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1.1 Curriculum Planning and Implementation

1.1.1. State the vision, mission and objectives of the institution, and describe how these are
communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders.

Institute Vision

To satisfy the aspirations of youth force, who wants to lead nation towards prosperity through
techno-economic development.

Institute Mission

To provide, nurture and maintain an environment of high academic excellence, research and
entrepreneurship for all aspiring students, which will prepare them to face global challenges
maintaining high ethical and moral standards.

Objectives (TO BE REVISED)

1. creating centers of excellence for education in the field of Engineering, Management, and

2. To make higher education available to all who are desirous of achieving it.

3. Social transformation can be brought about through the medium of dynamic education, JSPM is
thus an institution of higher education with social commitment.

1.1.2. How does the institution develop and deploy action plans for effective implementation of
the curriculum? Give details of the process and substantiate through specific example(s).

Institute is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and follows the syllabus
prescribed by the Board of Study (BoS) member at the University for different departments.
However, Institute plays a role in the development of the curriculum by participating in the
proposal, drafting and finalizing of the curriculum. For the effective implementation of the
curriculum Institute has a structured strategy plan and meticulously follows this.

Action plan:
Action deployment:

1. Head of Departments conducts orientation program of faculties which discusses the academic
calendar, timetable, planning and confirmation of industrial visits, expert lectures, and the course
file of the faculty.
2. Faculty prepares the course file which contains
Academic calendar
Time-table (whole)
Time-table (individual workload)
Syllabus of Subject
Lesson plan
List of practical to be conducted along with list of required details
Student Roll call list
Previous five years question papers of university examination duly solved
Transparencies/ LCD presentation
Assignment schedule & list of assignments
Practical assignment evaluation sheet
MCQs for FE/SE online
Unit test papers with solution
Specimen answer sheet of topper unit test
Preliminary test papers with solution
Specimen answer sheet of topper preliminary
Question bank
Course notes
Internal marks
Student attendance (Th. & Pract.)
Unit test report (Including result)
Submission report (Duly sign by students)
Students Feedback sheet
Subject chairman of SPPU (details in brief)

Name of faculties taught previously

Previous years average result (%)

3. Once the classes are commenced the faculty maintains
Record of lectures and attendance.
Continuous progressive assessment with respect to practical / assignments/ tutorial work.
Periodic unit test.
Project work and its progress through presentation.
These records are audited during the semester by the Head of Department.
Auditing of deployment by the Academic Monitoring Committee is carried out at the end of the
semester and appreciates the efforts and identifies the area of improvement.

4. Institute has its in house developed Research & Development, Entrepreneurship Cell and
planning by IQAC which is used for effective deployment of curriculum.

1.1.3. What type of support (procedural and practical) do the teachers receive (from the
University and/or institution) for effectively translating the curriculum and improving
teaching practices?
For effective translation of the curriculum and improving teaching practices teachers receives
support from university and institute in following ways.

a. Procedural support
b. Practical support

Procedural support from university includes provision of academic calendar, course structure
and marking scheme for the same and guidelines or instructions for seminar and project
evaluation of the students. In practical front certificates are offered for the teachers involved in
periodic syllabus implementation workshops.

In similar manner institute also provide great support to teachers to achieve effectiveness in
translating and improving teaching process. Institute follows certain procedure for the same.
Institutional academic calendar is prepared before commencement of the semester including co-
curricular and extracurricular activities. According to the institutional academic calendar each
department plans and executes co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Teaching load
distribution is done well in advance as per competences of the teachers. Practical support is
provided by institute to organize faculty development programs (FDP) and provision is made to
offer certificate to participants up on completion of FDP. Institute supports for programs on
technical training and teaching methodologies for teachers as per requirement. To make the
teaching-learning process effective all required teaching aids including ICT tools are provided.
To bridge gap between industry and academics faculty members are allowed to visit industries.
Each faculty prepares course file for assigned subject and for betterment of it guidelines are
provided to prepare and update the course file. Learning Management System (LMS)
MOODLE is customized and is made available to the Faculty members for effectively sharing
the learning material with students/ assessment/ Evaluation. Teachers are allowed to attend
STTP, seminar, and workshop organized in the parent institute or other institute; also teachers
are promoted to register for online courses offered by premium organizations like IITs. For
continuous improvement of faculties feedback is provided which helps them to improve the
teaching Learning process. Faculty forum provides the opportunity to the faculty members to
present and learn best practices from each other.