an e-mail, OK?
Jerry: OK, See you later.
Mason asks: Is Suzy coming? Mason: See you.
Mason asks if Suzy is coming. = Mason wants to
know if Suzy is coming. Phone call 4
He says hell phone her. He asks for her phone Mason: Hello?
number! Jerry: So, what did Suzy say?
Mason: Well, I didnt e-mail her. I didnt know what
En fin de sance, au moment de la prise de note, on to write. //
fera remarquer lordre des mots dans les questions Jerry: Youve gotta be joking me! Mason, youre
indirectes. On aura loccasion de rebrasser ces hopeless! Were going tomorrow ! // Youre
never gonna ask her, are you?
questions indirectes dans le Practice time.
Mason: I will! I will! Ill ask her! Ill ask her!
Jerry: Yeah? When?
2. LISTEN AND REACT Mason: I dont know, maybe... //
Jerry: Look, Ill do it, OK? Ill call her this afternoon.
p. 34 p. 27 n 13
End of story.
On fera alors ouvrir les workbooks la page 27 pour Mason: Yeah? Really? You dont mind? Cool.
noter le numro de tlphone de Suzy. On peut dfier Thanks. I owe you one.
les lves et leur demander de comprendre ce numro CD Classe n 1 plage 38
avec le moins dcoutes possibles. Lorsque plus de la
moiti du groupe a la main leve pour rpondre, on le Aprs une coute, on pourra reposer la question aux
notera au tableau sous la dicte des lves. lves :
Puis on montrera ou on projettera les vignettes 2, Teacher: So is Suzy coming?
3 et 4 de la page 34 et on procdera une coute Class: Well er we dont know / we dont know
des trois autres conversations (sans passer les deux if Suzy is coming
dernires rpliques de lappel n4) :
La classe va tre un peu tonne davoir rpondre
Teacher: Now, youre Jerry and you want to know
Dont know Beaucoup dlves penseront
if Suzys coming! So, you phone Mason.
quils nont pas compris, que quelque chose leur a
Listen to each phone call and tick the answers
chapp. Dautres seront dj capables dexpliquer.
in your workbook.
On acceptera toutes les interventions des lves
Phone call 2 plus rapides et on incitera galement le groupe se
Mason: Yeah? servir des illustrations pour mettre des hypothses,
Jerry: Hi Mason, its Jerry Whats up? Is Suzy attitude que lon veut systmatiquement
coming? dvelopper : trouver des ides et mobiliser le lexique
Mason: I dont know. Um... I didnt have time to correspondant pour se prparer une coute.
call, actually. // Teacher: OK, so we dont know but why? Have a
Jerry: Oh, OK. You kinda like her, dont you? good look at picture 2
Mason: Whatever. // Ill see her tomorrow in gym.
Ill ask her then. Puis on coutera nouveau, avec des pauses si
Jerry: Sure, OK. Listen, I gotta go. ncessaire, pour comprendre pourquoi on ne sait
Mason: OK. Bye. pas, ou vrifier les explications des camarades.
Jerry: Bye. Teacher: Listen again to phone call n 2
Class: Mason didnt call Suzy / he didnt have
Phone call 3 time / he had a lot of work / homework
Mason: Hello?
Jerry: Mason! Well Did you talk to Suzy yesterday Certains lves se lanceront dans des interprtations
in gym? ou auront saisi au vol le : you kinda like her de
Mason: Uh no Actually, I couldnt talk to her. Jerry :
She was busy... she was with a bunch of Class: Hes shy/ timid / too shy to call her /
friends... I... // he likes her

On fera galement reprer ce que Mason prvoit de
Suggestions de travail la maison
Savoir expliquer pourquoi Mason est nul !

Class : He'll see / talk to her tomorrow in gym. relire et rcouter (p. 125, CD lve plage 9)

revoir les notes du cahier
On mnera les coutes des appels n3 et 4 de la

mme manire, en poursuivant la rdaction de la workbook pp. 34-35, ex. 1 et 2
trace crite.
la fin de la conversation n 4 (arrte I dont
know , comme indiqu dans le script), quand tout
le monde aura bien compris que Mason nappellera Now, speak! p. 27-28

pas Suzy, on demandera aux lves didentifier le

Class: Mason will never call her! / He wont call Ce Practise your pronunciation permet de continuer
her so Jerrys fed up/frustrated! He thinks progresser sur des points qui permettront aux lves
Mason is stupid/hopeless de sexprimer avec plus daisance et de naturel. En
affinant leur oreille, ils leur permettront aussi de
... puis de formuler une dernire hypothse (on mieux segmenter la chane de langlais oral, donc de
fournira le vocabulaire la demande) : mieux dcrypter langlais spontan.
Teacher: So?
Class: Maybe, he will call/ask Suzy. / He will go to 1. Liaisons
Washington, DC alone/on his own. / He will Les liaisons sont un phnomne frquent en franais (si
hang up on Mason. les lves ont besoin quon leur en donne un exemple,
On coutera les deux dernires rpliques pour vrifier on pourra utiliser la phrase : Ces deux lves

puis rcapituler. sont intelligents. ). Il existe aussi en anglais.

Class: Jerry will call Suzy because Mason cant do it a. On expliquera dabord que, comme en franais, ce
/ will never do it / is too shy to do it. phnomne est particulirement frquent entre un
Teacher: Jerry thinks he likes her / he has a crush on mot finissant par une consonne et un mot finissant
her Can you prove it? At first, Mason says par une voyelle. On pourra entrer dans les dtails en
hell call her but expliquant que cest en ralit entre un son consonne
Class: he doesnt (par exemple, aprs un y qui se prononce //)
On poursuivra ainsi pour reprendre les trois tapes et et un son voyelle (donc pas avant un u qui se
la conclusion, et finir la trace crite : prononce aussi //, comme dans university ). On
demandera ensuite aux lves de lire les phrases du
At first, Mason says he ll call her but he workbook et de noter une liaison l o ils pensent
doesnt. Then, he says he ll talk to her in gym, but que cest ncessaire. On leur laissera suffisamment
he doesnt. Then, he says that he ll send her an de temps pour rflchir et noter avant de passer
e-mail, but again he doesnt. ltape suivante de vrification.
In the end/finally, Jerry gets frustrated/fed up b. Lorsque les lves seront prts, on expliquera
and says he ll ask Suzy because he knows Mason
que lors de lcoute de lenregistrement ils pourront
will never do it! Mason is so happy! (so grateful =
vrifier leur rponse pour chaque phrase et se corriger
fournir la demande)
au besoin.
Jerrys right: Mason likes her! / He has a crush on
herThats why he is hopeless! Ill find a cool film to watch.
Ill probably read a book and write an essay.
Ill meet up with a friend on Monday.
Pour conclure, on pourra rcouter ces conversations
Ill certainly wont e-mail anyone, my grandma
et les faire lire pages 125-136 du manuel. Ce sera
hasnt got a computer.
aussi loccasion pour les lves de sentraner
CD classe n 1 plage 39
infrer le sens des expressions idiomatiques utilises
par Jerry et Mason et les dire en respectant le ton
Il sera peut-tre ncessaire de leur faire couter deux
des personnages.
fois avant de passer la correction avec la classe
Pour une rflexion sur la langue, on proposera les
entire :
exercices 1 et 2 du Think about it!, p. 30 du workbook,
p. 66 de ce guide.

Book 2 Situation 2
Ill find a cool film to watch. Les lves seront alors en mesure de complter les

Ill probably read a book and write an essay. phrases du workbook :

{ {

{ { {

Ill meet up with a friend on Monday. - Dans les phrases ci-dessus, est-ce que les mots
Ill certainly wont email anyone, my grandma hasnt souligns doivent tre accentus ? Non. Cela veut

got a computer. dire qu loral, ces mots se prononcent avec la

(Les lves remarqueront peut-tre quil y a en fait voyelle neutre, note //.
une lgre pause entre wont et e-mail dans On fait alors le lien avec le point vu juste avant :
la dernire phrase : ils auront raison, cest ainsi que puisque kind se termine par une consonne, et que
la comdienne a choisi de prononcer cette phrase of commence par une voyelle, on fait la liaison.
pendant lenregistrement ! On a cependant not Et puisque got se termine par un t , et que to
cette liaison ici, car elle se fait naturellement.) commence par la mme lettre, suivie dune voyelle,
Si lon a expliqu les concepts de sons consonne/ on fait aussi la liaison. On fera lire la rgle dans le
voyelle aux lves au dbut de lexercice, on pourra workbook :
leur en montrer un autre exemple : on fait ici une - kind of se prononce comme un seul mot, /kand/
liaison entre write et an , alors que ce sont - got to se prononce comme un seul mot, /gt/
deux voyelles qui sont en contact. Cest parce que Pour boucler la boucle, on expliquera enfin que
write se termine par une voyelle lcrit, mais par ces prononciations, en un seul mot, sont devenues
un son consonne loral : /rat/. Il est donc possible si courantes quelles sont passes dans la langue
de faire la liaison, entre un son consonne et un son crite, dans un registre familier. Il ne faut donc pas
voyelle. les utiliser dans nimporte quel contexte !
Pour finir, on passera lenregistrement une dernire
On passera ensuite au troisime exemple. Le principe
fois et on demandera aux lves de rpter les
en est similaire, mais il est un peu plus complexe
phrases en respectant bien les liaisons, pour quils
parce quil ne sagit pas dune liaison. Pour passer de
sentranent les prononcer.
going to gonna, il faut transformer une diphtongue
et supprimer une consonne (le t de to). Pour
2. Kinda / gotta / gonna
le faire comprendre aux lves, le plus simple sera
Ce deuxime point est particulirement pertinent
de leur faire lire les explications donnes dans le
dans le contexte amricain mais il ne se limite pas
workbook :
ce dernier. En effet, si les expressions kinda, gotta
- Une prononciation rapide et relche de la phrase
et gonna trouvent leur origine aux Etats-Unis, elles
ci-dessus, par exemple dans un amricain familier,
sont maintenant largement rpandues dans le
aboutit une contraction de going + to : le
monde anglophone. Lobjectif de ce point est triple :
son /t/ disparat et la diphtongue // (de going) se
sensibiliser loreille des lves ces expressions trs
rduit au son // (le son voyelle de got), plus facile
frquentes mais difficiles comprendre lorsquon
ne les connat pas et montrer quelles respectent
On passe donc de /g t/ /gn/, que lon voit
la logique du systme phonologique de langlais
parfois crit gonna .
(cest--dire quelles sont le cas dune rduction
Pour bien fixer les diffrences de prononciation et de
vocalique dans une syllabe non accentue), tout
registre, on terminera par une tape de rptition :
en introduisant la notion de registre loral,
on passera lenregistrement, dans lequel les phrases
puisquon opposera ici registre familier et registre
sont rptes dans deux registres diffrents, soutenu
soutenu. On a spar kinda et gotta de gonna, qui
sans lision, puis familier avec lision. On demandera
est le fruit dune transformation lgrement plus
aux lves dcouter les phrases et de les rpter au
fur et mesure.
On commencera par demander aux lves de lire
les phrases numrotes 1 et 2, et de dire si les mots You kind of like her.
souligns ( of et to ) doivent tre accentus. You kinda like her.
Leurs connaissances pralables devraient leur Youve got to be joking.
permettre de rpondre que ce nest pas le cas (parce Youve gotta be joking.
que ce sont des mots dits grammaticaux , quon Youre never going to ask her, are you ?
naccentue gnralement pas, comme les articles). Youre never gonna ask her, are you?
Si ces mots ne sont pas accentus, comment doit CD classe n 1 plage 40
se prononcer leur voyelle ? Avec la voyelle neutre,
cest--dire la voyelle des syllabes non accentues.

4. WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR WINTER BREAK? On demandera aux lves de faire particulirement
p. 35 n 14
attention aux liaisons et donc de rutiliser ce
quils viennent de travailler dans le Practise your
Les lves ouvrent leurs manuels la page 35 et lon
projette, si on le peut, le transparent n14.
Comme dans lexemple donn par le professeur, on
Teacher: Now its time for you to say what you will do
incitera les lves terminer leur intervention par
for winter break. First, lets find some ideas.
What about you, (prnom) ? et ils pourront
On pourra commencer par un brainstorming des dsigner alors un lve de leur choix qui prendra
activits possibles en sinspirant de celles illustres son tour la parole. Une fois lactivit mise en place en
la page 35, classes en trois rubriques : Homework grand groupe avec 4 ou 5 exemples dinterventions
you need to do, Boring things to do et Cool things to et un modle complet ou deux nots au tableau, on
do. Pour chaque rubrique, on demandera aux lves pourra faire fonctionner les lves en tiers ou quart de
de trouver dautres ides que lon pourra noter au classe pour que tous parlent/se parlent : on multiplie
tableau et plus tard dans le cahier. Ce sera aussi ainsi le nombre dinterventions.
loccasion de ractiver le vocabulaire vu en 6e et en 5e Avec un groupe rapide, on demandera
et de les renvoyer aux fiches archives de leur CD-rom, systmatiquement un autre lve du groupe de
comme la fiche 4 de Activities ou les fiches 4 et 5 de poser une question complmentaire.
Work and Fun. Si lon dispose dun vidoprojecteur, Teacher: Question? (et on dsigne un lve)
on pourra mme envisager de (re)montrer aux lves Pupil: And, er will you do your math exercises?
comment accder ces fiches. Quand le systme est compris, ce sera un lve
Exemples : de jouer le rle du professeur et de dsigner celui
- Boring things to do - Your parents will be proud of qui devra poser une question supplmentaire.
you! ( proud est ici lucider et peut tre mim
Les propositions des lves constitueront la trace
en bombant le torse) : hoover the floor / vacuum /
crite :
clean the cat litter / do the washing-up/the dishes /
mow the lawn / do the housework / make my bed / tidy My winter break
my room, etc. During winter break, I 'll just rest and relax
- Cool things to do : go to the ice-rink / go ice-skating and hang around downtown with my friends. I ll
/ go shopping / hang around downtown / hang out probably spend a week with my father and my half-
with friends / read comics / read mangas / rest / relax / brother, they live in Marseilles.
get some sleep / watch horror movies, etc. I certainly won't change the cat litter, my sister
will do it! Mum will be proud of her!!!
Le professeur pourra donner un exemple pour lancer I hope I ll find the time to read the book for French
lactivit et noter au tableau les dbuts de phrases class or my French teacher will kill me!
qui dclencheront la prise de parole (nots en gras
dans lexemple ci-dessous) :

Teacher: Well, lets see, during winter break I'll Suggestions de travail la maison

probably visit my family of course I hope Savoir parler de ses projets.

Ill find the time to go to the movies and rcouter, rpter (p.125, CD lve plage 9)

read one or two good books, but I certainly revoir les notes du cahier

wont do any housework. My kids will do it
se prparer dire au moins trois choses sur ce que
(theyre your age and Ill be very proud
lon fera ou pas pour Nol ou le week-end prochain

of them!! Ah! Ah!) I will just rest and enjoy workbook pp.35-36, ex. 3 et 4

my vacation/holiday. Well, Ill probably get
some work done for school anyway, mark my
pupils work. What about you? What will you
do? Think about it and get ready!

Book 2 Situation 2

Practice time pages 36-37

1. REMEMBER SUZY? Remember Mason? The cutie I met at the diner? ;-)
And Mason is soooooo funny!
p. 36 n 15
And hes the cutest guy ever!
Si lon dispose dun vido- ou dun rtroprojecteur,
on pourra projeter la photo de Suzy. Sinon, on
Proposition de trace crite :
demandera aux lves douvrir leur manuel la page
36 et d'observer Suzy devant son ordinateur. Suzys e-mail
Teacher: Remember Suzy? Remember Mason and Suzy is very excited because shes going to
Jerry and Washington, DC? Now, have a good Washington, DC with Jerry and Mason. She
look at Suzy in front of her computer. Suzy is really likes Mason / she thinks he is the cutest
writing an e-mail Before we read her e-mail, and funniest guy ever, so she believes her day in
lets say what wed like to know. For example, Washington will be the best day of her life. Mason
Id like to know who shes writing to! probably thinks so too!
(She promises her friend Eva that) she will send
Pour aider les lves formuler des attentes avant la her pictures when she gets back.
lecture, on notera quelques prompts au tableau, plus
ou moins nombreux et prcis selon les groupes :
- Id like to know what about. / if / Mason / On terminera en proposant aux lves dimaginer
Washington, DC / ce que Mason pourrait dire Jerry pour lui parler de
cette future journe Washington. Ce sera loccasion
Class: Id like to know what she is writing about. / de reprendre des expressions du mail de Suzy.
if she is writing to Mason. / if she is going
to Washington, DC with Mason and Jerry. / On pourra galement reporter ces prises de parole
if she is writing about Mason / if she is happy du point de vue de Mason la sance suivante.
to go to Washington, DC with Mason / if Class: Guess what! Suzys coming to DC with us.
she likes Mason or not / We'll hang around DC together. It will be
On dcouvre alors le mail, quils liront pour trouver great. / We'll visit the White House and the
des rponses leurs attentes. memorials. We will take a Segway tour. / I will
Aprs la lecture-coute (CD classe n 1 plage 41), on show her my favorite places/spots in the city.
se contentera dun So? afin de dclencher des This is going to be the best day of my life.
confirmations ou rectifications de ces hypothses. Les lves pourraient galement imaginer tout ce
Class: Suzy is not writing to Jerry or Mason. Shes que Mason dit de Suzy. On les incitera alors utiliser
writing to Eva. Eva is probably a friend (of le superlatif pour exagrer et ainsi bien traduire les
Suzys). Suzy is going to Washington, DC with sentiments de Mason.
Mason and Jerry. She is very happy because Teacher: And imagine what Mason says to Jerry about
she likes Mason. She'll go to the White House Suzy.
and the FBI headquarters... Class: She is so pretty. She is the prettiest girl ever.
Teacher: Is she really happy? Does she really like / Shes got beautiful eyes. Shes got the most
Mason? Lets prove it! beautiful eyes! / She is so smart/intelligent/
On demandera alors aux lves douvrir leur workbook clever. / She is the smartest/cleverest/
la page 28 et de cocher les phrases qui confirment, prettiest/most beautiful girl ever. / She is
lenthousiasme de Suzy, puis de relever celles qui so nice/friendly/cool. / She is the nicest/
montrent que Suzy craque pour Mason : friendliest/coolest girl ever. Etc.

Corrigs : On proposera pour finir lexercice 4 du Think about it!

You wont believe this! page 31 du workbook afin de rflchir la formation
And guess what! et lutilisation du superlatif.
Cool, huh? On proposera lexercice 4 du Think about it! du
I cant wait! workbook page 31 la sance suivante aprs avoir
Im so excited! relu et rcout le mail de Suzy et rcapitul ce
Oh my gosh! This is going to be the best day of my life! quelle fera et ce qu'elle promet.
And guess what ? Masons coming!

donn la rponse tant interpel par le touriste )
Suggestions de travail la maison
puis faire lobjet dun pairwork. On pourra revoir les
Comprendre et exprimer lenthousiasme.
questions utiles cette situation et les crire au
couter et relire le mail de Suzy p.36,

CD lve plage 10 dbut au tableau puis les effacer progressivement.

Where is... ? Could you tell me the way to ? Im
workbook p. 36, ex. 5 et 6
looking for .
2. DISCOVER WASHINGTON, DC Avec un groupe rapide, on pourra aussi demander
Il sagit maintenant den apprendre un peu plus sur aux lves de reprer les distances entre les
la ville que Suzy va dcouvrir avec Jerry et Mason : diffrents monuments. Cest ce quindique
Washington, DC, travers deux activits diffrentes : lencart en bas droite.
- une activit de reprage de lieux emblmatiques Teacher: How long does it take to go from the
sur la carte ; Washington Monument to the Smithsonian?
- une activit de reprage dun itinraire partir Class: (It takes) 15 minutes.
de lcoute dun programme de visite touristique On pourra demander ensuite aux lves de
organise. poursuivre avec dautres questions du mme type,
Les lves se trouvent donc dans la situation de tout en ayant pris la peine dcrire au tableau
touristes Washington. un modle de question, quon effacera au bout du
Les lves commenceront par ouvrir leurs livres aux troisime change.
pages 36 et 37. On leur demandera dobserver les Suzy la mentionn dans son mail, elle aimerait bien
photos et on leur fera couter les lgendes, puis ils se faire un Segway tour (cf. illustration de Segways, page
reporteront la carte de Washington, DC, page 32. Ils 36). On peut repartir sur cette ide et demander aux
essaieront alors de retrouver ces monuments, ainsi lves :
que ceux des photos situes sur les pages 32 et 33, Teacher: Do you remember what Suzy wants to do in
et ils donneront leurs coordonnes. On les incitera Washington, DC?
donner des indications plus prcises et ils pourront Class: She wants to see the White House/the
ainsi rutiliser les prpositions de lieu comme next memorials / visit the FBI (building) / take a
to, behind, right of, south of, etc. Segway tour.
Class: The White House is in square C2, opposite Teacher: Thats right! If youre a tourist in Washington,
Lafayette Park. DC, you can take a Segway tour. Remember
Dans la deuxime partie de lactivit, lexercice est the segways in photo # ? Well, youre a
le mme, sauf quil sagit dabord de comprendre tourist and you want to take a Segway tour.
lcoute de quel monument il est question et den Listen and get some information!
retenir la prononciation puis de le reprer sur la On demande alors aux lves douvrir leur workbook
carte. la page 29. Ils dcouvrent les informations quils
vont devoir reprer.
CD classe n1 plage 42 p. 29

- the Supreme Court On coutera dabord la premire partie en entier,

- the Washington Monument jusqu 16 and older . Cest seulement ce
- the FBI Building moment-l quon demandera aux lves de se munir
- the National Portrait Gallery dun crayon papier. Ils couteront nouveau cette
- the Potomac River premire partie en entier et pourront noter la ou les
- the Air and Space Museum informations quils auront comprises. Cet audio ne
- the Natural History Museum parat pas trs difficile compte-tenu des informations
- the Tidal Basin reprer, mais la langue est authentique, le dbit
CD classe n 1 plage 42 rapide et laccent trs amricain. Les lves auront du
mal isoler les donnes rechercher dans ce flux de
Autre dmarche possible : un lve, son plan la parole. ce moment de lactivit de comprhension
main, joue le rle dun touriste la recherche dun orale, on ne mettra pas en commun les rponses mais
lieu prcis et demande Excuse-me, where is the , on fera une pause pour anticiper sur les mots quils
please? . Un autre lve lui rpond. Cette activit devraient entendre tant donnes les informations
peut tre mene en classe entire (llve devant retrouver :

Book 2 Situation 2
- pour duration : minutes et hours,
highest court in the land. // Finally well head back
- pour cost : dollars et cents, to our Office for some refreshments.
- pour meeting point : une adresse donc avenue,
CD classe n 1 plage 43
street ou drive ou un lieu donc un nom propre,
- pour meeting hours : oclock, a.m. ou p.m., et
la fin de lcoute, on se retrouvera avec tout un tas
videmment, des chiffres et des nombres chaque
de mots au tableau : noms communs, noms propres,
adjectifs, etc. On demandera alors aux lves
On pourra marquer ces mots dans un coin du tableau dessayer dorganiser cette somme dinformations,
et surtout les faire rpter par les lves. En effet, sachant que leur tche est de dessiner litinraire du
si on souhaite quils les reconnaissent, il faut quils Segway tour sur le plan de Washington. On entourera
sachent les prononcer correctement. On procdera donc en rouge les noms de lieux. On procdera alors
alors une coute fractionne, comme indiqu dans une coute fractionne qui leur permettra de tracer
le script. Chaque partie sera coute deux fois, voire litinraire et on terminera par une coute globale
plus si besoin (surtout pour meeting point ). On de cette deuxime partie afin quils vrifient et/ou
mettra en commun au fur et mesure. compltent ce trac. Au moment de la correction,
on fera merger les informations supplmentaires
Pour la deuxime partie, les lves doivent, au final,
donnes sur la Maison Blanche, le Washington
tracer litinraire propos dans laudio. On continuera
Monument, le Capitole et la Cour Suprme, qui
de profiter de cet enregistrement au dbit rapide pour
auront certainement dj t voques travers des
mener un vrai entranement de comprhension orale
mots crits au tableau. Ce sera loccasion de rebrasser
et dvelopper des stratgies. Il faut dabord sassurer
et fixer le superlatif.
que les lves savent reconnatre les monuments
Enfin, on terminera par cette question :
de Washington lcoute. On fera donc rcouter
Teacher: So, do you think Suzy, Mason and Jerry will
et rpter la liste des monuments enregistrs
take the Segway tour?
ainsi que les autres monuments importants qui ne
Class: Yes, it sounds great! / Maybe.
figurent pas sur cette liste : the Jefferson Memorial,
the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Capitol. On les incitera alors relire le premier tableau
On fera couter la deuxime partie en entier, puis dinformations.
on procdera une coute fractionne. On passera Class: No, because I think theyre too young. / No,
chaque extrait (voir script) deux ou trois fois. On because its probably too expensive. / No,
demandera aux lves de noter sur un brouillon tout because its too long.
ce quils comprennent, puis on mettra en commun
en crivant ce quils proposent au tableau. Proposition de trace crite :

If youre looking for an unforgettable way to Lets take a Segway tour!

discover the Capital, a three-hour Segway tour is A Segway tour is an unforgettable way to discover
for you! Washington, DC.
With our Segway you will see the most famous sites If you take a Segway tour, you will see:
of Washington for only $30. // - the White House, the most photographed and
Meet at the City Segway Tours Office at 624 9th most famous building in the world;
Street just across the street from the National
Portait Gallery at 10 am or 2 pm. // - two of the most important places in Washington,
The Segway is the perfect way to visit DC for DC : the Capitol and the Supreme Court, the
visitors 16 and older. // highest court in the country.
The tour will start with the White House I dont think Suzy, Mason and Jerry will take the
possibly the most photographed building in the Segway tour because its too expensive and I
world! Then, well ride to the Lincoln Memorial, guess theyre too young (anyway).
enjoy the stunning view of the Potomac River and
relax next to the Jefferson Memorial. // Then well
take you to the Washington Monument dedicated
Suggestions de travail la maison
to the first president and founder of our country,
Savoir parler de lieux exceptionnels.
George Washington. Well go up to Capitol Hill
revoir les notes du cahier
to see two of the most important places in DC:
workbook pp. 36-37-38, ex. 7 et 9
the US Capitol which houses the legislative branch
of the government and the Supreme Court the

Think about it p. 30

1. Rappel : le prsent be-ing ce dernier point par un proverbe : When there

Le prsent be-ing a t abord dans les classes is a will, there is a way , que lon peut traduire par
prcdentes, mais cest une forme tellement Quand on veut, on peut , et dans lequel will est
importante dans la grammaire anglaise quil nest un nom qui a le sens de volont .
pas inutile de remettre les choses au point au dbut
de lanne de 4e. On reprendra ici les explications 3. When I get back, Ill
exactement dans les mmes termes que les annes Ce point de grammaire, sur un type de phrase
prcdentes. complexe, est abord en raison de la difficult
On demandera aux lves dobserver les deux phrases particulire quil pose aux francophones : en effet, le
modles, puis de complter la phrase qui rcapitule franais et langlais fonctionnent diffremment dans
la formation du prsent be-ing : ce type de phrase. Puisque ce point est compliqu,
Le prsent be-ing, cest lauxiliaire be au prsent on procdera par tapes et on vrifiera au fur et
suivi du verbe avec la terminaison -ing. mesure que les lves suivent bien.
Les lves devront ensuite rflchir au sens du prsent
Avec une classe moins avance, on pourra choisir
be-ing. On leur demandera de relire les phrases tout
daborder les trois phrases modles une par une plutt
en se souvenant de leur contexte dans la leon, puis
quen bloc, pour sassurer que les lves comprennent
de cocher les explications qui conviennent, cest--
toutes les tapes de la dmonstration et quils identifient
dire les cases 1b. et 2b.
bien tous les groupes verbaux sparment.
Ce quils doivent comprendre, cest quon en dit
davantage, avec le prsent be-ing, quon nen dirait On demandera dabord aux lves de lire les trois
avec le prsent simple. On utilise cette forme phrases et dy souligner tous les groupes verbaux :
lorsquon souhaite dire autre chose quune simple 1. If we go to New York City, well take a walk in
information : on veut se justifier, donner une Central Park.
explication, une excuse, faire une remarque, etc. 2. When I am back next week, Ill call you.
3. Ill tell you everything when I get back tomorrow
2. Will / ll night.
On aborde ensuite un autre auxiliaire, will / ll, dj Ils complteront ensuite :
vu les annes prcdentes et dans book 2 situation - lun est au prsent simple (we go, I am, I get), lautre
1, avec Ill have... . Mais si, dans la situation 1, on est compos de ll + base verbale.
avait surtout pris Ill have... comme expression On passera alors ltape suivante, lidentification
fige, sans sattarder sur sa dcomposition, ici on des diffrentes propositions dans chaque phrase : on
veut insister sur la nature de will, auxiliaire, et sur demandera aux lves de mettre entre crochets les
son sens. subordonnes de supposition (commenant par if) et
On commencera par lobservation des phrases de temps (commenant par when), puis de souligner
modles, puis on fera complter : les propositions principales :
ll, la contraction de will, est suivi dune base verbale. 1. [If we go to New York City], well take a walk in
la forme ngative, will + not = wont. Central Park.
On fera ensuite lire les explications qui suivent aux 2. [When I am back next week], Ill call you.
lves. Elles montrent que dans les deux cas, avec 3. Ill tell you everything [when I get back tomorrow
will on prdit lavenir (do sa valeur de futur ), night].
mais de faons diffrentes : Ils complteront alors :
- dans un cas, on se fonde sur ses connaissances pour - les propositions subordonnes de supposition et de
prdire ; temps sont au prsent simple quand la proposition
- dans lautre, on affirme sa volont (en termes principale sert faire une prdiction avec ll + base
linguistiques, dans ce cas on se rapproche de la verbale.
valeur radicale de will, par opposition sa valeur On leur fera ensuite remarquer que lordre des
pistmique). propositions nest pas toujours le mme :
On en profite pour faire le rapprochement entre Est-ce que propositions subordonnes et propositions
lauxiliaire will et le nom will, qui signifie volont principales se trouvent toujours dans le mme ordre
ou testament . Si on a le temps, on pourra illustrer dans une phrase ? Non.

Book 2 Situation 2
La dernire tape consiste remarquer les diffrences et en leur faisant identifier les adjectifs au superlatif
entre le franais et langlais : dans une subordonne dans les phrases qui suivent.
de temps en franais, on utilise le futur et pas le Ils pourront alors complter la rgle :
prsent simple lorsque la principale est au futur. - si ladjectif est long, on utilise the most devant
Les lves liront attentivement les deux phrases en ladjectif ;
franais puis ils complteront : - si ladjectif est court (une syllabe ou deux quand
- quand on fait une prdiction au futur partir dune ladjectif se termine par -y ou -er) : on ajoute the
subordonne de supposition, cette subordonne est devant ladjectif et la terminaison -est.
au prsent, comme en anglais ; On pourra enfin faire lire le rappel des modifications
- mais quand on fait une prdiction au futur partir orthographiques qui sappliquent certains types
dune subordonne de temps, cette subordonne dadjectifs. Si on manque de temps en classe, on
est au futur. Dans ce cas, le franais et langlais ne pourra laisser ce point de ct et le faire lire la
fonctionnent pas de la mme manire. maison, ou faire lire le point sur les superlatifs du
Grammar Book en devoir la maison.
4. Le superlatif des adjectifs
On rappellera dabord le sens du superlatif aux lves,
en leur faisant lire le premier paragraphe de ce point

Checkpoint pp. 119-121 du workbook corrig pp. 70-71 de ce guide.

TEST fiches photocopiables pp. 263-264 et corrig pp. 71-72 de ce guide.

Enjoy your skills E-mail a friend! pages 40-41

Dans cette double page, il sagit pour les lves de un aperu de ce quils pourraient voir et faire New
mettre en pratique ce quils ont appris et dutiliser York. Afin de les aider organiser ces informations,
la langue afin daccomplir une tche, celle dcrire une carte de Manhattan complter est propose
un e-mail pour annoncer un ami quils vont New dans le workbook la page 32.
York, lui dire combien ils sont contents dy aller, ce
On laissera aux lves le temps de dcouvrir la
quils esprent y faire, et enfin ce quils promettent
double page, puis dcouter et de lire chaque lgende
cet ami.
en demandant chaque fois : So, what can you do
there? (CD classe n 1 plage 48 - 1re partie).
p. 40

La tche finale sera motive par le trs court mail - Picture 1: You can go to Liberty Island and see the
situ en haut de la page 40, indiquant aux lves Statue of Liberty / take photos of the statue. Point
quils ont gagn un week-end New York. Civi : depuis le 11 septembre 2001, laccs la statue
On peut simplement dire aux lves : Youve got est interdit. Il est possible de visiter son socle, qui
mail! Open your books to page 38.. Les lves le abrite un muse, mais il faut pour cela tre muni dun
lisent et formulent la nouvelle : pass spcial (Monument Access Pass) qui doit tre
Class: I have won a weekend in New York. rserv deux jours lavance. De plus, un contrle
Teacher: Thats why you need to know more about trs strict des visiteurs est effectu avant la monte
New York City! sur le ferry emmenant les touristes sur lle.
- Picture 2: You can go to Brooklyn / Manhattan.
YORK CITY - Picture 3: You can go walking/running/skating/
boating / you can listen to music, etc. in Central Park.
p. 40 n16-17 p. 32
- Picture 4: You can take a boat or a ferryboat on the
Mme si New York est la ville des tats-Unis que
Hudson or East River or take a helicopter tour and see
les lves connaissent le mieux grce aux sries,
Manhattan and all its famous skyscrapers from the
films amricains et reportages, ils ont besoin den
air. You can go and see Ground Zero, where the twin
apprendre davantage pour pouvoir trouver des ides
towers used to stand.
de visites ou dactivits. La double page propose donc

Point Civi : La Freedom Tower devrait tre termine A New Yorker: Youre on the wrong side of Central
pour 2012. Park. Its just opposite the Museum of Natural
- Picture 5: You can visit the Metropolitan Museum History.
A tourist: Oh, OK. Thanks.
and see plenty of famous paintings and other works of
A New Yorker: Youre welcome. Well and if you go
art, like sculptures, drawings, objects, etc.
to the Met, be sure to see their Japanese collection,
- Picture 6: You can go to Madison Square Garden its quite impressive.
and see a concert or a sporting event like a basketball A tourist: Ok, thanks. Ill do that.
game, a hockey game, a boxing fight or an NBA draft.
Dialogue 2
- Picture 7: You can go to Times Square and watch a A tourist: Excuse me, Im looking for the Chrysler
movie or go to the theater to see a play or a musical Building.
on Broadway. An old woman: Its on 42nd Street, next to Grand
Central Station. You can see it from here,
Les lves ouvriront ensuite leur workbook la
page 32 et, leurs manuels toujours ouverts, ils A tourist: Wow! It really is beautiful.
complteront la carte de Manhattan. Il manque en An old woman: Yes indeed. Its one of our finest
effet : buildings. Were very proud of it. And you
- Times Square should really go inside too, its amazing.
- lHudson River A tourist: Thank you very much.
- le Madison Square Garden An old woman: My pleasure.
- Ground Zero
- le Financial District Dialogue 3
- le Manhattan Bridge A New Yorker: Madison Square Garden, please.
- lEmpire State Building A taxi driver: OK. You're going to a concert?
A New Yorker: No. basketball game.
- le Chrysler Building
A taxi driver: Whos playing tonight?
- le Metropolitan Museum
A New Yorker: The New York Knicks vs the San
Antonio Spurs. Can you drop me off on
Les lieux indiqus en gras seront facilement West 31st? Ill walk from there.
retrouvs par les lves sils sont attentifs et sils A taxi driver: No problem.
arrivent faire le lien entre la photo 4 et le plan de
Manhattan. On passera dans les rangs pour guider Dialogue 4
ceux qui auraient des problmes de repres spatiaux. As you can see, Times Square is not actually a
Les lieux crits en italique pourront tre reprs sur square. Its more of a triangle, at the junction of
le plan si les lves font particulirement attention Broadway, 7th Avenue and 42nd Street. You have
larchitecture des monuments et aux noms de rue to be there on December 31st and attend New
(Broadway pour Times Square , par exemple). Years Eve Ball Drop with thousands of other New
Yorkers. Youll never forget that moment ! The
Cependant, rares seront ceux qui parviendront
atmosphere is unbelievable !
complter tous les pointills. On proposera alors
CD classe n 1 plage 48 - 2e partie
dcouter quatre conversations se droulant
Manhattan, qui devraient leur permettre de reprer
dautres endroits.
On coutera chaque conversation en entier et on lissu de tous ces reprages, les lves auront
demandera aux lves de reprer des noms de lieux. davantage dinformations sur la ville de New York et
Une seconde coute permettra de noter des dtails pourront dj imaginer ce quils auraient envie dy
sur la localisation et de complter le plan du workbook faire. On pourrait prvoir une sance supplmentaire
(p. 32). Enfin, une troisime coute permettra en salle informatique, leur donner une liste de lieux
ventuellement de reprer dautres informations sur dcouvrir et leur demander de trouver dautres
les endroits voqus. activits possibles ou encore leur faire effectuer
On terminera en mettant en commun tous les lieux cette recherche chez eux ou au CDI. Certains le feront
qui ont t reprs. peut-tre spontanment, en utilisant les adresses
internet du Metropolitan Museum et du Madison
Dialogue 1 Square Garden qui apparaissent dans les lgendes de
A tourist: Could you tell me the way to the Met, la page 40.

Book 2 Situation 2
Les lves trouveront dans leur workbook (pages 32-
33) un guidage qui les aidera rdiger leur mail. Ils
pourront se servir du mail de Suzy pour trouver des
expressions rutiliser (ils avaient dj, dans le Practice
time, repr celles qui exprimaient son enthousiasme),
et organiser leur rdaction. On les incitera aussi
Hi Charlene!
le prparer sur un brouillon et rflchir ce quils Guess what? Im going to New York! Ive won the grand prize! - A weekend
veulent dire avant de se lancer dans lcriture. in NYC! Can you believe it?
The first thing Ill do is go see the Statue of Liberty. Ive always wanted to
see it in real life!
Les exemples suivants vont parfois au-del du niveau Then I want to go to the museums. I will probably go to the Met first. Do you
think Ill have time to see anything else? The Met is sooooo huge! Ill need
de production des lves mais peuvent fournir des all day to see it!
ides denrichissement des productions. And of course Ill go to the theater. It will be so cool to walk down Broadway
and think, Wow! Im walking down Broadway!!
Ill tell you all about it when I get back.

Im going to New York! Im so excited! Ive won a
weekend there.
I want to go to Ground Zero and the Empire State
Building. And I want to see Wall Street. Maybe I'll take
a boat on the Hudson River.
This is going to be the best trip of my entire life! -
Ill send pictures as soon as Im back.
Heather Yo, Bill, whats up?
You wont believe this, but Ive won a trip to New York! Cool, huh?
And the best part is
Remember Julie? She moved to New York last year. I e-mailed her
and told her Im coming and she said shell show me the city!! (I think
shes in love with me Ha! Ha! LOL!!)
She said well hang around the city, go to Times Square and have
a picnic in Central Park. Oh! And she promised shell get tickets for
Hi Rico! a basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Can you believe she
You wont believe this! Im going to New York likes basketball? She says she LOVES it. She is the coolest girl ever.
tomorrow! Gotta go. Write me back asap.
I cant wait! I really hope to go to the top of the Statue Jose
of Liberty. I want to see the Empire State Building,
too. And I want to take a taxi. I dont know why Ive
always wanted to take a taxi in New York. Maybe I can
see a concert in Central Park.
I promise Ill take lots of pictures.

Test-performance, fiches photocopiables p. 283 et corrig p. 72 de ce guide.

Exercises page 39
a) Nations will live in peace. a) NYC is the biggest and most populated city in
b) People will use renewable energies only. the United States.
c) We wont set up colonies on Mars. b) DC is the most visited city in the United States.
d) Telepathy wont become the primary form of c) LA is one of the sunniest cities in the United
human communication. States.
d) Alaska is the largest and coldest state in the
Productions possibles : United States.
This year, I will probably help my parents more at e) The Mississippi river is the longest river in the
home. I wont spend more than an hour watching TV United States.
every day and I will work hard at school.

a) If I go to New York city I will go and see a c) If Mom finds a new job, we will probably move.
musical on Broadway. d) When I am16, I will take driving lessons.
b) When Nadia gets back, she will write an article e) When I have my drivers license, I will drive around
about her expedition to Alaska. Europe.

WORKBOOK pages 34 38 At home rich, Ill buy you a huge swimming pool. Please, Mom,
say yes!
Voir pp. 125-126 du manuel. - Stop dreaming, Jerry! If you go on Pop Idol, you will
miss school for two months! And if you have to do
a. the day before yesterday / yesterday / today / the year over again*, you will lose all your friends. Is
tonight / tomorrow / the day after tomorrow that what you want? When you are 18 or 20, youll
b. 1. Whats up? = Comment a va ? - 2. downtown do whatever you want, but youre too young and my
Washington = en centre ville de Washington - 3. Hang answer is no!
on = attends une minute 4. actually = en fait, vrai
dire 5. Whatever = cest a , peu importe - 6. Production possible :
Gotta go = jte laisse 7. You gotta be joking me! =
Tu te moques de moi, ou quoi ? 8. Youre hopeless!
= Tes un cas dsespr ! 9. End of story! = Point
final/On nen parle plus ! 10. I owe you one = Jte
revaudrai a.

So, Mark, I hope youll be good and listen to your

sister / ... and promise you wont spend hours Dear Sean,
playing video games! / Ill probably have a little party Guess what? Im going to Miami during the winter break. I am so
excited! Miami is the most beautiful city ever and I looove Florida.
on Sunday afternoon. What time will you be back? When I am there, I'll go to the beach every day! Can you believe it?
/ Well be back by 9, so I really hope youll find the I'll play beach volleyball all day long, make friends and eat lots of
time to clean up! / But we wont have time to eat ice cream!
I will stay at my uncles house. His house is very big and sooo cool.
until we get back, so save a pizza for us! This is going to be the best vacation of my entire life!
I hope well go to the Everglades and see crocodiles. They are so
Productions possibles : impressive! I hope I wont get eaten! lol
a. If I go to Washington DC, Ill visit the White House. Ok, I promise I'll call you when Im there and send you a postcard.
Gotta go now,
b. If I go to New York City, Ill go and see the Statue Cu.
of Liberty. Ron.
c. If I go to Las Vegas, Ill play cards / win money / go
gambling in a casino.
d. If I go to Los Angeles, Ill go to the beach. WORKBOOK pages 119-121 Checkpoint
a. And guess what? / b. I cant wait! / c. I bet its Fiche de remdiation p. 248 de ce guide.
not at all like on TV. / d. Gotta go! Paul: Hi Dylan, whats up?
Dylan: Oh, hey Paul! Not much. Whats going
the largest / the most impressive / the greatest / on?
the biggest / the most famous / the most exciting / Paul: Not much. So, uh what are you doing
the busiest / the most stunning for spring break?
Dylan: Im going to my cousins in Chicago.
Its the highest building in Manhattan. / Its the Paul: Wow! Great! What are you going to do
busiest place in Manhattan. /
Dylan: Well, I will definitely go downtown with
Central Park is the biggest park in Manhattan. / Its
my cousin Sarah, you know, hang out
the oldest restaurant in Manhattan. / downtown with her friends.
Its the most original building in Manhattan. Paul: Mmm
Dylan: And Ill probably play videogames with
- Look, Mom, if you let me go on Pop Idol, I will Bill. Thats my other cousin. Anyway, I
work very hard. I promise! And if I win this contest, hope I wont have to work in the garden with
I will become a star! And when I am a star and I am uncle Bob. I hate gardening. Its so boring!

Book 2 Situation 2
the oldest capital city / the funkiest neighborhood
Paul: Will you go and see a basketball game?
/ the most innovative American movies / the biggest
Dylan: No, I probably wont have time. Im only
staying 4 days, but I hope Ill have time state / the best basketball player.
to do some shopping. I need some new sneakers.
Productions possibles : Ill probably go to the
What about you? ... What are you
doing? swimming-pool. I hope Ill see the new Spiderman
Paul: Ill be here. What else is new? movie and I promise Ill do all my homework.
Dylan: Yeah? Well Ill send you a postcard,
promise! Productions possibles : If I go to the Unites States
CD classe n 1 plage 45 one day, I will try and meet famous basketball players.
I wont eat in a fast food restaurant, Ill probably go
a. 1. aller se balader en ville / 2. jouer aux jeux vidos to a diner.
/ 3. faire du jardinage / 4. voir un match de basket When I am 20, I will go to Japan and meet other
/ 5. faire des achats / 6. envoyer une carte postale manga fans, but I wont eat sushi, I hate that!

b. le fera certainement : 1 / espre ne pas le faire :

3 / espre avoir le temps de le faire : 5 / le fera
probablement : 2 / pense quil naura pas le temps
Test Corrig

de le faire : 4 / promet de le faire : 6. Fiche photocopiable pp. 263-264 de ce guide.

Le dialogue est enregistr deux fois : la premire

sans pauses, la seconde avec pauses. Justin: Well, first of all, Christy, Congratulations!
Youre really making a name for yourself!
Girl: Hi Jim! Are you gonna come to my party? You are such a talented singer!
Boy: Well, Im not sure Im kind of busy, you Christy: Thank you and thank you for inviting
know, with the exams coming up. me.
Girl: Oh come on! Its gonna be fun. You gotta Justin: So, I hear youre going to the States this
come! summer for your first American tour. Would
Boy: Is Kate going to be there? you like to tell us about it?
Girl: Uh-oh !! You kinda like her, dont you? Christy: Yeah! Of course! Im so excited!
CD classe n 1 plage 46 Justin: Where are you going exactly?
Christy: Well, well start with a concert in New
A : gonna / B : kind of / C : gonna / D : gotta / E : going York, and then go to Washington DC. After
to / F : kinda that, well drive to Philadelphia, and from there
Cest la fille qui emploie un langage familier. well fly to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and then San
Justin: Wow! That sounds great! I guess youll be
Verbes daction : hang around / rest / relax / spend
too busy to visit the country
the day downtown / visit Christy: I hope not! This will actually be my first
Adjectifs positifs : cool / interesting / impressive / time in the US, so Ill definitely visit, you
unforgettable / stunning know, the Empire State Building in New York,
Expressions : Whats up? / Youre hopeless / I gotta go the studios in Hollywood
Justin: Will you see any of the national parks?
Nouvelle annonce : Coach Turner asked me to Christy: No Were only staying three weeks,
play in next weeks basketball game! so we wont have time to visit any of the parks.
Expression du sentiment de Luke : Guess what? But I hope Ill go back to the States one day,
Awesome, huh? Im so excited! so I can see more of the country. Anyway, Ill
Luke est trs excit, enthousiaste. write all about our tour on my blog and Ill take
loads of pictures of everything. If we have time
Il sentranera faire des paniers 3 points. Il espre
to visit San Francisco, I promise Ill post a photo
quil marquera des points et quil ira en finale.
of Buddy and me on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Justin: Buddy? Your dog?
a. I will call you when I arrive.
Christy: Did I tell you Im taking Buddy with
b. ... if he gets the job, he will have the money to me to the States? I couldnt leave him at home!
buy his first car. I hope he wont be sick on the plane! Its a long
journey for a little dog!

Justin: Thank you for answering my questions Test performance Corrig
Im sure you two will have a wonderful time Fiches photocopiables pp. 282-283 et fiche
and a lot of success!
d'valuation pp. 294-295 de ce guide
CD classe n 1 plage 47
Comprhension orale
Villes visites : New York, Washington, DC., Pour pouvoir valuer les lves diffrents niveaux
Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Los Angeles et San (voir fiche d'valuation), on procdera une premire
Francisco. coute complte, suivie d'une coute avec quelques
pauses. ce stade, on pourra ramasser les copies de
Christy visitera lEmpire State Building et les studios
ceux qui ont rempli la tche.
de Hollywood.
Pour les autres, une troisime coute avec pause, et on
Elle espre revenir un jour aux Etats-Unis et visiter ramassera.
plus de choses. Enfin, une quatrime coute avec des pauses plus
Elle naura pas le temps de visiter les parcs frquentes et plus longues permettra aux derniers de
nationaux. terminer. On pensera conserver les copies en trois
Elle tiendra un blog sur sa tourne et prendra des paquets de "niveaux".
Elle promet de mettre en ligne une photo delle Answering machine:
avec son chien Buddy sur le Golden Gate- Bridge. Im busy right now, so leave a message ! bip...
Hi there, its Bill. Ive got the most awesome
Elle espre que son chien Buddy ne sera pas malade
news! I finally got three tickets to the MTV
dans lavion. music awards at Madison Square Garden next
Friday. Lets meet at Sallys Diner on 11th
mow the lawn hoover the floor/vacuum avenue... at um... say... seven oclock. Well have
forget boring time for a quick salad then well walk there. The
in fact lots of rest ceremony starts at 9.
Oh... and... since Im not at home, could you
Disneyland is the most popular theme park in the e-mail Bob? He lost his cell phone, (can you
believe it? Typical!) So could you send him an
e-mail, tell him all about it you know: the day
Atlanta Airport is the busiest airport in the USA. and the time and the place!! Remember hes
The Sam Kee Building in Vancouver is the thinnest always late! Right, see you on Friday! Its gonna
building in the world. be a great night! I cant wait!
Gotta go, bye!
CD classe n 1 plage 49
- Sentiment de Sandra : proud.
- Bob a eu son permis de conduire. Expression crite
- Ils ne resteront pas la maison ils ne regarderont Production possible :
pas la tlvision ils prendront la voiture de la mre
de Sandra ils iront en ville.
- Elle lui promet quils niront pas la pche.
- Oui, trs envie.
- so, when do you come and see me? - I really hope bobbysmith@gmail.com
youll come.- please come! great news!

Productions possibles : Hey Bob,

You wont believe this! Bills got three tickets for the MTV Music Awards on
- I hope Ill have a good job / be a journalist / travel Friday at the Madison Square Garden. Awesome, uh?
around the world / have three kids Well meet at Sallys diner on 11th avenue at 7. The Awards ceremony starts
- I hope I wont live here / live in a big city at 9.
Can you believe it? Well probably see the most famous stars and I hope well
- One day Ill be a very good rower / sprinter / dancer
get an autograph of Beyonc. I hope she will sing (nom d'une chanson) Its
/ Ill win the national championships / Ill win the so cool! I love it!
world cup / I cant believe were going. Its going to be the best night of my life
- I hope one day Ill visit Australia / Japan, etc. So, dont forget: 7 pm at Sallys Diner. If youre late, we wont wait for you,
got that?

Book 2 Situation 2
The interior walls are engraved with excerpts from
Background information for the teacher the Declaration of Independence or passages from
Jeffersons writings on religious freedom or liberty,
P. 36 - The National Archives
such as I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal
The National Archives house and preserve the nations
hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind
civil, military and diplomatic records.
of man. (a sentence taken from a 1800 letter by
Architect John Russell Pope drew his inspiration from
Jefferson to Dr. Benjamin Rush).
the classical style, complete with Corinthian columns
(72 in all). Work started in 1931, and President
P. 37 - The Lincoln Memorial
Herbert Hoover laid the cornerstone in 1933. This
This monument honours the 16th President of the
state-of-the art building includes 21 levels of steel and
United States. Lincolns condemnation of slavery
concrete stack areas, windowless and temperature-
prompted eleven southern States to secede, and in
controlled to enable document preservation.
April 1861 the Civil War started. During the war,
Two murals adorn the walls of the Rotunda: Thomas
Congress approved the 13th Amendment, abolishing
Jefferson presenting the Declaration of Independence
slavery in the United States. The Civil War ended
to John Hancock, President of the Continental
in April 1865 with the surrender of General Robert
Congress, and James Madison presenting the
E. Lee, but Lincoln was shot six days later.
Constitution to George Washington, President of the
Construction of the Memorial began in 1914 and was
Constitutional Convention. The Constitution, the
completed in 1922. New York architect Henry Bacon
Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence
based his design on a Greek temple with 36 doric
are displayed in the Rotunda. The nations founding
columns, each column representing one State of the
documents are well looked after theyre sealed into
Union at the time of Lincolns death. The names of the
individual bronze and glass cases in which air has been
other, later states, are inscribed on the monument.
replaced by helium to protect the paper, and whose
An imposing statue of Lincoln (nearly 6 meters high),
light filters are designed to prevent fading.
designed by Daniel Chester French, was placed inside
Countless documents are kept in the Archives Indian
the marble temple.
treaties, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Louisiana
Lincolns second inaugural speech is inscribed on the
Purchase Treaty signed by Bonaparte (1803), Civil War
northern wall, and the Gettysburg Address on the
photographs, ship passenger lists recording immigrant
southern wall. Above it, a mural depicts the angel of
flows, the Japanese World War II surrender document,
truth freeing a slave.
journals of polar expeditions, documentary films on
The dedication, In this temple, as in the hearts of the
the Depression, sound recordings of the Nuremberg
people for whom he saved the Union, the memory
trials, etc. The Archives are therefore the memory of
of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever, reminds
the nation and a precious ressource for historians.
visitors of Lincolns role in the abolition of slavery.
For more information, see: www.archives.gov/dc-
Appropriately, the Memorial was the setting of Martin
Luther Kings famous I have a dream speech (1963)
and many protests and political rallies take place there
P. 37 - The Jefferson Memorial
because of the monuments symbolic status.
Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 July 4, 1826) was
an ardent advocate of Republicanism, and the principal
P. 42 - The Rockeffeller Center
author of the Declaration of Independence (1776).
The Rockefeller Center complex (between 47th and
He served as Secretary of State, as Vice-President,
50th Streets, and 5th and 7th Avenues) was built
and was also the third President of the United States
during the Great Depression, in the Art Deco style.
As for the ice rink, it first opened on Christmas Day,
In 1934, following a proposal by President
1936 and it attracts over a quarter million people each
Franklin Roosevelt, Congress passed a resolution to
year, from October to April.
commemorate Jefferson. The Jefferson Memorial was
From early November to January 6, people also flock
officially inaugurated on April 13, 1943 the 200th
in to admire the gigantic Christmas tree, which is
anniversary of Jeffersons birth. It was designed by John
always at least 65 feet tall and 35 feet wide. The annual
Russell Pope in the neoclassical style, and inspired by
Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is televised and
the Pantheon in Rome. With its circular marble steps
features singers and dancers; professional ice skaters
and Ionic colums, the building reflected Jeffersons
also perform in the Ice Rink.
interest in Roman architecture. A bronze statue of
Jefferson was added inside the monument in 1947.