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About Me

Born and raised in Boise, ID

Bachelors of Arts in Political Science
from The Evergreen State College
Masters of Public Administration

from Boise State University
Worked at Boise State University for
three years
Passionate about serving the
Big sister and Aunt
Pursuing a certificate in Elementary
Education to teach young people in
our community.

Contact Me
Phone: (208) 559-0076 2821 W. Gooding St. Elementary Education Teacher
Email: cali.edson@gmail.com Boise, ID 83702
Web: http://edsontechnologyportfolio.weebly.com/
The Path to an Elementary Timeline of Requirements Idaho State Standards for
Education Certificate Elementary Education Teachers
Semester Task/Class Status
Spring 2017 Completion of the general education
Take Praxis 1 Complete requirements from an accredited
ED TECH 202 In Process university.
ED ESP 250 In Process 24 semester credit hours in philosophical,
Summer 2017 psychological, and methodological
ED CIFS 508 foundation, and in the professional subject
ED CIFS 330 matter of elementary education.
*Apply to the 6 semester credit hours of elementary
Fall 2017 student teaching.
ED LLC 550 An institutional recommendation from an
ED LLC 540 accredited university.
Take Praxis 2 & Qualifying score on the PRAXIS exams.
Subject Area Endorsement (History)
* Apply to the
I have always known I wanted to serve Professional Year
the community in my career, but only Spring 2018
recently realized my passion for working ED CIFS 333
with young kids. When I started exploring ED CIFS 540/541 She Believed She Could
Elementary Education as a profession, I Summer 2018
Any of the above
found the only path for me to become a
Professional Year
teacher was to get a second bachelors
Fall 2018
degree. With a full time job at Boise State
that was not a great option for me, so I
was thrilled to learn that the College of ED CIFS 460
Education was working on a certificate Spring 2019
program in Elementary Education. I have ED CIFS 461
been working with them to develop a ED CIFS 465
program that fulfills the necessary So She Did
requirements and fits my life. GRADUATION!!!