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3/6/2017 GreenDataCentersEnergyEfficientColocationbyEquinix


Green Data Centers

Equinix met 30% OF OUR GLOBAL ELECTRICITY REQUIREMENTS in 2014 through renewable energy purchases.

Our Renewable Energy Principles

We have a long-term goal of using 100% clean and renewable energy for our global platform. To support this goal, we have identied
four principles to help us guide our renewable energy purchasing decisions:

We prefer to utilize renewable and low carbon energy

We prefer local sources of energy
We prefer new or recently built energy sources
We seek favorable renewable energy policies when locating new data centers

Our Progress
At Equinix we have a long history of investing in sustainable data centers. In fact Equinixs energy eciency program dates back to the
dawn of our beginning. In the early 2000s we were cognizant of our choice of construction materials and looked to implement energy
ecient components into all of our new builds. More recently we have continued to tackle eciency, while also increasing our focus
on renewable energy both onsite and offsite. As a result of our efforts we have:

Increased our global renewable energy total from 30% in 2014 to 43% by the end of 2015
Maintained 100% renewable energy in Europe as we have grown
Signed Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in California, Texas and Oklahoma totaling 330 MW of new solar and wind capacity
expected to come online in 2017. These agreements will cover 100% of our North American load when they begin.
Invested in onsite deployments of clean energy including solar panels in Singapore and Amsterdam and fuel cells in San Jose,
California and Frankfurt

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3/6/2017 GreenDataCentersEnergyEfficientColocationbyEquinix
Adopted more aggressive regional PUE design (/company/green/green-data-centers/pue-metrics/) targets 8-10% less on average

In 2015 Equinix will meet 43% of its global electricity requirements through renewable energy purchases. This includes 100% certied
green power in Europe, onsite generation from solar panels and fuel cells, and renewable generation from bridge renewable energy
certicates received through our 105 megawatt (MWac) power purchase agreement in California which is not expected online until
2016. These renewable energy purchases are on top of any renewable energy already distributed through the power grid from our
existing utilities and suppliers.

Our gross carbon footprint for 2014 was 1,016,467 metrics tons of CO2 (51% Americas, 25% Asia Pacic, 24% Europe). Factoring in the
impact of our renewable purchases in EU, our net carbon footprint for 2014 is 773,289 metric tons of CO2 (67% Americas, 33% Asia
Pacic, 0% Europe).

Our Energy Mix

In 2014, with the continuous expansion of our businesses, Equinix consumed over 2,300 GWh of electricity. We expect our nal 2015
totals to total approximately 2,500 GWh or the equivalent of 230,000 average U.S. residential homes.

Our effective 2014 electricity resource mix directly supplied by our utilities and suppliers was:*

Americas: Renewables 17%, Coal 27%, Natural Gas 19%, Nuclear 22%
Asia Pacic: Renewables 3%, Coal 30%, Natural Gas 40%, Nuclear 7%
Europe: Renewables 100% (in addition to utility resource mix: Renewables 22%, Coal 28%, Natural gas 24%, Nuclear 23%)

*These percentages are calculated based on specic supplier contracts, utility or supplier specic generation mix where available; as well as reported regional electricity grid
mixes. Equinix will continue to progress aligning with the amended Scope 2 Guidance of The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

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3/6/2017 GreenDataCentersEnergyEfficientColocationbyEquinix

Equinix environmental programs have helped us avoid 13,500 kilowatts of demand annually. Thats the same as taking almost
14,500 cars off the road.

Green Innovation
Our energy eciency investments since 2011 have help us avoid 32,500 kilowatts of demand annually or approximately 122,000
metric tons in CO2 emissions avoided now every year. Thats the same as taking almost 26,000 cars off the road or enough to power
more than 26,000 U.S. residential homes each year.

To help us conserve even more energy in the coming years, Equinix has recently adopted more aggressive regional power usage
effectiveness (PUE) (/company/green/green-data-centers/pue-metrics/) design targets for new sites as well as major expansions. These
targets are based on an average annual PUE at full load (with redundancy) that meets the denition for PUE Category 3.

Learn more about Equinix PUE Design (/company/green/green-data-centers/pue-metrics/)

Green technologies deployed globally

Adaptive control systems reduce power consumption and increase cooling capacity through active airow management using
intelligent, distributed sensors and innovative control policies.

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