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Observation Remarks
MB advised to replace the bed tubes from Enmas agreed to do the same at a later date,
plain bore to rifle bore tubes. if so necessitated.

Boiler performance: Since the Superheater steam temperature
Jindal has two fuels for the steam generation, short fall is at 60% BMCR which may not be a
the Indian coal & the Imported coal. risk since operating the boiler at such low
The SH performance is short by 60C at control load will be remote.
load (60% BMCR) while firing imported coal.

Coal Nozzle. MB’s coal nozzle design is of T type. In
Indian industry, umbrella type coal nozzles
are widely used and same is adopted by
Enmas, which is acceptable to MB.

Air nozzle design MB’s checks in the air nozzle design indicates
the possibility of back flow of bed material at
very low loads. MB advises using high
excess air at very low loads to avoid such
back flow.

Gas mass velocity through the Air heater Gas mass velocity is higher than MB’s
tubes. recommendations which may lead to
relatively higher erosion rates.

Bed drains location Arrangement of bed drains are not
symmetrical from the central line of the boiler,
. 8 nos. are provided on one side and 4 Nos.
on the other side, to accommodate bed ash
coolers. Should 4 Nos. drains on one side be
found inadequate, Enmas shall make relevant

Superheater metal temperature calculations The primary Superheater outlet legs have
been modified from SA 213 T11 to SA 213
T22 as per our advise.