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1Essentials of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE 1)

1 Semester AY 2007-2008

Exam 1 Set A July 4, 2007 6 8 pm

This is a closed notes, closed books exam. Write your name, section, instructors name, and test set (A or B) on
the upper right hand side of each page. Write on only one side of your answer sheets. All scribbles at the back
of your answer sheet will not be checked. Use only black or blue ballpen. Write your complete solution. Be sure
to indicate all units and box your final answers. The checker reserves the right to disregard solutions that are
incomprehensible and/or illegible. Cheating will not be tolerated. Good luck! J

Part I. Write your solutions on BLUE answer sheets. (2 points each)

Multiple Choice. Write the letter of your answer in the space provided. Use capital letters.

____ 1. Given the circuit below, what is the equivalent resistance across nodes a and b?
a. 1.5 W b. 2.25 W c. 3 W d. 7.5 W

____3. Three resistors are connected in series across a 100-volt source. The values of these resistors
are 10 W, 20 W, and X W. What is the value of X if the voltage across this resistor is 70 V?
a. 30 W b. 35 W c. 45 W d. 70 W

____4. Determine the current through an element given the charge flow q(t) = 8t - 5 mC.
a. 0 mA b. -5 mA c. 5 mA d. 8 mA


For nos. 5- 6, refer to the figure above.

The measured voltage (v) and current (i) are 2 Volts and -2 Amperes, respectively.

____ 5. What is the power being supplied by the unknown element?

a. 2 W b. 2 W c. 4 W d. 4 W

____ 6. The element acts like what circuit element?

a. source b. resistor c. drain d. cannot be determined

____7. If a 10-V battery delivers 100 joules in 10 seconds, the current produced is
a. 0.25 A b. 1 A c. 10 A d. 100 A

____8. What is the time required for a 1-A battery charger to deliver a charge of 100 C?
a. 100 s b. 100 ms c. 1.67 min d. 16.7 min

For numbers 9- 10. A 2-kW DC motor is connected to a 120V source.

____9. If the DC motor is assumed to be resistive, how much current does it draw from the source?
a. 0.0167 A b. 16.7 A c. 60 A d. 0.06 A

____10. If the motor is left running for 2 minutes, how much energy was consumed?
a. 240 J b. 240 kJ c. 4000 kJ d. 4000 J
True or False. Write T or F in the space provided.

____11. Given ideal circuit elements, ideal current sources can be placed in series, regardless of
their magnitude and direction.
____12. The voltages across parallel resistors are always equal in polarity and magnitude.
____13. In parallel resistors, more current flows through the larger resistance.
____14. An essential node is a node with two or more connected elements.
____15. In circuit analysis, ANY node can be specified as the reference node.

Part 2. Write your solutions in YELLOW answer sheets.

Checker : GUSAD

Given that the 30-kW resistor in the above circuit consumes 30 mW of power, find:
a. the current through the 30-kW resistor, ia (5 points)
b. the voltage across the 10-kW resistor, vb (7 points)
c. the voltage across the other 10-kW resistor, vc (4 points)
d. the current id (4 points)
e. the current through the 10-V source, ie (7 points)
f. R (8 points)

Part 3. Write your solutions in PINK answer sheets.

Checker : ABUNDO

a. What is the voltage between points a and b, Vab due to the 6A current source acting alone? (8 pts.)
b. What is the voltage between points a and b, Vab due to the 36V voltage source acting alone?(8 pts.)
c. When the sources in the circuit above are turned off, what equivalent resistance is seen by the
terminals a and b, Rab? (7 pts.)
d. Draw the Thevenin equivalent of the circuit as seen by terminals a and b. (7 pts.)
e. Draw the Norton equivalent of the circuit as seen by terminals a and b. (5 pts.)