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Page 13 Cover Information: Michelle Rainey " Medicinal Michelle"
June 14, 1971 - October 20, 2010

Credits: Casper Leitch, Al Graham, Sasha Gomon,

THERAPEUTIC Lisa Winegarden, Steve Danks, Gary Edmund,
CANNABIS Twitterverse
Page 14 Legal Notice All article credit and sources are used when available.
Photos are connected to source or are supplied by submitting person(s).
All other photos and tweets are taken from online public domain.
The Growth of Summer
Like a feisty plant with strong roots, this network continues to grow. Most of the new
programs that were added in the spring are now finding loyal listeners. The statistics
surround the website and the many different social platforms Time 4 Hemp is found on are
quickly swelling. New sponsors have joined the family and 3 new programs were added
to the schedule in June.

I also want to give a BIG 'THANK YOU' to Paul Stanford, Mary Lynn Mathre, Al Byrne, Al
Graham, and Steve Danks for the cash donations they made to the network. Had they not
done what they did, we most likely would have gone silent in the wind never to be heard
from again. Even though we are growing stronger, we still need more sponsors to get our
strength up to where we can withstand the forces of Nature.

Joining our morning line up are Doug McVay with his program 'From Thought To Action'. It can be found at 9:00a.m.
(PST) each Tuesday and Thursday. Doug is considered a founding father of the Hemp Movement and brings a lot to
the table with his interviews and commentary. Starting June 30th, Emi Fantasia and John Lemmon will be
broadcasting a one-hour program all in Japanese. It will air at 7:00a.m. (PST) each Monday and Wednesday.

The series, 'Clearing The Fog' hosted by Kevin Zeese is being added to the Tuesday afternoon line up at 3:00pm
(PST) each week. Kevin and I met and became friends when he and I were invited to be guest speakers at the 1991
NORML Conference. I was there because of my work as the founder of 'Time 4 Hemp' and he was there because of
his work as the Co-Founder of The Drug Policy Foundation. We've been fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in the same
foxhole on the front lines in the War On Drugs ever since.

Monthly contributions to Joint Conversations now include the beautiful artwork of Gary (Odd) Edmund. Not only can
his work be enjoyed in the comic strip he creates, but he has promised some special surprises are in store for us here
as talented as he is, I can't wait to see what more he comes up with.

Sasha has been bustin' his hump on the website updates be sure to visit Time4Hemp.com often to keep up with all
he is doing. While there, please click on the banners of our sponsors and if you have time, let Hot Box Jamaica know
you think it rocks that they have become our newest sponsor. It would also be great if you would hit the 'DONATE'
button on the home page when you visit the site and put a few dollars into this network to help us grow.

Click HERE Why being a

to subscribe to
podcast sponsor
is good for business

Time 4 Hemp' made its debut Jan 5th 1991, with Casper Leitch as the host. Over the next 23 years this series has blossomed into a
Global Broadcasting Network featuring amazing activists, radio hosts, writers, producers and litigation experts who have come
together in one voice denouncing marijuana prohibition. Advertising with this team has tremendous benefits!
There has never been a more important time to invest in the Cannabis Movement than today, with Time 4 Hemp. This network has
the power, through mainstream broadcasting on iHeartRadio, along with the HIGH QUALITY production with the all-star lineup, to
reach over 10.5 million registered iHeartRadio users and syndicated listening channels around the world.
If you are looking for an explosive opportunity to talk to your key audience - then become a sponsor on our broadcasting network.
We will create the perfect advertising package that offers the most traction for your campaign. In such an historic time, the
companies, individuals and organizations who advertise on Time 4 Hemp will have their voices heard and their support made clear
as we aggressively expand our global audience. Your dollars will help put these social icons and their programs on this network in
front of millions of people and forever change the landscape of informed activism.
During the last four years, the citizens of Toronto Canada and those
who would travelthere have gathered in the city during May for the
Treating Yourself Expo. This show was like no other in Canada as it
featured some of the top businesses in the cannabis movement.
All the major seed companies were present whether they were from
the Netherlands or South Africa. Almost every plant food product
was represented as well as some of the major and smaller advocacy groups. In the beginning there were
comedians and bands receiving their Global Marijuana Music Awards but by year four they were gone or
moved to another time during the weekend.

It was a place where people came from countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy, United States, France,
South Africa, Holland and many other locations including all across Canada. When you think about it and
add it all together it tells you that it was an event that brought the world-wide cannabis community together.

Advocates could meet, talk and share ideas. Discuss future plans and work on ideas together. Without a
doubt the Treating Yourself Expo connected people. An event that allowed people to converse face to face
or have Joint Conversations with many advocates at once.

In the fall of 2013 Marco Renda, the owner of Treating Yourself Magazine and the Treating Yourself Expo
shut them both down. Thus, there was no more therapeutic cannabis magazine or expo which was a major
loss of valuable research and information that many used. I personal heard from many about the loss and
how something had to be done. Many wondered if the Joint Conversations that the advocates from around
the world where having in Toronto where going to go silent?
With this being a big possibility of happening it was Time 4 CHAMPS to step in. At some point CHAMPS Trade
Show, a USA based counter culture show and expo stepped in and took over. Their website says that Since
1999, CHAMPS TRADE SHOW has established itself as the premier counterculture business-to-business
wholesale trade expo for the smoke shop industry. For 14 years, CHAMPS has been a global trailblazer as
a specialty gift show for contemporary smoking accessories, hand-blown glass, clothing, and all forms of
the specialty gift market.

Knowing that a business that runs a show that had over 510 exhibitor booths encompassing 180,000
square feet of floor space and had over 36,000 new product launches on display in Las Vegas that the one
with 100 hundred booths in Toronto wouldn't be an issue.

But was the CHAMPS Canada the same as the past TY Expos? Let's say it had many many similarities but it
wasn't the same. TY Expo was a public show and one that Marco wanted to impress people with and that he
did. While CHAMPS was as it's described as a trade show for vendors. This meant the layout and what was
used was different. Gone were the fancy walls and carpet but other than being dressed differently both had
educational speakers, a vapor lounge, advocacy groups and the list could go on. In the end the message
that cannabis prohibition has to end can be the same whether the person is
dressed in a tux or in a pair of dress pants.

While I know this was the first time that CHAMPS came to Canada and from
my understanding this was the first time that CHAMPS had a show go public.
Let's just hope enough of the public showed up to have them return next year.
For me I'm happy to see that CHAMPS came to Canada and kept the Joint
Conversations going.
Starting at 14
Skunk #1
The War on Drugs Destroys Lives: Here Are Six Things
You Can Do About It
Monday, 19 May 2014 10:46 By Wendy Call, Yes!
Magazine | Op-Ed
On Saturday, May 10, the third annual National Dignity
March converged in Mexico City, with hundreds of
marchers having walked for a full month from cities and
towns all over Mexico. Most of the marchers had lost
family members or friends in drug-trafficking violence.

Why one Government Ministry wants to legalize Cannabis

By Shweta Desai Scroll.in
For over half a century now, Indian hemp or cannabis has
been outlawed in India because of the intoxicating
substances contained in the plant's flowers and resin.
These are the source of some of the world's most fabled
hashish and ganja. As a consequence, anyone who
cultivates the plant invites a prison term of up to 10 years.

Tax-free pot: Uruguay moves further in War against
Marijuana Black Market
May 19, 2014 Rt.com 2014-05-17, 2:13 PM
Uruguay, which has legalized marijuana, will also exempt #THCV has been found to
reduce or even block panic
pot production and sales from taxes. The move is designed attacks and, as a result, can be
to keep prices low enough to undercut black market highly effective in management
of #PTSD
cannabis, according to government advisers on the #cannabinoids

America's Top Cop Wages A Long Battle To Dial Back

The Drug War
Posted: 05/20/2014 Updated: 06/02/2014
By Ryan J. Reilly Huffington Post
Shaun Dubis is a recovering heroin addict and a former
dealer with a modest rap sheet. Just over two years ago,
the 35-year-old was arrested as part of a joint investigation
involving the DEA, ATF, FBI and North Charleston Police
Department after he was caught on a wiretap negotiating
the purchase of heroin to distribute in nearby Mount
Pleasant, South Carolina.

Lebanon's cannabis farms flourish while army looks away

Tue May 20, 2014 By Laila Bassam and Dominic Evans
BEKAA VALLEY, Lebanon, May 20 (Reuters) - Driving
around his Bekaa Valley farmland, Ali NasriShamas carries
a revolver by his side and an automatic rifle in the back of
his car, weapons he says he's ready to use if the army
moves in to try to destroy his lucrative cannabis crop.
Could Legalization of Marijuana Be in Texas's Future?
By Angelica Leicht Wednesday, May 21 2014
As you drive up the long, gravel-lined drive of the small
clapboard house in south Texas, not much seems
unusual. An old hunting dog suns himself on the porch,
and the modest decor of the peeling front porch a
weathered rocker and a swing drips with small-town

2014-05-23, 6:40 AM
World War II's Hemp For Victory
Cannabis regulation: high time for change?
campaign increased hemp BMJ2014 Published 21 May 2014
demand - 146,200 acres were Rebecca Coombes, magazine editor
harvested in 1943 - 1930's saw Cannabis is the world's most widely used illicit drug. But for
only 2,000 acres annually how much longer? In a short space of time we have moved
from absolute global prohibition of the drug, with the
emergence of legalised and regulated production and retail
not in just one nation (Uruguay) but also, surprisingly, in
Advertise at two US states (Colorado and Washington)

Marijuana Legalization: Many Countries are Observing

the Uruguayan Experiment
By TCRN on May 21, 2014 Latin American Costa Rica News
In Uruguay, the law that legalizes marijuana has just come
into force: President Mujica has defended his plan for
Contact Casper Leitch
legalization by saying that it is better than the Colorado's
Casper@Time4Hemp.com policy, because it is much more restrictive and controlled. In
1-317-489-9257 particular, Mujica said the Uruguayan law is different in the
tracking of consumers.

Canada issues Breeders rights for Cannabis Strain

INDA-GRO By DThan liftmj.com
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has apparently
Sunlight in a box issued a 'copyright' of sorts for a specific Cannabis Sativa
Induction Grow Lights strain, listed as Big C, to a Chris Griffin in Toronto, Ontario,
as per an announcement on the Agency's website last week.

EU agency to monitor Uruguay's bid to legalise cannabis

By Cormac O'Keeffe Irish Examiner Reporter
INDA-GRO The EU drugs agency is in discussions with Uruguay about
monitoring its landmark decision to legalise cannabis.The
Sunlight in a box European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
Induction Grow Lights
said it did not envisage governments here following the
move by the South American country.
'Stop Locking Up Persons For Ganja'
Published: Wednesday | May 28, 2014
Speaking at the Jamaica Cannabis Conference, which
was held at the Faculty of Law at the UWI last week,
McDonald stressed that young people, especially, continue
to encounter serious challenges in trying to move forward
with future endeavours as a result of what he describes as
ridiculous offences.

Rep. Jared Polis: DEA chief 'terrible' at her job

BY COLBY ITKOWITZ May 29 at 4:13 pm
Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.), profiled by The Washington
Post this week as a pro-pot lawmaker with his eye on a
leadership slot, blasted the head of the Drug Enforcement
Administration as terrible during a heated floor exchange
over the agency's budget.

Colorado Sells $19 Million in Cannabis in March:

$1.9 Million Goes to Schools and Crime Down 10%
2 June, 2014
Written by Christina Sarich of naturalsociety.com
All the naysayers who were against marijuana legalization
are eating crow about now. Colorado's weed sales just
keep trending up, and with the sales of legal weed, they
are improving their schools and reducing overall crime

Injustice Facts
High Times: The Next Five States to Tackle Pot Laws 2014-05-23, 7:02 AM
BY HASANI GITTENS nbcnews.com No deaths have ever been
The United States is seeing green over legalized directly caused by
marijuana and the tax bounty it brings in.Weed is legal in marijuana use, however, the
U.S. has executed 322
at least some form in 22 states and the District of
people for using and
Columbia. Most allow it for medical use only. Colorado and dealing it since 1982.
Washington this year enacted laws that allow recreational
use by adults.

Marijuana: Colorado's key to Mexican leader considering

legal pot, advocate says
By Michael Roberts Mon., Jun. 9 2014
In a recent interview, Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto
said he's open to the possibility of legalizing marijuana in his
Colleges set Guidelines for Marijuana
The seven provincial colleges of physicians that have
issued guidelines are urging their members to take a
cautious approach to prescribing medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Clinical Trial Is A First For Canada

BySunny FreemanPosted: 05/22/2014
Canada's first medical marijuana clinical trial has been
registered with Health Canada, a milestone that could be
the first step toward legitimacy in the eyes of the medical

A new New Jersey battle over Medical Marijuana

05/22/14 By Lisa Crivelli
There is a glimmer of hope for families of epileptic children
Advertise at across the country in the form of a marijuana oil. It could
mean no more sleepless nights, no more emergency room
visits, no more holding your breath while waiting for the
next seizure to grip their child's body.

Lobbyists Urge Jamaica to Decriminalize Marijuana

Contact Casper Leitch & Legalize Medical Cannabis
By Associated Press May 26, 2014
KINGSTON, JAMAICA Lobbyists urged Jamaica's
1-317-489-9257 government Sunday to move within 120 days to
decriminalize pot and establish a local medical marijuana
industry.The Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal
Research Taskforce organized a three-day meeting on
marijuanadecriminalization with Jamaica's largest
university. The conference, which drew speakers from the
U.S. and Israel, ended Saturday.

Medical marijuana legalization bill passed by State

Senate's Health Committee for the first time
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
2014-05-27, 7:50 PM ALBANY Backers of legalizing medical marijuana in
Did you know that #cannabis
New York were flying high Tuesday after the measure
has been suggested as an
cleared a state Senate committee for the first time.The
effective #medicinal treatment
Health Committee approved the bill on a 9-8 vote, with one
for Constipation?
Republican, Sen. William Larkin of Orange County, joining
eight Democrats in voting yes.
Medical Marijuana OK'd in More States in 2014
WebMD Health News by Bara Vaida
May 22, 2014 -- More than half the states in the country
now have laws that in some way permit medical marijuana
-- even in the most conservative states.This week,
Minnesota became the 22nd state, along with Washington,
D.C., to allow broad use of medical marijuana. Nine other
states passed laws that allow medical marijuana, but only
for children with seizure disorders.

Understanding 'dried marihuana' and the MMPR

By DThan Liftmj.com
In April of 2012, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert
Johnston struck the term dried marihuana from the Medical
Marihuana Access Regulations, refining the language to
refer to all products listed as Cannabis in schedule 2 of the
CDSA (figure 1). The government appealed the decision, but
the Judge granted licensed patients in B.C. immediate
access to legally diluted products like cannabis butter or
concentrated ones like honey oil. 552 Armour Road Peterborough, Ontario
L.L.B.O. ACE educational movies!

While Medicinal Cannabis Flourishes Worldwide, NICE

Seeks To Exclude The Only UK Option. Vote Hemp
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - Peter Reynolds
2014-05-29, 2:24 PM
In October, the National Institute for Health and Care CO Rep Jared Polis
Excellence (NICE) will issue its new clinical guideline for the addressing DEA budget
management of multiple sclerosis (MS). It proposes to issues on the House floor
recommend against the use of Sativex, the cannabis now. "what has the DEA
medicine produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. Sativex was done to deserve a $35mill
raise?" #votehemp
licensed in 2010 as an treatment for spasticity in MS that
is muscle tightness causing pain and/or tremor.

Health insurers just say no to marijuana coverage

Patients who use medical marijuana for pain and other
chronic symptoms can take an unwanted hit: Insurers don't
cover the treatment, which costs as much as $1,000 a

Health Canada wants medical marijuana suppliers to

share info on doctors, patients
Douglas Quan Published: June 13, 2014 o.canada.com
Health Canada is proposing that licensed commercial
medical marijuana suppliers be required to periodically hand
over to provincial authorities records showing the names of
doctors who have authorized marijuana use.
Gov. Dayton Signs Medical Marijuana Bill Into Law
2014-06-13, 2:42 AM May 29, 2014 CBS
Did you know that ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Minnesota joined the ranks of 21
#cannabis has been
suggested as an other states Thursday where marijuana is a legal medicine
effective #medicinal with a law that is one of the nation's most restrictive.
treatment for Tobacco

Baby boy who suffers from rare form of epilepsy given

liquid CANNABIS to stop him fitting
A 10-month-old boy who suffers from a rare form of
epilepsy is being treated with cannabis. Oliver Osborn has
migrating partial epilepsy, provoking up to 100 seizures a
day. Victims rarely live beyond the age of seven. However,
Advertise at in a desperate bid to find a cure, his parents are raising
money to afford a new treatment from America - that
involves liquid marijuana.

Health Canada swamped with medical marijuana

business applications
The Canadian Press Posted: Jun 01, 2014
There's no business like grow business. Health Canada is
Contact Casper Leitch struggling to process a mountain of applications for
Casper@Time4Hemp.com licences to grow medical marijuana as the country
1-317-489-9257 experiences a "greenrush" of firms wanting to grab a piece
of the coming boom. The department had received 858
applications as of late last month, and new ones were
coming in the door at an average of 25 a week.

Gov. Haley signs CBD oil Bill into Law

Posted: Jun 03, 2014 abcnews.com
COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- A medical marijuana bill in the
Palmetto State is now law.According to Sen. Tom Davis
and a source close to the governor's office, Gov. Nikki
Haley signed the bill that decriminalizes CBD oil in South
Carolina and allows doctors to prescribe it to people
suffering from epilepsy.

New Report Blasts DEA For Spending 4 Decades

Obstructing Marijuana Science
Posted: 06/11/2014Matt Ferner huffingtonpost.com
The Drug Enforcement Administration has been impeding
and ignoring the science on marijuana and other drugs for
more than four decades, according to a reportreleased this
week by the Drug Policy Alliance, a drug policy reform group,
and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies,
a marijuana research organization
Cannabis Smoothies With Dr. David Allen
Mark Klokeid aka TheWeedguy and Dr. David Allen M.D.
prepare delicious fresh-fruit smoothies featuring a healthy
dose of cannabis (rich in CBD for maximum medicinal

The Cannabis Times


2014-06-13, 4:42 AM
Cannabis Whipped Cream Topping
Zulu often select a water
By THE CANNABIS CHEF pipe fabricated from a
How to make cannabis-infused whipped cream! Use it to top large ox horn as their
your favorite ice cream or on any other sweet dish! Unless preferred #cannabis
you want to eat a lot of whipped cream, we recommend pipe.
using about seven grams of marijuana. This way you can
add a small amount to ice cream, pie, or other sweet dish.
Ingredients: 4-8 grams of finely ground marijuana - 1 cup heavy cream - 1
teaspoon vanilla extract (optional) 1 tablespoon confectioners' sugar
Instructions: Add the cream and cannabis to a pan over medium heat in a
double boiler. Allow the cannabis cream to simmer for about an hour. Allow to
cool and then pour into an airtight container in the refrigerator until cold. Using a
large bowl, whip cream until peaks hold there form or desired consistency. Beat in
vanilla and sugar. Do not over-beat as it will become lumpy. Serve on ice cream
or anything you'd like! Enjoy!

Marijuana Pizza By THE CANNABIS CHEF

Delicious homemade pizza with a cannabis ghee based crust
and topping Who could ask for more? For other cool
recipes (that work!) check out The Cannabis Cookbook: Over
35 Tasty Recipes for Meals, Munchies, and More People Advocating Cannabis Education

Estimated Time: about 1 hour Serves: Makes 2 Pizzas


Ingredients: Dough: 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour - 1oz/28g yeast - 1 tbsp

granulated sugar - 1 cup/8fl oz warm water - 1 tsp salt - 2 tbsp melted
cannabis ghee
Toppings: 4-5 tbsp melted cannabis ghee - 2 cups grated cheese - 1-2 cans
chopped tomatoes - 1-2 tsp fresh oregano (or other spices and herbs) other
optional toppings: mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers, etc.
Instructions: To make the dough add the flour, yeast, and sugar into a large
bowl. Add water, and knead into dough. Cover with a cloth and leave in warm
place to rise for 30 minutes. Add the salt and melted ghee to the dough and
knead into a ball. Coat with flour.
Saute the vegetable toppings in the cannabis ghee. (Don't over-do it!) Add
tomatoes and oregano and allow to simmer until it has a sauce-like consistency.
Roll dough into two circles. Add sauce, toppings and cheese. Bake for 10-15
minutes at 400F Yummy! garden.wine@yahoo.ca
Hemp Defies Hurdles to Make a Comeback in Spain
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 By Ins Bentez, Inter Press
Malaga, Spain - Spain is experiencing a resurgence of
hemp, one of the species of cannabis with the lowest THC
content, which has been used for millennia to produce
textile, medicinal and food products.

Feds release hemp seeds to Kentucky officials

Fri May 23, 2014
FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A nearly 300-pound shipment
of hemp seeds detained by federal officials for two weeks
has been delivered to Kentucky's Agriculture Department.

Could the U.S. Become a Hemp Powerhouse?

Author: Daniel Edward Rosen Posted: 06/02/14
The weed crop is becoming big business, thanks to
legalization in several states. But weed has a close cousin
that could also become a lucrative commodity in the U.S.
UnitedPatientsGroup hemp.

2014-06-16, 3:21 AM
"Reverence for #cannabis The Other Cannabis War: The Battle Over Hemp
reached its apex in India How a 20-year campaign to distinguish industrial
after its introduction to hemp from marijuana scored an epic victory
the region by invading
Aryan tribes." (Werner By COCO MCPHERSONJUNE 3, 2014 RollingStone.com
64) #pot In the annals of strange bedfellow politics, the story of how,
in 2014, industrial hemp emerged from Drug War purgatory
is an epic one. But even for long-time hemp advocates, the
sight of Rep. Thomas Massie, a conservative Republican
from northern Kentucky, biting jubilantly into a hemp bar on
live TV last month was startling.

The "Other" Hemp

By Erin SchrodePosted: 06/03/2014 huffingtonpost.com
Advertise at "Weed." "Pot." "Marijuana." The answers began pouring
out. College kids are familiar with the five-leaf hemp plant,
but only as a drug. The "other" hemp, I informed them,
was what I was there to speak about.

Is DEA Dazed & Confused Over Industrial Hemp?

By MISSY BAXTERJUNE 5 rollingstone.com
Contact Casper Leitch What if a plant seed could cure breast cancer and treat
epileptic seizures, but a federal agency got in the way of
medical research?Numerous studies have shown the health
benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive
ingredient of cannabis, found primarily in the seeds.
P.O.T. testimonials
Patient Testimonials on the Efficacy of Medical Cannabis - Documented by the Cannabis Patient
Cannabis Patient Network was founded with a solitary mission that persists to this day giving a voice to the
chronically and terminally ill. The vast majority of our country's chronically ill don't know that cannabis is real medicine
img 1 cpn08 and that this God given plant could give them a better quality of life. It's such a terrible, terrible shame that
anyone should have to live out their life in needless pain and suffering. What's more, as we have witnessed, the halt
and even reversal of autoimmune disease can be possible, but not for those who are denied the knowledge of this
often life-saving medicine. If only it makes one's life more tolerable, why does our government persist in its deception?
The truth is in the telling. We, the chronically and terminally ill are real people. We are a portion of the middle class that
affects 100% of America, because every family in America has at least one member who is chronically ill. You can be
certain of one thing, chronic illness comes to us all at some point in our lives.
Twelve Testimonies presented to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, November, 2009

Cathy Jordan of Florida Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS )

I used to be a hairdresser from New Castle, DE, but now I'm a medical marijuana patient &
activist, living near Tampa, FL. I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS
or Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 1986 (I was 36), was told by my doctor not to smoke
anything, standard advice for a new ALS patient, suffered typical deterioration of my body
over the next two years and prepared for my death ALS is a terminal illness and I
probably had only another year or two.
Then, in 1989, standing on a beach in Sarasota, FL, I was passed a joint and said Why
not? After just a few puffs, I had a wonderful feeling that my disease had stopped! I've
been smoking ever since for twenty-one years now, and I think I'm aging quite well, thank
Cannabis (the scientific name for marijuana) works for me by drying up my saliva (ALS patients often drown in their
own fluids), helping me cough and stimulating my lungs through its bronchodilation action.
Science now shows that Cannabis is actually a neuroprotectant, treating auto-immune conditions like ALS and MS by
suppressing excito-toxicity and the over-production of glutamate. Also, Cannabis has long been known to have an
anti-inflammatory effect and inflammation is now believed to play an important role in ALS.

Brenda L. of Ohio: Breast Cancer

Eight years ago, Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was in stage I when they
found it. She underwent the lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy.
A lumpectomy is where just the tumor is removed as well as the normal breast tissue that
closely surrounds the tumor. Sentinel node refers to the first lymph node(s) that drains from
the breast tumor area (found by injecting a radioactive dye).
They shoot radiation into your breast and they follow it up to the nodes to make sure that
you don't have cancer in your lymph nodes. And I did not, so all I had to have was
radiationand hormone therapy. Because my cancer was fed by the estrogen.
Tamoxifen is used to treat certain types of breast cancer that require estrogen to grow. It's
often used following surgery and radiation. (Drugs.com can provide more information on
this line of treatment.)
That's the drug from Hell, toothe hot flashes were like a hundred times worse. I mean you just break out into a sweat
all over. For no reason. I mean 25, 30 times a day. And the radiationit was..I don't knowit was a weakening. It didn't
hurt. It was completely painless. You wonder, what are they shooting through your body? But youcan't feel it. But you
can afterwards.
Brenda still has scars from the over-spray of the radiation, now, eight years later. It burned her skin. Brenda was lucky
that she's dark skinned. After the treatment, they were surprised because they said, most of the time, the skin peels
away. But I'm part Indian. They said I did very well.
One of her breasts is bigger than the other because of the effects of the radiation.
After the radiation, it left you very drained. And, so nauseous, you didn't even want to think about food.
Brenda had heard that cannabis was good for treating the nausea following cancer therapy. So she tried it. And I could
eat my dinner.
Maintaining a consistent weight was important. The wasting that follows this kind of treatment can kill just as easily as
the cancer it's self.
Brenda underwent thirty-five days of radiation. Boom, boom, boom. That's the deliberate way the treatments went.
Then, another type of radiation. They gave me two different kinds.
If I hadn't had the cannabis to get through the nauseousness, I would have lost weight and, I don't know, who knows
what would have happened.
Cannabis gives me a lift. It doesn't lay me back or anything. I want to do things, and it gave me energy that I didn't have
at that time. I could eat. That was the important thing.
Since she smoked her cannabis, she did have some respiratory irritation, but that was minimal and could have been
remedied if she would have known about vaporizers.
Brenda also suffers from arthritis in her knee and in her hip. In addition, she has chronic pain in her feet and has had
surgery in both of them.
I get around real well. Fifty-seven and I still mow the grass. I usually smoke cannabis before I do. It kind of lessens
the pain and keeps me going.
The anti-inflammatory benefit of cannabis helps her with her arthritic pain. It takes your mind away; away from your
Brenda sums up her feelings about cannabis by saying, They should let people grow their own medicine if they want
to. And it would be so easy. So easy for somebody. Plant a little seed. Get some medicine.

Dr. David Bearman MD

Dr. Bearman received his M.D. from the University of Washington School of
Medicine. He graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin with an
undergraduate degree in Psychology. He was the Director of Medical
Services for the Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority (SBRHA) since its
inception in 1983 through June 1997, and was then promoted to Senior
Health Care Advisor/Grants Development Director. In 1999 as a result of Dr.
Bearman's efforts, the California Healthcare Foundation allocated ten (10)
million dollars to several health entities located in Santa Barbara County for a
county-wide medical data exchange system. SBRHA is the oldest County
Organized Health System (COHS) in California and the U.S.

Click on the picture and go to Google& Youtube to learn more about Dr.
'The International Cannabis Report &
'The Cannabis Museum Radio Hour

Host: Michael Krawitz

Sergeant, disabled-retired USAF Executive Director VMCA
Time: Noon 1:00 p.m. PST Every Sunday

The Past, Present & Future of Cannabis

A disabled United States Air Force Veteran, Michael Krawitz served from 1981 to 1986 and
was injured in an accident in Guam that was deemed in the line of duty although not in any
way combat related.
Mr. Krawitz had 13 surgeries to put him back together including some done in the Air Force and some done by the
Department of Veterans Affairs. His job title in the Air Force was Electronic Warfare Systems Technician.
In Guam he worked on avionics equipment onboard B-52s. Since his disability - separation he attended college at
Virginia Tech and although attaining a 4.0 grade point average in his Junior year of Computer Engineering he had to
leave college because of his medical disability.
Since leaving college Mr. Krawitz tried to use his time well as an advocate and in 1997 he was part of a small team of
activists that protected Virginia's longstanding medical marijuana law from being repealed. In 1998 he was able to be
part of a United Nations drug summit. He gave testimony and presented information inside the UN General Assembly
Hall on the basic right to access required medicine. In 1999 Mr. Krawitz presented testimony to the National
Academy of Science, Institute of Medicine and his story and that of a patient he advocated for were both chosen as
reference patient stories and published in the reports written.
Since 1999 MrKrawitz has been a leader in this international field of NGO drug policy work and was a key player in the
Beyond 2008 UN NGO drug summit and was responsible for submitting the grants and the arrangements for the bulk
of the US drug policy reform leadership to attend and participate in the summit which can be viewed on this website:
MrKrawitz was responsible for a bill being submitted to Virginia's Legislature in 2009, and another in 2012, reforming
Virginia's long standing medical marijuana law.
In 2010 MrKrawitz's decade long fight inside the VA for adequate access to pain management paid off with his
negotiating the first ever favorable, medical cannabis policy within the VA.
The Policy: http://www.va.gov/
Mr. Krawitz has done many TV, radio and print media interviews in his advocacy work including a spot on NBC
network news just after the release of the landmark Institute of Medicine [IOM] medical marijuana report and another
on FOX network news just after the the new VA medical cannabis policy directive went into effect. Mr. Krawitz is on
the board of advisers of Patients Out of Time, a leading medical cannabis patient advocacy organization offering
continuing medical education credits to medical professionals and has recently taken over the job of running all
aspects of Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access.

International Cannabis Report Archives! -- http://time4hemp.com/the-international-cannabis-

Cannabis Museum Radio Hour Archives! -- http://time4hemp.com/cannabis-museum-radio-hour-

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Host Message MS situation in Britain
with Steve Danks - Hemp Works

Tens of thousands of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

could be denied drugs which can stop sufferers
screaming out in pain, under new NHS
recommendations, experts have warned.

Neurologists said the decision by the National

Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice) to
reject two drugs for symptoms of MS could leave
thousands of patients suffering horrendous
pain and immobility.

New draft guidelines on the diagnosis and care of

people with MS have rejected two drugs which
have been licensed in recent years to help
sufferers experiencing spasticity and mobility

In a letter to The Telegraph, the head of the MS Society and seven leading neurologists and pain
management experts attacked the decision, criticizing the rationing body for making decisions behind
closed doors without involving those affected.

Experts accused Nice of rejecting the drugs Fampyra and

Sativex, without taking proper account of the life-
changing difference the drugs could make to up to 40,000
MS sufferers who are likely to develop mobility problems or
painful spasms.

It's just showing that legalese cannabis in the UK is going to

only be for the rich? At 345 per 5grm or $100 a grm from
GW , who's cannabis is going to be coved by health
insurance? Our government is cracking down, raids on
sick people, busting up glass and grow shops, they
determined to keep that pot cash in their pocket.

Sent from the BorgeMothership

Steve Danks - Hemp Works

The Case for Legalizing Extracts
BY OWEN SMITH Originally Published in Cannabis Digest

In my last article I described visiting the BC Court of Appeal, and laid out some of the arguments for
and against the legal extraction of medical cannabis in Canada. As we wait for a decision on my
constitutional challenge, south of the border, in the U.S., there is a growing movement pressing for
regulations that permit medicinal cannabis extracts. At the heart of this movement, a major cultural
valve has been opened as reports from first experiments in legal cannabis regulation ripple out across
the globe.

Colorado is making waves, becoming a hub for cannabis tourists who may spend a weekend touring
cannabis farms, sampling the finest extract products, and relaxing with a medicinal massage. In
Washington state, tours are a little more reserved. Kush Tourism takes participants to see glass
blowers, trim flower buds, do some baking, and get a general education on the plant.

These states are serving as social experiments for the possibility of a new un-prohibited cannabis
culture. Without the fear of prosecution, cannabis producers and manufacturers have unprecedented
abilities to craft unique and novel products. The immediate surge in popularity of concentrated cannabis
products shows us one thing we can expect in this 21stcentury cannabis revival. The process of making
concentrated cannabis oil has been known for a long time but legalization has brought a new rigor to
the cannabis chemist.

BHO, or Butane Honey Oil, is the most common and popular method of making concentrates, popularly
known as dabs. Butane extraction introduces a toxic solvent and then attempts to remove, or purge, it
at the end. Laboratories in California fail a BHO sample if the butane level is over 500 parts per million.
For medicinal users, contamination with butane may be detrimental, even though most may already be
getting a dose if they use a butane lighter.

If done poorly or without safeguards, the risks of making a solvent extraction include slowly poisoning
yourself or blowing yourself up. Due to the growth of interest and the need for a greater understanding
to prevent these occurances, companies like Extractiontek Solutions in Denver, Colorado are building
and patenting safe and effective extraction machines.

Larger companies are using CO2 extraction to provide solvent-free cannabis oil, but the equipment
prices are prohibitive. Meanwhile, the California Police Chiefs are attempting to ban physicians from
recommending high-concentrate derivatives such as Butane Hash Oil [a chemical derivative of
marijuana that can contain 80 percent THC] to anyone in their state, because of the risk of explosion
and a perception that concentrates are the hard liquor of marijuana.

Considering that concentrates currently account for 40 percent of sales in some California
dispensaries, a law that bans extracts could be overly punitive. It would make more sense to regulate
cannabis and its concentrates under proper industry standards, and ensure oversight so that
cannabinoid extraction could be done professionally in a controlled environment.
They're clean and consistent
Extract producers are striving to ensure cannabis users have access to clean concentrates, as well as
the proper tools to safely make their own. Secret methods, like that of BudderKing, have been revealed
so that the growing numbers of interested people can emulate his techniques. I have written articles
about some of the processes The same idea of standardization is applicable to extracts, as the
medicine can be blended into a more homogenous form. Patients have reported more consistent doses
with extracts than with dried bud.<cannabisdigest.ca/concentrating-on-cannabinoids> by which
cannabinoids are extracted from the plant to remove contaminants like mold, residues, and
unnecessary plant material. Fortunately, the trichome, which stores all of the cannabinoid compounds,
is built to easily shed from the plant surface, making the job easier.

Companies like Top Shelf and Pink House, who supply extracts to dispensaries in Colorado, have the
facilities to explore and develop the extraction process in greater detail. They use tools like a sonicator
to break open the trichomes and a vortexer to stir the compounds in the solution to evenly distribute the
cannabinoids. They winterize the extraction by keeping it at very low temperatures to isolate residual
waxes that make up the shell of the resin glands. They then filter this before continuing the process.

After the filtration and removal of unwanted non-cannabinoid material, you are left with a hard glassy
substance that melts into a resinous oil. A dab of this oil is plucked by a pin and placed on a heated
plate on an often elaborate piece of glassware, sometimes called an oil rig, which resembles a bong.

Eating &Vaporizing
To obtain THCA and other compounds that are decarboxyized by the heat of the vaporizer, it is
necessary to eat them. This is often done by putting the raw leaves into a juicer. The temperature can
be adjusted to include compounds such as THC and CBD but exclude CBN, which some people find
makes them dizzy or lethargic. To obtain THCV and CBC, and avoid Benzene, it may be necessary to
make vaporized material into an edible product.
Although our knowledge of these tools and the dynamic whole plant effects of cannabis are still
developing, Ron's ingenuity and creativity represent the community spirit of the Victoria Cannabis
Buyers Club, which strives daily to provide to its members. Ron has designed colorful tesseract balls
that hang from the ceiling of the vapor lounge, informing about the properties of different cannabinoids.

Inventors continue to seek new ways of ingesting cannabis. A sublimator resembles a bong, but has a
special kind of heating device that attaches to the medicine chamber. Instead of being vaporized, the
cannabinoids are sublimated, transforming them directly from a solid to a gas. The sublimator, among
other innovations, is slated to become a part of future cannabis users' toolkits.

A culture that governments have attempted to eradicate, marginalize, and stereotype for many decades
is slowly emerging from its protective shadows. Led by a need for this plant's medicinal qualities, new
voices are merging with the chorus, calling for compassion and reason. Under the spotlight, legal
regulations are helping make breakthroughs as the stigmatization of cannabis users goes up in a puff of
smoke. The long-entrenched underground is preparing to declare victory in the war on drugs.

To read the entire article, please go to http://cannabisdigest.ca/cannabinoids-matter/

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