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Interpret Words unknown words in a feelings or appeal to

and Phrases Fiction text. the senses.

unknown words in a words and phrases in
Standard 4 Non Fiction text. a text.
Determine the (e.g., storybooks, on a wide reading of a
Structure of the Fiction poems). range of text types.
and title page of a facts or information in
Text Standard 5 Non Fiction book. a text.
role of each in telling various points in a
Determine Point of Fiction the story.
presenting the ideas or
information provided
View Standard 6 Non Fiction information in a text. by the words in a text.
in a story, poem, or figurative language such mythology (e.g., such as metaphors
song. as similes. Herculean). and similes.
relevant to a grade 2 to a grade 3 topic or relevant to a grade 4 a grade 5 topic or
topic or subject area. subject area. topic or subject area. subject area.
ending concludes the each successive part writing or speaking particular story,
action. builds on earlier sections. about a text. drama, or poem.
facts or information in information relevant to a information in a text or information in two or
a text efficiently. given topic efficiently. part of a text. more texts.
reading dialogue that of the narrator or first- and third-person events are
aloud. those of the characters. narrations. described.
answer, explain, or that of the author of a and the information point of view they
describe. text. provided. represent.