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Shenzhen Zijiang Electronics Co.

, Ltd
Contact Person: Nicole Lee Email: nicole@zjiang.com Skype: live:nicole_6756 Whatsapp: +8613632277055

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Overall Dimension
Weight 134g
Compatible Android
Color Black
SDK / Print Demo Provide
Effective print width 48mm
Print method Thermal line printing
Print commands ESC/POS/STAR command
Print speed Up to 90mm/sec
Resolution 8 dots/mm(203dpi)
Print font 12x24/24x24
Character size 1.5 x 3.0 mm(W x H)/ 3.0x3.0mm(WxH)
Paper dimensions 58.00.1mm x 40.0mm
Paper thickness 0.06 to 0.08mm

Shenzhen Zijiang Electronics Co., Ltd 2

The 384 - point/line
The Font A: 12 * 24 points, (wide) 1.5 * 1.5 (high) mm
The Font B: 9 *17points, 1.1(wide) * 2.1 (high) mm
Character size Jane/traditional: 24 * 24 points, (wide) 3.0 * 3.0 (high) mm
Printing Chinese character:Chinese: simplified Chinese 24x24 point.
support 18030 font library, support Taiwan and HK traditional(complex
font) ANK: ANK characters

OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe
Extended characte table
Interface USB, COM, bluetooth
Data buffer Up to 5K bytes
Power Adapter 9V DC/2A
Battery rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery Power 7.4V DC/1500mA
Other features Paper detection, power detection, manual shut down
Working conditions Temp.:-10 celsius~50 celsius. Humi.:10%~90%
Storage conditions Temp.:-20 celsius~70 celsius. Humi:5%~95%
Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Linux, Win 8, Win8.1,
Win 10

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1).It can print 58mm width thermal paper.

2).Paper dimensions 40mm.

3).High-speed and clear printing.

4).Super power lithium electricity, standby time can reach 5-6 days.

5).Auto sleep, auto awake, save electricity.

6).Small size, light weight, reliable performance, simple to connect and easy to use.

7).Support multi languages

8).Low operating costs (no ribbons, ink cartridges)

9).Support QR code and barcode

10).1500mah battery

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