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BOX 1122 U C L U E L E T , B R I T I S H C O L U M B I A V0R 3A0



To secure a TTOC position within School District 70 and contribute to social cohesion within
local communities

Academic training and recent experience in secondary and upper primary classrooms
Experience teaching grades 6-9 Language Arts, P.E., Mathematics, Art, French, and
Music; First Nations 12, English 10 & 12, and Socials 10
Proven ability to motivate and engage students in classroom activities and learning
Possess strong interpersonal skills and believe in a collaborative approach to student
Adaptable and quick to acquire knowledge for various tasks

Secondary Teacher (Practicums) 2016
Cortes Island Elementary/Junior Secondary (Cortes Island)
& Gulf Island Secondary School (Salt Spring Island)
o Created single and multi-grade lesson plans for the following subjects: Language
Arts, P.E., Music, Math, French, Art, First Nation Studies, English, and Social
o Integrated various activities into lesson plans to optimize different learning styles.
o Implemented assessment for and of learning strategies as well as provided
opportunities and guidance for self/peer assessment and personal reflection.
Allocated time for one-on-one conversations with students, focusing on their
questions and learning experiences.
o Adhered to district protocol (CSL) while providing students and parents with
feedback on learning progress ensuring accomplishments and areas for improvement
were addressed.
o Experience working with students with special needs and learning challenges.
o Familiar with the secondary graduation requirements in addition to timetabling and
curriculum development.
o Contributed to organizing and supervising extra-curricular activities for students.

Secondary Teacher (Practicum) 2015

Woodlands Secondary (Nanaimo, BC)
o Created lesson plans for the following subjects: English 10 & 12
o Integrated various activities into lesson plans to include to various learning styles
o Assessed assignments and contributions to the learning environment by providing
feedback to students highlighting progress and areas for improvement
o Experience working with students with special needs and learning challenges
Server 2010-2016
Simonholt (Nanaimo, B.C.)
o Provided positive experiences for diverse demographics
o Collaborated with colleagues to create optimal experiences
o Habitually demonstrated striving for excellence
o Proven reliability and value in the workplace
o Balanced academic and professional responsibilities

Operations/F&B/Restaurant Manager 2000-2010

England, Australia, Ireland, Canada
o Successfully adhere to company policies while adapting to specific communities
o Responsible for the overall success of events for resorts, restaurants, and catering
companiesboth private and corporate
o Provided training, emotional support, and guidance to teenage employees
o Collaborated with others to create and operate events
o Responsible for ensuring an amiable environment for specific purposes


January 2017 Vancouver Island University

Bachelor of Education.

May 2015 Vancouver Island University

Bachelor of Arts
Liberal Studies & English

May 2003 Mohawk College

Business Diploma

Supervisor/participant for Cortes School Cross Country Club. Club would meet weekly for
training, culminating in a communal event.

Student Ambassador for VIU. Provided orientation tours, guidance, and support to new

Vice-president of the Liberal Studies Club for VIU. Participated in meetings; helped organize
events; and spoke on behalf of the Liberal Studies department

Volunteer for Green Party of Canada. Participated in a variety of roles from canvassing to
event setup

General Volunteer. Ensuring allocation of time to help others within the community

Many candid and heartfelt references available upon request.