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Asia's No.

1 MT Educational Institute since 2001

Pan-India Franchise Programme

Technology, Innovation, and Excellence in Quality Education since 2001

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Benefits of HQMT Franchise Programme

>>BIGGEST BENEFIT!! Ready Access to

No need to search, hire and 700+ Video >>BIGGEST BENEFIT!!
Tie-Up with All Get Access to No Need to Worry About 100%
pay trainers lakhs of montly Tutorials, eLearn
salary. HQMT's most exp'd Major healthcare All-India Network, Job Placements as HQMT
(18 yrs) trainers conducts live BPOs, MT Co.'s Websites, Webinar No. 1 in Google/ already has tie-up with 100s of
classes at your center from MNCs, MTSOs Softs, Practice Youtube, Web; MT companies who absorb
Bangalore studio via LIVE Franchise students* as 1000s of
Hospitals, etc. Suite/Platform >6000 Student
VIDEO Webinar Technology job vacancies found throughout
Big Savings & Peace of Mind Enqueries/Year the year >10,000 Job Vacancies
Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com
Advantage of
operating under 100% Guaranteed Best-In-Class
already established Success, Faster Educational
business banner. Break-Even, Start Infrastructure
Has trained 9000 Getting Returns in Study Materials,
MTs since 2001 Months with best Digital Content
ROI LIVE Webinar
Become Part of A-Z Biz
Successfull, Well Support, Guidance
established, Divided/Shared
Weekly Video Conf
Asia's No. 1 Brand Marketing Cost,
with Experts,
in MT Education Proposed All-India
Ready Biz Plan,
TV, Digital,SMedia
Marketting to
Get More Leads

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Franchise Programme Comparison
Tier-I City: 4 Lakhs Tier-I City: 5 Lakhs
Franchise Licencing Fees> ZERO Plan-NO Licencing Fees
Tier-II & III City: 3 Lakhs Tier-II & III City: 4 Lakhs
Franchise Licence Period> 2 Years 3 years 4 years
35% of fees to Franchise+ 40% of fees to Franchise+
Revenue Sharing> 20% of fees to Franchise
50% of Fees to Franchise* 60% of Fees to Franchise*
Just Recruites Trainees for Can Operate under HQMT Can Operate under HQMT
Brand Name/Logo Usage> HQMT, Cannot Train in the Brand/Logo during Licence Brand/Logo during Licence
name of HQMT Logo/Brand. period. (as per agreement) period. (as per agreement)
A-Z & Unlimited Access to E-
Access to Study Materials,
learn Platform, Websites,
No access to all HQMT Sofwares, LIVE CLASSES,
Study Materials, Sofwares,
resources except brochures, Technology, Brochures,
Access to Resources> Video Tutorials, Online Tests,
presentations, demo videos, Advertisement Banners, Ad
LIVE CLASSES, Brochures,
etc. Material, Books, etc.(as per
Advertisement Banners/
Material, Bookss, Cloud, etc.
Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com Unlimited Priority Support
Complete Support from Start
from Start to become
to become Successful HQMT
Support & Security> Limited & Initial Biz Support Successful HQMT Franchisee
Franchise; Dedicated Biz
& Dedicated Biz Development
Development Officer
By Franchise Trainers OR
By Franchise Trainers OR Undertaken by HQMT B'lore
Conducted by HQMT B'lore;
Undertaken by HQMT B'lore via LIVE Webinar clasess and
Training & Job Placement^> Franchise Role is limited to
via LIVE Webinar clasess and ^ by HQMT Placement Cell
Initial Recruitment only
^ by HQMT Placement Cell
+Remote Tech Support
3 by Franchise's own trainers *Classed by HQMT B'lore Trainers
HQMT Franchise Investment Requirements

How Much Investment Do I need to Make?

Total Investment amount depends upon location, size of the institute, Franchisee Plan, real-estate cost,
infrastructure, biz plan, etc.

However, as Full-Fledged Licensed Franchise Biz Owner (Eazy-i and Unlimited Plan), you may need
approximately from 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs including Franchisee fees.

HQMT's innovative and revolutionary online e-learn module makes it a low-initial investment biz model using
latest, ground-breaking webinar technology to conduct classes for large number of students using minimal
infrastructure thereby maximizing returns for HQMT Franchisee with minimal investment options.

As trainee requirement partner only (HQMT PLAN iZERO PLAN), Franchisee may operate from existing
house/small office and may start with ZERO investment to 1 Lakh based upon requirements of Franchise.

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HQMT Franchise-Infrastructure Requirements

For ZERO Investment Plan

Small Home Office In Good Location near Main Road or CBD area OR Small Office with 200 to 300 Sq Feet area
with Reception with all necessary infrastructure like Seating, Notice Board, Reception Table with Front Office
Desktop, Landline Phone, Broadband Net, UPS/Power BackUp of at least 4 hours, 32 Inch LED TV, Current A/C.

For Eazy-i and Unlimited Plans

Depending upon location and size of classroom/lab, you need following infrastructure.

Option A: Online e-Learn Virtual Courses via LIVE Webinars (Audio+Video+Screen+Chat)*

(Students can come to your center and attend classes OR they can attend from their homes via eLearn.)

1. Small Office of at least 500 sq ft or Home Office in very convenient location/main road/CBD
2. Reception room: Size of at least 100 sq ft to 200 sq ft with necessary furniture.
3 .Sign-wave online UPS of at least 2KV or 3KV + two 100-AH batteries for at least 4-hour backup.
4. One 32 or more screen sized LED TV/projector for presentation/live demo/video conference.
5. Landline Phone+ minimum of 2 Mpbs speed (preferred 4 to 10 Mbps) stable internet connection with backup wireless
3G or 4G connection.
6. HD Webcam (preferably Logitech HD+ 1080P Cam) with Table top mic system for input audio.
7. PC with Windows XP or Windows 7, 34 bit as Operating System + Relevant Necessary Softwares
8. Laser Color Printer or Ink-Bottle Attached Color Printer.
9. Printed Study Materials/Books/Handouts/Brochures/Worksheet Books/EMR-C Reports*.
10. Current A/C in Nationalized Bank with online banking facility in the name of franchise owner.
11. Additional Items as need arises.

Page 5Head Off provides soft copies or master copies for taking prints.
Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com
HQMT Franchise-Infrastructure Requirements

For Eazy-i and Unlimited Plans

Option B: Regular Classroom Courses (+Optional e-Learn add on)

1. Building Size between 600 sq ft min to 1200 max, can be scaled up to 2400 sq ft as business grows.
2. A. Reception room-size of at least 100 sq ft to 200 sq ft with furniture.
B. One classroom size of 200 to 500 sq ft for 10 to 25 students/seaters/chairs.
C. Practice lab equipped with 10 PCs, which can be scaled upto 25 with time (with furniture).
D. Sign-wave online UPS of at least 3KV or 5KV+four 100-AH batteries for at least 4-hour backup.
E: LED 720p HD projector / at least 32 LED/LCD TV for digital classroom facilities.
F: Landline Phone /wired internet of at least 2 Mpbs with wireless 3G/4G backup.
G: PC with XP or Windows 7 as Operating System + Relevant Softwares.
H: Laser Color Printer or Ink-Bottle Attached Color Printer.
I: Printed Study Materials/Books/Handouts/Brochures/Worksheet Books/EMR-C Reports.*
J: Current A/C in Nationalized Bank with online banking facility in the name of franchise owner.
K: Additional Items as need arises.

*HQMT Head Off provides soft copies or master copies for taking prints.

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Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com
HQMT Franchise Model-How it Works?
Step-by-Step Guidelines of Franchise Model
Once Franchise decides to own HQMT Franchise in his/her preferred location after studying documents,
feasibility, availability, investment capability, long-term biz plan, etc., HQMT Biz development office shal
examine the location, area of building, Population size, Availability of Candidates/Net Facility, and approves
particular Franchise. Then, both shall study, agree, and sign legally binding mutual contractual agreements.
Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com
1. Next, Franchise agrees to pay the Franchisor (HQMT), mutually agreed upfront fees to obtain license to own and operate HQMT franchise
center for agreed duration and location. *Under ZERO Fees Plan, No Upfront Fees. However, Franchise might need to pay Refundable Advance.
2. Then, HQMT sends marketing (in the beginning after signing agreement) materials/brochures/banners/handouts/printed master copies
of study materials/books/worksheet books/dictation audios/transcription files/reference books, etc., and will have one-on-one face-to-face
LIVE online training / discussion with Franchise owners/authorized persons to guide in the right direction to begin successful biz operation.
3. Once franchise arranges minimum of 15 to 25 students batch, (after students pay fees in advance and appropriate share get deposited to
HQMT Bangalores Current AC), the trainers from HQMT head off, Blore, starts orientation classes (via live AV Webinar Conference) to
Franchise students and then makes appropriate batches to begin class schedules, both for theory and practicals.
4. Students practice/types/transcribe audio files daily and upload to HQMT Website server via FTP/HQMT educational website using unique
ID and password. HQMT Head Off owns and assigns unique ID and passwords to Franchise students after fees payment.
5. HQMT Editors from Bangalore download students' transcribed docs, proofread them, and corrects mistakes made by trainee MT students,
highlight errors in red color with corrected versions in green color assigns remarks for QA learnings.
6. HQMT conducts periodic online tests with immediate feedabacks about students progress and takes actions to improve the accuracy.
7. Students ,must complete around 500 audio files and takes all the pre-employment online tests to clear and complete courses successfully.
8. HQMT Franchise office issues certificate of successful completion (upon clearing all the final exams) and updates students information in
HQMT Head office database for employment.
9. HQMT conducts final interviews with students and sends resumes for interview by MT/MC companies.
10. Once students successfully complete/clear the exam by Recruiting Companies, students get job offers (or OJT to improve accuracy for
delayed employment) to work from home in MT or in-house for healthcare BPO companies in metros and across India.

Page 7
Roles & Responsibilities: Franchisor Vs Franchise


As HQMT Franchisee gets ready and

As HQMT Franchisor has spent crores instant access to already established
of rupees in establishing, marketting, brand, network, market access,
INVESTMENT developing, networking, it commends educational content, technology, etc., it
licencing fees and percentage from has to pay initial licencing fees and
franchisee biz percentage of transactions to Fanchisor
for agreed period of time.
Franchisee Follows Biz Plan as charted
Franchisor comittes 100% A-Z
out by Franchisor and Comittes to
supports in establishing Franchisee biz
SUPPORT AND COMITTMENTS Invest, Establish, Expand to Run it
from scratch till it starts running
Successfully by Attending Periodic Biz
successfully during comitted period.
Meeting with Franchisor.
Copyrights: www.hqmtlive.com
Based upon Plan: Franchisor comittes Franchisee Invests in Setting Up Biz
to share Knoweldge, Experience, Biz Like Infrastructure, Classroom/Lab,
Plan, Education Resources like Advt Marketting/Adv, Recruitement of
Materials, Study Materials, Webinar Trainees, Counselling, Starting Batches,
RESOURCES Technology, E-Learn Suite, Video Supporting students to Attend Classes,
Tutorials, Workhseets, Workbooks,
EMR Copies, CR reports, Online Tests, Conducting Exams/Tests, Feedbacks to
Trans/Dictation Files, Ref Books, Text students, Issuing Certificate, Placement
Copy of Brochures, Banner, Pamphlets Assist in association with HQMT H/O.

Franchisee Commits to Maintain 100%

Franchisor Commits to Maintain
confidentiality of Its Franchisor Biz
Secrecy or Privacy of Its Franchisee
Model, Tehcnology, Softwares,
CONFIDENTIALITY/PRIVACY with respect to Financial Aspect and
Training Resources, Brand Name,
Biz Plan as per agreement mutually
Financial Transactions/Details as per
Page 8 signed by it..
agreement mutually signed by it.
HQMT Franchise-ROI: A Sample Case Study

Mr. Ram, a BSc. Botony graduate, from tier II city, was looking to start a business but was skeptical due to huge competition and
long-term await to break-even (avg 2 years or more) and huge expenditure for marketing cost without any assurance of returns.
Also keeping in mind that he needed lots of investment, expenditure, time, and effort in building brand from scratch in hugely
crowded market, he decided to go via franchise route. Then, he decided to become part of already established brands but found it
very difficult to afford the upfront cost and day-to-day running costs and competing against mighty e-tailers (online ecommerce

Then Mr. Ram decided to look for stable, recession-proof biz like education and healthcare, but again due to little experience in
these areas and also due to limited budget, he decided to look for tested and trusted Franchise option. Then, he came across
medical transcription industry, which offers choice between small regular center or online or both as it can cater to larger
geography and population. Also, it is very old, well-established healthcare BPO job market from USA, UK, and Australia, which
recruits employees round the year and offers very quick and good returns, he decided to start medical transcription training
institute and found HQMT via online research.

Then Mr. Ram started a small center with e-learn add on and invested 15 lakhs (via bank loan) including franchise fees. Then he
started promoting his center under HQMT Banner and found no takers in the beginning but with persistence and patience for 2-3
months, Mr. Ram started enrolling good number of students to his center. Mr. Ram was able to focus on his biz as the entire
procedure of digital promoting, marketing, training, testing, mentoring, employment assistance, etc., was taken care by
people/trainers from HQMT Headquarters. Mr. Ram is able to recruit 15 to 20 students per month who pays his Franchise about
Rs 22,000 Fees and retains good percentage of fees to cover all of his expenditure and interest on investment and able to save
significant amount of money every month. He is able to save more than 1 L of profits every month and is hopeful of doubling this
amount in coming years as his biz grows and monthly enrollments go up Mr. Ram does not have to worry as he need not recruit
trainers periodically and pay them hefty salaries, saves lot of money as on infrastructure as many students attend classes using
their PC/net at home, need not worry about fulfilling 100% Job Assurance as HQMT Head Office takes care of providing jobs to its
Franchise students due to long-term tie up with MNCs and other MT companies in India.

At the end, Mr. Ram thinks he took the right decision at the right time to own HQMT Franchise and today he is part of oldest, well-
Page 9
proven, and reputed brand like HQMT.
Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com
Best Quotes! HQMT Franchise-The Best a Franchise Can Get!

Doing whatfor your
you own
like sub headline
is freedom! Liking what you do is happiness!
"All it takes is imagination. You dream. You plan. You reach.
There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be
mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and
trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.

Copyrights www.hqmtlive.com

Own Bos
Be Yo
c essful B iz xperts
eS uc ROI i n ith E
Get B
es t
W o rk w

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HQMT Franchise-Be a Part of Revolution

Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Don' Wait!, Act Today

G en er a t e
in k Em p l o y m e n
Be Local; Th
Become Part Global O p p o r t u n it i
- P r o of, Fast- y ed ;
Re c e s s i o n
t h C a re G o O n lin e ! for unemplo
H e a l r
G ro w i n g Ex p a n d Y o u 80,000 Job
n i n g C h a in in MT
B P O T r a i Biz, Take O p e n in g s in
India since 2 Action Toda
y & MedCodin
by 2020

ta ge
R is k - F r e e , N
o T a k e A d va n
n in to
C o m p e t a t io n
, o f R e vo l u t i o Best Chance
rn wn
Start Instant
ly , O n lin e e L e a Start Your o
Start Getting Webinar MT Compan
s. wn
L e a d s w it h in Technologie w it h y o u r o
W eek s ! Students

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HQMT Franchise Programme-Contact Us

HQMT Online-Head Office Sign U

Week in 2
Building No.1282, 2nd Floor, Study Get Books,
oppo CADD Center/Karvy Fin, eTests aterials,
10th Main road, Behind Webin Learn
Vijayanagar Busstop, Vijayanagar, Platfo r, Trans
rm, A
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040 IN Mater d
Landline Phone: 080-4169 9371 Ba nne
Prop: Dr. Rudresh Sajjan worth /Brochure
>Rs 1 s
Phone: +91-09611118368 Lakh -2
for fir
Mail: admin@hqmtindia.com st 5

NOTE: Once you go through this document and HQMT brochure, should you decide to become part of
HQMT Franchise Network, please ask for final legal agreement, which is the final document.
Do not hesitate to Call us for any clarifications. We want to hear from you soon.

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