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The normal distributions are used to test hypotheses based on the
samples taken from a certain population, especially when there
are a lot of elements that could not be tested one by one to have
the exact values. On businesses, there have been claims that
some companies do not give the amount of product the package
says it contains. This is the reason for the project, to evaluate the
claim of the companies do not give the appropriate amount of
product that is shown on the label. Ricolinos Bubulubus were
chosen to test whether the product does indeed weighs 20g as it
says on the label.
In the process of separating on how much product actually goes
into each individual package of varied brands, the weight may
become less or even more in each package. Looking to know if
the Ricolino company is selling the net weight of bubulubus they
state on the package, which is 20 g.
Ho: M=20 Ha: M 20
This means our Null Hypotheses is that the Bubulubus mean weight is of 20g.
The Alternative Hypotheses states the mean weight is different from 20g.
If a sample of 30 Bubulubus is taken and their weights measured, then a t-test will
confirm the Bubulubus not having a weight of 20g.

For this project 30 bubulubus of 20 grams each were weighed.

After weighting and writing down the results, the mean, standard
deviation, x bar, and the size of the population needed to be
stated. The mean being 20 for the 20 grams that the package
says the bubulubus weight, the x bar being 19.9 that is the
average of the sample, the standard deviation being
0.4806604652, and the size of the population being 30 because
there were 30 weighed bubulubus. After gathering all this
information the critical value was calculated from the chart of t
values with two tails. The critical value was 2.756. The next step
was getting the T-calculated with the formula of x bar - mean/
s/n. After plugin in the numbers the T-Calculated is -1.14.
The photo displays the weighing machine alone.

The photo shows the weighing machine with a bubulubu of 20g.

The photo shows weighing machine with a bubulubu of 19g.

The photo shows weighing machine with a bubulubu of 21g.

The significance level stated is of 0.01. After weighing all the

bubulubus it is concluded that the average is of 19.9. To calculate
value we used the t -score, the following procedure was used: t-
calculated =(19.9-20)/.48/sqrt of 30 when simplified it have us
After weighing each of the 30 bubulubus samples, whose weight
is represented in the following graph. The following results are
represented in the
tables and
organized below:
Average of the
samples/ x bar:
Variance: 0.2310344828
Standard Deviation: 0.4806604652
T-calculated: -1.14

After doing all the calculations, it can be seen that the t-
calculated fell on -1.14. The critical value was 2.756, so this t-
calculated fell right on the middle of the critical values, making it
an fail to reject the Null Hypothesis, being M=20. In other words
rejecting the alternative hypothesis. With this information it can
be said that there is insufficient evidence to prove the fact that
Ricolinos Bubulubus weight is not equal to 20.