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Approval Date: February 26, 2001

See Numeric Index for expiration
and any reaffirmation dates.

Case 2349 forged in the same manner. The through-thickness

Alternative Rules for Corner Joint Fabrication properties shall be greater than or equal to the specified
Section VIII, Division 1 minimum tensile properties of the material specification.
(d) Welding shall be qualified in accordance with
the requirements of Section IX.
Inquiry: For Section VIII, Division 1 what alternative (e) In addition to the requirements in subpara. (d),
rules can be applied to fabricate a corner joint to the a sample vessel shall be prepared for the weld procedure
geometry of Fig. UW-13.2(d) when a + b is less than and each welding operator. The manufacturer shall
2ts when using autogenous laser welding? prepare the sample vessel with thickness and configura-
tion matching the design. The corner joint shall be
examined to the requirements of subpara. (f).
Reply: It is the opinion of the Committee that Section
(f) Corner joint welds from sample vessels shall be
VIII, Division 1 flat heads can be joined to pressure
shown to meet the requirements of UW-51 by 100%
parts when using the following rules in lieu of meeting
volumetric examination. In addition, the corner joint
the a + b not less than 2ts dimensional requirement welds from sample vessels shall be cross-sectioned in
when using autogenous laser welding. at least four locations including the stop-start area,
(a) The weld shall be full penetration and the a etched and visually examined at a minimum 10X magni-
dimension shall not be less than ts. fication. The weld and the heat-affected-zone shall be
(b) The head shall be fabricated from disks cut from examined to ensure complete penetration of the joint,
a forged bar product form. and show no evidence of cracks or lack of fusion.
(c) In addition to the requirements of the material (g) All production welds shall be 100% visually
specification, the through-thickness tensile strength and examined on the exterior per UW-35.
elongation of the forged head shall be measured and (h) During production welding at least every twenty-
recorded on the material test report. The testing shall fifth vessel shall be a sample vessel and evaluated to
be performed to SA-370. One test specimen may repre- the requirements of subpara. (f) above.
sent a group of forgings provided they are of the same (i) This Case number shall be shown on the Manufac-
design, are from the same heat of material, and are turers Data Report.


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