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Issue Liberal NDP Conservative Green Bloc

Education We will provide Invest $250 Building on a Boost demand more
direct help to million in strong record participation in federal
students from additional of cooperative transfers for
low- and federal student supporting education post secondary
middle-income grants over Canadian programs and education, and
families to help four years, with families apprenticeship social
them pay for an emphasis who are saving s.. programs of
their education on helping for a Harmonize $2.75 billion
and ensure students who childs government over 3 years of
that debt loads need it most, education, a programs such Quebec
are creating as re-elected as
manageable. many as Harper the Millennium
We will 50,000 new Conservative Scholarship
increase the grants; government Fund
maximum Immediately will to provide a
Canada begin phasing enhance single
Student Grant out interest on Registered need-based
for low-income federal student Education grant
students to loans, Savings program to
$3,000 per eliminating it Plans (RESPs) reduce
year for completely by by student debt.
full-time Year 7 and doubling the Increase
students, and saving the federal investments in
to $1,800 per average grant for low- post-secondar
year for student and y
part-time $4,000; and middle-income education and
students. Work with the families. ensure that
https://www.lib provinces and RESPs also public
eral.ca/realcha territories to make it funding plays a
nge/post-seco make possible to major role in
ndary-educatio post-secondar receive research and
n/ y education extra money development
more through initiatives.
affordable, government Increase the
accessible, incentives availability of
and inclusive. the full-time
Canada employment
https://www.nd Learning positions and
p.ca/news/coll Bond[1] and quality of life
ege-university- the by
to-be-more-aff Canada implementing a
ordable-under- Education gradual
ndp Savings reduction
Grants. in the standard
work week to
http://www.con thirty-five work
serv hours per
ative.ca/prime- week.
ster-harper-an https://www.gr
nounc eenparty.ca/en
es-further-supp /platform2006/
ort-f education_em
or-families-savi ployment

Health Care We will restart A special New family Expanding Duceppe said
that important emphasis on doctors and public his rivals are
conversation high-risk nurses in rural health threatening the
and provide populations in areas will be insurance long-term
the First Nations, relieved from a to cover financing of the
collaborative Inuit and Mtis portion of their prescription Canada Health
federal communities, Canada medication is Transfer, a
leadership that as well as student loans not federal
has been Canadians in investments in only about program that
missing during rural and mental health, creating a distributes
the Harper remote through the healthier and money to
decade. We communities, Mental Health fairer provinces to
will negotiate a and youth Commission of Canada it help pay for
new Health transitioning Canada, and also government-fu
Accord with from foster electronic makes nded medical
provinces and care. medical economic services.
territories, $10 million per records sense. By "Health care is
including a year for through creating certainly the
long-term research and Canada a bulk most important
agreement on enhanced Health Infoway medicine issue in the
funding. healthcare have had a buying agency, federal election
collaboration positive Canadians campaign,"
As an across the impact. would Duceppe said
immediate country; Investments save billions in
commitment, $15 million per into annually. Montreal.
we will invest year for health Establish a http://www.huf
$3 billion, over healthcare research federal fingtonpost.ca/
the next four providers and declined Crown 2015/09/08/bl
years, to community overall corporation oc-quebecois-l
deliver more mental health with a few to bulk buy e
and better associations to notable prescription ader-says-rival
home care implement best investments medication to s
services for all practices for into drive down the -threatening-lo
Canadians. wait-time important cost to ng-term-health
reductions for targeted provinces -care-funding_
https://www.lib better care. initiatives. Establish a n_8106064.ht
eral.ca/realcha national ml
nge/a-new-hea https://www.nd http://election2 seniors
lth-accord/ p.ca/news/mul 01 strategy, and
cair-to-improve 5.cfpc.ca/electi increase
-mental-health- on investment in
care-young-ca -platforms/ preventative
nadians health care

Environment To make sure I will personally A re-elected The Green Table a "wood
even more lead the Conservative Party of charter" that
Canadian Canadian government Canada has would promote
families get to delegation to will set wood
enjoy our the extend its out its plan for construction
countrys COP21 climate successful a sustainable for
natural beauty, conference in partnership future federal
well make Paris with firm with grounded in buildings.
admission to targets to cut the Pacific fiscal Sept. 23:
National Parks pollution, and Salmon responsibility, Increase taxes
free in 2017, bring in a Foundation, by ecologicalhealt on major
the 150th home investing $15 h, and corporations to
anniversary of retrofit million to social justice. 16.5 per cent
Confederation. program restore and they plan to from 15 per
to lower your conserve key improve cent and raise
Finally, well household British 3.1. Air quality tax
protect our heating costs. Columbian 3.2 Water rates for big
wildlife and our estuaries, and protection and banks and oil
water by https://www.nd to conservation companies to
increasing the p. preserve the 3.3 National 20
amount of ca/platform lower Harrison Parks per cent from
protected Rivers salmon 3.4 Species at 15
marine and ecosystem. risk per cent.
coastal areas http://www.con 3.5 Toxic Impose
to 5 per cent s chemicals and a tax increase
by 2017 and ervative.ca/har health risks of
10 per cent by p from 1.5 percentage
2020. er-announces- radiation points on those
ad 3.6 earning more
https://www.lib ditional-measu Environmental than $150,000.
eral.ca/realcha re science http://www.cbc.
nge/real-chang s-to-protect-bc support: c
e-a-new-plan-f snatural-enviro Restore a/news/politics/
or-canadas-en n federal c
vironment-and- ment/ science anada-election
economy/ capacity -2
3.7 Zero waste 015-bloc-electi
3.8 on
Commercial -promises-1.32
seal hunt 46
3.9 596
whale hunting
3.10 Animal
3.11 Arctic
and protecting

Law and repeal We will call an they will end We are Table a bill that
Order changes made inquiry into long gun dedicated would force
by Bill C-42 missing and registry. to responsible federally
that allow murdered governance regulated
restricted and Indigenous that companies to
prohibited women, repeal protects our conform to Bill
weapons to be Bill C-51 and country and 101, Quebec's
freely introduce a our language law.
transported new fellow Tighten
without a Accountability Canadians. security
permit, and we Act that will This measures
will put crack commitment surrounding
decision-makin down on shapes our the
g about Senate approach to rail transport of
weapons tackling crime, hazardous
restrictions expenses and delivering materials.
back in the bolster Conflict justice, http://www.cbc.
hands of of reducing c
police, not Interest laws. recidivism, a/news/politics/
politicians; protecting c
provide $100 https://www.nd Canadas anada-election
million each p. borders, -2
year to the ca/platform and combating 015-bloc-electi
provinces and terrorism. on
territories to Revise laws to -promises-1.32
support guns increase 46
and gangs penalties 596
police task for domestic
forces to take violence and
illegal guns off ensure
our streets and protection
reduce gang for the victims
violence; and survivors
modify the of
membership of domestic
the Canadian violence
Firearms and much
Advisory more
Committee to https://www.gr
include ee
knowledgeable nparty.ca/en/p
law oli
enforcement cy/vision-green
officers, public /p
health eople/justice/re
advocates, al
representative -security
s from
groups, and
members of
the legal


Family We will cancel We will take An RESP is a Urge reforms Keep

tax breaks and the special to employment
benefitAn first step individualized our tax and insurance fund
RESP is a towards savings plan labour for people out
special our goal of that policies in of
individualized universal, helps families ways work and not
savings plan affordable save for a that will loot
that childcare by childs increase it for other
helps families immediately post-secondar the opportunity projects.
save for a flowing funding y for Canadians Ask the
childs for over 60,000 education. to federal
post-secondar childcare RESPs are spend more Competition
y spaces most often time Bureau to
education. at no more established with family; investigate
RESPs are than by parents, but Promote an fluctuating gas
most $15 a day. We can also be integrated prices.
will restore the established by program of http://www.cbc.
s for the age of grandparents supports, tax c
wealthy retirement or cuts, a/news/politics/
including the to 65, and another family and c
Universal Child introduce a member. awareness-rais anada-election
Care Benefit new RESPs allow a ing -2
and introduce Consumer childs savings emphasizing 015-bloc-electi
a new Canada Protection Act to grow tax that on
Child Benefit to to free. time spent with -promises-1.32
give Canadian cap ATM fees There are no children and/or 46
families more and ensure annual limits, in 596
money to raise Canadians and the lifetime the community
their kids. have limit is is
access to a $50,000. essential for
With the low-interest Contributions the
Canada Child credit card. are paid from continuation of
Benefit, nine after-tax our society.
out of ten https://www.nd income. https://www.g
Canadian p. http://www.con reenparty.ca/e
families will ca/platform s n/policy/vision
receive more ervative.ca/pri -green/people/
than under m family
Stephen e-minister-harp
Harpers e
confusing r-announces-fu
collection of rt
child benefit her-support-for
programs. For -f
the typical amilies-saving-
family of four, f
that means an or-their-childre
additional n
$2,500 in help, s-education-2/
tax-free, every