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Post-implementation: Evaluation and Lessons

This document is designed to provide the project manager and project team with guidelines regarding
post-implementation activities, regarding project evaluation and lessons learned.

Step 1: Project Evaluation

At the completion of each project, the project manager or technical team lead should conduct a
project evaluation and document lessons learned that could provide value to others in NUIT.
Evaluations should be conducted with all project team members as well as customers (end-users).

Sample Project Evaluation:

1. Project overview (history, background)
2. Project goals and objectives
a. What were the goals and objectives?
b. Were all goals and objectives achieved?
c. If any goals or objectives were not achieved, describe the root cause?
3. Project Budget
a. What was the planned budget?
b. What was the actual cost of the project?
c. If there was a variance, what was the cause?
4. Project Timeline
a. What was the planned timeline?
b. What was the actual timeline?
c. If there was a variance at any point in the timeline, what was the cause?
5. Project Scope
a. What was the original scope of the project (what was included and not included)?
b. If the scope changed, describe why the change occurred, who approved the change, and
how the scope change impacted the overall project.
6. Team Performance (e.g., communication, handling change requests, troubleshooting,
collaboration, hand-offs, etc.)

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a. Describe ways in which the project team worked well.
b. Describe ways in which the team could improve.
7. Overall, what went well on the project (e.g., project management, customer interactions, resource
management, etc.)?
8. Overall, what could have been improved (see list in #7 above)?
9. Please provide other comments related to the project that would be useful for NUITs continuous
improvement efforts?

Step 2: Lessons Learned

Upon receipt of completed evaluations (whether collected on paper, electronically or verbally in a
meeting), the project team should convene a meeting to discuss the results and document lessons
learned on the project. You may want to invite key stakeholders (e.g., users, customers, etc.) to the

Lessons Learned Meeting and Documentation

1. Utilize NUITs standard meeting agenda/minutes document for all meetings.
2. Meeting agenda
a. Review of evaluation data (project manager may want to aggregate the evaluation results
to facilitate team conversation).
b. Critical evaluation of evaluation results.
i. What the team agrees with.
ii. What the team disagrees with.
c. What lessons learned can be drawn from the information received?
d. What surprises did the team have to deal with? What unexpected circumstances arose?
e. Looking at each phase of the NUIT project management process:
i. Are there any steps that need to be modified?
ii. Are there any documents that need to be modified?
iii. If this project did not utilize one or more of the process steps or documents, how
did that contribute to the perceptions?
f. What would the team do differently next time?
g. What would the project manager do differently next time?

Document Storage
Evaluation results and lessons learned documentation should be retained in a place that is accessible
to the project manager, project team, and other designated NUIT personnel and management.

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Document Tracking
Date Action Taken By Whom

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