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Board of County Commissioners

Wakulla County, Florida

Special Public Meeting and Executive Session
Monday, April 3, 2017

Scheduled Items

Executive Session 4:00p.m.

Chairman Ralph Thomas calls an Executive Session to discuss settlement negotiations and litigation status
and strategy relating to the following case:

Gary Brown and Lanie Brown, Plaintiffs, vs. Wakulla County, Florida, Defendant, Case No.
2016-00051-CA (2nd Circuit Court in and for Wakulla County, Florida).

In attendance at this meeting will be Commission Chairman Ralph Thomas, Commissioner Mike Stewart,
Commissioner Randy Merritt, Commissioner Jerry Moore, Commissioner Chuck Hess, County
Administrator David Edwards, County Attorney Heather Encinosa, litigation counsel Jason Taylor and
William Grubbs, and a certified court reporter. The executive session will last approximately 1 hour.

Close Executive Session

Chairman Thomas will close the Executive Session and adjourn the meeting. Following the closed session,
the Board will reconvene in open session so that the Chair may announce the termination of the executive
session, and so that the Board may take action relating to the above referenced pending litigation, if

Citizens to be Heard
(There is a Three (3) minute time limit; non-discussion by Commission; there shall be no debate and no action by the
Commission. Citizens will have the opportunity to speak once under the Citizens to be Heard portion of the agenda
which will be at the start or end of each meeting).

(Any departure from the order of business set forth in the official agenda shall be made only upon majority vote of the
members of the Commission present at the meeting)