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Approval Date: February 26, 2001

See Numeric Index for expiration
and any reaffirmation dates.

Case 2346 (d) Cyclic loading is not a controlling design require-

Alternative Rules for Ellipsoidal or Torispherical ment (see UG-22).
Heads Having Integral Backing Strip Attached (e) The vessel is not in lethal service (see UW-2).
to Shells (f) The straight flange (skirt) of the head is machined
Section VIII, Division 1 to form an integral backing strip meeting the require-
ments of Fig. 1.
(g) Outside diameter of the formed head and shell
Inquiry: Under what conditions may ellipsoidal or tori- shall not exceed 30 in.
spherical heads having an integral backing strip be (h) The required thickness of the formed head shall
attached to shells? not exceed 12 in. The thickness of the head straight
flange shall be at least that required for a seamless
shell of the same outside diameter.
(i) The required thickness of the shell shall not
Reply: It is the opinion of the Committee that an exceed 316 in.
ellipsoidal or torispherical head having an integral (j) Heads shall have a driving force fit before
backing strip be attached to shells provided the following welding.
requirements are met. (k) The joint efficiency of the head-to-shell joint
shall be determined from Table UW-12 for a Type 2
(a) MAWP on the vessel shall not exceed 160 psig. joint depending on the degree of radiographic examina-
(b) Maximum design metal temperature shall not tion. The limitations in Table UW-12 for the Type 2
exceed 400F. joints do not apply.
(c) MDMT stamped on the nameplate shall not be (l) This Case number shall be shown on the Manufac-
colder than 20F. turers Data Report.
Tangent line

2.5th min.

1/ ts min.
2ts min.
y = 0.06 in.
4y max. max.



FIG. 1


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