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1. I not good a restauran

Yes, that a good idea
2. Why not go to the cinema Wednesday
Id love to
3. Im sorry, im not free on Monday. But thuerday
Thatd be great
4. How bat lunch togeter next week
Ok, when are you free?
5. I like to meeting with you 3:30
Yes, thats fine
6. Could you can my houes to nigh
Im sorry i cant
7. How bat next Wednesday
Mm, let me see
8. Are you free next sonday?
Mm, possibly
1. Do you have a reservation?
Yes, the names Dawson
2. I have de chicken salad?
Would you like bread with that?
3. Will that the table by the window
Certainly. This ones is free
4. What do you like to eat?
Ill have the chicken soup
5. Would do like roast potatoes with that?
Yes, please
6. And do you like for cola for drink?
No, wait- Id like water
7. We have a reservation for 1 oclock
What is your name, please?
8. Will you like ice cream?
Mm, no maybe not
In the summer, I like to play football 9 a week
once once

Does the shop in the hotel 10 postcards?

sell sell

I can write emails on my 11 when I'm on the train.

smartphone smartphone

Do you 12 in a hotel when you go on holiday?

stay stay

Business people need to have a 13 so that they can work

laptop laptop

when they travel.

My brother has a 14 in his car so it's easy for him to find
satnav satnav

A daily newspaper doesn't usually 15 very much.
cost cost

Claudia takes her 16 so she has lots of e-books when she

e-reader e-reader

goes on holiday.
I go to the cinema three or four t a month.
i m e s

I need to buy more paper for the p at home.

r i n t e r

How much does this computer c please?

o s t

I don't like using my computer k because it's very small.

e y b o a r d

Which do you p - tea or coffee?

r e f e r

My brother likes to use h when he listens to music.

e a d p h o n e s

My grandparents go to the cinema t a week - on Tuesdays and

w i c e

My sister uses her t on the train to email her friends and check
a b l e t

information on the internet.

A teacher's life
My name is Maria and I teach English in a school in London. I 25
usually get up

at 7 o'clock. I always go to work by bus because it's too far to walk and
usually get u

I 26 a car. It's a large school in a lovely new building. The

haven't got haven't got

school 27 a very nice cafe and so I 28

has got has got sometimes have

breakfast there. Lessons start at 9 o'clock. We stop for lunch at half past
sometimes h

twelve. In the lunch break 29 the newspaper and talk to

I usually read I usually rea

the other teachers. Lessons start again at 2 and finish at 4. After school we
teachers 30 have a lot of work to do because we're very busy
alw ays alw ays

all the time. But, when I haven't got work to do, I go to the cinema or visit friends.
I 31 a good friend in the next street. She 32
have got have got has got

a big garden and we like to sit there in the evenings in summer.

has got

33 often do you go to the gym every week?

How How
Why 34 late?
is James alw ays is James alw

Have both of the children got a laptop? Yes, they 35 .

have have

There's no milk again - you 36 remember to buy any!

never never

We 37 got a printer at home.

haven't haven't

38 Paul got a new camera?

Has Has

I often leave work at 5.30, but I 39 need to stay in the office

alw ays alw ays

until 7 pm.
My mother 40 got a great new satnav in her car.
has has

To make 9 eggs, cook them in a little butter for three minutes.
fried fried

Can you open this 10 of soup for me, please?

can can

Can I have a piece of 11 to put in my tea, please?

lemon lemon

At breakfast, the children always need a lot of milk to put on their 12



Please 13 the steak on both sides until it is brown.

grill grill

My favourite meat is 14 but I also like lamb.

chicken chicken

Would you like 15 or boiled potatoes with your chicken?

roast roast

Would you like a tomato 16 or hot vegetables with your meal?

salad salad

I think that c are my favourite orange vegetable.

a r r o t s

Put the meat in the oven and r it for an hour and a half.
o a s t

We always b our own bread - we prefer it to bread from the shop.

a k e

I'd like to buy a small b of water, please

o t t l e

My favourite vegetable is fried o , especially with burgers.

n i o n
I have a bowl of c with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast every
e r e a l

Put the potatoes in water in a pan and b them for 20 minutes.
o i l

My favourite meat is roast c .

h i c k e n

Hi Tom
Can you go to the supermarket after work, please? Can you buy 25
some some

fruit? I'd like to make a fruit salad. We've got 26 of bananas

a lot a lot

but we haven't got 27 grapes or apples. I also want to roast a

any any

chicken so could you get us one, please. We also need 28 butter -

some some

we've got a little but not very 29 . Oh, and we've only
much much

got 30 potatoes so please get a bag of those too. Don't

a few a few

get 31 onions or carrots - we've already got a lot of them. One

any any

last thing - we haven't got 32 coffee, so please get us a big

much much

Thanks very much.
See you later.

I need some lamb and 33 onion because I want to make curry for
an an

I'd like 34 pasta, please.
some some

How 35 milk do the children usually have with their cereal?

much much

There are 36 beans in the fridge.

some some

How 37 lemons do you want?

many many

We haven't got 38 big onions.

any any

We haven't got 39 ice cream.

much much

There are only 40 tomatoes in the fridge.

a few a few