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HT-WPS Breaker (High Touch WPS Breaker)

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[ Languages: English ]

High Touch WPS Breaker [HT-WB] is a small tool based on the bash script language, it can help you to extract the wps pin of
many vulnerable routers and get the password, in the last i want to notice that HT-WPS Breaker in its process is using these tools

"Aircrack Suite"

and some commands in automatic way to do its job i hope you like my tool.

New Video
Old Video Tutorial
Crack Any Hidden wireless network

Here is how to make the script works

Copy HT-WPS-Breaker.zip to Desktop .
Open The Terminal .

Type the following commands :

cd Desktop
unzip HT-WPS-Breaker.zip
cd HT-WPS-Breaker
chmod +x HT-WB.sh
./HT-WB.sh or bash HT-WB.sh

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