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Michael Andrew Manzanedo

1372 Breezeway Ln Merced, CA 95340

T: (209)777-8573
E: awesomemikemanzo9@sbcglobal.net
Summary My name is Michael Manzanedo, I am 17 years old and I am currently a Senior at El
Capitan High School. I have not had a formal job yet but I have a good amount of work
experience. I Have worked for my school as a coach, I have worked with my aunt in the
cafeteria at buhach, and I have done several Job-like projects throughout my years of
High School.

Education El Capitan High School Merced, CA (2013-2017)

Accomplishments and Honors
Student Athlete

Work Cafeteria Worker, Buhach Colony Merced, CA-Summer (2009-2012)

Make/Serve food to summer school students
Prepare snacks and lunch for those attending summer school
Sell snacks to students during their break
Serve students lunch
Count number of students that were served lunch
Clean Cafeteria and Wash dishes

Skills Skill Category #1: Athleticism

Baseball Player for 12 years
Wrestler for 3 months
Run daily
Lift heavy weights

Skill Category #2: Problem Solver

Can tell if something is wrong quickly
Able to make easy adjustments to fix things

El Capitan Baseball Program (grades 9-12)

Extracurriculars El Capitan Leadership Program (grades 9-12)
and Related Baseball Coach (grades 11-12)
Experiences Kingdom Worker with Christ in Youth (Grades 8-12)

References Gabriel Manzanedo Maria Ross

USPS Carrier Cafeteria Manager
USPS Buhach Colony High School
2334 M St 1800 N Buhach Rd
Merced, CA 95340 Atwater, CA 95301
Phone # (209)631-5041 Phone # (209)617-8586